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Pezeshke Dehkadeh (1993)

Pezeshke Dehkadeh

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    1 January 1993
  • Broadcast Co:
    CBS - Sullivan Company
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    The fifth daughter of a wealthy Boston physician, Michaela Quinn defies the conventions of post-Civil War society by following in her father's footsteps. After his death, 'Dr. Mike' leaves Boston and moves to the frontier town of Colorado Springs, where she finds the citizens less than thrilled by the concept of a woman doctor. While she struggles to earn their trust, Mike's life is complicated by a growing relationship with mountain man Byron Sully, and the unexpected responsibility of raising three orphaned children.

Cast & Crew

Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman
Jane Seymour
(Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman)
Joe Lando as Byron Sully
Joe Lando
(Byron Sully)
Shawn Toovey as Brian Cooper
Shawn Toovey
(Brian Cooper)
Chad Allen as Matthew Cooper
Chad Allen
(Matthew Cooper)
Orson Bean as Loren Bray
Orson Bean
(Loren Bray)
Jim Knobeloch as Jake Slicker
Jim Knobeloch
(Jake Slicker)
William Shockley as Hank Lawson
William Shockley
(Hank Lawson)
Frank Collison as Horace Bing
Frank Collison
(Horace Bing)
Geoffrey Lower as Rev. Timothy Johnson
Geoffrey Lower
(Rev. Timothy Johnson)
Jonelle Allen as Grace
Jonelle Allen
Henry G. Sanders as Robert E.
Henry G. Sanders
(Robert E.)
Barbara Babcock as Dorothy Jennings
Barbara Babcock
(Dorothy Jennings)
Jessica Bowman as Colleen Cooper
Jessica Bowman
(Colleen Cooper)
Larry Sellers as Cloud Dancing
Larry Sellers
(Cloud Dancing)
Helene Udy as Myra Bing
Helene Udy
(Myra Bing)
Erika Flores as Colleen Cooper
Erika Flores
(Colleen Cooper)
Jason Leland Adams as Preston A. Lodge III
Jason Leland Adams
(Preston A. Lodge III)
Brandon Douglas as Dr. Andrew Cook
Brandon Douglas
(Dr. Andrew Cook)
Alexandria Calabrese as Katie Sully
Alexandria Calabrese
(Katie Sully)
Megan Calabrese as Katie Sully
Megan Calabrese
(Katie Sully)
Jennifer Youngs as Ingrid
Jennifer Youngs
McKenzie Calabrese as Katie Sully
McKenzie Calabrese
(Katie Sully)
Haylie Johnson as Becky Bonner
Haylie Johnson
(Becky Bonner)
John Schneider as Daniel Simon
John Schneider
(Daniel Simon)
Andy Bakkum as Alice
Andy Bakkum
Gail Strickland as Olive Davis
Gail Strickland
(Olive Davis)
Alex Meneses as Teresa Morales
Alex Meneses
(Teresa Morales)
Alley Mills as Marjorie Quinn
Alley Mills
(Marjorie Quinn)
Charlotte Chatton as Emma Morrison
Charlotte Chatton
(Emma Morrison)
Nick Ramus as Black Kettle
Nick Ramus
(Black Kettle)
Heidi Kozak Haddad as Emily
Heidi Kozak Haddad
Melissa Flores as Missy
Melissa Flores
Georgann Johnson as Elizabeth Quinn
Georgann Johnson
(Elizabeth Quinn)
Elinor Donahue as Rebecca Quinn
Elinor Donahue
(Rebecca Quinn)
Michelle C. Bonilla as Teresa Morales
Michelle C. Bonilla
(Teresa Morales)
Bruce Mercury as Sheriff
Bruce Mercury
Patrick Kilpatrick as Sergeant O'Connor
Patrick Kilpatrick
(Sergeant O'Connor)
Tantoo Cardinal as Snow Bird
Tantoo Cardinal
(Snow Bird)
Brandon Hammond as Anthony
Brandon Hammond
Tim DeZarn as Sergeant
Tim DeZarn
David Beecroft as Sergeant McKay
David Beecroft
(Sergeant McKay)
Zahn McClarnon as Walks on Cloud
Zahn McClarnon
(Walks on Cloud)
Christopher Kelly as Jon
Christopher Kelly
Johnny Moran as Jared McAllister
Johnny Moran
(Jared McAllister)
Chris Valenzano as Towns Boy
Chris Valenzano
(Towns Boy)
Rick Blanchard as Towner
Rick Blanchard
Johnny Cash as Kid Cole
Johnny Cash
(Kid Cole)
Pato Hoffmann as Franklin
Pato Hoffmann
Dave Roberts as Corporal #2
Dave Roberts
(Corporal #2)
Mary Rings as Major's Wife
Mary Rings
(Major's Wife)
Jerry Giles as Mr. Bonner
Jerry Giles
(Mr. Bonner)
Jerry Hardin as Dr. Cassidy
Jerry Hardin
(Dr. Cassidy)
Janna Michaels as Sara Sheehan
Janna Michaels
(Sara Sheehan)
Brenden Jefferson as Anthony
Brenden Jefferson
Ross Malinger as Steven Myers
Ross Malinger
(Steven Myers)
David Tom as Lewis Bing
David Tom
(Lewis Bing)
Gregory Cruz as Black Moon
Gregory Cruz
(Black Moon)
Richard Moll as John
Richard Moll
Pamela Kosh as Martha
Pamela Kosh
Ben Murphy as Ethan Cooper
Ben Murphy
(Ethan Cooper)
James Sloyan as Superintendent Hazen
James Sloyan
(Superintendent Hazen)
Eric Michael Zee as Peter Chow
Eric Michael Zee
(Peter Chow)
June Carter Cash as Sister Ruth
June Carter Cash
(Sister Ruth)
Christopher Kriesa as Harry Barton
Christopher Kriesa
(Harry Barton)
Alan Brooks as Welland Smith
Alan Brooks
(Welland Smith)
Jeff O'Haco as One Eye
Jeff O'Haco
(One Eye)
Cathy Worthington as Anna May
Cathy Worthington
(Anna May)
R.J. Knoll as Paul
R.J. Knoll
Nick Roth as Tommy
Nick Roth
Billy Daydoge as Arapaho Elder
Billy Daydoge
(Arapaho Elder)
Stacy Keach Sr. as Judge Webster
Stacy Keach Sr.
(Judge Webster)
Diane Ladd as Charlotte Cooper
Diane Ladd
(Charlotte Cooper)
George Furth as Jedediah Bancroft
George Furth
(Jedediah Bancroft)
Casper Van Dien as Jesse
Casper Van Dien
Edward Albert as Dr. William Burke
Edward Albert
(Dr. William Burke)
Stephen Edge as Ned
Stephen Edge
Allan Royal as Jackson Tait
Allan Royal
(Jackson Tait)
Patrick St. Esprit as Carl
Patrick St. Esprit
Richard Herd as Dr. John Hansen
Richard Herd
(Dr. John Hansen)
Tracy Fraim as Ronnie
Tracy Fraim
Will Egan as Sergeant
Will Egan
Thomas Ian Nicholas as Richard
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Eric Balfour as Benjamin Avery
Eric Balfour
(Benjamin Avery)
Anne Lockhart as Maureen
Anne Lockhart
Maxwell Caulfield as Andrew Strauss
Maxwell Caulfield
(Andrew Strauss)
Nancy Youngblut as Claudette
Nancy Youngblut
T.J. McInturff as Boy
T.J. McInturff
Elisabeth Harmon-Haid as Mother
Elisabeth Harmon-Haid
Nancy Gilmour as Becky's Mother
Nancy Gilmour
(Becky's Mother)
Lindsey Fields as Farmer's Wife
Lindsey Fields
(Farmer's Wife)
David St. James as Harrison
David St. James
Bob Swain as Farmer
Bob Swain
Jessica Dollarhide as 1st Female Cousin
Jessica Dollarhide
(1st Female Cousin)
John Haynes Walker as Guard
John Haynes Walker
Josh Keaton as 1st Male Cousin
Josh Keaton
(1st Male Cousin)
Patricia Van Ingen as Elder Grandmother
Patricia Van Ingen
(Elder Grandmother)
Bob Roitblat as Doctor #2
Bob Roitblat
(Doctor #2)
Devon Gummersall as 2nd Male Cousin
Devon Gummersall
(2nd Male Cousin)
Katherine Flynn as 2nd Female Cousin
Katherine Flynn
(2nd Female Cousin)
Kathleen Tipton as Fiona
Kathleen Tipton
Dennis Lipscomb as President Ulysses S. Grant
Dennis Lipscomb
(President Ulysses S. Grant)
Willie Nelson as Marshall Elias Burch
Willie Nelson
(Marshall Elias Burch)
Gregory Sierra as Gen. Eli Parker
Gregory Sierra
(Gen. Eli Parker)
John Christian Graas as Charles
John Christian Graas
Nicholas Pryor as Sen. George Steward
Nicholas Pryor
(Sen. George Steward)
Lloyd Bochner as Sen. Eliot Moses
Lloyd Bochner
(Sen. Eliot Moses)
Kathleen Lloyd as Julia Grant
Kathleen Lloyd
(Julia Grant)
John Pleshette as Detective Simpson
John Pleshette
(Detective Simpson)
Billy L. Sullivan as Kyle
Billy L. Sullivan
J.G. Hertzler as Capt. Burgoyne
J.G. Hertzler
(Capt. Burgoyne)
Donnie Jeffcoat as First Fighter
Donnie Jeffcoat
(First Fighter)
Kaitlin Hopkins as Lillian Cooper
Kaitlin Hopkins
(Lillian Cooper)
John O'Leary as Judge
John O'Leary
Tom Dahlgren as General Wooten
Tom Dahlgren
(General Wooten)
Jules Desjarlais as Old Knife
Jules Desjarlais
(Old Knife)
Mark S. Brien as Pawnee Scout
Mark S. Brien
(Pawnee Scout)
Jerry Haynes as Mr. Royce
Jerry Haynes
(Mr. Royce)
Kenny Jones as Soldier #1
Kenny Jones
(Soldier #1)
Alicia Hoge as Mrs. Bartlett
Alicia Hoge
(Mrs. Bartlett)
Lisa Barnes as Mrs. Paretsky
Lisa Barnes
(Mrs. Paretsky)
Jerry Carlton as Officer
Jerry Carlton
Brian Carpenter as Lieutenant Colonel
Brian Carpenter
(Lieutenant Colonel)
Michael Francis Clarke as Guard #2
Michael Francis Clarke
(Guard #2)
Phyllis Coates as Mrs. Howard
Phyllis Coates
(Mrs. Howard)
Michael Connors as Policeman #3
Michael Connors
(Policeman #3)
Roy Conrad as Dr. Sanderson
Roy Conrad
(Dr. Sanderson)
Rahman Dalrymple as Military Aide #1
Rahman Dalrymple
(Military Aide #1)
Michael M. Foley as Guard #1
Michael M. Foley
(Guard #1)
Sandra Foster as Woman #3
Sandra Foster
(Woman #3)
Cynthia Graham as Woman #1
Cynthia Graham
(Woman #1)
Richard Gross as Policeman #2
Richard Gross
(Policeman #2)
John Kidwell as Jesse Grant
John Kidwell
(Jesse Grant)
Narcissa Marte as Young Woman
Narcissa Marte
(Young Woman)
Zack Martin as Policeman #1
Zack Martin
(Policeman #1)
Nicole Nieth as Nellie Grant
Nicole Nieth
(Nellie Grant)
Leland Orser as Clerk
Leland Orser
Robert Parnell as Man
Robert Parnell
Manley Pope as Soldier
Manley Pope
Scott Roberts as Andrew Garrick
Scott Roberts
(Andrew Garrick)
LaRita Shelby as Woman #2
LaRita Shelby
(Woman #2)
Kent Williams as Vincent
Kent Williams
Steven Williams as Captain
Steven Williams
Joshua Boyd as School Boy #1
Joshua Boyd
(School Boy #1)
Daniel Bryan Cartwell as Worker
Daniel Bryan Cartwell
Allen Cutler as Dying Trooper
Allen Cutler
(Dying Trooper)
Graham Galloway as Soldier
Graham Galloway
Eric Paskel as Young Worker
Eric Paskel
(Young Worker)
Sean Price McConnell as No Harm Comes To Him
Sean Price McConnell
(No Harm Comes To Him)
George Randall as Little Thunder
George Randall
(Little Thunder)
Will Rothhaar as School Boy #2
Will Rothhaar
(School Boy #2)
Andrew Strauss as Andrew
Andrew Strauss
Joe Unger as Bounty Hunter
Joe Unger
(Bounty Hunter)
Kevin Wahl as Fireman
Kevin Wahl
Danny Wantland as William Hayley
Danny Wantland
(William Hayley)
Brian Mulligan as Gormley
Brian Mulligan
Zachary McLemore as Caleb Leonard
Zachary McLemore
(Caleb Leonard)
Denny Miller as Noah McBride
Denny Miller
(Noah McBride)
Lawrence Pressman as Ezra Leonard
Lawrence Pressman
(Ezra Leonard)
Victoria Racimo as Walks Alone
Victoria Racimo
(Walks Alone)
Tonja Kahlens as Emma
Tonja Kahlens
E.J. Callahan as Mr. Perkins
E.J. Callahan
(Mr. Perkins)
Michael Greyeyes as Walks In The Night
Michael Greyeyes
(Walks In The Night)
Kevin Lucero Less as Corporal Knox
Kevin Lucero Less
(Corporal Knox)
George Lindsey Jr. as Mr. Simkin
George Lindsey Jr.
(Mr. Simkin)
Morgan H. Margolis as Private
Morgan H. Margolis
Patricia Place as Mrs. Craig
Patricia Place
(Mrs. Craig)
Guy Boyd as Loren Bray
Guy Boyd
(Loren Bray)
Robert Culp as Elias Jackson
Robert Culp
(Elias Jackson)
Andrew Prine as Thaddeus Birch
Andrew Prine
(Thaddeus Birch)
Kenny Rogers as Daniel Watkins
Kenny Rogers
(Daniel Watkins)
Jane Wyman as Elizabeth Quinn
Jane Wyman
(Elizabeth Quinn)
Dorian Harewood as Sgt. Zachary Carver
Dorian Harewood
(Sgt. Zachary Carver)
Trisha Yearwood as Choir Director
Trisha Yearwood
(Choir Director)
Darren Dalton as General George Custer
Darren Dalton
(General George Custer)
Colm Meaney as Jake Slicker
Colm Meaney
(Jake Slicker)
Michael Cavanaugh as Craig Harding
Michael Cavanaugh
(Craig Harding)
Don Stroud as Tate Rankin
Don Stroud
(Tate Rankin)
Michael Trucco as Patrick Collins
Michael Trucco
(Patrick Collins)
Verna Bloom as Maude Bray
Verna Bloom
(Maude Bray)
Jared Rushton as Calvin Harding
Jared Rushton
(Calvin Harding)
Zachary Browne as Oliver Dinston
Zachary Browne
(Oliver Dinston)
Ray Victor as Paco
Ray Victor
Granville Van Dusen as Senator Dinston
Granville Van Dusen
(Senator Dinston)
Don McManus as Ned Springer
Don McManus
(Ned Springer)
Nick Tate as Martin 'Avishominis' Chesterfield
Nick Tate
(Martin 'Avishominis' Chesterfield)
Sherry Hursey as Louise Chambers
Sherry Hursey
(Louise Chambers)
Sheryl Lee as Catherine
Sheryl Lee
Arthur Taxier as Mr. Daggett
Arthur Taxier
(Mr. Daggett)
Nicolas Coster as Judge Blaisdale
Nicolas Coster
(Judge Blaisdale)
Yumi Iwama as Wu Jing Yang
Yumi Iwama
(Wu Jing Yang)
Richard Roundtree as 'Barracuda' Jim Barnes
Richard Roundtree
('Barracuda' Jim Barnes)
Alan Altshuld as Man #1
Alan Altshuld
(Man #1)
Kristin Davis as Carey McGee
Kristin Davis
(Carey McGee)
Fionnula Flanagan as Heart
Fionnula Flanagan
Jack Bannon as Dr. John Porter
Jack Bannon
(Dr. John Porter)
Doren Fein as Mary Ann Daggett
Doren Fein
(Mary Ann Daggett)
Ping Wu as Lee Chang
Ping Wu
(Lee Chang)
Gary Grubbs as Clyde P. Hawkins
Gary Grubbs
(Clyde P. Hawkins)
Robert Ito as Mr. Wu
Robert Ito
(Mr. Wu)
Robert O'Reilly as Rudy Exner
Robert O'Reilly
(Rudy Exner)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Zack Lawson
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(Zack Lawson)
Adrian Sparks as Colonel Chivington
Adrian Sparks
(Colonel Chivington)
Peter Jason as Travis Stone
Peter Jason
(Travis Stone)
Christopher Masterson as Lewis Bing
Christopher Masterson
(Lewis Bing)
Jesse Dillon Miller as Saloon Girl #1
Jesse Dillon Miller
(Saloon Girl #1)
Lisa Rieffel as Atlantis
Lisa Rieffel
Casey Stengel as Man #2
Casey Stengel
(Man #2)
Pepper Sweeney as Brandon McGee
Pepper Sweeney
(Brandon McGee)
Ray Chang as Quong Chang
Ray Chang
(Quong Chang)
Melissa Clayton as Belle Starr
Melissa Clayton
(Belle Starr)
Roger Hewlett as Clyde
Roger Hewlett
William Newman as Abner Foley
William Newman
(Abner Foley)
Pat Skipper as Mr. Marshall
Pat Skipper
(Mr. Marshall)
Zach Galligan as Chester Barnes
Zach Galligan
(Chester Barnes)
Steven Ford as Prosecutor Meadows
Steven Ford
(Prosecutor Meadows)
Ron Yuan as Mr. Zou
Ron Yuan
(Mr. Zou)
Seth Dillon as Lucas
Seth Dillon
Megan Gallivan as Abagail Sully
Megan Gallivan
(Abagail Sully)
Ivory Ocean as Robert E.
Ivory Ocean
(Robert E.)
Susan Bambara as Saloon Girl #2
Susan Bambara
(Saloon Girl #2)
Spencer Garrett as Capt. Arthur Tyrrell
Spencer Garrett
(Capt. Arthur Tyrrell)
Kaye Kittrell as Rachel
Kaye Kittrell
John Patrick Reger as Colonel Egan
John Patrick Reger
(Colonel Egan)
Tara Subkoff as Jennifer
Tara Subkoff
Craig Wasson as Julius Hoffman
Craig Wasson
(Julius Hoffman)
Ian Bohen as Cole Younger
Ian Bohen
(Cole Younger)
Eve Brenner as Sam Lindsay
Eve Brenner
(Sam Lindsay)
Brian Donovan as Ralph
Brian Donovan
Phillip Van Dyke as Phillip Marshall
Phillip Van Dyke
(Phillip Marshall)
Linda Hawkins as Hallie Barnes
Linda Hawkins
(Hallie Barnes)
Tom Hodges as Mr. Copely
Tom Hodges
(Mr. Copely)
Lucy Lin as Mrs. Zou
Lucy Lin
(Mrs. Zou)
Jon Simmons as Man
Jon Simmons
Wayne Grace as Marcus Jennings
Wayne Grace
(Marcus Jennings)
Rosemary Murphy as Mrs. Bing
Rosemary Murphy
(Mrs. Bing)
Paul Sand as Harp
Paul Sand
Jack Ray Stevens as Emmett
Jack Ray Stevens
Steve Blackwood as Dandy John O'Malley
Steve Blackwood
(Dandy John O'Malley)
Joel Brooks as Judd McCoy
Joel Brooks
(Judd McCoy)
Dick Herlan as Auctioneer
Dick Herlan
Matt Letscher as Tom Jennings
Matt Letscher
(Tom Jennings)
Aaron Michael Metchik as Nick
Aaron Michael Metchik
Rodney Saulsberry as Conrad
Rodney Saulsberry
Robert Craighead as Surgeon
Robert Craighead
John Kendall as Walter Smoot
John Kendall
(Walter Smoot)
Natalya Andreychenko as Princess Nizamova
Natalya Andreychenko
(Princess Nizamova)
Kevin Cooney as Judge Barton
Kevin Cooney
(Judge Barton)
Diane McBain as Old Woman
Diane McBain
(Old Woman)
Brendan Burns as Bishop
Brendan Burns
Scotch Byerley as Man #1
Scotch Byerley
(Man #1)
James Encinas as Bear Heart
James Encinas
(Bear Heart)
Blake Gibbons as Drew
Blake Gibbons
Robert Keith as Ned Benjamin
Robert Keith
(Ned Benjamin)
Taylor Nichols as General Custer
Taylor Nichols
(General Custer)
Tom Poston as Mysterious 'Dead Man'
Tom Poston
(Mysterious 'Dead Man')
Michael Shamus Wiles as Ben
Michael Shamus Wiles
J. Marvin Campbell as Hattie
J. Marvin Campbell
Thomas Leon Chaney as Josh
Thomas Leon Chaney
J.D. Daniels as Aaron
J.D. Daniels
David Willis Sr. as Man in Store
David Willis Sr.
(Man in Store)
Alex Zonn as Miner
Alex Zonn
Joe Fiske as Private
Joe Fiske
Richard Stuart as Cal
Richard Stuart
Dan Lauria as Major Samuel Morrison
Dan Lauria
(Major Samuel Morrison)
Carlos Gómez as Father Carlos
Carlos Gómez
(Father Carlos)
Cheryl Adele Smith as Butch's Mother
Cheryl Adele Smith
(Butch's Mother)
Samantha Swig as Girl
Samantha Swig
Jeremy Brown as Louie The Kid
Jeremy Brown
(Louie The Kid)
James Burgdorf as Iron Knife
James Burgdorf
(Iron Knife)
John Clarke as Joseph Quinn
John Clarke
(Joseph Quinn)
Charles Gunning as Man #2
Charles Gunning
(Man #2)
Ashley Jones as Ingrid
Ashley Jones
Heath Kizzier as Joe Benjamin
Heath Kizzier
(Joe Benjamin)
R. Leo Schreiber as Ezra
R. Leo Schreiber
Matthew Speare as Boy
Matthew Speare
Eric Briant Wells as Soldier #2
Eric Briant Wells
(Soldier #2)
Keith Cameron as Winslow
Keith Cameron
Dawn Hudson as Hattie
Dawn Hudson
Vince Melocchi as Ticket Agent
Vince Melocchi
(Ticket Agent)
Bruce Nozick as Itzhak Frankel
Bruce Nozick
(Itzhak Frankel)
Phillip Persons as Top Hat #1
Phillip Persons
(Top Hat #1)
Steve Posner as Wounded Miner
Steve Posner
(Wounded Miner)
Pete Panos as Young Whirlwind
Pete Panos
(Young Whirlwind)
Paige Layne Miller as Sadie
Paige Layne Miller
Amzie Strickland as Twila
Amzie Strickland
George 'Buck' Flower as Bret Calvert
George 'Buck' Flower
(Bret Calvert)
Tyler Trute as Butch
Tyler Trute
Eileen White as Woman
Eileen White
Carmen Zapata as Doña Verano
Carmen Zapata
(Doña Verano)
Deka Beaudine as Harriet
Deka Beaudine
David Brooks as Cowboy
David Brooks
Kort Falkenberg as Eddy
Kort Falkenberg
Jack Verbois as Cowboy #1
Jack Verbois
(Cowboy #1)
Bari Hochwald as Zara Frankel
Bari Hochwald
(Zara Frankel)
John Naehrlich as Man
John Naehrlich
John Petlock as Top Hat #2
John Petlock
(Top Hat #2)
Edward Rote as Miner
Edward Rote
Sabrina Wiener as Little Feather
Sabrina Wiener
(Little Feather)
Hal Sparks as Gentle Horse
Hal Sparks
(Gentle Horse)
Charles Parks as Eli Clay
Charles Parks
(Eli Clay)
C.J. Bau as Circuit Defender Hardway
C.J. Bau
(Circuit Defender Hardway)
Donn Berdahl as Soldier
Donn Berdahl
Sarah Kim Heinburg as Margaret
Sarah Kim Heinburg
Endre Hules as Immigrant
Endre Hules
Richard Lindheim as Man at Store
Richard Lindheim
(Man at Store)
Larisa Oleynik as Susie
Larisa Oleynik
Elizabeth A. Reilly as Wife
Elizabeth A. Reilly
Thomas Rosales Jr. as Cowboy #2
Thomas Rosales Jr.
(Cowboy #2)
Ted Hayden as Top Hat #3
Ted Hayden
(Top Hat #3)
Brien Varady as Henderson
Brien Varady
Blumen Young as Rancher
Blumen Young
Lorna Raver as Natalia
Lorna Raver
Byron Hays as Bearded Guy
Byron Hays
(Bearded Guy)
Juney Smith as Boze
Juney Smith
Jon Spradley as Guard #1
Jon Spradley
(Guard #1)
John Bishop as Shanoski
John Bishop
Shannon Macpherson as Crying Girl
Shannon Macpherson
(Crying Girl)
Gil Birmingham as Brave #1
Gil Birmingham
(Brave #1)
Steven Hack as Doofus
Steven Hack
Jeff Ramsey as Emily's Husband
Jeff Ramsey
(Emily's Husband)
Joseph Sikora as Guard #2
Joseph Sikora
(Guard #2)
Jeff Weatherford as Dr. Hancock
Jeff Weatherford
(Dr. Hancock)
Michael E. Bauer as Man in Saloon
Michael E. Bauer
(Man in Saloon)
Carole Ashby as Carmen
Carole Ashby
Kristopher Soul as Guard
Kristopher Soul
Ron Melendez as Adult Brian
Ron Melendez
(Adult Brian)
John Sexton as Immigrant Photographer
John Sexton
(Immigrant Photographer)
Taylor Sheridan as Corporal Winters
Taylor Sheridan
(Corporal Winters)
Elyse Donalson as Mrs. Marley
Elyse Donalson
(Mrs. Marley)
George S. Clinton as Piano Player
George S. Clinton
(Piano Player)
Tony Lorrich as Porter
Tony Lorrich
Amy Kate Connolly as Townswoman
Amy Kate Connolly
Sean Flynn as Matthew's Child
Sean Flynn
(Matthew's Child)
Ann Gibbs as Mrs. Gerrity
Ann Gibbs
(Mrs. Gerrity)
Marisa Redanty as Nurse Receptionist
Marisa Redanty
(Nurse Receptionist)
Leenkun L. Baca as Young Indian Boy
Leenkun L. Baca
(Young Indian Boy)
Don Garner as Doctor
Don Garner
Brian McLaughlin as Bartlett Boy
Brian McLaughlin
(Bartlett Boy)
Darrell Redleaf-Fielder as Little Eagle
Darrell Redleaf-Fielder
(Little Eagle)
Allen Pontes as Congressman
Allen Pontes
Joel Anderson as Otis James
Joel Anderson
(Otis James)
Ingrid Beer as Ginny Baker
Ingrid Beer
(Ginny Baker)
Larry Dirk as George
Larry Dirk
John Doman as Mr. Riggs
John Doman
(Mr. Riggs)
Don Dowe as Wilbur
Don Dowe
Kaz Garas as Bill Baynes
Kaz Garas
(Bill Baynes)
Richard Kaszonyi as Clayton Baker
Richard Kaszonyi
(Clayton Baker)
Tom Kelly Moore as Construction Foreman
Tom Kelly Moore
(Construction Foreman)
Lance Patrick as John
Lance Patrick
Michael Rothhaar as Colliers Reporter
Michael Rothhaar
(Colliers Reporter)
Edmund L. Shaff as Dr. Bernard
Edmund L. Shaff
(Dr. Bernard)
Susanna Thompson as Anna Marie Sheehan
Susanna Thompson
(Anna Marie Sheehan)
John Valentine as Denver Post Reporter
John Valentine
(Denver Post Reporter)
Victor Aaron as Pawnee Elder
Victor Aaron
(Pawnee Elder)
Ryan Alosio as Saloon Thief
Ryan Alosio
(Saloon Thief)
Fred Applegate as Max Henderson
Fred Applegate
(Max Henderson)
Joseph Ashton as Looks for the Sun
Joseph Ashton
(Looks for the Sun)
Bibi Besch as Beatrice Cartwright
Bibi Besch
(Beatrice Cartwright)
Donald Bishop as Mr. Kracken
Donald Bishop
(Mr. Kracken)
Geoffrey Blake as Johnny Reed
Geoffrey Blake
(Johnny Reed)
Christopher Carroll as Mr. Folsom
Christopher Carroll
(Mr. Folsom)
Carl Ciarfalio as Garrett
Carl Ciarfalio
Jeff Coopwood as Mr. Harris
Jeff Coopwood
(Mr. Harris)
Denise Crosby as Isabelle Maynard
Denise Crosby
(Isabelle Maynard)
Jon Cypher as Preston A. Lodge II
Jon Cypher
(Preston A. Lodge II)
Lisa Dalton as First Townswoman
Lisa Dalton
(First Townswoman)
Robb Derringer as Soldier #2
Robb Derringer
(Soldier #2)
Lisa Dinkins as Woman
Lisa Dinkins
Christine Dolny as Arapaho Girl
Christine Dolny
(Arapaho Girl)
Madison Eginton as Ellie
Madison Eginton
Martin Eric as Indian School Trustee
Martin Eric
(Indian School Trustee)
Paul Francis as Ben Hart
Paul Francis
(Ben Hart)
Karen Furno as Second Townswoman
Karen Furno
(Second Townswoman)
Max Gail as Mr. Edwin James
Max Gail
(Mr. Edwin James)
Clu Gulager as Art McKendrick
Clu Gulager
(Art McKendrick)
Daniel Gusman as Crow Boy
Daniel Gusman
(Crow Boy)
John Harnagel as Denver Conductor
John Harnagel
(Denver Conductor)
Christine Healy as Dr. Miriam Tilson
Christine Healy
(Dr. Miriam Tilson)
Gayle Hunter as Patricia
Gayle Hunter
Mark Jobe as Zeke
Mark Jobe
Michelle Joyner as Mrs. Norris
Michelle Joyner
(Mrs. Norris)
George Kaminski as Amos
George Kaminski
Anthony Lee as Curtis Roper
Anthony Lee
(Curtis Roper)
Fred Lerner as Third Robber
Fred Lerner
(Third Robber)
Gloria LeRoy as Ilsa Lawsenstrom
Gloria LeRoy
(Ilsa Lawsenstrom)
Matty Liu as Plenty Horses
Matty Liu
(Plenty Horses)
Ben Livingston as Tom
Ben Livingston
Michael Mack as Franklin
Michael Mack
Matthew Mahaney as First Soldier
Matthew Mahaney
(First Soldier)
Barbara Mandrell as Gilda St. Clair
Barbara Mandrell
(Gilda St. Clair)
Billy Mayo as Joe
Billy Mayo
Bob McCracken as Cowboy #1
Bob McCracken
(Cowboy #1)
Bruce McKinnon as Sergeant
Bruce McKinnon
John C. McLaughlin as Judge
John C. McLaughlin
Michael Ray Miller as Man
Michael Ray Miller
Sean Moran as Customer
Sean Moran
Bonnie Morgan as Rosemary Hart
Bonnie Morgan
(Rosemary Hart)
Julian Neil as Jed Stearate
Julian Neil
(Jed Stearate)
Olaf Pooley as Judge
Olaf Pooley
Patrice Pitman Quinn as Mary
Patrice Pitman Quinn
F.J. Rio as Guillermo Louis Morales
F.J. Rio
(Guillermo Louis Morales)
Fred Rogers as Reverend Thomas
Fred Rogers
(Reverend Thomas)
Janet Rotblatt as Judith Logan
Janet Rotblatt
(Judith Logan)
Stephen Rowe as Jason Hart
Stephen Rowe
(Jason Hart)
Onofrio Sanfilippo as Pawnee Boy
Onofrio Sanfilippo
(Pawnee Boy)
David Shackelford as Soldier #1
David Shackelford
(Soldier #1)
Nick Soderblom as Bank Robber
Nick Soderblom
(Bank Robber)
Jennifer Starr as Suzanna James
Jennifer Starr
(Suzanna James)
Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as Mr. Jacobs
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
(Mr. Jacobs)
Rachel Strauss as Meg Darcy
Rachel Strauss
(Meg Darcy)
Ellen Treanor as Mrs. Darcy
Ellen Treanor
(Mrs. Darcy)
Travis Tritt as Zachary Brett
Travis Tritt
(Zachary Brett)
Joseph Dean Vachon as Mr. Norris
Joseph Dean Vachon
(Mr. Norris)
Suzanne Ventulett as Melanie Brown
Suzanne Ventulett
(Melanie Brown)
Ray Walston as Lucius Slicker
Ray Walston
(Lucius Slicker)
Anne Zogby as Townsperson
Anne Zogby
Harley Zumbrum as Second Robber
Harley Zumbrum
(Second Robber)
Kevin Bash as Pat
Kevin Bash
Chris Branham as Soldier #1
Chris Branham
(Soldier #1)
David Carradine as Houston Currier
David Carradine
(Houston Currier)
R.J. Chambers as Soldier #2
R.J. Chambers
(Soldier #2)
Maurice Chasse as Ray
Maurice Chasse
Jerry Cobleigh as Corporal
Jerry Cobleigh
Frederick Coffin as Danforth
Frederick Coffin
Holliston Coleman as Samantha Bing
Holliston Coleman
(Samantha Bing)
Steven Culp as Peter Doyle
Steven Culp
(Peter Doyle)
Gary Lee Davis as Billy
Gary Lee Davis
Jackie Debatin as First Prostitute
Jackie Debatin
(First Prostitute)
Kelly DeMartino as Second Prostitute
Kelly DeMartino
(Second Prostitute)
Kirsten Getchell as Hermese
Kirsten Getchell
Paul Haber as William Prenderly
Paul Haber
(William Prenderly)
James Keach as Brent Currier
James Keach
(Brent Currier)
Harry Lee as Man
Harry Lee
Donald Moffat as Walt Whitman
Donald Moffat
(Walt Whitman)
Stuart Nisbet as Harry B. Smith
Stuart Nisbet
(Harry B. Smith)
Stephanie Niznik as Rose
Stephanie Niznik
Riff Regan as Mary
Riff Regan
David Ogden Stiers as Theodore Quinn
David Ogden Stiers
(Theodore Quinn)
Lisa-Marie Thomas as A Woman
Lisa-Marie Thomas
(A Woman)
Rod Britt as Dr. John Liberti
Rod Britt
(Dr. John Liberti)
Jessica Gaona as Patient
Jessica Gaona
Leilani Murakami as Zou-Lo Chiang
Leilani Murakami
(Zou-Lo Chiang)
Bob Pepper as Church Patron
Bob Pepper
(Church Patron)
Cody as Wolf
Chaz as Wolf
John Wilkie as Townsperson
John Wilkie
Craig Richards as Swede
Craig Richards
Gregory Pellico as Townsman
Gregory Pellico
Gail Thackray as Emma
Gail Thackray
Gilley Grey as Comanche #1
Gilley Grey
(Comanche #1)
Chad Anderson as Dancer
Chad Anderson
Lena Banks as Townfolk
Lena Banks
Richard Bernard as Guitar Player
Richard Bernard
(Guitar Player)
Wendi De Barros as Dance Hall Girl
Wendi De Barros
(Dance Hall Girl)
John Fountain as Barbershop Patron
John Fountain
(Barbershop Patron)
Mary Gregory as Mrs. Quinn
Mary Gregory
(Mrs. Quinn)
Teddy M. Haggarty as Townsperson #1
Teddy M. Haggarty
(Townsperson #1)
Mary Kircher as Quilting Bee Circle Girl
Mary Kircher
(Quilting Bee Circle Girl)
Kevin J. O'Neill as Guard #3
Kevin J. O'Neill
(Guard #3)
Rachelle Roderick as Immigrant
Rachelle Roderick
Bob Ruggiero as Sick Cowboy
Bob Ruggiero
(Sick Cowboy)
Yvonne Russo as Grey Eyes
Yvonne Russo
(Grey Eyes)
Tom Summers as Townsperson #2
Tom Summers
(Townsperson #2)
Jerry Wolf as Cheyenne Boy
Jerry Wolf
(Cheyenne Boy)
Diana Lestat as Townswoman
Diana Lestat
Ralph Moratz as Senator
Ralph Moratz
Jesus DeSantiago as Party Guest
Jesus DeSantiago
(Party Guest)
Stan Garner as Conductor
Stan Garner
Michelle Renee Mae
Michelle Renee Mae
Geoff Meed as Bounty Hunter #2
Geoff Meed
(Bounty Hunter #2)
Gloria Koehn Straube as Wedding Guest
Gloria Koehn Straube
(Wedding Guest)
Carl Strecker as Townsperson in Church
Carl Strecker
(Townsperson in Church)
James Stuart as Party Guest
James Stuart
(Party Guest)
David Banuelos as Waiter
David Banuelos
Neill Calabro as Corporal #1 Chasing Sully
Neill Calabro
(Corporal #1 Chasing Sully)
Mark Harwell as Al - Bartender
Mark Harwell
(Al - Bartender)
Gregory Murtha as Young Boy
Gregory Murtha
(Young Boy)

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