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Ba Saul Tamas Begir (2015)

Ba Saul Tamas Begir

  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    8 February 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
    High Bridge Productions - Crystal Diner Productions - Gran Via Productions - Sony Pictures Television - American Movie Classics (AMC) -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    46 min
  • Summary:
    Introducing Jimmy McGill. You may know him better as Saul Goodman, Walter White's slippery, resourceful lawyer in Breaking Bad. When first we meet him it is a few years before he meets Walter White. He is a struggling lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He mostly defends small-time crooks and represents people in civil liability claims. His brother, Charles "Chuck" McGill, is a senior partner at a prestigious Albuquerque law firm but hasn't left his house for several months due to a strange affliction. Jimmy is supporting him through bringing him groceries and the like. Jimmy has a dark, pre-lawyer past, being a small-time fraudster in Chicago before moving to Albuquerque to start over and work with at his brother's firm. We also meet Mike Ehrmantraut, ex-cop now working as a toll booth attendant at the courthouse parking lot. We see how Jimmy and Mike's stories converge and how Jimmy slowly becomes the Saul Goodman we know from Breaking Bad.

Cast & Crew

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill
Bob Odenkirk
(Jimmy McGill)
Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut
Jonathan Banks
(Mike Ehrmantraut)
Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler
Rhea Seehorn
(Kim Wexler)
Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin
Patrick Fabian
(Howard Hamlin)
Michael Mando as Nacho Varga
Michael Mando
(Nacho Varga)
Michael McKean as Chuck McGill
Michael McKean
(Chuck McGill)
Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring
Giancarlo Esposito
(Gus Fring)
Kerry Condon as Stacey Ehrmantraut
Kerry Condon
(Stacey Ehrmantraut)
Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca
Mark Margolis
(Hector Salamanca)
Cara Pifko as Paige Novick
Cara Pifko
(Paige Novick)
Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca
Tony Dalton
(Lalo Salamanca)
Jeremiah Bitsui as Victor
Jeremiah Bitsui
Josh Fadem as Camera Guy
Josh Fadem
(Camera Guy)
Julian Bonfiglio as Sound Guy
Julian Bonfiglio
(Sound Guy)
Rex Linn as Kevin Wachtell
Rex Linn
(Kevin Wachtell)
Dennis Boutsikaris as Rick Schweikart
Dennis Boutsikaris
(Rick Schweikart)
John Christian Love as Ernesto
John Christian Love
Vincent Fuentes as Arturo
Vincent Fuentes
Ray Campbell as Tyrus Kitt
Ray Campbell
(Tyrus Kitt)
Tina Parker as Francesca Liddy
Tina Parker
(Francesca Liddy)
Juan Carlos Cantu as Manuel Varga
Juan Carlos Cantu
(Manuel Varga)
Eileen Fogarty as Mrs. Nguyen
Eileen Fogarty
(Mrs. Nguyen)
Peter Diseth as DDA Bill Oakley
Peter Diseth
(DDA Bill Oakley)
Hayley Holmes as Make-Up Girl
Hayley Holmes
(Make-Up Girl)
Abigail Zoe Lewis as Kaylee Ehrmantraut
Abigail Zoe Lewis
(Kaylee Ehrmantraut)
Eric Steinig as Nick
Eric Steinig
Ed Begley Jr. as Clifford Main
Ed Begley Jr.
(Clifford Main)
Max Arciniega as Domingo Molina
Max Arciniega
(Domingo Molina)
Jessie Ennis as Erin Brill
Jessie Ennis
(Erin Brill)
Omar Maskati as Omar
Omar Maskati
Audrey Moore as Julie
Audrey Moore
James E. Dowling as Francis
James E. Dowling
Rainer Bock as Werner Ziegler
Rainer Bock
(Werner Ziegler)
Joe DeRosa as Dr. Caldera
Joe DeRosa
(Dr. Caldera)
Sarah Minnich as Brenda
Sarah Minnich
Javier Grajeda as Juan Bolsa
Javier Grajeda
(Juan Bolsa)
Ann Cusack as Rebecca Bois
Ann Cusack
(Rebecca Bois)
Keiko Agena as Viola Goto
Keiko Agena
(Viola Goto)
Luis Moncada as Marco Salamanca
Luis Moncada
(Marco Salamanca)
Daniel Moncada as Leonel Salamanca
Daniel Moncada
(Leonel Salamanca)
Ben Bela Böhm as Kai
Ben Bela Böhm
Stefan Kapicic as Casper
Stefan Kapicic
Luis Bordonada as Brian Archuleta
Luis Bordonada
(Brian Archuleta)
Ammie Masterson as Stef Carvaines
Ammie Masterson
(Stef Carvaines)
Victoria Pham-Gilchrist as Salon Employee #1
Victoria Pham-Gilchrist
(Salon Employee #1)
David DeLao as Diego
David DeLao
Hans Obma as Adrian
Hans Obma
Jilon VanOver as Sebastian
Jilon VanOver
Robin Ward Holloway as Udo
Robin Ward Holloway
Ian Goebel as Renke
Ian Goebel
Julie Ann Emery as Betsy Kettleman
Julie Ann Emery
(Betsy Kettleman)
Jeremy Shamos as Craig Kettleman
Jeremy Shamos
(Craig Kettleman)
Mark Proksch as Daniel 'Pryce' Wormald
Mark Proksch
(Daniel 'Pryce' Wormald)
Lavell Crawford as Huell Babineaux
Lavell Crawford
(Huell Babineaux)
Manuel Uriza as Ximenez Lecerda
Manuel Uriza
(Ximenez Lecerda)
Jean Effron as Irene Landry
Jean Effron
(Irene Landry)
Carol Herman as Mrs. Strauss
Carol Herman
(Mrs. Strauss)
Julie Pearl as ADA Suzanne Ericsen
Julie Pearl
(ADA Suzanne Ericsen)
Debrianna Mansini as Fran
Debrianna Mansini
Kim Lan T. Pham as Salon Employee #2
Kim Lan T. Pham
(Salon Employee #2)
Racquel Pino as Raquel
Racquel Pino
Bau Thi Duong as Salon Employee #4
Bau Thi Duong
(Salon Employee #4)
Le Hai Dang as Salon Employee #3
Le Hai Dang
(Salon Employee #3)
Jose E. Pintor as Manager
Jose E. Pintor
Howard Ferguson Jr. as Arthur
Howard Ferguson Jr.
Gene N. Chavez as HHM Attorney
Gene N. Chavez
(HHM Attorney)
Clea DuVall as Dr. Lara Cruz
Clea DuVall
(Dr. Lara Cruz)
Mel Rodriguez as Marco
Mel Rodriguez
JB Blanc as Dr. Barry Goodman
JB Blanc
(Dr. Barry Goodman)
Barry Shabaka Henley as Detective Sanders
Barry Shabaka Henley
(Detective Sanders)
Raymond Cruz as Tuco Salamanca
Raymond Cruz
(Tuco Salamanca)
Omid Abtahi as Detective Abbasi
Omid Abtahi
(Detective Abbasi)
Tamara Tunie as Anita
Tamara Tunie
Harrison Thomas as Lyle
Harrison Thomas
Barry Corbin as Everett Acker
Barry Corbin
(Everett Acker)
Elisha Yaffe as Lance
Elisha Yaffe
Laura Fraser as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Laura Fraser
(Lydia Rodarte-Quayle)
Nadine Marissa as Contract Counsel Administrator
Nadine Marissa
(Contract Counsel Administrator)
Faith Healey as Kaylee
Faith Healey
KeiLyn Durrel Jones as Blingy
KeiLyn Durrel Jones
Jackamoe Buzzell as Private Investigator
Jackamoe Buzzell
(Private Investigator)
Sasha Feldman as Sticky
Sasha Feldman
Katerina Tannenbaum as Amber
Katerina Tannenbaum
Kelley Lewallen as Bingo Helper
Kelley Lewallen
(Bingo Helper)
Morgan Krantz as Ron
Morgan Krantz
Anthony Escobar as Gesualdo
Anthony Escobar
David Grant Wright as Lynton
David Grant Wright
David Mattey as Man Mountain
David Mattey
(Man Mountain)
Efrain Villa as Carlos
Efrain Villa
Stephen Michael Ayers as Group Leader
Stephen Michael Ayers
(Group Leader)
Samantha Benavides as Sam
Samantha Benavides
Poppy Liu as Jo
Poppy Liu
Austin Boyce as Marcie
Austin Boyce
Jim Beaver as Lawson
Jim Beaver
Miriam Colon as Abuelita
Miriam Colon
Brendan Fehr as Captain Bauer
Brendan Fehr
(Captain Bauer)
Franc Ross as Ira
Franc Ross
Bonnie Bartlett as Helen
Bonnie Bartlett
Michael Chieffo as Mr. Ughetta
Michael Chieffo
(Mr. Ughetta)
Kimberly Hebert Gregory as Kyra Hay
Kimberly Hebert Gregory
(Kyra Hay)
Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Maureen Bruckner
Poorna Jagannathan
(Dr. Maureen Bruckner)
Daniel Spenser Levine as Cal Lindholm
Daniel Spenser Levine
(Cal Lindholm)
Steven Levine as Lars Lindholm
Steven Levine
(Lars Lindholm)
Dorian Missick as Detective #1
Dorian Missick
(Detective #1)
Ethan Phillips as Judge Benedict Munninger
Ethan Phillips
(Judge Benedict Munninger)
Steven Ogg as Sobchak
Steven Ogg
John Getz as Chairman
John Getz
Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
Dean Norris
(Hank Schrader)
Caleb Burgess as Warren Kettleman
Caleb Burgess
(Warren Kettleman)
Phyllis Applegate as Myrtle
Phyllis Applegate
Frank Deal as Parks Supervisor
Frank Deal
(Parks Supervisor)
David Costabile as Gale Boetticher
David Costabile
(Gale Boetticher)
Steven Michael Quezada as Steven Gomez
Steven Michael Quezada
(Steven Gomez)
Sage Bell as Jo Jo Kettleman
Sage Bell
(Jo Jo Kettleman)
Carol Mansell as Rose
Carol Mansell
Tommy Nelson as Peewee
Tommy Nelson
Marty Lindsey as Reese
Marty Lindsey
Don Harvey as Cab Driver
Don Harvey
(Cab Driver)
Carlin James as Scooter
Carlin James
Diana Rose as Pollos Employee
Diana Rose
(Pollos Employee)
Cory Chapman as Skippy
Cory Chapman
Rose Liotta as Chuck's Neighbor
Rose Liotta
(Chuck's Neighbor)
Quinn VanAntwerp as Mr. Alley
Quinn VanAntwerp
(Mr. Alley)
Andrew Friedman as Mr. Neff
Andrew Friedman
(Mr. Neff)
Lucinda Marker as Cordova
Lucinda Marker
Jason Sklar as Music Store Owner
Jason Sklar
(Music Store Owner)
Lalo Flores as Nacho's Man #1
Lalo Flores
(Nacho's Man #1)
Randy Sklar as Music Store Owner
Randy Sklar
(Music Store Owner)
Victor A. Guajardo as Nacho's Man #2
Victor A. Guajardo
(Nacho's Man #2)
Esodie Geiger as Lynn Pierson
Esodie Geiger
(Lynn Pierson)
Suzanne Savoy as Perry Trivedi
Suzanne Savoy
(Perry Trivedi)
Sanford Kelley as Prosecutor
Sanford Kelley
Ashanti Cook as Pat
Ashanti Cook
Spenser Granese as Arlo
Spenser Granese
Robert Grossman as Theodore 'Fudge' Talbot
Robert Grossman
(Theodore 'Fudge' Talbot)
Don Williams as Marty
Don Williams
Adrienne Lovette as Mouse
Adrienne Lovette
Krista Kendall as Cinnabon Employee #1
Krista Kendall
(Cinnabon Employee #1)
Kenneth Ruthardt as Bailiff
Kenneth Ruthardt
Colin A. Borden as Gary
Colin A. Borden
Ernest Tsosie III as Carl
Ernest Tsosie III
Jalene Mack as Female Committee Member
Jalene Mack
(Female Committee Member)
Grant James as Leonard
Grant James
La'Charles Trask as Chatty Tough
La'Charles Trask
(Chatty Tough)
Cornell Womack as Male Committee Member
Cornell Womack
(Male Committee Member)
Allie Sundstrom as Copy Shop Customer #1
Allie Sundstrom
(Copy Shop Customer #1)
Adam Rosenberg as Ben
Adam Rosenberg
Michael Morford as Big Tough
Michael Morford
(Big Tough)
Dani Payne as Forque Waitress
Dani Payne
(Forque Waitress)
Erika Erica as Copy Shop Customer #2
Erika Erica
(Copy Shop Customer #2)
Arthur Glassman as Mr. Collins
Arthur Glassman
(Mr. Collins)
Sam Quinn as Burt
Sam Quinn
Robert Douglas Washington as Driver
Robert Douglas Washington
Matt Roszak as Gus's Man #2
Matt Roszak
(Gus's Man #2)
Philip J. Shortell as Bartender
Philip J. Shortell
Allison Gabriel as Bar Association Clerk
Allison Gabriel
(Bar Association Clerk)
Zach Rose as Andre
Zach Rose
Philip Fornah as Sam
Philip Fornah
Rodger Larance as Bingo Player
Rodger Larance
(Bingo Player)
Martin Edward Andazola as Money Counter - Salamanca Cartel
Martin Edward Andazola
(Money Counter - Salamanca Cartel)
Alvin Hysong as Overseer
Alvin Hysong
Keith Kupferer as Businessman
Keith Kupferer
Steven Bauer as Don Eladio
Steven Bauer
(Don Eladio)
Robert Forster as Ed
Robert Forster
Jillian Armenante as Paula
Jillian Armenante
Tim Baltz as Roland Jaycox
Tim Baltz
(Roland Jaycox)
Amy Davidson as Sabrina
Amy Davidson
Kyle Bornheimer as Ken Wins
Kyle Bornheimer
(Ken Wins)
Chris Mulkey as Billy Gatwood
Chris Mulkey
(Billy Gatwood)
Carlos Leal as Structural Engineer
Carlos Leal
(Structural Engineer)
Vincent Laresca as Detective #2
Vincent Laresca
(Detective #2)
Jamie Luner as Dreamy Woman
Jamie Luner
(Dreamy Woman)
Jessica Osbourne as Lucianne
Jessica Osbourne
Stoney Westmoreland as Officer Saxton
Stoney Westmoreland
(Officer Saxton)
Molly Hagan as Judge Lindsay Arch
Molly Hagan
(Judge Lindsay Arch)
Billy Malone as Sergeant Jack Fenske
Billy Malone
(Sergeant Jack Fenske)
Kevin Weisman as Stevie
Kevin Weisman
Marceline Hugot as Shirley Martland
Marceline Hugot
(Shirley Martland)
Marc Evan Jackson as Henry DeVore
Marc Evan Jackson
(Henry DeVore)
James Cady as Judge
James Cady
Lane Garrison as Officer Troy Hoffman
Lane Garrison
(Officer Troy Hoffman)
Jim Hatch as Jail Deputy
Jim Hatch
(Jail Deputy)
Dawnn Lewis as Judge
Dawnn Lewis
Ricky Staffieri as Bartender
Ricky Staffieri
Jean Villepique as Doreen Valco
Jean Villepique
(Doreen Valco)
Jordan Lage as Barry Hedberg
Jordan Lage
(Barry Hedberg)
Marlon Young as PPD Supervisor
Marlon Young
(PPD Supervisor)
Joe Berryman as Big Ricky Sipes
Joe Berryman
(Big Ricky Sipes)
Jesus Jr. as Gonzo
Jesus Jr.
Mark Jeffrey Miller as Bud
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Steve Mokate as Bartender
Steve Mokate
Dan Moseley as Lobby Guard
Dan Moseley
(Lobby Guard)
Geoffrey Pomeroy as Jergens
Geoffrey Pomeroy
A. Russell Andrews as Detective Salerno
A. Russell Andrews
(Detective Salerno)
Steven Flynn as Dale
Steven Flynn
Raphael Sbarge as Mr. McGill
Raphael Sbarge
(Mr. McGill)
Dylan Riley Snyder as Young Skeev
Dylan Riley Snyder
(Young Skeev)
Colby French as Undercover Police Officer
Colby French
(Undercover Police Officer)
Michael Lanahan as Committee Chairman
Michael Lanahan
(Committee Chairman)
Abby Quinn as Christy Esposito
Abby Quinn
(Christy Esposito)
Andrew Thacher as Customer
Andrew Thacher
Nigel Gibbs as Detective Tim Roberts
Nigel Gibbs
(Detective Tim Roberts)
Jacob Browne as Veteran Cop
Jacob Browne
(Veteran Cop)
Joseph Cranford as Kevin
Joseph Cranford
Cesar Garcia as No-Doze
Cesar Garcia
Eric Martinez as Francisco
Eric Martinez
Alex Désert as Officer Baker
Alex Désert
(Officer Baker)
Eli Goodman as Dr. Topolski
Eli Goodman
(Dr. Topolski)
Stephen Snedden as Con Man
Stephen Snedden
(Con Man)
Troy Winbush as Detective
Troy Winbush
Jon Summers as Police Officer
Jon Summers
(Police Officer)
Ryan Jason Cook as Younger Cop
Ryan Jason Cook
(Younger Cop)
Paul Geoffrey as Tailor
Paul Geoffrey
Ann James as Merna
Ann James
Giselle Mendoza as Tricia
Giselle Mendoza
Dave Racki as Waiter
Dave Racki
Nathaniel Augustson as Mall Security Guard
Nathaniel Augustson
(Mall Security Guard)
Shahine Ezell as Freddy
Shahine Ezell
Ericka Kreutz as Nurse
Ericka Kreutz
Tyson Turrou as Terry
Tyson Turrou
John DiMaggio as Construction Foreman
John DiMaggio
(Construction Foreman)
Eddie J. Fernandez as Billboard Worker
Eddie J. Fernandez
(Billboard Worker)
Daniel Knight as APD Detective
Daniel Knight
(APD Detective)
Austin Rising as Curt
Austin Rising
Josey Arreola as Custodian
Josey Arreola
Jennifer Hasty as Real Estate Agent
Jennifer Hasty
(Real Estate Agent)
Francisco Cordova as Booking Officer
Francisco Cordova
(Booking Officer)
Raymond McAnally as Friendly-Faced Man
Raymond McAnally
(Friendly-Faced Man)
Dennis Milliken as Car Salesman
Dennis Milliken
(Car Salesman)
Forrie J. Smith as Junkyard Owner
Forrie J. Smith
(Junkyard Owner)
Roland Buck III as Bobby
Roland Buck III
Alejandra Flores as Mrs. Cortazar
Alejandra Flores
(Mrs. Cortazar)
Stafford Douglas as Pierce
Stafford Douglas
Robert Fortner as Snake Face
Robert Fortner
(Snake Face)
Michael Perez as Staring Man
Michael Perez
(Staring Man)
Tomas Sanchez as Gary
Tomas Sanchez
T.C. Warner as Hospital Nurse
T.C. Warner
(Hospital Nurse)
Blake Bertrand as Young Jimmy
Blake Bertrand
(Young Jimmy)
Ruben Rivera Laguna as Poolside Waiter
Ruben Rivera Laguna
(Poolside Waiter)
Carolyn Wickwire as Alma May Urbano
Carolyn Wickwire
(Alma May Urbano)
Teddy Eggleston as Mrs. Siemasko
Teddy Eggleston
(Mrs. Siemasko)
Shawn McCall as Corrections Officer
Shawn McCall
(Corrections Officer)
Ted Raymond as Mr. Tiller
Ted Raymond
(Mr. Tiller)
Brendan Jennings as Office Worker #1
Brendan Jennings
(Office Worker #1)
Beth Hoyt as Mrs. Wexler
Beth Hoyt
(Mrs. Wexler)
Larry Glaister as Judge
Larry Glaister
David Loving as Angry Father
David Loving
(Angry Father)
Vincent E. McDaniel as Hospital Security Guard
Vincent E. McDaniel
(Hospital Security Guard)
David Saiz as Defendant #3
David Saiz
(Defendant #3)
Jermaine Washington as Harold
Jermaine Washington
Jack Caffrey as Amos Lydecker
Jack Caffrey
(Amos Lydecker)
Anthony Michael Frederick as Laborer
Anthony Michael Frederick
Doris Hargrave as Mrs. Burns
Doris Hargrave
(Mrs. Burns)
Mary Woods as Jenn Siemasko
Mary Woods
(Jenn Siemasko)
Colleen Flynn as Committee Member
Colleen Flynn
(Committee Member)
Bechir Sylvain as Office Worker #2
Bechir Sylvain
(Office Worker #2)
Tim DeZarn as Mr. Harkness
Tim DeZarn
(Mr. Harkness)
Katie Beth Hall as Young Kim
Katie Beth Hall
(Young Kim)
Joe Conner as Bingo Player
Joe Conner
(Bingo Player)
Bruce Holmes as Huge Male Deputy
Bruce Holmes
(Huge Male Deputy)
Francy Ivener as Senior #1
Francy Ivener
(Senior #1)
Lonnie Lane as Bailiff
Lonnie Lane
Staci Robbins as Lady Onlooker
Staci Robbins
(Lady Onlooker)
Janelle Santillanes as HHM Employee #1
Janelle Santillanes
(HHM Employee #1)
Kurt Caceres as Assistant DA
Kurt Caceres
(Assistant DA)
Patty Figel as Ruth McGill
Patty Figel
(Ruth McGill)
Paul Howard Smith as Bus Driver
Paul Howard Smith
(Bus Driver)
Roseanne Vau as Principal
Roseanne Vau
Wendy Tillery Boling as Lily Burns
Wendy Tillery Boling
(Lily Burns)
Nicole Geddie as Court Clerk
Nicole Geddie
(Court Clerk)
Daniel McBride as Fire Chief
Daniel McBride
(Fire Chief)
Gabriel Rush as Young Chuck
Gabriel Rush
(Young Chuck)
Alaina Warren Zachary as Mrs. VanKamp
Alaina Warren Zachary
(Mrs. VanKamp)
Jasmine Baillio as Belinda
Jasmine Baillio
James Austin Johnson as Fred
James Austin Johnson
Mona Malec as Willa
Mona Malec
Michael Naughton as Seymour
Michael Naughton
Johnathan Nieves as David
Johnathan Nieves
Michael H. Cole as Deputy
Michael H. Cole
Geri Courtney-Austein as Sally
Geri Courtney-Austein
Keong Sim as Prosecutor Ko
Keong Sim
(Prosecutor Ko)
John Liberatore as Senior #2
John Liberatore
(Senior #2)
Jeff Poole as Breadstick Guy
Jeff Poole
(Breadstick Guy)
Dean Strober as First Sucker
Dean Strober
(First Sucker)
Forrest Fyre as Judge
Forrest Fyre
Jane Hannemann as Comfort Care Nurse
Jane Hannemann
(Comfort Care Nurse)
Tasos Hernandez as Rudolpho
Tasos Hernandez
Dana Mellen as Dana
Dana Mellen
Ruben Muller as Mall Janitor
Ruben Muller
(Mall Janitor)
Wendy Scott as Secretary
Wendy Scott
Audra Charity as Greta
Audra Charity
Jose Jacinto Marquez as Mr. Witchell
Jose Jacinto Marquez
(Mr. Witchell)
Hope Whitaker as Young Jimmy
Hope Whitaker
(Young Jimmy)
Nick Bush as Milk Shake Guy
Nick Bush
(Milk Shake Guy)
Jack O'Donnell as Ron
Jack O'Donnell
Tabatha Shaun as Denise
Tabatha Shaun
Holly Kaplan as Dr. Linda Sullivan
Holly Kaplan
(Dr. Linda Sullivan)
Teodora Marcella as Marissa
Teodora Marcella
Frances Lee McCain as Judge Chapek
Frances Lee McCain
(Judge Chapek)
Laci Mosley as Honeydew
Laci Mosley
Grant Barker as Defendant #1
Grant Barker
(Defendant #1)
Carmela Morales as Vet's Clerk
Carmela Morales
(Vet's Clerk)
Aaron Worley as Fifth Sucker
Aaron Worley
(Fifth Sucker)
Deborah Chavez as Teacher
Deborah Chavez
Brianna Danfelser as Cute Girl
Brianna Danfelser
(Cute Girl)
Ted Maritz as HHM Associate #1
Ted Maritz
(HHM Associate #1)
Aislinn Vigil as Technician
Aislinn Vigil
Rebecca Hill Casey as Court Clerk
Rebecca Hill Casey
(Court Clerk)
Lou George as Lead Insurance Rep
Lou George
(Lead Insurance Rep)
Jeffrey Jacquin as Public Defender
Jeffrey Jacquin
(Public Defender)
Sonia Leyba as Mother
Sonia Leyba
Jennifer Neala Page as Clara
Jennifer Neala Page
Orelon Sidney as Judge Lipitz
Orelon Sidney
(Judge Lipitz)
Crystal Thomas as Receptionist
Crystal Thomas
Erin Wilhelmi as Nikki
Erin Wilhelmi
Lela Lee as Lillian Simmons
Lela Lee
(Lillian Simmons)
Joyce Porter as Marissa's Grandmother
Joyce Porter
(Marissa's Grandmother)
Tim Stafford as Hazmat Technician
Tim Stafford
(Hazmat Technician)
Wendy Miner-Ashby as Water Aerobics Instructor
Wendy Miner-Ashby
(Water Aerobics Instructor)
Clay Space as Defendant #2
Clay Space
(Defendant #2)
Sherman Allen as Steve
Sherman Allen
Andres Michael as HHM Associate #2
Andres Michael
(HHM Associate #2)
Julian Petersen as Julian
Julian Petersen
Curtis Plagge as Rich Guy
Curtis Plagge
(Rich Guy)
Camelia Raybon as First Staffer
Camelia Raybon
(First Staffer)
Ben Whitehair as Sean
Ben Whitehair
Jamey Woodward as EMT
Jamey Woodward
Richard Baca as Border Agent
Richard Baca
(Border Agent)
Kingston Leyba as Child
Kingston Leyba
Rebekah Turner as Insurance Rep
Rebekah Turner
(Insurance Rep)
Lora Zachek as Court Reporter
Lora Zachek
(Court Reporter)
Grayson Berry as HHM Assistant
Grayson Berry
(HHM Assistant)
Marsella Duarte as Clerk
Marsella Duarte
Fernando Fresquez as Robbie Finn
Fernando Fresquez
(Robbie Finn)
Rachel Singer as Committee Member One
Rachel Singer
(Committee Member One)
Nancy Chartier as Judge Margaret Matlof
Nancy Chartier
(Judge Margaret Matlof)
Jay Johnston as Don Wachtell
Jay Johnston
(Don Wachtell)
Jennifer Pfalzgraff as Frustrated Worker
Jennifer Pfalzgraff
(Frustrated Worker)
Erin Moots as Sandpiper Crossing Employee
Erin Moots
(Sandpiper Crossing Employee)
Lauren Chavez-Myers as First-Year Associate
Lauren Chavez-Myers
(First-Year Associate)
Iris Dunbar as Iris
Iris Dunbar
Barney Fuller as Second Staffer
Barney Fuller
(Second Staffer)
Anthony Garcia as Ice Cream Shop Manager
Anthony Garcia
(Ice Cream Shop Manager)
Julia Harris as Bartender
Julia Harris
Ramón M. Martínez as Greatest Generation Farmer
Ramón M. Martínez
(Greatest Generation Farmer)
Grover Coulson as Church Goer
Grover Coulson
(Church Goer)
Simon Drobik as Arresting Officer
Simon Drobik
(Arresting Officer)
Cody Ray Lee as Justin
Cody Ray Lee
Doug Montoya as Customer
Doug Montoya
Kimberly Bigsby as Committee Member Two
Kimberly Bigsby
(Committee Member Two)
Raymond Carmona as Bailiff
Raymond Carmona
Nicholas Liam King as Matty
Nicholas Liam King
Huy Nguyen as ER Doctor
Huy Nguyen
(ER Doctor)
Fredrick Lopez as Mechanic
Fredrick Lopez
Sewell Whitney as Judge Lawler
Sewell Whitney
(Judge Lawler)
Joshua Nathaniel Melendez as Air Force MP
Joshua Nathaniel Melendez
(Air Force MP)
Mario Perez as Arturo's Henchman
Mario Perez
(Arturo's Henchman)
Giuseppe Quinn as Loyola's Customer
Giuseppe Quinn
(Loyola's Customer)
Maida Ward as Maida
Maida Ward
Derek Blakeney as Jake Sellers
Derek Blakeney
(Jake Sellers)
Kyle T. Cowan as Gym Guy
Kyle T. Cowan
(Gym Guy)
Sandy Lopez as Middle-Aged Woman
Sandy Lopez
(Middle-Aged Woman)
Jennifer Bailey as X-Ray Technician
Jennifer Bailey
(X-Ray Technician)
John Jaret as Dr. Diseth
John Jaret
(Dr. Diseth)
Jose Martinez as Dealer
Jose Martinez
Royd McCargish as Driver
Royd McCargish
Kisa Willis as Bar Association Clerk
Kisa Willis
(Bar Association Clerk)
Paige Collins as Lois
Paige Collins
Marsuvio Sanchez as Javier
Marsuvio Sanchez
Viola Ashcroft as Mrs. Deshazo
Viola Ashcroft
(Mrs. Deshazo)
Annittra Atler as Dale's Wife
Annittra Atler
(Dale's Wife)
Richard Bacca II as Border Agent
Richard Bacca II
(Border Agent)
Kent Kirkpatrick as Al Newman
Kent Kirkpatrick
(Al Newman)
Zachry Wheeler as Kevin
Zachry Wheeler
Christopher Alvarenga as Truck Driver
Christopher Alvarenga
(Truck Driver)
Marjorie W. Conner as Grandma
Marjorie W. Conner
Christopher Hagen as Big Paul
Christopher Hagen
(Big Paul)
Julie Hanna as Mom
Julie Hanna
Matthew Peterson as Big Guy
Matthew Peterson
(Big Guy)
Manny Rubio as Worker
Manny Rubio
Penny Costanzo as Emily Reed
Penny Costanzo
(Emily Reed)
Marvin Gouch as Fire Chief
Marvin Gouch
(Fire Chief)
Amie MacKenzie as Hospital Administrator
Amie MacKenzie
(Hospital Administrator)
Drew Moore as Big Biker Boss
Drew Moore
(Big Biker Boss)
Damacio Page as Gang Enforcer
Damacio Page
(Gang Enforcer)
Juliet Donenfeld as Kaylee
Juliet Donenfeld
Mimi Fletcher as Myrna
Mimi Fletcher
Nancy Jeris as Shocked Elder Player
Nancy Jeris
(Shocked Elder Player)
Nhu Thi Ta as Salon Employee #3
Nhu Thi Ta
(Salon Employee #3)
Luke V. Randall as Jack the Janitor
Luke V. Randall
(Jack the Janitor)
John Trejo as Border Patrol Agent
John Trejo
(Border Patrol Agent)
Jimmie Wolf as Yvonne
Jimmie Wolf
Ashley Dunec as Teen Girl #1
Ashley Dunec
(Teen Girl #1)
Allan K. Edgar as Grumpy
Allan K. Edgar
Madi Frost as Teenage Girl
Madi Frost
(Teenage Girl)
Kimberly Kiegel as Senior Attorney
Kimberly Kiegel
(Senior Attorney)
Rhett Lynch as Pop
Rhett Lynch
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza as Truck Guard
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
(Truck Guard)
Ken Thong as Delivery Guy
Ken Thong
(Delivery Guy)
Mikael Ayele as Orderly #1
Mikael Ayele
(Orderly #1)
Sheypan Draus as Skeeve
Sheypan Draus
Jack Forcinito as Ken Greenfield
Jack Forcinito
(Ken Greenfield)
Matt Socia as Foreman
Matt Socia
Jordyn Aurora Aquino as Hannah
Jordyn Aurora Aquino
David Gibson as Gentleman Thespian
David Gibson
(Gentleman Thespian)
Darryl W. Handy as Mike's Bartender
Darryl W. Handy
(Mike's Bartender)
Glenn Foster as ICE Agent
Glenn Foster
(ICE Agent)
Lua Thi Scott as Caretaker
Lua Thi Scott
Devon Spurgeon as Bartender
Devon Spurgeon
Carmen Dahlman as Clinica Assistant
Carmen Dahlman
(Clinica Assistant)
Michelle Herron as Teen Girl #2
Michelle Herron
(Teen Girl #2)
Tom Schuch as Jack
Tom Schuch
Courtney Taylor as HHM Employee
Courtney Taylor
(HHM Employee)
Ruth A Ward as Mall Walker #1
Ruth A Ward
(Mall Walker #1)
Zenobia as Insurance Receptionist
(Insurance Receptionist)
Stephen Fuller Austin as Kazanjian Kenneth
Stephen Fuller Austin
(Kazanjian Kenneth)
Matt Bailey as Facility Manager
Matt Bailey
(Facility Manager)
Jamie Javier Guerreo as Driver
Jamie Javier Guerreo
Catharine E. Jones as Junior Staffer
Catharine E. Jones
(Junior Staffer)
Daniel Pattison as Orderly #2
Daniel Pattison
(Orderly #2)
Shawn Prince as Lewis
Shawn Prince
Andre L. Burch as Concerned Patriot Player
Andre L. Burch
(Concerned Patriot Player)
Kenneth McGlothin as Mitch
Kenneth McGlothin
A.J. Voliton as Deshawn
A.J. Voliton
Patrick V. Murphy as Dylan Torres
Patrick V. Murphy
(Dylan Torres)
Kim Pham as Salon Employee #2
Kim Pham
(Salon Employee #2)
Steve Stafford as Helicopter Pilot
Steve Stafford
(Helicopter Pilot)
Jo Estrada as Mall Walker #2
Jo Estrada
(Mall Walker #2)
Jessica Flores as EMT #1
Jessica Flores
(EMT #1)
Roberta Isgreen as Elderly Woman
Roberta Isgreen
(Elderly Woman)
Kelly Mower as Wealthy Target #1
Kelly Mower
(Wealthy Target #1)
Diana Navarrete as Patient's Mom
Diana Navarrete
(Patient's Mom)
Fernando Urquides as Dealer
Fernando Urquides
Diane Villegas as Marie
Diane Villegas
Walter Anaruk as Joseph Adamson
Walter Anaruk
(Joseph Adamson)
Jerry G. Angelo as Ramirez
Jerry G. Angelo
Kevin Chambers as Zack
Kevin Chambers
Danett Hernandez as Desk Clerk
Danett Hernandez
(Desk Clerk)
Denielle Fisher Johnson as Clerk
Denielle Fisher Johnson
Chris Wright as Hustler
Chris Wright
Virginia Asbury as Self - Critical Player
Virginia Asbury
(Self - Critical Player)
Josh Horton as Injured Tough
Josh Horton
(Injured Tough)
Joseph Lech as Hollis Earley
Joseph Lech
(Hollis Earley)
Lauren Poole as Veronica
Lauren Poole
Joe Esquibel as Joe
Joe Esquibel
Zacharia Azar as EMT #2
Zacharia Azar
(EMT #2)
Sydney Barrosse as Lauren
Sydney Barrosse
Matt Heath as Wealthy Target #2
Matt Heath
(Wealthy Target #2)
Adrian Lopez as Patient
Adrian Lopez
Ann Harper Reed as Yoga Instructor
Ann Harper Reed
(Yoga Instructor)
LeighAnn Gould as Nurse
LeighAnn Gould
Todd Lawson LaTourrette as Skell
Todd Lawson LaTourrette
Lindsey Shope as Diane Rourke
Lindsey Shope
(Diane Rourke)
Kristin K. Berg as Shopkeep
Kristin K. Berg
Elias Hanlon as Young Kevin Wachtell
Elias Hanlon
(Young Kevin Wachtell)
Adolphe Pierre-Louis as Alex
Adolphe Pierre-Louis
Ray Aguayo as Bar Waiter
Ray Aguayo
(Bar Waiter)
Cris Iannucci as Grocery Store Clerk
Cris Iannucci
(Grocery Store Clerk)
Marissa Woolf as Hospital Technician
Marissa Woolf
(Hospital Technician)
LaShawn Banks as Nathaniel Scott
LaShawn Banks
(Nathaniel Scott)
Joshua Bobb as Barry's Son
Joshua Bobb
(Barry's Son)
Cosme Duarte as Dog House Customer
Cosme Duarte
(Dog House Customer)
Elizabeth Dwyer as Prosecutor Eitzmann
Elizabeth Dwyer
(Prosecutor Eitzmann)
Wayne D. Wilkinson as Elderly Man
Wayne D. Wilkinson
(Elderly Man)
Sean Dillingham as Elevator Repairman
Sean Dillingham
(Elevator Repairman)
Cliff Weissman as Judge Greene
Cliff Weissman
(Judge Greene)
Carolyn Ann Wright as Carolyn
Carolyn Ann Wright
Sydney Dickinson as Elderly Woman
Sydney Dickinson
(Elderly Woman)
Joey Folsom as Scott Blakey
Joey Folsom
(Scott Blakey)
Sean McGraw as Committee Member
Sean McGraw
(Committee Member)
Max Bickelhaup as Cabbie's Omaha Friend
Max Bickelhaup
(Cabbie's Omaha Friend)
Audrey Walters as Realtor
Audrey Walters
Letty Gallegos as Mom
Letty Gallegos
Sandra Perry as Board Member
Sandra Perry
(Board Member)
Art Tedesco as Defense Attorney
Art Tedesco
(Defense Attorney)
Seth Adkins as Police Service Assistant
Seth Adkins
(Police Service Assistant)
Santiago Craig as First Cop
Santiago Craig
(First Cop)
Dayne Catalano as Greasy Driver
Dayne Catalano
(Greasy Driver)
Eston Elliott as Duncan Springer
Eston Elliott
(Duncan Springer)
Phil Mendoza as Detective Ed Carey
Phil Mendoza
(Detective Ed Carey)
Henry Noble as Second Cop
Henry Noble
(Second Cop)
Celianna Gallegos as Teodora Moon
Celianna Gallegos
(Teodora Moon)
Chris Donaldson as AFPD Officer
Chris Donaldson
(AFPD Officer)
Sharon Henderson as Grocery Mom
Sharon Henderson
(Grocery Mom)
Tara Levine as Kansas Waitress
Tara Levine
(Kansas Waitress)
Nick Baron as Dealer
Nick Baron
Sapphire Persinger as Marcie Ramirez
Sapphire Persinger
(Marcie Ramirez)
Patrick Gozur as Casa Tranquila Attendant
Patrick Gozur
(Casa Tranquila Attendant)
Estrella Avila as Jynetta
Estrella Avila
Rico Paris as Franklyn Pickett
Rico Paris
(Franklyn Pickett)
Rogelio Camarillo as Turk
Rogelio Camarillo
Vas Sanchez as Bubba
Vas Sanchez
Alan Shen as Raymond Chin
Alan Shen
(Raymond Chin)
Richard Anthony Greywolf as Biker Dude
Richard Anthony Greywolf
(Biker Dude)
Daniel Grochowski as Traveler
Daniel Grochowski
Manuel Juan Torrez as Big Bruiser
Manuel Juan Torrez
(Big Bruiser)
Tenbears Souter as Bouncer
Tenbears Souter
Mickey Bond as Courthouse Passerby
Mickey Bond
(Courthouse Passerby)
Stephanie Lucero as Stripper
Stephanie Lucero
Harry Musselwhite as Male Attorney
Harry Musselwhite
(Male Attorney)
Clint Obenchain as Skell Customer
Clint Obenchain
(Skell Customer)
Kathryn Smith-McGlynn as Female Attorney
Kathryn Smith-McGlynn
(Female Attorney)
Kate Chavez as Hotel Clerk
Kate Chavez
(Hotel Clerk)
Diego Joaquin Lopez as Terry's Buddy
Diego Joaquin Lopez
(Terry's Buddy)
Josh Hambrock as Real Estate Agent
Josh Hambrock
(Real Estate Agent)
George Cisneros as Leader Experto
George Cisneros
(Leader Experto)
Michel Curiel as Tunnel Experto
Michel Curiel
(Tunnel Experto)
LynNita Ellis as Lawyer
LynNita Ellis
Sofia Embid as Michelle Avila
Sofia Embid
(Michelle Avila)
Emma McCoslin as Yolanda
Emma McCoslin
Meredith Miniat as Bond Clerk
Meredith Miniat
(Bond Clerk)
Ulysses Montoya as Ciro
Ulysses Montoya
Gabriela Alicia Ortega as April
Gabriela Alicia Ortega
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
Gabriel 'G-Rod' Rodriguez
Tony Sedillo as Worker
Tony Sedillo
Robert Paul Taylor as Wounded Experto
Robert Paul Taylor
(Wounded Experto)
Chris King Wong as Paul Shepard
Chris King Wong
(Paul Shepard)
Michael E. Stogner as Bar Patron
Michael E. Stogner
(Bar Patron)
Brian Barela as HHM Staff
Brian Barela
(HHM Staff)
Steve Larese as Dan
Steve Larese
Rick Anglada as Albuquerque Police Officer
Rick Anglada
(Albuquerque Police Officer)
Jyl Murray as HHM Attorney
Jyl Murray
(HHM Attorney)
Richard Beal as Lawyer Party Goer
Richard Beal
(Lawyer Party Goer)
Julian Wondolowski as Driver with Car
Julian Wondolowski
(Driver with Car)
Stephanie Hill as Customer
Stephanie Hill
Adrian Gurule as SMQ Booth Attendant
Adrian Gurule
(SMQ Booth Attendant)
Justin D. Moore as Longshoreman in Bar
Justin D. Moore
(Longshoreman in Bar)
Tim Childress as HHM Attorney
Tim Childress
(HHM Attorney)
William Fogle as Courthouse Lawyer
William Fogle
(Courthouse Lawyer)
Alan Humphrey as Lawyer
Alan Humphrey
Ariel Cassell as Child at Sandpiper Playground
Ariel Cassell
(Child at Sandpiper Playground)
Clayton Salberg as Bartender
Clayton Salberg
Robert Clotworthy as Spokesperson - Davis & Main TV Commercial
Robert Clotworthy
(Spokesperson - Davis & Main TV Commercial)
Trudy Cordova as HHM Lawyer
Trudy Cordova
(HHM Lawyer)
Kyle Pierson as Lawyer
Kyle Pierson
Michael Slusher as Beggar
Michael Slusher
Abdiah Sagert as Business Employee
Abdiah Sagert
(Business Employee)
Stephen Conn as Partygoer
Stephen Conn
Ruben Barela as Deputy Sheriff
Ruben Barela
(Deputy Sheriff)
Randy Gonzalez as Tough 5
Randy Gonzalez
(Tough 5)
Debra Toner as Court Attendee
Debra Toner
(Court Attendee)
Diego Ward as Tough 4
Diego Ward
(Tough 4)
Andrea Good as Women Defendant
Andrea Good
(Women Defendant)
Elizabeth M. Kallman as HHM Client
Elizabeth M. Kallman
(HHM Client)
Fred Padilla as Inmate
Fred Padilla
Ryan Baloy Rivera as Bartender
Ryan Baloy Rivera
Todd Sopher as Man in Bathroom
Todd Sopher
(Man in Bathroom)
Rafael Torrez as Pedestrian
Rafael Torrez
Lorus Allen as Customs Agent
Lorus Allen
(Customs Agent)
Jenelle Gallegos as HHM Lawyer
Jenelle Gallegos
(HHM Lawyer)
Richard Garcia as Neighbor
Richard Garcia
Edward Gelhaus as White Supremacist
Edward Gelhaus
(White Supremacist)
Ray Huizar as Emt
Ray Huizar
Chelsea Arielle Kibbee as Lawyer
Chelsea Arielle Kibbee
Shawn Lecrone as Airman Jackson
Shawn Lecrone
(Airman Jackson)
Jon McGarrah as Flightline AF Airman
Jon McGarrah
(Flightline AF Airman)
Gustavo Montes as Border Patrol Agent
Gustavo Montes
(Border Patrol Agent)
Theresa Quinn as Bar Patron
Theresa Quinn
(Bar Patron)
Grizelda Quintana as Visitor
Grizelda Quintana
Aaron Templeton as Valet
Aaron Templeton
Richard Barela as Courtroom Spectator
Richard Barela
(Courtroom Spectator)
Rob Estrada as Police Officer
Rob Estrada
(Police Officer)
Jerry Walker as Cell mate
Jerry Walker
(Cell mate)
David White as Community Service Worker
David White
(Community Service Worker)
Brian Bolman as Sleeping Bus Passenger
Brian Bolman
(Sleeping Bus Passenger)
John Carr as Attorney
John Carr
Harona Ceesay as Bus Passenger
Harona Ceesay
(Bus Passenger)
Melissa Chambers as Server
Melissa Chambers
Trishae Furmanek as College Student
Trishae Furmanek
(College Student)
David Hight as Driver
David Hight
Karly Jenkins as Sign Salesperson
Karly Jenkins
(Sign Salesperson)
Sydney Lewis as Mall Shopper
Sydney Lewis
(Mall Shopper)
Matt Maestas as Gang Member
Matt Maestas
(Gang Member)
David Phyfer as Lawyer at Reception
David Phyfer
(Lawyer at Reception)
Zoey Reese as Waitress
Zoey Reese
Joey Reinisch as Brett Dunst
Joey Reinisch
(Brett Dunst)
J. Nathan Simmons as Lost Man
J. Nathan Simmons
(Lost Man)
Mario Telles as Door Guard
Mario Telles
(Door Guard)
Melinda Grace Utterback as Hospital Nurse
Melinda Grace Utterback
(Hospital Nurse)
Alli Valdez as College Student
Alli Valdez
(College Student)
Gregory Paul Valdez as Lawyer
Gregory Paul Valdez
Timothy Carr as Tent Specialty
Timothy Carr
(Tent Specialty)
Cynthia Casaus as Lawyer
Cynthia Casaus
Stephen R. Estler as Mall shopper
Stephen R. Estler
(Mall shopper)
Rob Estrada as Golfer
Rob Estrada

Thumbnails & Trailers


Charkho Falak
Charkho Falak
Se Emperatoori (Three Kingdoms)
Se Emperatoori (Three Kingdoms)
You Who Came from the Stars
You Who Came from the Stars
Baradar Jaan
Baradar Jaan
Tanhaeie Leila
Tanhaeie Leila
Gereftare Del
Gereftare Del