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Secret Army

Secret Army (1977)

Secret Army

  • Genres:
    Drama | War
  • Release Date:
    7 September 1977
  • Broadcast Co:
    Belgische Radio en Televisie (BRT) - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    50 min
  • Summary:
    During World War II, Albert Foiret runs both a café in Brussels, where locals mix with the Nazi occupation forces, and a network of the Belgian resistance called Lifeline, devoted to the evacuation of downed Allied pilots to Britain. He and his secret 'army' constantly risk their own lives and those of many others to find the pilots, hide, nurse and prepare them for the long, dangerous journey out of the Reich under the Nazis' noses. It is a never ending cat-and-mouse game against specialized German hunters, the gentlemanly Luftwaffe officer Major Erwin Brandt and the ruthless Gestapo officer Sturmbannfuhrer Ludwig Kessler, whose devotion to Hitler's cause is boundless.

Cast & Crew

Bernard Hepton as Albert Foiret
Bernard Hepton
(Albert Foiret)
Angela Richards as Monique Duchamps
Angela Richards
(Monique Duchamps)
Clifford Rose as Sturmbannführer Ludwig Kessler
Clifford Rose
(Sturmbannführer Ludwig Kessler)
Juliet Hammond as Natalie Chantrens
Juliet Hammond
(Natalie Chantrens)
Ron Pember as Alain Muny
Ron Pember
(Alain Muny)
Valentine Dyall as Dr. Pascal Keldermans
Valentine Dyall
(Dr. Pascal Keldermans)
Michael Culver as Major Erwin Brandt
Michael Culver
(Major Erwin Brandt)
Jan Francis as Lisa 'Yvette' Colbert
Jan Francis
(Lisa 'Yvette' Colbert)
Christopher Neame as Flight Lt. John Curtis
Christopher Neame
(Flight Lt. John Curtis)
Hazel McBride as Madeleine Duclos
Hazel McBride
(Madeleine Duclos)
Terrence Hardiman as Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt
Terrence Hardiman
(Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt)
Stephen Yardley as Max Brocard
Stephen Yardley
(Max Brocard)
Robin Langford as Corporal Veit Rennert
Robin Langford
(Corporal Veit Rennert)
Neil Daglish as Wullner
Neil Daglish
Maria Charles as Louise Colbert
Maria Charles
(Louise Colbert)
James Bree as Gaston Colbert
James Bree
(Gaston Colbert)
Paul Shelley as Major Nick Bradley
Paul Shelley
(Major Nick Bradley)
Gunnar Möller as Hans Van Broecken
Gunnar Möller
(Hans Van Broecken)
Eileen Page as Andree Foiret
Eileen Page
(Andree Foiret)
John D. Collins as Inspector Paul Delon
John D. Collins
(Inspector Paul Delon)
John Cannon as German soldier
John Cannon
(German soldier)
Nigel Williams as Francois
Nigel Williams
Ralph Bates as Paul Vercors
Ralph Bates
(Paul Vercors)
Timothy Morand as Jacques Bol
Timothy Morand
(Jacques Bol)
Morris Perry as Maitre Guissard
Morris Perry
(Maitre Guissard)
Mary Barclay as Sophie Chantal
Mary Barclay
(Sophie Chantal)
Hilary Minster as Hauptmann Muller
Hilary Minster
(Hauptmann Muller)
Trisha Clarke as Genevieve
Trisha Clarke
Duncan Preston as Jacques Gavain
Duncan Preston
(Jacques Gavain)
Stephan Chase as Captain Stephen Durnford
Stephan Chase
(Captain Stephen Durnford)
Marianne Stone as Lena Van Broecken
Marianne Stone
(Lena Van Broecken)
Ruth Gower as Madeleine Chantal
Ruth Gower
(Madeleine Chantal)
Hetty Baynes as Yvonne
Hetty Baynes
Ernest C. Jennings as Old Man
Ernest C. Jennings
(Old Man)
Frank Jarvis as Belgian Resistance Worker
Frank Jarvis
(Belgian Resistance Worker)
David Ludwig as Dave - Rear Gunner
David Ludwig
(Dave - Rear Gunner)
Sjarel Branckaerts as Tank Sergeant
Sjarel Branckaerts
(Tank Sergeant)
Peter Barkworth as Hugh Neville
Peter Barkworth
(Hugh Neville)
Michael Wynne as Reinecke
Michael Wynne
Joanna Van Gyseghem as Dorothy Neville
Joanna Van Gyseghem
(Dorothy Neville)
Peter Arne as Colonel von Schalk
Peter Arne
(Colonel von Schalk)
Bruce Montague as Insp. Pierre Dubois
Bruce Montague
(Insp. Pierre Dubois)
Richard Beale as Inspector Benet
Richard Beale
(Inspector Benet)
Mark Jones as Belgian Police Sergeant
Mark Jones
(Belgian Police Sergeant)
Christopher Guard as Peter Romsey
Christopher Guard
(Peter Romsey)
Kathleen Byron as Madame Celeste Lekeu
Kathleen Byron
(Madame Celeste Lekeu)
Roger Booth as Reichskommissar Glaub
Roger Booth
(Reichskommissar Glaub)
Robert Gillespie as Eugene Zander
Robert Gillespie
(Eugene Zander)
Ivor Roberts as Victor
Ivor Roberts
Douglas Sheldon as Defending Officer
Douglas Sheldon
(Defending Officer)
John Alkin as Flight Lt. Andre De Beers
John Alkin
(Flight Lt. Andre De Beers)
Nigel Lambert as Tony Newman
Nigel Lambert
(Tony Newman)
Jack McKenzie as Major Neil Turner
Jack McKenzie
(Major Neil Turner)
Paul Seed as Dominique
Paul Seed
Daniel Hill as Flight Sgt. Bert Lewis
Daniel Hill
(Flight Sgt. Bert Lewis)
Jean Rimmer as Estelle Muny
Jean Rimmer
(Estelle Muny)
Richard Seager as Flight Sgt. Burton
Richard Seager
(Flight Sgt. Burton)
John Cassady as Jerry Wade
John Cassady
(Jerry Wade)
Al Lampert as German Officer
Al Lampert
(German Officer)
Rob Edwards as Adam Girton
Rob Edwards
(Adam Girton)
Jason Kemp as Dakota Pilot
Jason Kemp
(Dakota Pilot)
Robert MacLeod as Air Commodore
Robert MacLeod
(Air Commodore)
Richard Hampton as Rescue Worker
Richard Hampton
(Rescue Worker)
Bill Rourke as German Corporal
Bill Rourke
(German Corporal)
Paul Ridley as German Private
Paul Ridley
(German Private)
Alec Wallis as Farmer
Alec Wallis
Reginald Stewart as Waiter
Reginald Stewart
Jeanna L'Esty as Floor Manager
Jeanna L'Esty
(Floor Manager)
Reg Woods as Gestapo Tail
Reg Woods
(Gestapo Tail)
Clive Arrindell as Stoller
Clive Arrindell
Eric Deacon as Klein
Eric Deacon
Arthur White as Louis Bastiat
Arthur White
(Louis Bastiat)
Ian McCulloch as Malaud
Ian McCulloch
John Line as Maurice Tourtellat
John Line
(Maurice Tourtellat)
Helen Blatch as Simone Borel
Helen Blatch
(Simone Borel)
Struan Rodger as 'Mad' Mike Miller
Struan Rodger
('Mad' Mike Miller)
Paul Copley as Eric Finch
Paul Copley
(Eric Finch)
Duncan Lamont as Victor Herve
Duncan Lamont
(Victor Herve)
Steve Gardner as Alec Ashton
Steve Gardner
(Alec Ashton)
Prentis Hancock as Jacot
Prentis Hancock
Ray Roberts as Jacques Borel
Ray Roberts
(Jacques Borel)
John Carson as Hans Van Reijn
John Carson
(Hans Van Reijn)
Barbara Cochran as Mme. Catherine Bidout
Barbara Cochran
(Mme. Catherine Bidout)
Maurice Denham as Father Girard
Maurice Denham
(Father Girard)
Christopher Douglas as Noel Uys
Christopher Douglas
(Noel Uys)
Norman Eshley as Sgt. Clifford Howson
Norman Eshley
(Sgt. Clifford Howson)
Gerald James as Inspector Landre
Gerald James
(Inspector Landre)
Jon Laurimore as Staff Officer
Jon Laurimore
(Staff Officer)
John Abineri as Bertrand Lecau
John Abineri
(Bertrand Lecau)
John Flanagan as Tommy Miller
John Flanagan
(Tommy Miller)
Emma Garden as Danielle
Emma Garden
Keith Jayne as Wim
Keith Jayne
Brigitte Kahn as Erika Brandt
Brigitte Kahn
(Erika Brandt)
David Neilson as Jelinek
David Neilson
Andrew Robertson as Wing Commander Kelso
Andrew Robertson
(Wing Commander Kelso)
Guy Rolfe as Oberst von Elmendorff
Guy Rolfe
(Oberst von Elmendorff)
Peggy Sinclair as Sister Louise
Peggy Sinclair
(Sister Louise)
Paul Wagar as Peter Harris
Paul Wagar
(Peter Harris)
Davyd Harries as Jean Lamotte
Davyd Harries
(Jean Lamotte)
Gordon Kane as Sidney Oliphant
Gordon Kane
(Sidney Oliphant)
Michael Lees as Colonel Northwood
Michael Lees
(Colonel Northwood)
David Yelland as Flight Lt. Alan Cox
David Yelland
(Flight Lt. Alan Cox)
Frank Barrie as Hercule Becker
Frank Barrie
(Hercule Becker)
Malcolm Bullivant as Pasco
Malcolm Bullivant
Max Harris as Jean-Paul Dornes
Max Harris
(Jean-Paul Dornes)
Barry Jackson as Lock-Keeper
Barry Jackson
Brewster Mason as Father Pierre
Brewster Mason
(Father Pierre)
Anthony Smee as Vidler
Anthony Smee
Jeffry Wickham as Stoph
Jeffry Wickham
Richard Wren as Oberleutnant
Richard Wren
Daniel Abineri as Flight Sgt. Mick Murray
Daniel Abineri
(Flight Sgt. Mick Murray)
Sebastian Abineri as Flight Lt. Jones
Sebastian Abineri
(Flight Lt. Jones)
Geoffrey Bateman as Claude Pettelain
Geoffrey Bateman
(Claude Pettelain)
Rachel Beasley as Marie-Claire
Rachel Beasley
Michael Byrne as Paul Vercors
Michael Byrne
(Paul Vercors)
Michael Hawkins as Paymaster
Michael Hawkins
David King as Louis-Victor Condé
David King
(Louis-Victor Condé)
Vincent Marzello as Charles McGee
Vincent Marzello
(Charles McGee)
Leonard Preston as Joseph Walden
Leonard Preston
(Joseph Walden)
Peter Wight as Squadron Leader Kennedy
Peter Wight
(Squadron Leader Kennedy)
Brian Coburn as Henri
Brian Coburn
Robin Davies as Ronnie Whale
Robin Davies
(Ronnie Whale)
Denis Holmes as Paul Frenay
Denis Holmes
(Paul Frenay)
Stephen Novak as Jean-Paul
Stephen Novak
Michael Vivian as Paul Durnford
Michael Vivian
(Paul Durnford)
Richard Austin as Alan
Richard Austin
Michael Burrell as Schliemann
Michael Burrell
Jonathan Coy as Wright
Jonathan Coy
Shaun Curry as Julius
Shaun Curry
Richard Gale as Brother Anselm
Richard Gale
(Brother Anselm)
Brian Glover as Cpl. Emil Schnorr
Brian Glover
(Cpl. Emil Schnorr)
Paul Gregory as John Staples
Paul Gregory
(John Staples)
Malcolm Hayes as Station Master
Malcolm Hayes
(Station Master)
Sylva Langova as Mme. Marcelle Gerome
Sylva Langova
(Mme. Marcelle Gerome)
Edmund Pegge as Teddy Marsh
Edmund Pegge
(Teddy Marsh)
Michael Graham Cox as Philippe
Michael Graham Cox
James Greene as Brigadier General Markham
James Greene
(Brigadier General Markham)
Constantine Gregory as Ivan
Constantine Gregory
Edward Hammond as Sergeant Rogers
Edward Hammond
(Sergeant Rogers)
Jenny Laird as Else Lambrichts
Jenny Laird
(Else Lambrichts)
John Nani as Bobo
John Nani
Jonathan Newth as Jean Barsacq
Jonathan Newth
(Jean Barsacq)
Christian Roberts as Oberleutnant Horst
Christian Roberts
(Oberleutnant Horst)
John Rolfe as Weikmann
John Rolfe
John Stone as Hauptmann Neumann
John Stone
(Hauptmann Neumann)
Ralph Arliss as Flight Lt. Dean
Ralph Arliss
(Flight Lt. Dean)
Simon Cowell-Parker as Werner Goetz
Simon Cowell-Parker
(Werner Goetz)
Christopher Good as Flight Sgt. Tucker
Christopher Good
(Flight Sgt. Tucker)
Shane Rimmer as Canadian Commandant
Shane Rimmer
(Canadian Commandant)
James Smith as Dunlop
James Smith
Martin Burrows as Sgt. Walker
Martin Burrows
(Sgt. Walker)
James Coyle as Railway Worker
James Coyle
(Railway Worker)
Jonathan Darvill as Daly
Jonathan Darvill
Shirley Jaffe as Mrs. Schliemann
Shirley Jaffe
(Mrs. Schliemann)
Vera Jakob as Madame Victor
Vera Jakob
(Madame Victor)
Paul Jerricho as Horst Schmidt
Paul Jerricho
(Horst Schmidt)
Bartlett Mullins as Brother Saul
Bartlett Mullins
(Brother Saul)
Sally Sanders as Farmer's Wife
Sally Sanders
(Farmer's Wife)
Jonathan Scott as Emile Van Maas
Jonathan Scott
(Emile Van Maas)
Damien Thomas as Jan
Damien Thomas
Susan Tracy as Anna Dornes
Susan Tracy
(Anna Dornes)
Albert Welling as Donald Simpson
Albert Welling
(Donald Simpson)
Alexander Davion as Duvivier
Alexander Davion
Leon Eagles as Oberst Bruch
Leon Eagles
(Oberst Bruch)
Michael Goldie as Rene
Michael Goldie
Natasha Green as Gaby
Natasha Green
Doreen Mantle as Mme. Desmarts
Doreen Mantle
(Mme. Desmarts)
Kazik Michalski as Alexei
Kazik Michalski
John Rees as Coubet
John Rees
Ian Ruskin as Jacques
Ian Ruskin
Louis Sheldon as Lt. Rheinhardt
Louis Sheldon
(Lt. Rheinhardt)
Paul Antrim as Bonnier
Paul Antrim
Ian Barritt as Kaptain von Wolzogen
Ian Barritt
(Kaptain von Wolzogen)
Peta Bernard as Louise
Peta Bernard
Peter Dahlsen as Flight Sgt. Wally Bond
Peter Dahlsen
(Flight Sgt. Wally Bond)
Paul Henley as Otto Kaufmann
Paul Henley
(Otto Kaufmann)
Bunny May as Obersturmbannführer Stroem
Bunny May
(Obersturmbannführer Stroem)
Brian Osborne as Sergeant
Brian Osborne
Michael Osborne as Squadron Leader Bain
Michael Osborne
(Squadron Leader Bain)
Tim Pearce as Shaw
Tim Pearce
Graham Weston as Jacques
Graham Weston
Ray Armstrong as The Hunter
Ray Armstrong
(The Hunter)
Neville Barber as Dr. Bogaerde
Neville Barber
(Dr. Bogaerde)
Mark Burns as Dieter Gundell
Mark Burns
(Dieter Gundell)
Michael Forrest as Klaus Schoonheim
Michael Forrest
(Klaus Schoonheim)
Helen Gill as Denise
Helen Gill
Peter Grayer as Brother Hugues
Peter Grayer
(Brother Hugues)
Nigel Greaves as Hopkins
Nigel Greaves
Hannah Isaacson as Sara Schliemann
Hannah Isaacson
(Sara Schliemann)
Pauline Letts as Patronne
Pauline Letts
John Scott Martin as Concierge
John Scott Martin
Vivien Merchant as Mlle. Gunet
Vivien Merchant
(Mlle. Gunet)
Adam Richens as Jean-Jacques Hatt
Adam Richens
(Jean-Jacques Hatt)
William Simons as Lebrun
William Simons
Edward Arthur as Police Inspector
Edward Arthur
(Police Inspector)
Sylvia Barter as Mother Superior
Sylvia Barter
(Mother Superior)
David Beckett as Guard
David Beckett
William Boyde as Vic Hutton
William Boyde
(Vic Hutton)
Richard Cornish as Jean-Louis
Richard Cornish
Roy Evans as Belgian Farmer
Roy Evans
(Belgian Farmer)
Eric Francis as Railway Worker
Eric Francis
(Railway Worker)
Richard Marner as Marais
Richard Marner
James Ottaway as Priest
James Ottaway
Michael Remick as Roland Huys
Michael Remick
(Roland Huys)
Stewart Bevan as Flight Sgt. Sharp
Stewart Bevan
(Flight Sgt. Sharp)
Michael Cassidy as Sergeant
Michael Cassidy
John Golightly as British Lieutenant
John Golightly
(British Lieutenant)
Maureen Morris as Marie
Maureen Morris
David Quilter as Prosecuting Officer
David Quilter
(Prosecuting Officer)
Iain Rattray as Gestapo Man
Iain Rattray
(Gestapo Man)
Bunny Reed as Klaus
Bunny Reed
Vernon Smythe as Air Vice Marshall McKay
Vernon Smythe
(Air Vice Marshall McKay)
Judy Wilson as Mother
Judy Wilson
Howard Bell as Farmer
Howard Bell
Anthony Blackett as Guide
Anthony Blackett
Roger Davidson as Fisher
Roger Davidson
Souad Faress as Maria
Souad Faress
Mark Farmer as Brusse
Mark Farmer
Stanley Lebor as Shopkeeper
Stanley Lebor
Roy Pattison as German Officer
Roy Pattison
(German Officer)
Richard Reeves as Baker
Richard Reeves
Valerie Shute as Mme. Lebrun
Valerie Shute
(Mme. Lebrun)
David Trevena as Michel Dupont
David Trevena
(Michel Dupont)
John Baker as Jacques Lamboit
John Baker
(Jacques Lamboit)
Rudi Delhem as Schultz
Rudi Delhem
William Relton as RAF Evader
William Relton
(RAF Evader)
Martin Smith as Pilot
Martin Smith
Royston Tickner as Air Raid Warden
Royston Tickner
(Air Raid Warden)
Margery Withers as Mme. Louise Van Artevelde
Margery Withers
(Mme. Louise Van Artevelde)
Rik Bravenboer as Postman
Rik Bravenboer
Peter Davidson as Customer in Candide
Peter Davidson
(Customer in Candide)
Hugh Futcher as Jean
Hugh Futcher
Anthony Gardner as Kupper
Anthony Gardner
Anthony Head as Hanslick
Anthony Head
Chris Humphreys as German Captain
Chris Humphreys
(German Captain)
Kevin O'Shea as Soldier
Kevin O'Shea
Bart Vanhecke as Child
Bart Vanhecke
John White as Farrier
John White
Perry Bedden as British Flight Lieutenant
Perry Bedden
(British Flight Lieutenant)
Catherine Brandon as Farmer's Wife
Catherine Brandon
(Farmer's Wife)
Leonard Fenton as Driver
Leonard Fenton
Rob Flanagan as Lamb
Rob Flanagan
David Gretton as Oliver
David Gretton
Lucy Griffiths as Customer
Lucy Griffiths
David Hanson as Emile
David Hanson
Jeffrey Holland as Michel
Jeffrey Holland
Dominic Letts as Jones
Dominic Letts
David McAlister as Navigator
David McAlister
Richard Albrecht as Paul Mitchell
Richard Albrecht
(Paul Mitchell)
Nick Joseph as Rear Gunner
Nick Joseph
(Rear Gunner)
Michael Mundell as Dutch Saboteur
Michael Mundell
(Dutch Saboteur)
Gilbert O'Brien as Pilot
Gilbert O'Brien
Mark Taylor as Group Captain
Mark Taylor
(Group Captain)
Reg Thomason as Scientist
Reg Thomason
Robert Vahey as French Railwayman
Robert Vahey
(French Railwayman)
James Wynn as Roger Parker
James Wynn
(Roger Parker)
Jeremy Anthony as Policeman
Jeremy Anthony
Jon Croft as Guide
Jon Croft
Steven Crossley as Customer in Candide
Steven Crossley
(Customer in Candide)
Ronald Fernee as Lt. Frank Nieman
Ronald Fernee
(Lt. Frank Nieman)
Michael Garner as Soldier
Michael Garner
Michael Godley as Resistance Worker
Michael Godley
(Resistance Worker)
Gareth Milne as McQuaig
Gareth Milne
John Ratzenberger as Staff Sergeant Dexter
John Ratzenberger
(Staff Sergeant Dexter)
Anthony Barnett as British Sergeant
Anthony Barnett
(British Sergeant)
Abigail Brown as Farmer's Daughter
Abigail Brown
(Farmer's Daughter)
Anthony Howden as Gendarme
Anthony Howden
Hugh Martin as Peasant
Hugh Martin
John Moore as The Fisherman
John Moore
(The Fisherman)
Gladys Powell as Accordionist
Gladys Powell
Ken Stott as Baroja
Ken Stott
Keith Varnier as Pilot
Keith Varnier
Derek Broome as Gil Muny
Derek Broome
(Gil Muny)
John Herrington as Felicien
John Herrington
Robert Howie as Navigator
Robert Howie
Derek Lamden as German Officer
Derek Lamden
(German Officer)
Stephen Phillips as German Trooper
Stephen Phillips
(German Trooper)
Charles Rogers as Geoff Lloyd
Charles Rogers
(Geoff Lloyd)
John Waldon as Jacques
John Waldon
Roy Boyd as Spaatz
Roy Boyd
Max Faulkner as German Officer
Max Faulkner
(German Officer)
Kevin Flood as Marc
Kevin Flood
Peter Fontaine as Group Captain Alwyn
Peter Fontaine
(Group Captain Alwyn)
Alfred Hoffman as Marek
Alfred Hoffman
Douglas Lambert as Duty Officer
Douglas Lambert
(Duty Officer)
Robert Ian Mackenzie as Customer in Candide
Robert Ian Mackenzie
(Customer in Candide)
Harry Saks as German Corporal
Harry Saks
(German Corporal)
Johnny Shannon as Dutch Policeman
Johnny Shannon
(Dutch Policeman)
Nick Wilkinson as Clint
Nick Wilkinson
Jürgen Andersen as German Sergeant
Jürgen Andersen
(German Sergeant)
Michael Anthony as Fassbaender
Michael Anthony
Daniel Chasin as Farmer's Son
Daniel Chasin
(Farmer's Son)
David Goodey as Farmer
David Goodey
Michael Halsey as Wireless Operator
Michael Halsey
(Wireless Operator)
Tina Jones as Sarah
Tina Jones
John Peel as Brussels Checkpoint Lieutenant
John Peel
(Brussels Checkpoint Lieutenant)
Steve Ubels as Bistro Local
Steve Ubels
(Bistro Local)
Julian Ashton as Bill Godley
Julian Ashton
(Bill Godley)
Susan Dady as Claudette
Susan Dady
Domien De Gruyter as Gestapo Man
Domien De Gruyter
(Gestapo Man)
Frank Tarttelin as German Guard
Frank Tarttelin
(German Guard)
Peter Tullo as Wireless Operator
Peter Tullo
(Wireless Operator)
Alan Butler as German Officer
Alan Butler
(German Officer)
Claude Le Saché as Train Guard
Claude Le Saché
(Train Guard)
Stuart Milligan as Corporal Lewis
Stuart Milligan
(Corporal Lewis)
Simon Needs as Sergeant
Simon Needs
Guy Siner as German Monitoring Personnel
Guy Siner
(German Monitoring Personnel)
Derrick Slater as Willi de Hooch
Derrick Slater
(Willi de Hooch)
Werther van der Sarren as Barber
Werther van der Sarren
John Bowe as Maurice
John Bowe
Willy Bowman as Oberst
Willy Bowman
Martin Connor as Bomb Aimer
Martin Connor
(Bomb Aimer)
Peter Holt as Luftwaffe Sergeant
Peter Holt
(Luftwaffe Sergeant)
Simon Page as German Officer
Simon Page
(German Officer)
Micha Bergese as German Officer
Micha Bergese
(German Officer)
Trevor Griffiths as Belgian Farmer
Trevor Griffiths
(Belgian Farmer)
Stephen Hatton as German Soldier
Stephen Hatton
(German Soldier)
David Taylor as Peter Bridge
David Taylor
(Peter Bridge)
Frank Vincent as French Police Inspector
Frank Vincent
(French Police Inspector)
Norman Atkyns as Station Official
Norman Atkyns
(Station Official)
Julian Fox as Hauptmann
Julian Fox
Valerie Masters as Singer
Valerie Masters
Peter Richards as German Monitoring Personnel
Peter Richards
(German Monitoring Personnel)
Gordon Sheridan as Canadian Officer
Gordon Sheridan
(Canadian Officer)
Peter Birch as Lacoste
Peter Birch
Nicholas Geake as French Border Sergeant
Nicholas Geake
(French Border Sergeant)
Brenda Kempner as Wardress
Brenda Kempner
James Lister as Sgt. Thomas
James Lister
(Sgt. Thomas)
Renny Krupinski as SS Officer
Renny Krupinski
(SS Officer)
Peter Land as Devouglaar
Peter Land
Stephen Reynolds as Billy Boyce
Stephen Reynolds
(Billy Boyce)
Mark Allington as Jones
Mark Allington
Bunny Lane as Stripper
Bunny Lane
David Roy Paul as Feldwebel
David Roy Paul
Ian Tyler as Sentry
Ian Tyler
Raymond Witch as Concierge
Raymond Witch
Norwich Duff as Luftwaffe Policeman
Norwich Duff
(Luftwaffe Policeman)
Michael Graves as Sgt. Mitchell
Michael Graves
(Sgt. Mitchell)
Ian Oliver as Child
Ian Oliver
Crawford Logan as Hauptmann Schmidt
Crawford Logan
(Hauptmann Schmidt)
Tony Brooks as German Soldier
Tony Brooks
(German Soldier)
Joe Dunlop as O.B. Director
Joe Dunlop
(O.B. Director)
Peter Jessup as Campbell
Peter Jessup
Colin David Reese as Driver
Colin David Reese
George Mallaby as Guard
George Mallaby
Tony Meyer as Luftwaffe Policeman
Tony Meyer
(Luftwaffe Policeman)
Peter Quince as Sgt. Howes
Peter Quince
(Sgt. Howes)
Tom Cotcher as Evader
Tom Cotcher
Carl Bohen as Firing Squad Captain
Carl Bohen
(Firing Squad Captain)
Christopher Holmes as Wray
Christopher Holmes
Eileen Way as Woman Patient
Eileen Way
(Woman Patient)
Olwen Griffiths as Bertha
Olwen Griffiths
David Lyell as Sgt. Findlay
David Lyell
(Sgt. Findlay)
Jonathan Hackett as Lt. Schober
Jonathan Hackett
(Lt. Schober)
Yvonne Mertens as Madame Faucad
Yvonne Mertens
(Madame Faucad)
Richard Hope as Sgt. Hose
Richard Hope
(Sgt. Hose)
Derek Crewe as German Soldier
Derek Crewe
(German Soldier)
Jeanie Lambe as Singer in Candide
Jeanie Lambe
(Singer in Candide)
Arnold Willems as Wehrmacht Corporal
Arnold Willems
(Wehrmacht Corporal)
Margaret John as Candide Customer
Margaret John
(Candide Customer)
Keith Ashton as Taylor
Keith Ashton
Vilma Hollingbery as Neighbour
Vilma Hollingbery
Shelagh Wilcocks as Candide Customer
Shelagh Wilcocks
(Candide Customer)
Ian Liston as Bartle
Ian Liston
Esmond Webb as Candide Customer
Esmond Webb
(Candide Customer)
David English as RASC Private
David English
(RASC Private)
Arnold Peters as Candide Customer
Arnold Peters
(Candide Customer)
Tim Barlow as Sgt. Major
Tim Barlow
(Sgt. Major)
Vernon Joyner as Group Captain
Vernon Joyner
(Group Captain)
Hermione Gregory as Housewife
Hermione Gregory
Michael Napier Brown as Husband
Michael Napier Brown
Richard Holden as Policeman
Richard Holden
Anthony Ainley as Johnson
Anthony Ainley
Peter Clay as Brigadier
Peter Clay
Anthony Stafford as Luftwaffe Policeman
Anthony Stafford
(Luftwaffe Policeman)
Luke Johnson as Peasant
Luke Johnson
Neil Dickson as Phillips
Neil Dickson
John Bown as Interviewer
John Bown
Dan Gillan as Etienne
Dan Gillan
Laurie Goode as Pilot
Laurie Goode
Seymour Green as Master of Ceremonies
Seymour Green
(Master of Ceremonies)
Brian Jackson as Interviewer
Brian Jackson
David Strong as Interviewer
David Strong
Sarah Twist as Janet Stone
Sarah Twist
(Janet Stone)
Ken Moule as Paul
Ken Moule
Pat Gorman as Prison Guard
Pat Gorman
(Prison Guard)
Harry Fielder as Candide Patron
Harry Fielder
(Candide Patron)
James Muir as German Soldier
James Muir
(German Soldier)
Eric Kent as Candide patron
Eric Kent
(Candide patron)
Mike Mungarvan as Evader
Mike Mungarvan
Graham Cole as German soldier in café
Graham Cole
(German soldier in café)
Ricky Diamond as Corporal
Ricky Diamond
Fred Van Kuyk
Fred Van Kuyk
Louise Harding as Alain's Daughter
Louise Harding
(Alain's Daughter)
Terry Pearson as Evader
Terry Pearson
David Perkins as Alain's Son
David Perkins
(Alain's Son)
Stephen Reed as Soldier
Stephen Reed
David Serge as Navigator
David Serge
Alan Chuntz as Prison Inmate
Alan Chuntz
(Prison Inmate)
Stuart Fell as Evader
Stuart Fell
Martin Grant as Man
Martin Grant
Blanka Heirman as Shouting Woman in the Crowd
Blanka Heirman
(Shouting Woman in the Crowd)
Steve Ismay as Guard
Steve Ismay
William Randle as Oberleutnant Rath
William Randle
(Oberleutnant Rath)
Sheila West as Jacqueline Leclerc
Sheila West
(Jacqueline Leclerc)

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Tehran 11
Tehran 11
The Old Fox
The Old Fox
The Maharaja's Daughter
The Maharaja's Daughter
Jangjoyane Kohestan
Jangjoyane Kohestan
Az Sarzamine Shomali
Az Sarzamine Shomali
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes