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Biganeh (2020)


  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    12 January 2020
  • Broadcast Co:
    Aggregate Films - Media Rights Capital (MRC)
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    The Outsider begins with a seemingly straightforward investigation into the gruesome murder of a young boy. But when an insidious supernatural force edges its way into the case, it leads a seasoned cop and an unorthodox investigator to question everything they believe in.

Cast & Crew

Ben Mendelsohn as Ralph Anderson
Ben Mendelsohn
(Ralph Anderson)
Bill Camp as Howard Salomon
Bill Camp
(Howard Salomon)
Jeremy Bobb as Alec Pelley
Jeremy Bobb
(Alec Pelley)
Mare Winningham as Jeannie Anderson
Mare Winningham
(Jeannie Anderson)
Paddy Considine as Claude Bolton
Paddy Considine
(Claude Bolton)
Yul Vazquez as Yunis Sablo
Yul Vazquez
(Yunis Sablo)
Julianne Nicholson as Glory Maitland
Julianne Nicholson
(Glory Maitland)
Marc Menchaca as Jack Hoskins
Marc Menchaca
(Jack Hoskins)
Cynthia Erivo as Holly Gibney
Cynthia Erivo
(Holly Gibney)
Derek Cecil as Andy Katcavage
Derek Cecil
(Andy Katcavage)
Hettienne Park as Tamika Collins
Hettienne Park
(Tamika Collins)
Scarlett Blum as Jessa Maitland
Scarlett Blum
(Jessa Maitland)
Summer Fontana as Maya Maitland
Summer Fontana
(Maya Maitland)
Jason Bateman as Terry Maitland
Jason Bateman
(Terry Maitland)
Michael Esper as Kenneth Hayes
Michael Esper
(Kenneth Hayes)
Joshua Whichard as Ollie Peterson
Joshua Whichard
(Ollie Peterson)
Steve Witting as Herbert Zucker
Steve Witting
(Herbert Zucker)
Max Beesley as Seale Bolton
Max Beesley
(Seale Bolton)
Martin Bats Bradford as Heath Hofstadter
Martin Bats Bradford
(Heath Hofstadter)
Carlos Navarro as Detective Healy
Carlos Navarro
(Detective Healy)
Franco Castan as Detective Hidalgo
Franco Castan
(Detective Hidalgo)
Wes Watson as Derek Anderson
Wes Watson
(Derek Anderson)
Frank Deal as Fred Peterson
Frank Deal
(Fred Peterson)
Genevieve Hudson-Price as Skye
Genevieve Hudson-Price
Drez Ryan as Tracey Powell
Drez Ryan
(Tracey Powell)
Suehyla El-Attar as Angela Kelly
Suehyla El-Attar
(Angela Kelly)
Michael H. Cole as Herbert Parker
Michael H. Cole
(Herbert Parker)
Jeffrey Pillars as Mike Davidson
Jeffrey Pillars
(Mike Davidson)
Diany Rodriguez as Maria Caneles
Diany Rodriguez
(Maria Caneles)
Michael Banks Repeta as Sam Davidson
Michael Banks Repeta
(Sam Davidson)
Leiloni Arrie Pharms as Young Holly
Leiloni Arrie Pharms
(Young Holly)
Maddie Nichols as Wanda Davidson
Maddie Nichols
(Wanda Davidson)
David E. Collier as Roger Collins
David E. Collier
(Roger Collins)
Vickie Eng as Ruth Collins
Vickie Eng
(Ruth Collins)
Dayna Beilenson as Mildred Patterson
Dayna Beilenson
(Mildred Patterson)
Mike Forbs as Nathan
Mike Forbs
Sir Brodie as Don Harrier
Sir Brodie
(Don Harrier)
Jakob Gruntfest as Merlin Cassidy
Jakob Gruntfest
(Merlin Cassidy)
Cara Reid as DA Hayes Assistant
Cara Reid
(DA Hayes Assistant)
Kevin Wayne as Burly Man
Kevin Wayne
(Burly Man)
Kelly Quinn as Dancer
Kelly Quinn
Claire Bronson as Joy Peterson
Claire Bronson
(Joy Peterson)
Denny Dillon as Jack's Mother
Denny Dillon
(Jack's Mother)
Susan Williams as Deb Davidson
Susan Williams
(Deb Davidson)
Timothy Batten as Emmitt Weaver
Timothy Batten
(Emmitt Weaver)
April Billingsley as Dara Weaver
April Billingsley
(Dara Weaver)
Steven Sean Garland as Lenny
Steven Sean Garland
Sutton Johnston as George Weaver
Sutton Johnston
(George Weaver)
Surely Alvelo as Karen Fulsome
Surely Alvelo
(Karen Fulsome)
Pilot Bunch as John Weaver
Pilot Bunch
(John Weaver)
Tom McCafferty as Anthony
Tom McCafferty
Aleq Bey as Harry Fulsome
Aleq Bey
(Harry Fulsome)
Victoria Blade as Anjanue Mitchell
Victoria Blade
(Anjanue Mitchell)
Duncan E. Clark as Frankie Peterson
Duncan E. Clark
(Frankie Peterson)
Jordan Cox as Clark
Jordan Cox
Fred Galyean as C.O. Roberto Bean
Fred Galyean
(C.O. Roberto Bean)
Susanna Guzman as Idilys Castro
Susanna Guzman
(Idilys Castro)
Mac Wells as Drayton Council
Mac Wells
(Drayton Council)
Cory Scott Allen as Pernell Handy
Cory Scott Allen
(Pernell Handy)
Charles Barden as Edgar
Charles Barden
Elizabeth Becka as Lorraine Gladowski
Elizabeth Becka
(Lorraine Gladowski)
William Mark McCullough as Hooded Figure
William Mark McCullough
(Hooded Figure)
Margo Moorer as Mary Mason
Margo Moorer
(Mary Mason)
Harrison Stone as Clark's Brother
Harrison Stone
(Clark's Brother)
Sarah Borne as Female Volunteer
Sarah Borne
(Female Volunteer)
Matthew Cornwell as Hostage
Matthew Cornwell
John Curran as Craig Kohara
John Curran
(Craig Kohara)
Carolyn Jones Ellis as Nana Gracie
Carolyn Jones Ellis
(Nana Gracie)
Frances Mitchell as Psychologist
Frances Mitchell
Jaxon Rose Moore as June Moore
Jaxon Rose Moore
(June Moore)
Carl Anthony Nespoli as Jacob
Carl Anthony Nespoli
Richard Price as Holly's Interrogator
Richard Price
(Holly's Interrogator)
Adetinpo Thomas as Dreena
Adetinpo Thomas
Quinn Bozza as Forensics Tech #1
Quinn Bozza
(Forensics Tech #1)
Dani Deetté as Detective #1
Dani Deetté
(Detective #1)
Marc Fajardo as Myron Lazar
Marc Fajardo
(Myron Lazar)
Jackson Geach as Teen Boy #1
Jackson Geach
(Teen Boy #1)
Orelon Sidney as Female Newscaster
Orelon Sidney
(Female Newscaster)
Yasmein Ziyad as Dee Dee Moore
Yasmein Ziyad
(Dee Dee Moore)
Ian Covell as George
Ian Covell
Jordan Duffy as Teen Boy #2
Jordan Duffy
(Teen Boy #2)
Sharonne Lanier as Emilie Schwenk - Jogger
Sharonne Lanier
(Emilie Schwenk - Jogger)
Nneoma Nkuku as Willow Rainwater
Nneoma Nkuku
(Willow Rainwater)
Troy Rudeseal as Detective #2
Troy Rudeseal
(Detective #2)
Esosa Idahosa as Client
Esosa Idahosa
Jennifer Christa Palmer as Shirley Jackson
Jennifer Christa Palmer
(Shirley Jackson)
Derek Russo as Reynard
Derek Russo
Kristen Keenan Smith as Doctor
Kristen Keenan Smith
Max Bickelhaup as Tom Yates
Max Bickelhaup
(Tom Yates)
Daniel James as Back County Drug Dealer
Daniel James
(Back County Drug Dealer)
Yosef Kasnetzkov as Mervin Riley
Yosef Kasnetzkov
(Mervin Riley)
Joan Q. Scott as Old Lady
Joan Q. Scott
(Old Lady)
Lynne Ashe as Evelyn Stickhouse
Lynne Ashe
(Evelyn Stickhouse)
Jennifer Patino as Florida
Jennifer Patino
Max Beard as Clerk #1
Max Beard
(Clerk #1)
Jason Graham as Elvin McMaster
Jason Graham
(Elvin McMaster)
Daniel Lopez as Luis Aparicio's Grandfather
Daniel Lopez
(Luis Aparicio's Grandfather)
Christopher Nathan as High School Boy
Christopher Nathan
(High School Boy)
Brandon O'Dell
Brandon O'Dell
Erin Boswell as Carla
Erin Boswell
Demi Castro as Ephram Caneles
Demi Castro
(Ephram Caneles)
James A. House as Umpire
James A. House
Curt Willis
Curt Willis
Ronny Mathew
Ronny Mathew
Will Redmond as Ethan Elman
Will Redmond
(Ethan Elman)
Cody Reed as Jimmy
Cody Reed
Oscar Torre as Raul
Oscar Torre
Julia Flint as Lone Waitress
Julia Flint
(Lone Waitress)
Barry Piacente as Teacher's Conference Speaker
Barry Piacente
(Teacher's Conference Speaker)
Robert Walker Branchaud as Rayford Buttner
Robert Walker Branchaud
(Rayford Buttner)
Matt Bell
Matt Bell
Scott Deal as Lay Study Leader
Scott Deal
(Lay Study Leader)
Mike Dunston as Newscaster #1
Mike Dunston
(Newscaster #1)
Taj-Naranja Jenkines as Inmate
Taj-Naranja Jenkines
Susan Gallagher as Inez Gold
Susan Gallagher
(Inez Gold)
Scott Hanson as Newscaster #2
Scott Hanson
(Newscaster #2)
Paul Brian Johnson as Corrections Officer
Paul Brian Johnson
(Corrections Officer)
DJames Jones as C.O. Body Search
DJames Jones
(C.O. Body Search)
Elena Bargo
Elena Bargo
Ira Carmichael as Supervising C.O.
Ira Carmichael
(Supervising C.O.)
Laura Palka as Newscaster #3
Laura Palka
(Newscaster #3)
Mark Wilson as C.O. Stan
Mark Wilson
(C.O. Stan)
Patrece Bloomfield as Theresa Ogletree
Patrece Bloomfield
(Theresa Ogletree)
Gabrielle Byndloss as Andrea Hopkins
Gabrielle Byndloss
(Andrea Hopkins)
Tyler Cole as Crowd Ringleader #1
Tyler Cole
(Crowd Ringleader #1)
Zerrick Williams as Larry
Zerrick Williams
Victoria Ealy as Crowd Ringleader #2
Victoria Ealy
(Crowd Ringleader #2)
Shannon Mayers as Duty Sergeant
Shannon Mayers
(Duty Sergeant)
Roxzane T. Mims as Ernestine Hofstadter
Roxzane T. Mims
(Ernestine Hofstadter)
Leon Lamar as Grandfather Williams
Leon Lamar
(Grandfather Williams)
Shalita McFarland as Beryl
Shalita McFarland
Tyler Merritt as Crowd Ringleader #3
Tyler Merritt
(Crowd Ringleader #3)
Swift Rice as Jonathan Hughes
Swift Rice
(Jonathan Hughes)
Prince Hammond as Cornell Gibney
Prince Hammond
(Cornell Gibney)
Deshele Taylor as Trudy Williams
Deshele Taylor
(Trudy Williams)
Nicholas Pryor as Peter Maitland
Nicholas Pryor
(Peter Maitland)
Andrea Frankle as Claudia
Andrea Frankle
Regina Ting Chen as Dayton Detective #1
Regina Ting Chen
(Dayton Detective #1)
Adam Cronan as Dayton Detective #2
Adam Cronan
(Dayton Detective #2)
Charlton Hoag as Investigator
Charlton Hoag
O'Bryan A. Neely as Janitor
O'Bryan A. Neely
Philip Fornah as West African Cab Driver
Philip Fornah
(West African Cab Driver)
Sarah Girma as Cashier
Sarah Girma
Rajeev Jacob as Wayne
Rajeev Jacob
John Gettier as GBI State Detective
John Gettier
(GBI State Detective)
Shane Berengue as Auto Mechanic
Shane Berengue
(Auto Mechanic)
Wesley Hale as Eric Stranden
Wesley Hale
(Eric Stranden)
Ashley Geanett Priest as Waitress
Ashley Geanett Priest
Athena Akers as Protester
Athena Akers
Michael Anthony as Inmate
Michael Anthony
Guilherme Apollonio as Kneeling Tech
Guilherme Apollonio
(Kneeling Tech)
Austin Blackburn as Protester
Austin Blackburn
Matthew Carter as Inmate
Matthew Carter
Bethany Dixon as Grocery Patron
Bethany Dixon
(Grocery Patron)
John Dixon as Sheriff
John Dixon
Adam Fackelman as Sheriff Deputy
Adam Fackelman
(Sheriff Deputy)
José Alfredo Fernandez as Crime Scene Investigator #1
José Alfredo Fernandez
(Crime Scene Investigator #1)
James Hammond as Ben Goodrow Teacher Conference Attendee
James Hammond
(Ben Goodrow Teacher Conference Attendee)
Scott Hunter as Sheriff Doolin
Scott Hunter
(Sheriff Doolin)
Addialyn Jackson as Photo Double
Addialyn Jackson
(Photo Double)
Sean K. Jones as Inmate
Sean K. Jones
Melissa Kennemore as Photographer
Melissa Kennemore
Demetri Landell as Baseball attendee
Demetri Landell
(Baseball attendee)
Roy Luke as Inmate
Roy Luke
Mason Pike as Baseball Fan
Mason Pike
(Baseball Fan)
Reid Pittman as Protestor
Reid Pittman
Angelo Reyes as Maitre D'
Angelo Reyes
(Maitre D')
Rahiem Riley as Inmate
Rahiem Riley
Benjamin Weaver as Farmer
Benjamin Weaver
Mike Whaley as Anthony
Mike Whaley
Alzie Williams as Bar Patron
Alzie Williams
(Bar Patron)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Ashpaz Bashi
Ashpaz Bashi
Yousof Payambar
Yousof Payambar
Salhaye Door Az Khane
Salhaye Door Az Khane
Kozey Goney
Kozey Goney