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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

  • Genres:
    Drama | Adventure | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    10 December 2001
  • Broadcast Co:
    New Line Cinema - WingNut Films
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 58 min
  • Summary:
    A meek Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

Cast & Crew

Alan Howard as Voice of the Ring
Alan Howard
(Voice of the Ring)
Noel Appleby as Everard Proudfoot
Noel Appleby
(Everard Proudfoot)
Sean Astin as Sam
Sean Astin
Sala Baker as Sauron
Sala Baker
Sean Bean as Boromir
Sean Bean
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Cate Blanchett
Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Orlando Bloom
Billy Boyd as Pippin
Billy Boyd
Marton Csokas as Celeborn
Marton Csokas
Megan Edwards as Mrs. Proudfoot
Megan Edwards
(Mrs. Proudfoot)
Michael Elsworth as Gondorian Archivist
Michael Elsworth
(Gondorian Archivist)
Mark Ferguson as Gil-galad
Mark Ferguson
Ian Holm as Bilbo
Ian Holm
Christopher Lee as Saruman
Christopher Lee
Lawrence Makoare as Lurtz
Lawrence Makoare
Andy Serkis as Gollum
Andy Serkis
Brent McIntyre as Witch-king
Brent McIntyre
Ian McKellen as Gandalf
Ian McKellen
Peter McKenzie as Elendil
Peter McKenzie
Sarah McLeod as Rosie Cotton
Sarah McLeod
(Rosie Cotton)
Dominic Monaghan as Merry
Dominic Monaghan
Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
Viggo Mortensen
Ian Mune as Bounder
Ian Mune
Craig Parker as Haldir
Craig Parker
Cameron Rhodes as Farmer Maggot
Cameron Rhodes
(Farmer Maggot)
John Rhys-Davies as Gimli
John Rhys-Davies
Martyn Sanderson as Gate Keeper
Martyn Sanderson
(Gate Keeper)
Harry Sinclair as Isildur
Harry Sinclair
Liv Tyler as Arwen
Liv Tyler
David Weatherley as Barliman Butterbur
David Weatherley
(Barliman Butterbur)
Hugo Weaving as Elrond
Hugo Weaving
Elijah Wood as Frodo
Elijah Wood
Victoria Beynon-Cole as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Victoria Beynon-Cole
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Lee Hartley as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Lee Hartley
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Sam La Hood as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Sam La Hood
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Chris Streeter as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Chris Streeter
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Jonathan Jordan as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Jonathan Jordan
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Semi Kuresa as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Semi Kuresa
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Clinton Ulyatt as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Clinton Ulyatt
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Paul Bryson as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Paul Bryson
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Lance Fabian Kemp as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Lance Fabian Kemp
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Jono Manks as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Jono Manks
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Ben Price as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Ben Price
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Phil Grieve as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths
Phil Grieve
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths)
Billy Jackson as Cute Hobbit Child
Billy Jackson
(Cute Hobbit Child)
Katie Jackson as Cute Hobbit Child
Katie Jackson
(Cute Hobbit Child)
Peter Corrigan as Otho (extended edition)
Peter Corrigan
(Otho (extended edition))
Lori Dungey as Mrs. Bracegirdle (extended edition)
Lori Dungey
(Mrs. Bracegirdle (extended edition))
Norman Forsey as Gaffer Gamgee (extended edition)
Norman Forsey
(Gaffer Gamgee (extended edition))
William Johnson as Old Noakes (extended edition)
William Johnson
(Old Noakes (extended edition))
Thomas McGinty as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths (extended edition)
Thomas McGinty
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths (extended edition))
Elizabeth Moody as Lobelia (extended edition)
Elizabeth Moody
(Lobelia (extended edition))
Kate O'Rourke as Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths (extended edition)
Kate O'Rourke
(Hero Orcs / Goblins / Uruks / Ringwraiths (extended edition))
Brian Sergent as Ted Sandyman (extended edition)
Brian Sergent
(Ted Sandyman (extended edition))
Gino Acevedo as Ring Dwarf-lord
Gino Acevedo
(Ring Dwarf-lord)
Betty Adams as Hobbit
Betty Adams
Daniel Andrews as Orc / Uruk-hai
Daniel Andrews
(Orc / Uruk-hai)
Matt Appleton as Council Elf
Matt Appleton
(Council Elf)
Rodney Bane as Orc
Rodney Bane
Timothy Bartlett as Hobbit
Timothy Bartlett
Jarl Benzon as Last Alliance Elf
Jarl Benzon
(Last Alliance Elf)
Jørn Benzon as Lothlorien Elf
Jørn Benzon
(Lothlorien Elf)
Lynden Berryman as Uruk at Amon Hen
Lynden Berryman
(Uruk at Amon Hen)
Bob Blackwell as Hobbit
Bob Blackwell
Ben Britton as Last Alliance Elf / Rivendell Elf
Ben Britton
(Last Alliance Elf / Rivendell Elf)
Jed Brophy as Ringwraith
Jed Brophy
Riley Brophy as Cute Hobbit Child
Riley Brophy
(Cute Hobbit Child)
Ryan Carey as Uruk-hai
Ryan Carey
Norman Cates as Party Hobbit
Norman Cates
(Party Hobbit)
Merrin Cavel as Elf
Merrin Cavel
Rachel Clentworth as Goblin
Rachel Clentworth
Randall William Cook as Cave Troll
Randall William Cook
(Cave Troll)
Sabine Crossen as Rivendell Elf
Sabine Crossen
(Rivendell Elf)
Tack Daniel as Uruk-hai
Tack Daniel
Peter Daube as Khai
Peter Daube
Mana Hira Davis as Goblin / Orc / Uruk-hai
Mana Hira Davis
(Goblin / Orc / Uruk-hai)
Shane Dawson as Uruk-hai
Shane Dawson
Branko Dordevich as Uruk-hai
Branko Dordevich
Rebecca Fitzgerald as Breelander
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Siosa Fonua as Orc / Uruk-hai
Siosa Fonua
(Orc / Uruk-hai)
Kester Fordham as Last Alliance Elf / Rivendell Elf
Kester Fordham
(Last Alliance Elf / Rivendell Elf)
Xander Forterie as Ring Dwarf-lord
Xander Forterie
(Ring Dwarf-lord)
Ben Fransham as Goblin / Lothlorien Elf / Uruk-hai
Ben Fransham
(Goblin / Lothlorien Elf / Uruk-hai)
Mark Fry as Man in the Prancing Pony
Mark Fry
(Man in the Prancing Pony)
Phoebe Gittins as Cute Hobbit Child
Phoebe Gittins
(Cute Hobbit Child)
Warren Green as Isengard Orc Blacksmith
Warren Green
(Isengard Orc Blacksmith)
Andy Gunn as Last Alliance Soldier / Rivendell Elf
Andy Gunn
(Last Alliance Soldier / Rivendell Elf)
Winham Hammond as Goblin / Orc / Uruk-hai
Winham Hammond
(Goblin / Orc / Uruk-hai)
Jonathan Harding as Council Elf / Lothlorien Elf
Jonathan Harding
(Council Elf / Lothlorien Elf)
Zo Hartley as Kissing Hobbit
Zo Hartley
(Kissing Hobbit)
Taea Hartwell as Cute Hobbit Child
Taea Hartwell
(Cute Hobbit Child)
Ray Henwood as Council Man
Ray Henwood
(Council Man)
Dave Houma as Hobbit
Dave Houma
John Howe as Ring King of Men
John Howe
(Ring King of Men)
Lani Jackson as Goblin
Lani Jackson
Peter Jackson as Albert Dreary
Peter Jackson
(Albert Dreary)
Gareth Jensen as Rivendell Elf
Gareth Jensen
(Rivendell Elf)
Ralph Johnson as Council Man / Orc
Ralph Johnson
(Council Man / Orc)
Stu Johnson as Isengard Orc Blacksmith
Stu Johnson
(Isengard Orc Blacksmith)
Tim Kano as Gondorian Citizen
Tim Kano
(Gondorian Citizen)
Sam Kelly as Council Elf / Last Alliance Elf
Sam Kelly
(Council Elf / Last Alliance Elf)
Jeff Kingsford-Brown as Party Hobbit
Jeff Kingsford-Brown
(Party Hobbit)
Greg Lane as Uruk-hai
Greg Lane
Alan Lee as Ring King of Men
Alan Lee
(Ring King of Men)
Sacha Lee as Arms of Gollum
Sacha Lee
(Arms of Gollum)
Bernie Lord as Hobbit
Bernie Lord
Peter Lyon as Isengard Orc Blacksmith
Peter Lyon
(Isengard Orc Blacksmith)
Marta Martí as Village Female Hobbit
Marta Martí
(Village Female Hobbit)
Sharon Maxwell as Goblin
Sharon Maxwell
Richard Maybery as Ring Dwarf-lord
Richard Maybery
(Ring Dwarf-lord)
Ax McClennan as Lothlorien Elf
Ax McClennan
(Lothlorien Elf)
Bret McKenzie as Figwit
Bret McKenzie
Tim McLachlan as Uruk-hai
Tim McLachlan
Liz Merton as Hobbit Band Member
Liz Merton
(Hobbit Band Member)
Dean Morganty as Uruk-hai
Dean Morganty
Greg 'Danger' Morrison as Uruk-hai
Greg 'Danger' Morrison
Blair Morton as Council Elf
Blair Morton
(Council Elf)
Andrew Munro as Uruk-hai
Andrew Munro
David J. Muzzerall as Goblin
David J. Muzzerall
Timothy Patrick as Hobbit / Orc
Timothy Patrick
(Hobbit / Orc)
Christy Qulliam as Galadriel's Elf
Christy Qulliam
(Galadriel's Elf)
Shane Rangi as Witch-king
Shane Rangi
Chris Reid as Orc
Chris Reid
Steve Reinsfield as Goblin
Steve Reinsfield
Larry Rew as Ring King of Men
Larry Rew
(Ring King of Men)
Grant Roa as Uruk-hai
Grant Roa
Thomas Robins as Hand of Gollum
Thomas Robins
(Hand of Gollum)
Vincent Roxburgh as Uruk-hai
Vincent Roxburgh
Chris Ryan as Breelander
Chris Ryan
Jason Secto as Last Alliance Elf / Lothlorien Elf
Jason Secto
(Last Alliance Elf / Lothlorien Elf)
Paul Shapcott as Burning Ringwraith
Paul Shapcott
(Burning Ringwraith)
Samuel E. Shore as Refugee / Orc
Samuel E. Shore
(Refugee / Orc)
Mike Stearne as Uruk-hai
Mike Stearne
Andrew Stehlin as Uruk-hai
Andrew Stehlin
Ken Stratton as Isengard Orc / Last Alliance Soldier / Morgul Orc / Uruk-hai
Ken Stratton
(Isengard Orc / Last Alliance Soldier / Morgul Orc / Uruk-hai)
Jo Surgison as Hobbit
Jo Surgison
Tom Walsh as Fredegar Bolger
Tom Walsh
(Fredegar Bolger)
James Waterhouse-Brown as Goblin
James Waterhouse-Brown
Tim Wong as Uruk-hai
Tim Wong
Robert Young as Goblin
Robert Young

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Haala Khobeh
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Zamane Ajib
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Maghzhaye Kochake Zang Zadeh
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Mehman Khaneye Mahe No
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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