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Ghesseye Jazireh

Ghesseye Jazireh (2021)

Ghesseye Jazireh

  • Genres:
    Romance | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    15 June 2021
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    The intersecting paths of Haziran, a city businesswoman, and Poyraz, the handsome and helpful young man of the island, on the Swallow Island. The love that will arise from the disagreements of the two with opposite characters.

Cast & Crew

Ayça Aysin Turan as Haziran
Ayça Aysin Turan
Alp Navruz as Poyraz
Alp Navruz
Nihan Büyükagaç as Selma
Nihan Büyükagaç
Ipek Tenolcay as Zeynep
Ipek Tenolcay
Bülent Çolak as Gorkem
Bülent Çolak
Bedia Ener as Bahar
Bedia Ener
Beril Pozam as Idil
Beril Pozam
Cem Kenar as Hakan
Cem Kenar
Merve Nur Bengi as Melisa
Merve Nur Bengi
Rami Narin as Alper
Rami Narin
Fatih Yücebag as Sadik
Fatih Yücebag
Özge Demirtel as Biricik
Özge Demirtel
Mesut Özkeçeci as Doygun
Mesut Özkeçeci
Eylül Ersöz as Nehir
Eylül Ersöz
Bensu Begovic as Duygu
Bensu Begovic
Eren Devrim as Mert
Eren Devrim
Mustafa Aran as Burak
Mustafa Aran

Thumbnails & Trailers


Dorooghe shirine man
Dorooghe shirine man
Ghavi del
Ghavi del
Shookhi Kardam
Shookhi Kardam
Booye Tootfarangi
Booye Tootfarangi
Dokhtare Choopan
Dokhtare Choopan
Majaraheye Nokdu
Majaraheye Nokdu