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Tubelight (2017)


  • Genres:
    Drama | War
  • Release Date:
    23 June 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    Kabir Khan Films - Salman Khan Films -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 16 min
  • Summary:
    In a small picturesque town in North India, Laxman (Salman Khan) lives with his younger brother Bharat (Sohail Khan). The two have no other family and are inseparable. Laxman's world comes crashing down, when war breaks out and Bharat gets drafted into the Army. A helpless Bharat leaves a devastated Laxman behind. News from the border only worsens, as the tension continues to escalate. Seeing the carnage around him and worried for his brother, Laxman decides he must stop this conflict and get his brother back.

Cast & Crew

Salman Khan as Laxman
Salman Khan
Sohail Khan as Bharat
Sohail Khan
Om Puri as Banne Chacha
Om Puri
(Banne Chacha)
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Narayan
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
Yashpal Sharma as Major Rajbir Tokas
Yashpal Sharma
(Major Rajbir Tokas)
Zhu Zhu as Liling
Zhu Zhu
Matin Rey Tangu as Guo
Matin Rey Tangu
Brijendra Kala as Shoe Shopkeeper
Brijendra Kala
(Shoe Shopkeeper)
Isha Talwar as Maya
Isha Talwar
Jason D'Souza as Little Laxman (6)
Jason D'Souza
(Little Laxman (6))
Matt Kramer as Father Fredrick
Matt Kramer
(Father Fredrick)
Neeraj Khetarpal as Laxmans Teacher
Neeraj Khetarpal
(Laxmans Teacher)
Kapil Sharma as Laxmans Father
Kapil Sharma
(Laxmans Father)
Mitansh Lulla as Little Laxman (12)
Mitansh Lulla
(Little Laxman (12))
Ricky Patel as Little Bharat (6)
Ricky Patel
(Little Bharat (6))
Abhikalp Gagdekar as Little Narayan
Abhikalp Gagdekar
(Little Narayan)
Kamlesh Shah as Gandhiji
Kamlesh Shah
Vivek Pandey as Narayans Sidekick 1
Vivek Pandey
(Narayans Sidekick 1)
Amarnath Verma as Narayans Sidekick 2
Amarnath Verma
(Narayans Sidekick 2)
Navdeep Tomar as Jco
Navdeep Tomar
Amit Singh as Pan Singh
Amit Singh
(Pan Singh)
Karan Mann as Indian Soldier 1
Karan Mann
(Indian Soldier 1)
Kishan Juggler as Fire Breather
Kishan Juggler
(Fire Breather)
Varun Kulkarni as Show Announcer
Varun Kulkarni
(Show Announcer)
Jahaan Yadav as Indian Soldier 2
Jahaan Yadav
(Indian Soldier 2)
Alok Gagdekar as Phone Man
Alok Gagdekar
(Phone Man)
Sunil Uppal as Dhaba Owner
Sunil Uppal
(Dhaba Owner)
Narendra Khatri as Dhaba Waiter
Narendra Khatri
(Dhaba Waiter)
Kumud Johry as Laxmans Neighbour
Kumud Johry
(Laxmans Neighbour)
Mandeep Singh Rathour as Indian Soldier 3
Mandeep Singh Rathour
(Indian Soldier 3)
Chien Ho Liao as Chinese Soldier 1
Chien Ho Liao
(Chinese Soldier 1)
Thomas Chen as Chinese Soldier 2
Thomas Chen
(Chinese Soldier 2)
Thutan Gombu as Chinese Soldier 3
Thutan Gombu
(Chinese Soldier 3)
Sooraj Shetty as Chinese Soldier 4
Sooraj Shetty
(Chinese Soldier 4)
Rakesh Thakur as Chinese Soldier 5
Rakesh Thakur
(Chinese Soldier 5)
Champ Thapa as Chinese Soldier 6
Champ Thapa
(Chinese Soldier 6)
Akash as Chinese Soldier 7
(Chinese Soldier 7)
Bharat Bhatia as Panditji
Bharat Bhatia
Sampat Mulraj Ramdas as Old Man
Sampat Mulraj Ramdas
(Old Man)
Arush Nand as Laughing Boy 1
Arush Nand
(Laughing Boy 1)
Harminder Singh as Laughing Boy 2
Harminder Singh
(Laughing Boy 2)
Leo Ching as Guo's Grandfather
Leo Ching
(Guo's Grandfather)
Ashok Kumar Jha as Platoon Commander
Ashok Kumar Jha
(Platoon Commander)
Kamal Singh as Platoon Soldier 1
Kamal Singh
(Platoon Soldier 1)
Abhilash Chaudhary as Platoon Soldier 2
Abhilash Chaudhary
(Platoon Soldier 2)
Sharan Makkar as Army Doctor
Sharan Makkar
(Army Doctor)
Atul Shukla as Jagatpur Resident
Atul Shukla
(Jagatpur Resident)
Atul Raj as Jagatpur Resident
Atul Raj
(Jagatpur Resident)
Daleep Gulati as Jagatpur Resident
Daleep Gulati
(Jagatpur Resident)
Sushil Raman as Jagatpur Resident
Sushil Raman
(Jagatpur Resident)
Akshay Sharma as Jagatpur Resident
Akshay Sharma
(Jagatpur Resident)
Krishnakali Ganguli as Jagatpur Resident
Krishnakali Ganguli
(Jagatpur Resident)
Kriti Mehra as Jagatpur Resident
Kriti Mehra
(Jagatpur Resident)
Preeti Singh as Jagatpur Resident
Preeti Singh
(Jagatpur Resident)
Avani Singh as Jagatpur Resident
Avani Singh
(Jagatpur Resident)
Manika Sareen as Jagatpur Resident
Manika Sareen
(Jagatpur Resident)
Shah Rukh Khan as Goga Pasha
Shah Rukh Khan
(Goga Pasha)

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