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Golshifteh (2018)


  • Genres:
    Family | Romance | Comedy | Social
  • Release Date:
    28 February 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    50 min
  • Summary:
    The story of four women has multiple problems. Golli Delgosha has been ranked first in the university and has come to Tehran with her father, Habib Delgosha, from Yazd to go to Tehran's School of Architecture, but Goli and her father are having difficulty choosing to become independent. Gholizadeh is the head of the Tehran School of Architecture, which is with her husband Fouad Afshar. Deputy Minister of Sports disagrees over the independence and success of women in the community. Morghazi is a Wushu athlete and has been nominated for the Bulgarian Olympic Games, but her husband, Zia Sharifi, has only difficulty going abroad, and believes Eyelashes must adhere to their mother's duties. Saeideh Rast Kerdar is also a girl who has recently changed her gender and her brother Vahid Razat has committed his father's inheritance and heritage and has not made any contribution to her. All the problems of these women have been handed together so that they are united To be

Cast & Crew

Nasim Adabi as Marzieh
Nasim Adabi
Mahnaz Afshar as Rahele
Mahnaz Afshar
Siamak Ansari as Foad
Siamak Ansari
Nazanin Bayati as Goli
Nazanin Bayati
Mohammad Bohrani as Zia
Mohammad Bohrani
Mehdi Hashemi as Habib
Mehdi Hashemi
Amir Mehdi Jouleh as Vahid
Amir Mehdi Jouleh
Shila Khodadad as Mozhgan
Shila Khodadad
Bahareh Kian Afshar as Saideh
Bahareh Kian Afshar
Houman Seyyedi as Houman(2018)
Houman Seyyedi

Thumbnails & Trailers


Dorooghe shirine man
Dorooghe shirine man
Dar Roozhaye Khob, Dar Roozhaye Bad
Dar Roozhaye Khob, Dar Roozhaye Bad
Nefrate Penhan
Nefrate Penhan
Jadoogare Khoob
Jadoogare Khoob
Zaban Eshgh
Zaban Eshgh