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Victoria va Abdul (2017)

Victoria va Abdul

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama
  • Release Date:
    3 September 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    BBC Films - Cross Street Films - Perfect World Pictures
  • Country:
    USA | UK
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 51 min
  • Summary:
    Abdul Karim, a young prison clerk from Agra, British Raj, is instructed to travel to England for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887 to present her with a Mohur, a gold coin which has been minted as a token of appreciation from British-ruled India. The Queen, who is lonely and tired of her fawning courtiers, develops an interest in and later a friendship with Abdul. She spends time with him alone, and promotes him to become her Munshi. She asks him to teach her Urdu and the Qur'an. When Victoria discovers that he is married, she invites his wife and mother-in-law to join him to England. They arrive wearing black Burqas, to the consternation of the household. While Victoria treats Abdul as a son, his preferment is resented by her household and inner circle, including her son Bertie and the Prime Minister..

Cast & Crew

Judi Dench as Queen Victoria
Judi Dench
(Queen Victoria)
Ali Fazal as Abdul Karim
Ali Fazal
(Abdul Karim)
Tim Pigott-Smith as Sir Henry Ponsonby
Tim Pigott-Smith
(Sir Henry Ponsonby)
Eddie Izzard as Bertie, Prince of Wales
Eddie Izzard
(Bertie, Prince of Wales)
Adeel Akhtar as Mohammed
Adeel Akhtar
Michael Gambon as Lord Salisbury
Michael Gambon
(Lord Salisbury)
Paul Higgins as Dr. Reid
Paul Higgins
(Dr. Reid)
Olivia Williams as Lady Churchill
Olivia Williams
(Lady Churchill)
Fenella Woolgar as Miss Phipps
Fenella Woolgar
(Miss Phipps)
Julian Wadham as Alick Yorke
Julian Wadham
(Alick Yorke)
Robin Soans as Arthur Bigge
Robin Soans
(Arthur Bigge)
Ruth McCabe as Mrs. Tuck
Ruth McCabe
(Mrs. Tuck)
Simon Callow as Puccini
Simon Callow
Sukh Ojla as Mrs. Karim
Sukh Ojla
(Mrs. Karim)
Kemaal Deen-Ellis as Ahmed
Kemaal Deen-Ellis
Simon Paisley Day as Mr. Tyler
Simon Paisley Day
(Mr. Tyler)
Amani Zardoe as Princess Helena
Amani Zardoe
(Princess Helena)
Sophie Trott as Queen of Greece
Sophie Trott
(Queen of Greece)
Penny Ryder as Grand Duchess Sophie
Penny Ryder
(Grand Duchess Sophie)
Trevor Fox as Head Chef
Trevor Fox
(Head Chef)
Joe Caffrey as Sous Chef
Joe Caffrey
(Sous Chef)
John Stahl as Ghillie
John Stahl
Tim McMullan as Tailor
Tim McMullan
Jonathan Harden as Kaiser
Jonathan Harden
John Rowe as Head Waiter
John Rowe
(Head Waiter)
Benjamin Haigh as Little Page Boy
Benjamin Haigh
(Little Page Boy)
Sandy Grierson as Balmoral Waiter
Sandy Grierson
(Balmoral Waiter)
Alaistair Pether as Dancing Ghillie
Alaistair Pether
(Dancing Ghillie)
Sally Jokhan as Mrs. Karim's Mother
Sally Jokhan
(Mrs. Karim's Mother)
Charlie Stewart as Fiddle Player
Charlie Stewart
(Fiddle Player)
Willie Cochrane as Piper
Willie Cochrane
Jonathan Mayer as Indian Musician 1
Jonathan Mayer
(Indian Musician 1)
Mitel Purohit as Indian Musician 2
Mitel Purohit
(Indian Musician 2)
Sam Kenyon as Puccini Pianist
Sam Kenyon
(Puccini Pianist)
Samuel Stefan as Henchman
Samuel Stefan
Glyn Angell as Jelly Chef
Glyn Angell
(Jelly Chef)
Lasco Atkins as Queen's Footman
Lasco Atkins
(Queen's Footman)
Richard Banks as Beggar
Richard Banks
Nigel Black as Private Secretary
Nigel Black
(Private Secretary)
Tim Bristow as Deputy Parliamentary Secretary
Tim Bristow
(Deputy Parliamentary Secretary)
John Byrne as House Staff
John Byrne
(House Staff)
Will Christopherson as Young Porter Boy
Will Christopherson
(Young Porter Boy)
David Collicott as Dockside Worker
David Collicott
(Dockside Worker)
David Cromarty as Beggar
David Cromarty
Grant Crookes as Footman
Grant Crookes
Andrei Csolsim as Footman
Andrei Csolsim
Cliff Dutton as Footman
Cliff Dutton
Marek Hollands as Footman
Marek Hollands
Ashley Hudson as Footman
Ashley Hudson
Martyn Mayger as Yeoman of the Guard
Martyn Mayger
(Yeoman of the Guard)
Rita McDonald Damper as Ham House Guest
Rita McDonald Damper
(Ham House Guest)
Robert McLanachan as Balmoral guest
Robert McLanachan
(Balmoral guest)
Christopher McMullen as Footman
Christopher McMullen
Deano Mitchison as Queen Victoria's Waiter
Deano Mitchison
(Queen Victoria's Waiter)
Benjamin Murrell as Footman
Benjamin Murrell
Shaun Newnham as Royal Household Staff
Shaun Newnham
(Royal Household Staff)
Hugh O'Brien as Royal Footman
Hugh O'Brien
(Royal Footman)
Anita Potter as Senior Maid
Anita Potter
(Senior Maid)
Paul Redfern as Chef
Paul Redfern
Lewis Reynolds as Grave Digger
Lewis Reynolds
(Grave Digger)
James Thomas Scott as Undertaker
James Thomas Scott
Lois Temel as Nurse
Lois Temel
Daniel Trevenna as Footman
Daniel Trevenna
Dean Weir as Footman
Dean Weir
Stuart Whelan as Chef
Stuart Whelan

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