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Ba Modire Barnamehaye Man Tamas Begir

Ba Modire Barnamehaye Man Tamas Begir (2020)

Ba Modire Barnamehaye Man Tamas Begir

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    25 August 2020
  • Broadcast Co:
    Ay Yapim
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    Every day, four managers, Kirach, Ferris, Parideh, and Chenar, affiliated with the Ego Talent Agency, face difficult situations and defend their business views. They skillfully combine art and business, but their private and professional lives are sometimes at odds. Their directors and assistants take us behind the scenes of the wild world of famous actors. Where laughter, emotion, sedition, despair and tears constantly meet. Dilek, who first enters this wild world, says that I am at war, starting from the bottom, against characters whose breath is higher than their height.

Cast & Crew

Baris Falay as Kiraç
Baris Falay
Canan Erguder as Feris
Canan Erguder
Fatih Artman as Çinar
Fatih Artman
Ahsen Eroglu as Dicle
Ahsen Eroglu
Deniz Can Aktas as Baris
Deniz Can Aktas
Gamze Karaduman as Gülin
Gamze Karaduman
Semi Sirtikkizil as Emrah
Semi Sirtikkizil
Nazli Senem Ünal as Jülide
Nazli Senem Ünal
Bedir Bedir as Bekir
Bedir Bedir
Buse Sinem Iren as Meral
Buse Sinem Iren
Yaprak Medine as Beren
Yaprak Medine
Pinar Unsal as Leyla
Pinar Unsal
Aysenil Samlioglu as Peride
Aysenil Samlioglu
Beran Kotan as Aydin
Beran Kotan
Asli Mavitan as Mayda
Asli Mavitan
Duygu Sen as Ece
Duygu Sen
Nurhan Özenen as Ceylan
Nurhan Özenen
Bekir Hakan Uyanik as Celal
Bekir Hakan Uyanik
Ozan Ayhan as Nejat
Ozan Ayhan
Melisa Seda as Sedef
Melisa Seda
Taner Kadak
Taner Kadak
Dilara Çakir as Simay
Dilara Çakir
Demet Akbag as Demet Akbag
Demet Akbag
(Demet Akbag)
Kazim Aksar as Nadir
Kazim Aksar
Alev Alkilic
Alev Alkilic
Idil Arkurt as Ceren
Idil Arkurt
Ibrahim Avcil
Ibrahim Avcil
Derya Baykal as Derya Baykal
Derya Baykal
(Derya Baykal)
Ali Bilgin as Ali Bilgin
Ali Bilgin
(Ali Bilgin)
Ebru Bilgin as Aylin
Ebru Bilgin
Tuba Büyüküstün as Tuba Büyüküstün
Tuba Büyüküstün
(Tuba Büyüküstün)
Simge Coskun as Yildiz
Simge Coskun
Irem Derici as Irem Derici
Irem Derici
(Irem Derici)
Nükhet Duru as Nükhet Duru
Nükhet Duru
(Nükhet Duru)
Edis as Edis
Mücahit Erdem
Mücahit Erdem
Nüans Estekin
Nüans Estekin
Ayhan Isik as Adnan
Ayhan Isik
Dilek Kaya as Pelin
Dilek Kaya
Ercan Kesal as Ercan Kesal
Ercan Kesal
(Ercan Kesal)
Mustafa Kinali as Enis
Mustafa Kinali
Riza Kocaoglu as Riza Kocaoglu
Riza Kocaoglu
(Riza Kocaoglu)
Fatih Kocapehlivanlar
Fatih Kocapehlivanlar
Boran Kuzum as Boran Kuzum
Boran Kuzum
(Boran Kuzum)
Sükran Ovali as Sükran Ovali
Sükran Ovali
(Sükran Ovali)
Sinan Ozturk as Sinan Ozturk
Sinan Ozturk
(Sinan Ozturk)
Zeynep Sahan
Zeynep Sahan
Melisa Senolsun as Melisa Senolsun
Melisa Senolsun
(Melisa Senolsun)
M. Ferhan Sensoy as M. Ferhan Sensoy
M. Ferhan Sensoy
(M. Ferhan Sensoy)
Fatih Sevdi
Fatih Sevdi
Levent Tasci as Nazim
Levent Tasci
Çagatay Ulusoy as Çagatay Ulusoy
Çagatay Ulusoy
(Çagatay Ulusoy)
Deniz Çaglar Uç
Deniz Çaglar Uç
Fatih Yavas
Fatih Yavas
Gulsah Yavuz as Sinem
Gulsah Yavuz
Sezer Yildirim
Sezer Yildirim
Alican Yücesoy as Alican Yücesoy
Alican Yücesoy
(Alican Yücesoy)
Nebahat Çehre as Nebahat Çehre
Nebahat Çehre
(Nebahat Çehre)
Volkan Ören
Volkan Ören
Mesut Özkeçeci
Mesut Özkeçeci
Ceylan Özgün Özçelik as Ceylan Özgün Özçelik
Ceylan Özgün Özçelik
(Ceylan Özgün Özçelik)
Gökçe Bahadir as Special appearance (2020) unknown episodes
Gökçe Bahadir
(Special appearance (2020) unknown episodes)
Çagan Irmak as Special appearance (2020) unknown episodes
Çagan Irmak
(Special appearance (2020) unknown episodes)

Thumbnails & Trailers


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Ahvale Donyaei
Ahvale Donyaei
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Setare Shomali
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Soltane Ghalbam