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1001 Nights

1001 Nights (2006)

1001 Nights

  • Genres:
    Family | Drama
  • Release Date:
    7 November 2006
  • Broadcast Co:
    TMC Film
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
  • Summary:
    Sehrazat, a young widow who is financially unable to treat her terminally ill young son, is forced to address to her charming boss, asking for help. The proposal by her boss changes her life forever.

Cast & Crew

Halit Ergenç as Onur Aksal
Halit Ergenç
(Onur Aksal)
Bergüzar Korel as Sehrazat Evliyaoglu
Bergüzar Korel
(Sehrazat Evliyaoglu)
Tardu Flordun as Kerem Inceoglu
Tardu Flordun
(Kerem Inceoglu)
Ceyda Düvenci as Bennu Ataman
Ceyda Düvenci
(Bennu Ataman)
Metin Çekmez as Burhan Evliyaoglu
Metin Çekmez
(Burhan Evliyaoglu)
Tomris Incer as Nadide Evliyaoglu
Tomris Incer
(Nadide Evliyaoglu)
Ergün Demir as Ali Kemal Evliyaoglu
Ergün Demir
(Ali Kemal Evliyaoglu)
Hazal Gürel as Burcu Evliyaoglu
Hazal Gürel
(Burcu Evliyaoglu)
Sennur Kaya as Firdevs
Sennur Kaya
Efe Çinar as Kaan Evliyaoglu
Efe Çinar
(Kaan Evliyaoglu)
Merih Ermakastar as Mert
Merih Ermakastar
Bartu Küçükçaglayan as Gani
Bartu Küçükçaglayan
Aytaç Öztuna as Secal Inceoglu
Aytaç Öztuna
(Secal Inceoglu)
Yeliz Akkaya as Melek Ataman
Yeliz Akkaya
(Melek Ataman)
Melahat Abbasova as Mihriban
Melahat Abbasova
Meral Çetinkaya as Peride Aksal
Meral Çetinkaya
(Peride Aksal)
Feyzan Çapa as Buket Evliyaoglu
Feyzan Çapa
(Buket Evliyaoglu)
Nuray Uslu as Sevgi
Nuray Uslu
Sennur Nogaylar as Firdevs
Sennur Nogaylar
Yonca Cevher as Füsun Evliyaoglu
Yonca Cevher
(Füsun Evliyaoglu)
Beste Sürer as Ayse
Beste Sürer
Mert Firat as Burak Inceoglu
Mert Firat
(Burak Inceoglu)
Metin Belgin as Zafer Gündüzalp
Metin Belgin
(Zafer Gündüzalp)
Demet Yekeler as Nimet
Demet Yekeler
Nehir Nil Karakaya as Burcin Evliyaoglu
Nehir Nil Karakaya
(Burcin Evliyaoglu)
Dilara Kavadar as Nilüfer Aksal
Dilara Kavadar
(Nilüfer Aksal)
Füsun Kostak as Cansel
Füsun Kostak
Nihan Durukan as Aysen
Nihan Durukan
Hazel Çamlidere as Ahu
Hazel Çamlidere
Duygu Çetinkaya as Sezen Ozsener
Duygu Çetinkaya
(Sezen Ozsener)
Teoman Kumbaracibasi as Yaman
Teoman Kumbaracibasi
Ahu Sungur
Ahu Sungur
Canan Erguder as Eda
Canan Erguder
Nihat Ileri as Semih Ozsener
Nihat Ileri
(Semih Ozsener)
Halil Tasdemir as Adem
Halil Tasdemir
Fatih Payat as Pahidar
Fatih Payat
Ebru Aykaç as Yasemin
Ebru Aykaç
Ipek Saygun as Tugce
Ipek Saygun
Ayben Erman as Neriman
Ayben Erman
Nazli Ceren Argon as Arzu
Nazli Ceren Argon
Sevda Aktolga as Nurhayat
Sevda Aktolga
Zeynep Konan as Zeynep
Zeynep Konan
Mehmet Polat as Erdal Karayolcu
Mehmet Polat
(Erdal Karayolcu)
Suphi Tekniker as Yalçin
Suphi Tekniker
Sefa Zengin as Tamer
Sefa Zengin
Gizem Günes as Buket Evliyaoglu
Gizem Günes
(Buket Evliyaoglu)
Ayla Algan as Betul
Ayla Algan
Belma Ice as Oya
Belma Ice
Basak Callioglu as Hüner
Basak Callioglu
Taner Barlas as Kadir
Taner Barlas
Feridun Düzagaç as Ozcan
Feridun Düzagaç
Ege Aydan as Engin
Ege Aydan
Sebnem Köstem as Handan
Sebnem Köstem
Ezgi Asaroglu as Duru
Ezgi Asaroglu
Suna Sancaktar
Suna Sancaktar
Yasemin Öztürk
Yasemin Öztürk
Kubilay Penbeklioglu as Selim
Kubilay Penbeklioglu
Zeynep Kaçar
Zeynep Kaçar
Özhan Carda as Tamer
Özhan Carda
Turhan Kaya
Turhan Kaya
Ece Hakim as Merve
Ece Hakim
Alptekin Serdengeçti as Haldun
Alptekin Serdengeçti
Gülseven Yilmaz as Nazan
Gülseven Yilmaz
Kuzey Yücehan as Ihsan
Kuzey Yücehan
Firat Görür as Baskomiser
Firat Görür
Birkan Pusa as Ege
Birkan Pusa
Esref Seyitoglu as Hasan
Esref Seyitoglu
Gürsan Piri Onurlu as Çagatay
Gürsan Piri Onurlu
Erdal Bilingen as Hakan
Erdal Bilingen
Ayçe Abana as Beyza
Ayçe Abana
Ismail Düvenci as Ismail
Ismail Düvenci
Nilüfer Silsüpür as Jale
Nilüfer Silsüpür
Ragip Gülen as Kenan Karabas (2007)
Ragip Gülen
(Kenan Karabas (2007))
Temmuz Karikutal
Temmuz Karikutal
Mustafa Partal as Kadir
Mustafa Partal
Efe Can Erdal as Hacker
Efe Can Erdal
Karina Gukrer as Isin
Karina Gukrer
Berrin Aktug
Berrin Aktug

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Salhaye Mashroteh
Salhaye Mashroteh
Ghonchehaye Zakhmii
Ghonchehaye Zakhmii
Az buse ta eshgh
Az buse ta eshgh
Maho Palang
Maho Palang