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Heidi (1978)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Emotional
  • Release Date:
    13 September 1978
  • Broadcast Co:
    Intertel Television GmbH
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    24 min
  • Summary:
    Young Heidi is sent to live with her grandfather in the mountains where she discovers the liberty and the beauty of Swiss landscapes. Later when Heidi is forced to become a companion to a young invalid girl in a big town, she discovers just how much she misses the mountains, her grandfather, and her friend Peter.

Cast & Crew

Katia Polletin as Heidi
Katia Polletin
Nicholas Barnes as Peter
Nicholas Barnes
Brigitte Horney as Grossmaman
Brigitte Horney
Katharina Böhm as Clara
Katharina Böhm
Sonja Sutter as Fraulein Rottenmeier
Sonja Sutter
(Fraulein Rottenmeier)
Herbert Tiede as Doctor
Herbert Tiede
Henry van Lyck as Sebastian
Henry van Lyck
Muriel Villiers as Tinette
Muriel Villiers
Joachim Hansen as Herr Sesemann
Joachim Hansen
(Herr Sesemann)
Lucien Barjon as Pastor
Lucien Barjon
Mathias Gnädinger as Miller
Mathias Gnädinger
René Deltgen as Grandfather
René Deltgen
Stefan Arpagaus as Peter
Stefan Arpagaus
Rosalind Speirs as Aunt Dete
Rosalind Speirs
(Aunt Dete)
Franziskus Abgottspon as Farmer
Franziskus Abgottspon
Barbara M. Ahren as Barbel
Barbara M. Ahren
Hans Peter Blumer as Lehrer
Hans Peter Blumer
Otto Dornbierer as Grocer
Otto Dornbierer
Gaby Fehling as Bridgette
Gaby Fehling
Lisa Helwig as Grandmother
Lisa Helwig
Johanna Jöri as Baker's Wife
Johanna Jöri
(Baker's Wife)
Jo Kärn as Baker
Jo Kärn
Erwin Parker as Cobbler
Erwin Parker
Gilberte Rivet as Grocer's Wife
Gilberte Rivet
(Grocer's Wife)
Hans Wyprächtiger as Schmied
Hans Wyprächtiger
Hans Richter as Tower Attendant
Hans Richter
(Tower Attendant)
Renato Giovannoli as Giovanoli
Renato Giovannoli
Lorenz Wüthrich as Postman
Lorenz Wüthrich
Doris Baldini as Thérèse
Doris Baldini
Klaus Dittmann as Johann
Klaus Dittmann
Hans Dieter Trayer as Kandidat
Hans Dieter Trayer
Erika Wackernagel as Cochin
Erika Wackernagel
Andreas Müller as Organ Boy
Andreas Müller
(Organ Boy)
Ernst Fritz Fürbringer as Speaker
Ernst Fritz Fürbringer
Anne-Marie Blanc as Dame
Anne-Marie Blanc

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