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Eshgh Mantegh Entegham

Eshgh Mantegh Entegham (2021)

Eshgh Mantegh Entegham

  • Genres:
    Romance | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    11 June 2021
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    Esra works as a waitress and got bored with the hardships of life and made a marriage with engineer Ozan to change her standard of living. She had to end the marriage when she experienced financial and moral difficulties in this marriage. After the divorce, Ozan opens a software company and becomes very rich. And one day Esra starts to work in this company.

Cast & Crew

Burcu Özberk as Esra Erten (2021)
Burcu Özberk
(Esra Erten (2021))
Ilhan Sen as Ozan Korfali (2021)
Ilhan Sen
(Ozan Korfali (2021))
Burak Yörük as Cinar Yilmaz (2021)
Burak Yörük
(Cinar Yilmaz (2021))
Melisa Döngel as Cagla Yilmaz (2021)
Melisa Döngel
(Cagla Yilmaz (2021))
Mehmet Yilmaz Ak
Mehmet Yilmaz Ak
Suleyman Atanisev as Yalcin (2021)
Suleyman Atanisev
(Yalcin (2021))
Sevda Bas as Zeynep (2021)
Sevda Bas
(Zeynep (2021))
Mehmet Korhan Firat as Ekrem (2021)
Mehmet Korhan Firat
(Ekrem (2021))
Zeynep Kankonde as Menekse (2021)
Zeynep Kankonde
(Menekse (2021))
Günay Karacaoglu as Zumrut (2021)
Günay Karacaoglu
(Zumrut (2021))
Murat Karasu as Arif (2021)
Murat Karasu
(Arif (2021))
Ceren Koç as Elif (2021)
Ceren Koç
(Elif (2021))
Tarik Serbetçioglu
Tarik Serbetçioglu
Sibel Sisman
Sibel Sisman
Birgül Ulusoy as Reyhan (2021)
Birgül Ulusoy
(Reyhan (2021))


Tazeh Aroos
Tazeh Aroos
Eshghe Tajamolati
Eshghe Tajamolati
Kamo Bish Ghanooni
Kamo Bish Ghanooni
Arooshaye Farari
Arooshaye Farari