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Afsaneye Khorshid va Mah

Afsaneye Khorshid va Mah (2012)

Afsaneye Khorshid va Mah

  • Genres:
    Drama | Emotional | History | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    4 January 2012
  • Broadcast Co:
    MBC-TV Korea
  • Country:
    South Korea
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    50 min
  • Summary:
    The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the crown prince, Hwon. Her enemies, jealous of her family's position in court, schemed against her, wrestled away her rightful place as crown princess, and nearly took her life. Years later, an embittered Hwon meets Wol, now a female shaman with no recollection of her past.

Cast & Crew

Mi-seon Jeon as The Shaman Jang Nok Yeong
Mi-seon Jeon
(The Shaman Jang Nok Yeong)
Mi-kyeong Yang as Lady Shin, Yeon Wu and Yeom's Mother
Mi-kyeong Yang
(Lady Shin, Yeon Wu and Yeom's Mother)
Eung-soo Kim as Yun Dae Hyeong
Eung-soo Kim
(Yun Dae Hyeong)
Eun-pyo Jeong as Hyeong Seon
Eun-pyo Jeong
(Hyeong Seon)
Yeong-ae Kim as Queen Dowager Jung Hui
Yeong-ae Kim
(Queen Dowager Jung Hui)
Sun-kyung Kim as The Mother Queen Han
Sun-kyung Kim
(The Mother Queen Han)
Ye-ryeong Kim as The Concubine Park, Yang Myeong Gun's Mother
Ye-ryeong Kim
(The Concubine Park, Yang Myeong Gun's Mother)
Hee-seok Yun as Heong Gyu Tae
Hee-seok Yun
(Heong Gyu Tae)
Seo Hyeon Cheol as Minister Sim San
Seo Hyeon Cheol
(Minister Sim San)
Seung-hyeong Lee as Minister Han Jae Gil
Seung-hyeong Lee
(Minister Han Jae Gil)
Seung-wuk Kim as Minister Yoon Soo-chan
Seung-wuk Kim
(Minister Yoon Soo-chan)
Myoung-guk Kim as Na Dae Gil
Myoung-guk Kim
(Na Dae Gil)
Ik-tae Kim as Hye Gak
Ik-tae Kim
(Hye Gak)
Soo-Hyun Kim as Lee Hwon
Soo-Hyun Kim
(Lee Hwon)
Ga-in Han as Heo Yeon Wu
Ga-in Han
(Heo Yeon Wu)
Il-Woo Jung as Prince Yang Myeong Gun
Il-Woo Jung
(Prince Yang Myeong Gun)
Min-seo Kim as Yun Bo Gyeong
Min-seo Kim
(Yun Bo Gyeong)
Bo-ra Nam as Princess Min Hwa
Bo-ra Nam
(Princess Min Hwa)
Yun Seong Ah as Seol
Yun Seong Ah
Jae-rim Song as Kim Jae Woon
Jae-rim Song
(Kim Jae Woon)
Noo-Ri Bae as Jan Sil
Noo-Ri Bae
(Jan Sil)
Jae-hee Song as Heo Yeom
Jae-hee Song
(Heo Yeom)
Yoo-Jeong Kim as Young Heo Yeon Wu
Yoo-Jeong Kim
(Young Heo Yeon Wu)
Jin-gu Yeo as Young Lee Hwon
Jin-gu Yeo
(Young Lee Hwon)
Kwi-Jung Chu as Court Lady Jo
Kwi-Jung Chu
(Court Lady Jo)
Ji-hee Jin as Young Princess Min Hwa
Ji-hee Jin
(Young Princess Min Hwa)
So-Hyun Kim as Young Yun Bo Gyeong
So-Hyun Kim
(Young Yun Bo Gyeong)
Nae-sang Ahn as The King Seong Jo
Nae-sang Ahn
(The King Seong Jo)
Si-wan Im as Young Heo Yeom
Si-wan Im
(Young Heo Yeom)
Tae-Ri Lee as Young Yang Myeong Gun
Tae-Ri Lee
(Young Yang Myeong Gun)
Hee-soo Jang as Yun Bo Gyeong's Mother
Hee-soo Jang
(Yun Bo Gyeong's Mother)
Seonwoo Jae-Deok as Heo Yeong Jae
Seonwoo Jae-Deok
(Heo Yeong Jae)
Won-geun Lee as Young Kim Jae Woon
Won-geun Lee
(Young Kim Jae Woon)
Seo Ji Hui as Young Seol
Seo Ji Hui
(Young Seol)
Min-Kyeong Kim as Court Lady Min
Min-Kyeong Kim
(Court Lady Min)
Ji-yun Seol
Ji-yun Seol
Jeong-Hoon Lee as Oh Hye-seong
Jeong-Hoon Lee
(Oh Hye-seong)
Kil-soo Park as Moon Ji-bang
Kil-soo Park
(Moon Ji-bang)
Jang-mi Lee
Jang-mi Lee
Seon-Haeng Heo
Seon-Haeng Heo
Young-nam Jang as The Shaman Ah Ri
Young-nam Jang
(The Shaman Ah Ri)
Ji-hie Seo as Young Seol
Ji-hie Seo
(Young Seol)
Jae-wuk Lee
Jae-wuk Lee
Hee-Jeong So
Hee-Jeong So
Hee-Jung So
Hee-Jung So
Gi-Yeong Oh
Gi-Yeong Oh
Gyo-sik Choi
Gyo-sik Choi
Jin-sa Park
Jin-sa Park
Jin-seo Park
Jin-seo Park
Yoo-mi Go
Yoo-mi Go
Ryu Jae-ik
Ryu Jae-ik
Ginger Park
Ginger Park
Soo-ho Ha as Blade Fly
Soo-ho Ha
(Blade Fly)
Min-ah Jo as Young Jan-sil
Min-ah Jo
(Young Jan-sil)
Kim Myeong Su as The Prince Ui Seong
Kim Myeong Su
(The Prince Ui Seong)
Su-ho Ha as Nal Pa Ri unknown episodes
Su-ho Ha
(Nal Pa Ri unknown episodes)
Woo Jung as Yang Myeong gun unknown episodes
Woo Jung
(Yang Myeong gun unknown episodes)
Jin-ho Choi as Young Lee Hwon
Jin-ho Choi
(Young Lee Hwon)

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