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Havooye Man (2019)

Havooye Man

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    15 July 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    LSD Films
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    22 min
  • Summary:
    Azaan finds his soulmate in Shayra, but his mother, Begum Razia wants him to get married to her best friend's daughter, Noor. However, love triumphs against all odds in this battle - but not for too long.

Cast & Crew

Samiksha Jaiswal as Noor Ibrahim
Samiksha Jaiswal
(Noor Ibrahim)
Diana Khan as Shayra Kapoor
Diana Khan
(Shayra Kapoor)
Arjit Taneja as Azaan Akhtar Mirza
Arjit Taneja
(Azaan Akhtar Mirza)
Alka Badola Kaushal as Gazala Mirza
Alka Badola Kaushal
(Gazala Mirza)
Karan Khanna as Adil Mirza
Karan Khanna
(Adil Mirza)
Simone Singh as Razia Ayub Mirza
Simone Singh
(Razia Ayub Mirza)
Mohammad Nazim as Asgar Mirza
Mohammad Nazim
(Asgar Mirza)
Arun Bali as Dargah Priest
Arun Bali
(Dargah Priest)
Shweta Gautam as Safeena
Shweta Gautam
Amrapali Gupta as Suraiya Asgar Mirza
Amrapali Gupta
(Suraiya Asgar Mirza)
Supriya Shukla as Yasmin Qureshi
Supriya Shukla
(Yasmin Qureshi)

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Az Yadha Rafte
Az Yadha Rafte
Roozegare Shahzadeh
Roozegare Shahzadeh
Enteghame Shirin
Enteghame Shirin
Dila Khanom
Dila Khanom
Parande SaharKhiz
Parande SaharKhiz