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Emperatoor Badha

Emperatoor Badha (2008)

Emperatoor Badha

  • Genres:
    Drama | History | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    10 September 2008
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
    South Korea
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
  • Summary:
    The Story Of the life of king Daemusin, grandson of king Jumong, founder of the kingdom Goguryeo.

Cast & Crew

Yun-a Oh as Hye Ap
Yun-a Oh
(Hye Ap)
Il-guk Song as Daemusin
Il-guk Song
Jeong-won Choi as Princess Yeon
Jeong-won Choi
(Princess Yeon)
Tae-seong Jang as Ma Ro
Tae-seong Jang
(Ma Ro)
Jae-wook Kim as Chu Bal So
Jae-wook Kim
(Chu Bal So)
Sang-wook Park as Gwi Yoo
Sang-wook Park
(Gwi Yoo)
Jin-hie Han as King Daeso
Jin-hie Han
(King Daeso)
Keon-hyeong Park as Do Jin
Keon-hyeong Park
(Do Jin)
Jin-young Jung as King Yuri
Jin-young Jung
(King Yuri)
Hye-ri Kim as Queen Mi Yoo
Hye-ri Kim
(Queen Mi Yoo)
Byeong-ki Kim as Sang Ga
Byeong-ki Kim
(Sang Ga)
Hye-sung Kim as Prince Yeo Jin
Hye-sung Kim
(Prince Yeo Jin)
Sung Mo Jung as Bae Geuk
Sung Mo Jung
(Bae Geuk)
Sang-ho Kim as Ma Hwang
Sang-ho Kim
(Ma Hwang)
Kyu-chul Kim as Myung Jin
Kyu-chul Kim
(Myung Jin)
Myoeng-su Kim as Goo Chu
Myoeng-su Kim
(Goo Chu)
Jeong-hak Park as Sa Goo
Jeong-hak Park
(Sa Goo)
Jeong-eun Lim as Princess Se Ryu
Jeong-eun Lim
(Princess Se Ryu)
Jong-won Lee as Prince Hae Myeong
Jong-won Lee
(Prince Hae Myeong)
Kim Jung Hwa as Yi-Jin
Kim Jung Hwa
Si-young Lee as Yeon-Hwa
Si-young Lee
Gun-Tae Park as Muhyul (Young)
Gun-Tae Park
(Muhyul (Young))

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