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Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity (2009)

Defying Gravity

  • Genres:
    Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date:
    2 August 2009
  • Broadcast Co:
    Fox Television Studios - Omnifilm Entertainment - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • Country:
    USA | UK | Canada | Germany
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    In 2052, the 8 member crew of the Antares set off on a 7 year, 6 planet voyage of Earth's solar system, ostensibly to conduct research and expand man's knowledge of their surroundings. The crew is led by two veteran astronauts, Ted Shaw and Maddux Donner, who were part of a Mars mission 10 years earlier that left two crew members dead. The remaining members are all rookies who have undergone a rigorous, 5 year training program and in flashbacks, the challenges they faced in being selected for the mission are revealed. The reality however is that none of the crew is aware of the real purpose of the mission, the result of an encounter with an alien object 15 years before.

Cast & Crew

Ron Livingston as Maddux Donner
Ron Livingston
(Maddux Donner)
Malik Yoba as Ted Shaw
Malik Yoba
(Ted Shaw)
Andrew Airlie as Mike Goss
Andrew Airlie
(Mike Goss)
Paula Garcés as Paula Morales
Paula Garcés
(Paula Morales)
Florentine Lahme as Nadia Schilling
Florentine Lahme
(Nadia Schilling)
Karen LeBlanc as Eve Weller-Shaw
Karen LeBlanc
(Eve Weller-Shaw)
Eyal Podell as Dr. Evram Mintz
Eyal Podell
(Dr. Evram Mintz)
Dylan Taylor as Steve Wassenfelder
Dylan Taylor
(Steve Wassenfelder)
Christina Cox as Jen Crane
Christina Cox
(Jen Crane)
Laura Harris as Zoe Barnes
Laura Harris
(Zoe Barnes)
Ty Olsson as Rollie Crane
Ty Olsson
(Rollie Crane)
Zahf Paroo as Ajay Sharma
Zahf Paroo
(Ajay Sharma)
Maxim Roy as Claire Dereux
Maxim Roy
(Claire Dereux)
William Vaughan as Arnel Poe
William Vaughan
(Arnel Poe)
Peter Howitt as Trevor Williams
Peter Howitt
(Trevor Williams)
Lara Gilchrist as Sharon Lewis
Lara Gilchrist
(Sharon Lewis)
Leanne Adachi as Suki Cho - FDO
Leanne Adachi
(Suki Cho - FDO)
Nicole Muñoz as Palestinian Girl
Nicole Muñoz
(Palestinian Girl)
Bob Paris as Bertram Rep
Bob Paris
(Bertram Rep)
D. Neil Mark as Walker
D. Neil Mark
Michael St. John Smith as Board Member
Michael St. John Smith
(Board Member)
Zak Santiago as Juan
Zak Santiago
Christine Willes as Dr. Greer
Christine Willes
(Dr. Greer)
Trevor Carroll as Tattoo Artist
Trevor Carroll
(Tattoo Artist)
Tyler McClendon as Bartender
Tyler McClendon
Leslie Woolman as Young Paula
Leslie Woolman
(Young Paula)
Adrian Hough as CAPCOM
Adrian Hough
Jocelyn Clarke as Accident Victim
Jocelyn Clarke
(Accident Victim)
Diane Cary as Beverly Barnes (Zoe's Mom)
Diane Cary
(Beverly Barnes (Zoe's Mom))
Martin Cummins as Dr. Eric Davidson
Martin Cummins
(Dr. Eric Davidson)
Benjamin Ratner as Surgeon
Benjamin Ratner
Ari Cohen as David Sellner
Ari Cohen
(David Sellner)
Chelah Horsdal as Dr. Tina Winkler
Chelah Horsdal
(Dr. Tina Winkler)
Brendan Fletcher as Russell Zachary
Brendan Fletcher
(Russell Zachary)
Charles Haid as Maddux's Father
Charles Haid
(Maddux's Father)
Barclay Hope as Candy Exec
Barclay Hope
(Candy Exec)
Christina Jastrzembska as Martha Lewis
Christina Jastrzembska
(Martha Lewis)
Terry David Mulligan as Dr. Kerry shuchart
Terry David Mulligan
(Dr. Kerry shuchart)
James Tyce as Guard
James Tyce
Anastasia Bandey as Kim
Anastasia Bandey
Paul Boyle as Psychologist
Paul Boyle
Terry Chen as Ethan Lee
Terry Chen
(Ethan Lee)
Marquisse du Monde as Lab Assistant
Marquisse du Monde
(Lab Assistant)
Georgia Hacche as Sarah
Georgia Hacche
Dante Lee Arias as Roy Shaw
Dante Lee Arias
(Roy Shaw)
Adrian Formosa as Mr. Gurwitz
Adrian Formosa
(Mr. Gurwitz)
Patrick Gilmore as Trent
Patrick Gilmore
Rick Ravanello as Walker
Rick Ravanello
Kathleen Duborg as Middle-Aged Woman
Kathleen Duborg
(Middle-Aged Woman)
Anna Galvin as Tara Harding
Anna Galvin
(Tara Harding)
Teana-Marie Smith as ER Nurse
Teana-Marie Smith
(ER Nurse)
Michael Teigen as Gary
Michael Teigen
Mya Wollf as Tattooed Girl
Mya Wollf
(Tattooed Girl)
Genea Charpentier as Young Jen
Genea Charpentier
(Young Jen)
Alison Matthews as Reporter
Alison Matthews
Shekhar Paleja as Paramedic
Shekhar Paleja
Bruce Dawson as Vapor Trails
Bruce Dawson
(Vapor Trails)
André Todorovic as Bartender
André Todorovic
Vanesa Tomasino as Peruvian Mother
Vanesa Tomasino
(Peruvian Mother)
Allura Scott as Four Year Old Eve
Allura Scott
(Four Year Old Eve)
Sahara Davis as Nine Year Old Eve
Sahara Davis
(Nine Year Old Eve)
Adiam Haddish Asrat as Girl
Adiam Haddish Asrat

Thumbnails & Trailers


Dastane Ma
Dastane Ma
Ghoghnoos (Korean)
Ghoghnoos (Korean)
Ghodrate Nofooz
Ghodrate Nofooz
Dar Entezare Eshgh
Dar Entezare Eshgh