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Yek Zendegi Penhan (2019)

Yek Zendegi Penhan

  • Genres:
    Romance | Biography | Drama | War
  • Release Date:
    19 May 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Fox Searchlight Pictures - TSG Entertainment - Elizabeth Bay Productions - Aceway Productions - Mister Smith Entertainment - Studio Babelsberg - Orange Studio - Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg -
  • Country:
    USA | UK | Germany
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 54 min
  • Summary:
    Based on real events, A Hidden Life is the story of an unsung hero, Bl. Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II. When the Austrian peasant farmer is faced with the threat of execution for treason, it is his unwavering faith and his love for his wife, Fani, and children that keeps his spirit alive.

Cast & Crew

August Diehl as Franz Jägerstätter
August Diehl
(Franz Jägerstätter)
Valerie Pachner as Fani Jägerstätter
Valerie Pachner
(Fani Jägerstätter)
Maria Simon as Resie Schwaninger
Maria Simon
(Resie Schwaninger)
Karin Neuhäuser as Rosalia Jägerstätter
Karin Neuhäuser
(Rosalia Jägerstätter)
Tobias Moretti as Fr. Fürthauer
Tobias Moretti
(Fr. Fürthauer)
Ulrich Matthes as Lorenz Schwaninger
Ulrich Matthes
(Lorenz Schwaninger)
Matthias Schoenaerts as Captain Herder
Matthias Schoenaerts
(Captain Herder)
Franz Rogowski as Waldland
Franz Rogowski
Karl Markovics as Mayor Kraus
Karl Markovics
(Mayor Kraus)
Bruno Ganz as Judge Lueben
Bruno Ganz
(Judge Lueben)
Michael Nyqvist as Bishop Fliesser
Michael Nyqvist
(Bishop Fliesser)
Wolfgang Michael as Eckinger
Wolfgang Michael
Johannes Krisch as Trakl - The Miller
Johannes Krisch
(Trakl - The Miller)
Johan Leysen as Ohlendorf - The Painter
Johan Leysen
(Ohlendorf - The Painter)
Martin Wuttke as Major Kiel
Martin Wuttke
(Major Kiel)
Waldemar Kobus as Warder Stein
Waldemar Kobus
(Warder Stein)
Sophie Rois as Aunt Walburga
Sophie Rois
(Aunt Walburga)
Alexander Fehling as Lawyer Feldman
Alexander Fehling
(Lawyer Feldman)
Dimo Alexiev as Nikolai
Dimo Alexiev
Ida Mutschlechner as Rosi Jägerstätter
Ida Mutschlechner
(Rosi Jägerstätter)
Maria Weger as Maridl Jägerstätter
Maria Weger
(Maridl Jägerstätter)
Aennie Lade as Loisi Jägerstätter
Aennie Lade
(Loisi Jägerstätter)
Mark Waschke as Spitz, the blacksmith
Mark Waschke
(Spitz, the blacksmith)
Felix Römer as Policeman
Felix Römer
Andro Sarishvili as Andro
Andro Sarishvili
Levan Khurtsia as Levan
Levan Khurtsia
Max Malatesta as Max
Max Malatesta
Ermin Sijamija as Ermin
Ermin Sijamija
Markus Schwärzer as Linz Sergeant
Markus Schwärzer
(Linz Sergeant)
Ulrich Brandhoff as Captain Jürgen
Ulrich Brandhoff
(Captain Jürgen)
Michael Steinocher as Officer Kersting
Michael Steinocher
(Officer Kersting)
Leo Baumgartner as Toni Strohhofer
Leo Baumgartner
(Toni Strohhofer)
Maria Stadler as Maria - The Widow
Maria Stadler
(Maria - The Widow)
Oliver Pezzi as Fitz
Oliver Pezzi
Alexander Radszun as Scharfrichter
Alexander Radszun
Thomas Mraz as Prosecutor Kleint
Thomas Mraz
(Prosecutor Kleint)
Dieter Kosslick as Judge Musshoff
Dieter Kosslick
(Judge Musshoff)
Bernd Hölscher as Judge Ranft
Bernd Hölscher
(Judge Ranft)
Christian Sengewald as Fr. Kreutzberg
Christian Sengewald
(Fr. Kreutzberg)
Johannes Nussbaum as Josef
Johannes Nussbaum
Leonard Kunz as Scharfrichter's Assistant
Leonard Kunz
(Scharfrichter's Assistant)
Moritz Katzmair as Martin
Moritz Katzmair
Amber Shave as Rosi Jägerstätter (young)
Amber Shave
(Rosi Jägerstätter (young))
Barabara Stampfl as Maridl Jägerstätter (young)
Barabara Stampfl
(Maridl Jägerstätter (young))
Johannes Gabl as Hessler
Johannes Gabl
Katja Lechthaler as Frau Pate
Katja Lechthaler
(Frau Pate)
Max Mauff as Sterz
Max Mauff
Monika Lennartz as Frau Schuster
Monika Lennartz
(Frau Schuster)
Horst Saller as Enns Officer
Horst Saller
(Enns Officer)
Joel Basman as Military Trainee
Joel Basman
(Military Trainee)
Sarah Born as The Girl
Sarah Born
(The Girl)
Mathias Datow as Prison Guard
Mathias Datow
(Prison Guard)
Walter de Winter as Prisoner
Walter de Winter
Dominik Hermanns as Prison Officer
Dominik Hermanns
(Prison Officer)
Adolf Hitler as Self
Adolf Hitler
Konrad Hochgruber as Gänshänger
Konrad Hochgruber
Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer as Frau Pate
Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer
(Frau Pate)
Thomas Nash as German soldier
Thomas Nash
(German soldier)
Robin Oberhollenzer as Admirer of Resie
Robin Oberhollenzer
(Admirer of Resie)
Thomas Prenn
Thomas Prenn
Jürgen Prochnow as Major Schlegel
Jürgen Prochnow
(Major Schlegel)
Nicholas Reinke as Father Moericke
Nicholas Reinke
(Father Moericke)
Peter Schorn as Hessler's friend
Peter Schorn
(Hessler's friend)
Florian Schwienbacher as Bishop's Clerk
Florian Schwienbacher
(Bishop's Clerk)
Benno Steinegger as Corporal Grimm
Benno Steinegger
(Corporal Grimm)
Chris Theisinger as Prisoner
Chris Theisinger

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