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Ghessehaye Jazireh

Ghessehaye Jazireh (1990)

Ghessehaye Jazireh

  • Genres:
    Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    7 January 1990
  • Broadcast Co:
    Disney Channel - Sullivan Entertainment
  • Country:
    USA | Canada
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Inspired by the works of popular Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery ('Anne of Green Gables' ), the lives of the children and adults of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island in the first decades of the twentieth century.

Cast & Crew

Zachary Bennett as Felix King
Zachary Bennett
(Felix King)
Lally Cadeau as Janet King
Lally Cadeau
(Janet King)
Mag Ruffman as Olivia Dale
Mag Ruffman
(Olivia Dale)
Cedric Smith as Alec King
Cedric Smith
(Alec King)
Jackie Burroughs as Hetty King
Jackie Burroughs
(Hetty King)
Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King
Gema Zamprogna
(Felicity King)
Sarah Polley as Sara Stanley
Sarah Polley
(Sara Stanley)
Harmony Cramp as Cecily King
Harmony Cramp
(Cecily King)
Elva Mai Hoover as Mrs. Lawson
Elva Mai Hoover
(Mrs. Lawson)
Alex Floyd as Baby Daniel
Alex Floyd
(Baby Daniel)
Ryan Floyd as Baby Daniel
Ryan Floyd
(Baby Daniel)
Maja Ardal as Mrs. Potts
Maja Ardal
(Mrs. Potts)
Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde
Patricia Hamilton
(Rachel Lynde)
Michael Mahonen as Gus Pike
Michael Mahonen
(Gus Pike)
Heather Brown as Izzy Pettibone
Heather Brown
(Izzy Pettibone)
Barbara Hamilton as Mrs. Bugle
Barbara Hamilton
(Mrs. Bugle)
Kay Tremblay as Great Aunt Eliza
Kay Tremblay
(Great Aunt Eliza)
Marilyn Lightstone as Muriel Stacey
Marilyn Lightstone
(Muriel Stacey)
Ian D. Clark as Simon Tremayne
Ian D. Clark
(Simon Tremayne)
Roger Dunn as Bert Potts
Roger Dunn
(Bert Potts)
Luke as Digger
John Friesen as Archie Gillis
John Friesen
(Archie Gillis)
R.H. Thomson as Jasper Dale
R.H. Thomson
(Jasper Dale)
David Fox as Clive Pettibone
David Fox
(Clive Pettibone)
Joel Blake as Andrew King
Joel Blake
(Andrew King)
Kyle Labine as Davey Keith
Kyle Labine
(Davey Keith)
Lindsay Murrell as Dora Keith
Lindsay Murrell
(Dora Keith)
Tara Meyer as Sally Potts
Tara Meyer
(Sally Potts)
Bradley Sewell as Baby Montgomery
Bradley Sewell
(Baby Montgomery)
Brendan Sewell as Baby Montgomery
Brendan Sewell
(Baby Montgomery)
Marc Marut as Elbert Werts
Marc Marut
(Elbert Werts)
Molly Atkinson as Cecily King
Molly Atkinson
(Cecily King)
Gillian Steeve as Clemmie Ray
Gillian Steeve
(Clemmie Ray)
Miklos Perlus as Peter Craig
Miklos Perlus
(Peter Craig)
Chick Roberts as Mr. Biggins
Chick Roberts
(Mr. Biggins)
Albert Millaire as Pierre Lapierre
Albert Millaire
(Pierre Lapierre)
Marilyn Boyle as Mrs. Inglis
Marilyn Boyle
(Mrs. Inglis)
Kristin Fairlie as Becky Lester
Kristin Fairlie
(Becky Lester)
James O'Regan as Abner Jeffries
James O'Regan
(Abner Jeffries)
Anna Ferguson as Mrs. Biggins
Anna Ferguson
(Mrs. Biggins)
John Weir as Gurney MacDonald
John Weir
(Gurney MacDonald)
Peter Donaldson as Reverend Leonard
Peter Donaldson
(Reverend Leonard)
Michael Polley as Dr. Blair
Michael Polley
(Dr. Blair)
Michael Longstaff as Rupert Gillis
Michael Longstaff
(Rupert Gillis)
Sandra Scott as Mrs. Sloane
Sandra Scott
(Mrs. Sloane)
Graham McPherson as Dr. Snow
Graham McPherson
(Dr. Snow)
Robert Bednarski as Wiley Lester
Robert Bednarski
(Wiley Lester)
Vivian Reis as Mrs. Spencer
Vivian Reis
(Mrs. Spencer)
Valentina Cardinalli as Jane Spry
Valentina Cardinalli
(Jane Spry)
Kay Hawtrey as Mrs. Sloan
Kay Hawtrey
(Mrs. Sloan)
Zachary Ansley as Arthur Pettibone
Zachary Ansley
(Arthur Pettibone)
Mari Trainor as Molly Lester
Mari Trainor
(Molly Lester)
Leslie Carlson as Mr. Lawson
Leslie Carlson
(Mr. Lawson)
Susan E. Cox as Peg Bowen
Susan E. Cox
(Peg Bowen)
David Ferry as Stuart McRae
David Ferry
(Stuart McRae)
Mark Bigney as Morgan Pettibone
Mark Bigney
(Morgan Pettibone)
James Mainprize as Duncan Kincaid
James Mainprize
(Duncan Kincaid)
Simone Rosenberg as Belle-Marie Dean
Simone Rosenberg
(Belle-Marie Dean)
Patricia Vanstone as Mrs. Hubble
Patricia Vanstone
(Mrs. Hubble)
Graham Losee as Edgar Dean
Graham Losee
(Edgar Dean)
Rosemary Dunsmore as Aunt Abigail
Rosemary Dunsmore
(Aunt Abigail)
Bob Bainborough as Constable
Bob Bainborough
Kathryn Long as Cally Dean
Kathryn Long
(Cally Dean)
Cody Jones as Duffy Dean
Cody Jones
(Duffy Dean)
Don Francks as Abe Pike
Don Francks
(Abe Pike)
Kevin Jubinville as Nat Lester
Kevin Jubinville
(Nat Lester)
Scott Gibson as Donny Lester
Scott Gibson
(Donny Lester)
Andrew Tarbet as Seth Pritchard
Andrew Tarbet
(Seth Pritchard)
Louisa Martin as Mrs. MacDougall
Louisa Martin
(Mrs. MacDougall)
Jack Mather as Station Master
Jack Mather
(Station Master)
Anne Holloway as Mrs. Brown
Anne Holloway
(Mrs. Brown)
Amber as Digger
Michael Bradshaw as Extra
Michael Bradshaw
Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla Cuthbert
Colleen Dewhurst
(Marilla Cuthbert)
Robert Collins as Blair Stanley
Robert Collins
(Blair Stanley)
Frances Hyland as Nanny Banks
Frances Hyland
(Nanny Banks)
Barbara Gordon as Mrs. Ray
Barbara Gordon
(Mrs. Ray)
Ron White as Mr. Tyler
Ron White
(Mr. Tyler)
John Gilbert as Wellington Campbell
John Gilbert
(Wellington Campbell)
Catherine Fitch as Selena Dale
Catherine Fitch
(Selena Dale)
Wayne Robson as Amos Spry
Wayne Robson
(Amos Spry)
Richard McMillan as Lionel Lester
Richard McMillan
(Lionel Lester)
Paul Haddad as Theodore Simpkin
Paul Haddad
(Theodore Simpkin)
Nigel Bennett as Enoch Cain
Nigel Bennett
(Enoch Cain)
Brendan Leufkens as Lucky MacEwan
Brendan Leufkens
(Lucky MacEwan)
Colin O'Meara as Buck Hogan
Colin O'Meara
(Buck Hogan)
Marion Gilsenan as Miss Marsden
Marion Gilsenan
(Miss Marsden)
Carolyn Hay as Mrs. Tweed
Carolyn Hay
(Mrs. Tweed)
Corinne Conley as Eleanor McHugh
Corinne Conley
(Eleanor McHugh)
Tom Bishop as Man on Bike
Tom Bishop
(Man on Bike)
Amy Stewart as Nelly Shatford
Amy Stewart
(Nelly Shatford)
Marc Worden as Edward Ray
Marc Worden
(Edward Ray)
Julian Peters as Carriage Driver
Julian Peters
(Carriage Driver)
Cara Pifko as Mavis Pritchard
Cara Pifko
(Mavis Pritchard)
Gordon Milroy as Cannery Worker #1
Gordon Milroy
(Cannery Worker #1)
Adrian Truss as Cannery Worker #2
Adrian Truss
(Cannery Worker #2)
Glen Peloso as Clerk
Glen Peloso
Malcolm Stoddard as Malcolm McEwan
Malcolm Stoddard
(Malcolm McEwan)
Michael York as Ezekiel Crane
Michael York
(Ezekiel Crane)
Stockard Channing as Viola Elliot
Stockard Channing
(Viola Elliot)
Fiona Reid as Maude Craig
Fiona Reid
(Maude Craig)
Leon Pownall as Heath Hymus
Leon Pownall
(Heath Hymus)
Peter Van Wart as Robert Lynde
Peter Van Wart
(Robert Lynde)
Jaimz Woolvett as Booth Elliot
Jaimz Woolvett
(Booth Elliot)
Ashley Muscroft as Dora Keith
Ashley Muscroft
(Dora Keith)
Jim Mezon as John Elliot
Jim Mezon
(John Elliot)
Gordon Masten as Pat Frewen
Gordon Masten
(Pat Frewen)
Bruce Boa as Mr. Harrison
Bruce Boa
(Mr. Harrison)
Mairon Bennett as Colleen Pritchard
Mairon Bennett
(Colleen Pritchard)
Keith Knight as Rev. Fitzsimmons
Keith Knight
(Rev. Fitzsimmons)
Ken James as Hank Webster
Ken James
(Hank Webster)
Brenda Bazinet as Dr. Jones
Brenda Bazinet
(Dr. Jones)
Denise Fergusson as Mrs. Tarbush
Denise Fergusson
(Mrs. Tarbush)
Helen Beavis as Mrs. Simpson
Helen Beavis
(Mrs. Simpson)
Robert Buck as Farmer Steel
Robert Buck
(Farmer Steel)
Michael C. Matthews as Auctioneer
Michael C. Matthews
Ron Payne as Blacksmith
Ron Payne
Donald Carrier as Hotel Clerk
Donald Carrier
(Hotel Clerk)
Sarena Paton as Velma Bugle
Sarena Paton
(Velma Bugle)
Bryan Renfro as Arthur McMillan
Bryan Renfro
(Arthur McMillan)
Gordon Jocelyn as Dr. Sparrow
Gordon Jocelyn
(Dr. Sparrow)
Ron Tough as Bill
Ron Tough
David Roemmele as Quint
David Roemmele
Patricia Carroll Brown as Lady on Train
Patricia Carroll Brown
(Lady on Train)
Stefanie Gnys as Emma Bradley
Stefanie Gnys
(Emma Bradley)
Brenda Devine as Mrs. Bradley
Brenda Devine
(Mrs. Bradley)
Andrea Morris as Hannah Hubble
Andrea Morris
(Hannah Hubble)
Charles Hayter as Farmer Simpson
Charles Hayter
(Farmer Simpson)
Blair Purcell as Driver
Blair Purcell
Rex Southgate as Mr. Heinrich
Rex Southgate
(Mr. Heinrich)
Donald Tripe as Casper Dale
Donald Tripe
(Casper Dale)
Joan Heney as Mrs. Wigmore
Joan Heney
(Mrs. Wigmore)
Tyler Labine as Alphie Bugle
Tyler Labine
(Alphie Bugle)
Larry Mannell as Conductor
Larry Mannell
Harold Burke as Minister
Harold Burke
Christopher Weedon as Montgomery Dale
Christopher Weedon
(Montgomery Dale)
Jeffrey Weedon as Montgomery Dale
Jeffrey Weedon
(Montgomery Dale)
Michael G. Brown
Michael G. Brown
Miranda Jade as Orphan Girl
Miranda Jade
(Orphan Girl)
Dianne Wiest as Lillian Hepworth
Dianne Wiest
(Lillian Hepworth)
Zoe Caldwell as Old Lady Lloyd
Zoe Caldwell
(Old Lady Lloyd)
W.O. Mitchell as Alexander Abraham
W.O. Mitchell
(Alexander Abraham)
Doris Petrie as Mrs. Lesley
Doris Petrie
(Mrs. Lesley)
Bruce Greenwood as Caleb Stokes
Bruce Greenwood
(Caleb Stokes)
Linda Sorensen as Isabelle Carrington
Linda Sorensen
(Isabelle Carrington)
Faye Dunaway as Countess Polenska
Faye Dunaway
(Countess Polenska)
Rebecca Jenkins as Sylvia Gray
Rebecca Jenkins
(Sylvia Gray)
Dan MacDonald as Judson Parker
Dan MacDonald
(Judson Parker)
Greg Spottiswood as David Hawes
Greg Spottiswood
(David Hawes)
Peter Coyote as Romney Penhallow
Peter Coyote
(Romney Penhallow)
Madeline Kahn as Pigeon Plumtree
Madeline Kahn
(Pigeon Plumtree)
Christopher Lloyd as Alistair Dimple
Christopher Lloyd
(Alistair Dimple)
Kate Nelligan as Sydney Carver
Kate Nelligan
(Sydney Carver)
Christopher Reeve as Robert Rutherford
Christopher Reeve
(Robert Rutherford)
Robby Benson as Jonathan Ravenhurst Blackwell
Robby Benson
(Jonathan Ravenhurst Blackwell)
Meg Tilly as Evelyn Grier
Meg Tilly
(Evelyn Grier)
Treat Williams as Zak Morgan
Treat Williams
(Zak Morgan)
Gordon Pinsent as John Hodgson
Gordon Pinsent
(John Hodgson)
Maureen Stapleton as Maggie MacPhee
Maureen Stapleton
(Maggie MacPhee)
Lloyd Bochner as Mr. Cameron
Lloyd Bochner
(Mr. Cameron)
Tom Peacock as Duncan McTavish
Tom Peacock
(Duncan McTavish)
Ned Beatty as Wally Higgins
Ned Beatty
(Wally Higgins)
Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe
Jonathan Crombie
(Gilbert Blythe)
Diana Rigg as Lady Blackwell
Diana Rigg
(Lady Blackwell)
August Schellenberg as Simon Redfox
August Schellenberg
(Simon Redfox)
Shane Meier as Louie
Shane Meier
Tom Butler as Captain Borden
Tom Butler
(Captain Borden)
Andrew Gillies as Roger King
Andrew Gillies
(Roger King)
Janet-Laine Green as Eliza Pike
Janet-Laine Green
(Eliza Pike)
Hayley Tyson as Nurse Darlington
Hayley Tyson
(Nurse Darlington)
Katherine Ashby as Lottie Cooper
Katherine Ashby
(Lottie Cooper)
David Hemblen as Lemuel Snibb
David Hemblen
(Lemuel Snibb)
Karl Pruner as Malcolm MacEwan
Karl Pruner
(Malcolm MacEwan)
Patricia Gage as Mrs. Hardy
Patricia Gage
(Mrs. Hardy)
Kate Lynch as Theodora Dixon
Kate Lynch
(Theodora Dixon)
Sherri Catt as Emily
Sherri Catt
Terri Hawkes as Charlotte Ames
Terri Hawkes
(Charlotte Ames)
Frances Bay as Winifred Ward
Frances Bay
(Winifred Ward)
Ryan Gosling as Bret McNulty
Ryan Gosling
(Bret McNulty)
Eugene Levy as Rudy Blaine
Eugene Levy
(Rudy Blaine)
Toby Proctor as Morgan Pettibone
Toby Proctor
(Morgan Pettibone)
Peter MacNeill as Emmett Grier
Peter MacNeill
(Emmett Grier)
Nigel Hamer as Captain Ames
Nigel Hamer
(Captain Ames)
Ben Cook as Ian McNulty
Ben Cook
(Ian McNulty)
David Gardner as Horace Beck
David Gardner
(Horace Beck)
Sheila McCarthy as Betty Blaine
Sheila McCarthy
(Betty Blaine)
Frank Pellegrino as Professor Rizelli
Frank Pellegrino
(Professor Rizelli)
Leo Burns as Mr. Drabble
Leo Burns
(Mr. Drabble)
Elizabeth Shepherd as Isis
Elizabeth Shepherd
Joseph Bottoms as Edwin Clark
Joseph Bottoms
(Edwin Clark)
Heath Lamberts as Rackham
Heath Lamberts
Paul Soles as Mr. Boddin
Paul Soles
(Mr. Boddin)
Richard Blackburn as Billy Lynde
Richard Blackburn
(Billy Lynde)
Henriette Ivanans as Miss Barlow
Henriette Ivanans
(Miss Barlow)
Michael Miller as Ragamuffin #1
Michael Miller
(Ragamuffin #1)
Adam Bramble as Henry Archibald
Adam Bramble
(Henry Archibald)
Patrick Chilvers as Jim NcNulty
Patrick Chilvers
(Jim NcNulty)
Carolyn Hetherington as Mrs. Sandborn-Ellis
Carolyn Hetherington
(Mrs. Sandborn-Ellis)
Jackie Richardson as Megget Lydie
Jackie Richardson
(Megget Lydie)
Thick Wilson as Angus McCorkadale
Thick Wilson
(Angus McCorkadale)
John Neville as Percy Methley
John Neville
(Percy Methley)
Michael Hogan as Mr. Dunn
Michael Hogan
(Mr. Dunn)
C.J. Lusby as Kitty Riley
C.J. Lusby
(Kitty Riley)
Colleen Williams as Mrs. Trilby
Colleen Williams
(Mrs. Trilby)
James B. Douglas as Menushkin
James B. Douglas
Robin Dunne as Rich Boy #1
Robin Dunne
(Rich Boy #1)
James Millington as Mr. Barlow
James Millington
(Mr. Barlow)
Desmond Scott as Chemistry Professor
Desmond Scott
(Chemistry Professor)
Karen Glave as Odelia
Karen Glave
Kevin McIntryre as Jewelry Assistant
Kevin McIntryre
(Jewelry Assistant)
David Schurmann as Colonel
David Schurmann
Tom Wood as Bert MacKay
Tom Wood
(Bert MacKay)
Stevie Vallance as Amanda Stone
Stevie Vallance
(Amanda Stone)
Chris Wiggins as Mr. McCorkadale
Chris Wiggins
(Mr. McCorkadale)
Cecile Clermont as Suzette Moreau
Cecile Clermont
(Suzette Moreau)
Damon Redfern as Duke of Arranagh
Damon Redfern
(Duke of Arranagh)
Juliana Saxton as Minerva Dale
Juliana Saxton
(Minerva Dale)
Claude Bede as Man #2
Claude Bede
(Man #2)
Laura Bertram as Adeline Hodgson
Laura Bertram
(Adeline Hodgson)
Cliff Saunders as Ferguson
Cliff Saunders
Joan Massiah as Old Lady
Joan Massiah
(Old Lady)
Peter Outerbridge as Count Marek
Peter Outerbridge
(Count Marek)
Alan Clifton as Knight #2
Alan Clifton
(Knight #2)
Karyn Dwyer as Laura
Karyn Dwyer
Shawn Mathieson as Jimmy
Shawn Mathieson
Sean Hewitt as Howie Pinker
Sean Hewitt
(Howie Pinker)
Ashley Wood as May Spry
Ashley Wood
(May Spry)
Shirley Douglas as Miss Cavendish
Shirley Douglas
(Miss Cavendish)
Irene Hogan as Mrs. McCorkadale
Irene Hogan
(Mrs. McCorkadale)
Domini Blythe as Mrs. Campbell
Domini Blythe
(Mrs. Campbell)
Colin Fox as Galileo Dale
Colin Fox
(Galileo Dale)
Ray Jewers as Mr. Ambrose
Ray Jewers
(Mr. Ambrose)
Brian Kelly as William McMillan
Brian Kelly
(William McMillan)
Catherine Barroll as Adele
Catherine Barroll
Meg Hogarth as Matron
Meg Hogarth
Gary Allan as German Tourist Hans
Gary Allan
(German Tourist Hans)
Matthew Bennett as Edward Osborne
Matthew Bennett
(Edward Osborne)
John Boylan as Man with Mail
John Boylan
(Man with Mail)
Ryan Gifford as Stephen Spry
Ryan Gifford
(Stephen Spry)
Esther Hockin as Mrs. Purvis
Esther Hockin
(Mrs. Purvis)
Christina James as Miss Plover
Christina James
(Miss Plover)
Gordon Michael Woolvett as Rat
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Rummy Bishop as Mr. Packet
Rummy Bishop
(Mr. Packet)
Eraldo Campagnolo as Lancelot Dale
Eraldo Campagnolo
(Lancelot Dale)
Neil Randfield as School Boy #1
Neil Randfield
(School Boy #1)
Samantha Chemerika as Alice Greene
Samantha Chemerika
(Alice Greene)
Sam as Digger
Jack Jessop as Station Master
Jack Jessop
(Station Master)
Michael Tait as Mr. Tumbridge
Michael Tait
(Mr. Tumbridge)
Amy Smith as Myrtle Blewett
Amy Smith
(Myrtle Blewett)
Micki Maunsell as Miss Wright
Micki Maunsell
(Miss Wright)
Lucy Peacock as Amelia Sandhurst
Lucy Peacock
(Amelia Sandhurst)
Don Saunders as Man
Don Saunders
Christian Tessier as Mole
Christian Tessier
Vanessa Harwood as Olympia Dale
Vanessa Harwood
(Olympia Dale)
Nial Lancaster as School Boy #2
Nial Lancaster
(School Boy #2)
Ed Sahely as Gulley Gogarty
Ed Sahely
(Gulley Gogarty)
Benedict Campbell as Duncan McBean
Benedict Campbell
(Duncan McBean)
Araby Lockhart as Mrs. Millings
Araby Lockhart
(Mrs. Millings)
Phillip Nicoll as Milty Boulton
Phillip Nicoll
(Milty Boulton)
Philip Williams as Mr. Duncan
Philip Williams
(Mr. Duncan)
Christopher Redman as Hawk
Christopher Redman
Sally Cahill as Melusina
Sally Cahill
Dick Grant as Carmody Mayor
Dick Grant
(Carmody Mayor)
Gerry Quigley as Carmody Principal
Gerry Quigley
(Carmody Principal)
David Malek as Prince of Spelling
David Malek
(Prince of Spelling)
Gladys O'Connor as Old Lady
Gladys O'Connor
(Old Lady)
John Shepherd as Henry
John Shepherd
Kevin Bundy as Teddy Penhallow
Kevin Bundy
(Teddy Penhallow)
Grant Cowan as Harry Middleton
Grant Cowan
(Harry Middleton)
Peter Messaline as James McKearney
Peter Messaline
(James McKearney)
Jeff J.J. Authors as Purser
Jeff J.J. Authors
Lisa Hynes as Cornelia Bugle
Lisa Hynes
(Cornelia Bugle)
Nolan Jennings as Bidder
Nolan Jennings
Steve Pernie as Worker #1
Steve Pernie
(Worker #1)
Chuck Campbell as Calvin Murphy
Chuck Campbell
(Calvin Murphy)
Bob Clout as Bigwig #1
Bob Clout
(Bigwig #1)
Bob Dermer as Emmet Horn
Bob Dermer
(Emmet Horn)
Aaron Dowden as Charlie Mackenzie
Aaron Dowden
(Charlie Mackenzie)
Megan Kitchen as Young Hetty
Megan Kitchen
(Young Hetty)
Shannon Lawson as Miss Gordon
Shannon Lawson
(Miss Gordon)
Neale Berube as Little Gus
Neale Berube
(Little Gus)
Peter Millard as Eagan Frane
Peter Millard
(Eagan Frane)
Chandra West as Greta Steig
Chandra West
(Greta Steig)
Alan Jordan as Railway Official
Alan Jordan
(Railway Official)
Rebecca Bernstein as Girl #1
Rebecca Bernstein
(Girl #1)
Jane Dingle as Old Lady's Daughter
Jane Dingle
(Old Lady's Daughter)
Joel Keller as Pincher
Joel Keller
Phyllis Novak as Maid
Phyllis Novak
Terry Tweed as Mrs. Wiggins
Terry Tweed
(Mrs. Wiggins)
Anne Butler as Teller
Anne Butler
Gary Reineke as Jim Armstrong
Gary Reineke
(Jim Armstrong)
Bill Copeland as Gentleman
Bill Copeland
Donald Ewer as Guest
Donald Ewer
Louise Nicol as Miss Kerr
Louise Nicol
(Miss Kerr)
Damir Andrei as Mr. Blakey
Damir Andrei
(Mr. Blakey)
Lew Lehman as Bigwig #2
Lew Lehman
(Bigwig #2)
Jeffrey Max Nicholls as Matt O'Donnell
Jeffrey Max Nicholls
(Matt O'Donnell)
Matt Cooke as Mr. Morley
Matt Cooke
(Mr. Morley)
Joan Gregson as Mission Matron
Joan Gregson
(Mission Matron)
Andrew Jackson as Goliath
Andrew Jackson
Melyssa Ade as Girl #2
Melyssa Ade
(Girl #2)
Al Heffering as Auction Man 1
Al Heffering
(Auction Man 1)
Elizabeth Leigh-Milne as Miss Carpenter
Elizabeth Leigh-Milne
(Miss Carpenter)
Sean Roberge as Cannery Boy
Sean Roberge
(Cannery Boy)
Philip Wynne as Banker
Philip Wynne
James Rankin as Reporter
James Rankin
Durward Allen as Guest
Durward Allen
Paul Brown as Patent Clerk
Paul Brown
(Patent Clerk)
John Dolan as Ezra Macrae
John Dolan
(Ezra Macrae)
Seana McKenna as Hetty's Mother
Seana McKenna
(Hetty's Mother)
Mary Pirie as Mother
Mary Pirie
Jerry Franken as Doctor
Jerry Franken
Kevin Zegers as Gordon Bradley
Kevin Zegers
(Gordon Bradley)
Robert King as Ticket Agent
Robert King
(Ticket Agent)
Géza Kovács as Mr. Skinner
Géza Kovács
(Mr. Skinner)
Al Black as Auction Man 2
Al Black
(Auction Man 2)
Streisan Chapman as Girl #3
Streisan Chapman
(Girl #3)
Billy Cody as Rupert Bell
Billy Cody
(Rupert Bell)
Charles Kerr as Lt. Governor
Charles Kerr
(Lt. Governor)
Tom Kneebone as Rev. Brinsmead
Tom Kneebone
(Rev. Brinsmead)
Amos Crawley as Jimmy Paterson
Amos Crawley
(Jimmy Paterson)
Adrian Pecknold as Photographer
Adrian Pecknold
John Boylan as Markdale Constable
John Boylan
(Markdale Constable)
Steven Andrade as Rusty
Steven Andrade
David Lawrence Brown as Man
David Lawrence Brown
John Weisgerber as Salesman
John Weisgerber
Renessa Blitz as Young Muriel
Renessa Blitz
(Young Muriel)
Susan Coyne as Mrs. Macrae
Susan Coyne
(Mrs. Macrae)
Christian Laurin as Clement Paquette
Christian Laurin
(Clement Paquette)
Robert Latimer Cornell as Mr. Radcliffe
Robert Latimer Cornell
(Mr. Radcliffe)
Catherine Hayos as Nurse
Catherine Hayos
P.J. Heslin as Stevedore
P.J. Heslin
Jackie Laidlaw as Mrs. Skinner
Jackie Laidlaw
(Mrs. Skinner)
Pieter Dan Dijk as Boy #1
Pieter Dan Dijk
(Boy #1)
John Bayliss as Bailiff
John Bayliss
Jack Duffy as Jeweller
Jack Duffy
Andrew Lewarne as Fisherman
Andrew Lewarne
Julian Reed as Driver
Julian Reed
Susan Kottman as Grandmère Robichand
Susan Kottman
(Grandmère Robichand)
Les Porter as Publisher
Les Porter
Bill Lake as Orderly
Bill Lake
Tedde Moore as Guest #2
Tedde Moore
(Guest #2)
Paulino Nunes as Sailor
Paulino Nunes
Kay Caisley as Woman #2
Kay Caisley
(Woman #2)
Alyson Court as Margie Purdie
Alyson Court
(Margie Purdie)
Jim Feather as Maitre d'
Jim Feather
(Maitre d')
Jonathan Potts as Herschel
Jonathan Potts
Molly Thom as Old Lady
Molly Thom
(Old Lady)
London Juno as Agnes Forbes
London Juno
(Agnes Forbes)
Ian Ross as Secretary
Ian Ross
Jennifer Stevenson as The Lunger
Jennifer Stevenson
(The Lunger)
Gail Webster as Miss Langley
Gail Webster
(Miss Langley)
Andrew Hurley as Bass Player
Andrew Hurley
(Bass Player)
Julia Diamond as Laura MacDonald
Julia Diamond
(Laura MacDonald)
Craig Gardner as Jailer
Craig Gardner
Robert Hollinger as Crewman
Robert Hollinger
Jacqueline Blais as Woman #3
Jacqueline Blais
(Woman #3)
Bodie as Mr. Riley
(Mr. Riley)
James Bradford as Inspector Barwood
James Bradford
(Inspector Barwood)
Eric Fink as Mr. Stewart
Eric Fink
(Mr. Stewart)
Mary Land as Young Woman
Mary Land
(Young Woman)
Janet Amos as Mrs. Spry
Janet Amos
(Mrs. Spry)
Alexa Gilmour as Katie
Alexa Gilmour
Mia Kirshner as Emily Everett-Smythe
Mia Kirshner
(Emily Everett-Smythe)
Lincoln as Caeser the Horse
(Caeser the Horse)
Bob Piedalve as Waiter
Bob Piedalve
Willow as Methuselah
Howard Jerome as Mr. Moseworth
Howard Jerome
(Mr. Moseworth)
Melody Johnson as Young Girl
Melody Johnson
(Young Girl)
Guy Sanvido as Baggage Man
Guy Sanvido
(Baggage Man)
Ray Doucette as Policeman
Ray Doucette
Barry Kennedy as Police Constable
Barry Kennedy
(Police Constable)
J. Winston Carroll as Leo
J. Winston Carroll
Paul LaRocque as Chauffeur
Paul LaRocque
Deborah Tennant as Mother of Girl
Deborah Tennant
(Mother of Girl)
Lisa Horner as Margaret Fieldcrest
Lisa Horner
(Margaret Fieldcrest)
Joe Matheson as Footman
Joe Matheson
Yank Azman as Mr. Wakefield
Yank Azman
(Mr. Wakefield)
Rodger Barton as Judge
Rodger Barton
Heather Hodgson as Girl's Mother
Heather Hodgson
(Girl's Mother)
Lloyd White as Waiter
Lloyd White
Janice Bryan as Maid
Janice Bryan
Jennifer Inch as Maid
Jennifer Inch
Chelsie Lamie as Little Girl
Chelsie Lamie
(Little Girl)
Joe Bostick as Sous Chef
Joe Bostick
(Sous Chef)
Nicky Guadagni as Female Worker #1
Nicky Guadagni
(Female Worker #1)
François Klanfer as Theatre Manager
François Klanfer
(Theatre Manager)
Peter Glen as Man Addressing Haggis
Peter Glen
(Man Addressing Haggis)
Casey Kramer as Baby Grier
Casey Kramer
(Baby Grier)
Bob Desrosiers as Mr. Billingsly
Bob Desrosiers
(Mr. Billingsly)
Robert Galbraith as Hotel Manager
Robert Galbraith
(Hotel Manager)
Christine Meilleur as Tight Rope Walker
Christine Meilleur
(Tight Rope Walker)
Mary Durkan as Female Worker #2
Mary Durkan
(Female Worker #2)
Judy Marshak as Miss Grindstaff
Judy Marshak
(Miss Grindstaff)
Haley Kramer as Baby Grier
Haley Kramer
(Baby Grier)
Claire Crawford as Mrs. Kennedy
Claire Crawford
(Mrs. Kennedy)
Jacqueline McLeod as Matron
Jacqueline McLeod
Denise Naples as Prissy Woman
Denise Naples
(Prissy Woman)
Derek Keurvorst as Guest #1
Derek Keurvorst
(Guest #1)
Barry Stillwell as Markdale Man
Barry Stillwell
(Markdale Man)
Dick Murphy as Man in Crowd
Dick Murphy
(Man in Crowd)
Ann Holloway as Lady #1
Ann Holloway
(Lady #1)
Wendy Lavender as Lady #2
Wendy Lavender
(Lady #2)
Chris Benson as Heckler
Chris Benson
Susan St. Amand as Girl #1
Susan St. Amand
(Girl #1)
Michael Fawkes as Surgeon
Michael Fawkes
Ashley Campbell as Girl #2
Ashley Campbell
(Girl #2)
Ashley Brown as Girl #3
Ashley Brown
(Girl #3)
Kathryn Trainor as Lawson Niece
Kathryn Trainor
(Lawson Niece)
Leanna Brodie as Hotel Guest
Leanna Brodie
(Hotel Guest)
Brian Christopher as Baseball Player
Brian Christopher
(Baseball Player)
Bob Tennent as Frederick
Bob Tennent

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