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Skippy (1968)


  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    1 March 1968
  • Broadcast Co:
    Fauna Productions - Nine Network Australia - Norfolk International Pictures
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    25 min
  • Summary:
    Sonny and his kangaroo Skippy live in Waratah National Park in New South Wales. Matt Hammond, Sonny's father is the park ranger. Skippy saves the day in many adventures.

Cast & Crew

Ed Devereaux as Matt Hammond
Ed Devereaux
(Matt Hammond)
Tony Bonner as Jerry King
Tony Bonner
(Jerry King)
Ken James as Mark Hammond
Ken James
(Mark Hammond)
Garry Pankhurst as Sonny Hammond
Garry Pankhurst
(Sonny Hammond)
Skippy as Self - The Bush Kangaroo
(Self - The Bush Kangaroo)
Liza Goddard as Clancy Merrick
Liza Goddard
(Clancy Merrick)
John Warwick as Sir Adrian Gillespie
John Warwick
(Sir Adrian Gillespie)
Elke Neidhart as Anna Steiner
Elke Neidhart
(Anna Steiner)
Tom Farley as Jefferson Judd
Tom Farley
(Jefferson Judd)
Deryck Barnes as Dr. Morton
Deryck Barnes
(Dr. Morton)
Frank Thring as Dr. Stark
Frank Thring
(Dr. Stark)
Gerry Duggan as M. V. Archer
Gerry Duggan
(M. V. Archer)
Willie Fennell as Ernie
Willie Fennell
Reg Evans as Fred
Reg Evans
Lex Mitchell as Carey
Lex Mitchell
Howard Vernon as Businessman
Howard Vernon
Walter Sullivan as Detective Sergeant
Walter Sullivan
(Detective Sergeant)
Patrick McCarville as Jake
Patrick McCarville
Reg Gorman as Jim Nelson
Reg Gorman
(Jim Nelson)
Jeanie Drynan as Dulcie Condon
Jeanie Drynan
(Dulcie Condon)
Edward Hepple as Ben
Edward Hepple
John Meillon as 'Nimble' Norris
John Meillon
('Nimble' Norris)
John Armstrong as Baker
John Armstrong
Noel Brophy as Patrick Duffy
Noel Brophy
(Patrick Duffy)
Slim DeGrey as Charlie
Slim DeGrey
Ron Shand as Ernie Stubbs
Ron Shand
(Ernie Stubbs)
Barbara Joss as Barbara Mason
Barbara Joss
(Barbara Mason)
Ali Miller as Tara
Ali Miller
Kenneth Laird as Colonel Crothers
Kenneth Laird
(Colonel Crothers)
Ken Goodlet as Jim Ferguson
Ken Goodlet
(Jim Ferguson)
Reg Collins as Mr. Fergus
Reg Collins
(Mr. Fergus)
Colin Croft as Beazley
Colin Croft
Jack Allan as Joe
Jack Allan
Tom Oliver as Craig
Tom Oliver
John Unicomb as Ben Schuyler
John Unicomb
(Ben Schuyler)
Jessica Noad as Marian Merrick
Jessica Noad
(Marian Merrick)
Des Rolfe as Mr. Hobbs
Des Rolfe
(Mr. Hobbs)
Neva Carr-Glynn as Esmeralda
Neva Carr-Glynn
Don Philps as Avery
Don Philps
Les Foxcroft as Cliff
Les Foxcroft
Judith Fisher as Lucy Schuyler
Judith Fisher
(Lucy Schuyler)
Tony Bazell as Mr. Nielson
Tony Bazell
(Mr. Nielson)
Alister Smart as Alf
Alister Smart
Red Moore as McMurtrie
Red Moore
Fred Sims as Bill
Fred Sims
Harold Hopkins as Tim Grant
Harold Hopkins
(Tim Grant)
Jim Bowles as Bookmaker
Jim Bowles
Bruce Barry as Morley
Bruce Barry
Christine Bartlett as Sandra
Christine Bartlett
Eric Reiman as Repping
Eric Reiman
Gita Rivera as Lisa
Gita Rivera
Kathy Troutt as Self - World Deep Dive Champion
Kathy Troutt
(Self - World Deep Dive Champion)
David Williams as Squadron Leader
David Williams
(Squadron Leader)
Kevin Miles as Steven Lansbury
Kevin Miles
(Steven Lansbury)
Alex Mozart as Papa Fiorini
Alex Mozart
(Papa Fiorini)
Tony Ward as J. Carrington Nash
Tony Ward
(J. Carrington Nash)
Wendy Blacklock as Hattie Dougall
Wendy Blacklock
(Hattie Dougall)
Athol Compton as Johnny Bombala
Athol Compton
(Johnny Bombala)
Patsy Trench as Carrie Mason
Patsy Trench
(Carrie Mason)
Alexander Archdale as Byron Cresswell
Alexander Archdale
(Byron Cresswell)
Robert Bruning as Lucas
Robert Bruning
Beryl Cheers as Prudence Frith
Beryl Cheers
(Prudence Frith)
Tina Cornioley as Helen
Tina Cornioley
Robin Cuming as Alex
Robin Cuming
Candy Devine as Moona
Candy Devine
Mike Dorsey as Alan Condon
Mike Dorsey
(Alan Condon)
David Downer as Norman
David Downer
Tommy Dysart as Andrews
Tommy Dysart
Gary Gray as Rocky Miller
Gary Gray
(Rocky Miller)
John Gray as Mr. Wilson
John Gray
(Mr. Wilson)
Gavin Hamilton as Tom
Gavin Hamilton
Jaeme Hamilton as Mick
Jaeme Hamilton
William Hodge as Coutts
William Hodge
Darlene Johnson as Aunt Evelyn
Darlene Johnson
(Aunt Evelyn)
John Laws as Jack Jamieson
John Laws
(Jack Jamieson)
Alan Light as Cummings
Alan Light
Charles McCallum as Sir John Banks
Charles McCallum
(Sir John Banks)
Kate McKittrick as Miss Duval
Kate McKittrick
(Miss Duval)
Pamela Raymond as Sonia Pearson
Pamela Raymond
(Sonia Pearson)
June Thody as April
June Thody
Mark Albiston as Stan Wiley
Mark Albiston
(Stan Wiley)
Peter Armstrong as Pete
Peter Armstrong
Michael Boddy as Fat Man
Michael Boddy
(Fat Man)
Barry Crocker as Alfred Aloysius Mortimer
Barry Crocker
(Alfred Aloysius Mortimer)
Diana Davidson as Helen Masters
Diana Davidson
(Helen Masters)
Gregory de Polnay as Marcus
Gregory de Polnay
Graham Dixon as Bob Raine
Graham Dixon
(Bob Raine)
Chuck Faulkner as Toby Broughton
Chuck Faulkner
(Toby Broughton)
Jill Forster as Mary Lansbury
Jill Forster
(Mary Lansbury)
Sandy Harbutt as Cooper
Sandy Harbutt
Alexandra Hines as Theresa Fiorini
Alexandra Hines
(Theresa Fiorini)
Edward Howell as Dr. Ames
Edward Howell
(Dr. Ames)
Marion Johns as Woman Customer
Marion Johns
(Woman Customer)
Gillian Jones as Jane
Gillian Jones
Nancy Knudsen as Maggie
Nancy Knudsen
Enid Lorimer as Mrs. Kearney
Enid Lorimer
(Mrs. Kearney)
Patricia Lovell as Helen Macauley
Patricia Lovell
(Helen Macauley)
Donald MacDonald as Ross
Donald MacDonald
Kirrily Nolan as Sister Ruth
Kirrily Nolan
(Sister Ruth)
Don Reid as Oats
Don Reid
Peter Reynolds as Crompton
Peter Reynolds
Graham Rouse as John Manson
Graham Rouse
(John Manson)
Valerie Taylor as Paula
Valerie Taylor
Stanley Walsh as Rich
Stanley Walsh
Peter Adams as Joe Bently
Peter Adams
(Joe Bently)
Rod Hull as Mervin Pennyweather
Rod Hull
(Mervin Pennyweather)
George Assang as Coote
George Assang
Harry Carpenter as Old One
Harry Carpenter
(Old One)
Jimmy Carruthers as Frank
Jimmy Carruthers
William Cox as Bruhl
William Cox
Don Crosby as Snapes
Don Crosby
Max Cullen as Keeler
Max Cullen
Fernande Glynn as Miss Dempster
Fernande Glynn
(Miss Dempster)
Anthony Ingersent as Greg
Anthony Ingersent
Nigel Lovell as Dr. Martin
Nigel Lovell
(Dr. Martin)
Terry McDermott as Hilton
Terry McDermott
Bryan Niland as Darcy
Bryan Niland
Stanley Rodgers as Butler
Stanley Rodgers
Alan Scott as Max Lovejoy
Alan Scott
(Max Lovejoy)
Betty Lim Saw Yim as Miss Ho
Betty Lim Saw Yim
(Miss Ho)
John Barnes as Inspector Cooper
John Barnes
(Inspector Cooper)
Alexander Cann as Dr. Tolkein
Alexander Cann
(Dr. Tolkein)
Margaret Christensen as Mrs. Woodleigh-Smith
Margaret Christensen
(Mrs. Woodleigh-Smith)
Sue Costin as Betsy
Sue Costin
Bob Delander as Youth in Speedboat 1
Bob Delander
(Youth in Speedboat 1)
Gerry Gallagher as Roger Temple
Gerry Gallagher
(Roger Temple)
Ben Gaule as Ramon
Ben Gaule
Stewart Ginn as Joe Farrell
Stewart Ginn
(Joe Farrell)
Ray Hartley as Elsworth
Ray Hartley
Norman Hodges as Thin Man
Norman Hodges
(Thin Man)
Clarissa Kaye-Mason as Judith Wright
Clarissa Kaye-Mason
(Judith Wright)
Harry Lawrence as Mr. Carmody
Harry Lawrence
(Mr. Carmody)
Peter McPhie as Cole
Peter McPhie
John Paisley as Rix
John Paisley
Candy Raymond as Georgie
Candy Raymond
Robert Reid as Steven
Robert Reid
Ken Shorter as Tim
Ken Shorter
Jonathan Sweet as Brian
Jonathan Sweet
Alan Tobin as Marnos
Alan Tobin
Peter Whittle as Ocker
Peter Whittle
Noel Ferrier as Mr. Pearson
Noel Ferrier
(Mr. Pearson)
Moya O'Sullivan as Mrs. Mason
Moya O'Sullivan
(Mrs. Mason)
Gordon Glenwright as Coombes
Gordon Glenwright
Bob Haddow as Sailor
Bob Haddow
Janet Kingsbury as Miss Vernon
Janet Kingsbury
(Miss Vernon)
Ray Lamont as Art Hawks
Ray Lamont
(Art Hawks)
Mark McManus as Ted
Mark McManus
Max Osbiston as Dr. Morton
Max Osbiston
(Dr. Morton)
Chips Rafferty as Pop Miller
Chips Rafferty
(Pop Miller)
Tony Thurbon as Quentin
Tony Thurbon
John Bonney as Pilot
John Bonney
Clarence the Clocker as Self - Clocker
Clarence the Clocker
(Self - Clocker)
Gary Day as Mitch
Gary Day
Leon Gregory as Youth in Speedboat 2
Leon Gregory
(Youth in Speedboat 2)
Norman Hetherington as Puppets
Norman Hetherington
Ross Higgins as Thurston
Ross Higgins
Susan Lloyd as Sally
Susan Lloyd
Ronald Morse as Bell
Ronald Morse
Stan Penrose as Constable Andy
Stan Penrose
(Constable Andy)
Redmond Phillips as Swagman
Redmond Phillips
Gregory Ross as Alex
Gregory Ross
Henri Szeps as Bob
Henri Szeps
Bob Woodham as Corporal
Bob Woodham
Peter Gilbert as Young Man
Peter Gilbert
(Young Man)
David Copping as Andy
David Copping
Bill Hunter as Sam Rankin
Bill Hunter
(Sam Rankin)
Philip Jay as Lindsay
Philip Jay
Ethel Lang as Mrs. Fogarty
Ethel Lang
(Mrs. Fogarty)
Thelma Scott as Mrs. Winthrop
Thelma Scott
(Mrs. Winthrop)
Bill Bowker as Artist
Bill Bowker
Frank Hyjber as Jon
Frank Hyjber
Gary Moore as Self - Jockey
Gary Moore
(Self - Jockey)
Roger Ward as Carver
Roger Ward
Bob Watson as Rod
Bob Watson
Ben Gabriel as Receptionist
Ben Gabriel
Al Kenny as Jack
Al Kenny
Nicky Graham as Old Lady
Nicky Graham
(Old Lady)
Roger Jones as Alan
Roger Jones
Jim Marsden as Terry
Jim Marsden
Kay Taylor as Mother
Kay Taylor
The Executives as The Bushrangers Group
The Executives
(The Bushrangers Group)
Maggie Dence as Soprano
Maggie Dence
Charles Little as Hogarth
Charles Little
Michael Caton as Young Man
Michael Caton
(Young Man)
Rona McLeod as Young Woman
Rona McLeod
(Young Woman)
Kildrummie Vincent Linden Meadows as Brutus
Kildrummie Vincent Linden Meadows
Lyndall Moor as Fiona Crawford
Lyndall Moor
(Fiona Crawford)
Jack Thompson as Stefan Imard
Jack Thompson
(Stefan Imard)
Janne Walmsley as Jo Barnes
Janne Walmsley
(Jo Barnes)
Tony Barry as unknown episodes
Tony Barry
(unknown episodes)
Hector as Emu
Phil Judd as Skippy
Phil Judd
Chuck Kehoe as Detective
Chuck Kehoe
Dennis Grosvenor as Runner
Dennis Grosvenor
Anne Lucas as Shopper
Anne Lucas

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