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Yek akkas dar Mauthausen (2018)

Yek akkas dar Mauthausen

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama | History | War | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    26 October 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    FilmTeam - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC)
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 50 min
  • Summary:
    1943. With the World War II in the maximum exchange of hostilities, life is too merciless and cruel for the inmates who live in the camp of Mauthausen, where between others they are the soldiers who fought and lost in the Spanish Civil War, exiled from Spain by General Franco after to won the war, considering them as no men's land and gifted to Third Reich as free workforce. In this scenery of eternal horror and brutality caused by the Nazis and the Kapos (violent inmates who work as guards to keep the order), young Francesc Boix tries to survive in the camp working as photographer being Paul Ricken's right-hand, Mauthausen's warden. Boix's daily life taking photos, talking with another inmates as Balbuena and Fonseca and making files of the dead inmates who died in failed escapes changes after to realize in an amateur radio created by them that the Third Reich have loss against Soviet Army in the Battle of Stalingrad. Fearing that Ricken and the rest of the Nazis make disappear all evidences of the happened in the prison in the case they can lost the war, Boix obsesses with to keep all negatives of the photos that they prove the horrors committed by SS officers as Franz Ziereis. But after a first failed attempt of an inmate to escape and publish the photos for that the public eye discover the truth, Boix makes a second plan to elude exhaustive Ricken and Ziereis watching and to keep safe and sound the photos. With time running out and the command to burn everything finally ordered, will can Boix to save the evidences sand and at the same time survive to tell the truth to the world?

Cast & Crew

Mario Casas as Francesc Boix
Mario Casas
(Francesc Boix)
Richard van Weyden as Paul Ricken
Richard van Weyden
(Paul Ricken)
Alain Hernández as Valbuena
Alain Hernández
Adrià Salazar as Anselmo
Adrià Salazar
Eduard Buch as Fonseca
Eduard Buch
Stefan Weinert as Franz Ziereis
Stefan Weinert
(Franz Ziereis)
Nikola Stojanovic as Bonarewitz
Nikola Stojanovic
Nikola Stojanovic as Bonarewitz
Nikola Stojanovic
Rubén Yuste as Rosales
Rubén Yuste
Frank Feys as Popeye
Frank Feys
Marc Rodríguez as Enfermero
Marc Rodríguez
Albert Mora as Músico
Albert Mora
Joan Negrié as Lejías
Joan Negrié
Luka Peros as Karl Schulz
Luka Peros
(Karl Schulz)
Rainer Reiners as Poschacher
Rainer Reiners
Toni Gomila as Francisco
Toni Gomila
Macarena Gómez as Dolores
Macarena Gómez
Emilio Gavira as Alexander Katan (Preso A.K.)
Emilio Gavira
(Alexander Katan (Preso A.K.))
Soma Zámbori as Chmielewski
Soma Zámbori
Erik Gyarmati as Siegfried
Erik Gyarmati
Marta Holler as Anna Pointner
Marta Holler
(Anna Pointner)
Dénes Ujlaky as Albert Pointner
Dénes Ujlaky
(Albert Pointner)
Miguel Ángel González as Preso español esquelético
Miguel Ángel González
(Preso español esquelético)
Andreu Carandell as Preso crematorio
Andreu Carandell
(Preso crematorio)
Patrik Petrovski as Kapo carpinteria
Patrik Petrovski
(Kapo carpinteria)
Minnie Marx as SS prostíbulo
Minnie Marx
(SS prostíbulo)
Koos Vos as SS oficina política
Koos Vos
(SS oficina política)
Abel Rodríguez as Chaval ido
Abel Rodríguez
(Chaval ido)
Roger Vilà as Chaval tuerto
Roger Vilà
(Chaval tuerto)
Igor Szpakowski as Chaval Pérez
Igor Szpakowski
(Chaval Pérez)
Gábor Deák as SS private
Gábor Deák
(SS private)
Ági Krasznahorkai as Mrs. Ziereis
Ági Krasznahorkai
(Mrs. Ziereis)
Mariann Kocsis as Mrs. Poschacher
Mariann Kocsis
(Mrs. Poschacher)
Balázs Szitás as Bufoon Prisoner
Balázs Szitás
(Bufoon Prisoner)
Bernat Cot as Preso dibujante
Bernat Cot
(Preso dibujante)
Ralph Herbling as Médico alemán
Ralph Herbling
(Médico alemán)
Guifré Baró as Ayudante de mago
Guifré Baró
(Ayudante de mago)
Roger Bosch as Músico mandolina
Roger Bosch
(Músico mandolina)
Guillem Gefaell as Músico guitarra
Guillem Gefaell
(Músico guitarra)
Kristóf Widder as SS Gaswagen
Kristóf Widder
(SS Gaswagen)
Norbert Kovacs as Waiter 1
Norbert Kovacs
(Waiter 1)
Péter Sokorai as Waiter 2
Péter Sokorai
(Waiter 2)
Balazs Lengyel as Austrian Prisoner 1
Balazs Lengyel
(Austrian Prisoner 1)
Farkas Tamás as Austrian Prisoner 2
Farkas Tamás
(Austrian Prisoner 2)
Miklós Danka as SS 1
Miklós Danka
(SS 1)
Béla Orsányi as SS 2
Béla Orsányi
(SS 2)
Juan Carlos Ramil as SS Officer
Juan Carlos Ramil
(SS Officer)
José Francisco Sánchez as Preso español
José Francisco Sánchez
(Preso español)
Efrain Anglès as Kapo
Efrain Anglès
Darien Asian
Darien Asian
Anatoly Chugunov as Soldier
Anatoly Chugunov
Balázs Veres as Birthday Guest
Balázs Veres
(Birthday Guest)

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