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Bazgasht (2011)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Sport
  • Release Date:
    11 January 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    Two Ton Films - Fineman Entertainment
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    50 min
  • Summary:
    A former heavyweight boxing champion struggles to find his identity after retiring from the ring.

Cast & Crew

Holt McCallany as Patrick 'Lights' Leary
Holt McCallany
(Patrick 'Lights' Leary)
Stacy Keach as Pops
Stacy Keach
Catherine McCormack as Theresa Leary
Catherine McCormack
(Theresa Leary)
Pablo Schreiber as Johnny Leary
Pablo Schreiber
(Johnny Leary)
Meredith Hagner as Ava Leary
Meredith Hagner
(Ava Leary)
Ryann Shane as Daniella Leary
Ryann Shane
(Daniella Leary)
Reg E. Cathey as Barry K. Word
Reg E. Cathey
(Barry K. Word)
Billy Brown as Death Row Reynolds
Billy Brown
(Death Row Reynolds)
Lily Pilblad as Katie Leary
Lily Pilblad
(Katie Leary)
Elizabeth Marvel as Margaret Leary
Elizabeth Marvel
(Margaret Leary)
Bill Irwin as Hal Brennan
Bill Irwin
(Hal Brennan)
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick as Dylan
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
Dan Moran as Gus
Dan Moran
Ben Shenkman as Mike Fumosa
Ben Shenkman
(Mike Fumosa)
Gavin-Keith Umeh as Javier 'El Diablo' Morales
Gavin-Keith Umeh
(Javier 'El Diablo' Morales)
Pedro Pascal as Omar Assarian
Pedro Pascal
(Omar Assarian)
Brian Keane as Father Moran
Brian Keane
(Father Moran)
Joe Antonacci as Ring Announcer
Joe Antonacci
(Ring Announcer)
Marmee Regine Cosico as ND Backstage Personnel
Marmee Regine Cosico
(ND Backstage Personnel)
Reiko Aylesworth as Jennifer
Reiko Aylesworth
Annika Boras as Charlie Baye
Annika Boras
(Charlie Baye)
Mike Doyle as Doctor Brennan
Mike Doyle
(Doctor Brennan)
Steve Albert as Himself
Steve Albert
Rocco Parente as Entourage
Rocco Parente
Eamonn Walker as Ed Romeo
Eamonn Walker
(Ed Romeo)
Patrick Collins as Councilman Randall Hess
Patrick Collins
(Councilman Randall Hess)
Anna Chlumsky as Charlie
Anna Chlumsky
Lenny Venito as Officer Velez
Lenny Venito
(Officer Velez)
Valerie Perrine as Mae
Valerie Perrine
Steve Farhood as Himself
Steve Farhood
John DeLuca as Brent
John DeLuca
Tom Kiesche as Big Yuppie
Tom Kiesche
(Big Yuppie)
Jonnie Brown as Edgar Bell
Jonnie Brown
(Edgar Bell)
Mario D'Leon as Boxer
Mario D'Leon
Glenn Kalison as Yuppie #2
Glenn Kalison
(Yuppie #2)
Michael James Kelly as Barry Ward Jr.
Michael James Kelly
(Barry Ward Jr.)
Robert Leckington as Boxing Fan
Robert Leckington
(Boxing Fan)
Annalaina Marks as Karina
Annalaina Marks
Tess Paras as Female Reporter
Tess Paras
(Female Reporter)
Mark Pettograsso as Ringside Celebrity
Mark Pettograsso
(Ringside Celebrity)
Larisa Polonsky as Sasha
Larisa Polonsky
Len Shigemoto as Ernie Chen's Brother
Len Shigemoto
(Ernie Chen's Brother)
Johnny Solo as Bazooka
Johnny Solo
Sam McMurray as Priest at the Confession
Sam McMurray
(Priest at the Confession)
David Morse as Jerry 'The Rainmaker' Raines
David Morse
(Jerry 'The Rainmaker' Raines)
Christopher Shyer as The Dentist
Christopher Shyer
(The Dentist)
Frank Wood as Dr. Stuart Wexler
Frank Wood
(Dr. Stuart Wexler)
Bas Rutten as El Guapo
Bas Rutten
(El Guapo)
John Dossett as Dr. Wilson
John Dossett
(Dr. Wilson)
Addison LeMay as Bad Ass Boxer
Addison LeMay
(Bad Ass Boxer)
Paul Calderon as Lester
Paul Calderon
Paul Fitzgerald as FBI Agent Thompson
Paul Fitzgerald
(FBI Agent Thompson)
Louis Ozawa Changchien as Event Staffer
Louis Ozawa Changchien
(Event Staffer)
Stephen C. Bradbury as Carl the Mattress King
Stephen C. Bradbury
(Carl the Mattress King)
Albert Christmas as Doctor
Albert Christmas
Michael Dozier as Officer Stone
Michael Dozier
(Officer Stone)
Helene Ellford as Hot Waitress
Helene Ellford
(Hot Waitress)
Garrett Hendricks as Javier Desouza
Garrett Hendricks
(Javier Desouza)
Eli James as Wall Street Type
Eli James
(Wall Street Type)
Sherry Hwang as Tiffany
Sherry Hwang
Dennis Legall as Referee
Dennis Legall
Guy Olivieri as School Teacher
Guy Olivieri
(School Teacher)
Andrew Polk as Director of Commercial
Andrew Polk
(Director of Commercial)
Tom McDonald as TV Host
Tom McDonald
(TV Host)
Jolly Abraham as Doctor Patel
Jolly Abraham
(Doctor Patel)
Gerard Adimando as Espn Ring Interviewer
Gerard Adimando
(Espn Ring Interviewer)
Adinah Alexander as Dr. Waxman
Adinah Alexander
(Dr. Waxman)
Frank Baba as Sports Fan
Frank Baba
(Sports Fan)
Stephen Badalamenti as Bucky
Stephen Badalamenti
Carolyn Baeumler as Tracy
Carolyn Baeumler
Victoria Beltran as Celebrity
Victoria Beltran
Kamal Angelo Bolden as Travis 'Poison' Partel
Kamal Angelo Bolden
(Travis 'Poison' Partel)
Mark Breland as Reynolds' Cameraman
Mark Breland
(Reynolds' Cameraman)
Peter Conboy as Cameraman
Peter Conboy
Alex Corrado as Billy from Bayridge
Alex Corrado
(Billy from Bayridge)
Karen Culp as Heather
Karen Culp
Stephanie De Latour as Ana Gonzalez y Gonzalez
Stephanie De Latour
(Ana Gonzalez y Gonzalez)
Paul Desiderio Jr.
Paul Desiderio Jr.
Veronika Dominczyk as Anya
Veronika Dominczyk
Greg Dubin as Announcer
Greg Dubin
John Duddy as Himself
John Duddy
Matthew Dwyer as Big Guy
Matthew Dwyer
(Big Guy)
Kate Forsatz as Yuppie Dinner Guest
Kate Forsatz
(Yuppie Dinner Guest)
Tim Gallin as Ref
Tim Gallin
Kelvin Hale as Celebrity Boxer
Kelvin Hale
(Celebrity Boxer)
Peg Heron Heidel as FBG Mass Attendee
Peg Heron Heidel
(FBG Mass Attendee)
Gary Hilborn as NJ Trooper
Gary Hilborn
(NJ Trooper)
Brad Holbrook as Newscaster
Brad Holbrook
Chrissy Joy as Celebrity Wife
Chrissy Joy
(Celebrity Wife)
Kelly Karavites as Boxing executive
Kelly Karavites
(Boxing executive)
Harry Keitt as Reynolds' Trainer
Harry Keitt
(Reynolds' Trainer)
Omar Koury as Masood
Omar Koury
Karen Tsen Lee as Madame Chen
Karen Tsen Lee
(Madame Chen)
Joe Leon as High Roller
Joe Leon
(High Roller)
Benjamin Lott as Ringside Celebrity
Benjamin Lott
(Ringside Celebrity)
David Macerelli as Celebrity Boxing Spectator
David Macerelli
(Celebrity Boxing Spectator)
Bruce MacVittie as Ring Doctor
Bruce MacVittie
(Ring Doctor)
Paul Malignaggi as Himself
Paul Malignaggi
Joe Mancini as Illegal gambler
Joe Mancini
(Illegal gambler)
Raymond McAnally as Reporter #1
Raymond McAnally
(Reporter #1)
Chiko Mendez as Grocery Shopper
Chiko Mendez
(Grocery Shopper)
Carolyn Mignini as Sister Bernard
Carolyn Mignini
(Sister Bernard)
Lauren Molina as Cindy
Lauren Molina
Mark Moore as Ringside Celebrity
Mark Moore
(Ringside Celebrity)
Matthew Nadu as Reporter #2
Matthew Nadu
(Reporter #2)
Jake O'Connor as Slacker Clerk
Jake O'Connor
(Slacker Clerk)
Tony Paige as Himself
Tony Paige
James Quinn as Gym Rat
James Quinn
(Gym Rat)
Dennis Rees as NYPD Officer
Dennis Rees
(NYPD Officer)
Triney Sandoval as Interpreter
Triney Sandoval
Nate Steinwachs as Cameraman
Nate Steinwachs
Hisham Tawfiq as Jo Jo Reade
Hisham Tawfiq
(Jo Jo Reade)
Will Torres as Boxing fan
Will Torres
(Boxing fan)
Emily Tremaine as Melissa
Emily Tremaine
Shona Tucker as Mary Reade
Shona Tucker
(Mary Reade)
Joseph Urban as Trainer
Joseph Urban
Tet Wada as VIP patron
Tet Wada
(VIP patron)
Paul Weaver as Pedestrian
Paul Weaver
Steven Weisz as Limo Driver
Steven Weisz
(Limo Driver)
Alex Ziwak as Boxer
Alex Ziwak
Mahershala Ali as Death Row Reynolds
Mahershala Ali
(Death Row Reynolds)
John Antorino as Ringside Celebrity
John Antorino
(Ringside Celebrity)
Darren Assante as Boxer
Darren Assante
Heather Ayers as Female Guest #1
Heather Ayers
(Female Guest #1)
Marc Bicking as Professor
Marc Bicking
Mike Figueroa as James
Mike Figueroa
Jeremy Frutkin as Gym Boxer
Jeremy Frutkin
(Gym Boxer)
Kate Gilligan as Soccer Mom
Kate Gilligan
(Soccer Mom)
Melora Hardin as Theresa Leary
Melora Hardin
(Theresa Leary)
Moe Hindi as Ringside Celebrity
Moe Hindi
(Ringside Celebrity)
Joe James as Boxer
Joe James
Robert C. Kirk as Sandy
Robert C. Kirk
Elias Koteas as Clay Tarpin
Elias Koteas
(Clay Tarpin)
Young-H. Lee as Ernie Chen
Young-H. Lee
(Ernie Chen)
Corey Michael Lincoln as Monty Harris
Corey Michael Lincoln
(Monty Harris)
Walter Masterson as Jared
Walter Masterson
Brett McClelland as Upscale Patron
Brett McClelland
(Upscale Patron)
Jennifer Mary Mears as Boxing Spectator
Jennifer Mary Mears
(Boxing Spectator)
William Mercado as Boxer
William Mercado
Greg Paul as Boxing Fan
Greg Paul
(Boxing Fan)
Dan Pearson as Boxing Trainer
Dan Pearson
(Boxing Trainer)
Shindo Ki Rodriguez as Boxing Fan
Shindo Ki Rodriguez
(Boxing Fan)
Greg Schmalbach as Yuppie #1
Greg Schmalbach
(Yuppie #1)
Darly Wanatick as Bridget
Darly Wanatick
Gary Berard as Joshua Aaron Davis (Medical School Graduate)
Gary Berard
(Joshua Aaron Davis (Medical School Graduate))
Chris J. Cullen as Crew
Chris J. Cullen
James D. Faulkner as Sportscaster
James D. Faulkner
Bob Greenberg as Male Parishioner
Bob Greenberg
(Male Parishioner)
Jason Liles as Ringside security guard
Jason Liles
(Ringside security guard)
Arthur Mercante Jr. as Himself - Boxing Referee
Arthur Mercante Jr.
(Himself - Boxing Referee)
Nick Teti as Server
Nick Teti
Shirley Dluginski as Extra
Shirley Dluginski
Dave Dyshuk as Boxing spectator
Dave Dyshuk
(Boxing spectator)
Linda Lee as Flower Girl
Linda Lee
(Flower Girl)
Tom Stratford as Diner
Tom Stratford

Thumbnails & Trailers


Bidarie Saljooghiane Bozorg
Bidarie Saljooghiane Bozorg
Tanhaeie Leila
Tanhaeie Leila
The Witcher
The Witcher
Dar Ghalb Man
Dar Ghalb Man
Behet Ghol Midam
Behet Ghol Midam
Afsaneye Jumong
Afsaneye Jumong