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Tavaghof Napazir (2010)

Tavaghof Napazir

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    26 October 2010
  • Broadcast Co:
    Twentieth Century Fox - Prospect Park
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 38 min
  • Summary:
    In Pennsylvania, one engineer is maneuvering a train in the yard and accidentally leaves the train operating without the pneumatic brakes engaged. The operation department initially believes it is a coaster but soon the operators realize that the unmanned train is running on full power. Further, it is carrying dangerous chemicals and diesel in the cargo wagons. There are many unsuccessful attempts to stop the runaway train and the veteran engineer Frank Barnes and the young conductor Will Colson decide to take the chance to reduce the speed of the train with the most unlikely operation.

Cast & Crew

Denzel Washington as Frank
Denzel Washington
Chris Pine as Will
Chris Pine
Rosario Dawson as Connie
Rosario Dawson
Ethan Suplee as Dewey
Ethan Suplee
Kevin Dunn as Galvin
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Corrigan as Inspector Werner
Kevin Corrigan
(Inspector Werner)
Kevin Chapman as Bunny
Kevin Chapman
Lew Temple as Ned
Lew Temple
T.J. Miller as Gilleece
T.J. Miller
Jessy Schram as Darcy
Jessy Schram
David Warshofsky as Judd Stewart
David Warshofsky
(Judd Stewart)
Andy Umberger as Janeway
Andy Umberger
Elizabeth Mathis as Nicole
Elizabeth Mathis
Meagan Tandy as Maya
Meagan Tandy
Dylan Bruce as Michael Colson
Dylan Bruce
(Michael Colson)
Jeff Hochendoner as Clark
Jeff Hochendoner
Ryan Ahern as Ryan Scott
Ryan Ahern
(Ryan Scott)
Christopher Lee Philips as Baker
Christopher Lee Philips
Kevin McClatchy as Hoffman
Kevin McClatchy
Toni Saladna as Galvin's Assistant
Toni Saladna
(Galvin's Assistant)
Patrick McDade as Captain Allen
Patrick McDade
(Captain Allen)
Bill Laing as Red Truck Driver
Bill Laing
(Red Truck Driver)
Scott A. Martin as Brewster Dispatcher
Scott A. Martin
(Brewster Dispatcher)
Richard Pelzman as Devereaux
Richard Pelzman
Lissa Brennan as Diner Waitress
Lissa Brennan
(Diner Waitress)
Barry Ben Sr. as Findlay Police Officer
Barry Ben Sr.
(Findlay Police Officer)
Heather Leigh as Findlay Reporter
Heather Leigh
(Findlay Reporter)
Carla Bianco as Horse Trailer Owner
Carla Bianco
(Horse Trailer Owner)
Keith Michael Gregory as Hazmat Worker
Keith Michael Gregory
(Hazmat Worker)
L. Derek Leonidoff as FRA Official
L. Derek Leonidoff
(FRA Official)
Aisha Hinds as Railway Safety Campaign Coordinator
Aisha Hinds
(Railway Safety Campaign Coordinator)
Khalio Walker as Hero Kid #1
Khalio Walker
(Hero Kid #1)
Gilda Estelle Chestney as Hero Kid #2
Gilda Estelle Chestney
(Hero Kid #2)
Kam Bott as Hero Kid #3
Kam Bott
(Hero Kid #3)
Kevin Bott as Hero Kid #4
Kevin Bott
(Hero Kid #4)
Max Schuler as Hero Kid #5
Max Schuler
(Hero Kid #5)
Gretchen Bluemle as Marie (Checkout Girl)
Gretchen Bluemle
(Marie (Checkout Girl))
Diane Jonardi as Mrs. Hermann (Old Lady)
Diane Jonardi
(Mrs. Hermann (Old Lady))
Corey Parker Robinson as Lead Officer #1
Corey Parker Robinson
(Lead Officer #1)
Christopher Stadulis as Police Officer #2
Christopher Stadulis
(Police Officer #2)
Alicia Murton as Teacher
Alicia Murton
David Flick as Train Engineer
David Flick
(Train Engineer)
Jeff Wincott as Jesse - Will's Brother
Jeff Wincott
(Jesse - Will's Brother)
Nathan Hollabaugh as Young Cop
Nathan Hollabaugh
(Young Cop)
Rebecca Harris as Pauline
Rebecca Harris
Mike Clark as News Reporter #4
Mike Clark
(News Reporter #4)
William Ward III as Reporter #2
William Ward III
(Reporter #2)
Jennifer Boresz as Reporter #3
Jennifer Boresz
(Reporter #3)
Victor Gojcaj as Groundman
Victor Gojcaj
Maxx Hennard as Tower Operator
Maxx Hennard
(Tower Operator)
Joe Coyle as CEO Golfer #1
Joe Coyle
(CEO Golfer #1)
Dihlon McManne as CEO Golfer #2
Dihlon McManne
(CEO Golfer #2)
Charles Van Eman as CEO Golfer #3
Charles Van Eman
(CEO Golfer #3)
Joshua Elijah Reese as Young Engineer
Joshua Elijah Reese
(Young Engineer)
Tom Stoviak as News Reporter #5
Tom Stoviak
(News Reporter #5)
Ellen Gamble as News Reporter #6
Ellen Gamble
(News Reporter #6)
Shelby Camptella as News Reporter #7
Shelby Camptella
(News Reporter #7)
John D. Leonard as Brewster Man #1
John D. Leonard
(Brewster Man #1)
Thomas Riley as Brewster Man #2
Thomas Riley
(Brewster Man #2)
Jeremiah Fragale as Cop
Jeremiah Fragale
Jason McCune as Radar Gun Cop
Jason McCune
(Radar Gun Cop)
Adrienne Wehr as News Reporter #8
Adrienne Wehr
(News Reporter #8)
Adam Kroloff as Railroad Spokesperson
Adam Kroloff
(Railroad Spokesperson)
Jake Andolina as Evacuation Police Officer
Jake Andolina
(Evacuation Police Officer)
Jarrod DiGiorgi as Control Room Staff #1
Jarrod DiGiorgi
(Control Room Staff #1)
Tami Dixon as Control Room Staff #2
Tami Dixon
(Control Room Staff #2)
Sean Derry as Control Room Staff #3
Sean Derry
(Control Room Staff #3)
Amy Arce as TV Reporter
Amy Arce
(TV Reporter)
Matthew J Cates as State Trooper
Matthew J Cates
(State Trooper)
Rick Chambers as News Reporter #1
Rick Chambers
(News Reporter #1)
Chase Ellison as Teenage Witness
Chase Ellison
(Teenage Witness)
Juan M. Fernández as White Shirt Reporter
Juan M. Fernández
(White Shirt Reporter)
Steve Gonzales as Another News Reporter
Steve Gonzales
(Another News Reporter)
Rick Rader as Train Employee Witness
Rick Rader
(Train Employee Witness)
Carly Steel as Female Reporter in Helicopter
Carly Steel
(Female Reporter in Helicopter)
Warren Sweeney as Press Representative
Warren Sweeney
(Press Representative)
Stephen Monroe Taylor as Truck Driver
Stephen Monroe Taylor
(Truck Driver)
Stephen Nelson as Reporter at Keating Summit
Stephen Nelson
(Reporter at Keating Summit)
Jason Baker as Railroad employee
Jason Baker
(Railroad employee)
Nicholas Balzer as Railroad Worker
Nicholas Balzer
(Railroad Worker)
Stephanie Bertoni as Reporter
Stephanie Bertoni
Mase Daniels as Towns Folk
Mase Daniels
(Towns Folk)
Mark Falvo as Spectator
Mark Falvo
Richard Fike as State Trooper
Richard Fike
(State Trooper)
Wendy Foster as Hooters Girl
Wendy Foster
(Hooters Girl)
Jared Frederick as Milesburg resident
Jared Frederick
(Milesburg resident)
Richard Funston as Reporter
Richard Funston
Jessica J. Immanuel as Reporter
Jessica J. Immanuel
John W. Iwanonkiw as Tower Security Officer
John W. Iwanonkiw
(Tower Security Officer)
William Kania as Tower Control Operator
William Kania
(Tower Control Operator)
Andre' Mason as Train Co. Investor
Andre' Mason
(Train Co. Investor)
Michael K. Sieg as Board Room Member
Michael K. Sieg
(Board Room Member)
Glenn Vaughn as State Trooper
Glenn Vaughn
(State Trooper)
A.J. Verel as Firefighter LT.
A.J. Verel
(Firefighter LT.)

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