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Afsar Gosikhte (2008)

Afsar Gosikhte

  • Genres:
    Drama | Crime
  • Release Date:
    20 January 2008
  • Broadcast Co:
    High Bridge Productions - Gran Via Productions - Sony Pictures Television
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    49 min
  • Summary:
    Breaking Bad follows protagonist Walter White, a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife and teenage son who has cerebral palsy. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to secure his family's financial security, White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world. The series explores how a fatal diagnosis such as White's releases a typical man from the daily concerns and constraints of normal society and follows his transformation from mild family man to a kingpin of the drug trade.

Cast & Crew

Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Bryan Cranston
(Walter White)
Anna Gunn as Skyler White
Anna Gunn
(Skyler White)
Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
Aaron Paul
(Jesse Pinkman)
Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
Dean Norris
(Hank Schrader)
Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader
Betsy Brandt
(Marie Schrader)
RJ Mitte as Walter White, Jr.
RJ Mitte
(Walter White, Jr.)
Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman
Bob Odenkirk
(Saul Goodman)
Steven Michael Quezada as Steven Gomez
Steven Michael Quezada
(Steven Gomez)
Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut
Jonathan Banks
(Mike Ehrmantraut)
Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo 'Gus' Fring
Giancarlo Esposito
(Gustavo 'Gus' Fring)
Charles Baker as Skinny Pete
Charles Baker
(Skinny Pete)
Jesse Plemons as Todd
Jesse Plemons
Christopher Cousins as Ted Beneke
Christopher Cousins
(Ted Beneke)
Laura Fraser as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Laura Fraser
(Lydia Rodarte-Quayle)
Matt Jones as Badger
Matt Jones
Michael Shamus Wiles as ASAC George Merkert
Michael Shamus Wiles
(ASAC George Merkert)
Lavell Crawford as Huell
Lavell Crawford
Ray Campbell as Tyrus Kitt
Ray Campbell
(Tyrus Kitt)
Krysten Ritter as Jane Margolis
Krysten Ritter
(Jane Margolis)
Carmen Serano as Carmen Molina
Carmen Serano
(Carmen Molina)
Emily Rios as Andrea Cantillo
Emily Rios
(Andrea Cantillo)
Tina Parker as Francesca
Tina Parker
Mark Margolis as Tio Salamanca
Mark Margolis
(Tio Salamanca)
Jeremiah Bitsui as Victor
Jeremiah Bitsui
Ian Posada as Brock Cantillo
Ian Posada
(Brock Cantillo)
David Costabile as Gale Boetticher
David Costabile
(Gale Boetticher)
Michael Bowen as Uncle Jack
Michael Bowen
(Uncle Jack)
David House as Dr. Delcavoli
David House
(Dr. Delcavoli)
Kevin Rankin as Kenny
Kevin Rankin
Daniel Moncada as Leonel Salamanca
Daniel Moncada
(Leonel Salamanca)
Patrick Sane as Frankie
Patrick Sane
Jessica Hecht as Gretchen Schwartz
Jessica Hecht
(Gretchen Schwartz)
Bill Burr as Kuby
Bill Burr
Marius Stan as Bogdan Wolynetz
Marius Stan
(Bogdan Wolynetz)
Rodney Rush as Combo
Rodney Rush
Todd Terry as SAC Ramey
Todd Terry
(SAC Ramey)
Luis Moncada as Marco Salamanca
Luis Moncada
(Marco Salamanca)
Kaija Bales as Kaylee Ehrmantraut
Kaija Bales
(Kaylee Ehrmantraut)
Tait Fletcher as Lester
Tait Fletcher
Matthew T. Metzler as Matt
Matthew T. Metzler
Raymond Cruz as Tuco Salamanca
Raymond Cruz
(Tuco Salamanca)
Tess Harper as Mrs. Pinkman
Tess Harper
(Mrs. Pinkman)
John de Lancie as Donald Margolis
John de Lancie
(Donald Margolis)
Jere Burns as Group Leader
Jere Burns
(Group Leader)
Nigel Gibbs as APD Detective Tim Roberts
Nigel Gibbs
(APD Detective Tim Roberts)
Tom Kiesche as Clovis
Tom Kiesche
Maurice Compte as Gaff
Maurice Compte
Morse Bicknell as Declan's Driver
Morse Bicknell
(Declan's Driver)
Christopher King as Chris Mara
Christopher King
(Chris Mara)
Max Arciniega as Krazy-8
Max Arciniega
Michael Bofshever as Mr. Pinkman
Michael Bofshever
(Mr. Pinkman)
Adam Godley as Elliott Schwartz
Adam Godley
(Elliott Schwartz)
Julie Dretzin as Pamela
Julie Dretzin
Jesus Jr. as No-Doze
Jesus Jr.
Louis Ferreira as Declan
Louis Ferreira
Cesar Garcia as Gonzo
Cesar Garcia
Julia Minesci as Wendy
Julia Minesci
Mike Batayeh as Dennis Markowski
Mike Batayeh
(Dennis Markowski)
Javier Grajeda as Juan Bolsa
Javier Grajeda
(Juan Bolsa)
Angelo Martinez as Tomas
Angelo Martinez
Gonzalo Menendez as Detective Kalanchoe
Gonzalo Menendez
(Detective Kalanchoe)
Chris Freihofer as Dan Wachsberger
Chris Freihofer
(Dan Wachsberger)
Mike Seal as Rival Dealer #1
Mike Seal
(Rival Dealer #1)
Ashley Kajiki as Pollos Manager
Ashley Kajiki
(Pollos Manager)
Mary Sue Evans as Janice
Mary Sue Evans
Jason Douglas as Detective Munn
Jason Douglas
(Detective Munn)
Antonio Leyba as Rival Dealer #2
Antonio Leyba
(Rival Dealer #2)
Christopher Dempsey as ER Doctor #1
Christopher Dempsey
(ER Doctor #1)
John Koyama as Emilio Koyama
John Koyama
(Emilio Koyama)
Danny Trejo as Tortuga
Danny Trejo
Dale Dickey as Spooge's Woman
Dale Dickey
(Spooge's Woman)
David Ury as Spooge
David Ury
Jim Beaver as Lawson
Jim Beaver
Sam McMurray as Dr. Victor Bravenec
Sam McMurray
(Dr. Victor Bravenec)
Dan Desmond as Mr. Gardiner
Dan Desmond
(Mr. Gardiner)
Jeremy Howard as Sketchy
Jeremy Howard
Larry Hankin as Old Joe
Larry Hankin
(Old Joe)
JB Blanc as Dr. Barry Goodman
JB Blanc
(Dr. Barry Goodman)
Jason Byrd as Ben
Jason Byrd
James Ning as Duane Chow
James Ning
(Duane Chow)
Russ Dillen as Ron Forenall
Russ Dillen
(Ron Forenall)
Jonathan Ragsdale as Barry
Jonathan Ragsdale
Steven Bauer as Don Eladio
Steven Bauer
(Don Eladio)
Sam Webb as Drew Sharp
Sam Webb
(Drew Sharp)
Judith Rane as Office Manager
Judith Rane
(Office Manager)
Catherine Haun as Receptionist
Catherine Haun
Caleb Landry Jones as Louis
Caleb Landry Jones
Virginia Montero as Grandma
Virginia Montero
Eric Steinig as Mike's Security Team 2
Eric Steinig
(Mike's Security Team 2)
Pedro García as Mariano
Pedro García
Phil Duran as DEA Agent
Phil Duran
(DEA Agent)
Antoinette Antonio as TV Reporter
Antoinette Antonio
(TV Reporter)
Miguel Martinez as Fernando
Miguel Martinez
John Christopher Hicks as Big Biker
John Christopher Hicks
(Big Biker)
Lou Pimber as Cartel Henchman
Lou Pimber
(Cartel Henchman)
Matt Berlin as DEA Agent
Matt Berlin
(DEA Agent)
Dana Cortez as Anchor #4
Dana Cortez
(Anchor #4)
Joe Nemmers as DEA Agent Scott
Joe Nemmers
(DEA Agent Scott)
David Priemazon as DEA Point Man
David Priemazon
(DEA Point Man)
Monique Candelaria as Lucy
Monique Candelaria
Mark Vasconcellos as Jack's Henchman
Mark Vasconcellos
(Jack's Henchman)
Harry Groener as Dr. Chavez
Harry Groener
(Dr. Chavez)
DJ Qualls as Getz
DJ Qualls
Beth Bailey as Realtor
Beth Bailey
Shane Marinson as Ob-Gyn
Shane Marinson
Fred Cruz as Lt. Adam Estiguez
Fred Cruz
(Lt. Adam Estiguez)
Pierre Barrera as Hugo Archuleta
Pierre Barrera
(Hugo Archuleta)
Kyle Bornheimer as Ken Wins
Kyle Bornheimer
(Ken Wins)
Geoffrey Rivas as Police Officer
Geoffrey Rivas
(Police Officer)
William Sterchi as Manager
William Sterchi
Jeff Fenter as Urinal Guy
Jeff Fenter
(Urinal Guy)
Anna Felix as Sales Girl
Anna Felix
(Sales Girl)
Aaron Hill as Jock
Aaron Hill
Marc Mouchet as Farley
Marc Mouchet
Benjamin Petry as Jake Pinkman
Benjamin Petry
(Jake Pinkman)
Anthony Wamego as Backhoe Operator
Anthony Wamego
(Backhoe Operator)
Isaac Kappy as Rowdy Prisoner
Isaac Kappy
(Rowdy Prisoner)
Marcus M. Mauldin as Technician
Marcus M. Mauldin
Tomas Potts as Tattooed Biker
Tomas Potts
(Tattooed Biker)
Drew Waters as Paul Tyree
Drew Waters
(Paul Tyree)
Nate Mooney as Arms Dealer
Nate Mooney
(Arms Dealer)
Jennifer Hasty as Stephanie Doswell
Jennifer Hasty
(Stephanie Doswell)
Damon Herriman as Scary Skell
Damon Herriman
(Scary Skell)
Kiira Arai as Server
Kiira Arai
Gregory Chase as Dr. Belknap
Gregory Chase
(Dr. Belknap)
Dylan Carr as Young Boy
Dylan Carr
(Young Boy)
Ryan Lee as Neighborhood Kid
Ryan Lee
(Neighborhood Kid)
Shauna McLean as Sara Tyree
Shauna McLean
(Sara Tyree)
Carl Savering as Bob
Carl Savering
Cyd Schulte as Tattooed Woman
Cyd Schulte
(Tattooed Woman)
Carole Gutierrez as Mrs. Ortega
Carole Gutierrez
(Mrs. Ortega)
Louis Herthum as Realtor
Louis Herthum
Blake Berris as Tucker
Blake Berris
Rob Brownstein as CID Special Agent
Rob Brownstein
(CID Special Agent)
Carlo Rota as Benicio Fuentes
Carlo Rota
(Benicio Fuentes)
Norbert Weisser as Peter Schuler
Norbert Weisser
(Peter Schuler)
Bill Allen as Scientist
Bill Allen
Jon Kristian Moore as DEA Agent
Jon Kristian Moore
(DEA Agent)
Daniel Serrano as Meth Drug Dealer
Daniel Serrano
(Meth Drug Dealer)
Vic Browder as Detective
Vic Browder
Brandon Carr as Young Boy
Brandon Carr
(Young Boy)
Jimmy Daniels as James Edward Kilkelly
Jimmy Daniels
(James Edward Kilkelly)
J.D. Garfield as DEA Agent Vanco
J.D. Garfield
(DEA Agent Vanco)
Shannon McCormick as Tweaky Dude
Shannon McCormick
(Tweaky Dude)
Liam Ruggles as Henry Tyree
Liam Ruggles
(Henry Tyree)
Tony Whitecrow as Addict
Tony Whitecrow
Michael Bryan French as Doctor
Michael Bryan French
Mark Harelik as Doctor
Mark Harelik
Frank Andrade as Tweaker Thief
Frank Andrade
(Tweaker Thief)
Rutherford Cravens as Mortgage Broker
Rutherford Cravens
(Mortgage Broker)
Melissa McCurley as Secretary
Melissa McCurley
Jamie McShane as Conductor
Jamie McShane
Wolf Muser as Herr Herzog
Wolf Muser
(Herr Herzog)
Franc Ross as Ira
Franc Ross
Bruce McKenzie as Dave
Bruce McKenzie
Evan Bobrick as Chad
Evan Bobrick
Loren Haynes as Music Producer
Loren Haynes
(Music Producer)
Mike Miller as Jewelry Store Owner
Mike Miller
(Jewelry Store Owner)
Vivian Nesbitt as Mrs. Pope
Vivian Nesbitt
(Mrs. Pope)
Tish Rayburn-Miller as Bank Teller
Tish Rayburn-Miller
(Bank Teller)
Shenoah Allen as Schlubby Guy #1
Shenoah Allen
(Schlubby Guy #1)
Ka Beesler as Thug Buddy
Ka Beesler
(Thug Buddy)
Cocoa Brown as Mail Lady
Cocoa Brown
(Mail Lady)
Wendy Scott as Nurse
Wendy Scott
Ruben Munoz-Soto as Young Marco
Ruben Munoz-Soto
(Young Marco)
Jolene Purdy as Cara
Jolene Purdy
John Lawlor as Locksmith
John Lawlor
Paul Neis as Support Group Leader
Paul Neis
(Support Group Leader)
Scott Sharot as Car Wash Customer
Scott Sharot
(Car Wash Customer)
Myra Turley as Caregiver
Myra Turley
James Harris as Duty Officer
James Harris
(Duty Officer)
Carrington Vilmont as Chief Food Technician
Carrington Vilmont
(Chief Food Technician)
Myk Watford as Engineer
Myk Watford
Wray Crawford as Locksmith
Wray Crawford
Roberta Marquez Seret as Chad's Girlfriend
Roberta Marquez Seret
(Chad's Girlfriend)
Lorri Oliver as Concerned Parent
Lorri Oliver
(Concerned Parent)
Kyle Swimmer as Louis
Kyle Swimmer
Rio Alexander as Federale
Rio Alexander
Erik J. Bockemeier as NA Sponsor
Erik J. Bockemeier
(NA Sponsor)
Phil Howell as O.M.I. Attendant
Phil Howell
(O.M.I. Attendant)
Andrew Lutheran as Jeffrey
Andrew Lutheran
Argos MacCallum as Wino
Argos MacCallum
Drew Pollock as Schlubby Guy #2
Drew Pollock
(Schlubby Guy #2)
Tiley Chao as Peng
Tiley Chao
Taylor Dearden as Sad Faced Girl
Taylor Dearden
(Sad Faced Girl)
Victor Munoz-Soto as Young Leonel
Victor Munoz-Soto
(Young Leonel)
John Barbour as Neighbor
John Barbour
Brittany Gustin as Morning After Girl
Brittany Gustin
(Morning After Girl)
Jason E. Hill as Truck Guard 1
Jason E. Hill
(Truck Guard 1)
Fran Martone as Colleen
Fran Martone
Kathleen Brady as Dorothy Yobs
Kathleen Brady
(Dorothy Yobs)
Cheryl Ford-Mente as Carol
Cheryl Ford-Mente
Saginaw Grant as Native American Man
Saginaw Grant
(Native American Man)
Manny Rey as Carpet Cleaner
Manny Rey
(Carpet Cleaner)
Guy Wilson as Trent
Guy Wilson
Robert Arrington as Soren
Robert Arrington
Seri DeYoung as Student
Seri DeYoung
Kristen Loree as Concerned Parent
Kristen Loree
(Concerned Parent)
Casey Cerutti as Hot Chick Cop
Casey Cerutti
(Hot Chick Cop)
Juliet Lopez as O.M.I. Officer
Juliet Lopez
(O.M.I. Officer)
Robin Dearden as Emotional Woman
Robin Dearden
(Emotional Woman)
Eddie J. Fernandez as Cartel Gunman #1
Eddie J. Fernandez
(Cartel Gunman #1)
Cynthia Ruffin as Hospital Administrator
Cynthia Ruffin
(Hospital Administrator)
Amanda Schofield as Waitress
Amanda Schofield
Michael Showers as Union Rep
Michael Showers
(Union Rep)
Stoney Westmoreland as Policeman
Stoney Westmoreland
Victoria Aultman as Waitress
Victoria Aultman
Henry Herman as Truck Guard 2
Henry Herman
(Truck Guard 2)
Tank Jones as Chuck
Tank Jones
James Martinez as Max Arsiniega
James Martinez
(Max Arsiniega)
J. Michael Oliva as Support Group Member
J. Michael Oliva
(Support Group Member)
Rick A. Ortega Jr. as Waiter
Rick A. Ortega Jr.
Gail Starr as Nurse
Gail Starr
Brennan Brown as AUSA
Brennan Brown
Rafael Herrera as Carpet Cleaner #2
Rafael Herrera
(Carpet Cleaner #2)
Debi Parker as Min-Ye
Debi Parker
Hank Rogerson as Detective #1
Hank Rogerson
(Detective #1)
Dave Colon as Concerned Parent
Dave Colon
(Concerned Parent)
Frederic Doss as Off Duty Cop
Frederic Doss
(Off Duty Cop)
Dennis Keiffer as Lookout
Dennis Keiffer
Allan Pacheco as Irving
Allan Pacheco
Kat Sawyer as Dr. Soper
Kat Sawyer
(Dr. Soper)
Kieran Sequoia as Local Correspondant
Kieran Sequoia
(Local Correspondant)
Ben Hernandez Bray as Cartel Gunman #2
Ben Hernandez Bray
(Cartel Gunman #2)
Steve Corona as Orderly
Steve Corona
Erin Elliott as Stripper #1
Erin Elliott
(Stripper #1)
Fernando Escandon as Commercial Narrator
Fernando Escandon
(Commercial Narrator)
Matthew Feight as Preppy Shopper
Matthew Feight
(Preppy Shopper)
Mark Hanson as Burnout
Mark Hanson
Galen Hutchison as Wide Eyed Boy
Galen Hutchison
(Wide Eyed Boy)
Ralph Alderman as First Realtor
Ralph Alderman
(First Realtor)
Stephen Eiland as Miguel
Stephen Eiland
Keith Meriweather as Mike's Security Team 1
Keith Meriweather
(Mike's Security Team 1)
Phillip Hart as DEA Agent
Phillip Hart
(DEA Agent)
Chad Brummett as DEA Agent Artie
Chad Brummett
(DEA Agent Artie)
Sachie Capitani as Kid
Sachie Capitani
Billy Lockwood as Detective #2
Billy Lockwood
(Detective #2)
Eric Price as Public Defender
Eric Price
(Public Defender)
Carrie Fleming as Yuppie Woman
Carrie Fleming
(Yuppie Woman)
Juanita Trad as Medical Technician
Juanita Trad
(Medical Technician)
Sheran Goodspeed Keyton as Tio's Nurse
Sheran Goodspeed Keyton
(Tio's Nurse)
Reis Myers McCormick as GYN
Reis Myers McCormick
Lawrence Varnado as Agent Buddy
Lawrence Varnado
(Agent Buddy)
Richard Williams as Business Community Leader #1
Richard Williams
(Business Community Leader #1)
Portia Cline as Stripper #2
Portia Cline
(Stripper #2)
Toby Holguin as Cartel Gunman #3
Toby Holguin
(Cartel Gunman #3)
Jesus Mayorga as Friendly Guy
Jesus Mayorga
(Friendly Guy)
Parker Sisty as Saul's Client
Parker Sisty
(Saul's Client)
Mark Sivertsen as ABQ Detective #1
Mark Sivertsen
(ABQ Detective #1)
Celia Anaya as Laundry Woman 1
Celia Anaya
(Laundry Woman 1)
Amanda Fresquez as Sexy Cartel Girl
Amanda Fresquez
(Sexy Cartel Girl)
Delana Michaels as Female Homeowner
Delana Michaels
(Female Homeowner)
T.C. Warner as Pediatric Nurse
T.C. Warner
(Pediatric Nurse)
Norma Maldonado as Delores
Norma Maldonado
Jack Burning as Homeless Man
Jack Burning
(Homeless Man)
Patricio Delgado as Cop #1
Patricio Delgado
(Cop #1)
Robert Forster as Ed
Robert Forster
Matthew Page as Chemical Plant Guard
Matthew Page
(Chemical Plant Guard)
Linda Speciale as Sexy Neighbor
Linda Speciale
(Sexy Neighbor)
Gabriel Berrelleza as Narcocorridos Band #1
Gabriel Berrelleza
(Narcocorridos Band #1)
Daniel D. Halleck as Business Community Leader #2
Daniel D. Halleck
(Business Community Leader #2)
Erin Miller-Gibbs as Restaurant Employee
Erin Miller-Gibbs
(Restaurant Employee)
Jose Avila as Deputy Kee
Jose Avila
(Deputy Kee)
Lora Martinez-Cunningham as ER Doctor #2
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
(ER Doctor #2)
Michael McCormick as Pa Kettle
Michael McCormick
(Pa Kettle)
Lorél Medina as Daughter
Lorél Medina
Eddie Perez as Cartel Gunman #4
Eddie Perez
(Cartel Gunman #4)
Chris Ranney as ABQ Detective #2
Chris Ranney
(ABQ Detective #2)
Jefferson Arca as Delivery Man
Jefferson Arca
(Delivery Man)
Maria L. Pardo as Laundry Woman 2
Maria L. Pardo
(Laundry Woman 2)
Jonathan Richards as Male Homeowner
Jonathan Richards
(Male Homeowner)
Kevin Wiggins as Gus' Operative
Kevin Wiggins
(Gus' Operative)
Ryan Begay as Good Samaritan
Ryan Begay
(Good Samaritan)
Debrianna Mansini as Fran
Debrianna Mansini
Wayne Dehart as Homeless Man
Wayne Dehart
(Homeless Man)
Millard Drexler as Customer
Millard Drexler
Alex Gianopoulos as Waiter
Alex Gianopoulos
Carlos Telles as Cop #2
Carlos Telles
(Cop #2)
Jacob O'Brien Mulliken as Prospective Buyer
Jacob O'Brien Mulliken
(Prospective Buyer)
Jesus Ramirez as Jock's Friend #1
Jesus Ramirez
(Jock's Friend #1)
Martiniano Berrelleza Alvarado as Narcocorridos Band #2
Martiniano Berrelleza Alvarado
(Narcocorridos Band #2)
Richard Christie as Stew
Richard Christie
Ramsey Williams as Supermarket Clerk
Ramsey Williams
(Supermarket Clerk)
Frank Bond as Realtor
Frank Bond
Kathy Rose Center as Ma Kettle
Kathy Rose Center
(Ma Kettle)
Steve Cormier as OPR Official #1
Steve Cormier
(OPR Official #1)
Rebecca Crago as Physical Therapist
Rebecca Crago
(Physical Therapist)
James Espinoza as Beto
James Espinoza
Brian G. Lax as EMT
Brian G. Lax
Mario Moreno as Father
Mario Moreno
J. Taylor as Cop
J. Taylor
Stephen Braddock as Partygoer
Stephen Braddock
Veronica Jaquez as Laundry Woman 3
Veronica Jaquez
(Laundry Woman 3)
Augusta Meyers as News Reporter
Augusta Meyers
(News Reporter)
Sarah Minnich as Party Girl
Sarah Minnich
(Party Girl)
Michael Sheets as Cancer Patient
Michael Sheets
(Cancer Patient)
Michael Valverde as Dog Handler
Michael Valverde
(Dog Handler)
Trine Christensen as Ms. Tromel
Trine Christensen
(Ms. Tromel)
Kristin Hansen as Darla
Kristin Hansen
Scott Ward as Public Defender
Scott Ward
(Public Defender)
Brett Shane Cooley as Homeowner
Brett Shane Cooley
Merritt C. Glover as Customer
Merritt C. Glover
Victoria Lease as DEA Agent
Victoria Lease
(DEA Agent)
Caroline Patz as Waitress
Caroline Patz
Steve Stafford as DEA Agent
Steve Stafford
(DEA Agent)
Charles Dowdy III as Mr. Wilson
Charles Dowdy III
(Mr. Wilson)
Joshua S. Patton as Jock's Friend #2
Joshua S. Patton
(Jock's Friend #2)
Ravenna Fahey as Nurse
Ravenna Fahey
Maria Bethke as Mother
Maria Bethke
Daniel Champine as Rookie Officer
Daniel Champine
(Rookie Officer)
Jiji Hise as Mother
Jiji Hise
Wendy Kostora as Screaming Shopper
Wendy Kostora
(Screaming Shopper)
John Welker as Lead Doctor
John Welker
(Lead Doctor)
Lorenzita Anaya as Little Old Lady
Lorenzita Anaya
(Little Old Lady)
David Robinson Jr. as Commercial Voice Over
David Robinson Jr.
(Commercial Voice Over)
Mathias Kaesebier as Lawyer
Mathias Kaesebier
Alex Knight as Salesman
Alex Knight
Craig Nigh as Asst. US Attorney
Craig Nigh
(Asst. US Attorney)
Ray Chavez as Skater
Ray Chavez
Maggie Fine as Beneke Employee #1
Maggie Fine
(Beneke Employee #1)
Kevin Christopher Brown as APD Officer
Kevin Christopher Brown
(APD Officer)
Shari Rhodes as Bingo Lady
Shari Rhodes
(Bingo Lady)
Trina E. Siopy as Nurse
Trina E. Siopy
Cicelo Solano as Old Crawler
Cicelo Solano
(Old Crawler)
Marty Smith as Bingo Caller
Marty Smith
(Bingo Caller)
Brennan Foster as Detective
Brennan Foster
Mike Ostroski as Homeowner
Mike Ostroski
Kate Schroeder as Beneke Employee #2
Kate Schroeder
(Beneke Employee #2)
Ashleigh Banfield as Anchor #1
Ashleigh Banfield
(Anchor #1)
Ken Thomas as Friendly Agent
Ken Thomas
(Friendly Agent)
Erica Viking as Radio DJ #1
Erica Viking
(Radio DJ #1)
Lillian Presley Leyba as Kiira
Lillian Presley Leyba
Rosa Estrada as Doctor
Rosa Estrada
Marla Tellez as Anchor #2
Marla Tellez
(Anchor #2)
Steve Ruiz as Radio DJ #2
Steve Ruiz
(Radio DJ #2)
Aaron Wright as Deputy #1
Aaron Wright
(Deputy #1)
Jeff Maher as Anchor #3
Jeff Maher
(Anchor #3)
Michael Davis as Old Man
Michael Davis
(Old Man)
Julianne Flores as Waitress
Julianne Flores
Kevin Owen McDonald as Meth Cook
Kevin Owen McDonald
(Meth Cook)
William R. Stafford as Government Lawyer
William R. Stafford
(Government Lawyer)
Deborah Martinez as School Office Worker
Deborah Martinez
(School Office Worker)
Kurt Soderstrom as Bartender
Kurt Soderstrom
Leslie O'Carroll as Barfly
Leslie O'Carroll
Charlie Rose as Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose
(Charlie Rose)
Jon Reigle as Look out
Jon Reigle
(Look out)
Martin Palmer as CarWash Patron
Martin Palmer
(CarWash Patron)
Bill Peterson as Senior DEA Agent
Bill Peterson
(Senior DEA Agent)
Moira Bryg MacDonald as Holly White
Moira Bryg MacDonald
(Holly White)
Andrea Good as Laundry Worker
Andrea Good
(Laundry Worker)
Karen M. Hudson as Office Worker
Karen M. Hudson
(Office Worker)
Jamie Haqqani as DEA Agent
Jamie Haqqani
(DEA Agent)
Rodger Larance as Cab Driver
Rodger Larance
(Cab Driver)
Tavia Schwartz as Bad Girl
Tavia Schwartz
(Bad Girl)
Lawrence Gilligan as DEA Agent
Lawrence Gilligan
(DEA Agent)
Timothy Holmes as DEA
Timothy Holmes
Samantha Anastasiou as Shopper
Samantha Anastasiou
Robert Anthony Brass as Bank Customer
Robert Anthony Brass
(Bank Customer)
Ed Duran as DEA Agent #1
Ed Duran
(DEA Agent #1)
Cliff Gravel as Teacher
Cliff Gravel
William T. Johnson as Neighborhood Boy
William T. Johnson
(Neighborhood Boy)
Sergio Kato as DEA Agent Tom
Sergio Kato
(DEA Agent Tom)
Benjamin Lax as Chemistry Student
Benjamin Lax
(Chemistry Student)
Norm Lee as Family 1st Store Patron
Norm Lee
(Family 1st Store Patron)
William E. Marshall as Parent
William E. Marshall
Peggy Ann O'Neal as Pedestrian
Peggy Ann O'Neal
Clark Sanchez as Biker
Clark Sanchez
Michael-David Aragon as DEA Agent
Michael-David Aragon
(DEA Agent)
John Augustini as Los Pollos Hermanos Cook
John Augustini
(Los Pollos Hermanos Cook)
Tina Borek as Lady in Car
Tina Borek
(Lady in Car)
Paul J. Porter as El Paso DEA Agent
Paul J. Porter
(El Paso DEA Agent)
David T. Quan as Corpse
David T. Quan
Sebastian Tyler Rose as Boy in Museum
Sebastian Tyler Rose
(Boy in Museum)
Malcolm Ullery as Skycap
Malcolm Ullery
Z. Ray Wakeman as Los Pollos Hermanos Patron
Z. Ray Wakeman
(Los Pollos Hermanos Patron)
Phil Arnold as Restaurant Patron
Phil Arnold
(Restaurant Patron)
Erik Beacham as Rehab Patient
Erik Beacham
(Rehab Patient)
Angela Blake as Nurse
Angela Blake
Kathryn Dove as Teacher
Kathryn Dove
Joe Freeman as The Assassin
Joe Freeman
(The Assassin)
Keith Jardine as Bar Fighter
Keith Jardine
(Bar Fighter)
Laina Loucks as Rehab Group Girl
Laina Loucks
(Rehab Group Girl)
Will Ontiveros as High School Student
Will Ontiveros
(High School Student)
Gary Ray Stearns as Skell
Gary Ray Stearns
Ricardo Andres as Hospital Patient
Ricardo Andres
(Hospital Patient)
Richard Barela as Carwash Customer
Richard Barela
(Carwash Customer)
Michelle Greathouse as Amber
Michelle Greathouse
Anthony Martins as Banger #1
Anthony Martins
(Banger #1)
Anthony Molinari as Gunman #1
Anthony Molinari
(Gunman #1)
Marco Morales as Gunman #2
Marco Morales
(Gunman #2)
Grizelda Quintana as Car Wash Attendant
Grizelda Quintana
(Car Wash Attendant)
J.T. Richardson as DEA Agent
J.T. Richardson
(DEA Agent)
Michael R. Tafoya as Restaurant Patron
Michael R. Tafoya
(Restaurant Patron)
Tenaya Torres as Female Employee
Tenaya Torres
(Female Employee)
Viola Valdez as Carwash Customer
Viola Valdez
(Carwash Customer)
Alexander Aleynikov as Gang member
Alexander Aleynikov
(Gang member)
Harona Ceesay as Warehouse Worker
Harona Ceesay
(Warehouse Worker)
Breanna Perera as Woman in Denny's
Breanna Perera
(Woman in Denny's)
Frank Sandoval as DEA Agent
Frank Sandoval
(DEA Agent)
Ryan Schaefer as Madrigal Suit
Ryan Schaefer
(Madrigal Suit)
Todd Sopher as Magnet Guy #2
Todd Sopher
(Magnet Guy #2)
Michael E. Stogner as Prison Guard
Michael E. Stogner
(Prison Guard)
Cruz Taylor as Airport Traveler
Cruz Taylor
(Airport Traveler)
Rick Anglada as Albuquerque Police Officer
Rick Anglada
(Albuquerque Police Officer)
Taber Cross as Neighbor
Taber Cross
Chester Gayao as Businessman
Chester Gayao
Angela Joseph as Restaurant Patron
Angela Joseph
(Restaurant Patron)
Jon McGarrah as Garduño's Diner
Jon McGarrah
(Garduño's Diner)
Jyl Murray as Car Wash Patron
Jyl Murray
(Car Wash Patron)
Holly Pinnell as Homeless Man's Wife
Holly Pinnell
(Homeless Man's Wife)
Paula Ray as Restaurant Patron
Paula Ray
(Restaurant Patron)
Michael Romero as Declan's Crew Member
Michael Romero
(Declan's Crew Member)
Noah Segan as Fireman
Noah Segan
Louise Stange-Wahl as Restaurant Patron
Louise Stange-Wahl
(Restaurant Patron)
Michael Anthony Stone as Car Wash Customer
Michael Anthony Stone
(Car Wash Customer)
Moira Walley-Beckett as Car Wash Customer
Moira Walley-Beckett
(Car Wash Customer)

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Ezdevaj Mojaddad
Ezdevaj Mojaddad
Ghatlhaye Koochak
Ghatlhaye Koochak
Tanhaeie Leila
Tanhaeie Leila
Zendegi Gomshode
Zendegi Gomshode