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The Equalizer 2 (2018)

The Equalizer 2

  • Genres:
    Action | Crime | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    19 July 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Columbia Pictures - Escape Artists - Fuqua Films - Lonetree Entertainment - Mace Neufeld Productions - Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) - ZHIV Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 1 min
  • Summary:
    The injustice knows no boundaries--and as the lethally efficient former U.S. Marines operative, Robert McCall, returns home after righting the wrongs in Turkey--he resumes his new career as an ordinary Lyft driver in bustling Massachusetts. A stranger amid strangers, Robert can be a real companion and a genuine father figure; however, when a dear friend is murdered while investigating a grisly execution in Brussels, the highly trained vigilante will have no other choice but to deliver pain. Now, a team of corrupt professional assassins are after him. Do they stand a chance against the unparalleled Equalizer's raw justice?

Cast & Crew

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall
Denzel Washington
(Robert McCall)
Pedro Pascal as Dave York
Pedro Pascal
(Dave York)
Ashton Sanders as Miles Whittaker
Ashton Sanders
(Miles Whittaker)
Orson Bean as Sam Rubinstein
Orson Bean
(Sam Rubinstein)
Bill Pullman as Brian Plummer
Bill Pullman
(Brian Plummer)
Melissa Leo as Susan Plummer
Melissa Leo
(Susan Plummer)
Jonathan Scarfe as Resnik
Jonathan Scarfe
Sakina Jaffrey as Fatima
Sakina Jaffrey
Kazy Tauginas as Ari
Kazy Tauginas
Garrett Golden as Kovac
Garrett Golden
Adam Karst as Turkish Father
Adam Karst
(Turkish Father)
Alican Barlas as Dining Car Porter
Alican Barlas
(Dining Car Porter)
Rhys Olivia Cote as Nine Year Old Braelick Girl
Rhys Olivia Cote
(Nine Year Old Braelick Girl)
Tamara Hickey as Grace Braelick
Tamara Hickey
(Grace Braelick)
Ken Baltin as Grace Braelick's Lawyer
Ken Baltin
(Grace Braelick's Lawyer)
Colin Allen as Bookstore Nerd
Colin Allen
(Bookstore Nerd)
Antoine de Lartigue as Mr. Calbert (Belgian Husband)
Antoine de Lartigue
(Mr. Calbert (Belgian Husband))
Abigail Marlowe as Jana Calbert (Belgian Wife)
Abigail Marlowe
(Jana Calbert (Belgian Wife))
Jim Loutzenhiser as Interpol Agent
Jim Loutzenhiser
(Interpol Agent)
Alessandra Noelle Rosenfeld as Lyft Girl (8 Yrs)
Alessandra Noelle Rosenfeld
(Lyft Girl (8 Yrs))
Lillie Dickens as Lyft Girl (8 Yrs)
Lillie Dickens
(Lyft Girl (8 Yrs))
Rex Baning as Lyft Boy (8 Yrs)
Rex Baning
(Lyft Boy (8 Yrs))
Lance A. Williams as Junior (Wall Street)
Lance A. Williams
(Junior (Wall Street))
Caroline Day as Amy
Caroline Day
Rory Benjamin Smith as Hart Schaffer (Co-Op)
Rory Benjamin Smith
(Hart Schaffer (Co-Op))
Ted Arcidi as Big Ernie
Ted Arcidi
(Big Ernie)
Junior Cius as Miles' Buddy
Junior Cius
(Miles' Buddy)
Wesley Pereira as Miles' Buddy
Wesley Pereira
(Miles' Buddy)
David Carrasquillo as Miles' Buddy
David Carrasquillo
(Miles' Buddy)
Nathaniel Chaney as Miles' Buddy
Nathaniel Chaney
(Miles' Buddy)
Jermaine Holt as Twitchy Dude
Jermaine Holt
(Twitchy Dude)
Drew Cooper as Jolly
Drew Cooper
Jay Hieron as Harried Man
Jay Hieron
(Harried Man)
Naheem Garcia as Israel & Rose Horowitz Residence Director
Naheem Garcia
(Israel & Rose Horowitz Residence Director)
Gloria Papert as Magda (Sam's Sister)
Gloria Papert
(Magda (Sam's Sister))
Phil Tavares as State Trooper
Phil Tavares
(State Trooper)
Tim Doherty as State Trooper
Tim Doherty
(State Trooper)
Cj Stuart as Belgian Backpacker
Cj Stuart
(Belgian Backpacker)
Donald Cerrone as Belgian Backpacker
Donald Cerrone
(Belgian Backpacker)
Gabrielle Lorthe as Bus Girl (Miles' School Buddy)
Gabrielle Lorthe
(Bus Girl (Miles' School Buddy))
Karen Strong as Carol York
Karen Strong
(Carol York)
Marley Dauphin as Molly York
Marley Dauphin
(Molly York)
Elena Capaldi as Alice York
Elena Capaldi
(Alice York)
Penélope de la Rosa as Student
Penélope de la Rosa
Miguel Nascimento as Lyft Passenger Young Soldier
Miguel Nascimento
(Lyft Passenger Young Soldier)
Maximillian McNamara as Lyft Passenger Interview Man
Maximillian McNamara
(Lyft Passenger Interview Man)
Kevin Chapman as Lyft Passenger Alcoholic
Kevin Chapman
(Lyft Passenger Alcoholic)
Phyllis Kay as Grandmother on the Train
Phyllis Kay
(Grandmother on the Train)
Johnny L. Hernandez as Valet
Johnny L. Hernandez
Kristen Annese as Jogger
Kristen Annese
Andrei Arlovski as Russian Mobster
Andrei Arlovski
(Russian Mobster)
Ralph Ayala as Neighborhood Resident
Ralph Ayala
(Neighborhood Resident)
Jeff Bellin as Cab Driver
Jeff Bellin
(Cab Driver)
Eliane Brick as Pedestrian
Eliane Brick
Thomas Brogan as Bookstore Patron
Thomas Brogan
(Bookstore Patron)
Paul Bronk as Detective
Paul Bronk
John J. Burke as Hotel Guest
John J. Burke
(Hotel Guest)
Dj Nino Carta as Young G
Dj Nino Carta
(Young G)
Bruce Chester as Pedestrian
Bruce Chester
Bo Cleary as Security Guard
Bo Cleary
(Security Guard)
Stevie Costa as Drug Dealer
Stevie Costa
(Drug Dealer)
Leonys Delossantos as Project Resident
Leonys Delossantos
(Project Resident)
Brian Donovon as Pedestrian
Brian Donovon
Jay Dunigan as Businessman
Jay Dunigan
Mel Ellard as Bride-to-Be
Mel Ellard
Manny Famolare as Apartment Resident
Manny Famolare
(Apartment Resident)
James Gaiero as Government Agent
James Gaiero
(Government Agent)
Heidi Garrow as Wall Street Business Woman
Heidi Garrow
(Wall Street Business Woman)
Mickey Gilmore as Interpol Agent
Mickey Gilmore
(Interpol Agent)
Alexa Giuffre as Woman Lyft passenger
Alexa Giuffre
(Woman Lyft passenger)
Elaine Victoria Grey as Tourist
Elaine Victoria Grey
Enku Gubaie as Vivienne McCall
Enku Gubaie
(Vivienne McCall)
Alin Halajian as Neighborhood Resident
Alin Halajian
(Neighborhood Resident)
Rosemary Howard as Interpol Agent
Rosemary Howard
(Interpol Agent)
Kimberly Howe as Lyft Girl #2
Kimberly Howe
(Lyft Girl #2)
Ian Dylan Hunt as Federal Agent
Ian Dylan Hunt
(Federal Agent)
Jason Hunt as Homeless Person
Jason Hunt
(Homeless Person)
Eric Ian as Jones
Eric Ian
GeGe Jackson as Neighborhood Resident
GeGe Jackson
(Neighborhood Resident)
Marcela Jaramillo as School Crossing Guard
Marcela Jaramillo
(School Crossing Guard)
Ken Kansky as Taunted Tourist
Ken Kansky
(Taunted Tourist)
Aurora Karine as Turkish Woman on Train
Aurora Karine
(Turkish Woman on Train)
Michael David Kehoe as State Trooper
Michael David Kehoe
(State Trooper)
Hannah Kelsy as Waitress
Hannah Kelsy
Omar Khan as Neighborhood Resident
Omar Khan
(Neighborhood Resident)
Sasha Kuznetsova as Restaurant Patron
Sasha Kuznetsova
(Restaurant Patron)
James L. Leite as Bus Passenger Victim
James L. Leite
(Bus Passenger Victim)
Dean Littlefield as Valet Driver
Dean Littlefield
(Valet Driver)
Patrick Lospennato as Bookstore Patron
Patrick Lospennato
(Bookstore Patron)
Rob Lévesque as Doberman Walker
Rob Lévesque
(Doberman Walker)
Gwen MacKay as Hotel Guest
Gwen MacKay
(Hotel Guest)
Janet Maslow as Neighborhood Resident
Janet Maslow
(Neighborhood Resident)
Tim Misuradze as Paramedic
Tim Misuradze
Terry Monfet as Traveler
Terry Monfet
Jonathan Neves as Pedestrian
Jonathan Neves
Lance Norris as Hotel Guest
Lance Norris
(Hotel Guest)
Patty O'Neil as Faith / Waitress
Patty O'Neil
(Faith / Waitress)
Joseph Oliveira as Mario
Joseph Oliveira
Richard Pacheco as Apartment Resident
Richard Pacheco
(Apartment Resident)
Annie Pisapia as Pedestrian
Annie Pisapia
Bill Porter as Brussels Detective
Bill Porter
(Brussels Detective)
Rickland Powell as Pedestrain
Rickland Powell
Leah Procito as Nurse
Leah Procito
Diezel Ramos as State Trooper
Diezel Ramos
(State Trooper)
Russell J. Ramos as Apartment Resident
Russell J. Ramos
(Apartment Resident)
Nivedith Renga as Apartment Resident
Nivedith Renga
(Apartment Resident)
Alan Resnic as Pedestrian / Extra
Alan Resnic
(Pedestrian / Extra)
Bob Rochelle as Restaurant Patron
Bob Rochelle
(Restaurant Patron)
Mitchell Rosenwald as Street Walker
Mitchell Rosenwald
(Street Walker)
Lexie Roth as Yuppy
Lexie Roth
Harold Rudolph as Pedestrian
Harold Rudolph
John Sarnie as Government Agent
John Sarnie
(Government Agent)
Michael Stanton as Belgian Businessman
Michael Stanton
(Belgian Businessman)
Alan Francis Sullivan as Hotel Doorman
Alan Francis Sullivan
(Hotel Doorman)
Roman Vangeli as Traveling Man - Opening Scene
Roman Vangeli
(Traveling Man - Opening Scene)

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