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Donyaye Gharb (2016)

Donyaye Gharb

  • Genres:
    Western | Drama | Sci-Fi | Mystery
  • Release Date:
    30 September 2016
  • Broadcast Co:
    Bad Robot - Jerry Weintraub Productions - Kilter Films
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 2 min
  • Summary:
    This show is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the re-imagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.

Cast & Crew

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy
Evan Rachel Wood
(Dolores Abernathy)
Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe
Jeffrey Wright
(Bernard Lowe)
Ed Harris as Man in Black
Ed Harris
(Man in Black)
Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale
Tessa Thompson
(Charlotte Hale)
Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay
Thandie Newton
(Maeve Millay)
James Marsden as Teddy Flood
James Marsden
(Teddy Flood)
Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford
Anthony Hopkins
(Dr. Robert Ford)
Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather
Angela Sarafyan
(Clementine Pennyfeather)
Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs
Luke Hemsworth
(Ashley Stubbs)
Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore
Simon Quarterman
(Lee Sizemore)
Shannon Woodward as Elsie Hughes
Shannon Woodward
(Elsie Hughes)
Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton
Rodrigo Santoro
(Hector Escaton)
Talulah Riley as Angela
Talulah Riley
Ptolemy Slocum as Sylvester
Ptolemy Slocum
Leonardo Nam as Lutz
Leonardo Nam
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Armistice
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
Ben Barnes as Logan
Ben Barnes
Jimmi Simpson as William
Jimmi Simpson
Louis Herthum as Peter Abernathy
Louis Herthum
(Peter Abernathy)
Jasmyn Rae as Maeve's Daughter
Jasmyn Rae
(Maeve's Daughter)
Vincent Cassel
Vincent Cassel
Aaron Paul as Caleb
Aaron Paul
Lena Waithe
Lena Waithe
Clifton Collins Jr. as Lawrence
Clifton Collins Jr.
Daniel TwoFeathers as Ghost Nation Warrior
Daniel TwoFeathers
(Ghost Nation Warrior)
Sidse Babett Knudsen as Theresa Cullen
Sidse Babett Knudsen
(Theresa Cullen)
Wayne Cole as Host
Wayne Cole
Katja Herbers as Emily
Katja Herbers
Izabella Alvarez as Lawrence's Daughter
Izabella Alvarez
(Lawrence's Daughter)
Bradley Fisher as Mariposa Bartender
Bradley Fisher
(Mariposa Bartender)
Zahn McClarnon as Akecheta
Zahn McClarnon
Steven Ogg as Rebus
Steven Ogg
Sorin Brouwers as Wyatt
Sorin Brouwers
Fares Fares as Antoine Costa
Fares Fares
(Antoine Costa)
Gustaf Skarsgård as Karl Strand
Gustaf Skarsgård
(Karl Strand)
Aaron Fili as Roland
Aaron Fili
Martin Sensmeier as Wanahton
Martin Sensmeier
Paul-Mikél Williams as Charlie
Paul-Mikél Williams
Chris Scagos as Horde Leader
Chris Scagos
(Horde Leader)
Oliver Bell as Little Boy
Oliver Bell
(Little Boy)
Betty Gabriel as Maling
Betty Gabriel
Demetrius Grosse as Deputy Foss
Demetrius Grosse
(Deputy Foss)
Jeff Daniel Phillips as Tenderloin
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Alexander Ward as Lead Drone
Alexander Ward
(Lead Drone)
Maynard Bagang as Asian Slave
Maynard Bagang
(Asian Slave)
Peter Mullan as James Delos
Peter Mullan
(James Delos)
James Landry Hébert as Slim Miller
James Landry Hébert
(Slim Miller)
Jonathan Tucker as Major Craddock
Jonathan Tucker
(Major Craddock)
Brian Howe as Sheriff Pickett
Brian Howe
(Sheriff Pickett)
Gina Torres as Lauren
Gina Torres
Eddie Shin as Henry
Eddie Shin
Tao Okamoto as Hanaryo
Tao Okamoto
Rebecca Henderson as Goldberg
Rebecca Henderson
Olga Aguilar as Lawrence's Wife
Olga Aguilar
(Lawrence's Wife)
Ward Roberts as New Walter
Ward Roberts
(New Walter)
Patrick Cage as Phil
Patrick Cage
Greg Audino as Benson
Greg Audino
Paul Fox as Young Doctor
Paul Fox
(Young Doctor)
Kate Rene Gleason as Surveillance Tech
Kate Rene Gleason
(Surveillance Tech)
Christopher Gerse as Destin
Christopher Gerse
Jackie Moore as Mariposa Girl
Jackie Moore
(Mariposa Girl)
Jeffrey Scott Basham as JD, Delos Executive
Jeffrey Scott Basham
(JD, Delos Executive)
Adrian Dev as Black Tie Host
Adrian Dev
(Black Tie Host)
Eli Santana as Ghost Nation
Eli Santana
(Ghost Nation)
Michael Wincott as Old Bill
Michael Wincott
(Old Bill)
Rinko Kikuchi as Akane
Rinko Kikuchi
Hiroyuki Sanada as Musashi
Hiroyuki Sanada
Irene Bedard as Wichapi
Irene Bedard
Christopher May as Blaine Bellamy
Christopher May
(Blaine Bellamy)
David Douglas as Gitlitz
David Douglas
Bradford Tatum as Bartender
Bradford Tatum
Julia Jones as Kohana
Julia Jones
Chris Browning as Holden
Chris Browning
David Midthunder as Takoda
David Midthunder
Price Carson as Barkeep
Price Carson
Kiki Sukezane as Sakura
Kiki Sukezane
Lena Georgas as Lori
Lena Georgas
Currie Graham as Craig
Currie Graham
Lili Simmons as New Clementine
Lili Simmons
(New Clementine)
Timothy V. Murphy as Coughlin
Timothy V. Murphy
Masayoshi Haneda as Tanaka
Masayoshi Haneda
Ronnie Gene Blevins as Engels
Ronnie Gene Blevins
Adison LaPenna as Young Emily
Adison LaPenna
(Young Emily)
Brian Ames as Jacobson
Brian Ames
Keaton Savage as Buck Private
Keaton Savage
(Buck Private)
Micah Fitzgerald as Gold Miner Host
Micah Fitzgerald
(Gold Miner Host)
Timothy Lee DePriest as Old Walter
Timothy Lee DePriest
(Old Walter)
Nia Kingsley as Surveillance Tech
Nia Kingsley
(Surveillance Tech)
Tai Bennett as Controller
Tai Bennett
Josh Clark as Sheriff Reed
Josh Clark
(Sheriff Reed)
Erica Luttrell as New Mother
Erica Luttrell
(New Mother)
Alex Urbom as Cleanup Tech
Alex Urbom
(Cleanup Tech)
Bilal Mir as Controller
Bilal Mir
Sheldon Coolman as Field Tech
Sheldon Coolman
(Field Tech)
Shvona Lavette Chung as Field Tech
Shvona Lavette Chung
(Field Tech)
Sela Ward as Juliet
Sela Ward
Craig Michaelson as Behavior Tech
Craig Michaelson
(Behavior Tech)
Karl L. Sanders as Cleanup Tech
Karl L. Sanders
(Cleanup Tech)
Christopher Cedeño as Last Gunman
Christopher Cedeño
(Last Gunman)
Charlie Hopkins as Drunken Guest
Charlie Hopkins
(Drunken Guest)
Carlos E. Campos as Surveillance Tech
Carlos E. Campos
(Surveillance Tech)
Robby Rasmussen as Dying Confederado
Robby Rasmussen
(Dying Confederado)
Tom Proctor as Cookie
Tom Proctor
Liam Cronin as Body Tech
Liam Cronin
(Body Tech)
Joshua Sawtell as Controller
Joshua Sawtell
Phillip E. Walker as Cold Storage Host
Phillip E. Walker
(Cold Storage Host)
Veronika Mindal as Resident of Future Singapore
Veronika Mindal
(Resident of Future Singapore)
Marco Virgilio as Host - Dolores' Horde
Marco Virgilio
(Host - Dolores' Horde)
Nico Conde as Captive Nazi
Nico Conde
(Captive Nazi)
Scott Connors as Tom
Scott Connors
Kid Cudi as Francis
Kid Cudi
Nadine Lewington as Irene Gerhart
Nadine Lewington
(Irene Gerhart)
Jamaal Lewis as Henchman
Jamaal Lewis
Eduardo Lezcano as Lab rats
Eduardo Lezcano
(Lab rats)
Kristy Munden as Mother
Kristy Munden
Christian Stamm as Sauer
Christian Stamm
Adam Wang as Jiang
Adam Wang
Jack Conley as Monroe
Jack Conley
Booboo Stewart as Etu
Booboo Stewart
Lili Bordán as Fortune Teller
Lili Bordán
(Fortune Teller)
Jonny Pasvolsky as Bloody Jimmy
Jonny Pasvolsky
(Bloody Jimmy)
Sarah Alami as New Kohana
Sarah Alami
(New Kohana)
Tantoo Cardinal as Ehawee
Tantoo Cardinal
Bojana Novakovic as Marti
Bojana Novakovic
Eddie Rouse as Kissy
Eddie Rouse
Wade Williams as Captain Norris
Wade Williams
(Captain Norris)
Alastair Duncan as Cottage Father
Alastair Duncan
(Cottage Father)
Jamieson Price as Confederado Sergeant
Jamieson Price
(Confederado Sergeant)
Giancarlo Esposito as El Lazo
Giancarlo Esposito
(El Lazo)
Evan Holtzman as Narrative Tech
Evan Holtzman
(Narrative Tech)
Ryan Alan Mitchell as QA Responder
Ryan Alan Mitchell
(QA Responder)
Sherman Augustus as Marshal Pruitt
Sherman Augustus
(Marshal Pruitt)
Jennifer Neala Page as Cottage Mother
Jennifer Neala Page
(Cottage Mother)
Hal Havins as Prospector
Hal Havins
Summer Spiro as Narrative Tech
Summer Spiro
(Narrative Tech)
Dylan Kenin as Wagon Driver
Dylan Kenin
(Wagon Driver)
Matthew James Roberts as Cottage Brother
Matthew James Roberts
(Cottage Brother)
Neil Jackson as Nicholas
Neil Jackson
Masaru Shinozuka as Shogun
Masaru Shinozuka
Adam Storke as Sophisticated Man
Adam Storke
(Sophisticated Man)
Windy Marshall as Barkeep
Windy Marshall
Judson Mills as Deputy Roe
Judson Mills
(Deputy Roe)
Nikhil Pai as Concerned Tech
Nikhil Pai
(Concerned Tech)
Lisa Roumain as Hysterical Woman
Lisa Roumain
(Hysterical Woman)
Kyle Bornheimer as Clarence
Kyle Bornheimer
Hugo Pierre Martin as Deputy
Hugo Pierre Martin
Tyler Parks as Bartender
Tyler Parks
Corlandos Scott as Union Soldier
Corlandos Scott
(Union Soldier)
John D. Hickman as Confused Tech
John D. Hickman
(Confused Tech)
Trisha LaFache as Senior Tech
Trisha LaFache
(Senior Tech)
Fredric Lehne as Colonel Brigham
Fredric Lehne
(Colonel Brigham)
Sarah Jane MacKay as Woman in Ball Gown
Sarah Jane MacKay
(Woman in Ball Gown)
Wiley M. Pickett as Donald Pardue
Wiley M. Pickett
(Donald Pardue)
Adel Telesia as Assistant
Adel Telesia
Jordan Hendricks as Bunny Suit
Jordan Hendricks
(Bunny Suit)
Andy Taylor Kim as New Assistant
Andy Taylor Kim
(New Assistant)
Scott Peat as Pardue Brother #3
Scott Peat
(Pardue Brother #3)
Brian Yang as Naval Officer
Brian Yang
(Naval Officer)
Anthony Apel as Gregory
Anthony Apel
Sal Lopez as Cigarillo
Sal Lopez
Mason McCulley as Todd
Mason McCulley
Jay Mendoza as Male Guest
Jay Mendoza
(Male Guest)
Peter James Smith as Geo Tech
Peter James Smith
(Geo Tech)
David Damus as Curious PMC
David Damus
(Curious PMC)
Matthew Grondin as Bunny Suit
Matthew Grondin
(Bunny Suit)
Claire Unabia as Juliet
Claire Unabia
Boone Platt as QA Specialist
Boone Platt
(QA Specialist)
Will Pinson Rose as Behavior Tech
Will Pinson Rose
(Behavior Tech)
David Bianchi as PMC #3
David Bianchi
(PMC #3)
Brett Edwards as Lead QA Responder
Brett Edwards
(Lead QA Responder)
Mark R. Miscione as Head Tech
Mark R. Miscione
(Head Tech)
Bruno Gunn as Walrus
Bruno Gunn
Bret Porter as Union Scout
Bret Porter
(Union Scout)
Eric Ramey as Narrative Tech
Eric Ramey
(Narrative Tech)
Dieterich Gray as Rail Baron
Dieterich Gray
(Rail Baron)
Jonathan Medina as QA Responder #1
Jonathan Medina
(QA Responder #1)
Taishi Mizuno as Koda
Taishi Mizuno
Matthew Wimbush as PMC
Matthew Wimbush
Darrel Cherney as Horace
Darrel Cherney
Nanrisa Lee as Narrative Tech
Nanrisa Lee
(Narrative Tech)
Kaiwi Lyman as Branding Soldier
Kaiwi Lyman
(Branding Soldier)
Karan Oberoi as Mariposa Guest
Karan Oberoi
(Mariposa Guest)
Albert Kong as QA Responder #2
Albert Kong
(QA Responder #2)
James Taku Leung as Diplomat
James Taku Leung
Brenna Otts as Coy Female Host
Brenna Otts
(Coy Female Host)
Gaku Space as Hip Man
Gaku Space
(Hip Man)
Kelvin Han Yee as Foreman
Kelvin Han Yee
Bridgid Coulter as Mother of Young Boy
Bridgid Coulter
(Mother of Young Boy)
Kanin Howell as Ivan
Kanin Howell
George Jonson as Soldier
George Jonson
Biff Wiff as Cart Driver
Biff Wiff
(Cart Driver)
Alvin Cowan as Burly Confederado
Alvin Cowan
(Burly Confederado)
Adam Farabee as Stable Hand
Adam Farabee
(Stable Hand)
Paul Riley Fox as Younger Man
Paul Riley Fox
(Younger Man)
Ricardo Walker as QA Responder #3
Ricardo Walker
(QA Responder #3)
Regi Davis as Father of Young Boy
Regi Davis
(Father of Young Boy)
Jose Rosario as Manu
Jose Rosario
Hunter Doohan as Confederado Scout
Hunter Doohan
(Confederado Scout)
Antonio Leon as Ronald
Antonio Leon
Shin Shimizu as Doshin
Shin Shimizu
Tait Fletcher as Woodcutter
Tait Fletcher
Mataeo Mingo as Boy of 8
Mataeo Mingo
(Boy of 8)
Robert Allen Mukes as Behemoth
Robert Allen Mukes
Mayank Saxena as QA Tech Futterman
Mayank Saxena
(QA Tech Futterman)
Diana Toshiko as Costumer
Diana Toshiko
René Ashton as Female Guest
René Ashton
(Female Guest)
Blaine Gray as QA Captain
Blaine Gray
(QA Captain)
Sonny Saito as Emissary
Sonny Saito
Cristin McCleary as Stewardess
Cristin McCleary
Trevante Rhodes as Bachelor
Trevante Rhodes
Seril James as Ambassador
Seril James
Ike Kawaguchi as Stern Guard
Ike Kawaguchi
(Stern Guard)
Travis Johns as Python Cowboy
Travis Johns
(Python Cowboy)
Folake Olowofoyeku as Surveillance Tech
Folake Olowofoyeku
(Surveillance Tech)
Micky Shiloah as Bachelor
Micky Shiloah
Sean Mann as Ganju
Sean Mann
Cara Mitsuko as Tech Supervisor
Cara Mitsuko
(Tech Supervisor)
Avery Wada as Daimyo
Avery Wada
Nathalia Castellon as Mariposa Girl
Nathalia Castellon
(Mariposa Girl)
Joshua Dov as Python Cowboy
Joshua Dov
(Python Cowboy)
Keller Wortham as Bachelor
Keller Wortham
Mike Damus as Tech
Mike Damus
Mark Anthony Vazquez as Walkie PMC
Mark Anthony Vazquez
(Walkie PMC)
Patrick Gorman as Eye Patch
Patrick Gorman
(Eye Patch)
Olivia May as Hooker
Olivia May
Chris Mollica as Sinister Guest
Chris Mollica
(Sinister Guest)
Zeke Nicholson as Body Tech
Zeke Nicholson
(Body Tech)
Troy Mittleider as QA Officer
Troy Mittleider
(QA Officer)
Pooja Shah as Beautiful Woman
Pooja Shah
(Beautiful Woman)
Dusty Sorg as Sketchy Guest
Dusty Sorg
(Sketchy Guest)
Max Bojorquez as Lawrence's Cousin
Max Bojorquez
(Lawrence's Cousin)
Mike Massa as Stern QA
Mike Massa
(Stern QA)
Austin Priester as Arroyo
Austin Priester
Granville Ames as Union Recruiter
Granville Ames
(Union Recruiter)
Travis Hammer as Leering Guest
Travis Hammer
(Leering Guest)
Alex Marshall-Brown as Hooker
Alex Marshall-Brown
Charles Remley as Confederado Sergeant
Charles Remley
(Confederado Sergeant)
Jeffrey Muller as Man on Train
Jeffrey Muller
(Man on Train)
Ashley Haden as Laura
Ashley Haden
Tim Fox as Burley Guest
Tim Fox
(Burley Guest)
Brook Kerr as Woman on Train
Brook Kerr
(Woman on Train)
Con Schell as Deputy Rogers
Con Schell
(Deputy Rogers)
Bradley Snedeker as Passenger
Bradley Snedeker
Christine Weatherup as Female Guest
Christine Weatherup
(Female Guest)
Lucas Kwan Peterson as Shy Guest
Lucas Kwan Peterson
(Shy Guest)
Patrick Quinlan as Passenger
Patrick Quinlan
Mike Bash as Spellbound Guest
Mike Bash
(Spellbound Guest)
Bianca Lopez as Diagnostic Programmer
Bianca Lopez
(Diagnostic Programmer)
Molly Schreiber as Bachelorette
Molly Schreiber
Stefanie Chin as Girlfriend
Stefanie Chin
Nihan Gur as Female Laughing Host
Nihan Gur
(Female Laughing Host)
Ford Austin as Dead technician
Ford Austin
(Dead technician)
Diane Dehn as Host
Diane Dehn
Bryan Forrest as Confederado Colonel
Bryan Forrest
(Confederado Colonel)
Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein as Townsperson
Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein
Landon Gordon as Henry
Landon Gordon
Louie Leonardo as War Chief
Louie Leonardo
(War Chief)
Temara Melek as Townswoman
Temara Melek
Kristin Mothersbaugh as Guest
Kristin Mothersbaugh
Sabina Nogic as Dolores' Horde
Sabina Nogic
(Dolores' Horde)
Bogdan Szumilas as Confederado Officer
Bogdan Szumilas
(Confederado Officer)
Kerry Westcott as Saloon Girl
Kerry Westcott
(Saloon Girl)
Seth Adams as Security Officer
Seth Adams
(Security Officer)
Elando Baltimore as Handsome Man
Elando Baltimore
(Handsome Man)
Al Bayan as Behavioral Tech #4
Al Bayan
(Behavioral Tech #4)
Cameron Blunt as Fisherman
Cameron Blunt
Gilbert Cantu as Prison Visitor
Gilbert Cantu
(Prison Visitor)
Mickey Cassidy as QA Officer
Mickey Cassidy
(QA Officer)
Jenson Cheng as Liang
Jenson Cheng
Kimberly Connolly as Woman
Kimberly Connolly
Jenna Curtis as Upscale Lady
Jenna Curtis
(Upscale Lady)
David Danipour as Benny
David Danipour
Valentina Devito as Upscale Party Guest
Valentina Devito
(Upscale Party Guest)
Tommy Flanagan as Conells
Tommy Flanagan
Diego Gilberte as Civilian italian
Diego Gilberte
(Civilian italian)
J.P. Gillain as Politician
J.P. Gillain
Brian Gilleece as Michael
Brian Gilleece
Iddo Goldberg as Sebastian
Iddo Goldberg
Troy Ian Hall as Levon
Troy Ian Hall
Dexter Hobert as Young Caleb
Dexter Hobert
(Young Caleb)
Yoshio Iizuka as Yakuza Gangster
Yoshio Iizuka
(Yakuza Gangster)
Frederick Keeve as Upscale Man
Frederick Keeve
(Upscale Man)
Kyle Langdon-Weyrich as Beach Bum
Kyle Langdon-Weyrich
(Beach Bum)
Mia Marcon as Flight Attendant
Mia Marcon
(Flight Attendant)
Andrea Martina as Actress
Andrea Martina
Michael T McIntosh as Robot
Michael T McIntosh
Brian Nuesi as Upscale Patron
Brian Nuesi
(Upscale Patron)
Candice Renee as Behavioral Tech
Candice Renee
(Behavioral Tech)
Andreas Riter as Nazi
Andreas Riter
Joseph Salazar as Worker
Joseph Salazar
Alena Savostikova as Rico Model
Alena Savostikova
(Rico Model)
Steve Sobel as Thomas
Steve Sobel
Marco Stengel as Young Liam
Marco Stengel
(Young Liam)
Sam Street
Sam Street
Toru Uchikado as New Yakuza
Toru Uchikado
(New Yakuza)
Nicholas Walker
Nicholas Walker
Brent Yoshida as New Yakuza
Brent Yoshida
(New Yakuza)
Michael R. Barnard as Nude Host
Michael R. Barnard
(Nude Host)
Krystal Ker as Dolore's Horde
Krystal Ker
(Dolore's Horde)
Geronimo Vela as Ghost Nation Warrior
Geronimo Vela
(Ghost Nation Warrior)
Eric Shackelford as Confederado
Eric Shackelford
Amber Juliana as Host Homesteader
Amber Juliana
(Host Homesteader)
Jennifer Emett as Homesteader
Jennifer Emett
Boualem Hassaine as PMC
Boualem Hassaine
Patrick Kelly as Ghost Nation Warrior
Patrick Kelly
(Ghost Nation Warrior)
Paul Edney as Robot
Paul Edney
Michael Keyes as Cowboy
Michael Keyes
Valiant Michael as Rogue the Outlaw Gunslinger
Valiant Michael
(Rogue the Outlaw Gunslinger)
John Luder as One-Eyed Deputy Sheriff
John Luder
(One-Eyed Deputy Sheriff)
Sancho Martin as Ghost Nation Warrior
Sancho Martin
(Ghost Nation Warrior)
Andrew Constantini as Cleanup Tech
Andrew Constantini
(Cleanup Tech)
Lane Smith Jr. as Nude Host
Lane Smith Jr.
(Nude Host)
April Campion as Safari Hunter
April Campion
(Safari Hunter)
Julian W. Lucas as QA Responder
Julian W. Lucas
(QA Responder)
Anouar H. Smaine as Black Tie Prisoner
Anouar H. Smaine
(Black Tie Prisoner)
Cynthia Dallas as Female Bodyguard
Cynthia Dallas
(Female Bodyguard)
Frantz Durand as Brothel Guest
Frantz Durand
(Brothel Guest)
Annie McCain Engman as Host
Annie McCain Engman
Ryan Groves as Cowboy
Ryan Groves
Punnavith Koy as Clean Up Tech
Punnavith Koy
(Clean Up Tech)
Ardeshir Radpour as Cowboy
Ardeshir Radpour
Ian Eugene Ryan as Behavior Tech
Ian Eugene Ryan
(Behavior Tech)
Baron Schwarz as Union Soldier
Baron Schwarz
(Union Soldier)
Gary Sievers as Naked Host Cowboy
Gary Sievers
(Naked Host Cowboy)
Nathan Dean Snyder as Avalon Host Cowboy
Nathan Dean Snyder
(Avalon Host Cowboy)
Madeleine Wade as Decomissioned Host
Madeleine Wade
(Decomissioned Host)
Jason Chang as Samurai
Jason Chang
Sarah Cooper as Shopkeeper
Sarah Cooper
Eddie Davenport as QA
Eddie Davenport
Todd Christian Hunter as Drone Host #1
Todd Christian Hunter
(Drone Host #1)
Craig Reed as Amputee Host
Craig Reed
(Amputee Host)
Ikumi Yoshimatsu as Geisha
Ikumi Yoshimatsu
Sherwin Ace Ross as 1885 Photographer
Sherwin Ace Ross
(1885 Photographer)
Carlos Acuña as Sturdy Man
Carlos Acuña
(Sturdy Man)
Terral Altom as Host Cowboy
Terral Altom
(Host Cowboy)
Andre Anderson as Ghost Nation Warrior
Andre Anderson
(Ghost Nation Warrior)
Joseph Aviel as Deputy Marshall
Joseph Aviel
(Deputy Marshall)
Gabriel Baca as Bandido
Gabriel Baca
Forest Baker as Surveillance Tech
Forest Baker
(Surveillance Tech)
Nick Ballard as Aeden
Nick Ballard
Bill Blair as Nude Android
Bill Blair
(Nude Android)
John Paul Blanco as Host - Mexican Gunslinger
John Paul Blanco
(Host - Mexican Gunslinger)
Ralph Michael Brekan as Vendor
Ralph Michael Brekan
Cody Buchanan as Host Cowboy
Cody Buchanan
(Host Cowboy)
Maddison Bullock as Waltz Dancer
Maddison Bullock
(Waltz Dancer)
Brian Castellanos as The Aztec Warrior
Brian Castellanos
(The Aztec Warrior)
Natalie Chevonne as Fancy Town Guest
Natalie Chevonne
(Fancy Town Guest)
Billy B. Collins as Brothel Host
Billy B. Collins
(Brothel Host)
Taylor Day as Village Child
Taylor Day
(Village Child)
Rick L. Dean as Controller
Rick L. Dean
Joey Rocketshoes Dillon as Gun Spinner in Street
Joey Rocketshoes Dillon
(Gun Spinner in Street)
Hal Dion as Wealthy Townsman
Hal Dion
(Wealthy Townsman)
Jonathan Erickson Eisley as Bandit #2
Jonathan Erickson Eisley
(Bandit #2)
Gabrielle Eubank as Host
Gabrielle Eubank
Monique Farah as Mom on Train
Monique Farah
(Mom on Train)
Catherine Fetsco as Painted Reveler
Catherine Fetsco
(Painted Reveler)
Neil Fleischer as Artificial Man
Neil Fleischer
(Artificial Man)
Freedom as Laughing Guest
(Laughing Guest)
Toni French as PDA Pariah Guest, Reveler
Toni French
(PDA Pariah Guest, Reveler)
Zana Glisovic as Homesteader - Host
Zana Glisovic
(Homesteader - Host)
Geoffrey Gould as County Clerk
Geoffrey Gould
(County Clerk)
Tina Grimm as Actress
Tina Grimm
Benjamin Guenther as Host Union Soldier
Benjamin Guenther
(Host Union Soldier)
Anton Gush as Host
Anton Gush
Priyom Haider as Playboy Host
Priyom Haider
(Playboy Host)
Darrell Keith Harris as Naked Robot
Darrell Keith Harris
(Naked Robot)
Evan James Henderson as Scientist
Evan James Henderson
Ben Hicks as Cowboy
Ben Hicks
David Hutchison as Confederado
David Hutchison
Mylo Ironbear as Tribal Chief
Mylo Ironbear
(Tribal Chief)
Nick Jaine as Behavior Tech
Nick Jaine
(Behavior Tech)
Jasper Jeon as Chinese Gunslinger
Jasper Jeon
(Chinese Gunslinger)
Lynne Jordan as Woman on Train
Lynne Jordan
(Woman on Train)
Philip Knight as Confederado
Philip Knight
Jason Konopisos-Alvarez as Deputy
Jason Konopisos-Alvarez
Halszka Kuza as Torch Bearer In Red
Halszka Kuza
(Torch Bearer In Red)
Anna Ladner as Beautiful Host
Anna Ladner
(Beautiful Host)
Michael Laren as Faro Table Gambler
Michael Laren
(Faro Table Gambler)
John W. Lawson as Handless Solider
John W. Lawson
(Handless Solider)
David Leach as Big Sweaty Guy
David Leach
(Big Sweaty Guy)
Jenny Lin as Beautiful Host
Jenny Lin
(Beautiful Host)
Dez Mabunga as Mesa Guest
Dez Mabunga
(Mesa Guest)
Sergio Macian as Cowboy
Sergio Macian
Ariana Marchesini as Robot Host
Ariana Marchesini
(Robot Host)
Anne McDaniels as Live Mannequin Model
Anne McDaniels
(Live Mannequin Model)
Starlette Miariaunii as Robot Cowgirl
Starlette Miariaunii
(Robot Cowgirl)
Kara Michelotti as Beautiful Host
Kara Michelotti
(Beautiful Host)
Edwin Modlin II as Cowboy
Edwin Modlin II
Alexandria Morrow as Robot
Alexandria Morrow
Donnabella Mortel as Sophia
Donnabella Mortel
Alexa Niemi as Woman on Horse
Alexa Niemi
(Woman on Horse)
Rory O'Connor as Trailboss
Rory O'Connor
Karan Oberoi as Mariposa Guest
Karan Oberoi
(Mariposa Guest)
Lynne Oropeza as Host
Lynne Oropeza
Chris Osborn as Slimy
Chris Osborn
Randy Perry as Party Guest
Randy Perry
(Party Guest)
Redmond Ramos as Amputee Confederado
Redmond Ramos
(Amputee Confederado)
Jon Ray as Church Goer
Jon Ray
(Church Goer)
Paula Ray as Gala Guest
Paula Ray
(Gala Guest)
Audi Resendez as Pretty Woman
Audi Resendez
(Pretty Woman)
Kelly Richardson as Sarah
Kelly Richardson
Natalia Romo as Slave
Natalia Romo
Sandra Rosko as Beautiful Host
Sandra Rosko
(Beautiful Host)
Brynn Route as Contortionist
Brynn Route
Jeremy Russell as Harlan Posse
Jeremy Russell
(Harlan Posse)
Stewart Skelton as Immigrant Husband
Stewart Skelton
(Immigrant Husband)
Evan Tyler Stallone as Confederato
Evan Tyler Stallone
Diane Taren as Homesteader
Diane Taren
Micah Tillman as Young Native American
Micah Tillman
(Young Native American)
Dorinda Townsend as Homesteader
Dorinda Townsend
Brandon Van Vliet as Homesteader
Brandon Van Vliet
Jeremy Wojchihosky as Beta Robot
Jeremy Wojchihosky
(Beta Robot)
Alexander Wraith as Fox
Alexander Wraith
Bryan Zampella as Union Soldier
Bryan Zampella
(Union Soldier)
Robert Artz as Homesteader
Robert Artz
Haley Elizabeth Benson as Soldier
Haley Elizabeth Benson
Matt Berberi as Cousin #2
Matt Berberi
(Cousin #2)
Jonathan Camp as Scowling PMC
Jonathan Camp
(Scowling PMC)
Jolie Chi as Ghost Nation Warrier
Jolie Chi
(Ghost Nation Warrier)
Jasper Cole as Older 49er
Jasper Cole
(Older 49er)
Daniel da Silva as Townsperson
Daniel da Silva
Jacob Dadanian as Cowboy
Jacob Dadanian
Noshir Dalal as PMC
Noshir Dalal
Phil DiGennaro as PMC Kristoff
Phil DiGennaro
(PMC Kristoff)
Ramin Djawadi as Guitarist
Ramin Djawadi
Kateryna Dronova as Woman Battle Soldier
Kateryna Dronova
(Woman Battle Soldier)
Felix Jerry Droz as Captive Prisoner
Felix Jerry Droz
(Captive Prisoner)
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr. as Slain Cowboy
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
(Slain Cowboy)
Paris Edlyn as Twirling Girl
Paris Edlyn
(Twirling Girl)
Kerrington Fier as Dead Townsman
Kerrington Fier
(Dead Townsman)
Takahiro Fukuda as Wagon Merchant
Takahiro Fukuda
(Wagon Merchant)
Ed Gage as Confederado
Ed Gage
Americo Galli as Confederado
Americo Galli
Joe Goode as Cowboy
Joe Goode
Chris Graham as Cowboy
Chris Graham
Garon Grigsby as Male Well Wisher
Garon Grigsby
(Male Well Wisher)
Johanna Yukiko Haneda as Geisha
Johanna Yukiko Haneda
Nick Heyman as Benign PMC Adams
Nick Heyman
(Benign PMC Adams)
Byron L. Hopkins as PMC
Byron L. Hopkins
Rio June as Tea Servant
Rio June
(Tea Servant)
Caitlyn Knisely as Harried Tech
Caitlyn Knisely
(Harried Tech)
Mark Kubr as Rough Customer
Mark Kubr
(Rough Customer)
Serge Legrand as Handsome Guy
Serge Legrand
(Handsome Guy)
Jim Marshall as Confederado
Jim Marshall
Jon Maxwell
Jon Maxwell
Cole S. McKay as Pardue Brother #2
Cole S. McKay
(Pardue Brother #2)
Hitomi Miller as Geisha
Hitomi Miller
Geraldine Moreno as Upscale western women
Geraldine Moreno
(Upscale western women)
James P. Morrow as Cowboy
James P. Morrow
Nathan Ng as Chinese Gunslinger
Nathan Ng
(Chinese Gunslinger)
Sophia Rose Nikolov as Little Girl
Sophia Rose Nikolov
(Little Girl)
Damon O'Daniel as Upscale Cowboy
Damon O'Daniel
(Upscale Cowboy)
Keith J. Obit as Union Soldier
Keith J. Obit
(Union Soldier)
Carl Paoli as Horde #1
Carl Paoli
(Horde #1)
Andra Petru as Guest
Andra Petru
James Quach as Samurai
James Quach
Linda Victoria Romo as Ghost Nation Native Warrior
Linda Victoria Romo
(Ghost Nation Native Warrior)
Gregory Schwabe as Confederado Soldier
Gregory Schwabe
(Confederado Soldier)
Jamie Soricelli as Woman Battle Soldier
Jamie Soricelli
(Woman Battle Soldier)
Starfighter as Samurai
Thomas W. Stewart as Cowboy
Thomas W. Stewart
Sakura Sugihara as Geisha
Sakura Sugihara
Patrick Sylvester as Confederado
Patrick Sylvester
Shantiel Alexis Vazquez as Homesteader
Shantiel Alexis Vazquez
Dionicio Virvez as Ghost Nation Warrior
Dionicio Virvez
(Ghost Nation Warrior)
Jack Waggon as Confederado
Jack Waggon
Geoff Wehner as PMC #2
Geoff Wehner
(PMC #2)
Alina Zilbershmidt as Cowgirl
Alina Zilbershmidt
Sophia Robertson as Child
Sophia Robertson

Thumbnails & Trailers


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Khianat dar eshgh
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Maho Palang
Tanhaeie Leila
Tanhaeie Leila
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
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Afsaneh Ouk New