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Godal (2017)


  • Genres:
    Action | Crime | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    23 October 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    Ay Yapim
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    Çukur, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Istanbul, is ruled by the Koçova family. Although they are closely related to crime, the family has its own rules. One of these rules is the prohibition of drugs. Drugs cannot be produced, used or sold in Çukur. But one of the upstarts is determined to break the ban. First he tries to negotiate with the Koçova's but when his request is rejected he attacks the neighborhood and the family with his power. Just as he thinks that he has put the family on their knees something unpredicted comes up. Now the cards need to be dealt again. Yamaç is a young man who has focused himself on living life the way he wants to. He's a man who doesn't think about tomorrow. One night he meets a beautiful young woman as wounded and dangerous as himself. Her name is Sena. Soon they fall in love and get married. While thinking that they would live "happily ever after", Yamaç's family that he believed he had left behind comes between them. As Sena follows Yamaç and runs in the family, they are not aware that their lives will never be the same.

Cast & Crew

Aras Bulut Iynemli as Yamaç Koçovali
Aras Bulut Iynemli
(Yamaç Koçovali)
Erkan Kolçak Köstendil as Vartolu Saadettin
Erkan Kolçak Köstendil
(Vartolu Saadettin)
Öner Erkan as Selim Koçovali
Öner Erkan
(Selim Koçovali)
Perihan Savas as Sultan Koçovali
Perihan Savas
(Sultan Koçovali)
Riza Kocaoglu as Aliço
Riza Kocaoglu
Kubilay Aka as Celasun
Kubilay Aka
Mustafa Kirantepe as Medet
Mustafa Kirantepe
Kadir Çermik as Emmi
Kadir Çermik
Cem Uslu as Metin
Cem Uslu
Ertugrul Aytaç Usun as Meke
Ertugrul Aytaç Usun
Boncuk Yilmaz as Saadet
Boncuk Yilmaz
Irem Altug as Ayse Yilmaz
Irem Altug
(Ayse Yilmaz)
Ece Yasar as Karaca Koçovali
Ece Yasar
(Karaca Koçovali)
Ugur Yildiran as Kemal
Ugur Yildiran
Ercan Kesal as Idris Koçovali
Ercan Kesal
(Idris Koçovali)
Dilan Çiçek Deniz as Sena Koçovali
Dilan Çiçek Deniz
(Sena Koçovali)
Ilayda Alisan as Aksin
Ilayda Alisan
Volkan Kiran as Salim
Volkan Kiran
Alp Demiray as Ecevit
Alp Demiray
Necip Memili as Cumali Koçovali
Necip Memili
(Cumali Koçovali)
Halil Tekes as Ferdi
Halil Tekes
Mahmut Kotan as Mahmut
Mahmut Kotan
Metehan Özcan as Keçi
Metehan Özcan
Berkay Ates as Mahsun
Berkay Ates
Çagri Atakan as Remzi
Çagri Atakan
Nebil Sayin as Muhittin
Nebil Sayin
Zeynep Kumral as Nedret Koçovali
Zeynep Kumral
(Nedret Koçovali)
Çetin Sarikartal as Pasa
Çetin Sarikartal
Hare Sürel as Damla
Hare Sürel
Alp Çoker as Avni
Alp Çoker
Cihangir Ceyhan as Azer Kurtulus
Cihangir Ceyhan
(Azer Kurtulus)
Sinan Yoslun as Meke's Man
Sinan Yoslun
(Meke's Man)
Erkan Avci as Çeto
Erkan Avci
Burak Dakak as Akin Koçovali
Burak Dakak
(Akin Koçovali)
Alperen Azman as Alperen
Alperen Azman
Firat Coskun as Karakuzu Man 1
Firat Coskun
(Karakuzu Man 1)
Hazal Subasi as Nehir
Hazal Subasi
Damla Sönmez as Efsun
Damla Sönmez
Tansu Biçer as Yücel
Tansu Biçer
Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar as Nazim
Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar
Göksen Ates as Yildiz
Göksen Ates
Ahmet Senkaya as Ferhat
Ahmet Senkaya
Özgür Sahin as Karakuzu Man 3
Özgür Sahin
(Karakuzu Man 3)
Burak Sergen as Baykal
Burak Sergen
Ahmet Melih Yilmaz as Timsah Celil
Ahmet Melih Yilmaz
(Timsah Celil)
Senay Gürler as Meliha Sancakli
Senay Gürler
(Meliha Sancakli)
Beste Kanar as Deren
Beste Kanar
Halil Babür as Veysel
Halil Babür
Yigit Yalkin as Ahmet
Yigit Yalkin
Alperen Duymaz as Emrah
Alperen Duymaz
Dogan Can Sarikaya as Acar Koçovali
Dogan Can Sarikaya
(Acar Koçovali)
Cem Söküt as Yilmaz
Cem Söküt
Ibrahim Kiliç as Bahadir
Ibrahim Kiliç
Tolga Sala as Cemil
Tolga Sala
Dursun Celil Cephe as Zülfü
Dursun Celil Cephe
Elif Dogan as Hale
Elif Dogan
Mehmet Yilmaz Ak as Ersoy
Mehmet Yilmaz Ak
Nur Sürer as Fadik
Nur Sürer
Ebru Üstüntas as Güzide
Ebru Üstüntas
Serhat Özcan as Uluç
Serhat Özcan
Ramin Nazir as Lal Findik
Ramin Nazir
(Lal Findik)
Sarven Çankar as Mete
Sarven Çankar
Erman Bacak as Senol
Erman Bacak
Emrullah Cakay as Fatih
Emrullah Cakay
Ipek Türktan as Hatice
Ipek Türktan
Ali Polat as Idris Bebek
Ali Polat
(Idris Bebek)
Nejat Isler as Çagatay Erdenet
Nejat Isler
(Çagatay Erdenet)
Ferit Kaya as Murtaza
Ferit Kaya
Bilen Bilmen as Ali
Bilen Bilmen
Müslüm Sert as Azer's Brother
Müslüm Sert
(Azer's Brother)
Ilhami Arslan as Kahveci Hasan
Ilhami Arslan
(Kahveci Hasan)
Hüseyin Akyüz as Child Vartolu
Hüseyin Akyüz
(Child Vartolu)
Onur Yar as Cüneyt
Onur Yar
Orkun Huylu as Sülüman
Orkun Huylu
Lorin Merhart as Kutay
Lorin Merhart
Sezer Yildirim as Nejat
Sezer Yildirim
Doruk Nalbantoglu as Isa
Doruk Nalbantoglu
Muttalip Mujdeci as Ziya
Muttalip Mujdeci
Muhammed Cangören as Resit Feyzullah
Muhammed Cangören
(Resit Feyzullah)
Ilkay Akdagli as Nedim
Ilkay Akdagli
Meral Çetinkaya as Makbule
Meral Çetinkaya
Aylin Engör as Cennet
Aylin Engör
Salih Kalyon as Yavuz
Salih Kalyon
Gizem Ergün as Duygu
Gizem Ergün
Metin Coskun as Baytar Selami
Metin Coskun
(Baytar Selami)
Roy Fistikçi as Çagatay's Man
Roy Fistikçi
(Çagatay's Man)
Cemal Dogan as Koruma
Cemal Dogan
Canan Yalçinkaya as Zehra
Canan Yalçinkaya
Ilkcan Eler as Azer's Sister
Ilkcan Eler
(Azer's Sister)
Turgut Tuncalp as Kasim
Turgut Tuncalp
Elif Baysal as Mahsun's Mother
Elif Baysal
(Mahsun's Mother)
Gökay Müftüoglu as Prison Director
Gökay Müftüoglu
(Prison Director)
Gamze Dar as Mihriban
Gamze Dar
Bora Kirkim as Tekin
Bora Kirkim
Turgay Korkmaz as Guardian
Turgay Korkmaz
Arda Aranat as Efe
Arda Aranat
Seda Keskol as Yücel's Wife
Seda Keskol
(Yücel's Wife)
M. Salih Gönültas as Bekir
M. Salih Gönültas
Ferhat Isiktas as Ömer
Ferhat Isiktas
Aydin Genç as Prison Director
Aydin Genç
(Prison Director)
Eren Sahin as Azer's Brother
Eren Sahin
(Azer's Brother)
Onur Sahin as Azer's Brother
Onur Sahin
(Azer's Brother)
Nazim Sen as Baykal Koruma
Nazim Sen
(Baykal Koruma)
Dogan Çetiner as Bulgar
Dogan Çetiner
Ali Savasçi as Fahri
Ali Savasçi
Emel Dede as Aylin
Emel Dede
Selen Uçer as Ezgi
Selen Uçer
Cüneyt Yalaz as Mehmet Ali
Cüneyt Yalaz
(Mehmet Ali)
Hüseyin Soysalan as Feyyaz
Hüseyin Soysalan
Defne Koldas as Senem
Defne Koldas
Berk Pamir as Child Yamaç Koçovali
Berk Pamir
(Child Yamaç Koçovali)
Ercan Özdal as Young Idris Koçovali
Ercan Özdal
(Young Idris Koçovali)
Hilal Kizildag as Sedef
Hilal Kizildag
Ahmet Bagdatli as Sedat
Ahmet Bagdatli
Tankut Yildiz as Zafer
Tankut Yildiz
Timuçin Basgül as Sermet
Timuçin Basgül
Caner Yasin Bulut as Child 3
Caner Yasin Bulut
(Child 3)
Berat Korkmaz as Child 4
Berat Korkmaz
(Child 4)
Baris Göynüsen as Guardian
Baris Göynüsen
Yurdaer Tosun as Armutlu Manager
Yurdaer Tosun
(Armutlu Manager)
Deniz Hiracan as Azer's Sister
Deniz Hiracan
(Azer's Sister)
Hamza Alçiçek as Police
Hamza Alçiçek
Ates Tuncer as Laz
Ates Tuncer
Umut Sari as Karakuzu Man 4
Umut Sari
(Karakuzu Man 4)
Mehmet Bozdogan as Kumburgazli Serdar
Mehmet Bozdogan
(Kumburgazli Serdar)
Sinem Karel Gürtekin as Young Sultan Koçovali
Sinem Karel Gürtekin
(Young Sultan Koçovali)
Ecrin Mogultay as Child Saadet
Ecrin Mogultay
(Child Saadet)
Eray Ertüren as Cihangir
Eray Ertüren
Firat Kaymak as Savas Kurtulus
Firat Kaymak
(Savas Kurtulus)
Fatih Altun Yayla as Celal
Fatih Altun Yayla
Emre Mutlu as Mustafa
Emre Mutlu
Yigit Çakir as Cem
Yigit Çakir
Ugurcan Güngör as Oguz
Ugurcan Güngör
Erçin Sicakkan as Münir
Erçin Sicakkan
Hikmet Karagöz as Abdullah
Hikmet Karagöz
Sermet Yesil as Halil
Sermet Yesil
Berat Ali Onat as Child Yamaç Koçovali
Berat Ali Onat
(Child Yamaç Koçovali)
Burcu Gölgedar as Girl
Burcu Gölgedar
Kerem Sarp Esen as Child Selim Koçovali
Kerem Sarp Esen
(Child Selim Koçovali)
Burak Can Dogan as Reha
Burak Can Dogan
Ismail Açil as Daghan
Ismail Açil
Yücel Kelebek as Fazli
Yücel Kelebek
Uluç Ata Tansoy as German Children
Uluç Ata Tansoy
(German Children)
Firat Kadir Bal as Ates
Firat Kadir Bal
Nazmi Kirik as Yunus
Nazmi Kirik
Zuhal Güven as Seniye
Zuhal Güven
Kadircan Karakis as Recep
Kadircan Karakis
Folke Paulsen as Hans Zimmerman
Folke Paulsen
(Hans Zimmerman)
Serdar Uzkan as Bulgar Patron
Serdar Uzkan
(Bulgar Patron)
Ceylin Özgül as Melek
Ceylin Özgül
Remziye Elif Yilmaz as Fatma
Remziye Elif Yilmaz
Yagmur Bayram as Yücel's Girl
Yagmur Bayram
(Yücel's Girl)
Gamze Apaydin as Lawyer Yesim
Gamze Apaydin
(Lawyer Yesim)
Habib Özdemir as Gürel
Habib Özdemir
Hakan Oztas as Lawyer
Hakan Oztas
Zafer Arslan as Doctor
Zafer Arslan
Irem Sövütçü as Havva
Irem Sövütçü
Nurcan Çalisir as Foreman Woman
Nurcan Çalisir
(Foreman Woman)
Ayhan Civan as Council Member
Ayhan Civan
(Council Member)
Erdogan Bilen as Council Member
Erdogan Bilen
(Council Member)
Kahraman Tayfur as Council Member
Kahraman Tayfur
(Council Member)
Adnan Zaman as Council Member
Adnan Zaman
(Council Member)
Erdal Arslanyilmaz as Guardian
Erdal Arslanyilmaz
Zeki Cemil Tatar as Doctor
Zeki Cemil Tatar
Bilgecan Göker as Feride
Bilgecan Göker
Bülent Polat as Yücel
Bülent Polat
Cihad Balaban as Bulgar
Cihad Balaban
Sevgi Yongaci as Ferda
Sevgi Yongaci
Murat Ürek as Bulgarian Man Yellow
Murat Ürek
(Bulgarian Man Yellow)
Fatih Karabulut as Mahkum
Fatih Karabulut
Ayberk Biniciler as Sadi's Man
Ayberk Biniciler
(Sadi's Man)
Mustafa Üstündag as Kahraman Koçovali
Mustafa Üstündag
(Kahraman Koçovali)
Saygin Soysal as Elvis
Saygin Soysal
Kadir Çelik as Edip
Kadir Çelik
Cem Baza as Seyfettin Kadi
Cem Baza
(Seyfettin Kadi)
Hakan Eke as Barmen
Hakan Eke
Ilgaz Kocatürk as Halil
Ilgaz Kocatürk
Azer Selte as Sadi
Azer Selte
Ali Alkin Aydin as Bekir
Ali Alkin Aydin
Feridun Bozdeveci as Garson
Feridun Bozdeveci
Hasan Çinar Tercan as Child Mahsun
Hasan Çinar Tercan
(Child Mahsun)
Seyma Burcu Gül as Isa Wife
Seyma Burcu Gül
(Isa Wife)
Mert Yavuzcan as Anil
Mert Yavuzcan
Arda Kavaklioglu as Necati
Arda Kavaklioglu
Selin Deveci as Lana
Selin Deveci
Inan Yilmaz as Muzaffer
Inan Yilmaz
Elif Erdal as Emre's Mother
Elif Erdal
(Emre's Mother)
Serdar Kulmaç as Salih's Friend
Serdar Kulmaç
(Salih's Friend)
Menderes Samancilar as Kadir Canseven
Menderes Samancilar
(Kadir Canseven)
Cahit Berkay as Orhan
Cahit Berkay
Ahmet Dizdaroglu as Fake Baykal
Ahmet Dizdaroglu
(Fake Baykal)
Ilayda Uzun as Derya
Ilayda Uzun
Hande Elaman as Seyhan
Hande Elaman
Selim Aygün as Oynakçi Patron
Selim Aygün
(Oynakçi Patron)
Hayati Akbas as Çizgili Kenan
Hayati Akbas
(Çizgili Kenan)
Mehmet Kiymaz as Azer's Man
Mehmet Kiymaz
(Azer's Man)
Zübeyir Arzupinar as Mustafa
Zübeyir Arzupinar
Erol Yavan as Chief of Police
Erol Yavan
(Chief of Police)
Can Kiziltug as Dogukan
Can Kiziltug
Mehmet Fatih Türkay as Afgan
Mehmet Fatih Türkay
Özkan Ayalp as Nadir
Özkan Ayalp
Derya Peltek as Girl
Derya Peltek
Hakan Erdil as Doctor
Hakan Erdil
Ali Burak Palabiyik as Eser
Ali Burak Palabiyik
Hakverdi Biber as Cerrah
Hakverdi Biber
Fatih Muti as Vedat
Fatih Muti
Ihsan Gül as Damat
Ihsan Gül
Onur Saylak as Veli Cevher
Onur Saylak
(Veli Cevher)
Ali Sürmeli as Cansiz
Ali Sürmeli
Turgut Özdemir as Bashekim
Turgut Özdemir
Deniz Yaser Taskesen as Kahraman Baby
Deniz Yaser Taskesen
(Kahraman Baby)
Volkan Türeli as Cemil
Volkan Türeli
Ahmet Eren Köse as Child 1
Ahmet Eren Köse
(Child 1)
Ömer Yazici as Bilardocu Adam
Ömer Yazici
(Bilardocu Adam)
Eren Söylemez as Child Çeto
Eren Söylemez
(Child Çeto)
Ogulcan Inal as Çukur Genç
Ogulcan Inal
(Çukur Genç)
Anil Kandir as Child 2
Anil Kandir
(Child 2)
Yigitcan Tarakçi as Seyfettin Kadi's Son
Yigitcan Tarakçi
(Seyfettin Kadi's Son)
Erman Tinmaz as Bar Boss
Erman Tinmaz
(Bar Boss)
Emre Bolat as Mehmet
Emre Bolat
Murat Çiçek as Kiralik
Murat Çiçek
Celal Biyikli as Rahim
Celal Biyikli
Serdar Kütük as Baykal Man
Serdar Kütük
(Baykal Man)
Volkan Çetinkaya as Bülent
Volkan Çetinkaya
Abdullah Demirkol as Serkan
Abdullah Demirkol
Irmak Inci as Emre's Sister
Irmak Inci
(Emre's Sister)
Dinç Sarikaya as Udi
Dinç Sarikaya
Ali Talha Gürbüz as Child Yücel
Ali Talha Gürbüz
(Child Yücel)
Ugur Deniz Yuka as Captain
Ugur Deniz Yuka
Kader Karadeniz as Yücel's Mother
Kader Karadeniz
(Yücel's Mother)
Cüneyt Sen as Ahmet
Cüneyt Sen
Cengiz Bektas as Zübeyir
Cengiz Bektas
Nuray Serefoglu as Serkan's mother
Nuray Serefoglu
(Serkan's mother)
Zeynep Turpçu as Akin's Lawyer
Zeynep Turpçu
(Akin's Lawyer)
Dogan Baris Yasar as Victor
Dogan Baris Yasar
Murat Diker as Patron
Murat Diker
Seckin Arsiman as Serkan's Father
Seckin Arsiman
(Serkan's Father)
Müjdat Türkel as Bülent's Man
Müjdat Türkel
(Bülent's Man)
Erdal Parmaksizoglu as Guard
Erdal Parmaksizoglu
Deniz Demircan as Azer's Sister
Deniz Demircan
(Azer's Sister)
Ertan Gul as Infirmary Doctor
Ertan Gul
(Infirmary Doctor)
Mehmet Ali Ayanoglu as Officer
Mehmet Ali Ayanoglu
Okan Elis as Garson
Okan Elis
Kobra Murat as Kobra Murat
Kobra Murat
(Kobra Murat)
Sadettin Kanpalta as Sükrü
Sadettin Kanpalta
Suna Sancaktar as Düriye
Suna Sancaktar
Kaan Yabas as Macir
Kaan Yabas
Olcay Köseoglu as Hasta Bakici
Olcay Köseoglu
(Hasta Bakici)
Sivan Akpinar as Vartolu's Man 1
Sivan Akpinar
(Vartolu's Man 1)
Nalan Olcayalp as Cemil's Mother
Nalan Olcayalp
(Cemil's Mother)
Enes Kurt as Vartolu's Man 3
Enes Kurt
(Vartolu's Man 3)
Ali Güner as Kahveci Muharrem
Ali Güner
(Kahveci Muharrem)
Kayhan Pinç as Vartolu's Man 2
Kayhan Pinç
(Vartolu's Man 2)
Turgut Eryilmaz as Çukur'un Adami
Turgut Eryilmaz
(Çukur'un Adami)
Halis Karatas as Halis Karatas
Halis Karatas
(Halis Karatas)
Haldun Dormen as Sanar Benlidere
Haldun Dormen
(Sanar Benlidere)
Tibet Tore as Firat
Tibet Tore
Cüneyt Özen as Pavyon Patron
Cüneyt Özen
(Pavyon Patron)
Ugur Aslan as Emir
Ugur Aslan
Bülent Ersoy as Bülent Ersoy
Bülent Ersoy
(Bülent Ersoy)
Berkay Sanveren as Child 1
Berkay Sanveren
(Child 1)
Bahadir Çali as Hamit
Bahadir Çali
Özlem Türay as Emir Wife
Özlem Türay
(Emir Wife)
Yuksel Molla as Savas
Yuksel Molla
Tuncay Çagil as At Hirsizi Adam
Tuncay Çagil
(At Hirsizi Adam)
Hilal Simsek as Sedef
Hilal Simsek
Berhan Tasdelen as Aykut
Berhan Tasdelen
Nezih Cihan Aksoy as Eser
Nezih Cihan Aksoy
Muhammet Ali Gülcan as Morg Görevlisi
Muhammet Ali Gülcan
(Morg Görevlisi)
Resit Berker Enhos as Doctor Özgür
Resit Berker Enhos
(Doctor Özgür)
Mehmet Güler as Old Süleyman
Mehmet Güler
(Old Süleyman)
Köknar Tezay as Köknar
Köknar Tezay
Sevinç Erol as Emel
Sevinç Erol
Alara Turan as Songül
Alara Turan
Aysun Balli as Nurse
Aysun Balli
Yigit Alp Karadayi as Young Cumali Koçovali
Yigit Alp Karadayi
(Young Cumali Koçovali)
Levent Tasci as Doctor
Levent Tasci
Ali Yilmaz as Ersoy Doctor
Ali Yilmaz
(Ersoy Doctor)
Berkcan Çakar as Young Mahsun
Berkcan Çakar
(Young Mahsun)
Gökhan Aktepe as Hakan
Gökhan Aktepe
Berk Ali Çatal as Sercan
Berk Ali Çatal
Muzaffer Akin as Captain
Muzaffer Akin
Mehmet Can Akça as Young Çeto
Mehmet Can Akça
(Young Çeto)
Selçuk Bagca as Altin Disli Adam
Selçuk Bagca
(Altin Disli Adam)
Zafer Gokcek as Nevzat
Zafer Gokcek
Nedim Kuru as Karakuzu Man 1
Nedim Kuru
(Karakuzu Man 1)
Nida Ates as Mehmet
Nida Ates
Ali Uysal as Young Emmi
Ali Uysal
(Young Emmi)
Gülsah Yavuz as Çukur Girl
Gülsah Yavuz
(Çukur Girl)
Ömer Çobanoglu as Paper Boy
Ömer Çobanoglu
(Paper Boy)
Serdal Coskun as Lunaparkçi
Serdal Coskun
Gülçin Hatihan as Fidan
Gülçin Hatihan
Enes Özdelice as Young Kahraman Koçovali
Enes Özdelice
(Young Kahraman Koçovali)
Alp Alptekin as Young Ersoy
Alp Alptekin
(Young Ersoy)
Ömer Baris as Keke
Ömer Baris
Zeki Eke as Doctor
Zeki Eke
Ergun Tas as Yavuz
Ergun Tas
Yahya Bekir Temiz as Karakuzu Man 2
Yahya Bekir Temiz
(Karakuzu Man 2)
Bülent Onur as Semih
Bülent Onur
Sevkan Soylu as Paper Boy
Sevkan Soylu
(Paper Boy)
Batuhan Bozkurt Yüzgüleç as Emre
Batuhan Bozkurt Yüzgüleç
Cem Adrian as Cem
Cem Adrian
Vedat Karatas as Mahalleli
Vedat Karatas
Murat Sahan as Baloncu
Murat Sahan
Nuri Çakir as Imam
Nuri Çakir
Seda Bozkurt as Nurse
Seda Bozkurt
Yasar Kurt as Ziya
Yasar Kurt
Ali Muslukçu as Karakuzu Man 3
Ali Muslukçu
(Karakuzu Man 3)
Yusuf Sidal as Child
Yusuf Sidal
Bugrahan Çayir as Erkan
Bugrahan Çayir
Yigit Çetindag as Child Emrah
Yigit Çetindag
(Child Emrah)
Ercan Örs as Father
Ercan Örs
Fayat Budak as Mithat's nephew
Fayat Budak
(Mithat's nephew)
Sabiha Hüma Cinkiliç as Öykü
Sabiha Hüma Cinkiliç
Sefa Köksal as Garson
Sefa Köksal
Ayse Türkçe as Vakif Görevlisi Kadin
Ayse Türkçe
(Vakif Görevlisi Kadin)
Rüzgar Diricanli as Emir's Child
Rüzgar Diricanli
(Emir's Child)
Vedat Erincin as Haydar
Vedat Erincin
Ersen Ocak as Çukur Genç
Ersen Ocak
(Çukur Genç)
Emre Furkan Bulut as Dere Kahve Çirak
Emre Furkan Bulut
(Dere Kahve Çirak)
Ercan Rasit Demir as Pezevenk Hamdi
Ercan Rasit Demir
(Pezevenk Hamdi)
Cihat Akaydin as Doctor
Cihat Akaydin
Hanifi Ates as Hurdaci
Hanifi Ates
Murat Bölücek as Sarhos
Murat Bölücek
Eray Erbas as Pasa's Apprentice
Eray Erbas
(Pasa's Apprentice)
Ihsan Çetinkaya as Kadin Saticisi
Ihsan Çetinkaya
(Kadin Saticisi)
Ahmet Albayrak as Prison Director
Ahmet Albayrak
(Prison Director)
Yücel Tunca as Attorney
Yücel Tunca
Basil Abdunnur as Çukur Genç
Basil Abdunnur
(Çukur Genç)
Ugur Pektezel as Çagatay's Man 2
Ugur Pektezel
(Çagatay's Man 2)
Ali Atakan Sonmez as Child Akin Koçovali
Ali Atakan Sonmez
(Child Akin Koçovali)
Berna Lina Özkan as Emir's Child
Berna Lina Özkan
(Emir's Child)
Berrak Suberk as Child Aksin Koçovali
Berrak Suberk
(Child Aksin Koçovali)
Halil Biyik as Guard
Halil Biyik
Alper Kalim
Alper Kalim
Bülent Sakman as Kurtulan Afgan Adam
Bülent Sakman
(Kurtulan Afgan Adam)
Adnan Sur as Sarhos Man
Adnan Sur
(Sarhos Man)
Zehra Neslihan Sur as Halil's Wife
Zehra Neslihan Sur
(Halil's Wife)
Bülent Tapici as Dolphin Police
Bülent Tapici
(Dolphin Police)
Taylan Yildiz as Kimyager
Taylan Yildiz
Görkem Özden as Child 1
Görkem Özden
(Child 1)
Serdar Recep Öztekin as Doctor
Serdar Recep Öztekin
Okan Efe Öztoprak as Child
Okan Efe Öztoprak
Nevzer Tugçe Gülhan as Yesim
Nevzer Tugçe Gülhan
Ali Ercan Gonültas as Enver
Ali Ercan Gonültas
Cemre Zisan Sagbir as Child Karaca Koçovali
Cemre Zisan Sagbir
(Child Karaca Koçovali)
Aydogan Akdemir as Child's Father
Aydogan Akdemir
(Child's Father)
Onur Sencer Akinci as Hasta Bakici 1
Onur Sencer Akinci
(Hasta Bakici 1)
Bedrettin Aydin as Finans Sirketi Güvenlik
Bedrettin Aydin
(Finans Sirketi Güvenlik)
Bartu Bedirhan as Child 2
Bartu Bedirhan
(Child 2)
Hülya Civgin as Müsteri
Hülya Civgin
Seracattin Gozukucuk as Celasun's Father
Seracattin Gozukucuk
(Celasun's Father)
Yalcin Kaya as Koruma 2
Yalcin Kaya
(Koruma 2)
Taskin Kiliç
Taskin Kiliç
Fatih Payat as Necip
Fatih Payat
Cem Sahin as Vartolu Man
Cem Sahin
(Vartolu Man)
Ömer Çetin as Servet
Ömer Çetin
Zübeyir Aslan as Mustafa
Zübeyir Aslan
Özgür Korkmaz as Özgür
Özgür Korkmaz
Sevinc Mese as Sena Benzer
Sevinc Mese
(Sena Benzer)
Berka Makas as Garson
Berka Makas
Serkan Halil Özberk as Hasta Bakici
Serkan Halil Özberk
(Hasta Bakici)
Atakan Dönmez as Child Akin Koçovali
Atakan Dönmez
(Child Akin Koçovali)
Yusuf Yetkin as Teyfik
Yusuf Yetkin
Ahmet Akdogan as Rahman
Ahmet Akdogan
Mehmet Hakan Bostanci as Taxi driver
Mehmet Hakan Bostanci
(Taxi driver)
Vural Ceylan as Recep
Vural Ceylan
Oktay Dal as The relatives of the patient
Oktay Dal
(The relatives of the patient)
Volkan Erol as Torbaci
Volkan Erol
Ismail Kabali as Coskun
Ismail Kabali
Ergin Torun as Child 3
Ergin Torun
(Child 3)
Ahmet Riza Yilmaz as Halil's Son
Ahmet Riza Yilmaz
(Halil's Son)
Hakan Öztop as Refik
Hakan Öztop
Pinar Alçinkaya as Fahri's Wife
Pinar Alçinkaya
(Fahri's Wife)
Emine Filiz Hizarci as Guardian
Emine Filiz Hizarci
Nuriye Samlioglu as Sercan's Mother
Nuriye Samlioglu
(Sercan's Mother)
Özcan Akman as Owner
Özcan Akman
Nevzat Yilmaz as Ayhan
Nevzat Yilmaz
Tülay Ünay Agyol as Doctor
Tülay Ünay Agyol
Orhan Bozkurt as Mithat
Orhan Bozkurt
Göksel Dikmen as Hasta Bakici 2
Göksel Dikmen
(Hasta Bakici 2)
Mehmet Gelisen as Güvenlik Görevlisi
Mehmet Gelisen
(Güvenlik Görevlisi)
Mertcan Gündüz as Vartolu (12 Years Old)
Mertcan Gündüz
(Vartolu (12 Years Old))
Serkan Ipek as Hurdaci Mustafa
Serkan Ipek
(Hurdaci Mustafa)
Hüseyin Tunçer as Villa Güvenlik
Hüseyin Tunçer
(Villa Güvenlik)
Eren Yerlikaya as Garson
Eren Yerlikaya
Erdem Çaliskan as Hasta Bakici 3
Erdem Çaliskan
(Hasta Bakici 3)
Berk Balci as Lawyer
Berk Balci
Sahin Genç as Shop owner
Sahin Genç
(Shop owner)
Günes Atilla Peköz as Hakim
Günes Atilla Peköz
Tahsin Çaliskan as Old Man
Tahsin Çaliskan
(Old Man)
Mediha Aydin as Prison Director
Mediha Aydin
(Prison Director)
Maksat Sallatov as Türkmen
Maksat Sallatov
Taha Eren Özcan as Resepsiyonist
Taha Eren Özcan
Mehmet Yücel Özkal as Emniyet Müdür
Mehmet Yücel Özkal
(Emniyet Müdür)
Hüseyin Bal as Vartolu Man
Hüseyin Bal
(Vartolu Man)
Hamza Selim Dalga as Metin's Child
Hamza Selim Dalga
(Metin's Child)
Emircan Gökçek as Yarali Garip
Emircan Gökçek
(Yarali Garip)
Emre Orham
Emre Orham
Nilüfer Sentürk as KK Doctor
Nilüfer Sentürk
(KK Doctor)
Erol Serter as Galip
Erol Serter
Aydin Seyyar as Nuri
Aydin Seyyar
Bekir Hakan Uyanik as Hapishane Müdürü
Bekir Hakan Uyanik
(Hapishane Müdürü)
Ceylan Özgül as Melek
Ceylan Özgül
Esad Abdaloglu as Barmen
Esad Abdaloglu
Abdulkadir Kaynak as Hamit's Friend
Abdulkadir Kaynak
(Hamit's Friend)
Ibrahim Onur Saraçoglu as Daghan's Man
Ibrahim Onur Saraçoglu
(Daghan's Man)
Fatma Nilgün Özgüven as Remzi's Mother
Fatma Nilgün Özgüven
(Remzi's Mother)
Furkan Alpcan as Little Brother
Furkan Alpcan
(Little Brother)
Mevlüde Karatas as Woman Prisoner
Mevlüde Karatas
(Woman Prisoner)
Ulas Çinar Uybas as Child 1
Ulas Çinar Uybas
(Child 1)
Ergun Metin as Latif
Ergun Metin
Tülay Kaba as Nurse
Tülay Kaba
Yüksel Macit as Nazim's Secretary
Yüksel Macit
(Nazim's Secretary)
Sahin Palasallar as Guardian
Sahin Palasallar
Gülsen Sen as The girl child
Gülsen Sen
(The girl child)
Kubilay Ören as Zabita
Kubilay Ören
Nail Andaç as Imam
Nail Andaç
Muhammed Baktas as Liman Görevlisi
Muhammed Baktas
(Liman Görevlisi)
Sedat Develik as Kahveci
Sedat Develik
Melih Duzenli as Hulusi
Melih Duzenli
Bülent Ergün as Fisherman
Bülent Ergün
Levent Gün as Kadir's Friend
Levent Gün
(Kadir's Friend)
Gürkan Kaçar as KK Doctor
Gürkan Kaçar
(KK Doctor)
Mine Soydan as Çukur Girl
Mine Soydan
(Çukur Girl)
Mutlu Tasev as Mutlu
Mutlu Tasev
Leyla Yilmaz as Shop Owner wife
Leyla Yilmaz
(Shop Owner wife)
Gönül Zabrak as Neighbor Woman
Gönül Zabrak
(Neighbor Woman)
Gürsel Öztürk as Godfather
Gürsel Öztürk
Engin Ünal as Garson Memo
Engin Ünal
(Garson Memo)
Bahadir Ünlü as Uluç's Man
Bahadir Ünlü
(Uluç's Man)
Hilmi Ergul as Big Brother
Hilmi Ergul
(Big Brother)
Emrah Hamsioglu as Doctor
Emrah Hamsioglu
Berceste Kitapçi as Doctor
Berceste Kitapçi
Baran Sengül as Child 2
Baran Sengül
(Child 2)
Hakan Alagöz as Berkun
Hakan Alagöz
Sadi Aymutlu as Çolak Man
Sadi Aymutlu
(Çolak Man)
Süleyman Emre Erdogan as Elvis's Man
Süleyman Emre Erdogan
(Elvis's Man)
Ali Kiliç
Ali Kiliç
Ercan Yaman as Vartolu's grandfather
Ercan Yaman
(Vartolu's grandfather)
Ergün Çetin as Bar Protection
Ergün Çetin
(Bar Protection)
Toygun Aydin as Doctor
Toygun Aydin
Abdülkadir Celik as Nurse
Abdülkadir Celik
Özkan Gündogdu as Doctor
Özkan Gündogdu
Erman Ipço as Convict
Erman Ipço
Yalçin Kanca as Çukurlu Koruma
Yalçin Kanca
(Çukurlu Koruma)
Nail Kizilirmak as Nail
Nail Kizilirmak
Osman Koyun as Pavyon Müsterisi
Osman Koyun
(Pavyon Müsterisi)
Mehmet Topak as Veli
Mehmet Topak
Muhammed Ugur as Child 1
Muhammed Ugur
(Child 1)
Mükremin Kaan Akkoç as Lawyer
Mükremin Kaan Akkoç
Talha Tosun as Child 3
Talha Tosun
(Child 3)
Güney Yücebag as Çukur Genç
Güney Yücebag
(Çukur Genç)
Ilhami Özdemir as Police
Ilhami Özdemir
Selim Matras as The Man in the Coffee
Selim Matras
(The Man in the Coffee)
Eyüp Sevim as Kiz Kulesi Bekçi
Eyüp Sevim
(Kiz Kulesi Bekçi)
Fevzi Gökçe as Mustafa
Fevzi Gökçe
Ahmet Gülseren as Mezarci
Ahmet Gülseren
Volkan Karacüllü as Young
Volkan Karacüllü
Mehmet Baran Yildirim as Foreign Boss
Mehmet Baran Yildirim
(Foreign Boss)
Mehmet Çakmak as Zafer
Mehmet Çakmak
Yasin Aldemir as Sedat's Friend
Yasin Aldemir
(Sedat's Friend)
Kemal Balibas as Çukurlu Koruma
Kemal Balibas
(Çukurlu Koruma)
Cem Bebek as Çukur Young
Cem Bebek
(Çukur Young)
Birol Denizci as Taxi driver
Birol Denizci
(Taxi driver)
Ersin Inanir as Sami
Ersin Inanir
Nevzat Karaman as Child 2
Nevzat Karaman
(Child 2)
Erdem Koyun as Memur 1
Erdem Koyun
(Memur 1)
Almaç Sarikaya as Guardian
Almaç Sarikaya
Serhat Togan as Nurse
Serhat Togan
Emir Bozkurt as Police
Emir Bozkurt
Erdinç Kayha as Laborant
Erdinç Kayha
Latife Efe as Efe's Mother
Latife Efe
(Efe's Mother)
Hikmet Ertan as Komi
Hikmet Ertan
Erdogan Piskincan as Doctor
Erdogan Piskincan
Ahmet Ürküt as Pilavci
Ahmet Ürküt
Savas Berber as Memur 2
Savas Berber
(Memur 2)
Simge Bozbiyik as Nurse
Simge Bozbiyik
Sevnur Gökser as Woman in Hospital
Sevnur Gökser
(Woman in Hospital)
Ferhat Gün as Mezarci
Ferhat Gün
Erdogan Kapisiz as Sedat's Father
Erdogan Kapisiz
(Sedat's Father)
Yalin Teke as Young men
Yalin Teke
(Young men)
Hakan Usar as Çukurlu Koruma
Hakan Usar
(Çukurlu Koruma)
Emre Çelik as Sahte Çukurlu
Emre Çelik
(Sahte Çukurlu)
Fatih Özseçen as Boss
Fatih Özseçen
Jiyan Demir as Police
Jiyan Demir
Mustafa Duygu as Garson 1
Mustafa Duygu
(Garson 1)
Melih Köklü as Karakuzu Man 6
Melih Köklü
(Karakuzu Man 6)
Sezer Tas as Muhsin
Sezer Tas
Leyla Ugurlu as Immigrant Woman
Leyla Ugurlu
(Immigrant Woman)
Ali Asaf Yasar as Baby Yamaç
Ali Asaf Yasar
(Baby Yamaç)
Satilmis Karaca as Erkan
Satilmis Karaca
Metin Kaya as Çukur Young
Metin Kaya
(Çukur Young)
Osman Kircaoglu as Garip
Osman Kircaoglu
Merve Yusuf as Young girl
Merve Yusuf
(Young girl)
Ahmet Altun as Taxi driver
Ahmet Altun
(Taxi driver)
Caner Atacan as Mustafa
Caner Atacan
Merve Pehlivan as Correspondent
Merve Pehlivan
Batin Yilmaz as Boss's Son
Batin Yilmaz
(Boss's Son)
Ahmet Küçükali as Imam
Ahmet Küçükali
Alkan Demirlek as Bulgarian Man
Alkan Demirlek
(Bulgarian Man)
Özgür Elmas as Owner
Özgür Elmas
Mehmet Nezihi Karamahmutoglu as Meyhaneci
Mehmet Nezihi Karamahmutoglu
Güral Kizgir as Nartepeli
Güral Kizgir
Mustafa Sahbaz as Mahmut
Mustafa Sahbaz
Kayahan Akkoç as Fisherman
Kayahan Akkoç
Murat Bayram as Police
Murat Bayram
Ali Erkan Ramazanoglu as Channel Manager
Ali Erkan Ramazanoglu
(Channel Manager)
Kemal Canci as Kasim
Kemal Canci
Erenay Isik as Young
Erenay Isik
Mehmet Tanriover as Doctor
Mehmet Tanriover
Mehmet Turk as Klinik Güvenlik
Mehmet Turk
(Klinik Güvenlik)
Mehdi Adlin as Kagitçi Çocuk
Mehdi Adlin
(Kagitçi Çocuk)
Ali Ekber Akyol as Germany Owner
Ali Ekber Akyol
(Germany Owner)
Furkan Baz as Barber Mehmet
Furkan Baz
(Barber Mehmet)
Cihan Dönmez as Nartepeli
Cihan Dönmez
Kadir Toprak Karaman as Young Mahsun
Kadir Toprak Karaman
(Young Mahsun)
Mehmet Seker as Daghan's Man
Mehmet Seker
(Daghan's Man)
Sabatullah Çelik as Competitor footballer
Sabatullah Çelik
(Competitor footballer)
Enes Cihan Özdelice as Izzet
Enes Cihan Özdelice
Cengizhan Akin as Russian Businessman
Cengizhan Akin
(Russian Businessman)
Ahmet Seren Kosova as Kiralik
Ahmet Seren Kosova
Fatih Bozkurt as Irakli
Fatih Bozkurt
Mesut Yurdakul as Hasta Bakici 2
Mesut Yurdakul
(Hasta Bakici 2)
Erkan Akçay as Daghan's Man
Erkan Akçay
(Daghan's Man)
Ekrem Ispir as Ebu Kaysar
Ekrem Ispir
(Ebu Kaysar)
Ekrem Kalafat as Garson
Ekrem Kalafat
Doga Karakas as Young Çeto
Doga Karakas
(Young Çeto)
Reba Köybasi as Nurse
Reba Köybasi
Furkan Yücel as Çukurlu Çocuk
Furkan Yücel
(Çukurlu Çocuk)
Sükrü Çakir as Competitor footballer
Sükrü Çakir
(Competitor footballer)
Halit Çelen as Police
Halit Çelen
Sabahattin Ozan Aslan as Ahmet
Sabahattin Ozan Aslan
Ceylan Yalin as Çagatay Girl 1
Ceylan Yalin
(Çagatay Girl 1)
Emrah Özçelik as Hasta Bakici 1
Emrah Özçelik
(Hasta Bakici 1)
Fatma Karabacak as Hastane Görevlisi
Fatma Karabacak
(Hastane Görevlisi)
Beray Kocabas as Athlete Girl
Beray Kocabas
(Athlete Girl)
Hasan Sakarli as Commander
Hasan Sakarli
Mustafa Soner Saymen as Cam Silen Çocuk
Mustafa Soner Saymen
(Cam Silen Çocuk)
Ibrahim Yalcin as Leader
Ibrahim Yalcin
Kerim Yildiz as Young Yücel
Kerim Yildiz
(Young Yücel)
Çigdem Çintuglu as Woman Doctor
Çigdem Çintuglu
(Woman Doctor)
Abdülsamet Özcan as Bülent's Man
Abdülsamet Özcan
(Bülent's Man)
Mustafa Besli as Memur
Mustafa Besli
Nisa Ceran as Çagatay Girl 2
Nisa Ceran
(Çagatay Girl 2)
Dilara Ortagüz as Nurse
Dilara Ortagüz
Volkan Boztas as Kapici
Volkan Boztas
Beytullah Baba as Doctor
Beytullah Baba
Ecevit Balli as Ziya's Man
Ecevit Balli
(Ziya's Man)
Özgür Fatih Bulut as Assassin
Özgür Fatih Bulut
Hakki Bülent Günhan as Ustabasi
Hakki Bülent Günhan
Özgün Kizildag as Guardian
Özgün Kizildag
Bugra Kocaman as Timsah Celil's Man
Bugra Kocaman
(Timsah Celil's Man)
Tahsin Yildirim as Old Man
Tahsin Yildirim
(Old Man)
Dilek Kalayci as Jinekolog
Dilek Kalayci
Yaren Kalkan as Çagatay Girl 3
Yaren Kalkan
(Çagatay Girl 3)
Burcu Küçük as Organizatör
Burcu Küçük
Sercan Soydan as Fatih's Man
Sercan Soydan
(Fatih's Man)
Alaattin Sözener as Doctor
Alaattin Sözener
Livia Çelebi as Dancer girl 1
Livia Çelebi
(Dancer girl 1)
Oktay Üçhirdem as Nurse
Oktay Üçhirdem
Ayhan Kizilsu as Barber
Ayhan Kizilsu
Mustafa Basalan as Aykut
Mustafa Basalan
Hasan Anik as Nurse
Hasan Anik
Pinar Bilgin as Makbule Maid
Pinar Bilgin
(Makbule Maid)
Sena Demir as Dancer girl 2
Sena Demir
(Dancer girl 2)
Atilla Günes as Hakim
Atilla Günes
Erdal Parmaksizogullari as Guardian
Erdal Parmaksizogullari
Emren Arda Çorlu as DJ
Emren Arda Çorlu
Yasin Tüyünüklü as Young
Yasin Tüyünüklü
Ertem Bugra Dogan as Prison Man
Ertem Bugra Dogan
(Prison Man)
Ali Ihsan Çiçek as Bekçi
Ali Ihsan Çiçek
Mustafa Ayhan as Garson 2
Mustafa Ayhan
(Garson 2)
Efe Aydin as Child Zafer
Efe Aydin
(Child Zafer)
Niyazi Demirel as Mekan Sahibi
Niyazi Demirel
(Mekan Sahibi)
Erdem Eren Ayaz as Child Aliço
Erdem Eren Ayaz
(Child Aliço)
Ender Çelikbilek as Police
Ender Çelikbilek
Emre Azaklar as Singer
Emre Azaklar
Abdullah Tekin as Çukur Young
Abdullah Tekin
(Çukur Young)
Vildan Tasdelen as Aliço's Mother
Vildan Tasdelen
(Aliço's Mother)
Mert Duman as Makbule's Protection
Mert Duman
(Makbule's Protection)
Mesut Albayrak as Cumali neighbor
Mesut Albayrak
(Cumali neighbor)
Mustafa Kiran as Pharmacist
Mustafa Kiran
Yücel Tarcan as Council Member
Yücel Tarcan
(Council Member)
Arslan Cimer as Council Member
Arslan Cimer
(Council Member)
Serkan Coskun as Council Member
Serkan Coskun
(Council Member)
Gürkan Erduvan as Council Member
Gürkan Erduvan
(Council Member)
Serkan Selimoglu as Council Member
Serkan Selimoglu
(Council Member)
Yakup Sariyildiz as Council Member
Yakup Sariyildiz
(Council Member)
Ömer Akgüllü as Council Member
Ömer Akgüllü
(Council Member)
Mustafa Fahri Seker as Council Member
Mustafa Fahri Seker
(Council Member)
Gökmen Karayel as Council Member
Gökmen Karayel
(Council Member)
Murat Topçinar as Council Member
Murat Topçinar
(Council Member)
Emre Kerem Ketenci as Biçkin Genç
Emre Kerem Ketenci
(Biçkin Genç)
Bülent Çelik
Bülent Çelik
Murat Ak as Karakuzu Man 4
Murat Ak
(Karakuzu Man 4)
Ahmet Aslan as Karakuzu Man 2
Ahmet Aslan
(Karakuzu Man 2)
Nazmi Ayaz as Mustafa's Man
Nazmi Ayaz
(Mustafa's Man)
Yagiz Aydogan as Captain 2
Yagiz Aydogan
(Captain 2)
Musa Berk as Gunsmith
Musa Berk
Feridun Bingöl as Silahçi 1
Feridun Bingöl
(Silahçi 1)
Cemal Doker
Cemal Doker
Ali Ertan Güney as Bedri
Ali Ertan Güney
Dilek Kaya as Girl in the Bar
Dilek Kaya
(Girl in the Bar)
Oray Orhan Milas
Oray Orhan Milas
Önem Piskin as Vartolu Benzer
Önem Piskin
(Vartolu Benzer)
Furkan Sevil
Furkan Sevil
Sezgin Subasi as Karakuzu Man 6
Sezgin Subasi
(Karakuzu Man 6)
Pamir Tanyeli
Pamir Tanyeli
Hacer Togay as Woman
Hacer Togay
Erdi Turan as Erdi Turan
Erdi Turan
(Erdi Turan)
Alper Tuydes
Alper Tuydes
Ümit Muhammed Yamaç as Man
Ümit Muhammed Yamaç
Gulsah Yavuz
Gulsah Yavuz
Hasan Yavuz
Hasan Yavuz
Arda Çakin as Karakuzu Man 2
Arda Çakin
(Karakuzu Man 2)
Serdar Özbayrak as Man 2
Serdar Özbayrak
(Man 2)
Tarik Özkaya as Kuaför
Tarik Özkaya
Alperen Öztürk as Silahçi 2
Alperen Öztürk
(Silahçi 2)
Mert Öztürk as Karakuzu Man 4
Mert Öztürk
(Karakuzu Man 4)
Zekeriya Yesir as Convict
Zekeriya Yesir

Thumbnails & Trailers


Razhaye Arora
Razhaye Arora
Ghiam Osman
Ghiam Osman