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Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Hotel Del Luna

  • Genres:
    Horror | Romance | Drama | Mystery | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    13 July 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    GT:st - Studio Dragon
  • Country:
    South Korea
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 20 min
  • Summary:
    Nestled deep in the heart of Seoul's thriving downtown sits a curious hotel, the like of which no one has ever seen before. Old beyond measure, the building has stood for millennia, an ever-present testament to the fact that things are not always what they seem. Running this hotel is Jang Man Wol, a greedy, suspicious soul who has spent the past thousand years acting as the establishment's CEO. Cursed for a sin she can no longer remember committing, Man Wol is doomed to spend all of the eternity running this odd establishment, catering to the needs of a most peculiar clientele. Her only hope of escape is to find someone who has committed a worse sin than her own but after a thousand years, she's beginning to lose hope. However, things take an interesting turn when Goo Chan Seong shows up. Once the youngest assistant manager ever to work at a multinational hotel corporation, Chan Seong finds himself forced to manage the Hotel del Luna because of a deal his father made with Man Wol years ago. A stickler for rules and regulations, he's a perfectionist to the extreme but that may be exactly what this odd establishment and its cursed CEO needs.

Cast & Crew

Ji-eun Lee as Jang Man Wol
Ji-eun Lee
(Jang Man Wol)
Jin-gu Yeo as Goo Chan Seong
Jin-gu Yeo
(Goo Chan Seong)
Jeong-geun Shin as Kim Seon Bi
Jeong-geun Shin
(Kim Seon Bi)
Hae-Sun Bae as Choi Seo Hee
Hae-Sun Bae
(Choi Seo Hee)
Ji-Hoon Pyo as Ji Hyun Joong
Ji-Hoon Pyo
(Ji Hyun Joong)
Yi-Sook Seo as Ma Go Shin
Yi-Sook Seo
(Ma Go Shin)
Do-Hyun Lee as Go Chung Myung
Do-Hyun Lee
(Go Chung Myung)
Hyun-Chul Cho as Sanchez
Hyun-Chul Cho
Mi-na Kang as Kim Yoo Na
Mi-na Kang
(Kim Yoo Na)
Tae-sun Lee as Park Young Soo
Tae-sun Lee
(Park Young Soo)
Hong-Seok Kang as Grim Reaper
Hong-Seok Kang
(Grim Reaper)
Yoo-na Park as Lee Mi Ra
Yoo-na Park
(Lee Mi Ra)
Da-wit Lee as Seol Ji Won
Da-wit Lee
(Seol Ji Won)
Soo-bin Ahn as Ghost Lee Do Yeon
Soo-bin Ahn
(Ghost Lee Do Yeon)
Seo Yi-Soo as Ji Hyun Mi
Seo Yi-Soo
(Ji Hyun Mi)
Dong-hwan Jung as Manager Noh
Dong-hwan Jung
(Manager Noh)
Ji-Ho Oh as Goo Hyun Mo
Ji-Ho Oh
(Goo Hyun Mo)
Kang-Hoon Kim as Goo Chan Sung [Young]
Kang-Hoon Kim
(Goo Chan Sung [Young])
Da-Reum Nam as Spirit of the Well (cameo)
Da-Reum Nam
(Spirit of the Well (cameo))
Hyeok-soo Kwon as Doctor
Hyeok-soo Kwon
Won-hae Kim as Mayor Park Gyu Ho (cameo)
Won-hae Kim
(Mayor Park Gyu Ho (cameo))
Yi-Kyeong Lee as Yu Oh (cameo)
Yi-Kyeong Lee
(Yu Oh (cameo))
Jin-joo Park as Gyung Ah (cameo)
Jin-joo Park
(Gyung Ah (cameo))
Sulli Choi as Jang Ji Eun (cameo)
Sulli Choi
(Jang Ji Eun (cameo))
Eun-Su Seo as Veronica (cameo)
Eun-Su Seo
(Veronica (cameo))
Hwang Young Hee as Hwang Mun Seok (cameo)
Hwang Young Hee
(Hwang Mun Seok (cameo))
Soo-hyun Kim as Hotel Blue Moon Owner (cameo)
Soo-hyun Kim
(Hotel Blue Moon Owner (cameo))
Hyun-Shik Jo as Guest from room 404 (cameo)
Hyun-Shik Jo
(Guest from room 404 (cameo))
Cheong-hwa Cha as Water Ghost (ep. 1)
Cheong-hwa Cha
(Water Ghost (ep. 1))
Jang Hae-Song as Newlywed
Jang Hae-Song
Yang Hee-Won as Ghost
Yang Hee-Won
Seo-Joon Hong as Yoo Na's father
Seo-Joon Hong
(Yoo Na's father)
Jun Hyun Kim as Kim Jun Hyun
Jun Hyun Kim
(Kim Jun Hyun)
Lee Hyun Kyun as Dr. Han
Lee Hyun Kyun
(Dr. Han)
Joon-Gi Lee as Exorcist
Joon-Gi Lee
Seung-Joon Lee as Acupuncturist
Seung-Joon Lee
Si-eon Lee as Astronaut
Si-eon Lee
Kim Mi-Kyung as Bereaved Mother
Kim Mi-Kyung
(Bereaved Mother)

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Dila Khanom
Dila Khanom
Ghodrate Nofooz
Ghodrate Nofooz
Hamsar Ya Dardesar
Hamsar Ya Dardesar
Bazie Tajo Takht
Bazie Tajo Takht
Rahzanan Dar Donya Hokoomat Nemikonand
Rahzanan Dar Donya Hokoomat Nemikonand