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Good Witch

Good Witch (2015)

Good Witch

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    28 February 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
    Manoto TV Channel
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (General Audience)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    48 min
  • Summary:
    "Good Witch" will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace. When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the 'magical' mother-daughter duo.

Cast & Crew

Kylee Evans as Stephanie Borden
Kylee Evans
(Stephanie Borden)
Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick Radford
Rhys Matthew Bond
(Nick Radford)
Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale
Catherine Bell
(Cassie Nightingale)
Bailee Madison as Grace Russell
Bailee Madison
(Grace Russell)
Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale
Catherine Disher
(Martha Tinsdale)
James Denton as Dr. Sam Radford
James Denton
(Dr. Sam Radford)
Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing
Sarah Power
(Abigail Pershing)
Peter MacNeill as George O'Hanrahan
Peter MacNeill
(George O'Hanrahan)
Dan Jeannotte as Brandon Russell
Dan Jeannotte
(Brandon Russell)
Kate Corbett as Eve
Kate Corbett
Noah Cappe as Derek Sanders
Noah Cappe
(Derek Sanders)
Rebecca Dalton as Tara
Rebecca Dalton
Jefferson Brown as Ben
Jefferson Brown
Paul Miller as Tom Tinsdale
Paul Miller
(Tom Tinsdale)
Seann Gallagher as Liam
Seann Gallagher
Jake Gosden as Athlete
Jake Gosden
Anthony Lemke as Ryan Elliott
Anthony Lemke
(Ryan Elliott)
Dan Payne as John Dover
Dan Payne
(John Dover)
James Rittinger as Noah
James Rittinger
Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Lori Russell
Hannah Endicott-Douglas
(Lori Russell)
Gabrielle Miller as Linda
Gabrielle Miller
Shane Harte as Anthony
Shane Harte
Randal Edwards as Jared
Randal Edwards
Alanna Bale as Courtney
Alanna Bale
Edward Ruttle as Michael
Edward Ruttle
Dale Whibley as Luke
Dale Whibley
Sebastian Pigott as Phil
Sebastian Pigott
Chad Connell as Greg
Chad Connell
Ron Lea as Jerry
Ron Lea
Ashley Leggat as Tara
Ashley Leggat
Sherry Miller as Betty
Sherry Miller
James McGowan as Mr. Jones
James McGowan
(Mr. Jones)
Samantha Gracie as Katie
Samantha Gracie
JaNae Armogan as Floor Nurse
JaNae Armogan
(Floor Nurse)
Derek McGrath as Vice Principal
Derek McGrath
(Vice Principal)
Steve Byers as Edward
Steve Byers
Tennille Read as Patience
Tennille Read
Anna Hardwick as Waitress
Anna Hardwick
Perry Mucci as Patient
Perry Mucci
Christina Notto as Addison Brubaker
Christina Notto
(Addison Brubaker)
Kate Greenhouse as Joanne
Kate Greenhouse
Chris Gillett as John Beamish
Chris Gillett
(John Beamish)
Jennifer Foster as Marilyn Rossi
Jennifer Foster
(Marilyn Rossi)
Claire Rankin as Valerie Hanson
Claire Rankin
(Valerie Hanson)
Alex Paxton-Beesley as Eve
Alex Paxton-Beesley
Allison Hossack as Elizabeth
Allison Hossack
Niamh Wilson as Amber
Niamh Wilson
Rayisa Kondracki as Ashley
Rayisa Kondracki
Jake Simons as Brian
Jake Simons
Fiona Byrne as Joanna
Fiona Byrne
Conrad Coates as Zimmerman
Conrad Coates
Siobhan Murphy as Beth
Siobhan Murphy
Tanya Bevan as Vanessa
Tanya Bevan
Mark MacRae as Delivery Guy
Mark MacRae
(Delivery Guy)
Meghan Heffern as Alexis
Meghan Heffern
Jamie Spilchuk as Larry
Jamie Spilchuk
Laura Siracusa as Photographer
Laura Siracusa
Riley Gilchrist as Dan
Riley Gilchrist
Melinda Deines as Allison
Melinda Deines
Vanessa Matsui as Josephine
Vanessa Matsui
Brendan Murray as Chuck
Brendan Murray
Nicole Fraissinet as Donna
Nicole Fraissinet
Jonathan Purdon as Carl
Jonathan Purdon
Steve Belford as Andrew
Steve Belford
Brad Everett as Chad Jones
Brad Everett
(Chad Jones)
Danny Deakin as Cabbie
Danny Deakin
Dani Kind as Sarah
Dani Kind
Natalie Lisinska as Sharon
Natalie Lisinska
Carolyne Maraghi as Daphne Randall
Carolyne Maraghi
(Daphne Randall)
Harmon Walsh as Paul
Harmon Walsh
David Ingram as Dr. Charles
David Ingram
(Dr. Charles)
Sebastien Roberts as Mark
Sebastien Roberts
Arlene Duncan as Ronnie Sue Campbell
Arlene Duncan
(Ronnie Sue Campbell)
Ethan Pugiotto as Jimmy
Ethan Pugiotto
Darryl Flatman as Greg
Darryl Flatman
Tommy Max as Dr. Backer
Tommy Max
(Dr. Backer)
Paula Boudreau as Poppy
Paula Boudreau
Wendy Crewson as Olympia
Wendy Crewson
Art Hindle as Arthur Pershing
Art Hindle
(Arthur Pershing)
Lauren Holly as Melanie Anderson
Lauren Holly
(Melanie Anderson)
Rebecca Marshall as Jessica Carrington
Rebecca Marshall
(Jessica Carrington)
Morgan Kelly as Jim
Morgan Kelly
Joanna Douglas as Karen
Joanna Douglas
Barry Flatman as Don
Barry Flatman
Jeff Roop as Sean Coyle
Jeff Roop
(Sean Coyle)
Kevin Hare as Anthony Rossi
Kevin Hare
(Anthony Rossi)
Steve Lund as Kevin
Steve Lund
Tara Yelland as Annabel
Tara Yelland
Tessa Mossey as Emma Borden
Tessa Mossey
(Emma Borden)
Kristopher Turner as Clay Delgadillo
Kristopher Turner
(Clay Delgadillo)
Kate Drummond as Annie
Kate Drummond
Ted Whittall as Doug
Ted Whittall
Angela Besharah as Margo
Angela Besharah
Laura de Carteret as Constance
Laura de Carteret
Martin Roach as Delivery Guy
Martin Roach
(Delivery Guy)
Michael Therriault as Harrison
Michael Therriault
Erin Agostino as Merry
Erin Agostino
Cody Ray Thompson as Ryan Gathwright
Cody Ray Thompson
(Ryan Gathwright)
Salvatore Antonio as Arthur Brachvogel
Salvatore Antonio
(Arthur Brachvogel)
Ari Cohen as Postal Worker
Ari Cohen
(Postal Worker)
Zarrin Darnell-Martin as Nadia
Zarrin Darnell-Martin
Allison Dawn Doiron as Natalia
Allison Dawn Doiron
Noam Jenkins as Wil Fuller
Noam Jenkins
(Wil Fuller)
Philip Riccio as Eddie
Philip Riccio
Wes Berger as Surveyor
Wes Berger
Alexandra Castillo as Dr. Shannon Calderon
Alexandra Castillo
(Dr. Shannon Calderon)
Nisa Gunduz as Erica Delgadillo
Nisa Gunduz
(Erica Delgadillo)
Vijay Mehta as City Engineer
Vijay Mehta
(City Engineer)
Stephanie Moore as Geena
Stephanie Moore
Brittany Johnson as Server
Brittany Johnson
Teryl Rothery as Meredith Mitchell
Teryl Rothery
(Meredith Mitchell)
Cyrus Aazam as Attendant
Cyrus Aazam
Jess Brown as Nell
Jess Brown
Amanda Arcuri as Rosa Valencia
Amanda Arcuri
(Rosa Valencia)
Marcia Bennett as Agnes Janicky
Marcia Bennett
(Agnes Janicky)
Niyati Bhatt as Customer #1
Niyati Bhatt
(Customer #1)
Joelle Farrow as Kara
Joelle Farrow
Joey Graff as William
Joey Graff
Addison Holley as Melissa
Addison Holley
Cynthia Preston as Helen
Cynthia Preston
Jim Watson as Andrew
Jim Watson
Jon Rhys as David
Jon Rhys
Neil Crone as Mr. Borba
Neil Crone
(Mr. Borba)
Adrian Griffin as Ivan
Adrian Griffin
Jon McLaren as Officer Charles
Jon McLaren
(Officer Charles)
David Bronfman as Jerry
David Bronfman
Laura Cilevitz as Annie
Laura Cilevitz
Ian D. Clark as Walter Janicky
Ian D. Clark
(Walter Janicky)
Alex Harrouch as Trevor
Alex Harrouch
Catherine Thomas as Moderator
Catherine Thomas
James Madge as Bus Driver
James Madge
(Bus Driver)
Jeff Pangman as Jackson
Jeff Pangman
Michelle Alexander as Marla
Michelle Alexander
Brittany Bristow as Marinda
Brittany Bristow
Stefne Mercedes as Beverly
Stefne Mercedes
Jenny Raven as Theresa
Jenny Raven
Catherine Tait as Sandra
Catherine Tait
Raymond Ablack as Bryce
Raymond Ablack
Geoffrey Antoine as Dad
Geoffrey Antoine
Natalie Krill as Marion
Natalie Krill
Helen Taylor as Mrs. Kline
Helen Taylor
(Mrs. Kline)
Murray Urquhart as Denny
Murray Urquhart
Jeanie Calleja as Bella
Jeanie Calleja
Rishma Malik as Mrs. Cavanaugh
Rishma Malik
(Mrs. Cavanaugh)
Brenda Bazinet as Alexis
Brenda Bazinet
Andrew Bushell as Bartender
Andrew Bushell
Caitlin McConkey-Pirie as Rose
Caitlin McConkey-Pirie
Imali Perera as Customer
Imali Perera
Jordana Blake as Kaitlyn
Jordana Blake
Vanessa Burns as Judge
Vanessa Burns
Alison Latchana as Doctor
Alison Latchana
Cory Lee as Corinne
Cory Lee
Carlos Pinder as Supervisor
Carlos Pinder
Kris Ryan as Tim
Kris Ryan
Vanessa Trenton as Receptionist
Vanessa Trenton
Paul Giurgeu as Frisbee Kid
Paul Giurgeu
(Frisbee Kid)
Jocelyn Hudon as Stacy
Jocelyn Hudon
Lisa Marcos as Frankie
Lisa Marcos
Bert Cardozo as Bellhop
Bert Cardozo
John Fleming as Gavin
John Fleming
Bruce Gray as Pete
Bruce Gray
Liam Murphy as Daniel
Liam Murphy
Jeremy Crittenden as Stephen Stroud
Jeremy Crittenden
(Stephen Stroud)
Ma-Anne Dionisio as Mrs. Kim
Ma-Anne Dionisio
(Mrs. Kim)
Jack Ettlinger as Daniel
Jack Ettlinger
Liam MacDonald as Dominic
Liam MacDonald
Laura Miyata as Rachel Monroe
Laura Miyata
(Rachel Monroe)
Thom Sears as Volunteer
Thom Sears
Ted Atherton as Darryl Blankenship
Ted Atherton
(Darryl Blankenship)
Celeste Desjardins as Brenda
Celeste Desjardins
Naomi Snieckus as Worker
Naomi Snieckus
Alden Adair as Harvey
Alden Adair
Herschel Andoh as Owner
Herschel Andoh
Jeff Miller as Desk Clerk
Jeff Miller
(Desk Clerk)
Cody Black as Gavin
Cody Black
Chelsea Clark as Katie
Chelsea Clark
Alex Cruz as Mr. Valencia
Alex Cruz
(Mr. Valencia)
Jordan Hayes as Ella
Jordan Hayes
Sharon Johnston as Harp Player
Sharon Johnston
(Harp Player)
Nia Roam as Risa
Nia Roam
Paul McGuire as Interviewer
Paul McGuire
Kaylee Harwood as Mona
Kaylee Harwood
Nicole Stamp as Julie
Nicole Stamp
Teagan Vincze as Sophie
Teagan Vincze
Alison Brooks as Delivery Woman
Alison Brooks
(Delivery Woman)
Marc Hickox as Proprietor
Marc Hickox
Kirsten Alter as Margaret
Kirsten Alter
Aidan Chase as Justin
Aidan Chase
Paul De La Rosa as Homeowner
Paul De La Rosa
Débora Demestre as Mrs. Valencia
Débora Demestre
(Mrs. Valencia)
Diego Fuentes as Security Guard
Diego Fuentes
(Security Guard)
Jaeda Owens as Child in Music Store
Jaeda Owens
(Child in Music Store)
Romano Watt as Older Willet Boy
Romano Watt
(Older Willet Boy)
Karl Ang as Paramedic
Karl Ang
Thomas Mitchell as Worker
Thomas Mitchell
Arden Alfonso as Megan
Arden Alfonso
Suraca Pashyr Elade as Bistro Customer
Suraca Pashyr Elade
(Bistro Customer)
Keller Viaene as Pavla
Keller Viaene
Malindi Ayienga as Neighbor Melinda
Malindi Ayienga
(Neighbor Melinda)
Joan Gregson as Mrs. Hannah
Joan Gregson
(Mrs. Hannah)
Debra Hale as Martha's Friend
Debra Hale
(Martha's Friend)
Trenna Keating as Realtor
Trenna Keating
Tamara Almeida as Nurse
Tamara Almeida
Matthew Gorman as Male Customer
Matthew Gorman
(Male Customer)
Gabriel Varga-Watt as KIndergartener
Gabriel Varga-Watt
Robinne Fanfair as Marlene
Robinne Fanfair
Keilah Griffiths as Server
Keilah Griffiths
Jenny Itwaru as BB&C Customer
Jenny Itwaru
(BB&C Customer)
Christina Tannous as Woman
Christina Tannous
Landy Cannon as Dale
Landy Cannon
Cosette Derome as Bistro Waitress
Cosette Derome
(Bistro Waitress)
Patrick McManus as Professor Turner
Patrick McManus
(Professor Turner)
Connor Thompson as Martin
Connor Thompson
Jenny Young as Lisa
Jenny Young
Jenn Butler as Krista
Jenn Butler
Jarrod MacLean as Husband
Jarrod MacLean
Sebastian MacLean as Chaplain Dave Roberts
Sebastian MacLean
(Chaplain Dave Roberts)
Noah Davis as Business Person
Noah Davis
(Business Person)
Luke Marty as Marine Leader
Luke Marty
(Marine Leader)
Tony Nash as Mario
Tony Nash
Cheryl St. James as Mrs. Cranston
Cheryl St. James
(Mrs. Cranston)
Angelica Alejandro as ER Nurse
Angelica Alejandro
(ER Nurse)
Roger Dunn as Henry
Roger Dunn
Megan Fahlenbock as Kristin
Megan Fahlenbock
Adam MacDonald as Dennis
Adam MacDonald
Derek Moran as Carl
Derek Moran
Nadine Roden as Annie
Nadine Roden
Christopher Russell as Brian
Christopher Russell
Amanda Barker as Nancy
Amanda Barker
Keana Bastidas as Larissa
Keana Bastidas
Chris Boyle as Male Shopper
Chris Boyle
(Male Shopper)
Kyle Buchanan as Fred
Kyle Buchanan
Jake Epstein as Brad
Jake Epstein
Katie Griffin as Monica
Katie Griffin
Pat Mastroianni as Mr. Decarlo
Pat Mastroianni
(Mr. Decarlo)
Ramona Milano as Mrs. Diaz
Ramona Milano
(Mrs. Diaz)
Sarah O'Brecht as Carol
Sarah O'Brecht
Samantha Tenus as Desiree
Samantha Tenus
Nadine Bhabha as Spa Receptionist
Nadine Bhabha
(Spa Receptionist)
Joseph Cannata as Gregg
Joseph Cannata
Eric Craig as Guy
Eric Craig
Marcello Di Fruscia as Mario
Marcello Di Fruscia
Sima Fisher as Citizen
Sima Fisher
Duff MacDonald as Reverend Brookman
Duff MacDonald
(Reverend Brookman)
Natalie Malaika as Registrant
Natalie Malaika
Mika Amonsen as Jacob
Mika Amonsen
Rachel Bles as Paige
Rachel Bles
Jenny Brizard as Waitress
Jenny Brizard
Joey Coleman as Jacques Broder
Joey Coleman
(Jacques Broder)
Leah Doz as Kate
Leah Doz
Chandler Loryn as Harper
Chandler Loryn
Jonathan Malen as Dr. Josh Harkins
Jonathan Malen
(Dr. Josh Harkins)
Rosie Simon as Chelsea
Rosie Simon
Sarah Camacho as Customer
Sarah Camacho
Lada Darewych as Woman
Lada Darewych
Tina Jung as Olivia
Tina Jung
Jean-Michel Le Gal as Hank
Jean-Michel Le Gal
Devon MacDonald as Erin Clegg
Devon MacDonald
(Erin Clegg)
Mickeey Nguyen as Tyler
Mickeey Nguyen
Samantha Parkinson as Yoga Instructor
Samantha Parkinson
(Yoga Instructor)
Jimmy Byron as Charlie
Jimmy Byron
Gitta Hannson as Deb
Gitta Hannson
Carrie Beale as Fair Attendee
Carrie Beale
(Fair Attendee)
Elena Khan as Nurse
Elena Khan
Krista Komar as High School Student
Krista Komar
(High School Student)
Rachel MacMillan as Mother
Rachel MacMillan
Alyson Bath as Restaurant customer
Alyson Bath
(Restaurant customer)
Mohammed Junaid as Bistro Kitchen Staff
Mohammed Junaid
(Bistro Kitchen Staff)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Ghorse Mah
Ghorse Mah
Donyaye Gharb
Donyaye Gharb
Az boose ta eshgh
Az boose ta eshgh
Salhaye Mashroteh
Salhaye Mashroteh