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Navarro (1989)


  • Genres:
    Action | Crime
  • Release Date:
    26 October 1989
  • Broadcast Co:
    Hamster Productions - TF1 - Télévision Suisse-Romande (TSR)
  • Country:
    Switzerland | France
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 30 min
  • Summary:
    The series reveals the interrogation and investigation of a police commissioner, Antoine Navarro, in Paris, who lives with his daughter Yolanda after his wife disappears.

Cast & Crew

Roger Hanin as Commissaire Navarro
Roger Hanin
(Commissaire Navarro)
Maurice Vaudaux as Waltz
Maurice Vaudaux
Emmanuelle Boidron as Yolande
Emmanuelle Boidron
Jacques Martial as Bain-Marie
Jacques Martial
Catherine Allégret as Ginou
Catherine Allégret
Christian Rauth as Auquelin
Christian Rauth
Daniel Rialet as Blomet
Daniel Rialet
Bernard Larmande as Carlo
Bernard Larmande
Jean-Marie Mistral as Martin
Jean-Marie Mistral
Jean-Claude Caron as Borelli
Jean-Claude Caron
Michel Pilorgé as Docteur Bloch
Michel Pilorgé
(Docteur Bloch)
Sam Karmann as Barrada
Sam Karmann
Marie Fugain as Carole Maudiard
Marie Fugain
(Carole Maudiard)
Filip Nikolic as Boldec
Filip Nikolic
Robert Rondo as Doumenjou
Robert Rondo
Anthony Dupray as Paoli
Anthony Dupray
Françoise Armelle as Gaby
Françoise Armelle
Christian Van Cau as Amédée
Christian Van Cau
Jean-Paul Solal as Borsac
Jean-Paul Solal
Isabelle Mergault as Miss Lulu
Isabelle Mergault
(Miss Lulu)
Jean-Claude de Goros as Commissaire I.G.S.
Jean-Claude de Goros
(Commissaire I.G.S.)
Maxime Paz as Blaise Jacquin
Maxime Paz
(Blaise Jacquin)
Jean-François Chatillon as Dupré
Jean-François Chatillon
Alexandrine Loeb as Angèle Charavin
Alexandrine Loeb
(Angèle Charavin)
Viktor Lazlo as Capitaine Roussel
Viktor Lazlo
(Capitaine Roussel)
Laura Granier as Cécile
Laura Granier
André Valardy as André
André Valardy
Béatrice Benscik as Catherine Fanlac
Béatrice Benscik
(Catherine Fanlac)
Daniel Rivière as Caillaux
Daniel Rivière
Fabrice Bagni as Ivane
Fabrice Bagni
Florence Wilson as Fliquette
Florence Wilson
Claude Brosset as André Guillot
Claude Brosset
(André Guillot)
Saïd Amadis as Alimane
Saïd Amadis
Erik Desfosses as Bequino
Erik Desfosses
Cyliane Guy as Bénédicte Bain-Marie
Cyliane Guy
(Bénédicte Bain-Marie)
Mathieu Dion as Le patrouilleur
Mathieu Dion
(Le patrouilleur)
Olivia Brunaux as Cécile Vattier
Olivia Brunaux
(Cécile Vattier)
Michel Creton as Christian Derval
Michel Creton
(Christian Derval)
Luc Lavandier as Alex
Luc Lavandier
Nicolas Pignon as Veille
Nicolas Pignon
Nicolas Navazo as Boris
Nicolas Navazo
Béatrice Agenin as Laura Belmont
Béatrice Agenin
(Laura Belmont)
Jean-Pierre Loustau as Armand
Jean-Pierre Loustau
Sylvie Granotier as Marie-Hélène Gauthier
Sylvie Granotier
(Marie-Hélène Gauthier)
Lucien Layani as André Koskas
Lucien Layani
(André Koskas)
Jean-Louis Tribes as Bruno Vannier
Jean-Louis Tribes
(Bruno Vannier)
Éric Denize as Choukroun
Éric Denize
Françoise Pinkwasser as Madame Cosson
Françoise Pinkwasser
(Madame Cosson)
Grégory Galin as Marco
Grégory Galin
Eric Poulain as Didier Bega
Eric Poulain
(Didier Bega)
Christophe Hémon as Franck Gillon
Christophe Hémon
(Franck Gillon)
Sonja Codhant as Armelle Jaury
Sonja Codhant
(Armelle Jaury)
Pascal Queneau as Policier Dumas
Pascal Queneau
(Policier Dumas)
Pierre Vielhescaze as Docteur Collard
Pierre Vielhescaze
(Docteur Collard)
David Senioris as Kowacs
David Senioris
Jean-Pierre Bouvier as Berville
Jean-Pierre Bouvier
Arno Chevrier as Ali Benazik
Arno Chevrier
(Ali Benazik)
Philippe Polet as Bruno Zanetti
Philippe Polet
(Bruno Zanetti)
Jean-Noël Cridlig-Veneziano as Miguel
Jean-Noël Cridlig-Veneziano
Max Mégy as Georges Bloch
Max Mégy
(Georges Bloch)
Olivier Achard as Fournal
Olivier Achard
Marie Lenoir as Flavia
Marie Lenoir
René Morard as Fourgeot
René Morard
Edouard Montoute as Areski
Edouard Montoute
Suzanne Conti as Madame Blomet
Suzanne Conti
(Madame Blomet)
Patrick Médioni as Homme de main 2
Patrick Médioni
(Homme de main 2)
Pascal Guégan as Le Berre
Pascal Guégan
(Le Berre)
Liliane Cebrian as La caissière de la boulangerie
Liliane Cebrian
(La caissière de la boulangerie)
Xavier Maly as Grangier
Xavier Maly
Natacha Inutine as La Femme Du Préfet
Natacha Inutine
(La Femme Du Préfet)
Grâce de Capitani as Laura Marcos
Grâce de Capitani
(Laura Marcos)
Jacques Penot as Gilbert Fernac
Jacques Penot
(Gilbert Fernac)
Anne-Marie Philipe as Mercédès
Anne-Marie Philipe
Delphine Zentout as Nadia Sima
Delphine Zentout
(Nadia Sima)
Jean-Paul Muel as Galabissian
Jean-Paul Muel
Éva Darlan as Marlène Brunel
Éva Darlan
(Marlène Brunel)
Roger Dumas as Blain
Roger Dumas
André Oumansky as Tony de Chaussac
André Oumansky
(Tony de Chaussac)
Jean-Jacques Moreau as Blanchard
Jean-Jacques Moreau
Nanou Garcia as Juliette
Nanou Garcia
Isabelle Petit-Jacques as Claire Chevalier
Isabelle Petit-Jacques
(Claire Chevalier)
Jacques Spiesser as M. Vernoux
Jacques Spiesser
(M. Vernoux)
Muriel Combeau as Agnès
Muriel Combeau
Jacqueline Danno as Olga Vilmino
Jacqueline Danno
(Olga Vilmino)
Jean-Claude Lecas as Léonisse
Jean-Claude Lecas
Mohamed Hicham as Frère de Nasser
Mohamed Hicham
(Frère de Nasser)
Jacques Mathou as Quine
Jacques Mathou
Tania Da Costa as Amina Daoudi
Tania Da Costa
(Amina Daoudi)
Alexia Portal as Sonya
Alexia Portal
Myriam Mézières as Marta
Myriam Mézières
Michel Fortin as René Passerro
Michel Fortin
(René Passerro)
Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus as Pinelli
Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus
Roch Leibovici as Cédric Mouton
Roch Leibovici
(Cédric Mouton)
Elizabeth Bourgine as Anne-Marie Villeneuve
Elizabeth Bourgine
(Anne-Marie Villeneuve)
Jan Rouiller as Tony
Jan Rouiller
Jean-Pierre Germain as Arnaud
Jean-Pierre Germain
Yann Pradal as Marcel Trianon
Yann Pradal
(Marcel Trianon)
Marine Jolivet as Isabelle Legoff
Marine Jolivet
(Isabelle Legoff)
Magaly Berdy as Naïma
Magaly Berdy
Anny Romand as Nelly Weissman
Anny Romand
(Nelly Weissman)
Edgar Givry as Philippe Tozzia
Edgar Givry
(Philippe Tozzia)
Yannick Soulier as Gomez
Yannick Soulier
Sophie Michaud as Marie Bega
Sophie Michaud
(Marie Bega)
Manault Deva as La nounou
Manault Deva
(La nounou)
Malka Ribowska as Madame Chamard
Malka Ribowska
(Madame Chamard)
Corinne Le Poulain as Madame Dassonville
Corinne Le Poulain
(Madame Dassonville)
Gabrielle Forest as Florence Morlaas
Gabrielle Forest
(Florence Morlaas)
Jacques Pater as Docteur Gravet
Jacques Pater
(Docteur Gravet)
Chick Ortega as Guy Fougard
Chick Ortega
(Guy Fougard)
Yann Babilée as Kadaresky
Yann Babilée
Jean-Paul Sermadiras as Antoine Le Vigan
Jean-Paul Sermadiras
(Antoine Le Vigan)
Patrice Melennec as Bernard Merand
Patrice Melennec
(Bernard Merand)
Jacques Canselier as André Chiron
Jacques Canselier
(André Chiron)
Steve Suissa as Delcourt
Steve Suissa
Eric Franquelin as Brice Doumere
Eric Franquelin
(Brice Doumere)
Kamel Belghazi as Aziz Laouache
Kamel Belghazi
(Aziz Laouache)
Marcelline Collard as Madame Quesnel
Marcelline Collard
(Madame Quesnel)
Nicole Calfan as Brigitte Frachon
Nicole Calfan
(Brigitte Frachon)
Stéphane Boucher as Duvernois
Stéphane Boucher
Christian Morin as Laferté
Christian Morin
Nicky Marbot as Jonas Tatiev
Nicky Marbot
(Jonas Tatiev)
Anita Lombard as Céline
Anita Lombard
Théophile Sowié as Gaston
Théophile Sowié
Judith El Zein as Marion Lesage
Judith El Zein
(Marion Lesage)
Babsie Steger as Delphine
Babsie Steger
Farid Fedjer as Bachir Kadiri
Farid Fedjer
(Bachir Kadiri)
Jim Adhi Limas as La Mémoire
Jim Adhi Limas
(La Mémoire)
Irène Tassembedo as Queen Zaza
Irène Tassembedo
(Queen Zaza)
Jacqueline Noëlle as La patronne de l'hôtel
Jacqueline Noëlle
(La patronne de l'hôtel)
Thang-Long as Gérant supérette
(Gérant supérette)
Michel Scotto di Carlo as Ange
Michel Scotto di Carlo
Renaud Marx as Commandant Ferriere
Renaud Marx
(Commandant Ferriere)
Christian Ameri as Le plaignant
Christian Ameri
(Le plaignant)
Elise Dubroca as Fabienne
Elise Dubroca
Catherine Maignan as Jeanine Charasse
Catherine Maignan
(Jeanine Charasse)
Jacques Vertan as Boudin
Jacques Vertan
Pierre Martot as Raynald
Pierre Martot
Gérard Coeurdevey as Capitaine bateau mouche
Gérard Coeurdevey
(Capitaine bateau mouche)
Carole Thibault as Amélie
Carole Thibault
Françoise Glaser as Fliquette
Françoise Glaser
Brigitte Bastien as Fliquette Véronique
Brigitte Bastien
(Fliquette Véronique)
Richard Chevallier as IGS #2
Richard Chevallier
(IGS #2)
Michel Chalmeau as Le chirurgien
Michel Chalmeau
(Le chirurgien)
Tadie Tuene as Africain commissariat
Tadie Tuene
(Africain commissariat)
Nicolas Woirion as Le vigile
Nicolas Woirion
(Le vigile)
Jean-Pierre Durand as Michalon
Jean-Pierre Durand
Adrienne Bonnet as Madame Lefevre
Adrienne Bonnet
(Madame Lefevre)
Pierre Mermaz as Guillaume le flic
Pierre Mermaz
(Guillaume le flic)
Christel Willemez as Madame Dorin
Christel Willemez
(Madame Dorin)
Frédéric Duff-Barbé as Éboueur hôpital
Frédéric Duff-Barbé
(Éboueur hôpital)
Elisa Tovati as Flo
Elisa Tovati
Didier de Backer as Le policier Rigaud
Didier de Backer
(Le policier Rigaud)
Francine Olivier as Buraliste
Francine Olivier
Jonathan Reyes as Kevin
Jonathan Reyes
Christian Zanetti as Détenu
Christian Zanetti
Didier Harlmann as Gardien Bartec
Didier Harlmann
(Gardien Bartec)
Jean-Pierre Kalfon as Lemoine
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Stéphane Bierry as Miguel
Stéphane Bierry
Mouss Diouf as Charlie Curtiz
Mouss Diouf
(Charlie Curtiz)
Sekkou Sall as Kaffy
Sekkou Sall
Jacques Boudet as François Ferrat
Jacques Boudet
(François Ferrat)
Clovis Casali as Ricket
Clovis Casali
Philippe Bouclet as Christian
Philippe Bouclet
Michèle Moretti as Le docteur Lebreton
Michèle Moretti
(Le docteur Lebreton)
Hassan Koubba as Kamel
Hassan Koubba
Michel Scourneau as Kerry
Michel Scourneau
Pascal Demolon as Le violeur
Pascal Demolon
(Le violeur)
Pierre Abbou as Espagnol
Pierre Abbou
Sylvie Genty as Marlène Vanecker
Sylvie Genty
(Marlène Vanecker)
Daniel Breton as Homme Planque
Daniel Breton
(Homme Planque)
Cécile-Blanche Duraffourg as Juliette
Cécile-Blanche Duraffourg
Roberto Medile as André Seurat
Roberto Medile
(André Seurat)
Ibrahim Koma as P'tit Louis
Ibrahim Koma
(P'tit Louis)
Virginie Visconti as Femme au volant
Virginie Visconti
(Femme au volant)
Eugénie Grimblat as Jeune fille
Eugénie Grimblat
(Jeune fille)
Marianne Giraud as Fliquette
Marianne Giraud
Gilles Conseil as Le policier tireur
Gilles Conseil
(Le policier tireur)
Valentin Barniske as Ado 2
Valentin Barniske
(Ado 2)
Naïma Taleb as Mme Barrada
Naïma Taleb
(Mme Barrada)
Jean-Jacques Benhamou
Jean-Jacques Benhamou
Betty Teboulle
Betty Teboulle
Marco Prince as Kanga
Marco Prince
Philippe Guégan as Le policier capot
Philippe Guégan
(Le policier capot)
Agnès Vialleton as Manon
Agnès Vialleton
Florence Muller
Florence Muller
Michel Peyrelon as Sammy Lo Cicéro
Michel Peyrelon
(Sammy Lo Cicéro)
Beatrice Kessler as Louise Lavallée
Beatrice Kessler
(Louise Lavallée)
Fejria Deliba as Yasmina
Fejria Deliba
Micky Sébastian as Nadia
Micky Sébastian
René Schönenberger as Katz
René Schönenberger
Liane Foly as Claude Derval
Liane Foly
(Claude Derval)
Maxime Leroux as Jacques Sévillan
Maxime Leroux
(Jacques Sévillan)
François Germond as Zimmermann
François Germond
Patrice Valota as Bobby
Patrice Valota
Pierre Julien as Galley
Pierre Julien
Jacques Toja as Tolignac
Jacques Toja
Matthias Van Khache as Steve
Matthias Van Khache
Armen Godel as Olson
Armen Godel
Elisabeth Kaza as Taouss
Elisabeth Kaza
Christine Pascal as Sylvie Rivette
Christine Pascal
(Sylvie Rivette)
Tina Sportolaro as Liliane
Tina Sportolaro
Caroline Gasser as Chris
Caroline Gasser
Clovis Cornillac as Freddy
Clovis Cornillac
Roger Souza as Garcia père
Roger Souza
(Garcia père)
Annie Le Youdec as Mme Grangier
Annie Le Youdec
(Mme Grangier)
Alain Doutey as Paul Lerney
Alain Doutey
(Paul Lerney)
Nadia Farès as Sara
Nadia Farès
Dominique Figaro as France
Dominique Figaro
Jean-Quentin Châtelain as Jeff
Jean-Quentin Châtelain
Salah Teskouk as Omar Ben Yahia
Salah Teskouk
(Omar Ben Yahia)
Davy Sardou as Guillaume Lerney
Davy Sardou
(Guillaume Lerney)
Aurélie Gibert as Sophie Koskas
Aurélie Gibert
(Sophie Koskas)
Edward Meeks as Wilson
Edward Meeks
Boris Bergman as Banana Joe
Boris Bergman
(Banana Joe)
Georges Blaness as Le père de Sara
Georges Blaness
(Le père de Sara)
Andrea Schieffer as Rénate
Andrea Schieffer
Katarzyna Figura as Vanina
Katarzyna Figura
Luna Sentz as Melle Zucarelli
Luna Sentz
(Melle Zucarelli)
Élisabeth Vitali as Jocelyne
Élisabeth Vitali
Denis Brandon as Jonathan
Denis Brandon
Laure Duthilleul as Muriel Flaubert
Laure Duthilleul
(Muriel Flaubert)
Marine Falk as Charlotte
Marine Falk
Sady Rebbot as Le docteur Loeffer
Sady Rebbot
(Le docteur Loeffer)
Corinne Touzet as Annick Le Guennec
Corinne Touzet
(Annick Le Guennec)
Patrick Bonnel as Oliveri
Patrick Bonnel
Sophie Bourdon as Diane
Sophie Bourdon
Jacques Duby as Maillot
Jacques Duby
François-Eric Gendron as Philippe Van Doren
François-Eric Gendron
(Philippe Van Doren)
Jacques Harden as Bob Calder
Jacques Harden
(Bob Calder)
Serge Sauvion as Tony Vargas
Serge Sauvion
(Tony Vargas)
Jacques Alric as Lebedeff
Jacques Alric
Sami Bouajila as Rachid Ben Said
Sami Bouajila
(Rachid Ben Said)
Béatrice Camurat as Caroline
Béatrice Camurat
Marina Golovine as Martine
Marina Golovine
Hervé Laudière as Boulou
Hervé Laudière
Elisabeth Catroux as Rolande Mauléon
Elisabeth Catroux
(Rolande Mauléon)
Daniel Duval as Marco Maroni
Daniel Duval
(Marco Maroni)
Vanessa Larré as Corinne
Vanessa Larré
Sylvie Orcier as Sonia Blechin
Sylvie Orcier
(Sonia Blechin)
Gilbert Bécaud as Sarkis
Gilbert Bécaud
Miglen Mirtchev as Youri
Miglen Mirtchev
François Négret as Nino
François Négret
Isabel Otero as Catherine Bénard
Isabel Otero
(Catherine Bénard)
Catherine Rouvel as Claudia Negri
Catherine Rouvel
(Claudia Negri)
Maria Schneider as Samira
Maria Schneider
Valérie Steffen as Nadine
Valérie Steffen
Philippe Bas as Sylvain Garcia
Philippe Bas
(Sylvain Garcia)
Pauline Larrieu as Stella
Pauline Larrieu
Axelle Laffont as Isabelle Chevalier
Axelle Laffont
(Isabelle Chevalier)
Marc Adjadj as Padoux
Marc Adjadj
Gunilla Karlzen as Marioen
Gunilla Karlzen
Didier Flamand as Trotsky
Didier Flamand
Pascal Nguyen Nhon as Francis
Pascal Nguyen Nhon
Pierre Maguelon as Golfier
Pierre Maguelon
Brigitte Auber as Justine Dalray
Brigitte Auber
(Justine Dalray)
Serge Avedikian as Franck Vilmino
Serge Avedikian
(Franck Vilmino)
Constanze Engelbrecht as Hélène
Constanze Engelbrecht
Vincent Gauthier as Gromaire
Vincent Gauthier
Antoine Duléry as Leblanc
Antoine Duléry
Charles Gérard as Gilbert Tardieu
Charles Gérard
(Gilbert Tardieu)
Michèle Laroque as La juge d'instruction Catherine Vallet
Michèle Laroque
(La juge d'instruction Catherine Vallet)
Philippe Nicaud as Garel
Philippe Nicaud
Jean-François Dérec as Dubois
Jean-François Dérec
Ann-Gisel Glass as Juliette Maroni
Ann-Gisel Glass
(Juliette Maroni)
Mirabelle Kirkland as Suzannah
Mirabelle Kirkland
Maka Kotto as Tcheche Kakou
Maka Kotto
(Tcheche Kakou)
Thierry Rode as Jacky Kortez
Thierry Rode
(Jacky Kortez)
Jean Benguigui as Negri
Jean Benguigui
Stéphane Bonnet as Darius
Stéphane Bonnet
Muriel Brenner as Manon Mézière
Muriel Brenner
(Manon Mézière)
Catherine Lachens as Lise Mercier
Catherine Lachens
(Lise Mercier)
Philippe Rouleau as Carbonneaux
Philippe Rouleau
Jean-Marc Roulot as Bonal
Jean-Marc Roulot
Paul Barge as Christophe Laclos
Paul Barge
(Christophe Laclos)
Julie-Anne Roth as Marie Blosky
Julie-Anne Roth
(Marie Blosky)
Shan Cong as Shao Lynn
Shan Cong
(Shao Lynn)
Virginie Desarnauts as Ève Pelissier
Virginie Desarnauts
(Ève Pelissier)
Alain Payen as Trousseau
Alain Payen
Marie-Anne Tran as Mary
Marie-Anne Tran
Myriam David as Romance
Myriam David
Jean Lescot as Jaouen
Jean Lescot
Olivier Py as Mickey
Olivier Py
Natacha Amal as Camille Banon
Natacha Amal
(Camille Banon)
Teddy Bilis as Maurice Rosenfeld
Teddy Bilis
(Maurice Rosenfeld)
Franck Desmaroux as José
Franck Desmaroux
Mapi Galán as Clelia
Mapi Galán
François Marthouret as Carminatty
François Marthouret
Grégory Mouloudji as Must
Grégory Mouloudji
Samir Guesmi as Hocine
Samir Guesmi
Ronald Guttman as Golden
Ronald Guttman
Cécile Pallas as Jenny
Cécile Pallas
Henri Déus as Bastiani
Henri Déus
Sylvie Ferro as Carole
Sylvie Ferro
Benoît Vergne as Maître Jannay
Benoît Vergne
(Maître Jannay)
Dany Boon as Jeff
Dany Boon
Cris Campion as Antoine Negri
Cris Campion
(Antoine Negri)
Erick Deshors as Pierre
Erick Deshors
Pierre-François Martin-Laval as Dédé
Pierre-François Martin-Laval
Liliane Rovère as Rosy Gailland
Liliane Rovère
(Rosy Gailland)
Jean-Pierre Bisson as Strasser
Jean-Pierre Bisson
Florence Viala as Géraldine
Florence Viala
Marion Armelle as Vanessa Ducroc
Marion Armelle
(Vanessa Ducroc)
Hugues Quester as Leguennec
Hugues Quester
Marion Valantine as Vanessa Ducroc
Marion Valantine
(Vanessa Ducroc)
Alicia Alonso as Anne-Marie
Alicia Alonso
Séverine Debels as Marie-Ève
Séverine Debels
Lounès Tazairt as Rossini
Lounès Tazairt
Philippe Leroy as Michel Salicelis
Philippe Leroy
(Michel Salicelis)
Pascal Vannson as Guettaz
Pascal Vannson
Jean-Yves Berteloot as Docteur Petit
Jean-Yves Berteloot
(Docteur Petit)
Michel Crémadès as Contini
Michel Crémadès
Maëva Pasquali as Linda-Shirley Forest
Maëva Pasquali
(Linda-Shirley Forest)
Ève Peyrieux as Coralie Alboreo
Ève Peyrieux
(Coralie Alboreo)
Djena Tsimba as Melissa Barnier
Djena Tsimba
(Melissa Barnier)
Jacky Pratoussy as Bouchetry
Jacky Pratoussy
Philippe Chauveau as Daveaux
Philippe Chauveau
Kathy Kriegel as Georgette Fourgeot
Kathy Kriegel
(Georgette Fourgeot)
Pascal Pistacio as Le piqueur fou
Pascal Pistacio
(Le piqueur fou)
Alexandre Arbatt as Gruvman
Alexandre Arbatt
José Camacho as Ducarouge
José Camacho
Stéphane Ferrara as Théo Falcone
Stéphane Ferrara
(Théo Falcone)
Cristina Manusardi as Andreani
Cristina Manusardi
Serge Maggiani as Camille Bensard
Serge Maggiani
(Camille Bensard)
Jean-Claude Mistral as Martin
Jean-Claude Mistral
Joan Titus as Leïla
Joan Titus
Cécile Bois as Agnès Steiner
Cécile Bois
(Agnès Steiner)
Laetitia Gabrielli as Tatiana
Laetitia Gabrielli
Lola Gans as Jeanne
Lola Gans
Bruno Garcin as Morales
Bruno Garcin
Serge Merlin as Pablo
Serge Merlin
Alain Azerot as Naguiyama
Alain Azerot
Richard Taxy as Calypso
Richard Taxy
Laura Favali as Léa
Laura Favali
Laurence Février as Laure Ducreux
Laurence Février
(Laure Ducreux)
Francis Renaud as Richard Dufrene
Francis Renaud
(Richard Dufrene)
Valérie Bolier as Birgit
Valérie Bolier
Lény Bueno as Michaël
Lény Bueno
Marie Rousseau as Marie Castillan
Marie Rousseau
(Marie Castillan)
Wu Haï as Lee-Wong
Wu Haï
Élodie Mennegand as Clarisse
Élodie Mennegand
Mickaël Sabah as Agresseur Philippe
Mickaël Sabah
(Agresseur Philippe)
Vincent Solignac as Fayolle
Vincent Solignac
Geneviève Fontanel as La duchesse
Geneviève Fontanel
(La duchesse)
Philippe Khorsand as M. Herpin
Philippe Khorsand
(M. Herpin)
Andréa Parisy as Romane
Andréa Parisy
Delphine Rollin as Johanna
Delphine Rollin
Hicham Nazzal as Djalel
Hicham Nazzal
Annie Bertin as Mme Denise Brochard
Annie Bertin
(Mme Denise Brochard)
Thérèse Liotard as Madame Sorel
Thérèse Liotard
(Madame Sorel)
Vanessa Demouy as Nathalie Favier
Vanessa Demouy
(Nathalie Favier)
Elodie Frenck as Marie Lecourbe
Elodie Frenck
(Marie Lecourbe)
Magali Muxart as Marion Delcourt
Magali Muxart
(Marion Delcourt)
Georges Moustaki as Nourredine
Georges Moustaki
David Saracino as Teddy
David Saracino
Lola Zidi-Rénier as Clara Baldy
Lola Zidi-Rénier
(Clara Baldy)
François Rollin as Billon
François Rollin
Amidou as Rubio Manico
(Rubio Manico)
Christian Bouillette as Parisse
Christian Bouillette
Alain Ollivier as Le capitaine
Alain Ollivier
(Le capitaine)
Jean-Yves Gautier as Mallard
Jean-Yves Gautier
Agnès Jaoui as Elsa
Agnès Jaoui
Mathias Jung as L'adorateur de Bain-Marie
Mathias Jung
(L'adorateur de Bain-Marie)
Alexandra Kazan as Pauline
Alexandra Kazan
Alain Libolt as M. Mézière
Alain Libolt
(M. Mézière)
Alexia Stresi as Karine
Alexia Stresi
Pascale Arbillot as Anne-Lise Bellec
Pascale Arbillot
(Anne-Lise Bellec)
Riton Liebman as Marco
Riton Liebman
François Frappier as Monsieur Paul
François Frappier
(Monsieur Paul)
Frédéric Houessinon as Agresseur Willy
Frédéric Houessinon
(Agresseur Willy)
Tara Römer as Clovis
Tara Römer
Hichem Yacoubi as Djalal
Hichem Yacoubi
Jacques Bonnot as Werner
Jacques Bonnot
Patrick Forster-Delmas as Alain Casa
Patrick Forster-Delmas
(Alain Casa)
Jean-Louis Foulquier as Le patron de la boîte
Jean-Louis Foulquier
(Le patron de la boîte)
Alexandre Zloto as Joël Corruble
Alexandre Zloto
(Joël Corruble)
Quentin Baillot as Franck Jaury
Quentin Baillot
(Franck Jaury)
Bernard Lanneau as Francis Gozlan
Bernard Lanneau
(Francis Gozlan)
Noémie Develay as Geneviève Legoff
Noémie Develay
(Geneviève Legoff)
Anne-Sophie Morillon as Azina
Anne-Sophie Morillon
Brieuc Quiniou as Michel Calinescu
Brieuc Quiniou
(Michel Calinescu)
Franck Monier as Christophe
Franck Monier
Gaspard Ulliel as Thierry Morlaas
Gaspard Ulliel
(Thierry Morlaas)
Eric Boucher as Jean-François Roquemaure
Eric Boucher
(Jean-François Roquemaure)
Virginie Lanoué as Marie-Laure Vannier
Virginie Lanoué
(Marie-Laure Vannier)
Jean-Pierre Castaldi as Gilbert Maillol
Jean-Pierre Castaldi
(Gilbert Maillol)
Canis Crevillen as Anne Morin
Canis Crevillen
(Anne Morin)
Marine Danaux as Sam
Marine Danaux
Daphné Desjeux as Aurélie Beye
Daphné Desjeux
(Aurélie Beye)
Valérie Stroh as Marie Baldy
Valérie Stroh
(Marie Baldy)
Alain Courivaud as Vernont
Alain Courivaud
Jean-Pierre Malo as Lartigaud
Jean-Pierre Malo
Pascal Bonafoux as Le docteur Lagarde
Pascal Bonafoux
(Le docteur Lagarde)
Jean-Noël Brouté as Shorty
Jean-Noël Brouté
Fred Descamp as Tamrov
Fred Descamp
Catherine Georges as Zoubida
Catherine Georges
Hans Meyer as Sauveur
Hans Meyer
Jean Périmony as Jean Mellerman
Jean Périmony
(Jean Mellerman)
Bernard Rosselli as Aldo Castellani
Bernard Rosselli
(Aldo Castellani)
Fanny Atlan as Virginie
Fanny Atlan
Fanny Lefebvre as Lisa
Fanny Lefebvre
Moonha as Sally
Henry Courseaux as Moretti
Henry Courseaux
Katerina Mechera as Ania
Katerina Mechera
Karine Nuris as Corinne
Karine Nuris
Nils Tavernier as Stéphane Steiner
Nils Tavernier
(Stéphane Steiner)
Fenia Papadodima as Sandra Pinto
Fenia Papadodima
(Sandra Pinto)
Marie Ravel as Nathalie Morandy
Marie Ravel
(Nathalie Morandy)
Frédéric Berthelot as Ronconi
Frédéric Berthelot
Jean-François Garreaud as Julian
Jean-François Garreaud
Jérôme Maldhé as Riss
Jérôme Maldhé
Sophie Michard as Mylène
Sophie Michard
Jacques Serres as Gonzales
Jacques Serres
Mickaël Chirinian as Didier Médard
Mickaël Chirinian
(Didier Médard)
Claire Pataut as Magali
Claire Pataut
Junior Rondinaud as Fabrice
Junior Rondinaud
Pierre Zimmer as Jeannot
Pierre Zimmer
Marie-Christine Orry as Madame Vernoux
Marie-Christine Orry
(Madame Vernoux)
Jocelyn Quivrin as Jérémie
Jocelyn Quivrin
Ludivine Sagnier as Vanessa Berger
Ludivine Sagnier
(Vanessa Berger)
Isabelle Leprince as Roulia
Isabelle Leprince
Jérémy Radoubé as Antonescu
Jérémy Radoubé
Laurent Schilling as Yannick
Laurent Schilling
Julie Dray as Muriel Rouvière
Julie Dray
(Muriel Rouvière)
Lokman Nalcakan as Karim Bouaffia
Lokman Nalcakan
(Karim Bouaffia)
Hubert Saint-Macary as Egalion
Hubert Saint-Macary
Manoëlle Gaillard as Madame Vannier
Manoëlle Gaillard
(Madame Vannier)
Maxime Jarry as Nicolas
Maxime Jarry
Sophie Broustal as Claire Le Vigan
Sophie Broustal
(Claire Le Vigan)
Olivier Foubert as Calvi
Olivier Foubert
Manuel Gélin as Paul Baldy
Manuel Gélin
(Paul Baldy)
Flannan Obé as Louis Bemont
Flannan Obé
(Louis Bemont)
Jean-Pierre Sanchez as Christophe Morini
Jean-Pierre Sanchez
(Christophe Morini)
Frédéric Saurel as Joël
Frédéric Saurel
Martin Siméon as Rémi Derval
Martin Siméon
(Rémi Derval)
Bernard Marsan as Brun
Bernard Marsan
Gilbert Cohen as Jean-Michel Lopez
Gilbert Cohen
(Jean-Michel Lopez)
Ben Labejof as Le joueur de saxo
Ben Labejof
(Le joueur de saxo)
Aleksey Maslov as Sologoub
Aleksey Maslov
Jean-Luc Reichmann as Marceau
Jean-Luc Reichmann
Philippe Sfez as Hugo
Philippe Sfez
Michel Anderson as Metayer
Michel Anderson
Gérard Dournel as Marzac
Gérard Dournel
Steve Kalfa as Bartec
Steve Kalfa
Xavier Letourneur as Mauléon
Xavier Letourneur
Serge Dupuy as Michel
Serge Dupuy
Isabelle Spade as Mme Dupré
Isabelle Spade
(Mme Dupré)
Thibault de Montalembert as Dessantis
Thibault de Montalembert
Nicolas Giraudi as François Chevalier
Nicolas Giraudi
(François Chevalier)
Roger Ibáñez as Monsieur Pinto
Roger Ibáñez
(Monsieur Pinto)
Anne Kreis as Micheline Darlant
Anne Kreis
(Micheline Darlant)
Corinne Marchand as Mylène
Corinne Marchand
Thierry Levaret as Duchêne
Thierry Levaret
Joseph Malerba as Ernest Passero
Joseph Malerba
(Ernest Passero)
Michaël Morris as Jeff O'Macland
Michaël Morris
(Jeff O'Macland)
Olga Bisenti as Armelle
Olga Bisenti
Joseph Chanet as Chauffeur Chinois
Joseph Chanet
(Chauffeur Chinois)
Anne Loiret as Florence Marchand
Anne Loiret
(Florence Marchand)
Sascha Rau as Véronique Assante
Sascha Rau
(Véronique Assante)
Pierre Saintons as Théo
Pierre Saintons
Nicolas Vaude as Jean-Patrick
Nicolas Vaude
Zelfa as Souad
Adeline Blondieau as Katia Lenz
Adeline Blondieau
(Katia Lenz)
Nathalie Courval as Gardienne
Nathalie Courval
Jean-Marie Winling as Bellini
Jean-Marie Winling
Frédéric Witta as Lebrun
Frédéric Witta
Florent Bigot de Nesles as Roman Gastrati
Florent Bigot de Nesles
(Roman Gastrati)
Didier Menin as Olivier Tanguy
Didier Menin
(Olivier Tanguy)
Svetlana Sizova as Nadja Dragane
Svetlana Sizova
(Nadja Dragane)
Raphaël Baudoin as Laurent Frachon
Raphaël Baudoin
(Laurent Frachon)
Bénédicte Delmas as Catherine Perrin
Bénédicte Delmas
(Catherine Perrin)
Alexandre Thibault as Julien Joigny
Alexandre Thibault
(Julien Joigny)
Emmanuel Karsen as Un détenu
Emmanuel Karsen
(Un détenu)
Amandine Maudet as Sabrina
Amandine Maudet
Zack Zublena as Xavier
Zack Zublena
Georges Bigot as Darjac
Georges Bigot
Nathalie Boileau as Clocharde
Nathalie Boileau
Jean-Michel Leray as Thierry Brunel
Jean-Michel Leray
(Thierry Brunel)
Jérôme Pouly as Mateo
Jérôme Pouly
Marc Samuel as Jean Bega
Marc Samuel
(Jean Bega)
Yann Sundberg as Fred
Yann Sundberg
Nicholas Hawtrey as Jenkins
Nicholas Hawtrey
François-Régis Marchasson as Pellerin
François-Régis Marchasson
Tomasz Bialkowski as Lioukine
Tomasz Bialkowski
Lucas Belvaux as Cédric
Lucas Belvaux
Paule Daré as Contractuelle
Paule Daré
Georges Aubert as Père de Flo
Georges Aubert
(Père de Flo)
Julien Bukowski as Le SDF
Julien Bukowski
(Le SDF)
Gérard Darier as Lazard
Gérard Darier
Gérard Sergue as Santini
Gérard Sergue
Olivier Lusse as Paco
Olivier Lusse
Frédéric Pellegeay as Desjean
Frédéric Pellegeay
Adrien de Van as Julien Darlant
Adrien de Van
(Julien Darlant)
Roland Magdane as Dimitri
Roland Magdane
Gilles Carballo as Paco Vasquez
Gilles Carballo
(Paco Vasquez)
Attica Guedj as Benazir
Attica Guedj
Marie-Sohna Condé as Madame Bubakar
Marie-Sohna Condé
(Madame Bubakar)
Fabien Duval as Lemercier
Fabien Duval
Florence Giorgetti as Mme Mongeot Fleury
Florence Giorgetti
(Mme Mongeot Fleury)
Micky El Mazroui as Diego
Micky El Mazroui
Rémi Martin as Brisset
Rémi Martin
Solo as Wallis
Etienne Chicot as Hassengat
Etienne Chicot
Erwan Creignou as Valach Gastrati
Erwan Creignou
(Valach Gastrati)
Alexandre Zambeaux as Luc Ravaud
Alexandre Zambeaux
(Luc Ravaud)
Philippe Ambrosini as Félix Abecassis
Philippe Ambrosini
(Félix Abecassis)
Guillaume de Tonquédec as Jean-Baptiste
Guillaume de Tonquédec
Grégory Fitoussi as Serge Lheureux
Grégory Fitoussi
(Serge Lheureux)
Jean-François Poron as Pierre Frachon
Jean-François Poron
(Pierre Frachon)
Sylvie Audcoeur as Hélène Dautreville
Sylvie Audcoeur
(Hélène Dautreville)
Patrick Ligardes as Berthier
Patrick Ligardes
Olivier Niollet as L'homme à la force de l'âge
Olivier Niollet
(L'homme à la force de l'âge)
Aurélie Nollet as Cécile Dassonville
Aurélie Nollet
(Cécile Dassonville)
Nicolas Carpentier as Denis Lemarrec
Nicolas Carpentier
(Denis Lemarrec)
Cédric Chevalme as Kazarian
Cédric Chevalme
Charlotte Désert as Léa Mateo
Charlotte Désert
(Léa Mateo)
Jean-Pierre Malignon as Manassart
Jean-Pierre Malignon
Héléna Soubeyrand as Margaux Ferriere
Héléna Soubeyrand
(Margaux Ferriere)
Anatole Yun as Tong
Anatole Yun
Moungi Zorgui as Slimane Saidi
Moungi Zorgui
(Slimane Saidi)
Patrick Hamel as Flaubert
Patrick Hamel
Johann Menard as Arcadi
Johann Menard
Marc Brunet as Milo Rasdka
Marc Brunet
(Milo Rasdka)
Max Delor as Locataire
Max Delor
André Rouyer as Lévèque
André Rouyer
Bruno Allain as Yves Lagonec
Bruno Allain
(Yves Lagonec)
Marc Chapiteau as Fourcade
Marc Chapiteau
Emmanuel Dassier as Rémy
Emmanuel Dassier
Brigitte Bémol as Lydia Fernac
Brigitte Bémol
(Lydia Fernac)
Isadora Dupale as Amélie Bellec
Isadora Dupale
(Amélie Bellec)
Lou-Jeanne Maraval as Rita Dufrene
Lou-Jeanne Maraval
(Rita Dufrene)
Jean-Loup Wolff as Docteur Robert
Jean-Loup Wolff
(Docteur Robert)
Eric Coustaud as Tachkime
Eric Coustaud
Tomer Sisley as Laurent Fréjus
Tomer Sisley
(Laurent Fréjus)
Marie-Christine Laurent as Madame Fayolle
Marie-Christine Laurent
(Madame Fayolle)
Audrey Soualhat as Farah
Audrey Soualhat
Philippe Girard as Sydney Koskas
Philippe Girard
(Sydney Koskas)
Olivier Mellor as Gérard Loiseux
Olivier Mellor
(Gérard Loiseux)
Hélène Roussel as Madame Corruble
Hélène Roussel
(Madame Corruble)
Alexandre Styker as Travesti Luc
Alexandre Styker
(Travesti Luc)
Léa Bosco as Alexandra
Léa Bosco
Noëlla Dussart as Ivan-Nadia
Noëlla Dussart
Umban U'kset as Samba Niomé
Umban U'kset
(Samba Niomé)
Philippe Brigaud as Docteur Le Chevalier
Philippe Brigaud
(Docteur Le Chevalier)
Martine Chevallier as Viviane Beraud
Martine Chevallier
(Viviane Beraud)
Sabri Lahmer as Boukara
Sabri Lahmer
Anne Suarez as Lilas
Anne Suarez
Anne-Charlotte Pontabry as Maître Delmas
Anne-Charlotte Pontabry
(Maître Delmas)
Dimitri Storoge as Yann Vigier
Dimitri Storoge
(Yann Vigier)
Simon-Pierre Boireau as Franck Verbeke
Simon-Pierre Boireau
(Franck Verbeke)
Isabelle Bouysse as Catherine Viguier
Isabelle Bouysse
(Catherine Viguier)
Gianni Giardinelli as Mathieu Gagnon
Gianni Giardinelli
(Mathieu Gagnon)
Philippe Maymat as Garcin
Philippe Maymat
Nicky Naudé as José Canapi
Nicky Naudé
(José Canapi)
Olivier Brocheriou as Chaudevault
Olivier Brocheriou
Alice Carel as Romane Fortin
Alice Carel
(Romane Fortin)
Didier Cauchy as Didier Legoff, Clara's father
Didier Cauchy
(Didier Legoff, Clara's father)
Guillaume Cramoisan as Christophe Soutine
Guillaume Cramoisan
(Christophe Soutine)
Marie-Philomène Nga as Joséphine
Marie-Philomène Nga
Emmanuel Reymond as Marc Fortin
Emmanuel Reymond
(Marc Fortin)
Cécile Garcia-Fogel as Valérie
Cécile Garcia-Fogel
Danièle Girard as Pharmacienne
Danièle Girard
Gil Demurger as Zoltan
Gil Demurger
Louise Duby as Assistante Bloch
Louise Duby
(Assistante Bloch)
Claude Duparfait as Guy Mercier
Claude Duparfait
(Guy Mercier)
Emile Abossolo M'bo as Le Togolais
Emile Abossolo M'bo
(Le Togolais)
Alexandre Adelet as Joachim
Alexandre Adelet
Violeta Ferrer as Amélia Pinto
Violeta Ferrer
(Amélia Pinto)
Paco Cabezas as Moulay Bennis
Paco Cabezas
(Moulay Bennis)
Rodolphe Delage as Sarkos
Rodolphe Delage
María Blanco as Veuve Rossi
María Blanco
(Veuve Rossi)
Estelle Vincent as Dounia
Estelle Vincent
Loïc Houdré as Laurent
Loïc Houdré
Valérie Pascale as Marion
Valérie Pascale
Laure Scaramuzzino as Gardienne Assante
Laure Scaramuzzino
(Gardienne Assante)
Ona Lu Yenke as Bachir
Ona Lu Yenke
Sylvie Loeillet as Anne Morel
Sylvie Loeillet
(Anne Morel)
Jean-Jacques Le Vessier as Joël Riou
Jean-Jacques Le Vessier
(Joël Riou)
Jo Prestia as Tycko
Jo Prestia
Hélène Vauquois as Madame Nelson
Hélène Vauquois
(Madame Nelson)
Jeremy Banster as Luc Achard
Jeremy Banster
(Luc Achard)
Thomas Cliquennois as Luc
Thomas Cliquennois
Gwendoline Hamon as Catherine
Gwendoline Hamon
Pierre Santini as Père Paoli
Pierre Santini
(Père Paoli)
Samuel Suter as Stéphane Vertier
Samuel Suter
(Stéphane Vertier)
Jessica Beudaert as Marylou
Jessica Beudaert
Muriel Bonnet as Sophie Varral
Muriel Bonnet
(Sophie Varral)
Emmanuel Curtil as Daniel Alboreo
Emmanuel Curtil
(Daniel Alboreo)
Hélène Sevaux as Solène Verbeke
Hélène Sevaux
(Solène Verbeke)
Maud Buquet as Alexandra
Maud Buquet
Marc Fayet as Lucante
Marc Fayet
Rosemarie La Vaullée as Diane Ferriere
Rosemarie La Vaullée
(Diane Ferriere)
Romain Redler as Damien Domloup
Romain Redler
(Damien Domloup)
Thierry Magnier as La fils
Thierry Magnier
(La fils)
Linda Guegan as Mme Métayer
Linda Guegan
(Mme Métayer)
Najim Laouriga as Youssef
Najim Laouriga
Sterling King as John
Sterling King
Jean Cherlian as Concierge
Jean Cherlian
Bertie Cortez as Leniscott
Bertie Cortez
Thomas Dominique as Jacquard
Thomas Dominique
David Braccini as Baptiste
David Braccini
Jean Girard as Philippe Jansen
Jean Girard
(Philippe Jansen)
Alain Grellier as Monsieur Galavani
Alain Grellier
(Monsieur Galavani)
Muriel Racine as Madame Auquelin
Muriel Racine
(Madame Auquelin)
Julien Bilong as Joseph
Julien Bilong
Jacques Mazeran as Fornachon
Jacques Mazeran
Guy Pannequin as L'Oranais
Guy Pannequin
Jean-Pierre Allain as Alban
Jean-Pierre Allain
Ivan Franek as Soudrane
Ivan Franek
Anaïs Giraud as Marielle
Anaïs Giraud
Jean-Pierre Bernard as Pasturier
Jean-Pierre Bernard
Trinidad Garcia as Mère de Miguel
Trinidad Garcia
(Mère de Miguel)
Mbembo as Peggy
Armelle Deutsch as Soizic
Armelle Deutsch
Michel Lagueyrie as Homme au chien
Michel Lagueyrie
(Homme au chien)
Francis Leplay as Soldat du salut
Francis Leplay
(Soldat du salut)
Abbes Zahmani as Lamotte
Abbes Zahmani
Mirza Halilovic as Zoltan Dragane
Mirza Halilovic
(Zoltan Dragane)
David Kruger as Bonnard
David Kruger
Kahena Saighi as Yasmine
Kahena Saighi
Yohan Salmon as Ilya
Yohan Salmon
Marie-Christine Adam as Madame Rouvière
Marie-Christine Adam
(Madame Rouvière)
Benoît Dupac as L'interne
Benoît Dupac
Mathilde Vitry as Mme Vercy
Mathilde Vitry
(Mme Vercy)
Mohamed Damraoui as Patron Mansouria
Mohamed Damraoui
(Patron Mansouria)
Blanche Ravalec as Madame Daguet
Blanche Ravalec
(Madame Daguet)
Cécile Richard as Valérie Legrand
Cécile Richard
(Valérie Legrand)
Arielle Sémenoff as Madame Verbeke
Arielle Sémenoff
(Madame Verbeke)
Philippe Frécon as Baccari
Philippe Frécon
Anna Gaylor as Madame Lucante
Anna Gaylor
(Madame Lucante)
Audrey Lunati as Catherine
Audrey Lunati
David Talbot as Voleur d'aspirine
David Talbot
(Voleur d'aspirine)
François Vincentelli as Monsieur Legrand
François Vincentelli
(Monsieur Legrand)
Mostéfa Stiti as M. Kadiri
Mostéfa Stiti
(M. Kadiri)
Alexis Derlon as Nono
Alexis Derlon
Moussa Maaskri as Michel Meuret
Moussa Maaskri
(Michel Meuret)
Christine Barcelo as Mme Pottier
Christine Barcelo
(Mme Pottier)
Grégory Constantin as Benjamin
Grégory Constantin
Denis Fouqueray as Yoris
Denis Fouqueray
Dominique Frot as Liliane
Dominique Frot
Roxane Adelet as Le bébé
Roxane Adelet
(Le bébé)
Dominique Charpentier as Dorothée Galvani
Dominique Charpentier
(Dorothée Galvani)
Karen Oubraham as Virginie
Karen Oubraham
Claire Rochelle as Standardiste
Claire Rochelle
Vanille Attié as Sophie Poulaine
Vanille Attié
(Sophie Poulaine)
Bertrand Farge as Thierry Marchand
Bertrand Farge
(Thierry Marchand)
Diouc Koma as Bouba
Diouc Koma
Jacques Brylant as Monsieur Quesnel
Jacques Brylant
(Monsieur Quesnel)
Sbrina Mammeri as Erika
Sbrina Mammeri
Gérald Cesbron as Le pompier
Gérald Cesbron
(Le pompier)
Clarice Plasteig dit Caffou as Clara
Clarice Plasteig dit Caffou
Christian Vadim as Vincent Berthier
Christian Vadim
(Vincent Berthier)
Valence Delhalle as Loiseau
Valence Delhalle
Anne Le Guernec as Noura
Anne Le Guernec
Claire Pérot as Julie Mericourt
Claire Pérot
(Julie Mericourt)
Marc Bertolini as Jean-Claude Cortet
Marc Bertolini
(Jean-Claude Cortet)
Maroussia Dubreuil as Mélanie Morin
Maroussia Dubreuil
(Mélanie Morin)
Anne Marivin as Sonia
Anne Marivin
Shafik Ahmad as Cuistot Mansouria
Shafik Ahmad
(Cuistot Mansouria)
Mathilde Blache as Jeanne Legrand
Mathilde Blache
(Jeanne Legrand)
Sophie Gourdin as Élisa Foucard
Sophie Gourdin
(Élisa Foucard)
Loïc Pichon as L'homme ivre
Loïc Pichon
(L'homme ivre)
William Cagnard as Ivan Bega
William Cagnard
(Ivan Bega)
Carole Franck as La doctoresse
Carole Franck
(La doctoresse)
Hervé Jouval as Oscar Janvion
Hervé Jouval
(Oscar Janvion)
Stéphane Petit as Le tueur
Stéphane Petit
(Le tueur)
Armelle as Chanteuse
Joëlle Baland as Koury
Joëlle Baland
Patricia Malvoisin as Hélène Pelissier
Patricia Malvoisin
(Hélène Pelissier)
Virginie Arnaud as Fliquette Bruce Lee
Virginie Arnaud
(Fliquette Bruce Lee)
Violette Blanckaert as Marie Galvani
Violette Blanckaert
(Marie Galvani)
Thierry Der'ven as Père Chapuis
Thierry Der'ven
(Père Chapuis)
Sabine Naud as Fliquette Vanessa
Sabine Naud
(Fliquette Vanessa)
Valérie Allain as Médecin des quais
Valérie Allain
(Médecin des quais)
Clément Jallet as Cyril
Clément Jallet
David Laforge as Vitari
David Laforge
André Chaumeau as Vieux monsieur
André Chaumeau
(Vieux monsieur)
Alexandre Le Provost as Jean-Michel Quesnel
Alexandre Le Provost
(Jean-Michel Quesnel)
Christophe Aquillon as Jeune garçon
Christophe Aquillon
(Jeune garçon)
Anne Bouvier as Secrétaire Bouvier
Anne Bouvier
(Secrétaire Bouvier)
Abdel Soufi as Le Clochard
Abdel Soufi
(Le Clochard)
Mike Marshall as Nouellis
Mike Marshall
July Messéan as Fanny Jaulay
July Messéan
(Fanny Jaulay)
Julien Thomast as Maître Ganneau
Julien Thomast
(Maître Ganneau)
René Remblier as SDF
René Remblier
Bruno Guillot as Christophe Bossier
Bruno Guillot
(Christophe Bossier)
Ambre Rochard as Diane Lemaire
Ambre Rochard
(Diane Lemaire)
Henri Sagols as Maître Bommart
Henri Sagols
(Maître Bommart)
Angélique Thomas as Fabienne Parentes
Angélique Thomas
(Fabienne Parentes)
Antoine Blanquefort as Charles Stimmer
Antoine Blanquefort
(Charles Stimmer)
Jacques Bondoux as Le gardien
Jacques Bondoux
(Le gardien)
Christophe Canel as Dealer
Christophe Canel
Didier Terron as Pascal Morini
Didier Terron
(Pascal Morini)
Dominique Andrieu as Le professeur de dessin
Dominique Andrieu
(Le professeur de dessin)
Benoît Vallès as Dany la folle
Benoît Vallès
(Dany la folle)
Christine Brücher as Marianne Coulet
Christine Brücher
(Marianne Coulet)
Frédérique Meininger as Mme Garnier
Frédérique Meininger
(Mme Garnier)
Stefan Elbaum as Inspecteur photo
Stefan Elbaum
(Inspecteur photo)
Marion Laine as Delphine
Marion Laine
Hélène Hily as Bonne soeur
Hélène Hily
(Bonne soeur)
Saskia Mulder as Karine
Saskia Mulder
Patrick Paroux as Martin Martin
Patrick Paroux
(Martin Martin)
Patrice Lupovici as Rossi
Patrice Lupovici
Laurent Loviconi as Gradé C.R.S.
Laurent Loviconi
(Gradé C.R.S.)
Edwige Bergsen as Femme de service
Edwige Bergsen
(Femme de service)
Charles-Roger Bour as Pierre Fanlac
Charles-Roger Bour
(Pierre Fanlac)
Claire Magnin as Empl. agence immo.
Claire Magnin
(Empl. agence immo.)
Alban Aumard as Claude Pelletier
Alban Aumard
(Claude Pelletier)
Zazie Delem as Mademoiselle
Zazie Delem
Scali Delpeyrat as Capitaine Keller
Scali Delpeyrat
(Capitaine Keller)
Francis Mourouvin as Alex Bain-Marie
Francis Mourouvin
(Alex Bain-Marie)
Benjamin Penemaria as Marc Zubilaga
Benjamin Penemaria
(Marc Zubilaga)
Charlotte Rondelez as Etudiante
Charlotte Rondelez
Fabrice Feltzinger as Radec
Fabrice Feltzinger
Jean-François Guilliet as Notaire
Jean-François Guilliet
Maka Sidibe as Jimmy
Maka Sidibe
Jacques Zabor as Joseph Bonano
Jacques Zabor
(Joseph Bonano)
Catherine Marchal as La voisine Charavin
Catherine Marchal
(La voisine Charavin)
Xavier Rothmann as Benjamin Ketel
Xavier Rothmann
(Benjamin Ketel)
Patrick Sueur as Le planton
Patrick Sueur
(Le planton)
Victor Wagner as Padel
Victor Wagner
Jacques Delahaye as L'armurier
Jacques Delahaye
Viviane Marcenaro as Josiane Prunier
Viviane Marcenaro
(Josiane Prunier)
Sophie Chatain as Fliquette
Sophie Chatain
Christian Fellat as Espagnol 2
Christian Fellat
(Espagnol 2)
Anne Leblanc as Femme Mellu
Anne Leblanc
(Femme Mellu)
Marie Borowski as Gardienne
Marie Borowski
Catherine de Finance as Fliquette école Yolande
Catherine de Finance
(Fliquette école Yolande)
Michel Monsay as Policier talqueur
Michel Monsay
(Policier talqueur)
Jean-Jacques Coste as Policier 1
Jean-Jacques Coste
(Policier 1)
Jean-Pierre Ducloy as Médecin hôpital
Jean-Pierre Ducloy
(Médecin hôpital)
Marius Bruna as Un Flic
Marius Bruna
(Un Flic)
Zbigniew Horoks as Tchernobyl
Zbigniew Horoks
Laurent Paulet as C.R.S. 1
Laurent Paulet
(C.R.S. 1)
Ludivine Laveine as Secrétaire hôpital
Ludivine Laveine
(Secrétaire hôpital)
Patrice Juiff as Karime Chenaf
Patrice Juiff
(Karime Chenaf)
Franck-Olivier Bonnet as Georges le Planton
Franck-Olivier Bonnet
(Georges le Planton)
Céline Duhamel as Prostitué 204
Céline Duhamel
(Prostitué 204)
Jérémy Michalak as Dede Rappeur
Jérémy Michalak
(Dede Rappeur)
Deborah Elmalek as Sarah Faro
Deborah Elmalek
(Sarah Faro)
Dominic Jephcott as Duncan
Dominic Jephcott
Ariane Kah as Nicole
Ariane Kah
Serge Biavan as Le policier #1
Serge Biavan
(Le policier #1)
Emmanuelle Brouck as Standardiste
Emmanuelle Brouck
Geoffroy Guerrier as L'interne
Geoffroy Guerrier
Herbert Léonard as Vincent Benarmard
Herbert Léonard
(Vincent Benarmard)
Maxence Seva as Sébastien
Maxence Seva
Géraldine Blé as IGS #1
Géraldine Blé
(IGS #1)
Frédérique Cantrel as Madame Stassen
Frédérique Cantrel
(Madame Stassen)
Prisca Demarez as Infirmière
Prisca Demarez
Francis Frappat as Le médecin
Francis Frappat
(Le médecin)
Patricia Cartier-Millon as La femme comptable
Patricia Cartier-Millon
(La femme comptable)
Alain Vildieu as Le tireur #1
Alain Vildieu
(Le tireur #1)
Kassagi as Pickpocket
Dan Simkovitch as Nicole
Dan Simkovitch
Olli Barbé as Le livreur
Olli Barbé
(Le livreur)
Bernard Fau as Photographe
Bernard Fau
Rosita Mital as Professeur Yolande
Rosita Mital
(Professeur Yolande)
Daniel Bernard as Policier 2
Daniel Bernard
(Policier 2)
Gérard Bôle du Chaumont as Détenu
Gérard Bôle du Chaumont
Olivier Bonneau as Le toxico
Olivier Bonneau
(Le toxico)
Laurent Kreikenmeyer as C.R.S. 2
Laurent Kreikenmeyer
(C.R.S. 2)
Irving Pomepui as Enfant enveloppé
Irving Pomepui
(Enfant enveloppé)
Rachid Djaidani as Samir
Rachid Djaidani
Paul Yves as Chanteur Rock
Paul Yves
(Chanteur Rock)
Barnaby Apps as Client Anglais
Barnaby Apps
(Client Anglais)
Christelle Charpentier as Concierge
Christelle Charpentier
Franck Michaux as Laurent le suicidé
Franck Michaux
(Laurent le suicidé)
Albert Goldberg as Homme de main 1
Albert Goldberg
(Homme de main 1)
Danik Patisson as Mme Seurat
Danik Patisson
(Mme Seurat)
Thomas Sagols as Kevin Stassen
Thomas Sagols
(Kevin Stassen)
Kada Kader as Boulmane Maleki
Kada Kader
(Boulmane Maleki)
Valérie Lang as Juge
Valérie Lang
Michel Morizot as Doc. Thermopyles
Michel Morizot
(Doc. Thermopyles)
Arnaud Henriet as Gardien
Arnaud Henriet
Anne Le Ny as Évelyne
Anne Le Ny
Michel Smolianoff as Client (chez Gaby)
Michel Smolianoff
(Client (chez Gaby))
Laurence Renou as Brigadier
Laurence Renou
Cyrille Bonnet as Momo
Cyrille Bonnet
Nathalie Villeneuve as Docteur Guilbert
Nathalie Villeneuve
(Docteur Guilbert)
Olivier Pagès as Alban Gataris
Olivier Pagès
(Alban Gataris)
Jean-Michel Tinivelli as Jean-Baptiste Biyé
Jean-Michel Tinivelli
(Jean-Baptiste Biyé)
Michel Melki as Gardien Bellon
Michel Melki
(Gardien Bellon)
Annabel Boubli as La jeune femme
Annabel Boubli
(La jeune femme)
Philippa Roche as Infirmière Yolande
Philippa Roche
(Infirmière Yolande)
Nadia Samir as Evelyne Metsu
Nadia Samir
(Evelyne Metsu)
Paco as Guelize
Georges Montillier as Biquet
Georges Montillier
Jacqueline Rouillard as Voisine de Michel
Jacqueline Rouillard
(Voisine de Michel)
Eric Savin as Bertillac
Eric Savin
Bernard Renan as Augereau
Bernard Renan
Michel Vernac as Patron bistrot clinique
Michel Vernac
(Patron bistrot clinique)
Henry-Guy Devignac as Client Gaby
Henry-Guy Devignac
(Client Gaby)
Max Boublil as Franck
Max Boublil
Vincent Deslandres as Bastien
Vincent Deslandres
David Forax as Homme de main Duncan
David Forax
(Homme de main Duncan)
Mathieu Rodriguez as Ludovic
Mathieu Rodriguez
Vincent Dos Reis as Daniel Jacquard
Vincent Dos Reis
(Daniel Jacquard)
Emmanuel Gilbson as Anesthésiste
Emmanuel Gilbson
Jean-Luc Porraz as M. Ketel
Jean-Luc Porraz
(M. Ketel)
Patrick Rocca as Calmette
Patrick Rocca
Barbara Kelsch as Modèle
Barbara Kelsch
Stella Serfaty as Manon
Stella Serfaty
Jean Grécault as Vieil Albert
Jean Grécault
(Vieil Albert)
Clotilde Nonnez as Fliquette commissariat
Clotilde Nonnez
(Fliquette commissariat)
Hervé Dary as Inspecteur hôpital
Hervé Dary
(Inspecteur hôpital)
Martine Logier as Madame Charbonnier
Martine Logier
(Madame Charbonnier)
Anthony Decadi as Jeune Délinquant
Anthony Decadi
(Jeune Délinquant)
Maëlle Genet as Amélie
Maëlle Genet
Grégory Loffredo as Homme de main Duncan
Grégory Loffredo
(Homme de main Duncan)
Julien Princiaux as Etienne
Julien Princiaux
Bruno Hutin as Funky
Bruno Hutin
Vincent Andrieu as Policier préfet
Vincent Andrieu
(Policier préfet)
Christian Parisy as Pierrot
Christian Parisy
Marie-Christine Martinez as Femme ascenseur
Marie-Christine Martinez
(Femme ascenseur)
Emmanuelle Michelet as Alice
Emmanuelle Michelet
Marie-Eve Dufresne as La vendeuse
Marie-Eve Dufresne
(La vendeuse)
Ervan Kawczinski as Mustapha
Ervan Kawczinski
Éric Banse as Georges
Éric Banse
Claude Sésé as Gendarme 1
Claude Sésé
(Gendarme 1)
Nastasia Legardeur as Virginie
Nastasia Legardeur
Carole Dechantre as Mathilde Soutine
Carole Dechantre
(Mathilde Soutine)
Daniel Milgram as Le chef comptable
Daniel Milgram
(Le chef comptable)
Alain Bucaille as Gendarme barrage
Alain Bucaille
(Gendarme barrage)
Nicolas Pissaboeuf as Moulinette
Nicolas Pissaboeuf
Rufino Angulo as Gardien prison
Rufino Angulo
(Gardien prison)
Nicolas Ribowski as Homme ascenseur
Nicolas Ribowski
(Homme ascenseur)
Mapiwha Juliard as Jeune mauvais 1
Mapiwha Juliard
(Jeune mauvais 1)
Françoise Miquelis as Directrice clinique
Françoise Miquelis
(Directrice clinique)
Jérôme Hardelay as Sylvain Gilon
Jérôme Hardelay
(Sylvain Gilon)
Alban Casterman as Puget, de l'IGS
Alban Casterman
(Puget, de l'IGS)
Krichou Monthieux as Rasta
Krichou Monthieux
Rachel Bourlier as Policier
Rachel Bourlier
Bruno Glasberg as Joggeur
Bruno Glasberg
Gwenaël Clause as Jeune mauvais 2
Gwenaël Clause
(Jeune mauvais 2)
Onochi Seietsu as Joueur 1
Onochi Seietsu
(Joueur 1)
Fabienne Pauly as La pute
Fabienne Pauly
(La pute)
David Ribowsky as Avocat général
David Ribowsky
(Avocat général)
Djangar as Joueur 2
(Joueur 2)
Lou as Menuisier
André Cagnard as Letellier
André Cagnard
Silvie Feit as La concierge
Silvie Feit
(La concierge)
Mélodie Dutot as Alice
Mélodie Dutot
Joséphine Pétrilli as Nelly
Joséphine Pétrilli
Olivier Claverie as Docteur Hamel
Olivier Claverie
(Docteur Hamel)
Ségolène Thos as Juliette
Ségolène Thos
Serge Gisquière as Vincent Bega
Serge Gisquière
(Vincent Bega)
Tyloan as La fille asiatique #1
(La fille asiatique #1)
Alain Boix as Client Ginou
Alain Boix
(Client Ginou)
Aarthee Uppiah as Petite pakistanaise
Aarthee Uppiah
(Petite pakistanaise)
Franck Mendes as Benjamin Bubakar
Franck Mendes
(Benjamin Bubakar)
Cynthia Cognon as Mélissa Bain-Marie
Cynthia Cognon
(Mélissa Bain-Marie)
Roland Copé as Valadon
Roland Copé
Tamara as La fille asiatique #2
(La fille asiatique #2)
Kevin Series as Garçon pakistanais
Kevin Series
(Garçon pakistanais)
Philippe Barrier as Le brasseur
Philippe Barrier
(Le brasseur)
Jimmy Bouchet as Thierry Cosson
Jimmy Bouchet
(Thierry Cosson)
Michel Julienne as Policier blessé
Michel Julienne
(Policier blessé)
Mousman Tribe as Groupe rap
Mousman Tribe
(Groupe rap)
Josy Bernard
Josy Bernard
Facundo Bo
Facundo Bo
Isabelle Bules
Isabelle Bules
Chad Chenouga as Karim
Chad Chenouga
Virginie Darmon as Farida
Virginie Darmon
Tobias Engel as Le barbu
Tobias Engel
(Le barbu)
Arlette Gilbert
Arlette Gilbert
Eloïse Labro as Marie-Germaine
Eloïse Labro
Jean-Marie Lemaire as Bobby
Jean-Marie Lemaire
Olivier Martinez as Rollo
Olivier Martinez
Pierre-Olivier Mornas as Dany
Pierre-Olivier Mornas
Marc Moro as Acevedo
Marc Moro
Simon Reggiani as Joseph
Simon Reggiani
Bruno Aubié
Bruno Aubié
Claude Aufaure
Claude Aufaure
Elie Axas
Elie Axas
Jacques Bachelier as Le clochard
Jacques Bachelier
(Le clochard)
Gil Baladou as Bob
Gil Baladou
Philippe du Janerand
Philippe du Janerand
Guy Fox as L'homme agé
Guy Fox
(L'homme agé)
Cécile Gabriel as Jeune Fille Branchée
Cécile Gabriel
(Jeune Fille Branchée)
Jacqueline Guenin as L'ouvreuse
Jacqueline Guenin
Stéphane Guillon
Stéphane Guillon
Mona Heftre
Mona Heftre
Tamio Ikeda
Tamio Ikeda
Didier In as Nilza Maioresco
Didier In
(Nilza Maioresco)
Gérard Jourde as Raider 1
Gérard Jourde
(Raider 1)
Olivia Lancelot
Olivia Lancelot
Laura Manszky as Renée
Laura Manszky
Pascale Mariani
Pascale Mariani
Marcel Maréchal
Marcel Maréchal
Yolande Moreau as La femme de chambre
Yolande Moreau
(La femme de chambre)
Yves Osmu
Yves Osmu
Pierre Pellet as Mister B.
Pierre Pellet
(Mister B.)
Yann Roussel
Yann Roussel
Pierre Rousselle as Raider 3
Pierre Rousselle
(Raider 3)
Patrick Steltzer as Schneider
Patrick Steltzer
Isabelle Tanakil
Isabelle Tanakil
Valentine Varela
Valentine Varela
Michel Vaudaux
Michel Vaudaux
Charlotte Véry as Denise
Charlotte Véry
Dominique Bluzet as Magritte
Dominique Bluzet
Arthur Brauss as Van Den Berg
Arthur Brauss
(Van Den Berg)
Séverine Bujard as Inspecteur Doppler
Séverine Bujard
(Inspecteur Doppler)
Georges Corraface as Gutenberg
Georges Corraface
Marianne Denicourt as Christine
Marianne Denicourt
Ivan Desny as Weldman
Ivan Desny
Fabrice Eberhard as Kramer
Fabrice Eberhard
Lara Guirao as Muriel Istrati
Lara Guirao
(Muriel Istrati)
Youssef Hamid as Driss
Youssef Hamid
Roger Jendly as Charlie Montagné
Roger Jendly
(Charlie Montagné)
Mariam Kaba as Fatouma
Mariam Kaba
Charlie Nelson as Stéphane Istrati
Charlie Nelson
(Stéphane Istrati)
Pablo Amaro as Le travesti
Pablo Amaro
(Le travesti)
Philippe Ariotti as Baumier
Philippe Ariotti
Nadine Demange as Gorille #1
Nadine Demange
(Gorille #1)
Marie-Dominique Dessez as Fliquette
Marie-Dominique Dessez
Jean-Jacques Grand-Jouan as Perrin
Jean-Jacques Grand-Jouan
Isabelle Soimaud as Beatrice
Isabelle Soimaud
Coraly Zahonero
Coraly Zahonero
Omar Bekhaled as Karim Allouche
Omar Bekhaled
(Karim Allouche)
Djamel Bensalah as Djamal Laraoui
Djamel Bensalah
(Djamal Laraoui)
Sandra Bianco as Fatouma
Sandra Bianco
Chimene as Voisine Leila
(Voisine Leila)
Julien Courbey as Christophe Combert
Julien Courbey
(Christophe Combert)
Guy Di Rigo as Le silencieux
Guy Di Rigo
(Le silencieux)
Mamadou Dioumé
Mamadou Dioumé
Zoélie Gauvin as Dame parking
Zoélie Gauvin
(Dame parking)
Mohamed Hamaidi as Omar
Mohamed Hamaidi
Marie Legault
Marie Legault
Nicolas Moreau as Carlos
Nicolas Moreau
Frankie Pain as Caissière
Frankie Pain
Arthur-Rémi Pestel as Thomas
Arthur-Rémi Pestel
Charles Schneider as M. Charvet
Charles Schneider
(M. Charvet)
Michel Armin as Bijoutier
Michel Armin
Kamel Cherif as Bensekki
Kamel Cherif
Jean-Claude Dauphin as Guillaume Marcillac
Jean-Claude Dauphin
(Guillaume Marcillac)
Solveig Dommartin as Clémence Larue
Solveig Dommartin
(Clémence Larue)
Claude Jade as Geneviève Marcillac
Claude Jade
(Geneviève Marcillac)
Pascale Pouzadoux
Pascale Pouzadoux
Véronique Prune as Julie Andros
Véronique Prune
(Julie Andros)
Minh-Thai Huynh as Silhouette de chinois
Minh-Thai Huynh
(Silhouette de chinois)
Kevin Miranda
Kevin Miranda
Yzabel Dzisky
Yzabel Dzisky
Sarah Haxaire
Sarah Haxaire
Julien Enthoven as Romain
Julien Enthoven
Antony Bert as Lycéen
Antony Bert
Cansel Elcin as Le chirurgien
Cansel Elcin
(Le chirurgien)
Thibault Delahaye as Ado casquette
Thibault Delahaye
(Ado casquette)
Aurélien Jegou as Ado 1
Aurélien Jegou
(Ado 1)
Barbara Probst as Jeune fille lycée
Barbara Probst
(Jeune fille lycée)
Agnès Deams as Sylvie Auquelin
Agnès Deams
(Sylvie Auquelin)
Vincent Djesky as P'tit mec
Vincent Djesky
(P'tit mec)
Jean-Jacques Edida as Serge Crosnier
Jean-Jacques Edida
(Serge Crosnier)
Alice Béat
Alice Béat
Henry-David Cohen
Henry-David Cohen
Guillaume Gallienne
Guillaume Gallienne
Michel Gondoin as Extra
Michel Gondoin
François Hauteserre
François Hauteserre
Greg Engler as L'indic
Greg Engler
Liang Shi as Lee-Wong
Liang Shi
Kay Mordden as Customer
Kay Mordden
Colomba Marchetti as Lydia
Colomba Marchetti

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