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Doom Patrol (2019)

Doom Patrol

  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy | Drama | Sci-Fi | Adventure | Mystery
  • Release Date:
    15 February 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    DC Comics
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    A re-imagining of one of DC's most beloved group of outcast Super Heroes: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane, led by modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder (The Chief). The Doom Patrol's members each suffered horrible accidents that gave them superhuman abilities - but also left them scarred and disfigured. Traumatized and downtrodden, the team found purpose through The Chief, who brought them together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence - and to protect Earth from what they find. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of super-powered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them. Picking up after the events of Titans, Doom Patrol will find these reluctant heroes in a place they never expected to be, called to action by none other than Cyborg, who comes to them with a mission hard to refuse, but with a warning that is hard to ignore: their lives will never, ever be the same.

Cast & Crew

Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane
Diane Guerrero
(Crazy Jane)
April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl
April Bowlby
Alan Tudyk as Eric Morden
Alan Tudyk
(Eric Morden)
Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor
Matt Bomer
(Larry Trainor)
Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele
Brendan Fraser
(Cliff Steele)
Timothy Dalton as Chief
Timothy Dalton
Riley Shanahan as Robotman
Riley Shanahan
Matthew Zuk as Negative Man
Matthew Zuk
(Negative Man)
Joivan Wade as Cyborg
Joivan Wade
Phil Morris as Silas Stone
Phil Morris
(Silas Stone)
Julie McNiven as Sheryl Trainor
Julie McNiven
(Sheryl Trainor)
Kyle Clements as John Bowers
Kyle Clements
(John Bowers)
Jon Briddell as Darren Jones
Jon Briddell
(Darren Jones)
Skye Roberts as Kay Challis
Skye Roberts
(Kay Challis)
Sydney Kowalske as Clara Steele
Sydney Kowalske
(Clara Steele)
Ethan McDowell as Forsythe
Ethan McDowell
Devan Long as Flex Mentallo
Devan Long
(Flex Mentallo)
Tommy Snider as Ernest Franklin
Tommy Snider
(Ernest Franklin)
Alec Mapa as Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man
Alec Mapa
(Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man)
Charmin Lee as Elinore Stone
Charmin Lee
(Elinore Stone)
Alan Heckner as Bump Weathers
Alan Heckner
(Bump Weathers)
Curtis Armstrong as Ezekiel the Cockroach
Curtis Armstrong
(Ezekiel the Cockroach)
Bethany Anne Lind as Clara Steele
Bethany Anne Lind
(Clara Steele)
Katina Rankin as Anchorwoman
Katina Rankin
David A MacDonald as Daddy
David A MacDonald
Julian Richings as Heinrich Von Fuchs
Julian Richings
(Heinrich Von Fuchs)
Mark Sheppard as Willoughby Kipling
Mark Sheppard
(Willoughby Kipling)
Alimi Ballard as Joshua Clay
Alimi Ballard
(Joshua Clay)
Anna Lore as Penny Farthing
Anna Lore
(Penny Farthing)
Lilli Birdsell as Mother Archon
Lilli Birdsell
(Mother Archon)
Stephanie Czajkowski as Hammerhead
Stephanie Czajkowski
Ted Sutherland as Elliot Patterson
Ted Sutherland
(Elliot Patterson)
Ashley Dougherty as Giselle
Ashley Dougherty
Jackie Goldston as The Secretary
Jackie Goldston
(The Secretary)
Todd Allen Durkin as Charles
Todd Allen Durkin
Michael Scialabba as Father Archon
Michael Scialabba
(Father Archon)
Swift Rice as Ferdinand
Swift Rice
Mac Wells as Agent Dirk Ellis
Mac Wells
(Agent Dirk Ellis)
Orelon Sidney as News Reporter
Orelon Sidney
(News Reporter)
Tyler Buckingham as Frank
Tyler Buckingham
Chantelle Barry as Baphomet
Chantelle Barry
Susan Williams as Dolores
Susan Williams
Cynthia Barrett as Gwen
Cynthia Barrett
Jonathan Baron as Dr. Heart
Jonathan Baron
(Dr. Heart)
Katie Gunderson as Kate Steele
Katie Gunderson
(Kate Steele)
Greyson Chadwick as Addie
Greyson Chadwick
Bethany Kasulas as Jack Straw
Bethany Kasulas
(Jack Straw)
Melissa Kennemore as Glamorous Movie Star
Melissa Kennemore
(Glamorous Movie Star)
Shay Mack as Driller Bill
Shay Mack
(Driller Bill)
Tom Fitzpatrick as Elder John Bowers
Tom Fitzpatrick
(Elder John Bowers)
Max Martini as Alistair
Max Martini
Alan Mingo Jr. as Maura Lee Karupt
Alan Mingo Jr.
(Maura Lee Karupt)
Brent Bailey as Doug
Brent Bailey
Gary Basaraba as Big D
Gary Basaraba
(Big D)
Will Kemp as Mento
Will Kemp
Pisay Pao as Slava
Pisay Pao
April Billingsley as Checkout Lady
April Billingsley
(Checkout Lady)
Tara Lee as Lucy Fugue
Tara Lee
(Lucy Fugue)
Haley Strode as Young Dolores Mentallo
Haley Strode
(Young Dolores Mentallo)
Victoria Blade as Millie
Victoria Blade
Ritchie Crownfield as General Wampus
Ritchie Crownfield
(General Wampus)
Jasmine Kaur as Arani Desai
Jasmine Kaur
(Arani Desai)
Nasim as Woman
Jeanette O'Connor as Older Marilyn
Jeanette O'Connor
(Older Marilyn)
Chelsea Alana Rivera as Silver Tongue
Chelsea Alana Rivera
(Silver Tongue)
Cj Sykes as Flirty Man
Cj Sykes
(Flirty Man)
Joan Van Ark as Mrs. Franklin
Joan Van Ark
(Mrs. Franklin)
Hannah Alline as Pretty Polly
Hannah Alline
(Pretty Polly)
Edward Asner as Hospital Patient
Edward Asner
(Hospital Patient)
Ezra Buzzington as Dr. Bertrand
Ezra Buzzington
(Dr. Bertrand)
Gabrielle Byndloss as Patty
Gabrielle Byndloss
Jim Dougherty as Doctor
Jim Dougherty
Keith Flippen as GS-9 Patterson
Keith Flippen
(GS-9 Patterson)
Jack Ha as Man
Jack Ha
Madhur Jaffrey as Old Arani
Madhur Jaffrey
(Old Arani)
Chris Mayers as Guy #1
Chris Mayers
(Guy #1)
Lana Jean Turner as Young Rita
Lana Jean Turner
(Young Rita)
David Abed as Guy #2
David Abed
(Guy #2)
Dennis Cockrum as Sydney Bloom
Dennis Cockrum
(Sydney Bloom)
Darla Delgado as Major Arbuckle
Darla Delgado
(Major Arbuckle)
Monique Grant as Waitress
Monique Grant
Jason Kirkpatrick as Ring-Ding
Jason Kirkpatrick
Edward Michael Scott as Government Agent
Edward Michael Scott
(Government Agent)
Drew Starkey as Tim
Drew Starkey
Benjamin Taylor Davis as Lab Technician #1
Benjamin Taylor Davis
(Lab Technician #1)
Emily Dunlop as Greta
Emily Dunlop
Beau Hart as 7-year-old Elliot Patterson
Beau Hart
(7-year-old Elliot Patterson)
Juan Hernandez as Valet
Juan Hernandez
Judy Kain as Geri
Judy Kain
Monica Louwerens as Three Sisters
Monica Louwerens
(Three Sisters)
Bryan McClure as Frankie
Bryan McClure
Karen Wheeling Reynolds as Bus Station Cashier
Karen Wheeling Reynolds
(Bus Station Cashier)
Eddy Rioseco as Guy #3
Eddy Rioseco
(Guy #3)
Ricque Hardin as Kind Woman
Ricque Hardin
(Kind Woman)
Mike Lutz as Vance
Mike Lutz
Kenneth Nance Jr. as Lab Tech #2
Kenneth Nance Jr.
(Lab Tech #2)
Leela Owen as Young Miranda
Leela Owen
(Young Miranda)
Lauren Revard as Franka
Lauren Revard
Tyner Rushing as Michaela
Tyner Rushing
Marco Schittone as 12-year-old Elliot Patterson
Marco Schittone
(12-year-old Elliot Patterson)
Helen Abell as Black Annis
Helen Abell
(Black Annis)
Lindsay Ayliffe as Joe
Lindsay Ayliffe
Candi Brooks as Ethel Singer
Candi Brooks
(Ethel Singer)
Trevor Goble as Fuchtopian #1
Trevor Goble
(Fuchtopian #1)
Peter Leake as Director
Peter Leake
Seth Michaels as Father Cuervo
Seth Michaels
(Father Cuervo)
Boston Pierce as Young Boy
Boston Pierce
(Young Boy)
Sofia Salas as Cute Kid
Sofia Salas
(Cute Kid)
Lucia Scarano as Secretary
Lucia Scarano
Andrew Nicolas Starr as Jagger
Andrew Nicolas Starr
Alicia Ying as Lab Tech Lee
Alicia Ying
(Lab Tech Lee)
Braxton Alexander as Young Larry
Braxton Alexander
(Young Larry)
Andrea Andrade as Hairstylist
Andrea Andrade
Daniel Baldock as Bartender
Daniel Baldock
Yeselie Denise as Young Mother
Yeselie Denise
(Young Mother)
Marc Farley as Salty #1
Marc Farley
(Salty #1)
Ted Ferguson as Old Forsythe
Ted Ferguson
(Old Forsythe)
Robert Larriviere as Bouncer
Robert Larriviere
Celeste Marcone as Teacher
Celeste Marcone
Nicolette Noble as Mommy
Nicolette Noble
Jordan Rice as Esme
Jordan Rice
James Tabeek as Fuchtopian #2
James Tabeek
(Fuchtopian #2)
Lesa Wilson as Rhea
Lesa Wilson
J. Thomas Bailey as Salty #2
J. Thomas Bailey
(Salty #2)
Inga Eiss as Agent #2
Inga Eiss
(Agent #2)
Justin Johnson as Gunman
Justin Johnson
Quinten Johnson as Cop
Quinten Johnson
Talbott Lin as Cocktail Waitress
Talbott Lin
(Cocktail Waitress)
Alexander Nedvidek as Fuchtopian #3
Alexander Nedvidek
(Fuchtopian #3)
Amber Neukum as Makeup Artist
Amber Neukum
(Makeup Artist)
Gary Peebles as Red Hoodman
Gary Peebles
(Red Hoodman)
Kevin Saunders as Cook
Kevin Saunders
JoAnn Willette as Debbie Trainor
JoAnn Willette
(Debbie Trainor)
Jay Amir as Robot Kid
Jay Amir
(Robot Kid)
A. Smith Harrison as Gerald Trainor
A. Smith Harrison
(Gerald Trainor)
Cate Jones as Young Marilyn
Cate Jones
(Young Marilyn)
Alexander Kaminer as Fuchtopian Bellows Operator
Alexander Kaminer
(Fuchtopian Bellows Operator)
Pierce Lackey as Director
Pierce Lackey
Leon Lamar as Mr. Arnold
Leon Lamar
(Mr. Arnold)
Lizzie Mears as Marybeth
Lizzie Mears
Jamar Rivers as Agent #3
Jamar Rivers
(Agent #3)
Suzette Stuebben as Sharaine
Suzette Stuebben
Kate Adair as Jeanette
Kate Adair
Rachel Appelbaum as Lead Puppeteer
Rachel Appelbaum
(Lead Puppeteer)
Dave Bielawski as Old Mento
Dave Bielawski
(Old Mento)
James J. Fuertes as TV Tom
James J. Fuertes
(TV Tom)
Choppy Guillotte as Asa Diamonds
Choppy Guillotte
(Asa Diamonds)
TJ Jackson as Bartender
TJ Jackson
Brandon Morris as Chief Kincaid
Brandon Morris
(Chief Kincaid)
Thiree Pinnock as Cheesesteak
Thiree Pinnock
Braelyn Rankins as Young Vic
Braelyn Rankins
(Young Vic)
Yvonne Angulo as Dr. Talia Winslow
Yvonne Angulo
(Dr. Talia Winslow)
Guilherme Apollonio as Billy
Guilherme Apollonio
Brigitte Bidet as Saucy Songirl #!
Brigitte Bidet
(Saucy Songirl #!)
Jwaundace Candece as School Bus Driver
Jwaundace Candece
(School Bus Driver)
BJ Guyer as Puppeteer
BJ Guyer
Jay DeVon Johnson as Dr. Jones
Jay DeVon Johnson
(Dr. Jones)
Alison Mills Newman as Evette
Alison Mills Newman
Terrence Smith as Lab Assistant
Terrence Smith
(Lab Assistant)
Drew Ater as Chaz
Drew Ater
Giavani Cairo as Lab Tech
Giavani Cairo
(Lab Tech)
Cedwan Hooks as Puppeteer
Cedwan Hooks
Sailor Larocque as Mel
Sailor Larocque
Lala Ri as Saucy Songirl #2
Lala Ri
(Saucy Songirl #2)
Caleb Williams as School Bus Kid #1
Caleb Williams
(School Bus Kid #1)
Chelsea Bruland as Small Woman
Chelsea Bruland
(Small Woman)
Cici Nicole as Saucy Songirl #3
Cici Nicole
(Saucy Songirl #3)
Lauren Richards as Nina
Lauren Richards
Knightly Knox Scott as Kid #1
Knightly Knox Scott
(Kid #1)
Greg Sproles as Agent on TV
Greg Sproles
(Agent on TV)
Gibson Todd as Young Cliff
Gibson Todd
(Young Cliff)
Russ Vick as Puppeteer
Russ Vick
Alton Williams as School Bus Kid #2
Alton Williams
(School Bus Kid #2)
Matthew Sean Blumm as Cliff's Dad
Matthew Sean Blumm
(Cliff's Dad)
Portia Cue as Soap Opera Mom
Portia Cue
(Soap Opera Mom)
Noah Jordan Scott as Kid #2
Noah Jordan Scott
(Kid #2)
Dynasty St. James as Saucy Songirl #4
Dynasty St. James
(Saucy Songirl #4)
Thomas Williams as School Bus Kid #3
Thomas Williams
(School Bus Kid #3)
Vailana Antonucci as School Bus Kid #4
Vailana Antonucci
(School Bus Kid #4)
Kaitlin Baden as Cliff's Mom
Kaitlin Baden
(Cliff's Mom)
Kiki's Dream as Saucy Songirl #5
Kiki's Dream
(Saucy Songirl #5)
Jonathan Geisler as Billy
Jonathan Geisler
Casey Hendershot as Skinhead #1
Casey Hendershot
(Skinhead #1)
Chaeli Koda as Levitating Kid
Chaeli Koda
(Levitating Kid)
Josh Diogo as Skinhead #2
Josh Diogo
(Skinhead #2)
Japan Mugler as Saucy Songirl #6
Japan Mugler
(Saucy Songirl #6)
Bryan Murphy as Edward
Bryan Murphy
Amanda Martins as Wardrobe Gal
Amanda Martins
(Wardrobe Gal)
Durrell Lyons as Focus Puller
Durrell Lyons
(Focus Puller)
Justin James Boykin as Bus Boy
Justin James Boykin
(Bus Boy)
Faith Dillon as Cop #1
Faith Dillon
(Cop #1)
Matthew Byrge as Armed Agent
Matthew Byrge
(Armed Agent)
Kylie Michele Fuller as Meta Human Kid
Kylie Michele Fuller
(Meta Human Kid)
Jason Kirkpatrick as Ring Ding
Jason Kirkpatrick
(Ring Ding)
Brian Krainson as Muscle Stud
Brian Krainson
(Muscle Stud)
Marie Richards as Tribal Female
Marie Richards
(Tribal Female)
Diandra Stoddard as SWAT Team
Diandra Stoddard
(SWAT Team)
Amy Lynn Tuttle as Sister of the razor
Amy Lynn Tuttle
(Sister of the razor)
Catherine Carlen as Dr. Harrison
Catherine Carlen
(Dr. Harrison)
Michael Harney as RJ Steele
Michael Harney
(RJ Steele)
Mike Kaye as Heckler #1
Mike Kaye
(Heckler #1)
Carson Minniear as Young Gary
Carson Minniear
(Young Gary)
Anna Borchert as Bloody Woman
Anna Borchert
(Bloody Woman)
Roger Floyd as Red Jack
Roger Floyd
(Red Jack)
Craig Trow as Bobby
Craig Trow
Matthew Carter as Trooper
Matthew Carter
Chad J. Wagner as Beardgasm
Chad J. Wagner
Kodai Yamaguchi as Gothic Dannyzen
Kodai Yamaguchi
(Gothic Dannyzen)
William Tokarsky as Old Timer
William Tokarsky
(Old Timer)
John Jacob Anderson as Mutant Prisoner
John Jacob Anderson
(Mutant Prisoner)
Vinny Bucci as Punk Rock Skinhead
Vinny Bucci
(Punk Rock Skinhead)
Tommy Campbell as Dr. John Sanders
Tommy Campbell
(Dr. John Sanders)
Timothy Carr as Salty Bump Patron
Timothy Carr
(Salty Bump Patron)
Jennifer Cobb as Townsperson
Jennifer Cobb
Jazzy Ellis as Nun #1
Jazzy Ellis
(Nun #1)
José Alfredo Fernandez as Lead EMT
José Alfredo Fernandez
(Lead EMT)
Reece Fleetwood as Townie
Reece Fleetwood
Sarah Graham as Photographer
Sarah Graham
Shiquita James as Drag King
Shiquita James
(Drag King)
Aaron Lamar as Third Eye Boy
Aaron Lamar
(Third Eye Boy)
Dakota James Alden Lane as Jukebox Guy
Dakota James Alden Lane
(Jukebox Guy)
Tod Lautenberg as Vinnie the Cameraman
Tod Lautenberg
(Vinnie the Cameraman)
Jackson G Lee as Classroom kid
Jackson G Lee
(Classroom kid)
Deron Lillard as Parking Lot Observer
Deron Lillard
(Parking Lot Observer)
Roy Luke as City Worker
Roy Luke
(City Worker)
Matt Markopoulos as Police Officer
Matt Markopoulos
(Police Officer)
Andrew S. McMillan as Cliff's Pit Crew Member
Andrew S. McMillan
(Cliff's Pit Crew Member)
Christopher Mullis as Fireman
Christopher Mullis
Damian Michael Pearsall as Punk Club Patron
Damian Michael Pearsall
(Punk Club Patron)
Kevin Petruski Jr. as Field Agent
Kevin Petruski Jr.
(Field Agent)
Austin Raines as Drama class student
Austin Raines
(Drama class student)
Scott Rapp as Field Agent
Scott Rapp
(Field Agent)
Rahiem Riley as News Camera Man
Rahiem Riley
(News Camera Man)
Leonard Roll as Townsfolk
Leonard Roll
Shawn Weston Thacker as Kid
Shawn Weston Thacker
Robert Tinsley as Tactical Field Agent
Robert Tinsley
(Tactical Field Agent)
Jared Warren as Villager
Jared Warren
Thom Williams as Angry Townie
Thom Williams
(Angry Townie)
Reese Giles as Shady Guy #1
Reese Giles
(Shady Guy #1)

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Ey dad az Javani
Ey dad az Javani
Shahr to ra mikhanad
Shahr to ra mikhanad
Setare Shomali
Setare Shomali
Haram Sareye Soltan
Haram Sareye Soltan
Zendegie Jadid
Zendegie Jadid
Nefrate Penhan
Nefrate Penhan