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Birahe (2012)


  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    26 July 2012
  • Broadcast Co:
    Gold Film
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 30 min
  • Summary:
    Nuran (Sukran Ovali) is a beautiful and innocent girl who lives in a small village in Adana (a city in southern Turkey). She lives with her mother, brother and sister in a small house. She works as a cleaning lady but she never complains about that. She is in love with Resat (Ilker Aksum) who works as a driver at a big farm. Nuran dreams to have a happy life with Resat just like in romantic movies. However, her brother wants her to marry the rich village aga who offers a lot of money in return. Nuran strongly refuses that and for this reason, she is constantly abused by her brother. Eventually, Nuran decides to leave her family behind. She goes to Resat and tells him everthing. They make a plan and decide to go to Istanbul. But, out of pure coincidence, Nuran discovers that Resat has an affair with another woman. That’s why, Nuran becomes all alone in this world and understands that she cannot trust Resat. She never gives up, she still wants to escape from her destiny but she realizes that it would not be so easy. At that night, Nuran escape from her house and goes to the train station. She is alone and she does not know anybody in Istanbul who can help her. But, at some sense, she is lucky enough because there is someone who can help her: Kenan (Cansel Elcin) who is a young producer and director in Istanbul.

Cast & Crew

Cansel Elcin as Kenan
Cansel Elcin
Sükran Ovali as Nuran
Sükran Ovali
Ilker Aksum as Resat
Ilker Aksum
Ezgi Mola as Leman
Ezgi Mola
Nergis Çorakçi as Ayse
Nergis Çorakçi
Ferit Kaya as Ihsan
Ferit Kaya
Nursel Köse as Bedia
Nursel Köse
Gökçe Akyildiz as Canan
Gökçe Akyildiz
Ali Erkazan as Sulhi Baba
Ali Erkazan
(Sulhi Baba)
Aysenil Samlioglu as Güllü
Aysenil Samlioglu
Tuncer Salman as Fikret
Tuncer Salman
Nilüfer Açikalin as Ayten
Nilüfer Açikalin
Burçin Abdullah as Filiz
Burçin Abdullah
Nilay Duru as Sevilay
Nilay Duru
Istar Gökseven as Osman
Istar Gökseven
Volkan Dogan as Çetin
Volkan Dogan
Arif Selçuk as Sait
Arif Selçuk
Ismail Semih Habibogullari as Danyal
Ismail Semih Habibogullari
Anil Yildiz as Montajci Recep
Anil Yildiz
(Montajci Recep)
Çetin Özkan as Hücap
Çetin Özkan
Özbek Yildiz as Bülent
Özbek Yildiz
Fatih Ayhan as Ayhan
Fatih Ayhan
Gündüz Sezgin as Asim
Gündüz Sezgin
Fatih Zenginoglu
Fatih Zenginoglu
Ozan Ögüt as Cetin
Ozan Ögüt
Nurdan Torun as Feriha Billurses
Nurdan Torun
(Feriha Billurses)
Melek Ceylan as Solist
Melek Ceylan
Süreyya Kücük as Ev Sahibi
Süreyya Kücük
(Ev Sahibi)
Adem Yavuz Özata as Murtaza
Adem Yavuz Özata
Cengiz Sezici as Bedir Aga
Cengiz Sezici
(Bedir Aga)
Bülent Ergün as Cayci Rüstem
Bülent Ergün
(Cayci Rüstem)
Erdi Isik as Tamer
Erdi Isik
Sertan Müsellim as Ercüment
Sertan Müsellim
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan as Nuri Bey
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan
(Nuri Bey)
Volkan Yildirim as Aybars
Volkan Yildirim
Fikret Altunhan as Doktor
Fikret Altunhan
Serkan Aydin
Serkan Aydin
Serkan Aykin
Serkan Aykin
Halil Dogan
Halil Dogan
Melisa Dogu as Mualla
Melisa Dogu
Mehmet Girisken as Bankaci
Mehmet Girisken
Funda Ilhan as Neslihan
Funda Ilhan
Suleyman Kabaali as Yasar
Suleyman Kabaali
Celil Nalcakan as Erol
Celil Nalcakan
Senol Vizdik as Fedai
Senol Vizdik
Mümin Albayrak
Mümin Albayrak
Erol Altunsoy
Erol Altunsoy
Ece Baykal as Leman'in Annesi
Ece Baykal
(Leman'in Annesi)
Hakverdi Biber as Yönetmen
Hakverdi Biber
Gunes Galava as Ilacci
Gunes Galava
Dilek Genç
Dilek Genç
Cafer Sadik Hatimoglu
Cafer Sadik Hatimoglu
Anil Tasyumruk
Anil Tasyumruk
Ahmet Teksen
Ahmet Teksen
Hayrettin Özdemir
Hayrettin Özdemir
Deniz Ünal
Deniz Ünal
Suat Ünaldi
Suat Ünaldi

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