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Asi (2007)


  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    26 October 2007
  • Broadcast Co:
    Sis Yapim
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 30 min
  • Summary:
    "Asi" tells the love story of Asiye 'Asi' Kozcuoglu and Demir Dogan, who after years of absence returns to his hometown Antakya. For three generations the Kozcuoglu family owns a prominent plantation there. Keeping this farm alive is their foremost goal. The owner Ihsan Kozcuoglu and his daughter Asi work and live for their land. Years ago Demir's aunt, Sühelya, and his mother were workers on the Kozcuoglu farm until his mother drowned herself in the nearby river Asi. Demir returns to his hometown as a rich businessman. Still embittered about the circumstances that drove his mother to her death, he meets Asi and is immediately drawn to her. However, the lives of the Kozcuoglu family and Demir's family bear more connections from the past that constantly seem to get in between. These secrets gradually start to shatter when Süheyla also returns to Antakya.

Cast & Crew

Tuba Büyüküstün as Asiye 'Asi' Kozcuoglu
Tuba Büyüküstün
(Asiye 'Asi' Kozcuoglu)
Murat Yildirim as Demir Dogan
Murat Yildirim
(Demir Dogan)
Çetin Tekindor as Ihsan Kozcuoglu
Çetin Tekindor
(Ihsan Kozcuoglu)
Nur Sürer as Neriman Kozcuoglu
Nur Sürer
(Neriman Kozcuoglu)
Selma Ergeç as Defne Kozcuoglu
Selma Ergeç
(Defne Kozcuoglu)
Cemal Hünal as Kerim
Cemal Hünal
Tülay Günal as Süheyla
Tülay Günal
Tülay Bursa as Fatma
Tülay Bursa
Aslihan Güner as Gonca Kozcuoglu
Aslihan Güner
(Gonca Kozcuoglu)
Necmettin Çobanoglu as Ökkes
Necmettin Çobanoglu
Saygin Soysal as Aslan
Saygin Soysal
Ibrahim Bozguney as Arif
Ibrahim Bozguney
Onur Saylak as Ziya
Onur Saylak
Elif Sönmez as Melek Dogan
Elif Sönmez
(Melek Dogan)
Kenan Bal as Namik
Kenan Bal
Dilara Deviren as Ceylan Kozcuoglu
Dilara Deviren
(Ceylan Kozcuoglu)
Tuncel Kurtiz as Cemal Aga
Tuncel Kurtiz
(Cemal Aga)
Ayca Zeynep Aydin as Leyla
Ayca Zeynep Aydin
Sahnaz Çakiralp as Sarmasik
Sahnaz Çakiralp
Setenay Yener as Sevinc
Setenay Yener
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan as Ali Uygur
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan
(Ali Uygur)
Emrah Elçiboga as Zafer
Emrah Elçiboga
Cagla Cakar as Asya
Cagla Cakar
Elif Nur Kerkük as Gözde
Elif Nur Kerkük
Menderes Samancilar as Haydar Dogan
Menderes Samancilar
(Haydar Dogan)
Birce Akalay as Zeynep
Birce Akalay
Eli Mango as Madam
Eli Mango
Zeynep Çopur as Ceylan Kozcuoglu
Zeynep Çopur
(Ceylan Kozcuoglu)
Ezgi Çelik as Inci
Ezgi Çelik
Ahmet Rifat Sungar as Yetkin
Ahmet Rifat Sungar
Yesim Dalgiçer as Nida
Yesim Dalgiçer
Remzi Evren as Mahmut
Remzi Evren
Sinan Karakas as Sinan
Sinan Karakas
Idil Vural as Young Süheyla
Idil Vural
(Young Süheyla)
Elvin Aydogdu as Cevriye
Elvin Aydogdu
Elif Sümbül Sert as Emine Dogan
Elif Sümbül Sert
(Emine Dogan)
Salahsun Hekimoglu as Reha
Salahsun Hekimoglu
Sibel Kasapoglu as Young Asi
Sibel Kasapoglu
(Young Asi)
Elif Sude Dorukoglu as Elif
Elif Sude Dorukoglu
Murat Çamur as Kaan
Murat Çamur

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Polishaye Tazekar
Polishaye Tazekar
Esme Man Malek
Esme Man Malek
Mordegane Motoharek
Mordegane Motoharek
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