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Master Eder and His Pumuckl

Master Eder and His Pumuckl (1982)

Master Eder and His Pumuckl

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Adventure | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    24 September 1982
  • Broadcast Co:
    Infafilm GmbH - Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) - Hungarofilm
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    30 min
  • Summary:
    Pumuckl is a nice and sometimes naughty goblin who used to live with a cabinet maker named Franz Eder. Mr. Eder has had to live through quite some trouble because Pumuckl always was up to do some mischief. The history of "Pumuckl" is going back to the early 1960 when the Bayerischer Rundfunk started a radio series on the notorious goblin Pumuckl. The author of the Pumuckl stories is Ellis Kaut, a resident of Munich, Germany who became famous for having invented that naughty little creature. By 1970 "Pumuckl" was successful enough that his stories were pressed on records. At this time actor Alfred Pongratz was the voice of Meister Eder. Alfred Pongratz died in 1977 and so Gustl Bayrhammer got the role. In 1979, the Bayerischer Rundfunk decided to put "Pumuckl" on TV. The TV series was absolutely successful and is still continued even today even though Gustl Bayrhammer (Meister Eder) died several years ago. Today, Pumuckl is living on a ship that travels the river Danube, and his new friend, a crewman on that ship,is played by Towje Kleiner. In the TV series "Pumuckl" is an animated character whose voice is that of Hans Clarin. This actor lent "Pumuckl" his voice from the very beginning on the radio and has now been doing so for 40 years. The high-pitched voice is a trademark of Pumuckl, and no one could ever replace Hans Clarin in this part.

Cast & Crew

Gustl Bayrhammer as Meister Eder
Gustl Bayrhammer
(Meister Eder)
Hans Clarin as Pumuckl
Hans Clarin
Toni Berger as Mechanikermeister Toni Schmitt
Toni Berger
(Mechanikermeister Toni Schmitt)
Erni Singerl as Frau Eichinger
Erni Singerl
(Frau Eichinger)
Ingeborg Sassen-Haase as Frau Hartl
Ingeborg Sassen-Haase
(Frau Hartl)
Eva Hatzelmann as Wirtin
Eva Hatzelmann
Carlamaria Heim as Frau Bernbacher
Carlamaria Heim
(Frau Bernbacher)
Willy Harlander as 'Schorsch' Bernbacher
Willy Harlander
('Schorsch' Bernbacher)
Hans Stadtmüller as Herr Schwertfeger
Hans Stadtmüller
(Herr Schwertfeger)
Daniela D. König as Bärbel
Daniela D. König
Ingeborg Moosholzer as Küchenhilfe
Ingeborg Moosholzer
Elisabeth Karg as Eders Schwester
Elisabeth Karg
(Eders Schwester)
Mona Freiberg as Bedienung Resi
Mona Freiberg
(Bedienung Resi)
Karl Obermayr as Wirt
Karl Obermayr
Mogens von Gadow as Hufnagel
Mogens von Gadow
Helga Feddersen as Verkäuferin im Spielzeugladen
Helga Feddersen
(Verkäuferin im Spielzeugladen)
Kerstin Pöppelmann as Charlotte
Kerstin Pöppelmann
Christine Neubauer as Bedienung Christine
Christine Neubauer
(Bedienung Christine)
Maria Singer as Frau Lechner
Maria Singer
(Frau Lechner)
Anja Krettner as Anja
Anja Krettner
Hugo Lindinger as Butler Jakob
Hugo Lindinger
(Butler Jakob)
Rosl Mayr as Frau mit Hund
Rosl Mayr
(Frau mit Hund)
Ilse Neubauer as Hausmeisterin Stürzlinger
Ilse Neubauer
(Hausmeisterin Stürzlinger)
Kerstin Goosmann as Ursula
Kerstin Goosmann
Horst Besser as Bub
Horst Besser
Michaela May as Charlottes Mutter
Michaela May
(Charlottes Mutter)
Fritz Strassner as Herr Lederer
Fritz Strassner
(Herr Lederer)
Egon Biscan as Herr Ramsieder
Egon Biscan
(Herr Ramsieder)
Monika Baumgartner as Bärbels Mutter
Monika Baumgartner
(Bärbels Mutter)
Irmgard Henning as Frau Griebl
Irmgard Henning
(Frau Griebl)
Harald Dietl as Revierpolizist
Harald Dietl
Bruno W. Pantel as Kioskbesitzer
Bruno W. Pantel
Rolf Illig as Herr Mitterer
Rolf Illig
(Herr Mitterer)
Stephanie Kellner as Kind im Wald
Stephanie Kellner
(Kind im Wald)
Alexander Malachowsky as Polizist
Alexander Malachowsky
Henry van Lyck as Herr Schenck
Henry van Lyck
(Herr Schenck)
Trude Breitschopf as Frau Zangl
Trude Breitschopf
(Frau Zangl)
Wolfgang Völz as 2. Wärter
Wolfgang Völz
(2. Wärter)
Maria Stadler as Frau Steinhausen
Maria Stadler
(Frau Steinhausen)
Franziska Stömmer as Bäurin
Franziska Stömmer
Marianne Brandt as Frau Schröderbach
Marianne Brandt
(Frau Schröderbach)
Ludwig Schmid-Wildy as Meier
Ludwig Schmid-Wildy
Maxi Nüchtern as Maxi
Maxi Nüchtern
Tobias Herrmann as Bub
Tobias Herrmann
Helmut Scheich as Bub
Helmut Scheich
Iris Berben as Frau Windlechner
Iris Berben
(Frau Windlechner)
Beatrice Richter as Frau Singermeier
Beatrice Richter
(Frau Singermeier)
Katharina De Bruyn as Frau Reiser
Katharina De Bruyn
(Frau Reiser)
Karl Dall as Kunde
Karl Dall
Horst Sachtleben as Herr Windlechner
Horst Sachtleben
(Herr Windlechner)
Elisabeth Volkmann as Frau Hoffmann
Elisabeth Volkmann
(Frau Hoffmann)
Käte Jaenicke as Frau Bauer
Käte Jaenicke
(Frau Bauer)
Ulrich Elhardt as Bub
Ulrich Elhardt
Hans Jürgen Diedrich as Uhrmacher Bisinger
Hans Jürgen Diedrich
(Uhrmacher Bisinger)
Fredl Fesl as Gittarenspieler
Fredl Fesl
Ellen Umlauf as Frau im Wald
Ellen Umlauf
(Frau im Wald)
Matthias Elhardt as Bub
Matthias Elhardt
Michael Wölcken as Lausbub
Michael Wölcken
Werner Zeussel as Hausmeister Stürzlinger
Werner Zeussel
(Hausmeister Stürzlinger)
Ernst Schmucker as Sepp Bremsel
Ernst Schmucker
(Sepp Bremsel)
Veronika Faber as Hildegard
Veronika Faber
Gert Burkard as Willibald Faber
Gert Burkard
(Willibald Faber)
Josef Schwarz as Feuerwehrmann
Josef Schwarz
Heide Ackermann as Frau Hausner
Heide Ackermann
(Frau Hausner)
Til Erwig as Nachbar
Til Erwig
Anton Feichtner as Herr Ramsauer
Anton Feichtner
(Herr Ramsauer)
Helmut Fischer as Dr. Schredlbach
Helmut Fischer
(Dr. Schredlbach)
Lisa Fitz as Frau Ramsauer
Lisa Fitz
(Frau Ramsauer)
Josef Glas as Mann auf der Straße
Josef Glas
(Mann auf der Straße)
Stefan Kessinger as Ursulas Bruder
Stefan Kessinger
(Ursulas Bruder)
Kathi Leitner as Verkäuferin
Kathi Leitner
Margot Mahler as Köchin
Margot Mahler
Franz Muxeneder as Herr Lechner
Franz Muxeneder
(Herr Lechner)
Fritz Pauli as Herr Willhart
Fritz Pauli
(Herr Willhart)
Stephan Rinser as Mann auf der Straße
Stephan Rinser
(Mann auf der Straße)
Ingo Tögel as Mann auf der Straße
Ingo Tögel
(Mann auf der Straße)
Gisela Uhlen as Gräfin
Gisela Uhlen
Barbara Valentin as Frau Risselmeier
Barbara Valentin
(Frau Risselmeier)
Gila von Weitershausen as Frau auf der Straße
Gila von Weitershausen
(Frau auf der Straße)
Gustl Weishappel as Lehrer
Gustl Weishappel
Annemarie Wendl as Frau Altenweger
Annemarie Wendl
(Frau Altenweger)
Rolf Zacher as Gasmann Nippel
Rolf Zacher
(Gasmann Nippel)
Esteban Zajtai as Mann auf der Straße
Esteban Zajtai
(Mann auf der Straße)
Kathrin Ackermann as Frau Berger
Kathrin Ackermann
(Frau Berger)
Rolf Castell as Eders Schwager
Rolf Castell
(Eders Schwager)
Uwe Dallmeier as 1. Wärter
Uwe Dallmeier
(1. Wärter)
Gaby Dohm as Mutter
Gaby Dohm
Helga Fleischhacker as Erika
Helga Fleischhacker
Christian Klein as Taxifahrer
Christian Klein
Gusti Kreissl as Schwägerin von Frau Bernbacher
Gusti Kreissl
(Schwägerin von Frau Bernbacher)
Peter Kölsch as Kellner
Peter Kölsch
Monika Petrillo as Bärbel
Monika Petrillo
Volker Prechtel as Herr Zacharias
Volker Prechtel
(Herr Zacharias)
Ursula Reit as Cousine Irma
Ursula Reit
(Cousine Irma)
Frauke Sinjen as Frau Gruber
Frauke Sinjen
(Frau Gruber)
Eva Astor as Dame
Eva Astor
Hans Brenner as Herr Schrader
Hans Brenner
(Herr Schrader)
Ossi Eckmüller as Mann am Steg
Ossi Eckmüller
(Mann am Steg)
Walter Feuchtenberg as Eders Neffe
Walter Feuchtenberg
(Eders Neffe)
Ursula Luber as Frau Reinicke
Ursula Luber
(Frau Reinicke)
Traudl Oberhorner as Frau am Steg
Traudl Oberhorner
(Frau am Steg)
Klaus Schwarzkopf as Dr. Schredelbach
Klaus Schwarzkopf
(Dr. Schredelbach)
Hans Stadlbauer as Postbote
Hans Stadlbauer
Oliver Stritzel as Motorbootfahrer
Oliver Stritzel
Georg Thomalla as Preisslkofer
Georg Thomalla
Kurt Weinzierl as Herr Eichinger
Kurt Weinzierl
(Herr Eichinger)
Rainer Basedow as Chefredakteur
Rainer Basedow
Enzi Fuchs as Sekretärin
Enzi Fuchs
Wilfried Klaus as Herr Schladerer
Wilfried Klaus
(Herr Schladerer)
Towje Kleiner as Prof. Bergmeier
Towje Kleiner
(Prof. Bergmeier)
Peter Musäus as Jüngerer Polizist
Peter Musäus
(Jüngerer Polizist)
Barbara Rudnik as Reporterin
Barbara Rudnik
Uli Steigberg as Älterer Polizist
Uli Steigberg
(Älterer Polizist)
Michael Tregor as Frau Eichingers Untermieter
Michael Tregor
(Frau Eichingers Untermieter)
Veronika von Quast as Frau Schladerer
Veronika von Quast
(Frau Schladerer)
Walter Reichelt as 2. Wärter
Walter Reichelt
(2. Wärter)
Wolfgang Klein as Polizist
Wolfgang Klein

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