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Taxi 2

Taxi 2 (2000)

Taxi 2

  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    25 March 2000
  • Broadcast Co:
    ARP Sélection - Canal+ - Leeloo Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 28 min
  • Summary:
    Police inspector Emilien and his taxi-driver pal Daniel are back, this time on the tail of a group of Japanese yakuza.

Cast & Crew

Samy Naceri as Daniel Morales
Samy Naceri
(Daniel Morales)
Frédéric Diefenthal as Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec
Frédéric Diefenthal
(Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec)
Marion Cotillard as Lilly Bertineau
Marion Cotillard
(Lilly Bertineau)
Emma Wiklund as Petra
Emma Wiklund
Bernard Farcy as Commissaire Gibert
Bernard Farcy
(Commissaire Gibert)
Jean-Christophe Bouvet as Général Edmond Bertineau
Jean-Christophe Bouvet
(Général Edmond Bertineau)
Frédérique Tirmont as Mother
Frédérique Tirmont
Marc Faure as French minister
Marc Faure
(French minister)
Haruhiko Hirata as Japanese minister
Haruhiko Hirata
(Japanese minister)
Tsuyu Shimizu as Yuli
Tsuyu Shimizu
Ko Suzuki as Katano
Ko Suzuki
Yoshi Oida as Yuke Tsumoto
Yoshi Oida
(Yuke Tsumoto)
Kentaro as Yakuza
Hiro Uchiyama as Master hypnotist
Hiro Uchiyama
(Master hypnotist)
Onochi Seietsu as Master hypnotist
Onochi Seietsu
(Master hypnotist)
Edouard Montoute as Alain
Edouard Montoute
François Cottrelle as Plainclothes cop at airport
François Cottrelle
(Plainclothes cop at airport)
Tewhik Behar as Djamel
Tewhik Behar
Jean-Louis Schlesser as Jean-Louis
Jean-Louis Schlesser
Henri Magne as Co-Pilot
Henri Magne
Michel Muller as Pregnant woman's husband
Michel Muller
(Pregnant woman's husband)
Miren Pradier as Pregnant woman
Miren Pradier
(Pregnant woman)
Richard Guedj as Doctor
Richard Guedj
Jean-Luc Borras as Bookseller
Jean-Luc Borras
Sébastien Thiery as Driving instructor
Sébastien Thiery
(Driving instructor)
Cyril Raffaelli as Karate instructor
Cyril Raffaelli
(Karate instructor)
François Nguyen as Belote player
François Nguyen
(Belote player)
Louis-Marie Nyee as Belote player
Louis-Marie Nyee
(Belote player)
David Moulin as Belote player
David Moulin
(Belote player)
Jean-Luc Mehler as Old cop at radar
Jean-Luc Mehler
(Old cop at radar)
Jean-François Regazzi as Deputy chief at radar
Jean-François Regazzi
(Deputy chief at radar)
Dominique Chevalier as Traffic controller
Dominique Chevalier
(Traffic controller)
Franck Maigne as Assistant traffic controller
Franck Maigne
(Assistant traffic controller)
Hiroyuki Yanagisawa as Japanese ambassador
Hiroyuki Yanagisawa
(Japanese ambassador)
Emile Gerard as Lieutenant-colonel Bertrand
Emile Gerard
(Lieutenant-colonel Bertrand)
Nicky Naudé as Swimming man
Nicky Naudé
(Swimming man)
Shirley Bousquet as Swimming woman
Shirley Bousquet
(Swimming woman)
Jean-Claude Houbart as Green light driver
Jean-Claude Houbart
(Green light driver)
Christophe Gorlier as Expert chief
Christophe Gorlier
(Expert chief)
Maïdi Roth as Driving school student
Maïdi Roth
(Driving school student)
Philippe du Janerand as Passenger
Philippe du Janerand
Eric Challier as Cop at police station
Eric Challier
(Cop at police station)
Jacques Buron as Colonel Picard
Jacques Buron
(Colonel Picard)
Stephane Aizac as GIGN soldier
Stephane Aizac
(GIGN soldier)
Sébastien Pons as Rachid
Sébastien Pons
Malek Bechar as Marco
Malek Bechar
Michel Elias as Rally speaker
Michel Elias
(Rally speaker)
Pierre Brichese as Cop at police station
Pierre Brichese
(Cop at police station)
Fédélé Papalia as Park keeper
Fédélé Papalia
(Park keeper)
Dorel Carenco as Young girl at radar
Dorel Carenco
(Young girl at radar)
Jui Gui Kwon as Yakuza 3
Jui Gui Kwon
(Yakuza 3)
Ken Chung as Yakuza 4
Ken Chung
(Yakuza 4)
Raymond Khamvene as Yakuza 5
Raymond Khamvene
(Yakuza 5)
Jean Lebidan as Yakuza 6
Jean Lebidan
(Yakuza 6)
Pierre Nguyen as Yakuza 7
Pierre Nguyen
(Yakuza 7)
Châu Belle Dinh as Ninja
Châu Belle Dinh
Williams Belle as Ninja
Williams Belle
Guylain N'Guba-Boyeke as Ninja
Guylain N'Guba-Boyeke
Malik Diouf as Ninja
Malik Diouf
Charles Perrière as Ninja
Charles Perrière
Laurent Piemontesi as Ninja
Laurent Piemontesi
Yann Hnautra as Ninja
Yann Hnautra
Luc Besson as Boat Owner
Luc Besson
(Boat Owner)
Jacques Chirac as Himself
Jacques Chirac
Wilfrid Grenier as Cop
Wilfrid Grenier
Daniel Herzog as Lionel Jospin
Daniel Herzog
(Lionel Jospin)
Lionel Jospin as Himself
Lionel Jospin
Yves Lecoq as Jacques Chirac
Yves Lecoq
(Jacques Chirac)
Junko Murakami as Passant
Junko Murakami
Victoria Obermayer as Olivia
Victoria Obermayer

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