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Talghin (2010)


  • Genres:
    Action | Sci-Fi | Adventure | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    8 July 2010
  • Broadcast Co:
    Warner Bros. - Legendary Entertainment - Syncopy
  • Country:
    USA | UK
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 28 min
  • Summary:
    Dominic Cobb is the foremost practitioner of the artistic science of extraction, inserting oneself into a subject's dreams to obtain hidden information without the subject knowing, a concept taught to him by his professor father-in-law, Dr. Stephen Miles. Dom's associates are Miles' former students, who Dom requires as he has given up being the dream architect for reasons he won't disclose. Dom's primary associate, Arthur, believes it has something to do with Dom's deceased wife, Mal, who often figures prominently and violently in those dreams, or Dom's want to "go home" (get back to his own reality, which includes two young children). Dom's work is generally in corporate espionage. As the subjects don't want the information to get into the wrong hands, the clients have zero tolerance for failure. Dom is also a wanted man, as many of his past subjects have learned what Dom has done to them. One of those subjects, Mr. Saito, offers Dom a job he can't refuse: to take the concept one step further into inception, namely planting thoughts into the subject's dreams without them knowing. Inception can fundamentally alter that person as a being. Saito's target is Robert Michael Fischer, the heir to an energy business empire, which has the potential to rule the world if continued on the current trajectory. Beyond the complex logistics of the dream architecture of the case and some unknowns concerning Fischer, the biggest obstacles in success for the team become worrying about one aspect of inception which Cobb fails to disclose to the other team members prior to the job, and Cobb's newest associate Ariadne's belief that Cobb's own subconscious, especially as it relates to Mal, may be taking over what happens in the dreams.

Cast & Crew

Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb
Leonardo DiCaprio
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ellen Page as Ariadne
Ellen Page
Tom Hardy as Eames
Tom Hardy
Ken Watanabe as Saito
Ken Watanabe
Dileep Rao as Yusuf
Dileep Rao
Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer
Cillian Murphy
(Robert Fischer)
Tom Berenger as Browning
Tom Berenger
Marion Cotillard as Mal
Marion Cotillard
Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer
Pete Postlethwaite
(Maurice Fischer)
Michael Caine as Miles
Michael Caine
Lukas Haas as Nash
Lukas Haas
Tai-Li Lee as Tadashi
Tai-Li Lee
Claire Geare as Phillipa (3 Years Old)
Claire Geare
(Phillipa (3 Years Old))
Magnus Nolan as James (20 Months Old)
Magnus Nolan
(James (20 Months Old))
Taylor Geare as Phillipa (5 Years Old)
Taylor Geare
(Phillipa (5 Years Old))
Johnathan Geare as James (3 Years Old)
Johnathan Geare
(James (3 Years Old))
Tohoru Masamune as Japanese Security Guard
Tohoru Masamune
(Japanese Security Guard)
Yuji Okumoto as Saito's Attendant
Yuji Okumoto
(Saito's Attendant)
Earl Cameron as Elderly Bald Man
Earl Cameron
(Elderly Bald Man)
Ryan Hayward as Lawyer
Ryan Hayward
Miranda Nolan as Flight Attendant
Miranda Nolan
(Flight Attendant)
Russ Fega as Cab Driver
Russ Fega
(Cab Driver)
Tim Kelleher as Thin Man
Tim Kelleher
(Thin Man)
Talulah Riley as Blonde
Talulah Riley
Nicolas Clerc as Bridge Sub Con
Nicolas Clerc
(Bridge Sub Con)
Coralie Dedykere as Bridge Sub Con
Coralie Dedykere
(Bridge Sub Con)
Silvie Laguna as Bridge Sub Con
Silvie Laguna
(Bridge Sub Con)
Virgile Bramly as Bridge Sub Con
Virgile Bramly
(Bridge Sub Con)
Jean-Michel Dagory as Bridge Sub Con
Jean-Michel Dagory
(Bridge Sub Con)
Helena Cullinan as Penrose Sub Con
Helena Cullinan
(Penrose Sub Con)
Mark Fleischmann as Penrose Sub Con
Mark Fleischmann
(Penrose Sub Con)
Shelley Lang as Penrose Sub Con
Shelley Lang
(Penrose Sub Con)
Adam Cole as Bar Sub Con
Adam Cole
(Bar Sub Con)
Jack Murray as Bar Sub Con
Jack Murray
(Bar Sub Con)
Kraig Thornber as Bar Sub Con
Kraig Thornber
(Bar Sub Con)
Angela Nathenson as Bar Sub Con
Angela Nathenson
(Bar Sub Con)
Natasha Beaumont as Bar Sub Con
Natasha Beaumont
(Bar Sub Con)
Marc Raducci as Lobby Sub Con
Marc Raducci
(Lobby Sub Con)
Carl Gilliard as Lobby Sub Con
Carl Gilliard
(Lobby Sub Con)
Jill Maddrell as Lobby Sub Con
Jill Maddrell
(Lobby Sub Con)
Alex Lombard as Lobby Sub Con
Alex Lombard
(Lobby Sub Con)
Nicole Pulliam as Lobby Sub Con
Nicole Pulliam
(Lobby Sub Con)
Peter Basham as Fischer's Jet Captain
Peter Basham
(Fischer's Jet Captain)
Michael Gaston as Immigration Officer
Michael Gaston
(Immigration Officer)
Felix Scott as Businessman
Felix Scott
Andrew Pleavin as Businessman
Andrew Pleavin
Lisa Reynolds as Private Nurse
Lisa Reynolds
(Private Nurse)
Jason Tendell as Fischer's Driver
Jason Tendell
(Fischer's Driver)
Jack Gilroy as Old Cobb
Jack Gilroy
(Old Cobb)
Shannon Welles as Old Mal
Shannon Welles
(Old Mal)
Michael August as LAX Passenger
Michael August
(LAX Passenger)
Ken Bahn as Mombasan Gambler
Ken Bahn
(Mombasan Gambler)
Hélène Cardona as French Student
Hélène Cardona
(French Student)
John Ceallach as LAX Passenger
John Ceallach
(LAX Passenger)
Garvin Cross as Snow Commander
Garvin Cross
(Snow Commander)
Youlanda Davis as Mombasan Cashier
Youlanda Davis
(Mombasan Cashier)
Julie Eagleton as Stockbroker
Julie Eagleton
Seve Esposito as Italian Gambler
Seve Esposito
(Italian Gambler)
Marcus Everett as Stock Broker
Marcus Everett
(Stock Broker)
Zachary Christopher Fay as Extra
Zachary Christopher Fay
Daniel Girondeaud as Bridge Sub Con
Daniel Girondeaud
(Bridge Sub Con)
Natalie Goldwin as LAX Passenger
Natalie Goldwin
(LAX Passenger)
Andrew Hoagland as Pedestrian
Andrew Hoagland
Guy Iannacone as Airport Patron
Guy Iannacone
(Airport Patron)
Marguerite Gioia Insolia as Reporter
Marguerite Gioia Insolia
Charles Jarrell as Hotel Guest
Charles Jarrell
(Hotel Guest)
Seong-hwan Jo as Japanese Landing Crew
Seong-hwan Jo
(Japanese Landing Crew)
Alonzo F. Jones as Mombasan Casino Staff
Alonzo F. Jones
(Mombasan Casino Staff)
Ben Key as Professional Surfer
Ben Key
(Professional Surfer)
Mobin Khan as Mombasa Casino Cashier
Mobin Khan
(Mombasa Casino Cashier)
Shunsaku Kudô as Saito's Bodyguard Officer
Shunsaku Kudô
(Saito's Bodyguard Officer)
Leticia LaBelle as Airport Patron
Leticia LaBelle
(Airport Patron)
John Lawson as Street Person
John Lawson
(Street Person)
Jean-Christophe Leger as French Student
Jean-Christophe Leger
(French Student)
François-Marie Nivon as A Passer-By
François-Marie Nivon
(A Passer-By)
Scott Pretty as Pedestrian
Scott Pretty
Benjamin Riley as Bridge Sub Con
Benjamin Riley
(Bridge Sub Con)
Norman Saleet as Airport Patron
Norman Saleet
(Airport Patron)
Colin Smith as Airport Patron
Colin Smith
(Airport Patron)
Affan Tareen as Denison
Affan Tareen

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