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Gran Hotel

Gran Hotel (2011)

Gran Hotel

  • Genres:
    Crime | Drama | Mystery
  • Release Date:
    4 October 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    Bambú Producciones
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    1905. Julio, a young man, arrives at the Grand Hotel, an idyllic place in the middle of the countryside, to investigate the disappearance of his sister. He gets a job as a waiter and comes across the sexy wealthy daughter of the owner. He falls in love with her and starts a dangerous affair while she becomes the only person who will help him to discover the truth about his sister's disappearance. Find out all the secrets and mysteries hidden in the wonderful Grand Hotel.

Cast & Crew

Adriana Ozores as Doña Teresa
Adriana Ozores
(Doña Teresa)
Amaia Salamanca as Alicia Alarcón
Amaia Salamanca
(Alicia Alarcón)
Yon González as Julio Olmedo
Yon González
(Julio Olmedo)
Eloy Azorín as Javier Alarcón
Eloy Azorín
(Javier Alarcón)
Fele Martínez as Alfredo Vergara
Fele Martínez
(Alfredo Vergara)
Pep Anton Muñoz as Ayala
Pep Anton Muñoz
Pedro Alonso as Diego
Pedro Alonso
Luz Valdenebro as Sofía Alarcón
Luz Valdenebro
(Sofía Alarcón)
Llorenç González as Andrés
Llorenç González
Marta Larralde as Belén
Marta Larralde
Antonio Reyes as Hernando
Antonio Reyes
Iván Morales as Sebastián
Iván Morales
Concha Velasco as Ángela Salinas
Concha Velasco
(Ángela Salinas)
Dion Córdoba as Mateo
Dion Córdoba
Raquel Sierra as Natalia
Raquel Sierra
Manuel de Blas as Benjamín
Manuel de Blas
Tato Loché as Jesús
Tato Loché
Asunción Balaguer as Lady
Asunción Balaguer
Cristóbal Araqué as Camarero
Cristóbal Araqué
Sara Moraleda as Doncella
Sara Moraleda
Megan Montaner as Maite
Megan Montaner
Marta Hazas as Laura Montenegro
Marta Hazas
(Laura Montenegro)
Lluís Homar as Jesús Cisneros
Lluís Homar
(Jesús Cisneros)
Andrea Trepat as Doncella Camilla
Andrea Trepat
(Doncella Camilla)
Joaquim Guedes as Pablo
Joaquim Guedes
Kiti Mánver as Doña Elisa
Kiti Mánver
(Doña Elisa)
Nicolás Lacasa Gómez as Bebé
Nicolás Lacasa Gómez
Víctor Rodríguez González as Bebé
Víctor Rodríguez González
Paula Prendes as Cristina Olmedo
Paula Prendes
(Cristina Olmedo)
Roger Coma as Padre Grau
Roger Coma
(Padre Grau)
Marian Arahuetes as Doncella Isabel
Marian Arahuetes
(Doncella Isabel)
Miguel Mota as Garrido
Miguel Mota
Alejandro Cano as Pascual
Alejandro Cano
Álex Pastor as Médico
Álex Pastor
Noa Fernández Pérez as Bebé
Noa Fernández Pérez
Mario Torres Ovejero as Bebé
Mario Torres Ovejero
Paula Ovejero as Doncella 1
Paula Ovejero
(Doncella 1)
Jordi Bosch as Don Carlos
Jordi Bosch
(Don Carlos)
Irene Molina as Doncella Irene
Irene Molina
(Doncella Irene)
Juan Luis Galiardo as Ernesto
Juan Luis Galiardo
Alfonso Bassave as Gonzalo Alarcón
Alfonso Bassave
(Gonzalo Alarcón)
Lydia Bosch as Violeta Salinas
Lydia Bosch
(Violeta Salinas)
Víctor Clavijo as Llanes
Víctor Clavijo
Cristina Brondo as Beatriz
Cristina Brondo
Daniel Pérez Prada as Emilio Bazán
Daniel Pérez Prada
(Emilio Bazán)
Laura Domínguez as Rubia
Laura Domínguez
Lolo Herrero as Oso
Lolo Herrero
Juanma Navas as Cura
Juanma Navas
Silvia Marsó as Adriana
Silvia Marsó
Olga Alamán as Marta Santos
Olga Alamán
(Marta Santos)
Carlos García as Ezequiel
Carlos García
Christian Stamm as Psiquiatra
Christian Stamm
Carolina Simó as Doncella
Carolina Simó
Marta Calvó as Mercedes
Marta Calvó
Inma Cuevas as Eugenia
Inma Cuevas
Carlos Manuel Díaz as Eusebio
Carlos Manuel Díaz
Eugenio Gómez as Gabriel
Eugenio Gómez
Miguel Ángel Jenner as Don Alejandro
Miguel Ángel Jenner
(Don Alejandro)
Sebastián Haro as Coronel Santa Ignacia
Sebastián Haro
(Coronel Santa Ignacia)
Elena Tarrats as Catalina
Elena Tarrats
José Luis Patiño as Luis Quiroga
José Luis Patiño
(Luis Quiroga)
Paco Angulo as Santos
Paco Angulo
Pedro Miguel Martínez as Juez Barreda
Pedro Miguel Martínez
(Juez Barreda)
Abdelatif Hwidar as Cónsul de Persia
Abdelatif Hwidar
(Cónsul de Persia)
Susi Sánchez as Sagrario
Susi Sánchez
Patricia Delgado as Mercedes
Patricia Delgado
José Luis de Madariaga as Doctor Santamaría
José Luis de Madariaga
(Doctor Santamaría)
Lara Grube as Amalia
Lara Grube
Denis Gómez as Camarógrafo
Denis Gómez
Sabela Arán as Amalia
Sabela Arán
Francesc Pagès as Don Bernardo
Francesc Pagès
(Don Bernardo)
María José Gil as Doncella
María José Gil
Lucía Espín as Prostituta
Lucía Espín
Chani Martín as Fotógrafo
Chani Martín
Yaiza Parlorio as Raquel
Yaiza Parlorio
Lluís Soler as Juez
Lluís Soler
Jordi Planas as Emisario
Jordi Planas
Laia Seminario Unzu as Bebé
Laia Seminario Unzu
Mairen Muñoz as Jimena
Mairen Muñoz
Vanesa Rius as Doncella
Vanesa Rius
Aidan Moreno as Ignacio
Aidan Moreno
Magda Salinas as Doncella
Magda Salinas
Federico Aguado as Captor 1
Federico Aguado
(Captor 1)
Juan Ribó as Castera
Juan Ribó
Mariona Ribas as Elena
Mariona Ribas
Mauricio Bautista as Esposo
Mauricio Bautista
Santiago Brey as Armando Gasalla
Santiago Brey
(Armando Gasalla)
Alejandra Lorente as Clara
Alejandra Lorente
Txema Blasco as Anselmo
Txema Blasco
Juan Calot as Cliente 1
Juan Calot
(Cliente 1)
Javier Pereira as Ignacio Alonso
Javier Pereira
(Ignacio Alonso)
Lola Bayo as Joaquina
Lola Bayo
Andrea Duro as Celia Velledur
Andrea Duro
(Celia Velledur)
Juan Ignacio Cañas Rojas as Policía
Juan Ignacio Cañas Rojas
Mar del Hoyo as Doncella
Mar del Hoyo
Luis G. Gámez as Cliente 2
Luis G. Gámez
(Cliente 2)
Lucía Barrado as Clienta Enfermera
Lucía Barrado
(Clienta Enfermera)
Rafael Calvo as Señor mayor
Rafael Calvo
(Señor mayor)
Paco Celdrán as Oficial tribunal militar
Paco Celdrán
(Oficial tribunal militar)
Frank Feys as Mr. Barnes
Frank Feys
(Mr. Barnes)
Cristian Delgado Telles as Botones
Cristian Delgado Telles
Luis Fernández de Eribe as Caballero
Luis Fernández de Eribe
Alejandro Jornet as Alonso
Alejandro Jornet
Karlos Aurrekoetxea as Contrabandista
Karlos Aurrekoetxea
Chema Adeva as Embalsamador
Chema Adeva
José Luis Alcobendas as Marido de Violeta
José Luis Alcobendas
(Marido de Violeta)
Charlie Bautista as Pianista
Charlie Bautista
Jonás Beramí as Captor 2
Jonás Beramí
(Captor 2)
Roberto Cots as Gobernador
Roberto Cots
Òscar Molina as Médico
Òscar Molina
Gabriel as Luchador
Juan José Rodríguez as Luchador
Juan José Rodríguez
Sara Rivero as Cecilia
Sara Rivero
Javier Casamayor as Cliente
Javier Casamayor
Manolo Cortés as Gobernador
Manolo Cortés
Biel Duran as Francisco
Biel Duran
Matthieu Duret as Cliente Ibrahim
Matthieu Duret
(Cliente Ibrahim)
Rubén Frías as Periodista 2
Rubén Frías
(Periodista 2)
Julián Ortega as Camarero
Julián Ortega
Ana Ruiz as Victoria
Ana Ruiz
Arantxa Aranguren as Mujer pueblo
Arantxa Aranguren
(Mujer pueblo)
Fernando de Retes as Albacea
Fernando de Retes
María José Gallego Alonso as Comadrona
María José Gallego Alonso
Carolina Lapausa as Agatha
Carolina Lapausa
Guillermo Barrientos as Alfonso XIII
Guillermo Barrientos
(Alfonso XIII)
David Carrio as Cliente Restaurante
David Carrio
(Cliente Restaurante)
Miguel Catarrecha as Policía
Miguel Catarrecha
Pedro G. de las Heras as Adolfo Gutiérrez
Pedro G. de las Heras
(Adolfo Gutiérrez)
Gerardo Giacinti as Notario
Gerardo Giacinti
Ana Goya as Dueña pensión
Ana Goya
(Dueña pensión)
Mauro Muñiz as Médico
Mauro Muñiz
Raquel Quintana as Esposa
Raquel Quintana
Jaro Onsurbe as Padrino General
Jaro Onsurbe
(Padrino General)
Brandy Rodríguez as Luchador
Brandy Rodríguez
Franciska Ródenas as Florista
Franciska Ródenas
Moncho Sánchez-Diezma as Fotógrafo
Moncho Sánchez-Diezma
Vicente Gisbert as Wenceslao
Vicente Gisbert
Iván Gisbert as Oficial del ejército
Iván Gisbert
(Oficial del ejército)
Lisi Linder as Chica 2
Lisi Linder
(Chica 2)
Joshean Mauleón as Presentador
Joshean Mauleón
Antonio Mayans as Juez
Antonio Mayans
Silvia Rey as Enfermera
Silvia Rey
Pilar Rubio as Orquesta
Pilar Rubio
Andrea del Río as Doncella
Andrea del Río
Marta Poveda as Señorita
Marta Poveda
Rubén Tobías as Pablo el Manco
Rubén Tobías
(Pablo el Manco)
María Teresa Aguada as Orquesta
María Teresa Aguada
Jesús Esteban as Candidato
Jesús Esteban
Aida Flix as Reina
Aida Flix
Montserrat García Sagués as Amiga Lady
Montserrat García Sagués
(Amiga Lady)
May Heatherly as Señora enjoyada
May Heatherly
(Señora enjoyada)
Fernando Huesca as Doctor Sánchez
Fernando Huesca
(Doctor Sánchez)
Joan Llaneras as Abogado
Joan Llaneras
Pablo Paz as Mejía
Pablo Paz
Juan Antonio Quintana as Nicolás
Juan Antonio Quintana
Ángel Héctor Sánchez as Cliente 1
Ángel Héctor Sánchez
(Cliente 1)
Selica Torcal as Anciana tren
Selica Torcal
(Anciana tren)
Paco Obregón as Pescadero
Paco Obregón
Luis Oyarbide as Tipo Taberna
Luis Oyarbide
(Tipo Taberna)
Miguel Zúñiga as Paisano
Miguel Zúñiga
Susana Gallego as Orquesta
Susana Gallego
Paco Gisbert as Sicario
Paco Gisbert
Miquel Insua as Santiago Brines
Miquel Insua
(Santiago Brines)
Pepe Ocio as Abogado Familia Velledur
Pepe Ocio
(Abogado Familia Velledur)
José Ramón Pardo as Víctor
José Ramón Pardo
Irene Sánchez as Chica Taberna
Irene Sánchez
(Chica Taberna)
Miguel Rojas Ortega as Cliente 2
Miguel Rojas Ortega
(Cliente 2)
Eloísa Vargas as Mujer Cliente 2
Eloísa Vargas
(Mujer Cliente 2)
Bárbara Grandío as Benita
Bárbara Grandío
José Hervás as Cura Ciego
José Hervás
(Cura Ciego)
Klaus as Cliente Hotel Francés
(Cliente Hotel Francés)
Christophe Miraval as Chambelán
Christophe Miraval
Bartolomé Moreno as Médico militar
Bartolomé Moreno
(Médico militar)
Sivi Pilvi as Orquesta
Sivi Pilvi
Juan Reguilón as Orfebre
Juan Reguilón
Carlos Seguí as Periodista 3
Carlos Seguí
(Periodista 3)
David Tenreiro as Pedro Herrera
David Tenreiro
(Pedro Herrera)
Esther Regina as Mujer cementerio
Esther Regina
(Mujer cementerio)
Ángel Jodrá as Señor Títulos Nobiliarios
Ángel Jodrá
(Señor Títulos Nobiliarios)
José Montó as Pistolero
José Montó
Javier Server as Periodista 1
Javier Server
(Periodista 1)
José Soler as Juez
José Soler
Víctor Sánchez as Diego niño
Víctor Sánchez
(Diego niño)
Cristina Ulato as Orquesta
Cristina Ulato
Gloria Vega as Comadrona
Gloria Vega
Yasmina Muro as Orquesta
Yasmina Muro
Toño Pantaleón as Secretario
Toño Pantaleón
Josu Ormaetxe as Padre de Benita
Josu Ormaetxe
(Padre de Benita)
Imanol Reta as Padre con hija
Imanol Reta
(Padre con hija)
Borja Uribe as Periodista 4
Borja Uribe
(Periodista 4)
Amparo Vega León as Paquita
Amparo Vega León
Carlos Piñeiro as Boticario
Carlos Piñeiro
Luis Serrano as Matón Rubia
Luis Serrano
(Matón Rubia)
Celine Tyll as Amante del Rey
Celine Tyll
(Amante del Rey)
Eduardo Toribio Ropero as Coro Orfanato
Eduardo Toribio Ropero
(Coro Orfanato)
Álvaro Zamarro Toves as Coro Orfanato
Álvaro Zamarro Toves
(Coro Orfanato)
Rodrigo Huerta Mamblona as Coro Orfanato
Rodrigo Huerta Mamblona
(Coro Orfanato)
Nerea Martín as Coro
Nerea Martín
Miguel Millares Melgares as Coro Orfanato
Miguel Millares Melgares
(Coro Orfanato)
Violeta Montaño as Coro
Violeta Montaño
Arantxa Zambrano as Tendera
Arantxa Zambrano
Jorge Bailez Martínez as Coro Orfanato
Jorge Bailez Martínez
(Coro Orfanato)
Laura de Dompablo as Coro
Laura de Dompablo
Hannah Jungbluth as Coro
Hannah Jungbluth
Miguel Sánchez Domínguez as Coro Orfanato
Miguel Sánchez Domínguez
(Coro Orfanato)
Ernesto Javier González Moral as Coro Orfanato
Ernesto Javier González Moral
(Coro Orfanato)
Ángela Laín as Coro
Ángela Laín
Ignacio Fernández Romero as Coro Orfanato
Ignacio Fernández Romero
(Coro Orfanato)
Renata Pérez as Coro
Renata Pérez
Ariadna Carbajo as Coro
Ariadna Carbajo
Gregorio Muñoz de la Calle as Director Coro
Gregorio Muñoz de la Calle
(Director Coro)
Luna Levin as Coro
Luna Levin
Estrella Martínez as Coro
Estrella Martínez
Belén de Benito as Coro
Belén de Benito
Víctor Muz as Botones
Víctor Muz
Ivan gallardo Gonzalo as Camarero
Ivan gallardo Gonzalo
Víctor Amilibia as Hombre Funeraria
Víctor Amilibia
(Hombre Funeraria)
Rafa Casette as Verdugo
Rafa Casette
Marcos Lorente as Actor
Marcos Lorente
Leonardo Orna as Cliente Granados
Leonardo Orna
(Cliente Granados)
Derrick A. Herrera as Periodista
Derrick A. Herrera

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