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El Capo

El Capo (2009)

El Capo

  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    25 August 2009
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    53 min
  • Summary:
    This series is a story about the life of Pedro Pablo. A man who becomes the richest and most dangerous drug trafficker in Columbia for his emergency, luck and ambition.

Cast & Crew

Mauro Mauad as Peque
Mauro Mauad
Jason Chad Roth as Mark
Jason Chad Roth
Keller Wortham as Richard Smith (2014)
Keller Wortham
(Richard Smith (2014))
Thaddeus Phillips as Frank Ricota
Thaddeus Phillips
(Frank Ricota)
Marlon Moreno as Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo
Marlon Moreno
(Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo)
Maria Cristina Pimiento as Alejandra Pineda
Maria Cristina Pimiento
(Alejandra Pineda)
Alex Letón as Olev
Alex Letón
Katherine Vélez as Isabel Cristina
Katherine Vélez
(Isabel Cristina)
Cristina Umaña as Bruna
Cristina Umaña
Óscar Borda as Osvaldo Tovar 'Tato'
Óscar Borda
(Osvaldo Tovar 'Tato')
Natalia Jerez as Juliana Leon Marin
Natalia Jerez
(Juliana Leon Marin)
Juan Carlos Vargas as Detective Velandia
Juan Carlos Vargas
(Detective Velandia)
Daniel Lugo as Pacífico Blanco
Daniel Lugo
(Pacífico Blanco)
David Páez as Agente Galindo
David Páez
(Agente Galindo)
Alejo Rodriguez R
Alejo Rodriguez R
Marcela Mar as Marcela Lievano
Marcela Mar
(Marcela Lievano)
Roberto Cano as El Burro
Roberto Cano
(El Burro)
Felipe Calero as Felipe Holguin
Felipe Calero
(Felipe Holguin)
Maria Adelaida Puerta as Pilar Monroy 'La Perrys'
Maria Adelaida Puerta
(Pilar Monroy 'La Perrys')
Michelle Manterola as Kyara
Michelle Manterola
Manuel Navarro as Jacob Bauman
Manuel Navarro
(Jacob Bauman)
Juan Alfonso Baptista as Pitre
Juan Alfonso Baptista
Ruben Zamora as Braulio
Ruben Zamora
Marcelo Dos Santos as Terry Bianchini
Marcelo Dos Santos
(Terry Bianchini)
Alberto Pujol as Uriel Valenciano
Alberto Pujol
(Uriel Valenciano)
Alfonso Herrera as Niño Malo
Alfonso Herrera
(Niño Malo)
Jairo Ordoñez as Avión
Jairo Ordoñez
Carolina Ramirez as Mariele
Carolina Ramirez
Benjamin Petersen as Grafólogo
Benjamin Petersen
Diego Trujillo as Guillermo Holguin
Diego Trujillo
(Guillermo Holguin)
Manuel Antonio Gómez as Fiscal Gracia
Manuel Antonio Gómez
(Fiscal Gracia)
Jorge Cárdenas as Chucky
Jorge Cárdenas
Brian Moreno as Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo Joven
Brian Moreno
(Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo Joven)
Edwart Silva as Pelón
Edwart Silva
Juan Sebastián Aragón
Juan Sebastián Aragón
Gerardo Calero as Presidente
Gerardo Calero
Juan Sebastián Calero as Fiscal Armando Grisales
Juan Sebastián Calero
(Fiscal Armando Grisales)
Constanza Camelo as Valentina
Constanza Camelo
Manuel José Chaves as Juan Pablo Leon Marin
Manuel José Chaves
(Juan Pablo Leon Marin)
Harold Cordoba
Harold Cordoba
Elkin Díaz as Hernan Leon Jaramillo 'Nancho'
Elkin Díaz
(Hernan Leon Jaramillo 'Nancho')
Héctor García as Aristobulo Vanegas 'Federico Barón Correa'
Héctor García
(Aristobulo Vanegas 'Federico Barón Correa')
Don Gellver as Moro
Don Gellver
Stefanía Gómez as Luz Dary
Stefanía Gómez
(Luz Dary)
Herbert King as Coronel Gaviria
Herbert King
(Coronel Gaviria)
Maria Lara as Laura Montero
Maria Lara
(Laura Montero)
Florina Lemaitre as Ofelia
Florina Lemaitre
Alejandro López as Eliécer Manchola
Alejandro López
(Eliécer Manchola)
Luis Fernando Montoya as Lorenzo Almeida
Luis Fernando Montoya
(Lorenzo Almeida)
Hernán Méndez as Coronel Ismael Concha
Hernán Méndez
(Coronel Ismael Concha)
Guillermo Olarte as General Moncada
Guillermo Olarte
(General Moncada)
Ricardo Saldarriaga as General Sarmiento
Ricardo Saldarriaga
(General Sarmiento)
Manuel Sarmiento as Chemo
Manuel Sarmiento
Tommy Vasquez as Umaña
Tommy Vasquez
Rafael Vera as General Moreno
Rafael Vera
(General Moreno)
Ericka Vélez as Priscila
Ericka Vélez
César Navarro as Soldado Martínez
César Navarro
(Soldado Martínez)
Alfredo Ahnert as Alejandro Galíndez
Alfredo Ahnert
(Alejandro Galíndez)
Laura Aleman as Criminalista
Laura Aleman
Carlos Barbosa as Mariano Murillo
Carlos Barbosa
(Mariano Murillo)
Alex Betancour as El Chulo
Alex Betancour
(El Chulo)
Jason Day as FBI Agent Medina
Jason Day
(FBI Agent Medina)
Salvador del Solar as Rubén Castro
Salvador del Solar
(Rubén Castro)
José Luis Franco as Durán
José Luis Franco
Jonathan Islas as Piloto
Jonathan Islas
Alejandra Lara as Lorena
Alejandra Lara
Laura Londoño as Nicole
Laura Londoño
Bárbaro Marín as Uriel Balanta
Bárbaro Marín
(Uriel Balanta)
Carlos Mucha as Paramedic
Carlos Mucha
Tuto Patiño as Yupi
Tuto Patiño
Laura Ramos as Periodista Dávalos
Laura Ramos
(Periodista Dávalos)
Carolina Ramírez as Mariele
Carolina Ramírez
Ilja Rosendahl as State Attorney
Ilja Rosendahl
(State Attorney)
Juan Ruíz as Nicolás
Juan Ruíz
Manny Sanz as Maton
Manny Sanz
Andrés Suárez as Capitán Gustavo Esguerra
Andrés Suárez
(Capitán Gustavo Esguerra)
Juan Fernando Sánchez as Paisa
Juan Fernando Sánchez
Paola Tovar as Sara
Paola Tovar
Juan Pablo Urrego as Juan Camilo
Juan Pablo Urrego
(Juan Camilo)
Juan Manuel Diaz as Agente Salgado
Juan Manuel Diaz
(Agente Salgado)
Germán Escallón as Rastrojo
Germán Escallón
José Luis García as Soldado Campos
José Luis García
(Soldado Campos)
Luis Jherver as Medico
Luis Jherver
Pedro Pablo Ochoa
Pedro Pablo Ochoa
Néstor Alfonso Rojas as Armero
Néstor Alfonso Rojas
Roberto Escobar as Skerrett
Roberto Escobar
Riccardo Gabrielli R. as Enfermero
Riccardo Gabrielli R.
Carolina Gonzalez W. as Mujer autógrafo
Carolina Gonzalez W.
(Mujer autógrafo)
Sandra Guzmán
Sandra Guzmán
María Soledad Rodríguez
María Soledad Rodríguez
Luis Felipe Cortés as Policía Renato
Luis Felipe Cortés
(Policía Renato)
Mariana De Cordoba as Mery
Mariana De Cordoba
Ariel Díaz as Bily Pastor
Ariel Díaz
(Bily Pastor)
Maleh Ferrer
Maleh Ferrer
Giovanni Galindo as El Colombiano
Giovanni Galindo
(El Colombiano)
Paulina Gálvez as Mrs. Norton
Paulina Gálvez
(Mrs. Norton)
Vera Mercado
Vera Mercado
Licella Navarro
Licella Navarro
Nicolás Nocceti as Coronel Martínez
Nicolás Nocceti
(Coronel Martínez)
Conrado Osorio as Sargento Connor
Conrado Osorio
(Sargento Connor)
Lucho Velasco
Lucho Velasco
Jimmie Bernal as Steven Brandon
Jimmie Bernal
(Steven Brandon)
George Harrington Butts as Asimov's Man
George Harrington Butts
(Asimov's Man)
Kitty Crystal as Addict
Kitty Crystal
Steven Galarce as Officer Smirnow
Steven Galarce
(Officer Smirnow)
Fernando Gaviria as El Conde
Fernando Gaviria
(El Conde)
Jorge Lemus as Agente Dominguez
Jorge Lemus
(Agente Dominguez)
Peter Lennox as DEA Bodyguard
Peter Lennox
(DEA Bodyguard)
Roberto Marín as Capitán Buque
Roberto Marín
(Capitán Buque)
Jennifer Montague as American Journalist
Jennifer Montague
(American Journalist)
Mark C. Montague as American Journalist
Mark C. Montague
(American Journalist)
Drew Moore as FBI Expert 2
Drew Moore
(FBI Expert 2)
Melissa Navia as Reporter
Melissa Navia
Edvin Ortega as Reporter
Edvin Ortega
Ronja Peters as Grayce Hamlin
Ronja Peters
(Grayce Hamlin)
Juan Rodríguez as José Monteria
Juan Rodríguez
(José Monteria)
Alejandro Tamayo as Teniente de Corberta Díaz
Alejandro Tamayo
(Teniente de Corberta Díaz)
Didier Van den Hove as Pavel Asimov (2014)
Didier Van den Hove
(Pavel Asimov (2014))
Gonzalo Vivanco as Francis
Gonzalo Vivanco

Thumbnails & Trailers


Maho Palang
Maho Palang
Emarate Sarab
Emarate Sarab
Agar Eshgh Mara Bekhanad
Agar Eshgh Mara Bekhanad