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Harim Soltan

Harim Soltan (2011)

Harim Soltan

  • Genres:
    Biography | Drama | History | War
  • Release Date:
    5 January 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    TIMS Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    40 min
  • Summary:
    At the age of 26, when his reign began, Sultan Süleyman sought to build an empire more powerful than Alexander the Great and to render the Ottomans invincible. Throughout his 46-year reign, his fame as the greatest warrior and ruler of his age spreads both to the East and West. With his companion Pargali Ibrahim, Süleyman achieves great victories, and makes his name known in the Muslim World. Süleyman called Ibrahim his brother, friend and advisor. The television series shows Süleyman's consolidation of his power: Pargali Ibrahim being grand minister of state, reinforcing the rule of law throughout the empire, meeting foreign diplomats, and preparing for military campaigns, all set against the backdrop of the tension between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire. The series also focuses on the relationships among the members of the imperial household, especially romantic entanglements and rivalries. The animosity between Hürrem Sultan and Mahidevran Sultan, mother of the Sultan's eldest son, and the role of Hafsa Sultan, the valide sultan; Hürrem's rise as Süleyman's favorite while pregnant with his son, her falling from favor several times and her eventual return to grace; Pargali Ibrahim's entanglement with Hatice Sultan, the Sultan's sister, and many others.

Cast & Crew

Halit Ergenç as Suleiman the Magnificent
Halit Ergenç
(Suleiman the Magnificent)
Nur Fettahoglu as Mahidevran Sultan
Nur Fettahoglu
(Mahidevran Sultan)
Selim Bayraktar as Sümbül Aga
Selim Bayraktar
(Sümbül Aga)
Selen Öztürk as Gülfem Hatun
Selen Öztürk
(Gülfem Hatun)
Mehmet Günsür as Sehzade Mustafa
Mehmet Günsür
(Sehzade Mustafa)
Pinar Caglar Genctürk as Beyhan
Pinar Caglar Genctürk
Selma Ergeç as Hatice Sultan
Selma Ergeç
(Hatice Sultan)
Meryem Uzerli as Hurrem Sultan
Meryem Uzerli
(Hurrem Sultan)
Filiz Ahmet as Nigar Kalfa
Filiz Ahmet
(Nigar Kalfa)
Okan Yalabik as Pargali Ibrahim Pasa
Okan Yalabik
(Pargali Ibrahim Pasa)
Pelin Karahan as Mihrimah Sultan
Pelin Karahan
(Mihrimah Sultan)
Nihan Büyükagaç as Gülsah Hatun
Nihan Büyükagaç
(Gülsah Hatun)
Nebahat Çehre as Ayse Hafsa Sultan
Nebahat Çehre
(Ayse Hafsa Sultan)
Sema Kecik as Daye Hatun
Sema Kecik
(Daye Hatun)
Fatih Al as Matrakçi Nasuh
Fatih Al
(Matrakçi Nasuh)
Gamze Dar as Fidan Hatun (2011-2013)
Gamze Dar
(Fidan Hatun (2011-2013))
Fehmi Karaarslan as Ayas Pasa
Fehmi Karaarslan
(Ayas Pasa)
Sabina Ajrula as Afife Hatun
Sabina Ajrula
(Afife Hatun)
Murat Sahan as Coban Mustafa Pasa
Murat Sahan
(Coban Mustafa Pasa)
Yüksel Ünal as Seker Aga
Yüksel Ünal
(Seker Aga)
Sabahat Kumas as Esma Hatun
Sabahat Kumas
(Esma Hatun)
Volkam Özdas as Silahdar 2
Volkam Özdas
(Silahdar 2)
Burak Özçivit as Malkocoglu Bali Bey
Burak Özçivit
(Malkocoglu Bali Bey)
Burcu Güner as Fahriye Kalfa
Burcu Güner
(Fahriye Kalfa)
Adnan Koç as Behram Pasa
Adnan Koç
(Behram Pasa)
Vahide Perçin as Hürrem Sultan
Vahide Perçin
(Hürrem Sultan)
Seda Arslan as Cariye 12
Seda Arslan
(Cariye 12)
Marina Petzaschevici as Kalfa 3
Marina Petzaschevici
(Kalfa 3)
Gürbey Ileri as Sehzade Mehmed
Gürbey Ileri
(Sehzade Mehmed)
Özgür Kal as Silahdar 1
Özgür Kal
(Silahdar 1)
Ozan Güven as Rustem Pasa
Ozan Güven
(Rustem Pasa)
Engin Günaydin as Gül Aga
Engin Günaydin
(Gül Aga)
Tuncel Kurtiz as Ebu Suud Efendi
Tuncel Kurtiz
(Ebu Suud Efendi)
Arif Erkin Güzelbeyoglu as Piri Mehmet Pasa
Arif Erkin Güzelbeyoglu
(Piri Mehmet Pasa)
Sarp Akkaya as Atmaca
Sarp Akkaya
Merve Bolugur as Nurbanu Sultan
Merve Bolugur
(Nurbanu Sultan)
Meltem Cumbul as Fatma Sultan (2013)
Meltem Cumbul
(Fatma Sultan (2013))
Aras Bulut Iynemli as Sehzade Bayezid
Aras Bulut Iynemli
(Sehzade Bayezid)
Onur Can Karatas
Onur Can Karatas
Burcu Özberk as Huri Cihan Sultan
Burcu Özberk
(Huri Cihan Sultan)
Engin Öztürk as Sehzade Selim
Engin Öztürk
(Sehzade Selim)
Gonca Sariyildiz as Fatma Hatun
Gonca Sariyildiz
(Fatma Hatun)
Gokhan Tercanli as Perçem Aga
Gokhan Tercanli
(Perçem Aga)
Dila Danisman as Cariye 3
Dila Danisman
(Cariye 3)
Macit Koper as Lala Mustafa Pasa
Macit Koper
(Lala Mustafa Pasa)
Aybars Kartal Özson as Sehzade Cihangir
Aybars Kartal Özson
(Sehzade Cihangir)
Adam Serrano as Selim
Adam Serrano
Saygin Soysal as Mercan Aga
Saygin Soysal
(Mercan Aga)
Ayda Acar as Mihrimah Sultan
Ayda Acar
(Mihrimah Sultan)
Hatice Kalit as Cariye 31
Hatice Kalit
(Cariye 31)
Ezgi Eyüboglu as Aybüke
Ezgi Eyüboglu
Arda Aranat as Sehzade Mehmet
Arda Aranat
(Sehzade Mehmet)
Serdar Orçin as Sinan Pasa
Serdar Orçin
(Sinan Pasa)
Hilmi Cem Intepe as Yavuz
Hilmi Cem Intepe
Marius Toma as Silahtar
Marius Toma
Deniz Çakir as Sah Sultan
Deniz Çakir
(Sah Sultan)
Melis Mutluç as Mihrimah Sultan II
Melis Mutluç
(Mihrimah Sultan II)
Tolga Saritas as Sehzade Cihangir
Tolga Saritas
(Sehzade Cihangir)
Denizhan Akbaba as Niko Cocukluk
Denizhan Akbaba
(Niko Cocukluk)
Yusuf Berkan Demirbag as Sehzade Mustafa
Yusuf Berkan Demirbag
(Sehzade Mustafa)
Hanife Eylül Aksit as Cariye 25
Hanife Eylül Aksit
(Cariye 25)
Nergis Isik as Cariye 33
Nergis Isik
(Cariye 33)
Ibrahim Raci Öksüz as Hadim Suleyman Pasha
Ibrahim Raci Öksüz
(Hadim Suleyman Pasha)
Cansu Dere as Firuze
Cansu Dere
Fatih Dokgöz as Semiz Ali Pasha
Fatih Dokgöz
(Semiz Ali Pasha)
Alize Gördüm as Nergis Sah Sultan
Alize Gördüm
(Nergis Sah Sultan)
Tolga Tekin as Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa
Tolga Tekin
(Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa)
Hasan Küçükçetin as Iskender Çelebi
Hasan Küçükçetin
(Iskender Çelebi)
Semiha Bezek as Cariye 19
Semiha Bezek
(Cariye 19)
Efe Mehmet Günes as Sultanzade Osman
Efe Mehmet Günes
(Sultanzade Osman)
Serkan Altunorak as Taslicali Yahya
Serkan Altunorak
(Taslicali Yahya)
Sefika Tolun as Zeynep Hatun
Sefika Tolun
(Zeynep Hatun)
Kubra Kip as Canfeda Hatun
Kubra Kip
(Canfeda Hatun)
Erkan Erol Agadag as Harem Çalisani 1
Erkan Erol Agadag
(Harem Çalisani 1)
Figen Azalp as Cariye 27
Figen Azalp
(Cariye 27)
Tunç Oral as Sehzade Mustafa II
Tunç Oral
(Sehzade Mustafa II)
Ünal Yeter as Kiraz Aga
Ünal Yeter
(Kiraz Aga)
Seçkin Özdemir as Leo
Seçkin Özdemir
Cemre Ebuzziya as Helena
Cemre Ebuzziya
Serhan Onat as Sehzade Murad
Serhan Onat
(Sehzade Murad)
Fikret Yildirim Urag as Sokollu Mehmed Pasha
Fikret Yildirim Urag
(Sokollu Mehmed Pasha)
Luran Ahmeti as Divane Hüsrev Pasha
Luran Ahmeti
(Divane Hüsrev Pasha)
Mehmet Seker
Mehmet Seker
Kadir Tünel
Kadir Tünel
Yetkin Dikinciler as Kara Ahmed Pasa
Yetkin Dikinciler
(Kara Ahmed Pasa)
Koray Efe Yazgan as Sehzade Orhan
Koray Efe Yazgan
(Sehzade Orhan)
Burcu Tuna as Gülnihal Hatun
Burcu Tuna
(Gülnihal Hatun)
Alp Öyken as Papa
Alp Öyken
Melisa Sözen as Efsun Hatun
Melisa Sözen
(Efsun Hatun)
Elif Atakan as Rümeysa Hatun
Elif Atakan
(Rümeysa Hatun)
Irem Helvacioglu as Nurbahar Hatun
Irem Helvacioglu
(Nurbahar Hatun)
Özgür Ege Nalci as Sehzade Beyazit
Özgür Ege Nalci
(Sehzade Beyazit)
Patrycja Widlak as Cihan Hatun
Patrycja Widlak
(Cihan Hatun)
Cavit Çetin Güner as Gazanfer Aga
Cavit Çetin Güner
(Gazanfer Aga)
Reyhan Tasören as Dilsah Hatun
Reyhan Tasören
(Dilsah Hatun)
Murat Tüzün as Ahmed Pasa
Murat Tüzün
(Ahmed Pasa)
Dila Duymaz as Cariye 2
Dila Duymaz
(Cariye 2)
Senem Kulman as Cariye 20
Senem Kulman
(Cariye 20)
Berkecan Akkaya as Sehzade Mehmet
Berkecan Akkaya
(Sehzade Mehmet)
Gokhan Altinisik as Pargali Ibrahim Young
Gokhan Altinisik
(Pargali Ibrahim Young)
Hayal Köseoglu as Nilüfer Hatun
Hayal Köseoglu
(Nilüfer Hatun)
Büsra Ayaydin as Rümeysa Hatun
Büsra Ayaydin
(Rümeysa Hatun)
Pamir Pekin as Elkas Mirza
Pamir Pekin
(Elkas Mirza)
Merve Oflaz as Ayse Hatun
Merve Oflaz
(Ayse Hatun)
Hande Kaptan as Carmina
Hande Kaptan
Melike Yalova as Princess Isabella Fortuna
Melike Yalova
(Princess Isabella Fortuna)
Cagkan Culha as Ilyas
Cagkan Culha
Erhan Can Kartal as Sehzade Bayezid
Erhan Can Kartal
(Sehzade Bayezid)
Yigit Üst as Sehzade Selim
Yigit Üst
(Sehzade Selim)
Duygu Danis as Cariye 6
Duygu Danis
(Cariye 6)
Gülsah Küçükyildiz as Cariye 15
Gülsah Küçükyildiz
(Cariye 15)
Damla Pehlevan as Cariye 4
Damla Pehlevan
(Cariye 4)
Iknur Rabia Sasmazer as Cariye 5
Iknur Rabia Sasmazer
(Cariye 5)
Mehmet Özgür as Lütfi Pasha
Mehmet Özgür
(Lütfi Pasha)
Safak Baskaya as Ferhat Agha
Safak Baskaya
(Ferhat Agha)
Gizem Irez as Cariye 1
Gizem Irez
(Cariye 1)
Bige Önal as Rita
Bige Önal
Sultan Elif Tas as Gülbahar Hatun
Sultan Elif Tas
(Gülbahar Hatun)
Kaya Akkaya as Lokman Aga
Kaya Akkaya
(Lokman Aga)
Gözde Türker as Safiye Hatun
Gözde Türker
(Safiye Hatun)
Serenay Aktas as Ayse Hatun
Serenay Aktas
(Ayse Hatun)
Sermet Yesil as Tahmasp I
Sermet Yesil
(Tahmasp I)
Saadet Aksoy as Viktoria
Saadet Aksoy
Beril Oymak as Cariye 16
Beril Oymak
(Cariye 16)
Ali Haydar Ell Akgünacco as Defterdar
Ali Haydar Ell Akgünacco
Burcu Yasa as Cariye 34
Burcu Yasa
(Cariye 34)
Victoria Sephova as Cariye 23
Victoria Sephova
(Cariye 23)
Kadir Çermik as Louis II of Hungary (Lajos)
Kadir Çermik
(Louis II of Hungary (Lajos))
Mina Tuana Günes as Huricihan Sultan
Mina Tuana Günes
(Huricihan Sultan)
Kerem Açarsöz as Sehzade Selim
Kerem Açarsöz
(Sehzade Selim)
Suat Karausta as Zal Mahmut
Suat Karausta
(Zal Mahmut)
Enis Yildiz as Hadim Ibrahim Pasa
Enis Yildiz
(Hadim Ibrahim Pasa)
Yasemin Kay Allen as Defne Sultan (2014)
Yasemin Kay Allen
(Defne Sultan (2014))
Özge Gürel as Rana Hatun
Özge Gürel
(Rana Hatun)
Tugçe Kursunoglu as Cariye 7
Tugçe Kursunoglu
(Cariye 7)
Hülya Kayik as Kalfa 4
Hülya Kayik
(Kalfa 4)
Tansel Öngel as Alvise Gritti
Tansel Öngel
(Alvise Gritti)
Nur Gumusdograyan as Cariye 22
Nur Gumusdograyan
(Cariye 22)
Dogan Turan as Seyh-ül Islam
Dogan Turan
(Seyh-ül Islam)
Ecem Karavus as Cariye 17
Ecem Karavus
(Cariye 17)
Ugur Özen Aslan as Harem Çalisani 2
Ugur Özen Aslan
(Harem Çalisani 2)
Melisa Kavsak as Silvia
Melisa Kavsak
Selahattin Töz as Ferhat
Selahattin Töz
Erman Saban as Alvise Gritti II
Erman Saban
(Alvise Gritti II)
Burcu Yakut as Cariye 26
Burcu Yakut
(Cariye 26)
Burak Demir as Hüseyin Çavus
Burak Demir
(Hüseyin Çavus)
Almeda Abazi as Valeria
Almeda Abazi
Buket Orhan as Melek Kalfa
Buket Orhan
(Melek Kalfa)
Feriha Ecem Çalik as Esmehan Sultan
Feriha Ecem Çalik
(Esmehan Sultan)
Zühre Koç as Eleni
Zühre Koç
Levent Tasci as Celalzade
Levent Tasci
Kivanç Kilinç as Ferhat Pasa
Kivanç Kilinç
(Ferhat Pasa)
Necat Bayar as Tellal
Necat Bayar
Müjde Uzman as Armin Hatun
Müjde Uzman
(Armin Hatun)
Ozge Ulusoy as Anna Jagiellon
Ozge Ulusoy
(Anna Jagiellon)
Berrak Tüzünataç as Mihrunnisa Hatun
Berrak Tüzünataç
(Mihrunnisa Hatun)
Ekin Tagel as Cariye 6
Ekin Tagel
(Cariye 6)
Burcu Bekdemir as Cariye 14
Burcu Bekdemir
(Cariye 14)
Gözde Cigaci as Elif
Gözde Cigaci
Coskun Levent Tasçi as Celalzade
Coskun Levent Tasçi
Canan Uzun as Hekim Kadin
Canan Uzun
(Hekim Kadin)
Melisa Akman as Gülizar Hatun
Melisa Akman
(Gülizar Hatun)
Ibrahim Maiyet
Ibrahim Maiyet
Ayse Akin as Sinyora Gabriela
Ayse Akin
(Sinyora Gabriela)
Tugçe Efe as Cariye 18
Tugçe Efe
(Cariye 18)
Emre Erilmez as Hasoda Çalisani 1
Emre Erilmez
(Hasoda Çalisani 1)
Mesut Yaman as Hasoda Çalisani 2
Mesut Yaman
(Hasoda Çalisani 2)
Memet Isik as Ferdinand
Memet Isik
Baris Aksavas as Jean de la Faret
Baris Aksavas
(Jean de la Faret)
Yahya Battaloglu as Sehzade Mehmet Bebek
Yahya Battaloglu
(Sehzade Mehmet Bebek)
Mehmet Polat as Asker
Mehmet Polat
Ceren Hindistan as Ahsen Hatun
Ceren Hindistan
(Ahsen Hatun)
Volkan Yildiz as Haydar Pasa
Volkan Yildiz
(Haydar Pasa)
Dolunay Soysert as Gracia Mendes Nasi
Dolunay Soysert
(Gracia Mendes Nasi)
Goncagül Sunar as Cevher
Goncagül Sunar
Gökhan Çelebi as Ferhat Pasa
Gökhan Çelebi
(Ferhat Pasa)
Didem Kiygi as Cariye 11
Didem Kiygi
(Cariye 11)
Naci Adigüzel as Venedik Elçisi
Naci Adigüzel
(Venedik Elçisi)
Hüseyin Özlü as Mutfak Çalisani 1
Hüseyin Özlü
(Mutfak Çalisani 1)
Aydin Erek as Mutfak Çalisani 2
Aydin Erek
(Mutfak Çalisani 2)
Mark Gonzallo as Kardinal
Mark Gonzallo
Giovanni Rufo as Bas Kardinal
Giovanni Rufo
(Bas Kardinal)
Ates Taha Akyol as Sehzade Beyazit
Ates Taha Akyol
(Sehzade Beyazit)
Esra Baris as Cariye 29
Esra Baris
(Cariye 29)
Ozan Daggez as Süleyman Çelebi
Ozan Daggez
(Süleyman Çelebi)
Oktay Dener as Seyhülislam Ali Hoca
Oktay Dener
(Seyhülislam Ali Hoca)
Emre Köksal as Harem Çalisani 4
Emre Köksal
(Harem Çalisani 4)
Selim Makaroglu as Andrei
Selim Makaroglu
Nebil Sayin as Yakup
Nebil Sayin
Nusret Çetinel as Lala Kasim Pasa
Nusret Çetinel
(Lala Kasim Pasa)
Cansu Nur Cufali as Cariye 8
Cansu Nur Cufali
(Cariye 8)
Baran Güler as Meftun Aga
Baran Güler
(Meftun Aga)
Cemil Büyükdögerli as Yasef Nassi
Cemil Büyükdögerli
(Yasef Nassi)
Deniz Celiloglu as Ismail Masuki
Deniz Celiloglu
(Ismail Masuki)
Ayse Özdemir as Gabriella
Ayse Özdemir
Erman Bagri as Aga
Erman Bagri
Idris Nebi Taskan
Idris Nebi Taskan
Funda Yener as Cariye 5
Funda Yener
(Cariye 5)
Sibel Çavusoglu as Kalfa 1
Sibel Çavusoglu
(Kalfa 1)
Ahmet Karakman as Sarraf
Ahmet Karakman
Gonenc Nihat Dirik as Alman Asilzade
Gonenc Nihat Dirik
(Alman Asilzade)
Toprak Ilhan Türker as Sehzade Selim
Toprak Ilhan Türker
(Sehzade Selim)
Enis Aybar as Zülüflü Boncuk
Enis Aybar
(Zülüflü Boncuk)
Gökçe Kahraman as Cariye 28
Gökçe Kahraman
(Cariye 28)
Mehmet Korap as Pulak Mustafa Pasa
Mehmet Korap
(Pulak Mustafa Pasa)
Elif Beyza Kurtuldu as Mihrimah Bebek
Elif Beyza Kurtuldu
(Mihrimah Bebek)
Makbule Meyzinoglu as Kraliçe Isabel
Makbule Meyzinoglu
(Kraliçe Isabel)
Demir Parscan as Üstad-I Azam
Demir Parscan
(Üstad-I Azam)
Serhat Sümer as Frederick
Serhat Sümer
Gökhan Alkan as Sah Tahmasb
Gökhan Alkan
(Sah Tahmasb)
Umut Açabuga
Umut Açabuga
Müge Bucak
Müge Bucak
Kivilcim Ural as Cariye 7
Kivilcim Ural
(Cariye 7)
Mesut Özkeçeci as Sahip Giray Han
Mesut Özkeçeci
(Sahip Giray Han)
Güner Özkul as Rakel Hatun
Güner Özkul
(Rakel Hatun)
Gürkan Uygun as Mimar Sinan
Gürkan Uygun
(Mimar Sinan)
Altan Gördüm as Bekir Aga
Altan Gördüm
(Bekir Aga)
Burak Sagyasar as Senyor Pedro
Burak Sagyasar
(Senyor Pedro)
Ali Uyandiran as Hasancan
Ali Uyandiran
Cansu Özbilek as Cariye 10
Cansu Özbilek
(Cariye 10)
Rauf Dostiyev as Sekreter Paul
Rauf Dostiyev
(Sekreter Paul)
Yasemin Olena as Hurrem's mother
Yasemin Olena
(Hurrem's mother)
Coskun Gultekin as Hekimbasi
Coskun Gultekin
Alper Türedi as Elci Hobordansky
Alper Türedi
(Elci Hobordansky)
Ilayda Aydogar as Cariye 2
Ilayda Aydogar
(Cariye 2)
Masal Balkanoglu as Sehzade Mehmet
Masal Balkanoglu
(Sehzade Mehmet)
Emel Dede as Cariye 26
Emel Dede
(Cariye 26)
Yasemin Kuley as Cariye 34
Yasemin Kuley
(Cariye 34)
Baki Kurtulus as Kazasker
Baki Kurtulus
Hande Subasi as Saliha
Hande Subasi
Aysegül Yazmaci as Süt Anne
Aysegül Yazmaci
(Süt Anne)
Betül Öztürk as Hafiz Kadin
Betül Öztürk
(Hafiz Kadin)
Muharrem Gulmez as Yavuz Sultan Selim
Muharrem Gulmez
(Yavuz Sultan Selim)
Kayra Aleyna Zabçi
Kayra Aleyna Zabçi
Ilayda Akbulut as Cariye
Ilayda Akbulut
Ali Kemal Birinci
Ali Kemal Birinci
Mirka Miroslava Bucak
Mirka Miroslava Bucak
Volkan Bora Dilek
Volkan Bora Dilek
Salahsun Hekimoglu as Yasef
Salahsun Hekimoglu
Murat Kavrukkoca as Jerome de zara
Murat Kavrukkoca
(Jerome de zara)
Isilay Kiryaman as Cariye 8
Isilay Kiryaman
(Cariye 8)
Ceren Koç
Ceren Koç
Burcu Sapmaz as Aybige's Nedime
Burcu Sapmaz
(Aybige's Nedime)
Aybike Turan as Greek Servant
Aybike Turan
(Greek Servant)
Diler Öztürk as Salim Efendi
Diler Öztürk
(Salim Efendi)
Hazal Adiyaman as Gül
Hazal Adiyaman
Secil Akmirza
Secil Akmirza
Aslihan Büyükdereli as Cariye 8
Aslihan Büyükdereli
(Cariye 8)
Ali Dumanli as Harem Çalisani 3
Ali Dumanli
(Harem Çalisani 3)
Tamer Aydos
Tamer Aydos
Algün Molla
Algün Molla
Emirhan Akbaba as Ibrahim Cocukluk
Emirhan Akbaba
(Ibrahim Cocukluk)
Ali Haydar Akgün as Defterdar
Ali Haydar Akgün
Miray Sahin as Zeliha
Miray Sahin
Begüm Akkaya as Hasibe
Begüm Akkaya
Melih Rahmi Akyol as Sultan Murat
Melih Rahmi Akyol
(Sultan Murat)
Hakan Atalay as Zapolya
Hakan Atalay
Irfan Ates as Esnaf
Irfan Ates
Alper Banko as Merchant 3
Alper Banko
(Merchant 3)
Yalçin Bulut as Behram Çavus
Yalçin Bulut
(Behram Çavus)
Çetin Canki as Elci Laski
Çetin Canki
(Elci Laski)
Murat Dada as Bali Bey
Murat Dada
(Bali Bey)
Nurcan Eren as Bohçaci (2011)
Nurcan Eren
(Bohçaci (2011))
Michaela Foldovia
Michaela Foldovia
Levent Gezer as Merchant 2
Levent Gezer
(Merchant 2)
Suzan Kardes as Sejdefu majka Budjase
Suzan Kardes
(Sejdefu majka Budjase)
Saim Kirgi as Cesnigar
Saim Kirgi
Cansu Kurgun
Cansu Kurgun
Özgür Mirlak as Batur Bey
Özgür Mirlak
(Batur Bey)
Özlem Okur as Terzi
Özlem Okur
Nalan Olcayto as Hekim Kadin
Nalan Olcayto
(Hekim Kadin)
Yasin Sertdemir as Kont Ariel
Yasin Sertdemir
(Kont Ariel)
Caner Solmaz as Eyüp
Caner Solmaz
Erdinç Tatli as Merchant 1
Erdinç Tatli
(Merchant 1)
Kevork Türker as Manolis
Kevork Türker
Doruk Uysal as Elci Weichselberger
Doruk Uysal
(Elci Weichselberger)
Kayahan Toprak Yasar as Bali Bey's Brother
Kayahan Toprak Yasar
(Bali Bey's Brother)
Vural Yayan as Kardinal
Vural Yayan
Helin Melike Çal as Huricihan Sultan (young)
Helin Melike Çal
(Huricihan Sultan (young))
Irmak Ipek Altin as Cariye 19
Irmak Ipek Altin
(Cariye 19)
Volkan Aras as Suikastci
Volkan Aras
Toygun Ates as Ibn-i Kemal
Toygun Ates
(Ibn-i Kemal)
Murat Bölücek
Murat Bölücek
Kemal Canci as Ibrahim's Man
Kemal Canci
(Ibrahim's Man)
Altan Güney
Altan Güney
Aras Karafil as Kadir
Aras Karafil
Fatih Pasali as Ferhat
Fatih Pasali
Ahmet Peksen
Ahmet Peksen
Haldun Resuloglu as Kuyumcu
Haldun Resuloglu
Aysen Salatan as Cariye 10
Aysen Salatan
(Cariye 10)
Idil Sivritepe as Cariye
Idil Sivritepe
Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar as Antuan
Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar
Mehmet Ulay as Dervis
Mehmet Ulay
Batihan Yigit as Sehzade Cihangir
Batihan Yigit
(Sehzade Cihangir)
Esra Çoban
Esra Çoban
Ecem Öncel as Cariye 20
Ecem Öncel
(Cariye 20)
Gözde Özaydinlik as Cariye 7
Gözde Özaydinlik
(Cariye 7)
Ece Bozkaya
Ece Bozkaya
Aysun Demir
Aysun Demir
Aydan Koptur as Cariye
Aydan Koptur
Lorin Merhart as Hasan
Lorin Merhart
Serhat Yesil as Mervan
Serhat Yesil
Konca Cilasun
Konca Cilasun
Kerem Güçlü
Kerem Güçlü
Recep Terzi
Recep Terzi
Ilker Aksum as Kaptan-i Derya Cafer Aga
Ilker Aksum
(Kaptan-i Derya Cafer Aga)
Gizem Karaca as Cariye 4
Gizem Karaca
(Cariye 4)
Ipek Koroç as Cariye 13
Ipek Koroç
(Cariye 13)
Esra Musaoglu as Cariye 15
Esra Musaoglu
(Cariye 15)
Marzhan Amrenova as Cariye 21
Marzhan Amrenova
(Cariye 21)
Hakki Karatas as Silahdar 3
Hakki Karatas
(Silahdar 3)
Burçin Altuntas as Hasoda Çalisani 3
Burçin Altuntas
(Hasoda Çalisani 3)
Raman Savci as Hasoda Çalisani 4
Raman Savci
(Hasoda Çalisani 4)
Yusuf Sahin as Hasoda Çalisani 5
Yusuf Sahin
(Hasoda Çalisani 5)
Ayse Seyit as Kalfa 2
Ayse Seyit
(Kalfa 2)
Halil Küçük as Zülüflü Baltaci 1
Halil Küçük
(Zülüflü Baltaci 1)
Soner Bakaner as Zülüflü Baltaci 2
Soner Bakaner
(Zülüflü Baltaci 2)
Bahadir Ünlü as Zülüflü Baltaci 3
Bahadir Ünlü
(Zülüflü Baltaci 3)
Zekeriya Karakas as Cüce Harun
Zekeriya Karakas
(Cüce Harun)
Rubil Gündüz as Yunus
Rubil Gündüz
Adnan Kürkçü
Adnan Kürkçü
Mesut Sirin
Mesut Sirin
Sinan Bayar
Sinan Bayar
Ekin Pandir as Cafer Aga Yardimcisi
Ekin Pandir
(Cafer Aga Yardimcisi)
Yavuz Ertüm as Cellat
Yavuz Ertüm
Can Akyildiz as Fencer
Can Akyildiz
Melih Atalay as Piri Reis
Melih Atalay
(Piri Reis)
Sosi Ayvaz as Eleni
Sosi Ayvaz
Mustafa Sükru Badem as Cook 2
Mustafa Sükru Badem
(Cook 2)
Polat Bilgin as Molla Kabiz
Polat Bilgin
(Molla Kabiz)
Ecem Hazel Bütün as Cariye 33
Ecem Hazel Bütün
(Cariye 33)
Nagehan Ceylanel as Cariye 30
Nagehan Ceylanel
(Cariye 30)
Demir Demirkan as Deli Sabit
Demir Demirkan
(Deli Sabit)
Samet Serdar Dinçer as Sedef Ustasi
Samet Serdar Dinçer
(Sedef Ustasi)
Özkan Gegzin as Martinengo
Özkan Gegzin
Ercan Gümüsbas as Okçubasi
Ercan Gümüsbas
Erika Karakas as Cüce Harun
Erika Karakas
(Cüce Harun)
Binnur Kaya as Muskaci Hatun
Binnur Kaya
(Muskaci Hatun)
Alper Kul as Husrev Bey
Alper Kul
(Husrev Bey)
Orhan Kural as Mehmet Çavus
Orhan Kural
(Mehmet Çavus)
Marco James Manciochi as Kardinal
Marco James Manciochi
Mehmet Feim Mehmedof as Harem Çalisani 5
Mehmet Feim Mehmedof
(Harem Çalisani 5)
Gül Ocakçi as Cariye 32
Gül Ocakçi
(Cariye 32)
Fatih Oral as Niko
Fatih Oral
Mehmet Pardakçi as Kardinal
Mehmet Pardakçi
Korkmaz Polat as Selman
Korkmaz Polat
Anna Rekota as Selma
Anna Rekota
Erin Sagel as Cariye 24
Erin Sagel
(Cariye 24)
Askin Senol as Yahya
Askin Senol
Yegor Tkachuk as Rus Elçisi
Yegor Tkachuk
(Rus Elçisi)
Fatih Ugurlu as Niko
Fatih Ugurlu
Mehtap Çaliskan as Girl
Mehtap Çaliskan
Yusuf Çatalbas as Çesnigar
Yusuf Çatalbas
Ümit Çelik as Haberci
Ümit Çelik
Osman Çiçekoglu as Cook 1
Osman Çiçekoglu
(Cook 1)
Hamdi Alkan as Yahya Efendi
Hamdi Alkan
(Yahya Efendi)
Adnan Aslan as Kont Leonard
Adnan Aslan
(Kont Leonard)
Hasan Aslangiray as Hekim
Hasan Aslangiray
Erol Ayvaz
Erol Ayvaz
Emir Bozkurt as Murat Aga
Emir Bozkurt
(Murat Aga)
Abdullah Bulut as Suikastci 2
Abdullah Bulut
(Suikastci 2)
Fatih Büyükpehlivan
Fatih Büyükpehlivan
Onur Cart as Harem Agasi
Onur Cart
(Harem Agasi)
Metin Coskun as Sehirli
Metin Coskun
Ozan Dagara as Kont Rincon
Ozan Dagara
(Kont Rincon)
Deniz Dalgiç as Yeniçeri Agasi
Deniz Dalgiç
(Yeniçeri Agasi)
Yasin Eren
Yasin Eren
Bülent Ergün as Cafer
Bülent Ergün
Firat Görür as Esnaf
Firat Görür
Gizem Gündem as Cariye 11
Gizem Gündem
(Cariye 11)
Buket Tuba Güzel as Rum Dilber
Buket Tuba Güzel
(Rum Dilber)
Hümeyra as Remmal Elmas
(Remmal Elmas)
Efe Incedemir as Ikizler 2
Efe Incedemir
(Ikizler 2)
Ege Incedemir as Ikizler 1
Ege Incedemir
(Ikizler 1)
Hamit Isitman as Dervis
Hamit Isitman
Tanem Kaya as Cihangir's Baby
Tanem Kaya
(Cihangir's Baby)
Ayça Kuru as Cariye 18
Ayça Kuru
(Cariye 18)
Büsra Pekin as Sirin Hatun
Büsra Pekin
(Sirin Hatun)
Burak Sarimola as Zümrüt Aga
Burak Sarimola
(Zümrüt Aga)
Sems Özkan Senlikli
Sems Özkan Senlikli
Emin Sentürk as Nikola Yurisic
Emin Sentürk
(Nikola Yurisic)
Gülsah Sevilmis
Gülsah Sevilmis
Pinar Toker
Pinar Toker
Belma Topçakar as Ciftlik Hanimi
Belma Topçakar
(Ciftlik Hanimi)
Fatih Turan as Tonguc Reis
Fatih Turan
(Tonguc Reis)
Serdal Yazici as Fransiz Elci
Serdal Yazici
(Fransiz Elci)
Ersun Erdogan Yenier as Rum Dilber
Ersun Erdogan Yenier
(Rum Dilber)
Mesut Yildirim
Mesut Yildirim
Ece Yüksel
Ece Yüksel
Kudret Öz as Kont Joseph
Kudret Öz
(Kont Joseph)
Emrah Ünal as Suikastci's Brother
Emrah Ünal
(Suikastci's Brother)
Esra Akkaya as Fahise Hatun
Esra Akkaya
(Fahise Hatun)
Fatmagül Faki as Hürrem'in Cariyesi
Fatmagül Faki
(Hürrem'in Cariyesi)
Bülent Keser as Venedik Elçisi
Bülent Keser
(Venedik Elçisi)
Baris Kislak as Enzo
Baris Kislak
Yildiz Kültür as Hanimaga
Yildiz Kültür
Sevval Sam as Sarkici
Sevval Sam
Alisa Sezen Sever as Sister of defne sultan
Alisa Sezen Sever
(Sister of defne sultan)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Maho Palang
Maho Palang
Bazie Sarneveshtam
Bazie Sarneveshtam
Dirilishh Ertughtol
Dirilishh Ertughtol
Yek Eshgh Yek Jonoon
Yek Eshgh Yek Jonoon
Ya Esteghlal Ya Marg
Ya Esteghlal Ya Marg
Dastane Shahri Door
Dastane Shahri Door