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Super 30 (2019)

Super 30

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama
  • Release Date:
    12 July 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Film Polska Production - HRX Films - Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 34 min
  • Summary:
    Anand Kumar, a Mathematics genius from a modest family in Bihar who is made to believe that only a King's son can become a king is on a mission to prove that even the poor man can create some of the world's most genius minds. He starts a training program named 'Super 30' to help 30 IIT aspirants crack the entrance test and make them highly successful professionals.

Cast & Crew

Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar
Hrithik Roshan
(Anand Kumar)
Mrunal Thakur as Supriya
Mrunal Thakur
Nandish Singh as Pranav Kumar
Nandish Singh
(Pranav Kumar)
Virendra Saxena as Rajendra Kumar (Anand Kumar's father)
Virendra Saxena
(Rajendra Kumar (Anand Kumar's father))
Sadhana Singh as Jayanti Kumar (Anand Kumar's mother)
Sadhana Singh
(Jayanti Kumar (Anand Kumar's mother))
Aditya Srivastava as Lallan Singh
Aditya Srivastava
(Lallan Singh)
Sanket Deshpande as Doctor
Sanket Deshpande
Pankaj Tripathi as Ram Singh (Education Minister)
Pankaj Tripathi
(Ram Singh (Education Minister))
Vaibhav Gupta as Student
Vaibhav Gupta
Ali Haji as Student
Ali Haji
Rajesh Sharma as Bacchi (underworld Don)
Rajesh Sharma
(Bacchi (underworld Don))
Deepali Kumar as Student
Deepali Kumar
Chittaranjan Giri as Cycle Rickshaw Driver
Chittaranjan Giri
(Cycle Rickshaw Driver)
Ganesh Kumar as Police Inspector
Ganesh Kumar
(Police Inspector)
Vijay Kumar as Librarian
Vijay Kumar
Amit Sadh as Raghunath Bharat
Amit Sadh
(Raghunath Bharat)
Abhishek Anand as Ajit (Super 30 student)
Abhishek Anand
(Ajit (Super 30 student))
Susheel Sharma as Peon
Susheel Sharma
Abhishek Kumar as Keshav (Super 30 student)
Abhishek Kumar
(Keshav (Super 30 student))
Abhishek Kumar as Brijesh (Super 30 student)
Abhishek Kumar
(Brijesh (Super 30 student))
Samraut Soni as Goon
Samraut Soni
Abhishek Kumar Sharma as Ram Lal (Super 30 student)
Abhishek Kumar Sharma
(Ram Lal (Super 30 student))
Sharat Sonu as Minister's Secretary
Sharat Sonu
(Minister's Secretary)
Manav Gohil as Purusotam
Manav Gohil
Ajay Kumar as Laxman (Super 30 student)
Ajay Kumar
(Laxman (Super 30 student))
Amrit Raj as Suresh (Super 30 student)
Amrit Raj
(Suresh (Super 30 student))
Ashwni Kumar as Shambhu (Super 30 student)
Ashwni Kumar
(Shambhu (Super 30 student))
Aayush Kumar Shukla as Vinod (Super 30 student)
Aayush Kumar Shukla
(Vinod (Super 30 student))
Deepali Gautam as Kusum (Super 30 student)
Deepali Gautam
(Kusum (Super 30 student))
Karishma Sharma as Song...Paisa
Karishma Sharma
Deepak Kumar Gupta as Niranjan (Super 30 student)
Deepak Kumar Gupta
(Niranjan (Super 30 student))
Ghanshyam Kumar as teenage Fugga Kumar (Super 30 student)
Ghanshyam Kumar
(teenage Fugga Kumar (Super 30 student))
Ranimol Ta as Nurse
Ranimol Ta
Gopi Kumar as Manohar (Super 30 student)
Gopi Kumar
(Manohar (Super 30 student))
Krishna Kumar as Veer Babu (Super 30 student)
Krishna Kumar
(Veer Babu (Super 30 student))
Laxmi Rajput as Bindya (Super 30 student)
Laxmi Rajput
(Bindya (Super 30 student))
Mansi Kumari as Laxmi (Super 30 student)
Mansi Kumari
(Laxmi (Super 30 student))
Manish Kumar as Ajju (Super 30 student)
Manish Kumar
(Ajju (Super 30 student))
Mohammed Salman as Utkarsh (Super 30 student)
Mohammed Salman
(Utkarsh (Super 30 student))
Naveen Kumar as Mohammed Ansari (Super 30 student)
Naveen Kumar
(Mohammed Ansari (Super 30 student))
Neha Kumari as Urmila (Super 30 student)
Neha Kumari
(Urmila (Super 30 student))
Nitish Kumar as Vikas (Super 30 student)
Nitish Kumar
(Vikas (Super 30 student))
Pradyuman Kumar as Ankit (Super 30 student)
Pradyuman Kumar
(Ankit (Super 30 student))
Prem Kumar as Azaan (Super 30 student)
Prem Kumar
(Azaan (Super 30 student))
Prince Kumar as Chandu (Super 30 student)
Prince Kumar
(Chandu (Super 30 student))
Rahul Raj as Kishore (Super 30 student)
Rahul Raj
(Kishore (Super 30 student))
Rohit Kumar as Baanke (Super 30 student)
Rohit Kumar
(Baanke (Super 30 student))
Roshan Raj as Ritesh Ranjan (Super 30 student)
Roshan Raj
(Ritesh Ranjan (Super 30 student))
Sunny Kumar as Binodanand (Super 30 student)
Sunny Kumar
(Binodanand (Super 30 student))
Suraj Prakash as Rinku (Super 30 student)
Suraj Prakash
(Rinku (Super 30 student))
Vikas Kumar as Prakash (Super 30 student)
Vikas Kumar
(Prakash (Super 30 student))
Vinod Kumar Vishwakarma as Kalia (Super 30 student)
Vinod Kumar Vishwakarma
(Kalia (Super 30 student))
Vishal Kumar as Radhe Mohan (Super 30 student)
Vishal Kumar
(Radhe Mohan (Super 30 student))
Adesh as Young Anand Kumar
(Young Anand Kumar)
Mihir Ahuja as Excellence student
Mihir Ahuja
(Excellence student)
Ajay as Printing Press Owner
(Printing Press Owner)
Meraj Alam as Janardhan
Meraj Alam
Altaf as Raddiwala
Jeetendra Awasthi as Anand Kumar's uncle
Jeetendra Awasthi
(Anand Kumar's uncle)
Mohammed Aziz as Suresh's Father
Mohammed Aziz
(Suresh's Father)
Suresh Bagia as Phone Booth Boy's Father
Suresh Bagia
(Phone Booth Boy's Father)
Yatendra Bahuguna as Mishra Ji
Yatendra Bahuguna
(Mishra Ji)
Ehsaan Baksh as Contract Killer
Ehsaan Baksh
(Contract Killer)
Ulhas Barve as Fugga's Father
Ulhas Barve
(Fugga's Father)
Bhargav as Tea Boy
(Tea Boy)
Brijesh as Minister's Henchman
(Minister's Henchman)
Bullu as Bacchi Singh Henchman 1
(Bacchi Singh Henchman 1)
Ajay Chakravorty as Property Dealer
Ajay Chakravorty
(Property Dealer)
Vihaan Chaudhary as Bank Manager
Vihaan Chaudhary
(Bank Manager)
Sheroy Cooper as Excellence student
Sheroy Cooper
(Excellence student)
Deepika as Female Bank Employee
(Female Bank Employee)
Anud Singh Dhaka as Raghunath's Aide
Anud Singh Dhaka
(Raghunath's Aide)
Diwakar Dhayani as Man Calling Lallan
Diwakar Dhayani
(Man Calling Lallan)
Ashish Dholakia as Man at Blood Donation Camp
Ashish Dholakia
(Man at Blood Donation Camp)
Dimple as Excellence student
(Excellence student)
Sanjeev Dutta as Binodanand's Father
Sanjeev Dutta
(Binodanand's Father)
Mahesh Ginnilal as Cycle Mechanic
Mahesh Ginnilal
(Cycle Mechanic)
Sanchita Goswami as Urmila's Mother
Sanchita Goswami
(Urmila's Mother)
Gulaabo as Suresh's Mother
(Suresh's Mother)
Deepak Gulati as Press Editor
Deepak Gulati
(Press Editor)
Ghanteshwar T. Guru as Passport Studio Photographer
Ghanteshwar T. Guru
(Passport Studio Photographer)
Harish as Doctor In Jail
(Doctor In Jail)
Jai Hind as Phatak Goon 1
Jai Hind
(Phatak Goon 1)
Mohd Ashique Hussain as Vidrohi
Mohd Ashique Hussain
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail as Keshu
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail
Riddhi Jain as Nurse 2 in Blood Donation Camp
Riddhi Jain
(Nurse 2 in Blood Donation Camp)
Vivek Jha as Villager
Vivek Jha
Aadya Kadyan as Supriya's Friend
Aadya Kadyan
(Supriya's Friend)
Rana Santosh Kamal as Caterer
Rana Santosh Kamal
Leher Kapoor as Excellence student
Leher Kapoor
(Excellence student)
Karya as Young Girl at the Balcony
(Young Girl at the Balcony)
Santosh Kaushik as Raghuram
Santosh Kaushik
Altaf Khan as Minister's Man 1
Altaf Khan
(Minister's Man 1)
Arshad Khan as Urmila's Father
Arshad Khan
(Urmila's Father)
Zia Ahmed Khan
Zia Ahmed Khan
Abhishek Khanna as Jamuraa
Abhishek Khanna
Sumit Khanna as Bank Employee
Sumit Khanna
(Bank Employee)
Kiran Khoje as Phulwa (Maid)
Kiran Khoje
(Phulwa (Maid))
Kirtiman as Violin Teacher
(Violin Teacher)
Gauri Kong as Nurse
Gauri Kong
Sunil Manhjre as Azaan's Father
Sunil Manhjre
(Azaan's Father)
Mohit K. Mehta as Television Buyer
Mohit K. Mehta
(Television Buyer)
Bramhaswaroop Mishra as Dhabad
Bramhaswaroop Mishra
Mukesh as Travel Agent
(Travel Agent)
Nasir as Cloth Weaver
(Cloth Weaver)
Neeraj as Bike Purchaser
(Bike Purchaser)
Gyan Prakash Pandey as BHU Asst. Librarian
Gyan Prakash Pandey
(BHU Asst. Librarian)
Manohar Pandey
Manohar Pandey
Sushil Pandey as Peon
Sushil Pandey
Chirag Pandya as Doctor
Chirag Pandya
Nand Kishore Pant as Anand Kumar's Relative
Nand Kishore Pant
(Anand Kumar's Relative)
Umesh Pant as Minister's Man 2
Umesh Pant
(Minister's Man 2)
Monika Panwar as Pari (Hooker)
Monika Panwar
(Pari (Hooker))
Kiran Parekh as Lady Buying Papads
Kiran Parekh
(Lady Buying Papads)
Ravi Raj as Air Gun Counter Guy at fair
Ravi Raj
(Air Gun Counter Guy at fair)
Satyajit Rajput as Phatak Goon 2
Satyajit Rajput
(Phatak Goon 2)
Prem Rathore as Anand Kumar's Neighbour
Prem Rathore
(Anand Kumar's Neighbour)
Simi Sahnan
Simi Sahnan
Ritvik Sahore
Ritvik Sahore
Rajesh Salvi as Exam Center Peon
Rajesh Salvi
(Exam Center Peon)
Jeetu Samrat as Phone Booth Boy
Jeetu Samrat
(Phone Booth Boy)
Paritosh Sand as Supriya's Father
Paritosh Sand
(Supriya's Father)
Jageshwar Sanwariya as Goon In Hospital
Jageshwar Sanwariya
(Goon In Hospital)
Satyendra as Jail Superintendent
(Jail Superintendent)
Abhishek Sharma as Ghantewala Junior
Abhishek Sharma
(Ghantewala Junior)
Renu Sharma as Kathak Teacher
Renu Sharma
(Kathak Teacher)
Riaan Sharma as Young Pranav Kumar
Riaan Sharma
(Young Pranav Kumar)
Suryakant Sharma as Mahesh Babu
Suryakant Sharma
(Mahesh Babu)
Kriti Shetty as Excellence student
Kriti Shetty
(Excellence student)
Kishor Chandra Shrivastav as Prithvi's Father
Kishor Chandra Shrivastav
(Prithvi's Father)
Vijay Shukla as Utkarsh's Father
Vijay Shukla
(Utkarsh's Father)
Avneet Singh as Minister's Man 3
Avneet Singh
(Minister's Man 3)
Bhupendra Singh as Bacchi Singh Henchman 2
Bhupendra Singh
(Bacchi Singh Henchman 2)
Binita Singh as Air Gun Counter Girl at fair
Binita Singh
(Air Gun Counter Girl at fair)
Gaurav Singh as Sweeper Boy
Gaurav Singh
(Sweeper Boy)
Vijay Singh as Goon 3
Vijay Singh
(Goon 3)
Pravin Singh Sisodia as Post Master
Pravin Singh Sisodia
(Post Master)
Sonam as Lallan's Wife
(Lallan's Wife)
Faiza Faiz Thakur as Excellence student
Faiza Faiz Thakur
(Excellence student)
Rati Shankar Tripathi as Salt Pan Owner
Rati Shankar Tripathi
(Salt Pan Owner)
Twinkle as PCO Girl
(PCO Girl)
Mukesh Tyagi as Excellence Cashier
Mukesh Tyagi
(Excellence Cashier)
Vijay Varma as Phugga Kumar
Vijay Varma
(Phugga Kumar)
Varsha as Suresh's Sister
(Suresh's Sister)
Veer as Phulwa's Son
(Phulwa's Son)
Rajashree Wad as Fugga's Mother
Rajashree Wad
(Fugga's Mother)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Amade Mobareze
Amade Mobareze
Kebrite Sookhte
Kebrite Sookhte
Soorat Zakhmi
Soorat Zakhmi
Sade Mabar
Sade Mabar
Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo
Voroode Aghayan Mamnoo