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Eva Luna

Eva Luna (2010)

Eva Luna

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    1 November 2010
  • Broadcast Co:
    Univision Studios - Venevision International - Venevision International - Venevisión
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    44 min
  • Summary:
    Evaluna takes place in Los Angeles, Eva Gonzalez, humble, hardworking girlAnd the beauty that came to the United States with her younger father and sister,Hoping for a better life, he finds true love or Daniel, Daniel in the industryAdvertising, very successful and professional, he is a rich man who took his wife fromHe lost and has a little girl, Daniel's best friend, Leonardo's a womanHe's focused on Eva, Leonardo's sister is engaged to Daniel, Eva's father dies in an accident, and Eva believes that Daniel is behind it. Leonardo exploits this situation to his advantage to keep Eva away from Daniel.

Cast & Crew

Blanca Soto as Eva González
Blanca Soto
(Eva González)
Guy Ecker as Daniel Villanueva
Guy Ecker
(Daniel Villanueva)
Julián Gil as Leonardo 'Leo' Arisméndi
Julián Gil
(Leonardo 'Leo' Arisméndi)
Vanessa Villela as Victoria Arisméndi
Vanessa Villela
(Victoria Arisméndi)
Susana Dosamantes as Marcela Arisméndi
Susana Dosamantes
(Marcela Arisméndi)
Jorge Lavat as Julio Arisméndi
Jorge Lavat
(Julio Arisméndi)
Anna Silvetti as Renata Cuervo
Anna Silvetti
(Renata Cuervo)
Lupita Ferrer as Justa Valdéz
Lupita Ferrer
(Justa Valdéz)
Harry Geithner as Francisco Conti
Harry Geithner
(Francisco Conti)
Franklin Vírgüez as El Gallo
Franklin Vírgüez
(El Gallo)
Sonia Noemí González as Matilde González
Sonia Noemí González
(Matilde González)
Raúl Xiqués as Ricardo Guzmán
Raúl Xiqués
(Ricardo Guzmán)
Sofía Lama as Alicia González
Sofía Lama
(Alicia González)
Frances Ondiviela as Deborah Aldana
Frances Ondiviela
(Deborah Aldana)
Eduardo Ibarrola as Ismael González
Eduardo Ibarrola
(Ismael González)
Carlos Ferro as Carlos Maldonado
Carlos Ferro
(Carlos Maldonado)
José Guillermo Cortines as Bruno Lombardi
José Guillermo Cortines
(Bruno Lombardi)
Alejandro Chabán as Tony Santana
Alejandro Chabán
(Tony Santana)
Leticia Morales as Jackie Ramírez
Leticia Morales
(Jackie Ramírez)
Greidys Gil as Claudia Jiménez
Greidys Gil
(Claudia Jiménez)
Veronica Montes as Maritza Ruiz
Veronica Montes
(Maritza Ruiz)
Jorge Consejo as José Lozano
Jorge Consejo
(José Lozano)
Daniela Schmidt as Marisol Martínez
Daniela Schmidt
(Marisol Martínez)
Carlos Yustis as Tomás Reyes
Carlos Yustis
(Tomás Reyes)
Alberto Salaberry as Giorgio
Alberto Salaberry
Arnaldo Pipke as Damian Manrique
Arnaldo Pipke
(Damian Manrique)
Ana Carolina da Fonseca as Violeta
Ana Carolina da Fonseca
Gabriela Borges as Laura 'Laurita' Villanueva
Gabriela Borges
(Laura 'Laurita' Villanueva)
Christian Vega as Adrián Reyes
Christian Vega
(Adrián Reyes)
Johann Carchidi Abreu as Tony's friend
Johann Carchidi Abreu
(Tony's friend)
Hector Alejandro as Aníbal
Hector Alejandro
Angelica S Alvarez as Model
Angelica S Alvarez
Juan Carlos Antón as Teniente Romero
Juan Carlos Antón
(Teniente Romero)
Caesar Aquino as Police Officer
Caesar Aquino
(Police Officer)
Ernesto Armenta as Thug
Ernesto Armenta
Enrique Arredondo as Detective
Enrique Arredondo
Juan Carlos Baena as Cristóbal Losada
Juan Carlos Baena
(Cristóbal Losada)
Claudia Bedoya as Nurse
Claudia Bedoya
Miriam Benard as Guardia
Miriam Benard
Felipe Betancourt as Thug
Felipe Betancourt
Dianelys Brito as Doctor
Dianelys Brito
Iván Calderón as Seller
Iván Calderón
Rosa Calzadilla as Seller
Rosa Calzadilla
Renato Campilongo as Shop owner
Renato Campilongo
(Shop owner)
Jorge Armando Cardenas as Alexander
Jorge Armando Cardenas
Omar Cardoso as Camera operator
Omar Cardoso
(Camera operator)
Marioxi Castro as Make-up artist
Marioxi Castro
(Make-up artist)
Juan Cepero as Car dealer
Juan Cepero
(Car dealer)
Liz Coleandro as Aurelia
Liz Coleandro
Carlos Cruz as Detective Varela
Carlos Cruz
(Detective Varela)
Dario Dahbar as Police Detective
Dario Dahbar
(Police Detective)
Jen David as Receptionist
Jen David
Samhara Davila as Pregnant Woman
Samhara Davila
(Pregnant Woman)
Danny Debs as Police Officer
Danny Debs
(Police Officer)
Silvia Del Monico as Administrative worker
Silvia Del Monico
(Administrative worker)
José del Río as Doctor
José del Río
Vadhir Derbez as Gerardo
Vadhir Derbez
Adrian Di Monte as Humberto
Adrian Di Monte
Evelyn Diaz as Nurse
Evelyn Diaz
Erwin Dorado as Ronald Falcon
Erwin Dorado
(Ronald Falcon)
Sergio Doré Jr. as Doctor
Sergio Doré Jr.
Tomas Doval as Eugenio
Tomas Doval
Juliana Duque as Student
Juliana Duque
Renzo Espino as Paramedic
Renzo Espino
Omar Fabel as Thug
Omar Fabel
Mario Ivan Fernandez as Company Representative
Mario Ivan Fernandez
(Company Representative)
Cristina Figarola as Profesora Farinas
Cristina Figarola
(Profesora Farinas)
Héctor Fuentes as Detective Reyes
Héctor Fuentes
(Detective Reyes)
Tely Ganas as Professor Rosales
Tely Ganas
(Professor Rosales)
Alis Garcia as Beatriz Castillo
Alis Garcia
(Beatriz Castillo)
Rayner Garranchan as Detective Morales
Rayner Garranchan
(Detective Morales)
Pau Gasol as Self
Pau Gasol
Leonid Gefter as Samuel
Leonid Gefter
Jessica Guadix
Jessica Guadix
Natacha Guerra as Clara
Natacha Guerra
Roberto Guillén as Thug
Roberto Guillén
Jay Gutierrez as Family Friend
Jay Gutierrez
(Family Friend)
Fernando Gálvez as Abogado Rubio
Fernando Gálvez
(Abogado Rubio)
Carlos Mario Gómez as Sound techniques
Carlos Mario Gómez
(Sound techniques)
D'Michael Haas as Policeman
D'Michael Haas
Miriam Henriquez as Doctor
Miriam Henriquez
Guadalupe Hernandez as Jardinero
Guadalupe Hernandez
Enrique Herrera as Father Suarez
Enrique Herrera
(Father Suarez)
Janelys Izquierdo as Doctor
Janelys Izquierdo
Vilma Lander as Secretary
Vilma Lander
Gisselle Legere as Cowgirl
Gisselle Legere
Ronny Litardo as Police Officer
Ronny Litardo
(Police Officer)
Douglas Lopez as Auto Show Enthusiast
Douglas Lopez
(Auto Show Enthusiast)
Eugenio Lopez as Doctor
Eugenio Lopez
Mario Lorenzo as Bar's owner
Mario Lorenzo
(Bar's owner)
Vanessa Lotero as María
Vanessa Lotero
Cindy Luna as Silvana
Cindy Luna
Desiree Martinez as Officer Martinez
Desiree Martinez
(Officer Martinez)
Rocio Martinez as Bar owner
Rocio Martinez
(Bar owner)
Cristina Matos as Secretaria
Cristina Matos
Lina Maya as Maid
Lina Maya
Neal McEldowney as Background Talent
Neal McEldowney
(Background Talent)
Andres Felipe Mejia as Señor Solis
Andres Felipe Mejia
(Señor Solis)
Tamara Melián as Nurse
Tamara Melián
Fidel Pérez Michel as Police Detective
Fidel Pérez Michel
(Police Detective)
Marcos Miranda as Dr. Marcos Garcia
Marcos Miranda
(Dr. Marcos Garcia)
Ernesto Molina as Tiran
Ernesto Molina
Ramon Morell as Dr. Santiago Rivera
Ramon Morell
(Dr. Santiago Rivera)
Claudia Moreno as Owner of the boutique
Claudia Moreno
(Owner of the boutique)
Kary Musa as Rosaura
Kary Musa
Edwin Negron as Pedestrian
Edwin Negron
Julio Ofarril as Judge
Julio Ofarril
Adriana Oliveros as Real Estate Agent
Adriana Oliveros
(Real Estate Agent)
Alexander Otaola as Diego Artiaga
Alexander Otaola
(Diego Artiaga)
Dayami Padrón as Anyris
Dayami Padrón
Carola Parmejano as Police Officer
Carola Parmejano
(Police Officer)
Damian Pastrana as Security
Damian Pastrana
Priscila Perales as Liliana Solís
Priscila Perales
(Liliana Solís)
Alenay Piedra as Nurse
Alenay Piedra
Jorge Luis Portales as Thug
Jorge Luis Portales
Maria Pretelt as Doris
Maria Pretelt
Severino Puente as Judge Gaspar Marquez
Severino Puente
(Judge Gaspar Marquez)
Eduardo Pérez as Joven Julio Arisméndi
Eduardo Pérez
(Joven Julio Arisméndi)
Carlos Pítela as Judge
Carlos Pítela
Jorge Quadreny as Rafael
Jorge Quadreny
Jose Quezada as Rogelio
Jose Quezada
Nanira Quezada as Doctor
Nanira Quezada
Laura S Ramirez as Laura
Laura S Ramirez
Patricia Carolina Ramos as Sabrina
Patricia Carolina Ramos
Marianela Regidor as Gynecologist
Marianela Regidor
Mirta Renee as Vanessa
Mirta Renee
Belgica Reyes as Company Representative
Belgica Reyes
(Company Representative)
Leni Rico as Model
Leni Rico
Jenni Rivera as Self
Jenni Rivera
Gerardo Riverón as Lawyer
Gerardo Riverón
Omar Robau as Officer Rodriguez
Omar Robau
(Officer Rodriguez)
Rafael Robledo as Detective
Rafael Robledo
Marta González Rodin as Lucy
Marta González Rodin
Ginna Rodriguez as Victoria Arismendi Valdéz (Young)
Ginna Rodriguez
(Victoria Arismendi Valdéz (Young))
Yoel Román as Sebastian Acevedo
Yoel Román
(Sebastian Acevedo)
Freddy Rosales as Police Officer
Freddy Rosales
(Police Officer)
Vivian Rubio as Victoria QSE
Vivian Rubio
(Victoria QSE)
Millie Ruperto as Ninoska Fuentes
Millie Ruperto
(Ninoska Fuentes)
Tony Saiz as Photographer
Tony Saiz
David Saltoff as Security Guard
David Saltoff
(Security Guard)
Gladys Sandino as Reporter
Gladys Sandino
Beatriz Shantal as Rita
Beatriz Shantal
Arancha Solís as Marielys
Arancha Solís
Luis Sosa as César Díaz
Luis Sosa
(César Díaz)
Andres Suarez as Student
Andres Suarez
Samir Succar as Eva's driver
Samir Succar
(Eva's driver)
Stephie Torres as Olga
Stephie Torres
Jose Luis Tovar as Police Officer
Jose Luis Tovar
(Police Officer)
Juan Troya as David Basañez
Juan Troya
(David Basañez)
Natalija Ugrina as Wedding Guest
Natalija Ugrina
(Wedding Guest)
Miguel Valdes as Police Officer
Miguel Valdes
(Police Officer)
Luz Adriana Vasquez as Police Officer
Luz Adriana Vasquez
(Police Officer)
Gilbert Peralta Velez as Hot dog vendor
Gilbert Peralta Velez
(Hot dog vendor)
Joseph Velez as Police Officer
Joseph Velez
(Police Officer)
Francisco Villegas as Client
Francisco Villegas
Michel Willard as Representative of the company
Michel Willard
(Representative of the company)
Ramiro 'Ramir' Delgado Ruiz as Wedding guest
Ramiro 'Ramir' Delgado Ruiz
(Wedding guest)
Krystle McMullan as Customer at car dealership
Krystle McMullan
(Customer at car dealership)

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Kalagh Siah
Kalagh Siah
Dastane Ma
Dastane Ma
Bar Sare Dorahi
Bar Sare Dorahi
Hamsar Ya Dardesar
Hamsar Ya Dardesar
Arayeshgah Zahra
Arayeshgah Zahra