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Aurora (2010)


  • Also Known as:
  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    1 November 2010
  • Broadcast Co:
    Telemundo Studios
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    45 min
  • Summary:
    Having been cryogenically frozen for 20 years, Aurora's heart torn between past and present : memories of an old love and chance of a new one.

Cast & Crew

Patricio Doren as Rafael Hernandez
Patricio Doren
(Rafael Hernandez)
Dennis Mencia as Criminal
Dennis Mencia
Santiago Lopez as Ramirez
Santiago Lopez
Pablo Azar as Cesar Lobos
Pablo Azar
(Cesar Lobos)
Mirla Pereira as Mesonera Maria
Mirla Pereira
(Mesonera Maria)
Christian Lopez as Willy
Christian Lopez
Sara Maldonado as Aurora Ponce de León
Sara Maldonado
(Aurora Ponce de León)
Sonya Smith as Angela Amenabar
Sonya Smith
(Angela Amenabar)
Eugenio Siller as Martin Lobos
Eugenio Siller
(Martin Lobos)
Jorge Luis Pila as Lorenzo Lobos
Jorge Luis Pila
(Lorenzo Lobos)
Lisette Morelos as Blanca Ponce de León
Lisette Morelos
(Blanca Ponce de León)
Aylín Mújica as Vanessa Miller
Aylín Mújica
(Vanessa Miller)
Carolina Tejera as Clara Amenabar
Carolina Tejera
(Clara Amenabar)
Angélica María as Pasión Urquijo
Angélica María
(Pasión Urquijo)
Vanessa Pose as Victoria 'Vicky' Hotton
Vanessa Pose
(Victoria 'Vicky' Hotton)
David Chocarro as Christian Santana
David Chocarro
(Christian Santana)
Zully Montero as Catalina Quintana
Zully Montero
(Catalina Quintana)
Braulio Castillo hijo as Gustavo Ponce de León
Braulio Castillo hijo
(Gustavo Ponce de León)
Ismael La Rosa as Federico Álvarez de Toledo
Ismael La Rosa
(Federico Álvarez de Toledo)
Sandra Destenave as Natalia Suarez
Sandra Destenave
(Natalia Suarez)
Karen Sentíes as Inés Ponce de León
Karen Sentíes
(Inés Ponce de León)
Melvin Cabrera as Ernesto Podestá
Melvin Cabrera
(Ernesto Podestá)
Tali Duclaud as Nina Lobos Suarez
Tali Duclaud
(Nina Lobos Suarez)
Mónica Franco as Dr. Elizabeth Oviedo
Mónica Franco
(Dr. Elizabeth Oviedo)
Rubén Morales as Roque Gonzalez
Rubén Morales
(Roque Gonzalez)
Miguel Augusto Rodríguez as Dr. Williams
Miguel Augusto Rodríguez
(Dr. Williams)
Carla Rodríguez as Dr. Liliana Rosales
Carla Rodríguez
(Dr. Liliana Rosales)
Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza as Diana del Valle
Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza
(Diana del Valle)
Juan Pablo Llano as Ramiro
Juan Pablo Llano
Leslie Stewart as Veronica LaSalle
Leslie Stewart
(Veronica LaSalle)
Johann Carchidi Abreu as Security Guard
Johann Carchidi Abreu
(Security Guard)
Cristian Adrian as Fake Police Officer
Cristian Adrian
(Fake Police Officer)
Gui Agustini as Guest
Gui Agustini
Carlos Alberto as Anselmo Rodriguez
Carlos Alberto
(Anselmo Rodriguez)
Paul Aldanée as Taxi Driver
Paul Aldanée
(Taxi Driver)
Hector Alejandro as Police Inspector
Hector Alejandro
(Police Inspector)
Alexander Alsina as Joven
Alexander Alsina
Emily Alvarado as Young Aurora Ponce de León
Emily Alvarado
(Young Aurora Ponce de León)
Alejandro Antonio as Félix Vargas Espinoza
Alejandro Antonio
(Félix Vargas Espinoza)
Karlos Anzalotta as Criminal
Karlos Anzalotta
Vanessa Apolito as Nurse
Vanessa Apolito
Kevin Aponte as Palito
Kevin Aponte
Stephanie Arcila as Brenda
Stephanie Arcila
Alvaro Ardila as Criminal
Alvaro Ardila
Ramiro Ceballos Arenas as Bodyguard
Ramiro Ceballos Arenas
Raúl Arrieta as Professor
Raúl Arrieta
Juan Carlos Baena as Saverio Perez
Juan Carlos Baena
(Saverio Perez)
Natalia Barreto as Anabela Rios
Natalia Barreto
(Anabela Rios)
Amylkar Barros as Lautaro
Amylkar Barros
Markel Berto as Sergio Fuentes Saldivar 'El Mono'
Markel Berto
(Sergio Fuentes Saldivar 'El Mono')
Felipe Betancourt as Judge's assistant
Felipe Betancourt
(Judge's assistant)
Juan Bofill as Jesse
Juan Bofill
Leandro Bouza as Police Officer
Leandro Bouza
(Police Officer)
Pilar Bru as TV program producer
Pilar Bru
(TV program producer)
Jair Bula as Bar Owner
Jair Bula
(Bar Owner)
Lashawn Butler as Parent
Lashawn Butler
Claudia Caicedo as Claudia
Claudia Caicedo
Iván Calderón as Doctor
Iván Calderón
Eduardo Caprile as Chris
Eduardo Caprile
Jorge Armando Cardenas as Thug
Jorge Armando Cardenas
Omar Cardoso as Señor Álvarez de Toledo
Omar Cardoso
(Señor Álvarez de Toledo)
Kimary Carrero as Ingrid Perez
Kimary Carrero
(Ingrid Perez)
Marioxi Castro as Dancer
Marioxi Castro
Juan Cepero as Aníbal Lopez Garcia
Juan Cepero
(Aníbal Lopez Garcia)
Jessica Cerezo as Paula Parker
Jessica Cerezo
(Paula Parker)
Miguel Colon as Thug
Miguel Colon
Jorge Consejo as Gabriel
Jorge Consejo
Hector Contreras as Prisioner
Hector Contreras
Victor Corona as Rodríguez 'Satanas'
Victor Corona
(Rodríguez 'Satanas')
Hegar Coronado as Bar's client
Hegar Coronado
(Bar's client)
Anthony Correa as Doctor
Anthony Correa
Norberto Correa as Neighbor
Norberto Correa
Reinaldo Cruz as Dr. Gabriel Jimenez
Reinaldo Cruz
(Dr. Gabriel Jimenez)
Carlos Cuervo as Eduardo Hotton
Carlos Cuervo
(Eduardo Hotton)
Dario Dahbar as Doctor
Dario Dahbar
Rafael de la Fuente as Max
Rafael de la Fuente
Roberto De Muga as Client
Roberto De Muga
Danny Debs as Bodyguard
Danny Debs
José del Río as Omar Rodríguez
José del Río
(Omar Rodríguez)
Adrian Di Monte as Hombres desconocido
Adrian Di Monte
(Hombres desconocido)
Brian Diaz as Reporter
Brian Diaz
Evelyn Diaz as Maid
Evelyn Diaz
Oscar Diaz as Detective Beltrán
Oscar Diaz
(Detective Beltrán)
Tomas Doval as Enrique
Tomas Doval
William Duarte as Photographer
William Duarte
Manuel Duval as Bar owner
Manuel Duval
(Bar owner)
Sandra Eichler as Mercedes Geller
Sandra Eichler
(Mercedes Geller)
Andrea Escobar as Julia Castillo
Andrea Escobar
(Julia Castillo)
Omar Fabel as Jailer
Omar Fabel
Carlos Farach as Esteban Aguilar
Carlos Farach
(Esteban Aguilar)
Anthony Feijoo as Doctor
Anthony Feijoo
Fernando Fermor as Pablo
Fernando Fermor
Maleh Ferrer
Maleh Ferrer
Hely Ferrigny as Santiago Saldivar
Hely Ferrigny
(Santiago Saldivar)
Marko Figueroa as Pablo
Marko Figueroa
Dylan Freeman as Blanca Ponce de Leon (age 10)
Dylan Freeman
(Blanca Ponce de Leon (age 10))
Tatum Freeman as Blanca Ponce de Leon (age 5)
Tatum Freeman
(Blanca Ponce de Leon (age 5))
Héctor Fuentes as Dr. Parker
Héctor Fuentes
(Dr. Parker)
Glenda Galeano as Obstetrician
Glenda Galeano
Carlos Garin as Diego Fuentes Saldivar
Carlos Garin
(Diego Fuentes Saldivar)
Maria Jose Gatica as Camila
Maria Jose Gatica
Ana Carolina Grajales as Charlotte
Ana Carolina Grajales
Luke Grande as Prisioner
Luke Grande
Mirella Grisales as Sabina Lujan
Mirella Grisales
(Sabina Lujan)
Scarlet Gruber as Jenny
Scarlet Gruber
Natacha Guerra as Diana's friend
Natacha Guerra
(Diana's friend)
Frank Guzmán as Officer Moreno
Frank Guzmán
(Officer Moreno)
Carlos Mario Gómez as Thug
Carlos Mario Gómez
Georgette Haddad as Reporter
Georgette Haddad
Guadalupe Hernandez as Criminal
Guadalupe Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez as Luis Zarate
Manuel Hernandez
(Luis Zarate)
Roberto Hernández as Drug-addict
Roberto Hernández
Orli Hersch as Ana Maria
Orli Hersch
(Ana Maria)
Roberto Huicochea as Doctor
Roberto Huicochea
Kevin L. Humes as Armed Body Guard
Kevin L. Humes
(Armed Body Guard)
Roberto Javier as Dr. Salazar
Roberto Javier
(Dr. Salazar)
Grant Koo as Doctor
Grant Koo
Elizabeth Lazo as Gabriela 'Gaby'
Elizabeth Lazo
(Gabriela 'Gaby')
Jeinny Lizarazo as Dancer
Jeinny Lizarazo
Eugenio Lopez as Doctor
Eugenio Lopez
Sasha Marina as Nurse
Sasha Marina
Francisco Marmol as Benavides
Francisco Marmol
Rocio Martinez as Asistente social
Rocio Martinez
(Asistente social)
Marykler Mata as Sex Addicted
Marykler Mata
(Sex Addicted)
Cristina Matos as Secretaria
Cristina Matos
Randolph Melgarejo as Dr. Norberto
Randolph Melgarejo
(Dr. Norberto)
Tamara Melián as Wife
Tamara Melián
Catalina Mesa as Teté
Catalina Mesa
Fidel Pérez Michel as Francisco Pérez
Fidel Pérez Michel
(Francisco Pérez)
Xavier Mili as B-boy
Xavier Mili
Rayner Miyar as Detective Chaves
Rayner Miyar
(Detective Chaves)
Omar Morales as Tito
Omar Morales
Ramon Morell as Doctor
Ramon Morell
Claudia Moreno as Saleswoman
Claudia Moreno
Omar Nassar as Police Officer
Omar Nassar
(Police Officer)
Julio Ofarril as Judge Alberto Sullivan
Julio Ofarril
(Judge Alberto Sullivan)
Rubén Olivares as Doctor
Rubén Olivares
Adriana Oliveros as Lucía
Adriana Oliveros
Jorge Orellana as Reporter
Jorge Orellana
Damian Pastrana as Young man
Damian Pastrana
(Young man)
Carlos Peña as Reporter
Carlos Peña
Jorge Luis Portales as Police Officer
Jorge Luis Portales
(Police Officer)
Duvier Poviones as Sanchez
Duvier Poviones
Maria Pretelt as Wanda
Maria Pretelt
Cruz Pérez as Maria Elena
Cruz Pérez
(Maria Elena)
Eduardo Pérez as Priest
Eduardo Pérez
María del Pilar Pérez as Dancer
María del Pilar Pérez
Carlos Pítela as Judge
Carlos Pítela
Jorge Quadreny as Daniel Pinto
Jorge Quadreny
(Daniel Pinto)
Jose Quezada as Periodista
Jose Quezada
Nanira Quezada as Nurse
Nanira Quezada
Jonathan Jose Quintana as Fake Police Officer
Jonathan Jose Quintana
(Fake Police Officer)
Jorge Reyes as Miguel Lena
Jorge Reyes
(Miguel Lena)
Omar Robau as Lawyer
Omar Robau
Alan Rodriguez as Thomas
Alan Rodriguez
Rosalinda Rodríguez as Pilar
Rosalinda Rodríguez
Isaniel Rojas as Beto
Isaniel Rojas
Adela Romero as Rosario
Adela Romero
Freddy Rosales as Prisoner
Freddy Rosales
Humberto Rossenfeld as Reporter
Humberto Rossenfeld
Salim Rubiales as Lucho
Salim Rubiales
Luis Arturo Ruiz as Doctor
Luis Arturo Ruiz
Luis Salazar as Jailer
Luis Salazar
Jalymar Salomon as Alicia
Jalymar Salomon
David Saltoff as Owner
David Saltoff
Fernando Sanchez as Gaston
Fernando Sanchez
Eslover Sanchez-Baquero as Police Inspector
Eslover Sanchez-Baquero
(Police Inspector)
Gladys Sandino as Airline employee
Gladys Sandino
(Airline employee)
Omar Santana as Carenio
Omar Santana
Cyril Serrao as Doctor
Cyril Serrao
Santiago Sierra as Drug-addict
Santiago Sierra
Nelson Steegers as Piter
Nelson Steegers
Osvaldo Strongoli as Priest
Osvaldo Strongoli
Miguel Suarez as Criminal
Miguel Suarez
Herbert Tanchez as Victor Perron
Herbert Tanchez
(Victor Perron)
Ernesto Tapia as Emilio Gobo
Ernesto Tapia
(Emilio Gobo)
Jossie Taulbee as Encargado de local
Jossie Taulbee
(Encargado de local)
Pedro Telémaco as Tomas Vallejo
Pedro Telémaco
(Tomas Vallejo)
Nicolas Terán as Joaquin Geller
Nicolas Terán
(Joaquin Geller)
Julio Torresoto as Doctor
Julio Torresoto
Emeraude Toubia as Recepcionist
Emeraude Toubia
Andres Vargas as Photographer's assistant
Andres Vargas
(Photographer's assistant)
Michelle Vargas as Daniela
Michelle Vargas
Paula Vela as Reporter
Paula Vela
Martha Velasco as Director School of the Arts
Martha Velasco
(Director School of the Arts)
Gilbert Peralta Velez as Homeless Boy
Gilbert Peralta Velez
(Homeless Boy)
Joseph Velez as Police Officer
Joseph Velez
(Police Officer)
Fernando Vieira as Taxi driver
Fernando Vieira
(Taxi driver)
Esteban Villareal as Estefano
Esteban Villareal
Francisco Villegas as Prisioner
Francisco Villegas
Hernando Visbal as Police Officer Horacio
Hernando Visbal
(Police Officer Horacio)
Gladys Yañez as Margarita Oviedo
Gladys Yañez
(Margarita Oviedo)
Henry Zakka as Ignacio Miller
Henry Zakka
(Ignacio Miller)
Lizandra Parra as Reporter
Lizandra Parra

Thumbnails & Trailers


Afsaneye Jumong
Afsaneye Jumong
Dokhtare Emperator
Dokhtare Emperator
Donyaye Gharb
Donyaye Gharb
Bargrizan(Yaprak Dökümü)
Bargrizan(Yaprak Dökümü)
Gereftare Del
Gereftare Del
Ashianeye Delam
Ashianeye Delam