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Zanane Koochak (2019)

Zanane Koochak

  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    7 December 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Columbia Pictures - Pascal Pictures - Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h 15 min
  • Summary:
    Jo March reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters - four young women each determined to live life on their own terms.

Cast & Crew

Saoirse Ronan as Jo March
Saoirse Ronan
(Jo March)
Emma Watson as Meg March
Emma Watson
(Meg March)
Florence Pugh as Amy March
Florence Pugh
(Amy March)
Eliza Scanlen as Beth March
Eliza Scanlen
(Beth March)
Laura Dern as Marmee March
Laura Dern
(Marmee March)
Timothée Chalamet as Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence
Timothée Chalamet
(Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence)
Tracy Letts as Mr. Dashwood
Tracy Letts
(Mr. Dashwood)
Bob Odenkirk as Father March
Bob Odenkirk
(Father March)
James Norton as John Brooke
James Norton
(John Brooke)
Louis Garrel as Friedrich Bhaer
Louis Garrel
(Friedrich Bhaer)
Jayne Houdyshell as Hannah
Jayne Houdyshell
Chris Cooper as Mr. Laurence
Chris Cooper
(Mr. Laurence)
Meryl Streep as Aunt March
Meryl Streep
(Aunt March)
Rafael Silva as Friedrich's Friend
Rafael Silva
(Friedrich's Friend)
Mason Alban as Friedrich's Friend
Mason Alban
(Friedrich's Friend)
Emily Edström as Friedrich's Friend
Emily Edström
(Friedrich's Friend)
Maryann Plunkett as Mrs. Kirke
Maryann Plunkett
(Mrs. Kirke)
Hadley Robinson as Sallie Gardiner Moffat
Hadley Robinson
(Sallie Gardiner Moffat)
Lonnie Farmer as Concord Sales Clerk
Lonnie Farmer
(Concord Sales Clerk)
Charlotte Kinder as Viola
Charlotte Kinder
Ana Kayne as Olivia
Ana Kayne
Edgar Damatian as Jo's Beer Hall Dance Partner
Edgar Damatian
(Jo's Beer Hall Dance Partner)
Erin Rose as Girl at Ballroom
Erin Rose
(Girl at Ballroom)
Lizzie Short as Girl at Ballroom
Lizzie Short
(Girl at Ballroom)
Dash Barber as Fred Vaughn
Dash Barber
(Fred Vaughn)
Edward Fletcher as Laurence's Servant
Edward Fletcher
(Laurence's Servant)
Sasha Frolova as Mrs. Hummel
Sasha Frolova
(Mrs. Hummel)
David J. Curtis as Train Porter
David J. Curtis
(Train Porter)
Harper Pilat as School Girl
Harper Pilat
(School Girl)
Eowyn Young as School Girl
Eowyn Young
(School Girl)
Lucy Austin as School Girl
Lucy Austin
(School Girl)
Bill Mootos as Mr. Davis
Bill Mootos
(Mr. Davis)
Lewis D. Wheeler as Josiah Workman
Lewis D. Wheeler
(Josiah Workman)
Jen Nikolaisen as Evelyn Meriwether
Jen Nikolaisen
(Evelyn Meriwether)
Jonathan Acorn as Concord Play Pianist
Jonathan Acorn
(Concord Play Pianist)
Abby Quinn as Annie Moffat
Abby Quinn
(Annie Moffat)
Lilly Englert as Kate Vaughn
Lilly Englert
(Kate Vaughn)
J.M. Davis as Susan Robbins
J.M. Davis
(Susan Robbins)
Tom Kemp as Asa Melvin
Tom Kemp
(Asa Melvin)
Daniel Shea as Soldier with Telegram
Daniel Shea
(Soldier with Telegram)
Anthony Estrella as Doctor
Anthony Estrella
Adrianne Krstansky as Mrs. Dashwood
Adrianne Krstansky
(Mrs. Dashwood)
Sophia Gialloreto as Dashwood Girl
Sophia Gialloreto
(Dashwood Girl)
Lily Gavin as Dashwood Girl
Lily Gavin
(Dashwood Girl)
Finola Weller Baldet as Dashwood Girl
Finola Weller Baldet
(Dashwood Girl)
Flannery Gregg as Beer Hall Dancer
Flannery Gregg
(Beer Hall Dancer)
Tony Tucker as Beer Hall Dancer
Tony Tucker
(Beer Hall Dancer)
Joanne Caidor as Beer Hall Dancer
Joanne Caidor
(Beer Hall Dancer)
Rosario Guillen as Beer Hall Dancer
Rosario Guillen
(Beer Hall Dancer)
Margaret Clinton Weeks as Beer Hall Dancer
Margaret Clinton Weeks
(Beer Hall Dancer)
Alexander Jimenez as Beer Hall Dancer
Alexander Jimenez
(Beer Hall Dancer)
Natalie Kurzava as Beer Hall Dancer
Natalie Kurzava
(Beer Hall Dancer)
J. Michael Winward as Gardiner Ball Dancer
J. Michael Winward
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Adrian Hoffman as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Adrian Hoffman
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Stephen Tracey Ursprung as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Stephen Tracey Ursprung
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Tyler Catanella as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Tyler Catanella
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Jenna Pollack as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Jenna Pollack
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Meghan Hornblower as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Meghan Hornblower
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Elizabeth Dunn as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Elizabeth Dunn
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Danielle Pastuszak as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Danielle Pastuszak
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Ellen Oliver as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Ellen Oliver
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Haley Grove as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Haley Grove
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Sydney Grant as Gardiner Ball Dancer
Sydney Grant
(Gardiner Ball Dancer)
Sayer Mansfield as Moffat Ball Dancer
Sayer Mansfield
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Jen Passios as Moffat Ball Dancer
Jen Passios
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Juliana Utz as Moffat Ball Dancer
Juliana Utz
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Justin Genna as Moffat Ball Dancer
Justin Genna
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Mathew Steele as Moffat Ball Dancer
Mathew Steele
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Preston Martin as Moffat Ball Dancer
Preston Martin
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Taylor Jorgensen as Moffat Ball Dancer
Taylor Jorgensen
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Nicholas Deyo as Moffat Ball Dancer
Nicholas Deyo
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Brian Anastasio as NYC Pedestrian / Horse / Beer Hall / Theater Goer
Brian Anastasio
(NYC Pedestrian / Horse / Beer Hall / Theater Goer)
Domenic Arduino as Paris Ballroom Guest
Domenic Arduino
(Paris Ballroom Guest)
Gary Ayash as Theatre Patron
Gary Ayash
(Theatre Patron)
Ryan Baker as Young Boy Going Off to War
Ryan Baker
(Young Boy Going Off to War)
Thomas J Berry as Train Patron / Theater Goer
Thomas J Berry
(Train Patron / Theater Goer)
Kristina Byerley as King Girl
Kristina Byerley
(King Girl)
Mikayla S. Campbell as Ballroom Party Guest
Mikayla S. Campbell
(Ballroom Party Guest)
Kayla Caulfield as Party Guest
Kayla Caulfield
(Party Guest)
Stevie Costa as Bar Patron
Stevie Costa
(Bar Patron)
Ned Daly as Passenger in train station
Ned Daly
(Passenger in train station)
Alexander Davis as Paris Ballroom Dancer
Alexander Davis
(Paris Ballroom Dancer)
Adam Desautels as NYC Theater Goer / Beer Hall Patron
Adam Desautels
(NYC Theater Goer / Beer Hall Patron)
Stephan F Feeley as Rough Man
Stephan F Feeley
(Rough Man)
Jamie Ghazarian as Nyc Theater Goer
Jamie Ghazarian
(Nyc Theater Goer)
Derek P. Hixon as New York City Pedestrian / Beer Hall Patron
Derek P. Hixon
(New York City Pedestrian / Beer Hall Patron)
Ken Holmes as New York City Pedestrian / Beer Hall Patron
Ken Holmes
(New York City Pedestrian / Beer Hall Patron)
Anthony Houhoulis as New Yorker
Anthony Houhoulis
(New Yorker)
Mark E. Johnson as NYC Pedestrian / Theatergoer
Mark E. Johnson
(NYC Pedestrian / Theatergoer)
Yair Koas as NYC Pedestrian
Yair Koas
(NYC Pedestrian)
Sasha Kuznetsova as Party Guest
Sasha Kuznetsova
(Party Guest)
James J. LaBonte as Ballroom Guest
James J. LaBonte
(Ballroom Guest)
Ally Looney as Socialite
Ally Looney
Rob Lévesque as Wealthy Church Goer
Rob Lévesque
(Wealthy Church Goer)
Tom Mariano as Police Officer
Tom Mariano
(Police Officer)
Robert Marsella as Laurence Butler
Robert Marsella
(Laurence Butler)
Preston Martin as Moffat Ball Dancer
Preston Martin
(Moffat Ball Dancer)
Katie Massie as Girl in Ballroom
Katie Massie
(Girl in Ballroom)
Laura Mazziotti as Parisian Woman
Laura Mazziotti
(Parisian Woman)
Valerie McGowan as Train Passenger
Valerie McGowan
(Train Passenger)
Arnold Montey as Ballroom Guest
Arnold Montey
(Ballroom Guest)
Jason Mulcahy as Vaudeville Villain
Jason Mulcahy
(Vaudeville Villain)
Holt Murray as Head Barman
Holt Murray
(Head Barman)
Lily Narbonne as Ballroom Party Guest
Lily Narbonne
(Ballroom Party Guest)
Cassidy Neal as Beer Hall Patron
Cassidy Neal
(Beer Hall Patron)
Katie Novak as Gardiner Ball Guest
Katie Novak
(Gardiner Ball Guest)
Robert Oliva as NYC Street / Upscale Theatergoer
Robert Oliva
(NYC Street / Upscale Theatergoer)
Nefertara Ozella as Beer Hall Girl / NYC Pedestrian
Nefertara Ozella
(Beer Hall Girl / NYC Pedestrian)
Bobbie Peterson as Parisian Passerby
Bobbie Peterson
(Parisian Passerby)
Lily Peterson as Parisian Girl
Lily Peterson
(Parisian Girl)
Jared Reinfeldt as Ned Moffat
Jared Reinfeldt
(Ned Moffat)
Grant Rosado as Ballroom Party Guest
Grant Rosado
(Ballroom Party Guest)
Amber Leanne Rothberg as Young Meg
Amber Leanne Rothberg
(Young Meg)
Harold Rudolph as Hotel Staff
Harold Rudolph
(Hotel Staff)
Bill Salvatore as Upscale NYC Pedestrian / Upscale NYC Theatergoer
Bill Salvatore
(Upscale NYC Pedestrian / Upscale NYC Theatergoer)
Scott Sederquist as Train Station Passenger
Scott Sederquist
(Train Station Passenger)
Yefim Somin as NYC Street Photographer, Theater Goer, Beer Hall Patron
Yefim Somin
(NYC Street Photographer, Theater Goer, Beer Hall Patron)
David Arthur Sousa as Ballroom Guest
David Arthur Sousa
(Ballroom Guest)
Tom Stratford as Friedrichs Mate
Tom Stratford
(Friedrichs Mate)
Jordan Struckman as Ballroom Party Guest
Jordan Struckman
(Ballroom Party Guest)
Alexandria Tait as Paris Promenade Patron
Alexandria Tait
(Paris Promenade Patron)
Brian Tobin as Parisian Ballroom Guest
Brian Tobin
(Parisian Ballroom Guest)
Mauricio Viteri as New York Pedestrian / Ball Room Bar Goer
Mauricio Viteri
(New York Pedestrian / Ball Room Bar Goer)
Ian Wallace as Moffat Bachelor
Ian Wallace
(Moffat Bachelor)
Shea Whitehead as Ballroom Party Guest
Shea Whitehead
(Ballroom Party Guest)
Taryn Wieland as Concord Townswoman
Taryn Wieland
(Concord Townswoman)

Thumbnails & Trailers


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Shantazh (Chantage)
Ideye Asli
Ideye Asli
Do Lakke Abr
Do Lakke Abr
Bel Canto
Bel Canto