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Eshghe Orjansi

Eshghe Orjansi (2015)

Eshghe Orjansi

  • Genres:
    Romance | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    15 March 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
    Med Yapim - Medyapim
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    A young doctor named Nisan moves to Istanbul, but she doesn't know that the doctor she is gonna be working with is living in the same building as her. As the story goes on their friendship as well as their love grows. Although Nisan is unbearable sometimes, Sinan sees the good in her and falls in love.

Cast & Crew

Serenay Aktas as Zeynep
Serenay Aktas
Mehmet Celik as Alp
Mehmet Celik
Coraline Chapatte as Hilda
Coraline Chapatte
Alkan Demirlek as Rude driver
Alkan Demirlek
(Rude driver)
Deniz Erayvaz
Deniz Erayvaz
Ada Alize Ertem
Ada Alize Ertem
Zeynep Melis Girsen
Zeynep Melis Girsen
Günes Köksal as Zeynep
Günes Köksal
Gözde Mukavelat as Ozge
Gözde Mukavelat
Umut Tabak as Tamer Tirasoglu
Umut Tabak
(Tamer Tirasoglu)
Elif Verit as Yildiz
Elif Verit
Açelya Özcan as Sevcan
Açelya Özcan
Serhat Teoman as Sinan unknown episodes
Serhat Teoman
(Sinan unknown episodes)
Duygu Yetis as Nisan unknown episodes
Duygu Yetis
(Nisan unknown episodes)
Rojda Demirer as Ayla unknown episodes
Rojda Demirer
(Ayla unknown episodes)
Tamer Tirasoglu as Berzan unknown episodes
Tamer Tirasoglu
(Berzan unknown episodes)
Sinem Uçar as Asuman unknown episodes
Sinem Uçar
(Asuman unknown episodes)
Gökhan Soylu as Murat unknown episodes
Gökhan Soylu
(Murat unknown episodes)
Serkan Öztürk as Malik unknown episodes
Serkan Öztürk
(Malik unknown episodes)
Sedef Sahin as unknown episodes
Sedef Sahin
(unknown episodes)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Rozhe Labe Soorati
Rozhe Labe Soorati
Hezaran Booseh
Hezaran Booseh
Saeid and Shoura
Saeid and Shoura
Eshgh Dar Otaghe Zire Shirvani
Eshgh Dar Otaghe Zire Shirvani
Rismane Eshgh
Rismane Eshgh
Noon Khe 2
Noon Khe 2
Baraye Eshgham Jan Midaham
Baraye Eshgham Jan Midaham