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The Old Fox (1977)

The Old Fox

  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    11 April 1977
  • Broadcast Co:
    Neue Münchner Fernsehproduktion (NMF) - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    A police department, lead by an older, experienced detective solve crimes together.

Cast & Crew

Michael Ande as Gerd Heymann
Michael Ande
(Gerd Heymann)
Markus Böttcher as Werner Riedmann
Markus Böttcher
(Werner Riedmann)
Ulf Söhmisch as Polizeiarzt
Ulf Söhmisch
Rolf Schimpf as Leo Kress
Rolf Schimpf
(Leo Kress)
Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss as Axel Richter
Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss
(Axel Richter)
Charles M. Huber as Henry Johnson
Charles M. Huber
(Henry Johnson)
Siegfried Lowitz as Kommissar Erwin Köster
Siegfried Lowitz
(Kommissar Erwin Köster)
Jan Hendriks as Martin Brenner
Jan Hendriks
(Martin Brenner)
Jan-Gregor Kremp as Hauptkommissar Richard Voss
Jan-Gregor Kremp
(Hauptkommissar Richard Voss)
Christina Rainer as Dr. Franziska Sommerfeld
Christina Rainer
(Dr. Franziska Sommerfeld)
Walter Kreye as Hauptkommissar Rolf Herzog
Walter Kreye
(Hauptkommissar Rolf Herzog)
Henning Schlüter as Franz Millinger
Henning Schlüter
(Franz Millinger)
Wolfgang Zerlett as Meyer Zwo
Wolfgang Zerlett
(Meyer Zwo)
Hans Georg Panczak as Benno
Hans Georg Panczak
Ludwig Blochberger as Tom Kupfer
Ludwig Blochberger
(Tom Kupfer)
Stephanie Stumph as Annabell Lorenz
Stephanie Stumph
(Annabell Lorenz)
Gaby Herbst as Anita
Gaby Herbst
Günter Clemens as 1. Beamter vom Raubdezernat
Günter Clemens
(1. Beamter vom Raubdezernat)
Peter Bertram as Allstein
Peter Bertram
Heini Göbel as Nachbar
Heini Göbel
Will Danin as Bernhard Wilkow
Will Danin
(Bernhard Wilkow)
Philipp Moog as Arno Falling
Philipp Moog
(Arno Falling)
Gert Burkard as 2. Geprellter Anleger
Gert Burkard
(2. Geprellter Anleger)
Barbara Kutzer as Haushälterin
Barbara Kutzer
Wulf Schmid Noerr as Gerichtsmediziner
Wulf Schmid Noerr
Holger Petzold as Chefportier
Holger Petzold
Sepp Wäsche as Referent
Sepp Wäsche
Wolf Roth as Bernd Dormann
Wolf Roth
(Bernd Dormann)
Jacques Breuer as Bernhard Michalek
Jacques Breuer
(Bernhard Michalek)
Werner Schnitzer as Alf Bentele
Werner Schnitzer
(Alf Bentele)
Anton Feichtner as Justizvollzugsbeamter
Anton Feichtner
Hans Stadlbauer as Polizist
Hans Stadlbauer
Eva Röder as 2. Verkäuferin
Eva Röder
(2. Verkäuferin)
Michael Zittel as Anwalt
Michael Zittel
Christian Koch as Berni Gerling
Christian Koch
(Berni Gerling)
Inge Schulz
Inge Schulz
Michael Schernthaner as Portier
Michael Schernthaner
Renan Demirkan as Birgit Hallach
Renan Demirkan
(Birgit Hallach)
Susanne Uhlen as Angelika
Susanne Uhlen
Christine Wodetzky as Dorothea Hormann
Christine Wodetzky
(Dorothea Hormann)
Hans Peter Hallwachs as Alfred Zobel
Hans Peter Hallwachs
(Alfred Zobel)
Thimo Meitner as Lennard Wandmann
Thimo Meitner
(Lennard Wandmann)
Eva Kryll as Barbara Wehrmann
Eva Kryll
(Barbara Wehrmann)
Jutta Kammann as Anja Hoppe
Jutta Kammann
(Anja Hoppe)
Hans-Dieter Asner as Staatsanwalt Klein
Hans-Dieter Asner
(Staatsanwalt Klein)
Hannes Kaetner as Burmeister
Hannes Kaetner
Frank Röth as Joachim Fenner
Frank Röth
(Joachim Fenner)
Andreas Borcherding as Andi Huber
Andreas Borcherding
(Andi Huber)
Kerstin C. Heiles as Frau Wolters
Kerstin C. Heiles
(Frau Wolters)
Manfred Zapatka as Burkhard Reimann
Manfred Zapatka
(Burkhard Reimann)
Udo Vioff as Dr. Bernd Hallach
Udo Vioff
(Dr. Bernd Hallach)
Ulli Kinalzik as Bernhard Bartz
Ulli Kinalzik
(Bernhard Bartz)
Henry van Lyck as 1. Kneipengast
Henry van Lyck
(1. Kneipengast)
Rolf Castell as Leitner
Rolf Castell
Enzi Fuchs as Christa Abel
Enzi Fuchs
(Christa Abel)
Franjo Marincic as Frank Wend
Franjo Marincic
(Frank Wend)
Michael Gahr as 1. Geprellter Anleger
Michael Gahr
(1. Geprellter Anleger)
Christiane Roßbach as Annegret Karl
Christiane Roßbach
(Annegret Karl)
Edith Behleit as Frau Fest
Edith Behleit
(Frau Fest)
Robert Naegele as Dr. Hohenstein
Robert Naegele
(Dr. Hohenstein)
Leopold Gmeinwieser as 1. Polizeibeamter
Leopold Gmeinwieser
(1. Polizeibeamter)
Stefan Miller
Stefan Miller
Xenia Pörtner as Anna Gautier
Xenia Pörtner
(Anna Gautier)
Christian Kohlund as Adrian Lasker
Christian Kohlund
(Adrian Lasker)
Anja Kruse as Beate Kantor
Anja Kruse
(Beate Kantor)
Michaela Merten as Agnes Varna
Michaela Merten
(Agnes Varna)
Eleonore Weisgerber as Hanne Färber
Eleonore Weisgerber
(Hanne Färber)
Gerd Böckmann as Christian Weigelt
Gerd Böckmann
(Christian Weigelt)
Carolin Fink as Beate Fischer
Carolin Fink
(Beate Fischer)
Martin Semmelrogge as Benno
Martin Semmelrogge
Eva Maria Bauer as Erna Vollmer
Eva Maria Bauer
(Erna Vollmer)
Udo Thomer as Hannes Brunner
Udo Thomer
(Hannes Brunner)
Sky du Mont as Alex Karlow
Sky du Mont
(Alex Karlow)
Sonja Sutter as Beate Kranz
Sonja Sutter
(Beate Kranz)
Helmut Zierl as Holger Petry
Helmut Zierl
(Holger Petry)
Thekla Carola Wied as Alice Sellow
Thekla Carola Wied
(Alice Sellow)
Daniel Friedrich as Bruno Wiegand
Daniel Friedrich
(Bruno Wiegand)
Christine Buchegger as Beate Steiger
Christine Buchegger
(Beate Steiger)
Sissy Höfferer as Andrea Bossek
Sissy Höfferer
(Andrea Bossek)
Lisa Kreuzer as Anneliese Weber
Lisa Kreuzer
(Anneliese Weber)
Arthur Brauss as Bertold Brand
Arthur Brauss
(Bertold Brand)
Jürgen Schmidt as Dottore
Jürgen Schmidt
Ralf Schermuly as Frank Kaltenbach
Ralf Schermuly
(Frank Kaltenbach)
Thomas Schücke as Bernd Spormann
Thomas Schücke
(Bernd Spormann)
Jan Meyer as Löwinger
Jan Meyer
Christian Hoening as Dezernatsleiter
Christian Hoening
Werner Asam as Bruno Grasser
Werner Asam
(Bruno Grasser)
Franz Hanfstingl as 2. Pressefritze
Franz Hanfstingl
(2. Pressefritze)
Evelyn Opela as Andrea Brenner
Evelyn Opela
(Andrea Brenner)
Michaela Rosen as Georgia Sänger
Michaela Rosen
(Georgia Sänger)
Sven-Eric Bechtolf as Christian Grevenau
Sven-Eric Bechtolf
(Christian Grevenau)
Jürgen Heinrich as Christian Herscheid
Jürgen Heinrich
(Christian Herscheid)
Michael Roll as Dirk Klaasen
Michael Roll
(Dirk Klaasen)
Irene Clarin as Andrea Bernhard
Irene Clarin
(Andrea Bernhard)
Dirk Galuba as Armin Fuchs
Dirk Galuba
(Armin Fuchs)
Gerd Baltus as Bernhard Kurz
Gerd Baltus
(Bernhard Kurz)
Monika Baumgartner as Gerda Finner
Monika Baumgartner
(Gerda Finner)
Maria Bachmann as Barbara Ballut
Maria Bachmann
(Barbara Ballut)
Krista Posch as Barbara Kranich
Krista Posch
(Barbara Kranich)
Christian Berkel as Erik Falter
Christian Berkel
(Erik Falter)
Ute Willing as Andrea Schubert
Ute Willing
(Andrea Schubert)
Karl Renar as Brandy
Karl Renar
Alexander Duda as Erwin Hellthaler
Alexander Duda
(Erwin Hellthaler)
Alf Marholm as Dr. Weingärtner
Alf Marholm
(Dr. Weingärtner)
Peter Gebhart as 1. Pressefritze
Peter Gebhart
(1. Pressefritze)
Carin C. Tietze as Annette Wintzer
Carin C. Tietze
(Annette Wintzer)
Alexander-Klaus Stecher as Dr. Bergheim
Alexander-Klaus Stecher
(Dr. Bergheim)
Günter Gräwert as Arzt
Günter Gräwert
Christiane Hammacher as Edith
Christiane Hammacher
Ursula Marie Rehm as Anwohnerin
Ursula Marie Rehm
Josef Thalmeier as Autowaschmeister
Josef Thalmeier
Katja Woywood as Anita Kolberg
Katja Woywood
(Anita Kolberg)
Hansa Czypionka as Fred Kantor
Hansa Czypionka
(Fred Kantor)
Dieter Schidor as Hans 'Elmar' Blankemar
Dieter Schidor
(Hans 'Elmar' Blankemar)
Karl Heinz Vosgerau as Dr. Fasold
Karl Heinz Vosgerau
(Dr. Fasold)
Walter Renneisen as Ingmar Brunner
Walter Renneisen
(Ingmar Brunner)
Holger Handtke as Karsten Lorenz
Holger Handtke
(Karsten Lorenz)
Edwin Noel as Alexander Humboldt
Edwin Noel
(Alexander Humboldt)
Johanna Klante as Christine Nottke
Johanna Klante
(Christine Nottke)
Peter von Strombeck as Axel Mannsfeld
Peter von Strombeck
(Axel Mannsfeld)
Katharina Schubert as Bettina Engelmann
Katharina Schubert
(Bettina Engelmann)
Maria Singer as 3. Trauergast
Maria Singer
(3. Trauergast)
Käte Jaenicke as Fanny Mosse
Käte Jaenicke
(Fanny Mosse)
Andreas Seyferth as Arno Kern
Andreas Seyferth
(Arno Kern)
Wilfried Klaus as Anstaltsleiter Borchert
Wilfried Klaus
(Anstaltsleiter Borchert)
Willy Schultes as Justizvollzugsbeamter
Willy Schultes
Georg Maier as Alwin Perschau
Georg Maier
(Alwin Perschau)
Robert Jarczyk as Bastian Brunner
Robert Jarczyk
(Bastian Brunner)
Heide Ackermann as Krankenschwester
Heide Ackermann
Mathias Eysen as Assistent Lattner
Mathias Eysen
(Assistent Lattner)
Heinz-Josef Braun as Horst Stahl
Heinz-Josef Braun
(Horst Stahl)
Dirk Salomon as Frank Drossel
Dirk Salomon
(Frank Drossel)
Isabella Hübner as Elisabeth Harloh
Isabella Hübner
(Elisabeth Harloh)
Gundis Zambo as Ilona Haspe
Gundis Zambo
(Ilona Haspe)
Florian Münzer as Taxifahrer
Florian Münzer
Paul Neuhaus as Detlef Petersen
Paul Neuhaus
(Detlef Petersen)
Toni Netzle as 3. Kneipengast
Toni Netzle
(3. Kneipengast)
Karl-Heinz Thomas as Polizeiarzt
Karl-Heinz Thomas
Christoph Mainusch as Barbesitzer
Christoph Mainusch
Ulrich Boris Pöppl as Beamter Kripo
Ulrich Boris Pöppl
(Beamter Kripo)
Uwe Friedrichsen as Heinz Fechner
Uwe Friedrichsen
(Heinz Fechner)
Julia Jäger as Annette Marx
Julia Jäger
(Annette Marx)
Hans-Michael Rehberg as Dr. Burgdorf
Hans-Michael Rehberg
(Dr. Burgdorf)
Hans Brenner as Axel Bonte
Hans Brenner
(Axel Bonte)
Pierre Franckh as Anselm Kausch
Pierre Franckh
(Anselm Kausch)
Peter Kremer as Carl Jason
Peter Kremer
(Carl Jason)
Michèle Marian as Anna Maria Franzen
Michèle Marian
(Anna Maria Franzen)
Sabine Petzl as Bettina Husak
Sabine Petzl
(Bettina Husak)
Robinson Reichel as Benjamin Voss
Robinson Reichel
(Benjamin Voss)
Karl Walter Diess as Dr. Dahlgrün
Karl Walter Diess
(Dr. Dahlgrün)
Hans Quest as Anton Reitinger
Hans Quest
(Anton Reitinger)
Toni Berger as 2. Trauergast
Toni Berger
(2. Trauergast)
Bettina Redlich as Sabine Kress
Bettina Redlich
(Sabine Kress)
Amadeus August as Albert Pfeiffer
Amadeus August
(Albert Pfeiffer)
Wolfried Lier as Erich Klotz
Wolfried Lier
(Erich Klotz)
Helma Seitz as Frau Balser
Helma Seitz
(Frau Balser)
Gundi Ellert as Gerda Nagel
Gundi Ellert
(Gerda Nagel)
Stefan Lehnen as Carsten Wiese
Stefan Lehnen
(Carsten Wiese)
Gerhard Acktun as 1. Wachmann
Gerhard Acktun
(1. Wachmann)
Georg Einerdinger as 2. Polizeibeamter
Georg Einerdinger
(2. Polizeibeamter)
Eva-Maria Höfling as Angestellte Tennisclub
Eva-Maria Höfling
(Angestellte Tennisclub)
Ingeborg Lapsien as Frau Heise
Ingeborg Lapsien
(Frau Heise)
Erland Erlandsen as Arzt
Erland Erlandsen
Gernot Möhner as Dr. Faber
Gernot Möhner
(Dr. Faber)
Manfred Stecher as Markus Kubik
Manfred Stecher
(Markus Kubik)
Michael Degen as Günther Strehlow
Michael Degen
(Günther Strehlow)
Rosel Zech as Gabriele Lohmann
Rosel Zech
(Gabriele Lohmann)
Gerd Anthoff as Dr. Martin Bartoldi
Gerd Anthoff
(Dr. Martin Bartoldi)
Leslie Malton as Angela Loss
Leslie Malton
(Angela Loss)
Christian Quadflieg as Edgar Wollank
Christian Quadflieg
(Edgar Wollank)
Michael Mendl as Abbi Wächter
Michael Mendl
(Abbi Wächter)
Ursula Lingen as Gerda Pastor
Ursula Lingen
(Gerda Pastor)
Ursela Monn as Christina Lindon
Ursela Monn
(Christina Lindon)
Werner Kreindl as Bruno Kalvig
Werner Kreindl
(Bruno Kalvig)
Roswitha Schreiner as Bessi Haas
Roswitha Schreiner
(Bessi Haas)
Werner Pochath as Ballmann
Werner Pochath
Peter Fricke as Dr. Oswald
Peter Fricke
(Dr. Oswald)
Volker Eckstein as Achim Kubisch
Volker Eckstein
(Achim Kubisch)
Patrick Elias as Hans Burmeister
Patrick Elias
(Hans Burmeister)
Michael Lesch as Bernd Rota
Michael Lesch
(Bernd Rota)
Christoph Eichhorn as Alexander Schneewald
Christoph Eichhorn
(Alexander Schneewald)
Michael Maien as Blacky
Michael Maien
Karl Tischlinger as Althammer
Karl Tischlinger
Gila von Weitershausen as Elvira Hahn
Gila von Weitershausen
(Elvira Hahn)
Bernd Herzsprung as Christof Böhme
Bernd Herzsprung
(Christof Böhme)
Katja Studt as Elena Becker
Katja Studt
(Elena Becker)
Elisabeth Wiedemann as Frau Baberti
Elisabeth Wiedemann
(Frau Baberti)
Michael Rast as Herbert Lutz
Michael Rast
(Herbert Lutz)
Jessica Kosmalla as Hilda Wallner
Jessica Kosmalla
(Hilda Wallner)
Frank Stieren as Gerald Krüger
Frank Stieren
(Gerald Krüger)
Sabi Dorr as Costa
Sabi Dorr
Rudolf Wessely as Georg Kremm
Rudolf Wessely
(Georg Kremm)
Klaus Höhne as Ewald Eggert
Klaus Höhne
(Ewald Eggert)
Frithjof Vierock as Fred Schalla
Frithjof Vierock
(Fred Schalla)
Hans Stadtmüller as 1. Trauergast
Hans Stadtmüller
(1. Trauergast)
Josef Fröhlich as Kassierer
Josef Fröhlich
Josef Moosholzer as 1. Umzugspacker
Josef Moosholzer
(1. Umzugspacker)
Siegurd Fitzek as Chauffeur
Siegurd Fitzek
Manfred Spies as Dr. Körner
Manfred Spies
(Dr. Körner)
Angela Hillebrecht as Ingrid Bucher
Angela Hillebrecht
(Ingrid Bucher)
Doris Arden as Bahnreisende
Doris Arden
Peter Bond as Gerichtsmediziner
Peter Bond
Ilse Künkele as Frau Beil
Ilse Künkele
(Frau Beil)
Dunja Bengsch as Beamtin Observation
Dunja Bengsch
(Beamtin Observation)
Werner Schulenberg as Freddy
Werner Schulenberg
Wolf Brannasky as Andreas Dreysing
Wolf Brannasky
(Andreas Dreysing)
Werner Zeussel as Bundesbahnfahrgast
Werner Zeussel
Christian K. Schaeffer as Peter Fischer
Christian K. Schaeffer
(Peter Fischer)
Wolfram A. Guenther as Ewald Auer
Wolfram A. Guenther
(Ewald Auer)
Christoph Gareisen as Brieger
Christoph Gareisen
Jürgen Schilling
Jürgen Schilling
Egbert Greifeneder as Polizist
Egbert Greifeneder
Klaus Krüger
Klaus Krüger
Edgar Walther
Edgar Walther
Johannes Grieser
Johannes Grieser
Herbert Trattnigg
Herbert Trattnigg
Karlheinz Hackl as Peter Eichkamp
Karlheinz Hackl
(Peter Eichkamp)
Birgit Doll as Brigitte Felix
Birgit Doll
(Brigitte Felix)
Gudrun Landgrebe as Astrid Durak
Gudrun Landgrebe
(Astrid Durak)
Peter Bongartz as Dr. Wolfgang Schlawe
Peter Bongartz
(Dr. Wolfgang Schlawe)
Robert Giggenbach as Franz Hambacher
Robert Giggenbach
(Franz Hambacher)
Günther Ungeheuer as Friedrich von Seydl
Günther Ungeheuer
(Friedrich von Seydl)
Sibylle Canonica as Barbara Severin
Sibylle Canonica
(Barbara Severin)
Susanne Schäfer as Bettina Kern
Susanne Schäfer
(Bettina Kern)
Stefan Reck as Edward Berden
Stefan Reck
(Edward Berden)
Nina Hoger as Brigitte Laurus
Nina Hoger
(Brigitte Laurus)
Cordula Trantow as Corinna Stern
Cordula Trantow
(Corinna Stern)
Hans Caninenberg as Dr. Hans Brückner
Hans Caninenberg
(Dr. Hans Brückner)
Ida Krottendorf as Aufseherin
Ida Krottendorf
Diana Körner as Claudia Böhme
Diana Körner
(Claudia Böhme)
Oliver Boysen as Boris Fischer
Oliver Boysen
(Boris Fischer)
Bernhard Schir as Andrej
Bernhard Schir
Gustl Halenke as Erika Derlowski
Gustl Halenke
(Erika Derlowski)
Peer Augustinski as Alexander Hubal
Peer Augustinski
(Alexander Hubal)
Anja Jaenicke as Angela Kolbe
Anja Jaenicke
(Angela Kolbe)
Sandra Cervik as Astrid Brückner
Sandra Cervik
(Astrid Brückner)
Rolf Henniger as Eberhard Bertram
Rolf Henniger
(Eberhard Bertram)
Wolfgang M. Bauer as Boris Jost
Wolfgang M. Bauer
(Boris Jost)
Esther Hausmann as Bettina Anselm
Esther Hausmann
(Bettina Anselm)
Kornelia Boje as Fritzi Huckner
Kornelia Boje
(Fritzi Huckner)
Udo Schenk as Dieter Gundlach
Udo Schenk
(Dieter Gundlach)
Maria Hartmann as Angelika Reinhardt
Maria Hartmann
(Angelika Reinhardt)
Thomas Lawinky as Alexander Meerhof
Thomas Lawinky
(Alexander Meerhof)
Anette Hellwig as Beate Lang
Anette Hellwig
(Beate Lang)
Steffen Schroeder as Caspar Franke
Steffen Schroeder
(Caspar Franke)
Paul Faßnacht as Erich Mayer
Paul Faßnacht
(Erich Mayer)
Thomas Arnold as Genadi Popov
Thomas Arnold
(Genadi Popov)
Dirk Dautzenberg as Bosse
Dirk Dautzenberg
Rudolf Schündler as Alois Bettler
Rudolf Schündler
(Alois Bettler)
Heiner Lauterbach as Polizeibeamter Wagner
Heiner Lauterbach
(Polizeibeamter Wagner)
Matthias Kostya as Dorfpolizist Hendel
Matthias Kostya
(Dorfpolizist Hendel)
Katrin Saß as Beate Siedler
Katrin Saß
(Beate Siedler)
Vadim Glowna as Arzt
Vadim Glowna
Stefan Behrens as Arno Scholtis
Stefan Behrens
(Arno Scholtis)
Claude-Oliver Rudolph as Thomas Ottinger
Claude-Oliver Rudolph
(Thomas Ottinger)
Denise Zich as Inka Ristow
Denise Zich
(Inka Ristow)
Michael Lott as Boris Schultes
Michael Lott
(Boris Schultes)
Katharina Müller-Elmau as Anne Koch
Katharina Müller-Elmau
(Anne Koch)
Erich Hallhuber as Bertram Zabelsdorf
Erich Hallhuber
(Bertram Zabelsdorf)
Marc Schulze as Conny Bender
Marc Schulze
(Conny Bender)
Siegfried Kernen as Dr. Hartl
Siegfried Kernen
(Dr. Hartl)
Lola Müthel as Frau Lupo
Lola Müthel
(Frau Lupo)
René Heinersdorff as Georg Focke
René Heinersdorff
(Georg Focke)
Horst Sachtleben as Hans Passauer
Horst Sachtleben
(Hans Passauer)
Renate Grosser as Brigitte Beinert
Renate Grosser
(Brigitte Beinert)
Silvia Seidel as Besitzerin Hundezucht
Silvia Seidel
(Besitzerin Hundezucht)
Jennifer Nitsch as Lilo Bentlin
Jennifer Nitsch
(Lilo Bentlin)
Miroslav Nemec as Frank Valesco
Miroslav Nemec
(Frank Valesco)
Hans Zander as Heinz Koch
Hans Zander
(Heinz Koch)
Claudia-Sofie Jelinek as Inge Golz
Claudia-Sofie Jelinek
(Inge Golz)
Margot Mahler as Frau Prelle
Margot Mahler
(Frau Prelle)
Günther Geiermann as Herr Kreisch
Günther Geiermann
(Herr Kreisch)
Johanna Baumann as Bankangestellte
Johanna Baumann
Hansi Thoms as Krankenschwester Gertrud
Hansi Thoms
(Krankenschwester Gertrud)
Gerd Deutschmann as Bassist
Gerd Deutschmann
Andreas Heinzel as Polizeibeamter
Andreas Heinzel
Dieter Kettenbach
Dieter Kettenbach
Dominique Chatelet
Dominique Chatelet
Hans Bergmann
Hans Bergmann
Peter Hart
Peter Hart
Oliver Domnick
Oliver Domnick
Eva Hatzelmann
Eva Hatzelmann
Jutta Kästel
Jutta Kästel
Natascha Graf
Natascha Graf
Pit Rotter
Pit Rotter
Norbert Goth
Norbert Goth
Roman Knizka as Dirk Sennwald
Roman Knizka
(Dirk Sennwald)
Lambert Hamel as Franz Gröninger
Lambert Hamel
(Franz Gröninger)
Heidelinde Weis as Gisela Herborn
Heidelinde Weis
(Gisela Herborn)
Christiane Krüger as Anita Brück
Christiane Krüger
(Anita Brück)
Ernst Schröder as Dr. Ludger Brinkmar
Ernst Schröder
(Dr. Ludger Brinkmar)
Witta Pohl as Elisabeth Wißling
Witta Pohl
(Elisabeth Wißling)
Katja Flint as Christa Sonnenberg
Katja Flint
(Christa Sonnenberg)
Inge Birkmann as Frau Hennerscheidt
Inge Birkmann
(Frau Hennerscheidt)
Julia Stemberger as Ines Winter
Julia Stemberger
(Ines Winter)
Volker Lechtenbrink as Fred Langdorf
Volker Lechtenbrink
(Fred Langdorf)
Michael Maertens as Alex Westfal
Michael Maertens
(Alex Westfal)
Peter Pasetti as Arne von Lengsfeld
Peter Pasetti
(Arne von Lengsfeld)
Rita Russek as Helga Schlawe
Rita Russek
(Helga Schlawe)
Wolfgang Häntsch as Ansgar Friedrich
Wolfgang Häntsch
(Ansgar Friedrich)
Ullrich Haupt as Albert Kosak
Ullrich Haupt
(Albert Kosak)
Stefan Wigger as Dr. Bürger
Stefan Wigger
(Dr. Bürger)
Annett Renneberg as Cornelia Tersch
Annett Renneberg
(Cornelia Tersch)
Katja Weitzenböck as Christine Jacobi
Katja Weitzenböck
(Christine Jacobi)
Verena Peter as Beatrix Oliver
Verena Peter
(Beatrix Oliver)
Maria Furtwängler as Anne Kant
Maria Furtwängler
(Anne Kant)
Tobias Nath as Axel Weissgerber
Tobias Nath
(Axel Weissgerber)
Christina Plate as Jutta Dubinsky
Christina Plate
(Jutta Dubinsky)
Thomas Piper as Franz Günter
Thomas Piper
(Franz Günter)
Heike Faber as Nora Bertier
Heike Faber
(Nora Bertier)
Claudia Demarmels as Karin Wulff
Claudia Demarmels
(Karin Wulff)
Denise Virieux as Katja Trautmann
Denise Virieux
(Katja Trautmann)
Rainer Hunold as Gert Mester
Rainer Hunold
(Gert Mester)
Edda Seippel as Berta Erdmann
Edda Seippel
(Berta Erdmann)
Edwin Marian as Georg Frensen
Edwin Marian
(Georg Frensen)
Susanne Lüning as Beate Holland
Susanne Lüning
(Beate Holland)
Thomas Anzenhofer as Bruno Grassmann
Thomas Anzenhofer
(Bruno Grassmann)
Lilian Naumann as Anja Holzer
Lilian Naumann
(Anja Holzer)
Michael Boettge as Dietmar Schenk
Michael Boettge
(Dietmar Schenk)
Thomas Fritsch as Boris Valentin
Thomas Fritsch
(Boris Valentin)
Muriel Baumeister as Carmen Wolfram
Muriel Baumeister
(Carmen Wolfram)
Karin Baal as Frau Schwörmann
Karin Baal
(Frau Schwörmann)
Beate Finckh as Brigitte Oswald
Beate Finckh
(Brigitte Oswald)
Max Grießer as Erster Polizist
Max Grießer
(Erster Polizist)
Alwy Becker as Frau Gart
Alwy Becker
(Frau Gart)
Alexander Hegarth as Dr. Loberg
Alexander Hegarth
(Dr. Loberg)
Margrit Sartorius as Annette Braun
Margrit Sartorius
(Annette Braun)
Iris Berben as Annemarie
Iris Berben
Bernd Tauber as Arno Teubner
Bernd Tauber
(Arno Teubner)
Hanno Pöschl as Alfred Bender
Hanno Pöschl
(Alfred Bender)
Erni Singerl as Elsa Romin
Erni Singerl
(Elsa Romin)
Dirk Plönissen as Christian Harloh
Dirk Plönissen
(Christian Harloh)
Helmut Pick as 1. Polizist
Helmut Pick
(1. Polizist)
Lisa Helwig as Frieda Westermeier
Lisa Helwig
(Frieda Westermeier)
Constanze Engelbrecht as Bankangestellte
Constanze Engelbrecht
Til Erwig as Dr. Toennies
Til Erwig
(Dr. Toennies)
Panos Papadopulos as Carlos
Panos Papadopulos
Joachim Wichmann as Herr Pelz
Joachim Wichmann
(Herr Pelz)
Martin Halm as Daniel Hecht
Martin Halm
(Daniel Hecht)
Uwe Dallmeier as Wirt
Uwe Dallmeier
Gustl Weishappel as Fernsehansager
Gustl Weishappel
Marianne Brandt as Alte in der Kreissparkasse
Marianne Brandt
(Alte in der Kreissparkasse)
Katharina Böhm as Anna Seebauer
Katharina Böhm
(Anna Seebauer)
Michael Fitz as Dr. Georg Perreiter
Michael Fitz
(Dr. Georg Perreiter)
Markus Boysen as Christian Fuchs
Markus Boysen
(Christian Fuchs)
Peter Aust as Dr. Franker
Peter Aust
(Dr. Franker)
Alexander Held as Hans Litz
Alexander Held
(Hans Litz)
Wega Jahnke as Franziska Kindler
Wega Jahnke
(Franziska Kindler)
Max Herbrechter as Bernd Ruprecht
Max Herbrechter
(Bernd Ruprecht)
Veit Stübner as Hartmut Schilling
Veit Stübner
(Hartmut Schilling)
Franz Xaver Brückner as Bruder Thomas
Franz Xaver Brückner
(Bruder Thomas)
Hans Heller as Berti Hassfurt
Hans Heller
(Berti Hassfurt)
Nikolas Lansky as Frick
Nikolas Lansky
Ilona Grübel as Inka Schneider
Ilona Grübel
(Inka Schneider)
Karl Obermayr as Helmut Brand
Karl Obermayr
(Helmut Brand)
Ricci Hohlt as Agnes Wiese
Ricci Hohlt
(Agnes Wiese)
Gernot Duda as Eder
Gernot Duda
Rainer Haustein as Arzt
Rainer Haustein
Wilmut Borell as 3. geprellter Anleger
Wilmut Borell
(3. geprellter Anleger)
Silvia Janisch as Camilla Herold
Silvia Janisch
(Camilla Herold)
Hans-Jörg Assmann as Dr. Prager
Hans-Jörg Assmann
(Dr. Prager)
Florian Sonnefeld as Attila Illgner
Florian Sonnefeld
(Attila Illgner)
Claus Ringer as Günter Holm
Claus Ringer
(Günter Holm)
Torsten Lennie Münchow as Heiko Renner
Torsten Lennie Münchow
(Heiko Renner)
Gerhard Schmitt-Thiel as Prager
Gerhard Schmitt-Thiel
Christiane Blumhoff as Amelie
Christiane Blumhoff
Manfred-Anton Algrang as Adalbert Adi Rudolfs
Manfred-Anton Algrang
(Adalbert Adi Rudolfs)
Bruno W. Pantel as Inspektionsleiter
Bruno W. Pantel
Klaus Münster as 1. Polizist
Klaus Münster
(1. Polizist)
Jeannine Burch as Lena Franke
Jeannine Burch
(Lena Franke)
Michael Tregor as Charly Weber
Michael Tregor
(Charly Weber)
Klaus Abramowsky as Hausmann
Klaus Abramowsky
Eleonore Melzer as Claudia Bernsdorf
Eleonore Melzer
(Claudia Bernsdorf)
Günter W. Schünemann as Herr Gernot
Günter W. Schünemann
(Herr Gernot)
Bernhard Helfrich as Winterhof, Polizist
Bernhard Helfrich
(Winterhof, Polizist)
Gabriele Dossi as Berta Krüger
Gabriele Dossi
(Berta Krüger)
Sabine Kretzschmar
Sabine Kretzschmar
Elisabeth Niederer as Stationsärztin
Elisabeth Niederer
Günter Spörrle
Günter Spörrle
Kunibert Gensichen as Herr Wallner
Kunibert Gensichen
(Herr Wallner)
Christoph Lindert as Beamter Vermisstenstelle
Christoph Lindert
(Beamter Vermisstenstelle)
Mario Marincic as Ingo
Mario Marincic
Peter Moland as Polizeikommissar
Peter Moland
Vittorio Casagrande as Salvatore
Vittorio Casagrande
Ernst Bröder as Journalist
Ernst Bröder
Michael Berger
Michael Berger
Willi Röbke
Willi Röbke
Dieter Groest
Dieter Groest
Stefan Born
Stefan Born
Bernd Schramm
Bernd Schramm
Monika Greving as Friderike Bölt
Monika Greving
(Friderike Bölt)
Frank te Neues
Frank te Neues
Marcus Grüsser
Marcus Grüsser
Krista Keller as Annabella Moldau
Krista Keller
(Annabella Moldau)
Rudolf Platte as Boris Bolander
Rudolf Platte
(Boris Bolander)
Maria Becker as Dr. Magdalena Wessling
Maria Becker
(Dr. Magdalena Wessling)
Maria Simon as Anke Flemming
Maria Simon
(Anke Flemming)
Agnes Fink as Beate Andresen
Agnes Fink
(Beate Andresen)
Klausjürgen Wussow as Jacob Frei
Klausjürgen Wussow
(Jacob Frei)
Cornelia Froboess as Anke Klaasen
Cornelia Froboess
(Anke Klaasen)
Michael von Au as Andreas Welz
Michael von Au
(Andreas Welz)
Hannelore Hoger as Gabriele Sonntag
Hannelore Hoger
(Gabriele Sonntag)
Suzanne von Borsody as Britta Kuhn
Suzanne von Borsody
(Britta Kuhn)
Ernst Jacobi as Friedrich Wallberg
Ernst Jacobi
(Friedrich Wallberg)
Klaus Löwitsch as Erich Neubauer
Klaus Löwitsch
(Erich Neubauer)
Thomas Holtzmann as Arthur Hornung
Thomas Holtzmann
(Arthur Hornung)
Dietrich Mattausch as Oskar Wandrey
Dietrich Mattausch
(Oskar Wandrey)
Fabian Busch as Bernhard Schramm
Fabian Busch
(Bernhard Schramm)
Florian Martens as Bernd Böllhoff
Florian Martens
(Bernd Böllhoff)
Uwe Ochsenknecht as Harald Plenzberg
Uwe Ochsenknecht
(Harald Plenzberg)
Jule Ronstedt as Britta Neubert
Jule Ronstedt
(Britta Neubert)
Mathieu Carrière as Jochen Holmer
Mathieu Carrière
(Jochen Holmer)
Richy Müller as Bruno Franke
Richy Müller
(Bruno Franke)
Gaby Dohm as Barbara Grollmann
Gaby Dohm
(Barbara Grollmann)
Martin Feifel as Bernhard Wolf
Martin Feifel
(Bernhard Wolf)
Bibiana Beglau as Carin Neubert
Bibiana Beglau
(Carin Neubert)
Claus Biederstaedt as Ekkehard Martinek
Claus Biederstaedt
(Ekkehard Martinek)
Marianne Nentwich as Greta Kamp
Marianne Nentwich
(Greta Kamp)
Edgar Selge as Bernd Wolf
Edgar Selge
(Bernd Wolf)
Walter Plathe as Dr. Herbert Ballfanz
Walter Plathe
(Dr. Herbert Ballfanz)
Daniel Morgenroth as Frank Weber
Daniel Morgenroth
(Frank Weber)
Karoline Schuch as Franka Rühle
Karoline Schuch
(Franka Rühle)
Walter Schmidinger as Fritz Ballfanz
Walter Schmidinger
(Fritz Ballfanz)
Bruno Dietrich as Bernhard Wynholt
Bruno Dietrich
(Bernhard Wynholt)
Lotte Ledl as Barbara Wertham
Lotte Ledl
(Barbara Wertham)
Hanns Zischler as Anton Spengler
Hanns Zischler
(Anton Spengler)
Stefanie Stappenbeck as Hanna Koch
Stefanie Stappenbeck
(Hanna Koch)
Thomas Thieme as Hartmut Obermayer
Thomas Thieme
(Hartmut Obermayer)
Niels-Bruno Schmidt as Alexander & Marcel Burger
Niels-Bruno Schmidt
(Alexander & Marcel Burger)
Thomas Astan as Gert Bauer
Thomas Astan
(Gert Bauer)
Paul Hoffmann as Dr. Bessler
Paul Hoffmann
(Dr. Bessler)
Peter Sattmann as Hans Holzer
Peter Sattmann
(Hans Holzer)
Oliver Hasenfratz as Felix Becker
Oliver Hasenfratz
(Felix Becker)
Anna Brüggemann as Anita Jost
Anna Brüggemann
(Anita Jost)
Nikolaus Benda as Kai Buchner
Nikolaus Benda
(Kai Buchner)
Robert Meyer as Horst Ballfanz
Robert Meyer
(Horst Ballfanz)
Joachim Bißmeier as Dieter Clausen
Joachim Bißmeier
(Dieter Clausen)
Svenja Pages as Clara von Lengsfeld
Svenja Pages
(Clara von Lengsfeld)
Volkert Kraeft as Frank Haffner
Volkert Kraeft
(Frank Haffner)
Sona MacDonald as Lisa Walter
Sona MacDonald
(Lisa Walter)
Wolfgang Wahl as Albert Hasse
Wolfgang Wahl
(Albert Hasse)
Elfriede Kuzmany as Frau Hauser
Elfriede Kuzmany
(Frau Hauser)
Rainer Basedow as Bartolomäus Möller
Rainer Basedow
(Bartolomäus Möller)
Paul Albert Krumm as Hubert Gust
Paul Albert Krumm
(Hubert Gust)
Gerhard Olschewski as Johann F. Massmann
Gerhard Olschewski
(Johann F. Massmann)
Tobias Hoesl as Jens Gilbert
Tobias Hoesl
(Jens Gilbert)
Jens Woggon as André Friese
Jens Woggon
(André Friese)
Isolda Dychauk as Katja Staller
Isolda Dychauk
(Katja Staller)
Winfried Glatzeder as Herbert Wolfberg
Winfried Glatzeder
(Herbert Wolfberg)
Nicki von Tempelhoff as Christian Hof
Nicki von Tempelhoff
(Christian Hof)
Harald Leipnitz as Dr. Schwertfeger
Harald Leipnitz
(Dr. Schwertfeger)
Florian Fischer as Björn Herbig
Florian Fischer
(Björn Herbig)
Reinhard Kolldehoff as Basinsky
Reinhard Kolldehoff
Ute Christensen as Doris Kühn
Ute Christensen
(Doris Kühn)
Dominique Lorenz as Birgit Flüger
Dominique Lorenz
(Birgit Flüger)
Brigitte Karner as Johanna Illberg
Brigitte Karner
(Johanna Illberg)
Ralf Wolter as Friedemund
Ralf Wolter
Tobias Schenke as Dieter Schradke
Tobias Schenke
(Dieter Schradke)
Toni Huber as 2. Wachmann
Toni Huber
(2. Wachmann)
Marlon Kittel as Hansi Walter
Marlon Kittel
(Hansi Walter)
Manfred Seipold as Borstel
Manfred Seipold
Wolfgang Müller as Christoph Bessler
Wolfgang Müller
(Christoph Bessler)
Volker Bogdan as Kalle
Volker Bogdan
Hilde Volk as Frau Gruber
Hilde Volk
(Frau Gruber)
Mark Zak as Bernd Brazzo
Mark Zak
(Bernd Brazzo)
Sophie Rogall as Henny van Beuningen
Sophie Rogall
(Henny van Beuningen)
Bruno Hübner as Opa 'Bumbum' Schultes
Bruno Hübner
(Opa 'Bumbum' Schultes)
Cornelia Corba as Elvira Jonas
Cornelia Corba
(Elvira Jonas)
Monika John as Elfriede
Monika John
Urs Fabian Winiger as Carsten Herzog
Urs Fabian Winiger
(Carsten Herzog)
Arthur Klemt as Andi Brandner
Arthur Klemt
(Andi Brandner)
Paula Braend as Alte
Paula Braend
Katharina Meinecke as Anke Berthold
Katharina Meinecke
(Anke Berthold)
Teresa Klamert as Martina Seiler
Teresa Klamert
(Martina Seiler)
Ursula Heyer as Anke Marholm
Ursula Heyer
(Anke Marholm)
Marianne Lindner as 4. Trauergast
Marianne Lindner
(4. Trauergast)
Ferdinand Dörfler as Angestellter Spielcasino
Ferdinand Dörfler
(Angestellter Spielcasino)
Dan van Husen as Ernie
Dan van Husen
Marcus Morlinghaus as Flughafenangestellter
Marcus Morlinghaus
Alexander Malachowsky as Fink
Alexander Malachowsky
Dieter Mainka as Bruno
Dieter Mainka
Evelyn Hamann as Jutta Dombrowski
Evelyn Hamann
(Jutta Dombrowski)
Lilly Forgach as Frau Wolters
Lilly Forgach
(Frau Wolters)
Helga Anders as Anita Will
Helga Anders
(Anita Will)
Ulrike Kriener as Barbara Fuchs
Ulrike Kriener
(Barbara Fuchs)
Claudia Butenuth as Franziska Rönisch
Claudia Butenuth
(Franziska Rönisch)
Franziska Walser as Anita Wagner
Franziska Walser
(Anita Wagner)
Dora Borkoff as Petra Wiegand
Dora Borkoff
(Petra Wiegand)
Bernd Herberger as Rechtsanwalt Dr. Brossinge
Bernd Herberger
(Rechtsanwalt Dr. Brossinge)
Uli Krohm as Trost
Uli Krohm
Eva Maria Meineke as Anna Busse
Eva Maria Meineke
(Anna Busse)
Ole Puppe as Dirk Fischer
Ole Puppe
(Dirk Fischer)
Ulrich Beiger as Oberarzt
Ulrich Beiger
Udo Weinberger as Herr Petschereit
Udo Weinberger
(Herr Petschereit)
Angela Sandritter as Julia Zeitler
Angela Sandritter
(Julia Zeitler)
Alexander Kerst as Dr. Bertram
Alexander Kerst
(Dr. Bertram)
Claus Brockmeyer as Dieter Lottek
Claus Brockmeyer
(Dieter Lottek)
Franz Boehm as Direktor Schramm
Franz Boehm
(Direktor Schramm)
Helmut Holzer as Frings
Helmut Holzer
Lena Meckel as Agnes Winter
Lena Meckel
(Agnes Winter)
Markus Eberhard as Franz Seidel
Markus Eberhard
(Franz Seidel)
Fritz Strassner as Herr Mannstein
Fritz Strassner
(Herr Mannstein)
Nino Korda as Fritz Schneewald
Nino Korda
(Fritz Schneewald)
Sepp Schauer as Schrödinger
Sepp Schauer
Markus Böker as Agent Begleitservice
Markus Böker
(Agent Begleitservice)
Bela Klentze as Thomas Kuhn
Bela Klentze
(Thomas Kuhn)
Barbara Morawiecz as Frau Pfeiffer
Barbara Morawiecz
(Frau Pfeiffer)
Marianne Rappenglück as Brigitta Schmal
Marianne Rappenglück
(Brigitta Schmal)
Sabrina Lorenz
Sabrina Lorenz
Adam Jaskolka as Polizist
Adam Jaskolka
Tito Waldenhofer
Tito Waldenhofer
Maria Stadler as Amalie Schöttl
Maria Stadler
(Amalie Schöttl)
Günther Kaufmann as Roland Brückner
Günther Kaufmann
(Roland Brückner)
Uschi Ploner as Christina Wulf
Uschi Ploner
(Christina Wulf)
Tilo Prückner as Gregor Kistler
Tilo Prückner
(Gregor Kistler)
Christopher Krieg as Lutz Martens
Christopher Krieg
(Lutz Martens)
Uli Steigberg
Uli Steigberg
Peter Neusser as Mittler
Peter Neusser
Marina De Tiews as Frau Leutner
Marina De Tiews
(Frau Leutner)
Eva Christian as Sylvia Dressler
Eva Christian
(Sylvia Dressler)
Ursula Ludwig as Krankenschwester
Ursula Ludwig
Andreas Renell as Wernicke
Andreas Renell
Marietta Meade as Frau Krasnig
Marietta Meade
(Frau Krasnig)
Christa Pillmann as Ruth Wiegand
Christa Pillmann
(Ruth Wiegand)
Ludwig Haas as Dr. Ballhorn
Ludwig Haas
(Dr. Ballhorn)
Walter Fitz as Taxifahrer
Walter Fitz
Gerd Eichen as Kellner
Gerd Eichen
Kamil Krejcí as Bernd Lage
Kamil Krejcí
(Bernd Lage)
Lilian Rack
Lilian Rack
Carola Wegerle
Carola Wegerle
Toni Ertl
Toni Ertl
Andreas Lechner as KFZ-Mechaniker
Andreas Lechner
Anne Springmann
Anne Springmann
Peter Ptacek
Peter Ptacek
Lilly Berger
Lilly Berger
Thomas Haydn
Thomas Haydn
Sonja Reichelt
Sonja Reichelt
Pauline Brede as Joy Neubauer
Pauline Brede
(Joy Neubauer)
Adela Florow
Adela Florow
Harry Engel as Harry
Harry Engel
Hermann Giefer as Polizist am See
Hermann Giefer
(Polizist am See)
Jürgen Andre
Jürgen Andre
Jürgen Rehmann
Jürgen Rehmann
Klaus Konczak
Klaus Konczak
Annette Kreft as Charlotta Hansen
Annette Kreft
(Charlotta Hansen)
Stefan Rutz as Kunde
Stefan Rutz
Aurelio Ferrara
Aurelio Ferrara
Elisabeth Endriss
Elisabeth Endriss
Oliver Grober
Oliver Grober
Sylvia Nentwig
Sylvia Nentwig
Nadja Nagl
Nadja Nagl
Anna Kathrin Bleuler
Anna Kathrin Bleuler
Konrad Hollenstein as Himself
Konrad Hollenstein
Francis Fulton-Smith as Marcus Gasser
Francis Fulton-Smith
(Marcus Gasser)
Jutta Speidel as Frau Matrey
Jutta Speidel
(Frau Matrey)
Jürgen Tarrach as Abt Zacharias
Jürgen Tarrach
(Abt Zacharias)
Marianne Hoppe as Charlotte Steinburger
Marianne Hoppe
(Charlotte Steinburger)
Felix Eitner as Arnd Lamaack
Felix Eitner
(Arnd Lamaack)
Günter Lamprecht as Konrad Paulsen
Günter Lamprecht
(Konrad Paulsen)
Siemen Rühaak as Herbert Senk
Siemen Rühaak
(Herbert Senk)
Walter Sedlmayr as Herbert Smolka
Walter Sedlmayr
(Herbert Smolka)
Mijou Kovacs as Monika Holstein
Mijou Kovacs
(Monika Holstein)
Christoph Waltz as Christian Kamp
Christoph Waltz
(Christian Kamp)
Monica Bleibtreu as Gerti Wallner
Monica Bleibtreu
(Gerti Wallner)
Michael Greiling as Bruno Bentlin
Michael Greiling
(Bruno Bentlin)
Florian Bartholomäi as Philipp Bamberger
Florian Bartholomäi
(Philipp Bamberger)
Barnaby Metschurat as Peter Arnold
Barnaby Metschurat
(Peter Arnold)
Helmuth Lohner as Dr. Werner Grasshof
Helmuth Lohner
(Dr. Werner Grasshof)
Bernhard Wicki as Dragan Janczak
Bernhard Wicki
(Dragan Janczak)
Christiane Hörbiger as Christa Beleitis
Christiane Hörbiger
(Christa Beleitis)
Daniela Ziegler as Lore Kuhn
Daniela Ziegler
(Lore Kuhn)
Angelica Domröse as Britta Lambert
Angelica Domröse
(Britta Lambert)
Tushka Bergen as Martina Hinz
Tushka Bergen
(Martina Hinz)
Lena Stolze as Isabell Körner
Lena Stolze
(Isabell Körner)
Gisela Schneeberger as Dr. Bärbel Siewert
Gisela Schneeberger
(Dr. Bärbel Siewert)
Maja Maranow as Marga Stolp
Maja Maranow
(Marga Stolp)
Henry Hübchen as Dr. Joachim Valdon
Henry Hübchen
(Dr. Joachim Valdon)
Aglaia Szyszkowitz as Brigitte Maerz
Aglaia Szyszkowitz
(Brigitte Maerz)
Sylvester Groth as Herbert Rühle
Sylvester Groth
(Herbert Rühle)
Alma Leiberg as Mascha Eckl
Alma Leiberg
(Mascha Eckl)
Doris Schade as Agnes Melzer
Doris Schade
(Agnes Melzer)
Wolfgang Kieling as Helmut Schäffert
Wolfgang Kieling
(Helmut Schäffert)
Peter Davor as Franz Bergmann
Peter Davor
(Franz Bergmann)
Tobias Oertel as Mateo Souza
Tobias Oertel
(Mateo Souza)
Devid Striesow as Juri Oleg
Devid Striesow
(Juri Oleg)
Andreas Giebel as Karl Weidinger
Andreas Giebel
(Karl Weidinger)
Friederike Kempter as Judith Schwarz
Friederike Kempter
(Judith Schwarz)
Ulrike C. Tscharre as Ines Rast
Ulrike C. Tscharre
(Ines Rast)
Karl Knaup as Bärendoktor
Karl Knaup
Günther Maria Halmer as Kurt Engel
Günther Maria Halmer
(Kurt Engel)
Simone Rethel as Ines Sieben
Simone Rethel
(Ines Sieben)
Heinz Ehrenfreund as Frank Wengler
Heinz Ehrenfreund
(Frank Wengler)
Manfred Lehmann as Jochen Wendisch
Manfred Lehmann
(Jochen Wendisch)
Kurt Schmidtchen as Karl Krüger
Kurt Schmidtchen
(Karl Krüger)
Robert Atzorn as Erik Ingold
Robert Atzorn
(Erik Ingold)
Gertraud Jesserer as Karoline Becker
Gertraud Jesserer
(Karoline Becker)
Sebastian Koch as Hansi Wallner
Sebastian Koch
(Hansi Wallner)
Beatrice Richter as Judy Thompson
Beatrice Richter
(Judy Thompson)
Simon Licht as Eike Wessel
Simon Licht
(Eike Wessel)
Ingo Naujoks as Jochen Falter
Ingo Naujoks
(Jochen Falter)
Jürgen Hentsch as Anton Färber
Jürgen Hentsch
(Anton Färber)
Franziska Schlattner as Annemarie Borchert
Franziska Schlattner
(Annemarie Borchert)
Alexander Beyer as Dr. Oliver Kirchen
Alexander Beyer
(Dr. Oliver Kirchen)
Adina Vetter as Katrin Wassermann
Adina Vetter
(Katrin Wassermann)
Peter Fieseler as Karsten Jung
Peter Fieseler
(Karsten Jung)
Bernhard Schütz as Gerd Langmann
Bernhard Schütz
(Gerd Langmann)
Thomas Sarbacher as Klaus Maybach
Thomas Sarbacher
(Klaus Maybach)
Jeanette Hain as Andrea Becker
Jeanette Hain
(Andrea Becker)
Gert Haucke as Rudi Stallmann
Gert Haucke
(Rudi Stallmann)
Anaid Iplicjian as Frau Jürgenson
Anaid Iplicjian
(Frau Jürgenson)
Edith Schneider as Elisabeth Kosak
Edith Schneider
(Elisabeth Kosak)
Peter Dirschauer as Bodo Sterz
Peter Dirschauer
(Bodo Sterz)
Kurt Sowinetz as Harry 'Die Ratte' Apelius
Kurt Sowinetz
(Harry 'Die Ratte' Apelius)
Heinz Reincke as Graske
Heinz Reincke
Hans Dieter Zeidler as Blümel
Hans Dieter Zeidler
Edith Heerdegen as Frau Mertz
Edith Heerdegen
(Frau Mertz)
Barbara Rütting as Beate Wallner
Barbara Rütting
(Beate Wallner)
Michaela May as Britta Wolf
Michaela May
(Britta Wolf)
Günter Mack as Franz Gehrke
Günter Mack
(Franz Gehrke)
Ben Becker as Markus Pagel
Ben Becker
(Markus Pagel)
Elisabeth Trissenaar as Astrid Bernsdorf
Elisabeth Trissenaar
(Astrid Bernsdorf)
Anja Kling as Jackie Möller
Anja Kling
(Jackie Möller)
Karin Eickelbaum as Franziska Möller
Karin Eickelbaum
(Franziska Möller)
Natali Seelig as Iris Hasting
Natali Seelig
(Iris Hasting)
Sebastian Bezzel as David Brand
Sebastian Bezzel
(David Brand)
Marijam Agischewa as Patricia Kuri
Marijam Agischewa
(Patricia Kuri)
Götz Schubert as Matthias Kraus
Götz Schubert
(Matthias Kraus)
Jürgen Tonkel as Heiko Flemming
Jürgen Tonkel
(Heiko Flemming)
Saskia Vester as Christine Bering
Saskia Vester
(Christine Bering)
Luise Berndt as Lisa Reinhardt
Luise Berndt
(Lisa Reinhardt)
Bojana Golenac as Charlotte Harm
Bojana Golenac
(Charlotte Harm)
Ulrich Gebauer as Bernd Aumüller
Ulrich Gebauer
(Bernd Aumüller)
Anian Zollner as Hendrik Knuth
Anian Zollner
(Hendrik Knuth)
André Hennicke as Gregor Hofer
André Hennicke
(Gregor Hofer)
Harald Schrott as Dr. Thomas Löbner
Harald Schrott
(Dr. Thomas Löbner)
Heinz Baumann as Knut Breker
Heinz Baumann
(Knut Breker)
Götz George as Alex Bergemann
Götz George
(Alex Bergemann)
Raimund Harmstorf as Harald Steinhart
Raimund Harmstorf
(Harald Steinhart)
Irina Wanka as Agnes Bertram
Irina Wanka
(Agnes Bertram)
Dieter Prochnow as Buriak
Dieter Prochnow
Katharina Matz as Anette Baldwin
Katharina Matz
(Anette Baldwin)
Peter Kuiper as Hans Barrig
Peter Kuiper
(Hans Barrig)
Till Topf as Michael Gröner
Till Topf
(Michael Gröner)
Hannelore Elsner as Babette Krieger
Hannelore Elsner
(Babette Krieger)
Magdalena Felixa as Antonia Pawlak
Magdalena Felixa
(Antonia Pawlak)
Janusz Cichocki as Leszek Kaminski
Janusz Cichocki
(Leszek Kaminski)
August Schmölzer as Joachim Steinhoff
August Schmölzer
(Joachim Steinhoff)
Jasmin Gerat as Ines Beck
Jasmin Gerat
(Ines Beck)
Stefan Murr as Franz Wimmer
Stefan Murr
(Franz Wimmer)
Johann von Bülow as Dirk Roth
Johann von Bülow
(Dirk Roth)
Paul Herwig as Bernd Rotthoff
Paul Herwig
(Bernd Rotthoff)
Maria Sebaldt as Eleonore Kerner
Maria Sebaldt
(Eleonore Kerner)
Bruno Dallansky as Karl Staiger
Bruno Dallansky
(Karl Staiger)
Sascha Hehn as Charly Schulz
Sascha Hehn
(Charly Schulz)
Hans Helmut Dickow as Abteilungsleiter Armin Dobling
Hans Helmut Dickow
(Abteilungsleiter Armin Dobling)
András Fricsay Kali Son as Bogdan Prohaska
András Fricsay Kali Son
(Bogdan Prohaska)
Dieter Kirchlechner as Adrian Westphal
Dieter Kirchlechner
(Adrian Westphal)
Oliver Stokowski as Franz Gebauer
Oliver Stokowski
(Franz Gebauer)
Randolf Kronberg as Paul Roever
Randolf Kronberg
(Paul Roever)
Bernhard Bettermann as Joost Fuhrmann
Bernhard Bettermann
(Joost Fuhrmann)
Dennenesch Zoudé as Benita Barings
Dennenesch Zoudé
(Benita Barings)
Michael Lerchenberg as Ludwig Daxer
Michael Lerchenberg
(Ludwig Daxer)
Katrin Bühring as Alexander Gracht
Katrin Bühring
(Alexander Gracht)
Konstantin Wecker as Max Kaufhammer
Konstantin Wecker
(Max Kaufhammer)
Felix Vörtler as Ludwig Erl
Felix Vörtler
(Ludwig Erl)
Diether Krebs as Hans Kurt
Diether Krebs
(Hans Kurt)
Marilene von Bethmann as Frau Seyfart
Marilene von Bethmann
(Frau Seyfart)
Charles Regnier as Herr Hirschauer
Charles Regnier
(Herr Hirschauer)
Sigfrit Steiner as Albert Schubert
Sigfrit Steiner
(Albert Schubert)
Friedrich von Thun as Egon Berger
Friedrich von Thun
(Egon Berger)
Max Tidof as Franz Niederhofer
Max Tidof
(Franz Niederhofer)
Klaus Herm as Franz Costard
Klaus Herm
(Franz Costard)
Balduin Baas as Jacob Heller
Balduin Baas
(Jacob Heller)
Wilfried Hochholdinger as Albrecht Schacht
Wilfried Hochholdinger
(Albrecht Schacht)
Nikolaus Gröbe as Peter Tristan
Nikolaus Gröbe
(Peter Tristan)
Simone Thomalla as Angelika Krämer
Simone Thomalla
(Angelika Krämer)
Julia Krombach as Anne Weigl
Julia Krombach
(Anne Weigl)
Susanne Bormann as Karina Roth
Susanne Bormann
(Karina Roth)
Liane Forestieri as Marion Weinberger
Liane Forestieri
(Marion Weinberger)
David Zimmerschied as Anton Wehmeyer
David Zimmerschied
(Anton Wehmeyer)
Brigitte Horney as Mutter Finberg
Brigitte Horney
(Mutter Finberg)
Max Mairich as Fullinger
Max Mairich
Ferdinand Dux as Herr Breszak
Ferdinand Dux
(Herr Breszak)
Rolf Becker as Dr. Herford
Rolf Becker
(Dr. Herford)
Manfred Andrae as Manfred Zeising
Manfred Andrae
(Manfred Zeising)
George Lenz as Pit Hagen
George Lenz
(Pit Hagen)
Lina Wendel as Rita Kollmann
Lina Wendel
(Rita Kollmann)
Dirk Martens as Hannes Pröttel
Dirk Martens
(Hannes Pröttel)
Phillip Dechamps as Bastian Koller
Phillip Dechamps
(Bastian Koller)
Kristina Nel as Birgit Lund
Kristina Nel
(Birgit Lund)
Dietrich Thoms as Herr Neukirch
Dietrich Thoms
(Herr Neukirch)
Hermann Lause as Herr Popp
Hermann Lause
(Herr Popp)
Jens Knospe as Marc Koch
Jens Knospe
(Marc Koch)
Claudine Wilde as Franziska Mayer
Claudine Wilde
(Franziska Mayer)
Petra Zieser as Felicia Bartusch
Petra Zieser
(Felicia Bartusch)
Claudia Hübschmann as Angela Liszt
Claudia Hübschmann
(Angela Liszt)
Alina Freund as Jessica Krüger
Alina Freund
(Jessica Krüger)
Barbara Meier as Annette Marx
Barbara Meier
(Annette Marx)
Elia Zimmermann as Fräulein Straub
Elia Zimmermann
(Fräulein Straub)
Elisabeth Volkmann as Krista Klages
Elisabeth Volkmann
(Krista Klages)
Eva Kotthaus as Eva Behrend
Eva Kotthaus
(Eva Behrend)
Konrad Georg as Rechtsanwalt Martin
Konrad Georg
(Rechtsanwalt Martin)
Hans Häckermann as Martin Bernhard
Hans Häckermann
(Martin Bernhard)
Udo Suchan as Heinz Wieland
Udo Suchan
(Heinz Wieland)
Karlheinz Vietsch as Franz Bünger
Karlheinz Vietsch
(Franz Bünger)
Matthias Freihof as Ingo Orlak
Matthias Freihof
(Ingo Orlak)
Michael Brandner as Erich Reinhardt
Michael Brandner
(Erich Reinhardt)
Florian Brückner as Leo Schmid
Florian Brückner
(Leo Schmid)
Katharina Abt as Anwältin
Katharina Abt
Curt Bois as Herr Nathan
Curt Bois
(Herr Nathan)
Hans Beerhenke as Paul Dieckmann
Hans Beerhenke
(Paul Dieckmann)
Eva Ingeborg Scholz as Katrin
Eva Ingeborg Scholz
Henry Stolow as Karl-Heinz Busse
Henry Stolow
(Karl-Heinz Busse)
Katharina De Bruyn as Maria Anselm
Katharina De Bruyn
(Maria Anselm)
Dagmar Hellberg as Hanna Banz
Dagmar Hellberg
(Hanna Banz)
Elert Bode as Ottokar Wenzel
Elert Bode
(Ottokar Wenzel)
Günther Tabor as Psychiater
Günther Tabor
Richard Münch as Dr. Dannhaus
Richard Münch
(Dr. Dannhaus)
Frank Muth as Archie Fuchs
Frank Muth
(Archie Fuchs)
Hubert Suschka as Karl Langner
Hubert Suschka
(Karl Langner)
Herbert Fux as Emil
Herbert Fux
Margaretha Baumgartner as Frau Dellinger
Margaretha Baumgartner
(Frau Dellinger)
Stefan Wilkening as Dr. Gernot Martens
Stefan Wilkening
(Dr. Gernot Martens)
Benedikt Hösl as Lehrling
Benedikt Hösl
Claus Bantzer as Ernst Lasker
Claus Bantzer
(Ernst Lasker)
Otto Kurth as Rechtsanwalt
Otto Kurth
Eva Kinsky as Frau Remus
Eva Kinsky
(Frau Remus)
Dieter Eppler as Einsatzleiter
Dieter Eppler
Vijak Bayani as Divina Gregor
Vijak Bayani
(Divina Gregor)
Michael Habeck as Karl Graef
Michael Habeck
(Karl Graef)
Arnulf Schumacher as Balthasar Solbrand
Arnulf Schumacher
(Balthasar Solbrand)
Jörg Hube as Martin Brand
Jörg Hube
(Martin Brand)
Edgar Walter as Franz Oheim
Edgar Walter
(Franz Oheim)
Sebastian Gerold as Björn Janetzki
Sebastian Gerold
(Björn Janetzki)
Erni Mangold as Irmi Kiermaier
Erni Mangold
(Irmi Kiermaier)
Walter Doppler as Benjamin
Walter Doppler
Sophie Melbinger as Melanie
Sophie Melbinger
Eva Berthold as Laura Matthis
Eva Berthold
(Laura Matthis)
Eva-Maria Reichert as Claudia
Eva-Maria Reichert
Johanna Bittenbinder as Christa Bode
Johanna Bittenbinder
(Christa Bode)
Sarah Camp
Sarah Camp
Funda Vanroy as Reporterin
Funda Vanroy
Jürgen Emanuel as Hotelbarkeeper
Jürgen Emanuel
Jutta Schmuttermaier as Buchhändlerin
Jutta Schmuttermaier
Mona Pirzad as Jasmin Balek
Mona Pirzad
(Jasmin Balek)
Walter Gross as Buchhändler
Walter Gross
Thomas Reiner as Kaufhauspersonalchef
Thomas Reiner
Evelyn Plank as Frau Angermeier
Evelyn Plank
(Frau Angermeier)
Andrea Dahmen as Frau Oheim
Andrea Dahmen
(Frau Oheim)
Konstantin Moreth as Arthur Metz
Konstantin Moreth
(Arthur Metz)
Ilse Neubauer as Bankangestellte
Ilse Neubauer
Gabriele Bönner
Gabriele Bönner
Barbara Seifert as Flughafenangestellte
Barbara Seifert
Konrad Materna
Konrad Materna
Hannes Jaenicke as Impolite male prostitute
Hannes Jaenicke
(Impolite male prostitute)
Marcus Mittermeier as Hanns Sonnleitner
Marcus Mittermeier
(Hanns Sonnleitner)
Franz Rudnick as Gustav Köhler
Franz Rudnick
(Gustav Köhler)
Rüdiger Vogler as Tilo Burg
Rüdiger Vogler
(Tilo Burg)
Peter Weiß as Sven Anselm
Peter Weiß
(Sven Anselm)
Sheri Hagen as Adana
Sheri Hagen
Peter Capell as Georg Singer
Peter Capell
(Georg Singer)
Inge Rassaerts as Kläre
Inge Rassaerts
Charlotte Kerr as Talkmasterin
Charlotte Kerr
Jens Mordass as Klaus Brack
Jens Mordass
(Klaus Brack)
Helmut Rühl as Ben Klages
Helmut Rühl
(Ben Klages)
Kerstin Goosmann as Sabine Welbert
Kerstin Goosmann
(Sabine Welbert)
Bernd Gnann as Heiko Lengauer
Bernd Gnann
(Heiko Lengauer)
Stephan Benson as Daniel Vogt
Stephan Benson
(Daniel Vogt)
Peter Prager as Gabriel Humbold
Peter Prager
(Gabriel Humbold)
Tonio von der Meden as Tom Cromer
Tonio von der Meden
(Tom Cromer)
Herta Böhm as Alte Frau
Herta Böhm
(Alte Frau)
Jens Peter Nünemann as Harald Göllner
Jens Peter Nünemann
(Harald Göllner)
Lissy von Lambsdorff as Bardame
Lissy von Lambsdorff
Tim Seyfi as Hehler
Tim Seyfi
Tatjana Clasing as Romy Hölzel
Tatjana Clasing
(Romy Hölzel)
Marco Bretscher-Coschignano as Paul Michalke
Marco Bretscher-Coschignano
(Paul Michalke)
Susanna Simon as Marianne Steinberg
Susanna Simon
(Marianne Steinberg)
Evelyn Palek
Evelyn Palek
Rolf Sarkis as Rudi Matowski
Rolf Sarkis
(Rudi Matowski)
Heiko Ruprecht as Bernd Zedelmeier
Heiko Ruprecht
(Bernd Zedelmeier)
Mickey Fleddermann as Marc Rosenberg
Mickey Fleddermann
(Marc Rosenberg)
Sabine Oberhorner as Irene Seeberg
Sabine Oberhorner
(Irene Seeberg)
Birge Schade as Dr. Ruth Berger
Birge Schade
(Dr. Ruth Berger)
Peter Böhlke as Herr von Pattenberg
Peter Böhlke
(Herr von Pattenberg)
Peter Montis
Peter Montis
Pascal Breuer as Martin Strecker
Pascal Breuer
(Martin Strecker)
Imo Heite as Otto
Imo Heite
Mario Andersen
Mario Andersen
Christin Marquitan
Christin Marquitan
Sebastian Fischer as Jason Briosch
Sebastian Fischer
(Jason Briosch)
Katharina Quast as Monika Bender
Katharina Quast
(Monika Bender)
Hans-Maria Darnov as Werner
Hans-Maria Darnov
Alexander Wachholz as Pater Johannes
Alexander Wachholz
(Pater Johannes)
Harry Täschner as Siegfried Wöhler
Harry Täschner
(Siegfried Wöhler)
Raphael Wilczek as Jens Fahning
Raphael Wilczek
(Jens Fahning)
Alicia von Rittberg as Jasmin Carnap
Alicia von Rittberg
(Jasmin Carnap)
Peter Rappenglück as Manni Huber
Peter Rappenglück
(Manni Huber)
Felix Everding as Rüdiger Löss
Felix Everding
(Rüdiger Löss)
Gerd Fitz as Hauptkassierer Markwart
Gerd Fitz
(Hauptkassierer Markwart)
Bettina Pfändner as Frl. Sommer
Bettina Pfändner
(Frl. Sommer)
Wolfgang Grönebaum as Schulz
Wolfgang Grönebaum
Christine Neubauer as Angestellte im Tennis-Center
Christine Neubauer
(Angestellte im Tennis-Center)
Hans Jakob as Schlucki
Hans Jakob
Gerd Roman Frosch as Robert
Gerd Roman Frosch
Claus Fuchs
Claus Fuchs
Abbas Maghfurian as 2. Umzugspacker
Abbas Maghfurian
(2. Umzugspacker)
Carolina Brandes
Carolina Brandes
Henriette Richter-Röhl as Laura Humbold
Henriette Richter-Röhl
(Laura Humbold)
Ellen Frank
Ellen Frank
Christian Van Bergen as Rolly
Christian Van Bergen
Alexander Gittinger as Filialleiter
Alexander Gittinger
Nina Kapust as Angestellte
Nina Kapust
Hilde Berndt as Frau Tom
Hilde Berndt
(Frau Tom)
Dagmar Henkel
Dagmar Henkel
Barbara Weinzierl
Barbara Weinzierl
Heino Ferch as Polizist
Heino Ferch
Holger Menzel
Holger Menzel
Ludwig Schütze
Ludwig Schütze
Walter Riss
Walter Riss
Gunter Ziegler
Gunter Ziegler
Hannes Gromball
Hannes Gromball
Dunja Lock as Frau in der Werkstatt
Dunja Lock
(Frau in der Werkstatt)
Dietmar Waldenhofer
Dietmar Waldenhofer
Hartmut Hinrichs
Hartmut Hinrichs
Sascha Borysenko as Bodybuilder
Sascha Borysenko
Philipp Seiser
Philipp Seiser
Gerry Ramm
Gerry Ramm
Wolfgang Führleger
Wolfgang Führleger
Christina Hoeltel
Christina Hoeltel
Inge Schwanneke
Inge Schwanneke
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber
Bernd Eckhardt
Bernd Eckhardt
Angela Büttner
Angela Büttner
Joachim Höppner
Joachim Höppner
Karin Frey
Karin Frey
Christian Dorn
Christian Dorn
Peter Kuhnert
Peter Kuhnert
Klaus Brückner as Dr. Ulmann
Klaus Brückner
(Dr. Ulmann)
Joachim Bernhard
Joachim Bernhard
Egon Biscan as Polizist Telefonzentrale
Egon Biscan
(Polizist Telefonzentrale)
Fredl Nauderer
Fredl Nauderer
Frank Eppelen
Frank Eppelen
Trude Breitschopf
Trude Breitschopf
Fred Maire
Fred Maire
Reinhold Kruppa
Reinhold Kruppa
Ahmed Bouymin as Araber
Ahmed Bouymin
Woldemar Bock
Woldemar Bock
Carola Höhn
Carola Höhn
Don Balmer
Don Balmer
Traudl Oberhorner
Traudl Oberhorner
Léonie Thelen
Léonie Thelen
Gert Wiedenhofen
Gert Wiedenhofen
Michael Diekmann
Michael Diekmann
Corinne Bertermann
Corinne Bertermann
David Barry as Josha Thomson
David Barry
(Josha Thomson)
Maya Speth as Irene Westfal
Maya Speth
(Irene Westfal)
Matthias Hirth
Matthias Hirth
Daniel Del-Ponte
Daniel Del-Ponte
Dietrich Jäger
Dietrich Jäger
Margit Dirscherl
Margit Dirscherl
Dieter Rupp
Dieter Rupp
Klaus Müller
Klaus Müller
Heinrich Waldmann
Heinrich Waldmann
Heinz Rilling
Heinz Rilling
Ernst Hannawald
Ernst Hannawald
Martin Östreicher
Martin Östreicher
Frank Behnke
Frank Behnke
Patrick Wolff as Phillip Warnow
Patrick Wolff
(Phillip Warnow)
Frank Scheffel
Frank Scheffel
Elke Krieg
Elke Krieg
Romana Pollak
Romana Pollak
Michael Schernthaler
Michael Schernthaler
Johanna Gastdorf as Michaela Beyer
Johanna Gastdorf
(Michaela Beyer)
Michael Rotschopf as Dr. Carsten Massmann
Michael Rotschopf
(Dr. Carsten Massmann)
Uschi Glas as Karin Runge
Uschi Glas
(Karin Runge)
Erika Pluhar as Charlotte Bäcker
Erika Pluhar
(Charlotte Bäcker)
Ulrich Noethen as Prof. Simon Holter
Ulrich Noethen
(Prof. Simon Holter)
Tristan Seith
Tristan Seith
Thomas Huber as Karli
Thomas Huber
Jens Atzorn as Gerrit Halbig
Jens Atzorn
(Gerrit Halbig)
Wayne Carpendale as Ludwig Gröninger
Wayne Carpendale
(Ludwig Gröninger)
Heikko Deutschmann as Achim Belitz
Heikko Deutschmann
(Achim Belitz)
Cornelius Obonya
Cornelius Obonya
Michel Robin as Eric Finberg
Michel Robin
(Eric Finberg)
Silvia Lukan as Hanna Markolm
Silvia Lukan
(Hanna Markolm)
Liselotte Pulver as Ursula Bär
Liselotte Pulver
(Ursula Bär)
Cilla Karni as Louise Hennerscheidt
Cilla Karni
(Louise Hennerscheidt)
Ruth Drexel as Tilly Gärtner
Ruth Drexel
(Tilly Gärtner)
Gisela Peltzer as Gudrun Schade
Gisela Peltzer
(Gudrun Schade)
Martin Held as Werner Martius
Martin Held
(Werner Martius)
Krystian Martinek as Richard Ohlbeck
Krystian Martinek
(Richard Ohlbeck)
Horst Buchholz as Wolf Daniel
Horst Buchholz
(Wolf Daniel)
Elisabeth Müller as Ilse von Seydl
Elisabeth Müller
(Ilse von Seydl)
Thomas Kretschmann as Karsten Winterberg
Thomas Kretschmann
(Karsten Winterberg)
Daniela Schulz
Daniela Schulz
Marleen Lohse as Sissy Meier
Marleen Lohse
(Sissy Meier)
Marion Mitterhammer as Ruth Schalenbach
Marion Mitterhammer
(Ruth Schalenbach)
Helmfried von Lüttichau as Markus Häupl
Helmfried von Lüttichau
(Markus Häupl)
Rainer Bock as Prof. Dr. Werner Schmedtmann
Rainer Bock
(Prof. Dr. Werner Schmedtmann)
Matthias Lier as Viktor Penzlin
Matthias Lier
(Viktor Penzlin)
Maximilian von Pufendorf as Jörn Brunner
Maximilian von Pufendorf
(Jörn Brunner)
Franziska Petri as Nora Schubert
Franziska Petri
(Nora Schubert)
Kathrin von Steinburg as Stefanie Rotthoff
Kathrin von Steinburg
(Stefanie Rotthoff)
Heinz Drache as Walter Preus
Heinz Drache
(Walter Preus)
Luitgard Im as Marie Sandtner
Luitgard Im
(Marie Sandtner)
Eleonore Noelle as Martha Finberg
Eleonore Noelle
(Martha Finberg)
Wolfgang Reichmann as Gala Teretti
Wolfgang Reichmann
(Gala Teretti)
Rosemarie Fendel as Sarah Deller
Rosemarie Fendel
(Sarah Deller)
Norbert Kappen as Kurt Bernhard
Norbert Kappen
(Kurt Bernhard)
Hellmut Lange as Gregor Kerner
Hellmut Lange
(Gregor Kerner)
Marius Müller-Westernhagen as Benno Flade
Marius Müller-Westernhagen
(Benno Flade)
Franziska Bronnen as Silke Frei
Franziska Bronnen
(Silke Frei)
Horst Frank as Dr. Gebhard Hennerscheidt
Horst Frank
(Dr. Gebhard Hennerscheidt)
Jessica Früh as Renate Gaubel
Jessica Früh
(Renate Gaubel)
Eckhard Heise as Philipp Radtke
Eckhard Heise
(Philipp Radtke)
Hildegard Knef as Erika Gerold
Hildegard Knef
(Erika Gerold)
Herlinde Latzko as Liss Ramson
Herlinde Latzko
(Liss Ramson)
Gisela Stein as Marion Stein
Gisela Stein
(Marion Stein)
Brigitte Mira as Hanna Lubach
Brigitte Mira
(Hanna Lubach)
Ute Cremer as Waltraud Amon
Ute Cremer
(Waltraud Amon)
Anne-Marie Kuster as Barbara Brassen
Anne-Marie Kuster
(Barbara Brassen)
Johanna von Koczian as Karla Korbing
Johanna von Koczian
(Karla Korbing)
Helmut Zhuber as Peter Dobling
Helmut Zhuber
(Peter Dobling)
Peter Carsten as Bernd Wallusch
Peter Carsten
(Bernd Wallusch)
Gert Günther Hoffmann as Dr. Hans Leonhard
Gert Günther Hoffmann
(Dr. Hans Leonhard)
Barbara Rudnik as Birgit Hornung
Barbara Rudnik
(Birgit Hornung)
Herbert Stass as Alfons Ahlert
Herbert Stass
(Alfons Ahlert)
Reinhild Solf as Karla Bergmeister
Reinhild Solf
(Karla Bergmeister)
Klaus Schwarzkopf as Rudolf Ballat
Klaus Schwarzkopf
(Rudolf Ballat)
Renate Krößner as Rita Bocholt
Renate Krößner
(Rita Bocholt)
Inge Meysel as Gisela Walter
Inge Meysel
(Gisela Walter)
Michael Heltau as Martin Bertold
Michael Heltau
(Martin Bertold)
Ulrich von Dobschütz as Rolf Tetzlaff
Ulrich von Dobschütz
(Rolf Tetzlaff)
August Zirner as Werner Thiele
August Zirner
(Werner Thiele)
Monika Schwarz as Eva Falter
Monika Schwarz
(Eva Falter)
Leon Keen as Sven Clausen
Leon Keen
(Sven Clausen)
Tilman Günther as Johann Mogensen
Tilman Günther
(Johann Mogensen)
Ulrich Matthes as Andreas Gobel
Ulrich Matthes
(Andreas Gobel)
Hans Teuscher as Rudolf Bachmann
Hans Teuscher
(Rudolf Bachmann)
Tom Mikulla as Peter Ahrend
Tom Mikulla
(Peter Ahrend)
Theresa Scholze as Sofi Burger
Theresa Scholze
(Sofi Burger)
Jörg Schüttauf as Max Kurat
Jörg Schüttauf
(Max Kurat)
Lusako Karonga as Victor Malewe
Lusako Karonga
(Victor Malewe)
Horst-Günter Marx as Peter Ballut
Horst-Günter Marx
(Peter Ballut)
Claudia Michelsen as Katja Valdon
Claudia Michelsen
(Katja Valdon)
Nicole Heesters as Christa Lehwald
Nicole Heesters
(Christa Lehwald)
Dana Vávrová as Astrid Craemer
Dana Vávrová
(Astrid Craemer)
Cosma Shiva Hagen as Jenny Hauser
Cosma Shiva Hagen
(Jenny Hauser)
Anatole Taubman as Ansgar Groll
Anatole Taubman
(Ansgar Groll)
Bettina Kupfer as Jutta Brandl
Bettina Kupfer
(Jutta Brandl)
Michael König as Xaver Fletzinger
Michael König
(Xaver Fletzinger)
Bernd Michael Lade as Andreas Schwab
Bernd Michael Lade
(Andreas Schwab)
Anna Schudt as Regina Wolf
Anna Schudt
(Regina Wolf)
Uwe Bohm as Karl Schramm
Uwe Bohm
(Karl Schramm)
Anne Ratte-Polle as Larissa Blomstedt
Anne Ratte-Polle
(Larissa Blomstedt)
Jannis Niewöhner as Fabian Limmer
Jannis Niewöhner
(Fabian Limmer)
Daniel Roesner as Vitus Steinlechner
Daniel Roesner
(Vitus Steinlechner)
Filip Peeters as Friedrich Berndorfer
Filip Peeters
(Friedrich Berndorfer)
Annika Blendl as Carola Weber
Annika Blendl
(Carola Weber)
Ilknur Boyraz as Asifa Huber
Ilknur Boyraz
(Asifa Huber)
Julia Bremermann as Henrike Herrmanns
Julia Bremermann
(Henrike Herrmanns)
Stephan Kampwirth as Werner Lindner
Stephan Kampwirth
(Werner Lindner)
Dominic Raacke as Christoph Berlach
Dominic Raacke
(Christoph Berlach)
Johannes Zirner as Paul Schmedtmann
Johannes Zirner
(Paul Schmedtmann)
Martina Ebm as Lena Mohr
Martina Ebm
(Lena Mohr)
Marc Benjamin Puch as Marcus Kerschner
Marc Benjamin Puch
(Marcus Kerschner)
Peter Bollag as Jack Braun
Peter Bollag
(Jack Braun)
O.E. Hasse as Konsul Karst
O.E. Hasse
(Konsul Karst)
Loumi Iacobesco as Vanessa Szczalginszky
Loumi Iacobesco
(Vanessa Szczalginszky)
Harry Meyen as Frank Brack
Harry Meyen
(Frank Brack)
Sigmar Solbach as Helmut Staufen
Sigmar Solbach
(Helmut Staufen)
Christoph Bantzer as Thomas Mertz
Christoph Bantzer
(Thomas Mertz)
Anton Diffring as Leo Steglitz
Anton Diffring
(Leo Steglitz)
Johanna Elbauer as Ilse Staiger
Johanna Elbauer
(Ilse Staiger)
Bruni Löbel as Gerda Scholz
Bruni Löbel
(Gerda Scholz)
Michael Wittenborn as Andreas Wessling
Michael Wittenborn
(Andreas Wessling)
Brigitte Grothum as Karla Behrend
Brigitte Grothum
(Karla Behrend)
Anja Schüte as Angela Thielen
Anja Schüte
(Angela Thielen)
Thomas Bachinger as Thomas Langner
Thomas Bachinger
(Thomas Langner)
Doris Kunstmann as Verena Klahn
Doris Kunstmann
(Verena Klahn)
Daniela Dadieu as Andrea Desinée
Daniela Dadieu
(Andrea Desinée)
Veronika Fitz as Gundula Hornung
Veronika Fitz
(Gundula Hornung)
Claudia Kment as Angela Spohn
Claudia Kment
(Angela Spohn)
Monika Woytowicz as Renate Welbert
Monika Woytowicz
(Renate Welbert)
Jochen Horst as Peter Köhler
Jochen Horst
(Peter Köhler)
Gisela Uhlen as Bertha Grevenau
Gisela Uhlen
(Bertha Grevenau)
Klaus Behrendt as Friedhelm Maus
Klaus Behrendt
(Friedhelm Maus)
Beate Jensen as Beate Aulan
Beate Jensen
(Beate Aulan)
Dominique Horwitz as Jörg von Petgus
Dominique Horwitz
(Jörg von Petgus)
Sissi Perlinger as Veronika Walter
Sissi Perlinger
(Veronika Walter)
Marek Harloff as Klaus Derwand
Marek Harloff
(Klaus Derwand)
Claudia Messner as Ingrid Volkmeier
Claudia Messner
(Ingrid Volkmeier)
Remo Schulze as Karl Staller
Remo Schulze
(Karl Staller)
Pavel Fieber as Arnold Siedler
Pavel Fieber
(Arnold Siedler)
Joel Basman as Leo Münster
Joel Basman
(Leo Münster)
Sophie von Kessel as Iris Lühr
Sophie von Kessel
(Iris Lühr)
Alice Dwyer as Lola Severin
Alice Dwyer
(Lola Severin)
Antje Schmidt as Astrid Krüger
Antje Schmidt
(Astrid Krüger)
Anja Schneider as Anja Probst
Anja Schneider
(Anja Probst)
Janina Stopper as Laura Tiefensee
Janina Stopper
(Laura Tiefensee)
Anne Kanis as Meike Jung
Anne Kanis
(Meike Jung)
Kai Michael Müller as Marcel Streibl
Kai Michael Müller
(Marcel Streibl)
Jana Thies as Jessica Burger
Jana Thies
(Jessica Burger)
Hanno Friedrich as Dr. Andreas Petersen
Hanno Friedrich
(Dr. Andreas Petersen)
Isabell Gerschke as Angela Steinbeck
Isabell Gerschke
(Angela Steinbeck)
Alwara Höfels as Anja Wiegand
Alwara Höfels
(Anja Wiegand)
Matthias Ziesing as Martin Schmieder
Matthias Ziesing
(Martin Schmieder)
Ann-Kathrin Kramer as Prof. Dr. Isabell Rodloff
Ann-Kathrin Kramer
(Prof. Dr. Isabell Rodloff)
Susanne Czepl as Renate Weidinger
Susanne Czepl
(Renate Weidinger)
Marie Jung as Sandra Zech
Marie Jung
(Sandra Zech)
Ulrike Krumbiegel as Veronika Berndorfer
Ulrike Krumbiegel
(Veronika Berndorfer)
Oliver Nägele as Erwin Wolters
Oliver Nägele
(Erwin Wolters)
Barbara Philipp as Hannah Lechner
Barbara Philipp
(Hannah Lechner)
Almila Bagriacik as Ayla Ergin
Almila Bagriacik
(Ayla Ergin)
Tim Bergmann as Hajo Lühning
Tim Bergmann
(Hajo Lühning)
Stephan Grossmann as Johann Färber
Stephan Grossmann
(Johann Färber)
Max Hopp as Wilfried Stadler
Max Hopp
(Wilfried Stadler)
Oliver Bröcker as Dirk Beyer
Oliver Bröcker
(Dirk Beyer)
Daniel Christensen as Al Amani
Daniel Christensen
(Al Amani)
Tanja Schleiff as Sandra Lindner
Tanja Schleiff
(Sandra Lindner)
Natalie Thiede as Dolores Feldmann
Natalie Thiede
(Dolores Feldmann)
Sinja Dieks as Julia Graupner
Sinja Dieks
(Julia Graupner)
Franziska Hartmann as Irma Pak
Franziska Hartmann
(Irma Pak)
Ferhat Keskin as Hassan Sheikh
Ferhat Keskin
(Hassan Sheikh)
Christoph M. Ohrt as Benno Spechter
Christoph M. Ohrt
(Benno Spechter)
Oliver Stritzel as Ferdinand Karlsfeld
Oliver Stritzel
(Ferdinand Karlsfeld)
Thomas Braut as Thomas Braut
Thomas Braut
(Thomas Braut)
Brigitta Furgler as Eva Ströbel
Brigitta Furgler
(Eva Ströbel)
Wolfgang Gasser as Toni Rautenstrauch
Wolfgang Gasser
(Toni Rautenstrauch)
Judy Winter as Gabriela Sartorius
Judy Winter
(Gabriela Sartorius)
Gisela Dreyer as Renate Moll
Gisela Dreyer
(Renate Moll)
Siegmar Schneider as Hermann Deller
Siegmar Schneider
(Hermann Deller)
Hans Söhnker as Dr. Knopp
Hans Söhnker
(Dr. Knopp)
Gabi Fischer as Gaby Gerold
Gabi Fischer
(Gaby Gerold)
Helmut Stauss as Rainer Beck
Helmut Stauss
(Rainer Beck)
Susanne Beck as Petra Seiffert
Susanne Beck
(Petra Seiffert)
Oliver Domnik as Mayer
Oliver Domnik
Michael Schwarzmaier as Dr. Klaus Winter
Michael Schwarzmaier
(Dr. Klaus Winter)
Sabine von Maydell as Barbara Gerber
Sabine von Maydell
(Barbara Gerber)
Christa Berndl as Jutta Frensen
Christa Berndl
(Jutta Frensen)
Ralf Richter as Bernd
Ralf Richter
Andreas Klein as Felix Langner
Andreas Klein
(Felix Langner)
Peter Lühr as Prof. Rainer Körbing
Peter Lühr
(Prof. Rainer Körbing)
Claudia Amm as Carola Erdmann
Claudia Amm
(Carola Erdmann)
Werner Stocker as Ludwig Huber
Werner Stocker
(Ludwig Huber)
Regina Sattler as Maike Berger
Regina Sattler
(Maike Berger)
Andrea Jonasson as Jilde Wendt
Andrea Jonasson
(Jilde Wendt)
Hans Reiser as Werner Mossmann
Hans Reiser
(Werner Mossmann)
Mick Werup as Karsten Bischoff
Mick Werup
(Karsten Bischoff)
Peter Ehrlich as Kurt Bellmann
Peter Ehrlich
(Kurt Bellmann)
Rainer Strecker as Peter Urban
Rainer Strecker
(Peter Urban)
Liane Hielscher as Frau Raschnitz
Liane Hielscher
(Frau Raschnitz)
Louise Martini as Margarete Müller
Louise Martini
(Margarete Müller)
Ulli Philipp as Maria Jablonski
Ulli Philipp
(Maria Jablonski)
Christine Merthan as Christine Naujoks
Christine Merthan
(Christine Naujoks)
Georg Thomalla as Werner Lorenz
Georg Thomalla
(Werner Lorenz)
Nadine Neumann as Katrin Brenner
Nadine Neumann
(Katrin Brenner)
Lara-Joy Körner as Tanja Klausen
Lara-Joy Körner
(Tanja Klausen)
Gaby Gasser as Vera Wienholf
Gaby Gasser
(Vera Wienholf)
Iris Junik as Finja Kurz
Iris Junik
(Finja Kurz)
Peter Roggisch as Wolfgang Gobel
Peter Roggisch
(Wolfgang Gobel)
Carolin Schlossmacher as Lina Veith
Carolin Schlossmacher
(Lina Veith)
Vasiliki Kanakis-Roussi as Jutta Gropius
Vasiliki Kanakis-Roussi
(Jutta Gropius)
Christine Reinhart as Mila Wessel
Christine Reinhart
(Mila Wessel)
Wolke Hegenbarth as Sophie Kugan
Wolke Hegenbarth
(Sophie Kugan)
Wanda Perdelwitz as Patricia Dubinsky
Wanda Perdelwitz
(Patricia Dubinsky)
Anke Sevenich as Anne Körner
Anke Sevenich
(Anne Körner)
Sven Gielnik as Jan Craemer
Sven Gielnik
(Jan Craemer)
Jürgen Goslar as Adrian Derwand
Jürgen Goslar
(Adrian Derwand)
Kai-Peter Malina as Peter Klaasen
Kai-Peter Malina
(Peter Klaasen)
Sergej Moya as Markus Fletzinger
Sergej Moya
(Markus Fletzinger)
Bruno F. Apitz as Hermann Staudinger
Bruno F. Apitz
(Hermann Staudinger)
Susanne Lothar as Margot Röhrich
Susanne Lothar
(Margot Röhrich)
Trystan Pütter as Hasso Böhme
Trystan Pütter
(Hasso Böhme)
Julia Cencig as Kati Aschauer
Julia Cencig
(Kati Aschauer)
Amelie Kiefer as Renate Hofer
Amelie Kiefer
(Renate Hofer)
Peter Simonischek as Ferdinand Lamsen
Peter Simonischek
(Ferdinand Lamsen)
Xaver Hutter as Dietmar Vogt
Xaver Hutter
(Dietmar Vogt)
Hans Kremer as Herr Jensen
Hans Kremer
(Herr Jensen)
Bettina Mittendorfer as Maria Erl
Bettina Mittendorfer
(Maria Erl)
Clemens Schick as Hans Eigendorf
Clemens Schick
(Hans Eigendorf)
Eisi Gulp as Xaver Breitner
Eisi Gulp
(Xaver Breitner)
Lisa Martinek as Jeanette Herold
Lisa Martinek
(Jeanette Herold)
Thure Riefenstein as Dr. Steffen Neuhaus
Thure Riefenstein
(Dr. Steffen Neuhaus)
Felicitas Woll as Lisa Obermayer
Felicitas Woll
(Lisa Obermayer)
Jonathan Berlin as Frederik Bergmann
Jonathan Berlin
(Frederik Bergmann)
Golo Euler as Paul May
Golo Euler
(Paul May)
Florian Karlheim as Sepp Kögl
Florian Karlheim
(Sepp Kögl)
Gabriel Raab as Raffael Holst
Gabriel Raab
(Raffael Holst)
Sebastian Weber as Dr. Thorsten Rupp
Sebastian Weber
(Dr. Thorsten Rupp)
Matthias Faust as Eddie Fischer
Matthias Faust
(Eddie Fischer)
Sylvana Krappatsch as Kerstin Kollarz
Sylvana Krappatsch
(Kerstin Kollarz)
Dörte Lyssewski as Birgit Bremer
Dörte Lyssewski
(Birgit Bremer)
Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht as Clemens Stadler
Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht
(Clemens Stadler)
Gesine Cukrowski as Julia Scheuer
Gesine Cukrowski
(Julia Scheuer)
Michael Glantschnig as Marc Gruber
Michael Glantschnig
(Marc Gruber)
Edita Malovcic as Cornelia Färber
Edita Malovcic
(Cornelia Färber)
Onur Akkilic as Amir Sheikh
Onur Akkilic
(Amir Sheikh)
Franz Hartwig as Frieder Hausdorf
Franz Hartwig
(Frieder Hausdorf)
Kai Lentrodt as Oliver Jahnke
Kai Lentrodt
(Oliver Jahnke)
Christian Redl as Robert Krüger
Christian Redl
(Robert Krüger)
Maik van Epple as Viktor Schubert
Maik van Epple
(Viktor Schubert)
Karl Lieffen as August Ströbel
Karl Lieffen
(August Ströbel)
Gerhart Lippert as Zweiter Polizist
Gerhart Lippert
(Zweiter Polizist)
Katharina Seyferth as Walburga
Katharina Seyferth
Harald von Koeppelle as Matratzenfabrikangestellter
Harald von Koeppelle
Horst Naumann as Anton Petzold
Horst Naumann
(Anton Petzold)
Roland Renner as Oliver Berger
Roland Renner
(Oliver Berger)
Paul Bürks as Rechtsanwalt Erwin Rodnick
Paul Bürks
(Rechtsanwalt Erwin Rodnick)
Hans Elwenspoek as Albert Westermeier
Hans Elwenspoek
(Albert Westermeier)
Willi Kowalj as Oliver Brückner
Willi Kowalj
(Oliver Brückner)
Lotti Ohnesorge as Anna Cromer
Lotti Ohnesorge
(Anna Cromer)
Susanna Bonasewicz as Anita Winter
Susanna Bonasewicz
(Anita Winter)
Paul Dahlke as Franz Burger
Paul Dahlke
(Franz Burger)
Wolfgang Völz as Pieter Jong
Wolfgang Völz
(Pieter Jong)
Gefion Helmke as Elisabeth Domella
Gefion Helmke
(Elisabeth Domella)
Silvia Reize as Karin Bogadan
Silvia Reize
(Karin Bogadan)
Johanna Hofer as Liselotte Badura
Johanna Hofer
(Liselotte Badura)
Giselle Vesco as Margarethe Nolle
Giselle Vesco
(Margarethe Nolle)
Ingrid Hoffmann as Senta
Ingrid Hoffmann
Franziska Oehme as Rose Behringer
Franziska Oehme
(Rose Behringer)
Daniel Lüönd as Jan Merkel
Daniel Lüönd
(Jan Merkel)
Ditte Schupp as Daniela Borchert
Ditte Schupp
(Daniela Borchert)
Uwe Fellensiek as Stephan Kilian
Uwe Fellensiek
(Stephan Kilian)
Marina Krogull as Veronika Albrecht
Marina Krogull
(Veronika Albrecht)
Klaus Wildbolz as Robert Dorr
Klaus Wildbolz
(Robert Dorr)
Sabine Kaack as Solveigh Björklund
Sabine Kaack
(Solveigh Björklund)
Matthias Fuchs as Arnold Lippert
Matthias Fuchs
(Arnold Lippert)
Ronnie Janot as Mathias Urban
Ronnie Janot
(Mathias Urban)
Inken Sommer as Bille Wagner
Inken Sommer
(Bille Wagner)
Bernhard Baier as Horst Brigant
Bernhard Baier
(Horst Brigant)
Gudrun Okras as Elsa Hoffmann
Gudrun Okras
(Elsa Hoffmann)
Joachim Kemmer as Kurt Sasse
Joachim Kemmer
(Kurt Sasse)
Ibrahim Erol Sandalcioglu as Ismail Aksami
Ibrahim Erol Sandalcioglu
(Ismail Aksami)
Sasha Krasnobajew as Ewald Jülich
Sasha Krasnobajew
(Ewald Jülich)
Konstanze Breitebner as Sonja Brandstätter
Konstanze Breitebner
(Sonja Brandstätter)
Heinz Trixner as Helmut Buckwitz
Heinz Trixner
(Helmut Buckwitz)
Hans-Peter Korff as Bernd Franke
Hans-Peter Korff
(Bernd Franke)
Benjamin Hartinger as Jakob Arndt
Benjamin Hartinger
(Jakob Arndt)
Martin Lindow as Jürgen Kilian
Martin Lindow
(Jürgen Kilian)
Lena Dörrie as Natalie Melzer
Lena Dörrie
(Natalie Melzer)
Ben Unterkofler as Nico Jürgens
Ben Unterkofler
(Nico Jürgens)
Enno Hesse as Martin Staudinger
Enno Hesse
(Martin Staudinger)
Markus Tomczyk as Marco Thaler
Markus Tomczyk
(Marco Thaler)
Helmut Berger as Otmar Lenz
Helmut Berger
(Otmar Lenz)
Inga Busch as Manu Engelkamp
Inga Busch
(Manu Engelkamp)
Stephan Zinner as Gerald Aschauer
Stephan Zinner
(Gerald Aschauer)
Bernhard Piesk as Patrick Schäfer
Bernhard Piesk
(Patrick Schäfer)
Sven Pippig as Guido Maurer
Sven Pippig
(Guido Maurer)
Edmund Telgenkämper as Gernot Neubauer
Edmund Telgenkämper
(Gernot Neubauer)
Patrick Heyn as Stefan Witt
Patrick Heyn
(Stefan Witt)
Felix Klare as Bastian Reichelt
Felix Klare
(Bastian Reichelt)
Julia Koschitz as Anna Straub
Julia Koschitz
(Anna Straub)
Götz Otto as René Steinberg
Götz Otto
(René Steinberg)
Thomas Wüpper as Prof. Detlef Dorn
Thomas Wüpper
(Prof. Detlef Dorn)
Ercan Durmaz as Carlos Block
Ercan Durmaz
(Carlos Block)
Ella-Maria Gollmer as Dana Mikulic
Ella-Maria Gollmer
(Dana Mikulic)
Hans Löw as Anton Schempp
Hans Löw
(Anton Schempp)
Rick Okon as Simon Wolters
Rick Okon
(Simon Wolters)
Paul Falk as Paul Kühnert
Paul Falk
(Paul Kühnert)
Svenja Jung as Johanna
Svenja Jung
Alexander Milo as Mirko Jankovic
Alexander Milo
(Mirko Jankovic)
Andreas Nickl as Frank Neubert
Andreas Nickl
(Frank Neubert)
Thomas Darchinger as Dieter Herrmanns
Thomas Darchinger
(Dieter Herrmanns)
Max Schmidt as Hans Huber
Max Schmidt
(Hans Huber)
Robert Schupp as Achim Voigt
Robert Schupp
(Achim Voigt)
Lenn Kudrjawizki as Pavel Hovolka
Lenn Kudrjawizki
(Pavel Hovolka)
Dietrich Frauboes as Münzer
Dietrich Frauboes
Gracia-Maria Kaus as Madeleine Manchot
Gracia-Maria Kaus
(Madeleine Manchot)
Christian Reiner as Peter Sartorius
Christian Reiner
(Peter Sartorius)
Joachim Ansorge as Bernd Hartog
Joachim Ansorge
(Bernd Hartog)
Gisela Bolte as Anita
Gisela Bolte
Michael Braun as Barmann
Michael Braun
Gudrun Genest as Hildegard Färber
Gudrun Genest
(Hildegard Färber)
Emily Reuer as Brigitte Petzold
Emily Reuer
(Brigitte Petzold)
Hanns Stein as Senatspräsident am OLG a.D. Dr. Frank
Hanns Stein
(Senatspräsident am OLG a.D. Dr. Frank)
Mascha Gonska as Nana Dorakis
Mascha Gonska
(Nana Dorakis)
Horst Niendorf as Franz Weiler
Horst Niendorf
(Franz Weiler)
Eric Pohlmann as Jellinek
Eric Pohlmann
Edith Schultze-Westrum as Frau Pelz
Edith Schultze-Westrum
(Frau Pelz)
Gisela Hoeter as Frau Hormann
Gisela Hoeter
(Frau Hormann)
Herbert Fleischmann as Bodo Lammers
Herbert Fleischmann
(Bodo Lammers)
Paul Muller as Fabio Bonetti
Paul Muller
(Fabio Bonetti)
Heidi Brühl as Anita Pfeifer
Heidi Brühl
(Anita Pfeifer)
Paul Edwin Roth as Wolfgang Brück
Paul Edwin Roth
(Wolfgang Brück)
Tobias Kessinger as Teddy Falk
Tobias Kessinger
(Teddy Falk)
Karl-Heinz von Hassel as Heinz Jakob
Karl-Heinz von Hassel
(Heinz Jakob)
Patrick Winczewski as Thomas Falter
Patrick Winczewski
(Thomas Falter)
Daniel Muck as Manfred
Daniel Muck
Matthias Bullach as Albert von Lengsfeld
Matthias Bullach
(Albert von Lengsfeld)
Werner Schwuchow as Peter Seiffert
Werner Schwuchow
(Peter Seiffert)
Rufus Beck as Erich Kapuste
Rufus Beck
(Erich Kapuste)
Antonia Reidel as Sekretärin
Antonia Reidel
Hans Schuler as Kurt Weirich
Hans Schuler
(Kurt Weirich)
Thomas Haertlein as Walter Lipsky
Thomas Haertlein
(Walter Lipsky)
Marc Rosenberg as Maurice Bennesch
Marc Rosenberg
(Maurice Bennesch)
Joachim Kretzer as Tom Eschwege
Joachim Kretzer
(Tom Eschwege)
Juraj Kukura as John Keresi
Juraj Kukura
(John Keresi)
Alexandra Schalaudek as Sarah Illberg
Alexandra Schalaudek
(Sarah Illberg)
Simon Griesmayr as Dominik Körner
Simon Griesmayr
(Dominik Körner)
Joana Mendl-Fink as Jasmin Bender
Joana Mendl-Fink
(Jasmin Bender)
Joy Maria Bai as Li Pai
Joy Maria Bai
(Li Pai)
Ursula Gottwald as Studentin
Ursula Gottwald
Ute Springer as Sandra Fischer
Ute Springer
(Sandra Fischer)
Laura Syniawa as Linda Schlosser
Laura Syniawa
(Linda Schlosser)
Astrid M. Fünderich as Liane Hartwich
Astrid M. Fünderich
(Liane Hartwich)
Karin Giegerich as Marion Lamsen
Karin Giegerich
(Marion Lamsen)
Nico Rogner as Flavio Tuzzi
Nico Rogner
(Flavio Tuzzi)
Jannik Schümann as Leon Tiefensee
Jannik Schümann
(Leon Tiefensee)
Janna Striebeck as Henriette Wertach
Janna Striebeck
(Henriette Wertach)
Imogen Kogge as Dagmar Seiler
Imogen Kogge
(Dagmar Seiler)
Patrick von Blume as Martin Pawlak
Patrick von Blume
(Martin Pawlak)
Sidonie von Krosigk as Annika Schäfer
Sidonie von Krosigk
(Annika Schäfer)
Robert Gallinowski
Robert Gallinowski
Lucas Reiber as Lukas Kroesinger
Lucas Reiber
(Lukas Kroesinger)
André Röhner as Markus Steinbeck
André Röhner
(Markus Steinbeck)
Branko Tomovic as Marius Radu
Branko Tomovic
(Marius Radu)
Hans-Jochen Wagner as Bernd Lorenz
Hans-Jochen Wagner
(Bernd Lorenz)
Corinna Kirchhoff as Beate Hähnel
Corinna Kirchhoff
(Beate Hähnel)
Oliver Mallison as Rüdiger Steinberg
Oliver Mallison
(Rüdiger Steinberg)
Jasmin Schwiers as Filippa Ferencz
Jasmin Schwiers
(Filippa Ferencz)
Michael Wenninger as Stefan Thiel
Michael Wenninger
(Stefan Thiel)
Sarah Mathilda Libbertz as Dr. Antonia Forch
Sarah Mathilda Libbertz
(Dr. Antonia Forch)
Lara Mandoki as Karo Wilke
Lara Mandoki
(Karo Wilke)
Julius Nitschkoff as Andreas Kühnert
Julius Nitschkoff
(Andreas Kühnert)
Lilli Biedermann as Caro Lindner
Lilli Biedermann
(Caro Lindner)
Josephine Ehlert as Beate Reinders
Josephine Ehlert
(Beate Reinders)
Felix Hellmann as Hannes Wanninger
Felix Hellmann
(Hannes Wanninger)
Katharina Schmidt as Rike Jansen
Katharina Schmidt
(Rike Jansen)
Atef Vogel as Maik Jeltschick
Atef Vogel
(Maik Jeltschick)
Ruby O. Fee as Valerie Spechter
Ruby O. Fee
(Valerie Spechter)
Ill-Young Kim as Beng Pak
Ill-Young Kim
(Beng Pak)
Florian Panzner as Conny Rotthoff
Florian Panzner
(Conny Rotthoff)
Klaus Dierig as Brock
Klaus Dierig
Ursula Grabley as Gerda Maurer
Ursula Grabley
(Gerda Maurer)
Max Strecker as Waffenhändler
Max Strecker
Jochen Brockmann as Konrad Marholm
Jochen Brockmann
(Konrad Marholm)
Monique Christin
Monique Christin
Peter Neubeck
Peter Neubeck
Ingrid Seibert as Inge
Ingrid Seibert
Liselotte Quilling as Hausdame
Liselotte Quilling
Elmar Wepper as Xaver Seidl
Elmar Wepper
(Xaver Seidl)
Franziska Stömmer as Frau Walter
Franziska Stömmer
(Frau Walter)
Raimund Czapla as Dieter Hossak
Raimund Czapla
(Dieter Hossak)
Daniel Jacob as Guido Lupo
Daniel Jacob
(Guido Lupo)
Willy Semmelrogge as Knövel
Willy Semmelrogge
Natascha Spalj as Ines
Natascha Spalj
Tilly Lauenstein as Baronin Schwindt
Tilly Lauenstein
(Baronin Schwindt)
Ron Williams as Paul Muhat
Ron Williams
(Paul Muhat)
Axel Bauer as Herr Heinzen
Axel Bauer
(Herr Heinzen)
Doris Jensen as Hanna Dohmen
Doris Jensen
(Hanna Dohmen)
Hans Schulmann
Hans Schulmann
Ruth Teege as Else Burnitz
Ruth Teege
(Else Burnitz)
Hans Clarin as Werner Moran
Hans Clarin
(Werner Moran)
Vincenzo Benestante
Vincenzo Benestante
Antje Hagen as Frau Sanders
Antje Hagen
(Frau Sanders)
Helena Rosenkranz as Frau Hansen
Helena Rosenkranz
(Frau Hansen)
Jasmin Gabler as Ellen Lessing
Jasmin Gabler
(Ellen Lessing)
Volker Ranisch as Ulf Belum
Volker Ranisch
(Ulf Belum)
Angela Schmid as Inge Schulz
Angela Schmid
(Inge Schulz)
Kurt Weinzierl as Herr Brinkmann
Kurt Weinzierl
(Herr Brinkmann)
Steffen Wink as Jan Grollmann
Steffen Wink
(Jan Grollmann)
Janne Drücker as Manu Briosch
Janne Drücker
(Manu Briosch)
Marek Wlodarczyk as Boris Barejew
Marek Wlodarczyk
(Boris Barejew)
Marek Erhardt as Horst Altmann
Marek Erhardt
(Horst Altmann)
Monika Gruber as Elisabeth Werner
Monika Gruber
(Elisabeth Werner)
Inka Calvi as Christine Merten
Inka Calvi
(Christine Merten)
Ralph Schicha as Bernd Brehmer
Ralph Schicha
(Bernd Brehmer)
Jaecki Schwarz as Paul Södermann
Jaecki Schwarz
(Paul Södermann)
Gerd Silberbauer as Martin Reiff
Gerd Silberbauer
(Martin Reiff)
Hildegard Schmahl as Klara Schramm
Hildegard Schmahl
(Klara Schramm)
Max Urlacher as Bernhard Kainz
Max Urlacher
(Bernhard Kainz)
Julia Richter as Evelyn Blank
Julia Richter
(Evelyn Blank)
Petra Einhoff as Sabine Bamberger
Petra Einhoff
(Sabine Bamberger)
Peter Kurth as Clemens Tiefensee
Peter Kurth
(Clemens Tiefensee)
Karoline Teska as Tina Lamsen
Karoline Teska
(Tina Lamsen)
Sven Gerhardt as Michael Arendt
Sven Gerhardt
(Michael Arendt)
Dana Golombek as Nadine Ottinger
Dana Golombek
(Nadine Ottinger)
Geno Lechner as Verena Limmer
Geno Lechner
(Verena Limmer)
Ruth Reinecke as Frau Jensen
Ruth Reinecke
(Frau Jensen)
Julia Thurnau as Dana
Julia Thurnau
Marko Mandic as Wasil Radew
Marko Mandic
(Wasil Radew)
Aurel Manthei
Aurel Manthei
Barbara Nüsse as Brigitte Wöhler
Barbara Nüsse
(Brigitte Wöhler)
Simon Schwarz as Rico Meyer
Simon Schwarz
(Rico Meyer)
Anna Unterberger as Katrin Munz
Anna Unterberger
(Katrin Munz)
Stephan Bissmeier as Herbert Schmiedinger
Stephan Bissmeier
(Herbert Schmiedinger)
Gregor Bloéb as Georg Birk
Gregor Bloéb
(Georg Birk)
Mark Kuhn as Martin Boningen
Mark Kuhn
(Martin Boningen)
Hannah Scheibe as Marion Göllner
Hannah Scheibe
(Marion Göllner)
Dagny Dewath as Claudia Hillmer
Dagny Dewath
(Claudia Hillmer)
John Friedmann as Bastian Lehnhoff
John Friedmann
(Bastian Lehnhoff)
Ulli Maier as Simone Forch
Ulli Maier
(Simone Forch)
Johann Anzenberger as Tristan P. Kiermaier
Johann Anzenberger
(Tristan P. Kiermaier)
Lennart Betzgen as Jannis von Achern
Lennart Betzgen
(Jannis von Achern)
Norman Hacker as Georg Behring
Norman Hacker
(Georg Behring)
Jonas Minthe as Jacob Kallwey
Jonas Minthe
(Jacob Kallwey)
Matthias Beier as Stephan Hufnagel
Matthias Beier
(Stephan Hufnagel)
Anna Brodskaja-Bomke as Natalja Popov
Anna Brodskaja-Bomke
(Natalja Popov)
Sebastian Edtbauer as Frank Hofmann
Sebastian Edtbauer
(Frank Hofmann)
Leoni Lankes as Julia Felde
Leoni Lankes
(Julia Felde)
Ludo Vici as 'Dildo'
Ludo Vici
Emilia Bernsdorf as Nadine Spechter
Emilia Bernsdorf
(Nadine Spechter)
Philip Butz as Constantin Berger
Philip Butz
(Constantin Berger)
Anna Dietmann as Pauline
Anna Dietmann
Niko Lukic as Sedad
Niko Lukic
Henrike von Kuick as Agnes Krüger
Henrike von Kuick
(Agnes Krüger)
Gerhard Wittmann as Dieter Heuring
Gerhard Wittmann
(Dieter Heuring)
Friedrich G. Beckhaus as Untersuchungsrichter
Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Hanne Wieder as Gertrud Kaminsky
Hanne Wieder
(Gertrud Kaminsky)
Fred Berhoff
Fred Berhoff
Willy Harlander as Strelitz
Willy Harlander
Michael Lenz as Schmidt-La Fontaine
Michael Lenz
(Schmidt-La Fontaine)
Hani Neubeck
Hani Neubeck
Ruth Niehaus as Marianne Marholm
Ruth Niehaus
(Marianne Marholm)
Benno Sterzenbach as Herr Färber
Benno Sterzenbach
(Herr Färber)
Vera Lippisch as Anna
Vera Lippisch
Walter Morath as Stehli
Walter Morath
Otto Friebel
Otto Friebel
Rosl Mayr as Frau Zanzinger
Rosl Mayr
(Frau Zanzinger)
Kurt Buecheler as Herr Schöhler
Kurt Buecheler
(Herr Schöhler)
Rose Renée Roth as Rosa Bansch
Rose Renée Roth
(Rosa Bansch)
Diana von Wietersheim
Diana von Wietersheim
Pavel Landovský as Papa Dop
Pavel Landovský
(Papa Dop)
Fabio Sarno
Fabio Sarno
Roswitha Dierck as Frau Haller
Roswitha Dierck
(Frau Haller)
Barbara Feltus as Vera
Barbara Feltus
Axel Schmidt as Thomas Wenzlaff
Axel Schmidt
(Thomas Wenzlaff)
Erich Schwarz as Herr Haake
Erich Schwarz
(Herr Haake)
George Inci as Nazim Ören
George Inci
(Nazim Ören)
Inigo Gallo as Rezeptionär
Inigo Gallo
Alisa Palmer as Sekretärin
Alisa Palmer
Michou Pascale Anderson as Rosa Karzer
Michou Pascale Anderson
(Rosa Karzer)
Peter Mohrdieck as Elgar Vieht
Peter Mohrdieck
(Elgar Vieht)
Uwe Castor as Barkeeper
Uwe Castor
Klaus Guth as Erich Glaser
Klaus Guth
(Erich Glaser)
Eric P. Caspar as Walter Burger
Eric P. Caspar
(Walter Burger)
Felix von Manteuffel as Paul Clemens
Felix von Manteuffel
(Paul Clemens)
Nico Holonics as Guido Angerer
Nico Holonics
(Guido Angerer)
Anthea Pauli as Claire Bruhn
Anthea Pauli
(Claire Bruhn)
Uwe Rathsam as Hilmar Schwanke
Uwe Rathsam
(Hilmar Schwanke)
Tim Morten Uhlenbrock as Mark Nussbach
Tim Morten Uhlenbrock
(Mark Nussbach)
Luca Zamperoni as Uwe Geyer
Luca Zamperoni
(Uwe Geyer)
Yve Burbach as Anita Röhrich
Yve Burbach
(Anita Röhrich)
Laura Osswald as Nikola Hofer
Laura Osswald
(Nikola Hofer)
Nora Quest as Laura Staudinger
Nora Quest
(Laura Staudinger)
Natalia Rudziewicz as Nadine Reuter
Natalia Rudziewicz
(Nadine Reuter)
Lukas Nathrath as Bernhard Lamsen
Lukas Nathrath
(Bernhard Lamsen)
Benjamin Trinks as Daniel Bamberger
Benjamin Trinks
(Daniel Bamberger)
Bert Böhlitz as Frank Höfling
Bert Böhlitz
(Frank Höfling)
Bettina Hauenschild as Journalistin
Bettina Hauenschild
Thomas Meinhardt as Horst Fuchs
Thomas Meinhardt
(Horst Fuchs)
Thomas Wodianka as Björn Behrens
Thomas Wodianka
(Björn Behrens)
Ben Lange as Hannes Seidler
Ben Lange
(Hannes Seidler)
Steven Scharf as Gerold Straub
Steven Scharf
(Gerold Straub)
Anne Schäfer as Nele Singer
Anne Schäfer
(Nele Singer)
Jonathan Beck as Alexander Bergmann
Jonathan Beck
(Alexander Bergmann)
Nikolai Bogdanov as Sergej Rostovkij
Nikolai Bogdanov
(Sergej Rostovkij)
Mathias Kupczyk as Paul Kaufhammer
Mathias Kupczyk
(Paul Kaufhammer)
Constantin von Jascheroff as Marco Beyer
Constantin von Jascheroff
(Marco Beyer)
Yûho Yamashita as Anna Nagoya
Yûho Yamashita
(Anna Nagoya)
Jan-Hinnerk Arnke as Dieter Schalenbach
Jan-Hinnerk Arnke
(Dieter Schalenbach)
Yvonne de Bark as Stationsärztin
Yvonne de Bark
Daniel Flieger as Heiko Thiess
Daniel Flieger
(Heiko Thiess)
Stephanie Kellner
Stephanie Kellner
Friederike Linke as Claudia Thaler
Friederike Linke
(Claudia Thaler)
Elisabeth von Koch as Bianca Herforth
Elisabeth von Koch
(Bianca Herforth)
Fabian Halbig as Sven Kaminski
Fabian Halbig
(Sven Kaminski)
Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer as Sabrina Fischer
Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer
(Sabrina Fischer)
Bea Brocks as Giselle Müller
Bea Brocks
(Giselle Müller)
Luise Kinner as Melanie Gantner
Luise Kinner
(Melanie Gantner)
Sven Kramer as Herr Wittig
Sven Kramer
(Herr Wittig)
Patrick Mölleken as Max Lehmann
Patrick Mölleken
(Max Lehmann)
Ilja Roßbander as Robert Keil
Ilja Roßbander
(Robert Keil)
Bejean Banner as Göran
Bejean Banner
Reza Brojerdi as Ahmad Sameer
Reza Brojerdi
(Ahmad Sameer)
Manuel Feneberg as Stefan
Manuel Feneberg
Tom Gronau as Gino
Tom Gronau
Joachim R. Iffland as Freddy Mohr
Joachim R. Iffland
(Freddy Mohr)
Michel Jacot
Michel Jacot
Helen Vita as Konstanze
Helen Vita
Wolf Ackva as Ermittlungsrichter
Wolf Ackva
Martin Bauer
Martin Bauer
Susanne Bialucha
Susanne Bialucha
Sabine Furtner as Sylvia
Sabine Furtner
Barbara Gallauner as Frau Hellwig
Barbara Gallauner
(Frau Hellwig)
Corinna Genest as Doris Marholm
Corinna Genest
(Doris Marholm)
Friedrich Maurer as Herr Bernhard
Friedrich Maurer
(Herr Bernhard)
Alexander Golling as Morgenroth sen.
Alexander Golling
(Morgenroth sen.)
Anita Mally as Linda Humboldt
Anita Mally
(Linda Humboldt)
Gundolf Willer as Lothar Gnädig
Gundolf Willer
(Lothar Gnädig)
Michael Gempart
Michael Gempart
Egon Vogel as Dr. Schassdorf
Egon Vogel
(Dr. Schassdorf)
Jan Biczycki as Hausmeister
Jan Biczycki
Erica Schramm as Frau Wehmayer
Erica Schramm
(Frau Wehmayer)
Jeanette Mühlmann as Frl. Brigitte - Rockertorte
Jeanette Mühlmann
(Frl. Brigitte - Rockertorte)
Stephanie Bothor as Kim
Stephanie Bothor
Beate Wanke
Beate Wanke
Katharina Ortner as Vera Grunau
Katharina Ortner
(Vera Grunau)
Hannelore Cremer as Marianne Orlak
Hannelore Cremer
(Marianne Orlak)
Dietrich Haugk as Konsul
Dietrich Haugk
Frank Giering as Joachim Horst
Frank Giering
(Joachim Horst)
Henriette Thimig as Maria Wels
Henriette Thimig
(Maria Wels)
Klaus Nierhoff as Sascha Gregory
Klaus Nierhoff
(Sascha Gregory)
Mascha Gohlke as Stefanie Schmidt
Mascha Gohlke
(Stefanie Schmidt)
Janina Hartwig as Frau Reichard
Janina Hartwig
(Frau Reichard)
Henning Baum as Ben Lehnert
Henning Baum
(Ben Lehnert)
Philipp Hauß as Volker Herbst
Philipp Hauß
(Volker Herbst)
Young-Shin Kim as Apinya Baranee
Young-Shin Kim
(Apinya Baranee)
Wilfried Labmeier as Alois Unterpaintner
Wilfried Labmeier
(Alois Unterpaintner)
Claudia Mehnert as Kristina Hinke
Claudia Mehnert
(Kristina Hinke)
Rüdiger Wandel as Wolfgang Mertin
Rüdiger Wandel
(Wolfgang Mertin)
Ilse Zielstorff as Frau Fleming
Ilse Zielstorff
(Frau Fleming)
Fabian Elias Huber as Rafael Albrecht
Fabian Elias Huber
(Rafael Albrecht)
Burak Yigit as Mesut Özat
Burak Yigit
(Mesut Özat)
Matthias Haase as Herr Dellinger
Matthias Haase
(Herr Dellinger)
Rolf Kanies as Manfred Zauner
Rolf Kanies
(Manfred Zauner)
Jonas Laux as Claus Kadlec
Jonas Laux
(Claus Kadlec)
Jonas Meyer as Martin Krüger
Jonas Meyer
(Martin Krüger)
Katharina Nesytowa as Irina
Katharina Nesytowa
Marcel Nievelstein as Tobias Lechner
Marcel Nievelstein
(Tobias Lechner)
Johann Adam Oest as Alfons Dornfeld
Johann Adam Oest
(Alfons Dornfeld)
Sabrina Frank as Kim Schmidinger
Sabrina Frank
(Kim Schmidinger)
Daniela Holtz as Kerstin Neubauer
Daniela Holtz
(Kerstin Neubauer)
Eva Meier as Sprechstundenhilfe Nicole
Eva Meier
(Sprechstundenhilfe Nicole)
Astrid Posner as Gisela Albeck
Astrid Posner
(Gisela Albeck)
Tom Radisch as Dr. Thomas Schwarz
Tom Radisch
(Dr. Thomas Schwarz)
Natalia Belitski as Petja Kristeva
Natalia Belitski
(Petja Kristeva)
Irina Potapenko as Maja Petrescu
Irina Potapenko
(Maja Petrescu)
Wolfram Rupperti
Wolfram Rupperti
Gilbert von Sohlern as Bestatteer
Gilbert von Sohlern
Daniel Wiemer as Marco Klein
Daniel Wiemer
(Marco Klein)
Corinna Binzer as Frau Bastian
Corinna Binzer
(Frau Bastian)
Philipp Brammer as Grieshammer
Philipp Brammer
Marko Dyrlich as Dirk Faber
Marko Dyrlich
(Dirk Faber)
Matthias Kupfer as Internist Dr. Lorbeer
Matthias Kupfer
(Internist Dr. Lorbeer)
Stefan Merki as Josef Gruber
Stefan Merki
(Josef Gruber)
Jennifer Ulrich as Stefanie Hähnel
Jennifer Ulrich
(Stefanie Hähnel)
Maria Weidner as Miriam Tiefenbacher
Maria Weidner
(Miriam Tiefenbacher)
Felix von Bredow as David Thaler
Felix von Bredow
(David Thaler)
Antonia Jung as Sarah Brunner
Antonia Jung
(Sarah Brunner)
Mats Reinhardt as Franz Wagner
Mats Reinhardt
(Franz Wagner)
Christine Döring as Dani Behring
Christine Döring
(Dani Behring)
Daniel Fünffrock
Daniel Fünffrock
Ricardo Angelini as Barkeeper
Ricardo Angelini
Moritz Fischer as Dirk Prankmeier
Moritz Fischer
(Dirk Prankmeier)
Birte Hanusrichter as Sylvia Voigt
Birte Hanusrichter
(Sylvia Voigt)
Paulina Hobratschk as Anna
Paulina Hobratschk
Katharina Meves as Sophie Schindler
Katharina Meves
(Sophie Schindler)
Irshad Panjatan as Baba Suria
Irshad Panjatan
(Baba Suria)
Wolfgang Pregler as Dr. Markmeier
Wolfgang Pregler
(Dr. Markmeier)
Julian Bayer as Kevin
Julian Bayer
Alina Beise as Ricarda Grubinger
Alina Beise
(Ricarda Grubinger)
Manuel Kandler as Maik Rotthoff
Manuel Kandler
(Maik Rotthoff)
Walter Schuster as Helmut Görtz
Walter Schuster
(Helmut Görtz)
Jan Groth as Otto
Jan Groth
Friedrich Karl Grund as Bankbeamter
Friedrich Karl Grund
Herbert Prikopa as Busfahrer
Herbert Prikopa
Gabriell Kölblinger
Gabriell Kölblinger
Ilse Petri as Frau Kampe
Ilse Petri
(Frau Kampe)
Jean-Pierre Zola as Brosch
Jean-Pierre Zola
Dieter Assmann as Dr. Franz Lederer
Dieter Assmann
(Dr. Franz Lederer)
Horst A. Reichel as 2. Beamter vom Raubdezernat
Horst A. Reichel
(2. Beamter vom Raubdezernat)
Josef Vinklár as Penner Liebmann
Josef Vinklár
(Penner Liebmann)
Walter Gnilka as Dr. Wegner
Walter Gnilka
(Dr. Wegner)
Wolf Richards as Herr Unger
Wolf Richards
(Herr Unger)
Werner Günther Fritz
Werner Günther Fritz
Sibylla Meckel as Tina Anselm
Sibylla Meckel
(Tina Anselm)
Wolfgang Weiser
Wolfgang Weiser
Oliver Triendl as Stefan Orlak
Oliver Triendl
(Stefan Orlak)
Mitja Zittel as Ben Ritter
Mitja Zittel
(Ben Ritter)
Christian Koerner as Regisseur
Christian Koerner
Julian Til Ostertag as Karl
Julian Til Ostertag
Marcel Hensema as Thierry Vanderbeke
Marcel Hensema
(Thierry Vanderbeke)
Marita Breuer as Ulrike Dornfeld
Marita Breuer
(Ulrike Dornfeld)
Martin Kurz as Thomas Krüger
Martin Kurz
(Thomas Krüger)
Susanne Schröder as Elke Sartorius
Susanne Schröder
(Elke Sartorius)
Annette Wunsch as Stationsschwester Petra
Annette Wunsch
(Stationsschwester Petra)
Heidy Forster
Heidy Forster
Sandra Koltai as Nicola Schwarz
Sandra Koltai
(Nicola Schwarz)
Thomas Immo Jutzler
Thomas Immo Jutzler
Martin Laue as Ralf Schuster
Martin Laue
(Ralf Schuster)
Christa Pasch as Silke Feil
Christa Pasch
(Silke Feil)
Christoph Vogel as Labormitarbeiter
Christoph Vogel
Josephine Kroetz as Nicole Münter
Josephine Kroetz
(Nicole Münter)
Tino Mewes as Julian Rogatzki
Tino Mewes
(Julian Rogatzki)
Joachim Nimtz as Schorsch - Studiochef
Joachim Nimtz
(Schorsch - Studiochef)
Andreas Pegler as Schankkellner
Andreas Pegler
Felicitas Malina R. as Lydia Wagner
Felicitas Malina R.
(Lydia Wagner)
Marie Theres as Empfangsschwester
Marie Theres
Kyra Sophia Kahre as Maja Rudolfs
Kyra Sophia Kahre
(Maja Rudolfs)
Johannes Zeiler as Maximilian Sailer
Johannes Zeiler
(Maximilian Sailer)
Stefan Zimmermann
Stefan Zimmermann
Christian Lerch
Christian Lerch
Katinka Heichert as Brigitte
Katinka Heichert
Jochen Matschke as David Draxler
Jochen Matschke
(David Draxler)
Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski as Anton Kubiczek
Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski
(Anton Kubiczek)
Frank Sollmann as Herr Wölke
Frank Sollmann
(Herr Wölke)
Malene Becker as Jessica Heuring
Malene Becker
(Jessica Heuring)
Emanuel Fellmer as David Dreher
Emanuel Fellmer
(David Dreher)
Benjamin Holtschke as Mitarbeiter 'Heimatstimme'
Benjamin Holtschke
(Mitarbeiter 'Heimatstimme')
Moritz Kienemann as Robert Mencke
Moritz Kienemann
(Robert Mencke)
Willy Friedrichs as Prokurist Baltus
Willy Friedrichs
(Prokurist Baltus)
Walter Ladengast as Rolf
Walter Ladengast
Norbert Lill
Norbert Lill
Eduard Linkers as Hausmeister Kampe
Eduard Linkers
(Hausmeister Kampe)
Mary Schüler
Mary Schüler
Olga Demetriescu
Olga Demetriescu
Margit Schulte-Tigges as Hanne
Margit Schulte-Tigges
Beatrice Norden as Frau Molder
Beatrice Norden
(Frau Molder)
Hans Kraus as Zollbeamter
Hans Kraus
Karl-Heinz von Liebezeit as Zeuge
Karl-Heinz von Liebezeit
Ernest Hammer
Ernest Hammer
Towje Kleiner as Rolly
Towje Kleiner
Chun Mei Tan as Dienstmädchen #1
Chun Mei Tan
(Dienstmädchen #1)
Jens Weisser
Jens Weisser
Ercan Karacayli as Wirt
Ercan Karacayli
Robert Valentin Hofmann as Rezeptionist
Robert Valentin Hofmann
Christian Polito as Benni
Christian Polito
Carol Oppermann as Sekretärin
Carol Oppermann
Claudia Burckhardt as Sekretärin
Claudia Burckhardt
Klaus Manchen as Münchberg
Klaus Manchen
Max Felder as Martin Munz
Max Felder
(Martin Munz)
Michael Grimm as Rezeptionist
Michael Grimm
Thomas Gräßle as Erik Berger
Thomas Gräßle
(Erik Berger)
Vanessa Jeker as Birgit Fuchs
Vanessa Jeker
(Birgit Fuchs)
Marlene Morreis as Stefanie Amon
Marlene Morreis
(Stefanie Amon)
Wowo Habdank
Wowo Habdank
Veronika Faber as Maria Kaufhammer
Veronika Faber
(Maria Kaufhammer)
Winfried Frey as Bootsführer
Winfried Frey
Ferhat Kaleli as Hakan Bekdemir
Ferhat Kaleli
(Hakan Bekdemir)
Heike Koslowski as Ingrid Nerlinger
Heike Koslowski
(Ingrid Nerlinger)
Alexander Liegl
Alexander Liegl
Nick Romeo Reimann as Finn Kollarz
Nick Romeo Reimann
(Finn Kollarz)
Thomas Kress as Carstens
Thomas Kress
Christian Lex as Architekt
Christian Lex
Gerrit Freres as Spusi
Gerrit Freres
Samir Fuchs as Bashir
Samir Fuchs
Andrea Sihler as Elisabeth Hausdorf
Andrea Sihler
(Elisabeth Hausdorf)
Tuna Ünal
Tuna Ünal
Ernst Heuberger
Ernst Heuberger
Wolfgang Steinpichler
Wolfgang Steinpichler
Harry Kalenberg as Mann im Boot
Harry Kalenberg
(Mann im Boot)
Josef Kortländer as Sohn Molder
Josef Kortländer
(Sohn Molder)
Robert Ceeh
Robert Ceeh
Hella Birgit Mascus as Dienstmädchen #2
Hella Birgit Mascus
(Dienstmädchen #2)
Birte Berg
Birte Berg
Ulrich Matschoss as Paul Bergmann, 'Opa Schmetterling'
Ulrich Matschoss
(Paul Bergmann, 'Opa Schmetterling')
Catherine Flemming
Catherine Flemming
Karolina Hofmeister as Polizistin
Karolina Hofmeister
Martin Walch as Polizist
Martin Walch
Stefan Gubser as Herr Müller
Stefan Gubser
(Herr Müller)
Matthias Christian Rehrl as Verkäufer
Matthias Christian Rehrl
Claude De Demo as Nina Samarowski
Claude De Demo
(Nina Samarowski)
Peter Nitzsche as Ralf Koppisch
Peter Nitzsche
(Ralf Koppisch)
Lilian Etzold as Frau Schulz
Lilian Etzold
(Frau Schulz)
Marco Steeger as Notarzt
Marco Steeger
Luka Milan Vucijak
Luka Milan Vucijak
Steffen Nowak as Apotheker
Steffen Nowak
Vivien Wulf as Alexa Hähnel
Vivien Wulf
(Alexa Hähnel)
Daron Yates as Barmann
Daron Yates
Justin Mühlenhardt
Justin Mühlenhardt
Sarah Thoning as Lisa
Sarah Thoning
Greta Andelshauser as Klara
Greta Andelshauser
Julia Eder as Kellnerin
Julia Eder
Michael Heininger as Theo
Michael Heininger
Jeremias Meyer as Philipp Wanninger
Jeremias Meyer
(Philipp Wanninger)
Ina Fritsche as Vera Weber
Ina Fritsche
(Vera Weber)
Samouil Stoyanov as Wirt
Samouil Stoyanov
Christian Habicht
Christian Habicht
Franz Schafheitlin as Griffin
Franz Schafheitlin
Emmerich Schäffer as Drill
Emmerich Schäffer
Minja Vojvodic
Minja Vojvodic
Eduard Miller
Eduard Miller
Ruthild Rieser as Dienstmädchen #3
Ruthild Rieser
(Dienstmädchen #3)
Isabella Gregor as Empfangsdame
Isabella Gregor
Korbinian Tyroller as Elias Aschauer
Korbinian Tyroller
(Elias Aschauer)
Klaus B. Wolf as Rektor
Klaus B. Wolf
Rafael Koussouris as Tommi Singer
Rafael Koussouris
(Tommi Singer)
Sabrina Litzinger
Sabrina Litzinger
Oskar Vogt
Oskar Vogt
Constanze Wächter as Meike Schadt
Constanze Wächter
(Meike Schadt)
Lucas Linger as Max
Lucas Linger
Anna Lena Class as Anika
Anna Lena Class
Helmut Brasch
Helmut Brasch
Holger Hagen as Anstaltspsychologe
Holger Hagen
Katerina Jacob as Bea
Katerina Jacob
Nora Minor as Hausdame
Nora Minor
Christian Spatzek
Christian Spatzek
Harald Dietl as Monteur
Harald Dietl
Adem Rimpapa
Adem Rimpapa
Peter Stromberger as Wolfgang
Peter Stromberger
Greta Zimmer as Zimmerwirtin
Greta Zimmer
Sabine Lechenmayr
Sabine Lechenmayr
Christian Gaul
Christian Gaul
Daisy Karam
Daisy Karam
Thomas Stegherr as Rezeptionist
Thomas Stegherr
Marcus Ulbricht as Tom Liebig (Kripo)
Marcus Ulbricht
(Tom Liebig (Kripo))
Titus Horst as Beamter Spurensicherung
Titus Horst
(Beamter Spurensicherung)
Alexander Kreuzer as Wirt Odeon
Alexander Kreuzer
(Wirt Odeon)
Philipp Wimmer as Taschendieb
Philipp Wimmer
Katja Brenner
Katja Brenner
Doris Schimansky
Doris Schimansky
Beate Hasenau as Tante
Beate Hasenau
Michael Noss
Michael Noss
Dagny Schüler
Dagny Schüler