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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  • Genres:
    Drama | Crime | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    24 April 1984
  • Broadcast Co:
    Granada Television -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate a scandal in Bohemia involving Irene Adler, chalk drawings of dancing men, the identity of a crooked man, a missing naval treaty, a solitary cyclist's mysterious follower, the dangers of a speckled band, and a blue carbuncle found in the crop of a goose.

Cast & Crew

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
Jeremy Brett
(Sherlock Holmes)
David Burke as Dr Watson
David Burke
(Dr Watson)
Rosalie Williams as Mrs Hudson
Rosalie Williams
(Mrs Hudson)
Eric Porter as Professor Moriarty
Eric Porter
(Professor Moriarty)
Tenniel Evans as Hilton Cubitt
Tenniel Evans
(Hilton Cubitt)
David Gwillim as Percy Phelps
David Gwillim
(Percy Phelps)
Gayle Hunnicutt as Irene Adler
Gayle Hunnicutt
(Irene Adler)
Norman Jones as Henry Wood
Norman Jones
(Henry Wood)
Jeremy Kemp as Dr Grimesby Roylott
Jeremy Kemp
(Dr Grimesby Roylott)
Rosalind Knight as Countess of Morcar
Rosalind Knight
(Countess of Morcar)
Barbara Wilshere as Violet Smith
Barbara Wilshere
(Violet Smith)
Joss Ackland as Jephro Rucastle
Joss Ackland
(Jephro Rucastle)
Nicholas Clay as Dr Percy Trevelyan
Nicholas Clay
(Dr Percy Trevelyan)
Rosalie Crutchley as Mrs Lexington
Rosalie Crutchley
(Mrs Lexington)
Charles Gray as Mycroft Holmes
Charles Gray
(Mycroft Holmes)
Roger Hammond as Jabez Wilson
Roger Hammond
(Jabez Wilson)
Betsy Brantley as Elsie Cubitt
Betsy Brantley
(Elsie Cubitt)
John Castle as Carruthers
John Castle
Lisa Daniely as Nancy Barclay
Lisa Daniely
(Nancy Barclay)
Wolf Kahler as King of Bohemia
Wolf Kahler
(King of Bohemia)
Rosalyn Landor as Helen Stoner
Rosalyn Landor
(Helen Stoner)
Ros Simmons as Catherine Cusack
Ros Simmons
(Catherine Cusack)
Gareth Thomas as Joseph Harrison
Gareth Thomas
(Joseph Harrison)
Colin Jeavons as Lestrade
Colin Jeavons
Alkis Kritikos as Mr Melas
Alkis Kritikos
(Mr Melas)
Tim McInnerny as John Clay
Tim McInnerny
(John Clay)
Patrick Newell as Blessington
Patrick Newell
Natasha Richardson as Violet Hunter
Natasha Richardson
(Violet Hunter)
Denise Armon as Julia Stoner
Denise Armon
(Julia Stoner)
Ken Campbell as James Ryder
Ken Campbell
(James Ryder)
Michael Carter as Godfrey Norton
Michael Carter
(Godfrey Norton)
Denys Hawthorne as James Barclay
Denys Hawthorne
(James Barclay)
David Ross as Inspector Martin
David Ross
(Inspector Martin)
Michael Siberry as Woodley
Michael Siberry
Alison Skilbeck as Annie Harrison
Alison Skilbeck
(Annie Harrison)
Tim Barlow as Russian Count
Tim Barlow
(Russian Count)
George Costigan as Wilson Kemp
George Costigan
(Wilson Kemp)
Olivier Pierre as Director of the Louvre
Olivier Pierre
(Director of the Louvre)
Matthew Solon as John Hector McFarlane
Matthew Solon
(John Hector McFarlane)
Lottie Ward as Mrs Rucastle
Lottie Ward
(Mrs Rucastle)
Richard Wilson as Duncan Ross
Richard Wilson
(Duncan Ross)
Ellis Dale as Williamson
Ellis Dale
Max Faulkner as John
Max Faulkner
John Gill as Driver
John Gill
Eugene Lipinski as Abe Slaney
Eugene Lipinski
(Abe Slaney)
Desmond McNamara as John Horner
Desmond McNamara
(John Horner)
Ronald Russell as Lord Holdhurst
Ronald Russell
(Lord Holdhurst)
Fiona Shaw as Miss Morrison
Fiona Shaw
(Miss Morrison)
Jonathan Adams as Jonas Oldacre
Jonathan Adams
(Jonas Oldacre)
Patience Collier as Miss Stoper
Patience Collier
(Miss Stoper)
Bruce Dukov as Sarasate
Bruce Dukov
Nicholas Field as Harold Latimer
Nicholas Field
(Harold Latimer)
Brett Forrest as Count's Son
Brett Forrest
(Count's Son)
Claude Le Saché as Minister of the Interior
Claude Le Saché
(Minister of the Interior)
Sarah Aitchison as Sarah Carruthers
Sarah Aitchison
(Sarah Carruthers)
Amelda Brown as Jennie Horner
Amelda Brown
(Jennie Horner)
Paul Chapman as Major Murphy
Paul Chapman
(Major Murphy)
Nicholas Geake as Charles Gorot
Nicholas Geake
(Charles Gorot)
Tim Pearce as Cabby
Tim Pearce
Lorraine Peters as Mrs King
Lorraine Peters
(Mrs King)
Anton Alexander as Paul Kratides
Anton Alexander
(Paul Kratides)
Angela Browne as Mrs Toller
Angela Browne
(Mrs Toller)
Charles Cork as Cartwright
Charles Cork
Michael Goldie as The Artist
Michael Goldie
(The Artist)
Helen Ryan as Mrs McFarlane
Helen Ryan
(Mrs McFarlane)
John Woodnutt as Mr. Merryweather
John Woodnutt
(Mr. Merryweather)
Simon Bleakley as Peter
Simon Bleakley
Tim Condren as Thorne
Tim Condren
Brian Miller as Inspector Bradstreet
Brian Miller
(Inspector Bradstreet)
Pamela Pitchford as Mrs Tangey
Pamela Pitchford
(Mrs Tangey)
Shelagh Stephenson as Jane
Shelagh Stephenson
Wendy Jane Walker as Saunders
Wendy Jane Walker
Victoria Harwood as Sophy Kratides
Victoria Harwood
(Sophy Kratides)
Robert Henderson as American Millionaire
Robert Henderson
(American Millionaire)
Peter Jonfield as Toller
Peter Jonfield
John Labanowski as Athelney Jones
John Labanowski
(Athelney Jones)
John Ringham as Inspector Lanner
John Ringham
(Inspector Lanner)
Penny Gowling as Mrs Dixon
Penny Gowling
(Mrs Dixon)
Paul Jaynes as Walker
Paul Jaynes
Michael Lumsden as Young Henry Wood
Michael Lumsden
(Young Henry Wood)
John Malcolm as Tangey
John Malcolm
Stephen Mallatratt as Percy Armitage
Stephen Mallatratt
(Percy Armitage)
Tessa Worsley as Mrs Willard
Tessa Worsley
(Mrs Willard)
Michael Loney as Fowler
Michael Loney
Oliver Maguire as Inspector Gregson
Oliver Maguire
(Inspector Gregson)
Andy Rashleigh as Constable
Andy Rashleigh
Paul Sirr as Young Art Expert
Paul Sirr
(Young Art Expert)
Reginald Stewart as Doorman
Reginald Stewart
Bernard Atha as Dr Carthew
Bernard Atha
(Dr Carthew)
Stafford Gordon as Landlord
Stafford Gordon
Frank Mills as Peterson
Frank Mills
Catherine Rabett as Young Nancy
Catherine Rabett
(Young Nancy)
David Rodigan as Inspector Forbes
David Rodigan
(Inspector Forbes)
Will Tacey as Clergyman
Will Tacey
Rachel Ambler as Alice
Rachel Ambler
Ian Bleasdale as Accountant
Ian Bleasdale
Jim Dunk as Porter at Victoria
Jim Dunk
(Porter at Victoria)
Rita Howard as Mrs Stern
Rita Howard
(Mrs Stern)
Anthony Langdon as Tramp
Anthony Langdon
David Squire as Fenton
David Squire
Tommy Brierley as Cabbie
Tommy Brierley
Eve Matheson as Miss Tangey
Eve Matheson
(Miss Tangey)
Frank Middlemass as Henry Baker
Frank Middlemass
(Henry Baker)
Tom Watt as 1st Loafer
Tom Watt
(1st Loafer)
James Wilby as Young Barclay
James Wilby
(Young Barclay)
Ted Carroll as Seafaring Tramp
Ted Carroll
(Seafaring Tramp)
Paul Humpoletz as Herr Steiler
Paul Humpoletz
(Herr Steiler)
Peter Mackriel as Ticket Inspector
Peter Mackriel
(Ticket Inspector)
Norman Mills as Detective
Norman Mills
Stewart Shimberg as Edward
Stewart Shimberg
Malcolm Weaver as Archie
Malcolm Weaver
Paul Elsam as 2nd Loafer
Paul Elsam
(2nd Loafer)
Maggie Holland as Mrs Fenning
Maggie Holland
(Mrs Fenning)
Don McCorkindale as Windigate
Don McCorkindale
Simon Adams as Swiss Youth
Simon Adams
(Swiss Youth)
Lucy Anne Wilson as Nora
Lucy Anne Wilson
Eric Allan as Breckendridge
Eric Allan
David Baukham as 1st Big Man
David Baukham
(1st Big Man)
Colin Campbell as Private Bates
Colin Campbell
(Private Bates)
John Taylor as Dr Ferrier
John Taylor
(Dr Ferrier)
Dusty Young as Carpenter
Dusty Young
David Graham Jones as Pianist
David Graham Jones
Maggie Jones as Mrs Oakshott
Maggie Jones
(Mrs Oakshott)
Edward York as 2nd Big Man
Edward York
(2nd Big Man)
John Graham-Davies as 1st Young Man
John Graham-Davies
(1st Young Man)
Ricki Scott as Hotel Attendant
Ricki Scott
(Hotel Attendant)
John Cannon as Roughs
John Cannon
John Carr as 1st Burglar
John Carr
(1st Burglar)
Eric Kent as Roughs
Eric Kent
Ted Beyer as Warder
Ted Beyer
Harry Goodier as Policeman
Harry Goodier

Thumbnails & Trailers


Jangjoyane Kohestan
Jangjoyane Kohestan
Az Sarzamine Shomali
Az Sarzamine Shomali
Dastane Zendegi: Hanico
Dastane Zendegi: Hanico
Rex: A Cop's Best Friend
Rex: A Cop's Best Friend
The Old Fox
The Old Fox