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Jangjoyane Kohestan

Jangjoyane Kohestan (1973)

Jangjoyane Kohestan

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama
  • Release Date:
    2 October 1973
  • Broadcast Co:
    China Central Television (CCTV) - Nippon Television Network (NTV)
  • Country:
    China | Japan
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Nearly a thousand years ago in ancient China, there was a cruel government. 108 renegade will try to change the story.

Cast & Crew

Atsuo Nakamura as Lin Chung
Atsuo Nakamura
(Lin Chung)
Takeshi Ôbayashi as Sung Chiang
Takeshi Ôbayashi
(Sung Chiang)
Sanae Tsuchida as Hu San-Niang
Sanae Tsuchida
(Hu San-Niang)
Kei Satô as Kao Chiu
Kei Satô
(Kao Chiu)
Kayo Matsuo
Kayo Matsuo
Kenji Imai
Kenji Imai
Takanobu Hozumi
Takanobu Hozumi
Akira Hitomi
Akira Hitomi
Takayuki Akutagawa as Narrator
Takayuki Akutagawa
Teruhiko Aoi as Shi Shin
Teruhiko Aoi
(Shi Shin)
Hajime Hana as Wu Sung
Hajime Hana
(Wu Sung)
Ryôhei Uchida as Chu Wu
Ryôhei Uchida
(Chu Wu)
Isamu Nagato as Lu Ta
Isamu Nagato
(Lu Ta)
Tetsurô Tanba as General Hu
Tetsurô Tanba
(General Hu)
Katsu Ryûzaki
Katsu Ryûzaki
Hyôe Enoki
Hyôe Enoki
Ushio Akashi
Ushio Akashi
Noriko Honma as Lu Ta's Mother (1977) unknown episodes
Noriko Honma
(Lu Ta's Mother (1977) unknown episodes)
Sean Lynch as Lu Ta impostor (UK version) (1977) unknown episodes
Sean Lynch
(Lu Ta impostor (UK version) (1977) unknown episodes)
Tôru Abe as Tseng Lung unknown episodes
Tôru Abe
(Tseng Lung unknown episodes)
Akira Hamada as Policeman unknown episodes
Akira Hamada
(Policeman unknown episodes)
Akio Hasegawa as Chang Shun unknown episodes
Akio Hasegawa
(Chang Shun unknown episodes)
Hiroshi Hasegawa as Policeman unknown episodes
Hiroshi Hasegawa
(Policeman unknown episodes)
Yûnosuke Itô as Lo Chen Yen unknown episodes
Yûnosuke Itô
(Lo Chen Yen unknown episodes)
Yoshirô Kitahara as Wang Lun unknown episodes
Yoshirô Kitahara
(Wang Lun unknown episodes)
Toshio Kurosawa as Tai Sung unknown episodes
Toshio Kurosawa
(Tai Sung unknown episodes)
Burt Kwouk as Narrator (UK Version) unknown episodes
Burt Kwouk
(Narrator (UK Version) unknown episodes)
Toshi Matsuo as Hsiao Lan unknown episodes
Toshi Matsuo
(Hsiao Lan unknown episodes)
Sachio Sakai as Ko Shou unknown episodes
Sachio Sakai
(Ko Shou unknown episodes)
Wolfgang Spier as Narrator (German version) unknown episodes
Wolfgang Spier
(Narrator (German version) unknown episodes)
Takahiro Tamura as Chai Chin unknown episodes
Takahiro Tamura
(Chai Chin unknown episodes)
Minori Terada as Kung Sun Sheng, the 'Sky Dragon' unknown episodes
Minori Terada
(Kung Sun Sheng, the 'Sky Dragon' unknown episodes)
Gô Wakabayashi as Kuang Sheng unknown episodes
Gô Wakabayashi
(Kuang Sheng unknown episodes)
Hitoshi Ômae as Li Kwei unknown episodes
Hitoshi Ômae
(Li Kwei unknown episodes)

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