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The Resistance Banker (2018)

The Resistance Banker

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | War
  • Release Date:
    8 March 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) - NL Film
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 3 min
  • Summary:
    In Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, banker brothers Walraven and Gijs van Hall face their greatest challenge yet when they decide to help fund the Dutch resistance.

Cast & Crew

Barry Atsma as Walraven van Hall
Barry Atsma
(Walraven van Hall)
Fockeline Ouwerkerk as Tilly van Hall
Fockeline Ouwerkerk
(Tilly van Hall)
Raymond Thiry as Van den Berg
Raymond Thiry
(Van den Berg)
Jacob Derwig as Gijs van Hall
Jacob Derwig
(Gijs van Hall)
Pierre Bokma as Meinoud Rost van Tonningen
Pierre Bokma
(Meinoud Rost van Tonningen)
Matteo van der Grijn as Huub
Matteo van der Grijn
Jaap Spijkers as Ritter
Jaap Spijkers
Ali Zijlstra as Jeanette Veentra
Ali Zijlstra
(Jeanette Veentra)
Jochum ten Haaf as Jaap Buys
Jochum ten Haaf
(Jaap Buys)
Aus Greidanus as Dirk Eemkkes
Aus Greidanus
(Dirk Eemkkes)
Christian Bronchart as WAITER restaurant + Night show
Christian Bronchart
(WAITER restaurant + Night show)
Mads Wittermans as Verkaik
Mads Wittermans
Allard Geerlings as Grote Man
Allard Geerlings
(Grote Man)
Daan Aufenacker as Bankier De Nederlandse Bank
Daan Aufenacker
(Bankier De Nederlandse Bank)
Julien Croiset as Bankier van Roon
Julien Croiset
(Bankier van Roon)
Rob Das as Kluisbewaarder
Rob Das
Peter Rene as Werkman
Peter Rene
Ernst Dekkers as Drukker
Ernst Dekkers
Filip Hellemans as SD Nazi
Filip Hellemans
(SD Nazi)
Paul Kooij as Kapper
Paul Kooij
Ko van den Bosch as Drukker 2
Ko van den Bosch
(Drukker 2)
Bart van der Schaaf as Bankier Collenteur
Bart van der Schaaf
(Bankier Collenteur)
Annelies van der Bie as Non
Annelies van der Bie
Sijtze van der Meer as Beul
Sijtze van der Meer
Michel den Hartog as SD Lijfwacht Rost Van Tonningen
Michel den Hartog
(SD Lijfwacht Rost Van Tonningen)
Luuk van Leeuwen as Verzetsman
Luuk van Leeuwen
Tom Magnus as Ausland-SD Member
Tom Magnus
(Ausland-SD Member)
Raymond Paardekoper as Rotterdammer
Raymond Paardekoper
Violette Vandervelden as Marleen van Hall
Violette Vandervelden
(Marleen van Hall)
Nick Vorsselman as Executed Prisoner
Nick Vorsselman
(Executed Prisoner)

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