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The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face (2011)

The Hidden Face

  • Genres:
    Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    16 September 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    Avalon - Cactus Flower - Dynamo - Fox International Productions (FIP)
  • Country:
    Spain | Colombia
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 37 min
  • Summary:
    Adrián, a talented orchestra conductor, receives a video message from his beloved Belén, telling him with tears in her eyes that she is leaving him, and that she cannot carry on with him anymore. Shattered by the unexpected news of their irreversible break-up and puzzled by Belén's inexplicable decision, Adrián gets help from the local police to solve this mysterious case of disappearance; however, as there is still no news of Belén, a new woman will appear in his life. In the end, with no progress at all in Belén's baffling case, who would think to look beyond the facts, as truth often lies hidden in the most unusual of places?

Cast & Crew

Quim Gutiérrez as Adrián
Quim Gutiérrez
Martina García as Fabiana
Martina García
María Soledad Rodríguez as Mesera
María Soledad Rodríguez
Jose Luis Garcia as Novio Pelea
Jose Luis Garcia
(Novio Pelea)
Marcela Mar as Veronica
Marcela Mar
Humberto Dorado as Tito
Humberto Dorado
Julio Pachón as Buitrago
Julio Pachón
Juan Alfonso Baptista as Ramírez
Juan Alfonso Baptista
Marcela Benjumea as Forense
Marcela Benjumea
Clara Lago as Belén
Clara Lago
Alexandra Stewart as Emma
Alexandra Stewart
Mozad as Perro 'Hans'
(Perro 'Hans')
Manuel Antonio Gómez as Sacerdote
Manuel Antonio Gómez

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Ashke Narges
Ashke Narges
Sarve Zire Ab
Sarve Zire Ab
Sara and Ayda
Sara and Ayda
Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors
Farzandane Bashar
Farzandane Bashar
Sedahaye Khamoosh
Sedahaye Khamoosh