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Iffet (2011)


  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    17 September 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    Gold Film
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 30 min
  • Summary:
    The young and beautiful Iffet lives with her father and younger sister in one of the older and more modest neighborhoods of Istanbul. She is deeply in love with Cemil, a taxi driver at the local taxi station. Iffet dreams about the day when Cemil will propose to her. In fact, Cemil does not want to marry Iffet yet as he has bigger plans. One day he will be rich, so rich that he can leave the middle-class neighborhood and live an exotic life elsewhere. As Iffet continues her clandestine relationship with Cemil, he starts pushing her about sharing her bed before they marry and one unfortunate day, during the wedding of Iffet's best friend Serpil, drunk and out of control; he first comes on strong to Iffet and then rapes her. Cemil begs for her forgiveness with a marriage proposal and Iffet hopes everything will turn around and be okay afterwards, but nothing goes as planned. When Iffet is left with nothing through the hands of the man she loves, her one goal is revenge, but will her temptation for revenge be stronger than her love for Cemil?

Cast & Crew

Ibrahim Celikkol as Cemil
Ibrahim Celikkol
Birsen Dürülü as Asuman
Birsen Dürülü
Selim Erdogan as Erhan
Selim Erdogan
Serkan Genç as Feyyaz
Serkan Genç
Melike Güner as Betül
Melike Güner
Gülden Güney as Serpil
Gülden Güney
Mahir Günsiray as Ali Ihsan
Mahir Günsiray
(Ali Ihsan)
Esra Isgüzar as Nimet
Esra Isgüzar
Israfil Köse as Ersin
Israfil Köse
Zuhal Olcay as Dilek
Zuhal Olcay
Selen Uçer as Gulin
Selen Uçer
Deniz Çakir as Iffet
Deniz Çakir
Ayse Tunaboylu as Saime
Ayse Tunaboylu
Mehmet Çevik as Ahmet
Mehmet Çevik
Ecem Özkaya as Nil
Ecem Özkaya
Aysen Barutçuoglu as Münevver
Aysen Barutçuoglu
Rafi Emeksiz as Nurettin
Rafi Emeksiz
Nilbanu Engindeniz as Kerime
Nilbanu Engindeniz
Kagan Öztop as Balaban
Kagan Öztop
Levent Ünsal as Emre
Levent Ünsal
Ipek Elban as Emine
Ipek Elban
Cengiz Baykal as Salih
Cengiz Baykal
Ali Pinar as Roberto
Ali Pinar
Tunca Aydogan as Ömer
Tunca Aydogan
Ercan Yazgan
Ercan Yazgan
Burçin Oraloglu
Burçin Oraloglu
Erdogan Sicak
Erdogan Sicak
Olcay Yusufoglu
Olcay Yusufoglu
Süheyla Zeren
Süheyla Zeren
Ozan Çobanoglu
Ozan Çobanoglu
Eren Özyalcin
Eren Özyalcin
Bülent Alkis
Bülent Alkis
Ceren Gultekin
Ceren Gultekin
Berkehan Tüter as Mehmet
Berkehan Tüter
Neslihan Maltepe as Beril
Neslihan Maltepe
Çaglar Sayin as Berkay
Çaglar Sayin
Mine Çayiroglu as Yasemin
Mine Çayiroglu
Zeki Biçakçi
Zeki Biçakçi
Asu Maralman as Feride
Asu Maralman
Binnaz Avci
Binnaz Avci
Ozlem Bolukbasi
Ozlem Bolukbasi
Turan Çiçekci as Aydin
Turan Çiçekci
Su Bilgiç
Su Bilgiç
Buket Kahraman as Sule
Buket Kahraman
Can Gürzap
Can Gürzap
Gökçe Isik
Gökçe Isik
Hafiz Sengir
Hafiz Sengir

Thumbnails & Trailers


Ghanoon Nioton
Ghanoon Nioton
Banoye Toofan
Banoye Toofan
Kheili Montazerat Budam
Kheili Montazerat Budam
Harim Soltan
Harim Soltan
Rahzanan Dar Donya Hokoomat Nemikonand
Rahzanan Dar Donya Hokoomat Nemikonand